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weasleylangs2 days ago
when you finally finish semester and all you want to do is write but youre too easily distracted so youve watched all 3 divergent films in two days聽
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littlerockerao318 days ago
You guys know fancasting exists because the fancasted actors/whatever鈥檚 鈥渁cting鈥 is in my head only right? It鈥檚 not even a matter of acting, it鈥檚 a matter of looks and similarity to the description in the books. It really has nothing to do with the series inspired by the books.
#I鈥檓 just saying this cause I鈥檝e read some notes under the fancast gif set of Theon#and there were people that went like#who鈥檚 this bad imitation of Alfie Allen#or#why do you need a fancast if the actor already did an amazing job?#okay first of all YES Alfie Allen was amazing like seriously#he鈥檚 so amazing he managed to bring his own justice to a character in spite of d&d鈥檚 bad writing#and yes I do get that maybe if you watched the show first (but even if you didn鈥檛 it doesn鈥檛 change a thing) you still see him as Theon#cause that鈥檚 fine too I mean that is YOUR imagination while reading the book or fics#but if while I鈥檓 reading I see a character described as dark and therefore I fancast someone who LOOKS and only LOOKS#like the actual book description it doesn鈥檛 mean I鈥檓 saying the actor who played it is a bad actor especially if that actor is ALFIE ALLEN#I do admit I hate Kit as Jon cause imo not only he didn鈥檛 look like Jon but he didn鈥檛 even understand how Jon was like#blame it on the bad writing or whatever I just don鈥檛 see him as Jon#while Alfie DID understand Theon#but if while I鈥檓 reading I tend and WANT TO imagine the characters as they鈥檙e described I CAN#cause the BOOK and the SHOW are two whole different things.#I ADORE Alfie he was the best actor in the series but he鈥檚 not my Theon fancast (he used to be but now not anymore)#cause he doesn鈥檛 LOOK like Theon but yes I get it he IS Theon#but since I鈥檓 no producer and I don鈥檛 work in movies or tv series and it鈥檚 my imagination only I鈥檓 talking about#let me imagine Theon to be how the fuck I like.
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meeko-mar20 days ago
what if, when Kacchan is confronting Deku about leaving without him and trying to fight AFO and all his hired goons on his own(bonus if he's come home injured because of Lady Nagant's attacks, since I've seen some pretty cool fanart lately related to this idea)
And when Deku finally breaks down in tears about how he can't bear to see Kacchan injured for his sake ever again, he says it something like
"When he hurt you, when you fell, It BROKE MY HEART.
I CAN'T DO IT AGAIN, KACCHAN. I JUST CAN'T. If my heart breaks anymore, there won't be anything left."
And probably Kacchan looking dumbstruck, hopefully hugging Deku and telling him to shut the fuck up and let him in anyway(in his own, abrasive but secretly loving way)
(once again, if anyone wants to run with this in any sort of fanfic, you can definitely do so! I simply don't have enough time to develop a full one-shot around this. But as usual I thought I'd share.)
Any way, I think I would literally bawl my eyes out if this happened, and probably declare BKDK canon, at least on Izuku's side lol.
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windstrider201720 days ago
This might sound so cheesy and stuff but dang. If you look at the good in the world, there really is magic and true kings and noble knights and stuff. There's good in this world and it's honestly epic to see.
Look at the green leaves and flowers. Look at a happy dog or cat basking in the sun. Look at art. Look at the things people do for their loved ones, their neighbors, for strangers, the world. Look at the times people have been brave enough to look at the cruelty, and war, and other inhumane shit going on, and said no, fuck that shit.
If you've ever been given shit for being kind, or soft, or considerate, or questioning, or standing up for others...don't let it get to you. Anyone who dares to be decent in this world is amazing and brave and just...damn. Kings. Knights. Heroes. Saints. Seriously.
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stressmixa month ago
God nights fucking suck, I cant wait til its warm enough to be out in the dark
#dont mind me just hella depresso#i wonder how much is actually ptsd#and how much is just me realizing ive never really known happiness because i was too anxious or depressed#my whole life has been warped and i never knew#had no idea#its so hard to really come to terms with that realizing it is so bizarre#all those times i said to myself i was content thats not the same as being happy#and things have gotten so bad so often that im having a seriously hard time pulling out of it now#even with the help of meds#how the fuck was i okay before#the world is terrible#people are terrible#and the more i distance myself the less i want anything to do with it but i dont know how to survive#and now im writing another fucking essay in the tags#i do feel a bit better tho#i guess venting does help a bit#its hard to say whats on your mind when you cant think and only draw a blank#but you feel depressed#its so hard to describe that feeling#that everything you are is not enough#because youve never for one second had control over your life and now that you can make some choices its impossible to do it#all the time in the world and i cant do anything i want#because there isnt anything i actually want anymore#i want to be happy i want to socialize i want to have someone i can trust wholeheartedly but the world is terrible#and trust is fickle#and of course covid but this has been an issue long before covid#i want to be ignorant#everything i want i cant have and it all boils down to not being miserable all the time#and its not even miserable i can handle miserable its depression its that terrible knawing feeling that there is nothing left for you#god thats really it isnt it i dont want anything anymore
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hahahaha-noooooa month ago
I know already sent you an ask but I read your tags again and I genuinely cannot express how happy they're making me thank you SO much
Honestly I'm still thinking about it, just the amount of emotion you were able to convey was amazing and I'd never thought about why they were all picked and that was absolutely brilliant! And it just makes Tobias's death that much better in the book and Anna's suffering in your other fic that much more painful.
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theprincessandthepiea month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
reading the 鈥渄ean writes star trek fanfiction鈥 fic by @8daysuntiltheapocalypseiguess is an exercise in man vs self. [link to fic]
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loptrcoptra month ago
I鈥檓 really looking forward to whatever part Lee has to play in this thing, because we only saw like... 20 full minutes of his command of Pegasus, in total, in the show. He spent 90% of that in a terrible fat suit
This bitch is, in fact, bitter
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I might or might not decide to post a bit of shitty poetry-whatever it is that I wrote in the car two days ago while listening to music...
The more I think about it, the more lame I think it is 馃槄
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mcrmadness2 months ago
#why is the word 'gender envy' suddenly everywhere on my dash???#I mean it probably has something to do with the fact that half of the people I follow here are more or less trans#but still!!! I feel like I need to filter that tag TOO soon because I'm getting an overload of that word#it's just something I cannot relate to at all. That's why I started using 'aesthetic envy' instead.#But I also don't understand why people want to look like someone else. Like someone who already exists.#It's so weird? Like... why can't everyone be an invididual and look unique.#I know I definitely hate my looks because thanks body dysmorphia but I also once had a phase when I wanted to look like someone specific.#And it was nuts. I mean... I was not myself. I had so bad depersonalization going on.#I legit thought my whole face was gonna transform into that person by adding a little bit of makeup. And needless to say: it didn't.#And it was very traumatic for me because I just looked even uglier than ever and the dissociation was so bad.#I still don't understand why I wanted to 'look' like that person because wtf they're a PERSON.#Not like an ad from some 'choose your new looks' catalog. A person. And I'm a person. Why would I want to be someone's clone?#I find it extremely weird to think that I'd have a doppelganger somewhere because#1. I don't wish anyone to look like me and 2. I definitely don't want to see a second me walking anywhere because oh boy am I ugly.#I don't want to have a reminder of what I look like irl. Because I look like a monster.#So I hope I don't have a doppelganger anywhere because looking like me would be the worst. Something I wouldn't wish even upon my biggest e#enemy* and ffs I hate this new editor it lets me write longer tags that what it allows#whoops venting but seriously the world is just so weird and I have dissociation#mcrmadness' deep thoughts#idk why I chose the tags instead of writing under a read more link#and now can't copypaste the tags anymore so tags it is
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me: i can publish my erotica as is, i think people will be able to read into the deeper themes. the general public is smarter than we give them credit for!
sadistic beauty commenters/the translator on manhuascans: duna is a gaslighting abusive bitch for catering to minhos cuck fetish. shes suicide baiting. its gaslighting when she says erectile dysfunction (he does)
#also like not to detract from my point but why does everyone get so worked up abt erectile dysfunction like#minho simps get SO mad. its literally a fact that his dick doesnt work but theres also like nothing wrong with that?#idk why they act like its an actual hate crime against him to observe that his dick dont work#theres nothing wrong w erectile dysfunction!! its the toxic masculinity making ppl think that being able to get ur dick hard is the only#thing cis men can bring to sex bc it enforces the narrative that sex has to be piv penetration when it can be so much other stuff#saying this as a dfab person who fucks other dfab people#also sex is not the only value men have wtf is wrong with yall??#anyway minho isnt real and hes not gonna fuck you#even if he was real he wouldnt fuck you bc hes only sexually and romantically interested in duna#and even if he wasnt. really?? seriously?? i wouldnt wish him on my worst enemies. which coincidentally are his simps#but like legiterally. hes emotionally abusive (for real and not just bc i want to make up shit abt a character i dont like.#you absolute clowns)#and treats everyone around him poorly bc he thinks acting haughty is going to elevate his status#thats literally how he got into this whole mess. bc hes an asshole to everyone so when he caused the problems that ruined his own life#no one wanted to help him bc his writing isnt as godly as he thinks it is and also hes just mean and unpleasant#which honestly? also caused all this wookyung problems. wokyung wouldnt wanna fuck him so bad if he wasnt so unpleasant#dont @ me about kinning wookyung im just saying i conceptually know where hes coming from. i actually have morals#inb4 the simps are like they just described the worst man possible#no they didnt ive had sex with my fair share of minhos. lots of men are like that. minho simps if you want some guy with a small dick to#treat you like garbage hit my dms and ill set you up with my sloppy seconds#minho simps absolutely just need to get laid and i will help bc i believe in creating the change you want to see#instead of simping minho online just hit me up. i will get you so right you will regret simping him#oh right but back to one of my points wookyung didnt even have to try that hard to ruin minhos life he asked one girl for one favor and knew#minhos nasty personality would do all the heavy lifting and that hed ruin his own life#yes i do wish getting revenge was that easy irl but :(
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