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driftbending · 14 days ago
today i wrote:
2607 words of fanfic. i really liked this part. like a lot. i was meant to have HK & MH meet SH, but i diverged it a for a bit of ~healing magical tea~ at a ~magical spa~ and it was really nice. i’m glad i chose the setting i chose for this fic and decided to use a new-ish character for this fic, bc it lets me world build in terms of design and backstory. it must be noted that i had a hard time figuring out MH’s voice, but i just went back and found her anger and it was like !!! that’s what i was looking for! there’s the MH i love and adore. i didn’t however, like how i ended this particular chapter bc i’m not certain if i should merge it with the prev chapter or have it be it’s own chapter, bc i had hoped to reunite the entire gang in one big chapter, but now i’m like...the transition wasn’t there for it. whatever. i’ll consider this again later when i re-write it. at least they’ve all met which was my goal for this session.
(edit to add: i shared a short scene with my sister for this and she’s all !!! about it, but the second she started to critique how i wrote the dialogue for one of her faves, i’m like “no, this is the first draft, i accept no critique,” and she moved away smirking at me, bc this is just how she came in a moment ago w/a watercolor drawing of an octopus she was making. either way, i can’t wait until i rewrite this so she can read it properly & critique it well. she gives really good advice & considering how much she likes these characters, i hope she’ll be able to enjoy the story and help me whittle it down to perfection.)
2162 words of my original story. okay, i was able to solve my problem with S’s introduction and move the story along by having J, G, and C finish breakfast and go on their way to the cemetery. C is absolutely my favorite character and his relationship with J & G is one of my favorites. but for the sake of the story, i’m going to have to make them meet with the others a bit more. considering that S is one of the most important characters, i’m going to have to figure out where they’ll best interact. i already have a few scenes in mind, but i need to grow out their world, too. i should make a list of each location that matters to them and plant them on an old chicago map soon. and i have to figure out what to do with all the children these people have because i haven’t written them in at all, even though they’re supposed to make an appearance. although, i might be able to find reasons to keep their appearances short. okay, i think actually writing this out helped me figure out more of my plot. awesome. now to go jot all this down before it escapes me.
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toriamosnatural · 2 months ago
courtesy of pinterest
Tumblr media
note the way they cropped out the tumblr posters url and the weird little note they added on the bottom ❤️
EVERY supernatural fan is going to try this baz. did you try it.
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bobbimorses · 3 months ago
hello!!! i was searching clint on pinterest, and i found out a pic of him saying "it's all about finding the right balance between wanting to do right - to be good -- and knowing when and how to cheat a bit". you know where it from? btw i love your tumblr so much!! 💜
thunderbolts #109. it was also my sidebar for a while so i know the quote well (and wonder if the pinterest pic was one of my edits lmao)
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appsa · 3 months ago
Hey I just wanted to let you know I have now seen your no tail-Perry the Platypus post on both Pinterest and Instagram. Art reposting is literal hell, I know, but I wasn't sure on this one. Do you want me to let the reposter know/report or do you not care about this one? Thought I'd ask since it was more of a joke drawing than serious art. Hope your days been good! I love your blog!
thank u for keeping me in mind and letting me know!! Tbh it Was a big post when i added to it so. ig some reposting was to be expected. so im not.... Particularly mad abt it. like u said it wasnt a serious post so lmao ig i dont see the point. But i appreciate u for taking the time and offering to report thank you sm ❤ hope u have a good day too!!!
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kevinday · 3 months ago
elriel stans acting like sjm planned elriel from the beginning even though she had clearly been intent on making moriel endgame. do straight ppl really not realize that sjm dismissed moriel only AFTER she received backlash for not having diverse characters
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horngryeyes · 4 months ago
i dont think enough people know about the uncanny valley/body horror tiktok incense holders
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hbprincealice · 4 months ago
Do I love Severus Snape, the character from the HP series, with all my heart? Yes.
Have some of my artistic endeavors and most of my headcanons featuring him gone completely off the fucking rails to the point where I should just create original characters and stories for all my bs? Also yes.
(But is it not the very point of transformative work to explore things outside of canon in order to engage with its themes on our own terms? Perhaps my feelings about my fan work being an inadequate outlet are actually the tension between my fear of producing wholly original work without any outside demands to constrain me, the false (but hard-to-shake) belief that fandom is infantile and therefore my work here has no actual value, and my discomfort with being a fan of HP despite its many problems.
Will I keep using Severus Snape as my muse because I have found a sense of community in the Snapedom and I just feel like it right now? You betcha.
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nicoletteclarailes · 4 months ago
follow @nicoletteclara instead and DO NOT repost or pin or add to anything
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madssweeny · 5 months ago
I’ve only seen a few episodes of American Gods, I always meant to watch more!!! But I love the new OC her aesthetic is so amazing and I can’t wait to hopefully hear more abt her if you share more!
Ahhhh that makes me so happy 🥺🥺
AG is quickly becoming a comfort show of mine, even if s2 was... less than desirable, I've heard much better things about s3 so far!
And yeah my oc for it is a mess haha but I'm really starting to love her no pun intended
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