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purecantarella · 2 days ago
Bad Days
smol idea i had and it may become a two-parter depending on how you guys like it i suppose. anyway, i hope you enjoy! sana x 10th member!Reader : you two are friends, but not really disclaimers : none really, just a lil fluff, a lil angst
Tumblr media
As your group, TWICE's, late-comer, you were placed under heavy scrutiny by both the company and fans. Because of this, you knew that you had to work twice as hard to feel like you were worthy of the opportunity they gave you. Your band mates all saw this and did their best to make you feel accepted and worthy. Most days it worked, then there were these days.
While practicing for the group's upcoming release, your choreographer really reamed you. Digging into your insecurities and compared you to the other girls. It'd been a particularly hard day for you as you felt a cold sensation swirling in your chest. When you'd come home most of the girls were out, attending to their own personal activities. Feeling completely defeated, you trudged your way into your shared bedroom. There you saw a figure stretching out on your bed and you knew exactly who it was.
"Why're you in my bed Sana?" You asked as you dropped your bag to the floor, making the older girl jump and smile up at you sheepishly.
"You're home early."
You laughed dryly and shook your head at her silliness before muttering out, "Not early enough..." Before jumping onto the bed beside Sana, tiredly rubbing your temples. Curiously, the Japanese woman cuddled up to your side, cutely propping her head on your chest, silently asking what had happened.
While you stayed silent, not wanting to relive what had happened, Sana played with the tips of your hair. Making fake moustaches on herself then pulling it into elaborate knots then undoing them. With no reaction she furthered her actions. She then moved to straddle your lap and took your soft face into her hands, molding it to her will.
"Has anyone told you that you are insufferable?" You asked while scrunching your nose. She slid her hands from your face to your shoulders before looking at you, a pout evident on her lips. "Rude, N/n. After I try to make you feel better." The first real laugh softly rips from your throat.
You pulled yourself up from your lying down position as Sana got off your lap and kneeled in front of you. She was surprised when your head plopped onto her shoulder. Nervously, she bit the inside of her cheek before a hand found its way to her thigh.
"I just don't know if I'm cut out for this world, you know..." You chuckled again defeatedly. "I'm clearly the weakest link in the group and I never want to hold any of you back." You muttered again bitterly.
Sana pushed you back gently and looked you in the eye. A serious expression gracing her soft features. "Who made you think any of that." You shook your head slowly as your shoulders fell. "No one needs to tell me, Sana. It's pretty obvious, I'm the weakest dancer, my vocals aren't as powerful as Nayeon or Jihyo's, and—"
Before you could finish your thought, Sana tackled you into your bed, her arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you ever closer. You tried prying her arms away from you while she nuzzled her head into your neck, trying to get closer to you. You grunted as you attempted to kick away.
"I never want to hear you talk about yourself that way, Y/F/N!" You flinched at the sound of her voice. So stern and serious, an obvious contrast from her usually sweet and cutesy pitch. As you squirmed under her, once again trying to escape the situation, she began to speak again. "You're incredible and amazingly talented. I don't know why you think you're less than us. You're no different from us."
With those words you finally relented and melted into the other's embrace. After a few minutes of Sana, whispering words of support into your neck, she fell over onto her side and met your eyes again. The serious expression melted away, and a warm smile in its place.
"Thank you..." You whispered as you placed your forehead tenderly on Sana's forehead. Her smile grew wider, her hand finding its way to your cheek, pinching you gently. "Of course, N/n..." She whispered as she scooted herself closer to you. "I'll be here for the good days and the bad days, always." Sana finished as she pecked your cheek, lighting the skin on fire to which the Japanese girl giggled softly and relaxed into her side.
"You're adorably silly, N/n."
" silly."
idek if it made sense HAHHAHAHAH i hope you guys enjoyed and maybe if i feel like it this might be a part 2?? what do you guys think? anyway, remember that requests are open, i do respond to messages, and criticism is completely accepted! also i'm trying to establish a posting schedule, i guess? i'm planning to post on Tuesdays and Fridays, hopefully i can follow this that's all and keep safe everyone! 😊💖 taglist: @labrachrosite
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naturallystupidforyou · 3 days ago
I want to hear the rant😤
well, i’m wholly unprepared for this because there’s so much to talk about so welcome to part one of eris talks shit!
i. archeron family dynamics: especially in acotar, sjm leaned into certain themes with them ie. elain and nesta being the wicked (step) sisters to show how feyre was mistreated and used and then later decided she wanted to flesh them out (which is fine, kudos to her, but she never gave reasoning why they behaved that way?) and it would’ve made so much more sense if their ages had been switched around.
feyre being the eldest is a hill i will gladly die on. it would’ve explained why she was the one hunting — why she had to go hunt — and why her mother made her swear that promise to take care of the family and why she felt such loyalty to her younger sisters. feyre being the eldest would make the conflict of her being taken to prythian so much deeper. the only reason she isn’t is because sjm wanted her battered, taken advantage of, and mistreated by her elder siblings. feyre’s mother didn’t even like her. why was she forcing feyre to take on this role and not nesta? nesta was always a force of nature, she would always be the most capable of doing it??? not your seven-year old-daughter(?)???
ii. the absolute slaughter of tamlin dare i say the worst part of this series and the reason i will not know peace once i die. sarah should’ve reread acotar when she was writing acomaf/acowar because there will never be a character more ooc than tamlin. in acowar, there were things she was referencing that literally never happened. like, lucien was telling tamlin he needed to hurry and get feyre to fall in love with him and tam told him to back off and in acowar, feyre said that tamlin told him to back off out of jealousy.
this part has nothing 2 do with mrs. sarah janet and more to do with the fandom but i’m begging y’all to use your singular brain cell. tamlin gets bashed for trying to break the cure by using feyre and not doing anything during those fourty-nine years. and, also, tamlin and rhysand were in very different positions under the mountain. tamlin was not in a place to help her (though he should’ve tried harder) urghrfjwiej.
moving on, tamlin is not any worse than any of the characters. to the protagonist, yes, he was horrible and needs to get his ass kicked for that, but as a whole??? he sided with hybern because he thought his ex-fiance was turned into a sex slave and was at the mercy of rhysand. like,,,,, i might be a lil desperate too. we knew that feyre was alive, well, and happily married/mated to rhys but tamlin did not. and he was a double agent the entire time?????? he did say some questionable things during the whole throne room scene idkidk
there is not one decent character to be found
acotar!tamlin would kill acomaf-acosf!tamlin without a second thought. none of her characters have substance. the moment she needs it for the plot, all their previously established morals go out the window
iii. her complete change of the world to this day, i truly don’t understand why the spring court has a medieval fantasy (?) aesthetic and the night court/velaris in particular is straight from modern+ times. i hate velaris with a burning passion and i truly think the series would’ve been better off if they lived in hewn city/the palace above it.
in the first book, the faeries all had a very formal/old(?) way of speaking which is immediately abandoned in book two. everything, including everything stated about rhysand, was abandoned and dropped. i just do not agree with that whole ‘it was an act thing’ like,,,,, let my main man be evil! let the inner circle make horrible choices and let it be acknowledged!
i just know sjm never would’ve used the words smut and trauma in any of the other books. especially not the first one. i’m 99.9% certain that the first time trauma is used, it’s by elain in acosf. it just seems like she’s straying further away from what was originally established with each book. do not even get me started on the age thing lol
also, where are the lesser fae?
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thorfanficwriter · 6 days ago
Read Rec’s - Apr 2021
My resolution this year is to “copy” many of my lovely mutuals who post reading/reblog lists. I’ve taken it a step further and added info that will hopefully encourage you to check out some, if not all, of these wonderful works. Although this month’s list is shorter than I’d like - I haven’t had the same luxury of time to read unfortunately - the list itself is again under the Keep Reading cut due to the length of the post.
Tumblr media
A good number of these fics are 18+, NSFW and as always, I remind you to
review and respect the warnings/tags provided by the authors.
To the creators: Thank you again for entertaining me! 😍
1. Stark Spangled Banner  (Part 2) - series by @wiypt-writes  
Author's Summary: “Sequel to Stark Spangled Man"
Why I chose it: Stark Spangled Man was great and I had to get more of Steve and Katie’s story.
What I liked: The story still maintains MCU canon compliance but also adds Agents of SHIELD! Tony’s sister, OFC Katie, continues to be a fun character to read.  
2. does it almost feel like you’ve been here before? - by @blackberrybucky  
Author's Summary: "sam sees you again after too much time apart”
Why I chose it: mutual’s first Sam x Reader
What I liked: If you need some soffft, fluffy Sam feels, read this!
3.  All I need is something real - series by @existentialmalaises  
Author's Summary: "Five months. That’s how long it had been since the destruction of SHIELD, the Senate Hearing at Capitol Hill, and when she had last seen Steve. There had been a few phone calls where they checked in with each other’s progress—Steve’s search for the Winter Soldier, conducted together with Sam, and the establishment of new identities for Natasha—but those few phone calls were nothing like the daily grind of shared assignments and intelligence recovery.”
Why I chose it: mutual’s SteveNat fic
What I liked: I’m a sucker for spy fics, especially the elegant party trope and this did not disappoint. The characterizations are very true to the MCU’s.
4.  "paani-puri" - headcanon by @jurassicbarnes  
Author's Note: “please go easy on me this is my first ever desi!reader fic asdsfgh” “i just wanted to give these two goobers a lil back story so i got carried away ahahaha... also they married :)"
Why I chose it: bucky x desi reader
What I liked: fluffy and cute from start to finish
5. Harbringer (Ch.5) – by @marvelouscatharsis
Summary: Loki needs Tyveri’s help to locate Hela.
Why I chose it: Loki x OFC
What I liked: This chapter focuses more on Tyveri and her motivations. More with Hela as well. I really love how movie canon is weaved in and out of this AU.
6.  A Chance Encounter - by @loveofafangirl  
Author's Summary: “One day, while out for a run, Steve runs further than he realizes and makes the unexpected acquaintance of a local school teacher.”
Why I chose it: Steve Rogers x OFC
What I liked: This opening part does a nice job of introducing the characters and setting the scene for their meeting.
7.  The Heart of a Hero - by @loveofafangirl  
Author's Summary: “Steve finds himself inexplicably drawn to the small town he stumbled upon a week earlier. His visit leaves him wondering who he is without the shield.”
Why I chose it: sequel to A Chance Encounter.
What I liked: I love the light angst in this. Steve trying to figure out who he is after leaving behind the shield. The OFC’s inner monologue is just as interesting and compliments Steve’s eventhough neither realizes it yet.
8.  The Strangest Thing - by @existentialmalaises  
Author's Summary: “A brief look into the relationship that developed between Bucky and Ayo in Wakanda.”
Why I chose it: Ayo x Bucky Barnes
What I liked: Within the relatively brief span of 3k+ words, this offers a wonderful balance of scene-setting and getting right to Bucky’s thoughts. I was immediately vested and love the feelings this evoked. 💗
If you find that any of the links don’t work or anything needs correcting, please let me know.
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requiescat-aria · 6 days ago
just don't deceive me | Voting End / Testimony | Chapter 4
Rather than a cheering crowd, this time, Jim simply claps his hands a few times to get your collective attention.
“My, what a show! I could watch you lot all day, but despite having all the time in the worlds, we don’t have the time at all, haha! Let’s see how you did.”
At the back of the stage, a projector screen slowly lowers from the rafters, and a tally is projected onto it.
Ronny - 7
Default - 4
Abstain - 2
“If I recall correctly, you had seven votes to correctly abstain last ASSESSMENT, right? Funny how these things work out.”
With a hearty chuckle, Jim motions to something or someone you can’t see stage left. Behind him, the audience begins to murmur with feverish excitement.
“Well, you know what happens next. Everyone loves a good cameo, right? And I’m sure you want to say goodbye.”
You hear the sound of something moving, and suddenly, a platform rises center stage. Jim motions a hand towards the back of the audience, up at the balcony, and suddenly two spot lights illuminate the figure standing on it.
Tumblr media
Ken’s eyes blink open, and she glances between each remaining member of the group, quickly looking away when her eyes land on those she held dear and never making it to a sole member of the group. Her fists clench at her sides, and she looks away, shoulders stiff as she begins to speak through gritted teeth.
“Fuckin’ figures, don’t it? ‘S jus’ cosmic justice or whatever ya wanna call it. Equalin’ th’scales, karma, what-fuckin’-ever. Tch. It ain’t hafta lemme get brained a second time, though, did it? Couldn’t it have given me somethin’ a lil more unique? No use beggin’ for somethin’ else when yer murderin’ scum o’th’Earth, though, huh?”
She clicks her tongue and shakes her head, letting out a sad laugh.
“I ain’t even remember doin’ it. When I walked int’th’amphitheater, I knew I was meetin’ up with’er t’say somethin’, but I wasn’t even capable o’rememberin’ what I came t’say. ‘S like when ya walk int’a room t’get somethin’ an’ you can’t remember what ya went in there for. I felt like I should’ve remembered, though. Felt like it was real fuckin’ important that it came back t’me, ain’t never come back. Not in time.”
The entire time that you’ve known her, Kennedy Adams is known to not have been one for getting well and truly angry, but, as you stare at her form, it’s easy to see the emotion leak further and further into every fiber of her body. The last place it reaches is her face. Her head had been tilted down, gaze fixed on the floor. Now, it’s raised, and she’s using every single centimeter of her height to glare down at Veronica Castillo.
“I regretted it, I think, after a few weeks o’bein’ here, when I had th’sense t’cool down an’ think ‘bout it all. That’s what really gets me. That I felt bad fer endin’ th’life of th’person who always and constantly ruined mine without a goddamn care in th’world. Sixteen years o’my life I gave ya on that ice. Ten years o’my life, m’heart was yers t’hold an’ treasure, but I ain’t think I really ever got ten seconds o’yer love. Not really.
Y’took, an’ ya took an’ ya took an’ y’ain’t never give nothin’ back t’me, you fuckin’ bitch. YA TOOK TH’DECISION T’CONFESS AWAY FROM ME!!!”
Her voice booms, and she puts a hand to her chest, breathing heavily. The screaming has clearly relieved her stress somewhat, enough that she is able to look around at the people in the room one last time, eyes softening when they land on certain people. She’s uncertain of whether or not she’s really allowed these moments with them, but they’re the last ones she’s ever going to get, so she...she needs to take them.
She refuses to leave without saying goodbye.
First, she smiles at Aki. It’s small and sad, but she’s clearly trying to replicate the infectious joy she usually put out.
“Aki, yer an amazin’ person an’ an even more amazin’ friend. I’m lucky I was able t’call ya my bestie. Sorry I ain’t gon’ be able t’show ya th’ferris wheel. I promise it’s amazin’. An’ skate fer me. I believe in ya. Jus’ keep tryin’, an’ don’t give up b’fore ya even gave it a shot. You’ll be fine. Remember that I’ll always be yer bestie, even if I ain’t there t’remind ya ‘bout that.”
Next, she looks to Ryuji. The smile is brighter now, but it’s clearly harder to keep up and keep her voice level. It wobbles as she speaks--both the smile and her voice.
“Ryuji, ‘m sorry I ain’t gonna be able t’take up yer guitar lessons. I was really lookin’ forward to’em. Thanks fer bein’ a great roomie an’ a greater friend. I meant it when I said y’were one o’th’best guys I ever met, an’ I enjoyed every single second I got t’spend with ya. I...ya were family. An’ I’ll miss ya. A lot. B-But...But go home for me, okay? Go home an’ be safe an’ see yer brother an’ his fiance get married an’--an’ catch th’bouquet for me!! An’...An’ I believe in ya. Yer feelin’s matter, an’ I’m sure...I’m sure things will work out.”
It’s clear now that she’s avoiding looking at the last two members of her patchwork found family the most. One is out of shame, unable to face her after having such personal things revealed to the world in the worst situation. The other is out of a deep ache. Eventually, she looks to Enji. He said he didn’t care about her and how he didn’t want to find love here because it’s dangerous. He had been acting when he said that, but...she’s not sure it was wholly an act. Unlike her other addresses, she’s not able to keep her tears in her eyes, and they roll down her face.
“....I ain’t wanna leave, Mr. Enomoto--”
She needs to take a moment to compose herself as her tears have become stuck in her throat. She loved Ryuji dearly and with the same intensity, but she latched onto Enji from the moment she met him. Even if he was completely different to how she thought he was, he was still...he still...she still saw herself in him. He still cared for her. He comforted her, gave her advice, humored her, let her hold onto him…
Ken still saw him as a father.
“‘M sorry I gotta go, I ain’t want to, please believe me, D-Dad, I ain’t--I ain’t get t’do anythin’ I said I was gonna do. I wanted t’come an’ visit ya on our roadtrip an’ camp outside o’your apartment or whatever an’ go fishin’ with ya an’ tease ya ‘bout bein’ th’manager o’our band a-an’...Please let those things still happen. I-I ain’t gon’ be able t’see it or hold ya to it or nothin’, but please let them happen. Jus’ ‘cuz I ain’t there don’t mean no one else ain’t gonna be. So...So please. Keep an eye on everyone for me. An’ give Poirot an’ Soseki kisses.”
Her eyes finally fall on Jinghei, and she’s full on sobbing now, unable to even keep up the pretense of staying strong and seeing everyone off with a smile. Even diehard optimists have their moments, and speaking to the woman who she was beginning to want to spend every day with, who she made plans for the future with, who she thought she was destined to meet no matter what happened, well, she thought that was a pretty valid reason to start sobbing.
“I wanted t’show it to ya. I wanted t’show so many things to ya an’ try so many things with ya, find myself with you by my side. Y’made me feel safe. Like it was okay t’not know what was goin’ on. I wish we got more time together an’ not just ‘cuz o’what th’bitch spilled that wasn’t hers t’tell. I loved ya as a best friend b’fore I felt anythin’ else, an’ th’rest came later b’cuz of it. Jinghei, please get out and go home to Mingzhu. Find yerself with’em an’ stay safe. Stay who ya are ‘cuz…’cuz I think yer th’most a-meow-zing woman I’ve ever met. We’ll meet again. We’re destined to, remember? A-An’ ask Ricky t’be let int’th’room I shared with Ryuji. Th-There’s somethin’ in there for ya.”
She laughs pathetically at her ill-timed and out of place joke, but she has one last goodbye to make.
The last person her eyes land on is the person who, before that fateful day, she would say she loved most in the world, the woman she would throw her own desires to the wind for, the woman she would do anything to stay with. Well. Would have. Would have once upon a time.
“Veronica Castillo, y’ruined us in life, and now y’ruined us in death. Th’biggest mistake I ever made was lovin’ you for even a moment.”
With her final declaration made, the spot lights cut out, and Ken is suddenly gone.
The audience roars to life with cheers and the sound of crying.
Jim claps, a pleasant smile on his face.
“What a performance! Now, onto the timeline of events.”
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dykemetaldeath · 6 days ago
Ur local dyke ranting abt the megistune MV and lives
( this is just my uncalled for dykey westerners analysis lol )
so it’s abt performing femininity!!!!
Let’s look at the lyrics first! ( these are from genius so take with a kitsune horn of salt)
Dressed-up Miss Fox
[Check it! Cheer up! Check it! Cheer up!
Women are expected to present in a dressed up way pertaining to gender roles
The lines check it !cheer up! Speak to women pushing emotions down, having to check it so they stay Neutral outwardly and cheer up.
“Let her show her various aspects!”
This is pretty straightforward and sweet I really like how blunt they are abt the notion of one demensional women are pushed my main stream society and media
“You dance in the transient dream
Getting over thousands years
You live today”
Generational traumas or expectations passed down and spoon fed, alternatively this can be a more positive wall of strength saying like we are all her together.
“Ah, it's right. Always women are actresses
We're not foxes, not deceiving”
First line is pretty self explanatory and speaks of the whole song really but I want to touch on the not deceiving line since on my opinions cishet women have been known to be called deceiving ie through makeup, dress or friendship with shitheaded men.
“"It's right", we never show our tears” speaks more to the actress motif and that women must be a cheery creature. This sentiment of actress and pushing down ones emotions can also strongly serve for a critique of the idol industry in which all of the BM girls grew up in.
“Ah, blooming and falling is the fate for a woman” this shows the use by date On women forced globally, it can be seen also strongly in the idol industry again where typically the age range for popular mainstream idols is 16-24.
The costumes!!
Although the costumes are incredibly beautiful in the MV as a white westerner I don’t feel I can speak much on the analysis of these garments! They are so so beautiful though!!
The masks further this idea of masking ones true emotions acting as a physical mask hiding the girls faces.
This can be seen in the MV and arguably in lives , we see the girls in the opening shots of the MV with masks covering their faces portraying a serious stoic person yet later we see their masks literally drop to reveal bubbly playful young girls! Metaphors babeeyyyyy!!!
Most of this section of analysis is pretty obvious with the moves mimicking makeup application. At festivals ( I’m reframing Glastonbury 2019 specifically) their entrance into the song is masked and bowing in a formal and polite way showing traditional femininity and angering to expectations and roles.
They turn away from the crowd and drop their masks , letting us into their true selves and feelings.However I believe there can be further analysis of specific moves. And by the end the masks ( in the form of their hands) are back up, they are back to performing femininity for Society and the male gaze( it’s also just a great pose to end on lol looks amazing)
The masks ofc are an adorable prop used in the dance and are all around just perfect for the song!!
How this is a pretentious reach but the signature move of megistune with crossing the arms followed my a throwing action can speak to the building and indoctrination of femininity ( the arms brining up to cross over the chest ) and the throwing motion is the rejection of this ! ( ugh I know a reach but still fun to think abt haha )
(While I’m watching this gladstonbury performance oh my god!! Moas mic is so fucking loooowwww ok convinced koba has it out for my GIRL😤)
The references to needing to be a poised women really hit when Moa pushed her chin up with her hand like she looks like a goddess while doing it but hey this is an analysis not a gay rant!!( It’s both, it’s always both)
( side note! I LOOOOOVE in the bridge when the girls can just let go and have fun like riho just looks like she’s having so much fun on stage and ofc Moa and su’ s lil mask rendezvous always get me 🥺)
Ok back to the MV analysis
The shot where su is looking down to at the mask abt to put it on HITS bc she actively choosing and making her self put that femininity mask onnnnnn
The girls say the BM started as a way to get younger women into the metal scene ( probs bit 100% tru bc money hungry koba but still) and that their songs are written so young women like themselves can relate to them and as a nonbinary she they mother fucker I heavily relate to the idea of constructed femininity it’s such an amazing song!!
Most of this was and I’d probaly Very obvious and intentional but! I still felt like ranting! Am I saying most of my analysis was reaching and looking too deep and koba defs didn’t intend on it bc cmon he’s koba 🙄
Last note abt this but I recently realised that in the MV yui and Moa are little spirits of sprites of the location and Moa is the human girl or just not a sprite like the other two!! Coolllll!!!
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clearlydiamondz · 10 days ago
Who Are You?
Erik!Stevens x Black!Reader
(Y/N) and Erik have known each other since they were kids, they have been fooling around with each for the past few years. After leaving her for months with no contact, he pops up with a not so settling surprise. 
Warnings: Blood, Cursing
(Y/M/F/N) : Your moms full name
(Y/D/F/N): Your dad’s full name
Erik!Stevens x Black!Reader
“It was a nice time seeing you again.” Sean said licking his lips at her as she smiled at him. This was the 4th date they been on, things starting to get a little more serious with him and honestly she was enjoying herself. It’s been five months since she broke up with Erik, and honestly she was enjoying herself. Sure, she missed him. Wondered where he went. She warned him the next time he up and left her, she would move on. She stood by her word.
“Thanks Sean, I really enjoyed myself.” she said biting her bottom lip. “Maybe next time we can have a little more fun.” she said stepping a little further towards him. She most definitely hit the jack pot with him. He owned two dealer ships out in L.A and two in Oakland. He was a gentlemen, kind, freaky. Didn’t leave her on read, it was like he was sent down from heaven.
“What kind of fun you tryna have lil mama?” he said gripping her waist and pulling him towards her as she giggled. “Lemme come in now, show you something real?” he said as she rolled her eyes pushing him away as he smacked his teeth.
“Boy I have work in the morning. I have to be at the office at like 8 in the morning.” she said as he shook his head.
“Yeah, I’ll let you get away with it this time but next time that ass is mine, you understand me?” he said biting her exposed shoulder as she moaned a bit.
“Yes sir.” she said. After they said their goodbyes, she walked inside the house with a huge grin on her face as she took off her heels.
“Who the fuck is that nigga?” she heard. Her head shot up, as she slowly turned around and saw Erik walking towards her with a glass of, assuming Crown Royal. His favorite drink. Next to Hennessey.
“The fuck are you doing in my house?” she asked walking past him, His head turned towards her direction as she placed her purse on the kitchen counter. His eye twitched when he saw that she wasn’t excited to see him. 
“(Y/N), answer my fucking question. Who the fuck is-”
“He’s my boyfriend.” she snapped turning around looking at him. Erik busted out laughing, putting his hand out on the counter closing his eyes. 
“Yeah okay. I’m going to ask you again. Who the fuck is that bitch ass nigga, (Y/N)?” he snapped as (Y/N) rolled her eyes. 
“That’s my boyfriend, Erik.” she said taking off her heels. “You know, significant other. Lover. Someone I fuck on the regular.” she said looking at him dead in the eye. Erik soon saw that she was serious. 
“Are you fucking serious?” 
“As a heart attack. I don’t know what you expected. I warned you that this was going to happen. So you can kindly get the hell out.” she said pointing towards the front door. “And leave the key.” 
“You must have lost your mind.” he whispered. “(Y/N), I’m sorry that I left. Really. You know I can’t tell you where I go and-”
“And you know what? That’s fine. You don’t ever have to worry about telling me shit because I don’t want anything to do with you, or whatever the fuck you’re doing.” she snapped at him. “Just-Just leave. Now.” she said.
“You know I can’t do that.” 
“Why not?” she said walking over to him pointing her finger into her chest. “You do it all the fucking time. Months on end. Well I’m putting my foot down. Maybe some other bitch can deal with it but I can’t.” she said to him, her nostrils flaring in anger.
“I understand. I really do but-”
“If you understood like you say you do, you would understand why I cut you loose and moved on. I played along with this for way too long and I need to look out for myself.” she said. Something that she said triggered something in him. 
“(Y/N), no offense but I have a lot of shit in my life personally. I have shit to do and you can’t know that. Yes, I be gone. For a long time. But what I do I can’t just, just say out and about because I-” he stopped himself before saying something. 
“Because you what?” she backed away crossing her arms over her chest. “Well I know damn well you’re not going to say because you don’t trust me because I’ve known you since we were kids.” she said shaking her head. She was hoping that he would contradict but he just sat there looking at her. 
“You really don’t trust me.” she said quietly, looking at him with so much defeat it almost broke him in half. “Get out, Erik. Or I’m calling the police.” 
“(Y/N) wait.”
“Erik! Just shut up! You don’t understand how hard and stressful it is not to hear or speak to you, thinking that you moved on with someone else, or hurt or even worse! That shit took so much of my mental state that I couldn’t eat or sleep. You don’t understand! You think that you can come up in here, dick me down, buy me some shit and tell me what I want to hear and all will be well but no. I can’t do it anymore. And if you don’t trust me enough to tell me what the fuck you have going on then I don’t want nothing to do with you or whatever the fuck you have going on!” she yelled at him. 
“(Y/N), listen to me.” he said grabbing her hands. “Look, I know what I do to you ain’t right. You don’t have to tell me because I already know it’s true. There are so many things that I want to tell you  but I can’t.” he said as she looked down sighing. 
“I can’t, do this.” she let his hands go. “Just go, please.” she said, tears rushing down her face. 
“(Y/N) please. I-”
“No Erik. Just go.” 
He gave her one last look before walking out.
“Good morning everyone!” she exclaimed to her staff. “So as you all know, I will be opening a store in Miami. That means that I’m going to need a manager there to run the store. So I am sending out an email, you can apply and we’ll go from there.” she announced to everyone. Chatter spread through out the room, as she made her way to her office. 
“Hey, so I sent out the invoice about inventory check list. They should be emailing it to you by the end of the week.” her assistant Tonya said. 
“Thanks.” She walked into her office going to her desk and opening up her Desktop. 
“Also, Erik came by this morning.” she said as her hands clenched into a fist. “He said to call him when you get the chance.” she said as she rolled her eyes. 
“Yeah right.” she laughed to herself before opening her email. 
“Everything alright? It’s been a while since he stopped by the office.” she said as (Y/N) looked up at her. 
“That’s because I haven’t seen him since June.” (Y/N) told her. “No text, no call, no nothing.” she snapped. 
“Jesus, that’s five months...” she trailed off as she nodded. 
“He came to my house last night when Sean dropped me off. Questioning me about Sean and shit. Like nigga you have no room to be questioning me, questioning me in my house at that.” she scoffed, hearing her phone ding to see it was Sean texting her. 
“Forreal? The audacity.” she chuckled sitting on the seats that sat in front of the desk. 
Sean: Hey, you free for lunch this afternoon? I know you said you wanted to try out that new BBQ place on 21st street...
She smiled at the text before texting him back. 
(Y/N): Yeah, I’ll meet you there around 1:00?
Sean: Sure thing beautiful.
“Anyways.” she closed her phone placing it on the desk. “Erik came by the house last night, telling me he couldn’t tell me because he didn’t trust me. A-And that he wanted to tell me but he couldn’t tell me. Like what am I suppose to think about that? It makes him looks sneaky.” she admitted as Erik nodded. 
“Have you ever thought about him being like a... you know. Drug Lord? Or like, a gang member or something?” he said as (Y/N) paused, than laughed. 
“A drug dealer? That’s a good one. I’ve known Erik my entire life and trust me, I would’ve noticed if he was hiding something like that from me.” she said shaking her head. 
“I mean- think about it? Do you know what he does? Like, career wise. Nigga be driving the newest cars, dripped down in designers, spoiling you with money and shit and you haven’t even thought about it just once.” she said as (Y/N) sat back in her chair. 
“I mean, it’s crossed my mind but like I said, it’s just so far from what I know.” she said as Tonya stood up. 
“Well, just a thought to think about. I’m going to go down to customer service and get their weekly review.” she said as she nodded.
There is no way that he could be a drug dealer...
(Y/N) walked into the restaurant, looking around and seeing Sean sitting there looking at the menu. She walked over to him as he saw her, smiling at her. “Look at you, you look good.” he smirked standing up as she smiled. She gave him a hug, and pecked his lips as she smiled. 
“Thank you, same to you. Sorry I was late, my last meeting with a little longer than I wanted too.” she said sitting down on the other side of the booth. 
“No worries, I ordered you a sweet tea with a slice of lemon.” he said to her as she smiled at him. 
“Thank you.” he nodded closing the menu. 
“There is something that I actually wanted to tell you.” he said as she nodded. “Someone reached out to me, by the name of... Killmonger? Said that he knew you.” he said as she tilted her head to the side.
“Killmonger...” she trailed off before shaking her head. “I’ve never heard of them before.” she said as he nodded sitting in his back. 
“Nope.” she said shaking her head. “That’s a cool name though..” she trailed off looking at her own menu. 
“That’s interesting.. because he said you were his ex.” he said as she put the menu down on the table looking at him. “He knew a lot of things about you, that you lived on South Viker Elm,  what cars you drive, your full name...” he trailed off as she looked up at him, scared to death. 
“What the fuck..” she whispered. 
“You sure you don’t know who that is? Because I’m having a hard time believing you.” he said to her leaning forward as she thought about it before her eye twitched.
“What did he say?”
“He knew your mom name was (Y/M/F/N) and your dad’s name is (Y/D/F/N),  you were born in (H/C).” she was freaked out until she realized it was most likely Erik. “Hell I didn’t even know you’re parents name was-”
“Actually, I might have an idea. We aren’t really exes. Just.. just someone that I used to mess around with. He left me a couple of months ago.” she said to him. 
“Oh.. it’s that dude.” he said as she nodded. 
“Yeah. I swear I don’t mean to put you through this. He came by the house last night and we got into an argument, but that’s about it. I have no idea how he got your number.” she said as he chuckled. 
“He didn’t only know my number. He knew my name too.” he said looking at her.
“Sean, I swear. I don’t know how the hell he got that information. I would never do that to you. Did he threaten you?” she asked him as he chuckled.  
“Something along that line.” he said taking his drink to his lips. “But don’t worry about that, I handled myself. I just want you to know that ya little ex-fling is tryna check me and that just don’t sit right with me.” he said as she sighed closing her temples. 
“I’m sorry, I-”
“I’m just fucking with you ma.” he said as she threw a napkin at him as he laughed. “But I’m serious about the ex thing.”
“Don’t worry, I got something for him.” 
She walked into the building, to not only be surprised to see Erik reading one of the magazines that was in the waiting area. ‘(Y/N) can we-”
“You. In my office, Now!” she exclaimed quietly. He looked shocked about her outburst, confused she followed her instructions. She put the stuff on the table before looking at him. 
“The fuck is wrong with you!?” she yelled at him as he stared at her. 
“There are a lot of things wrong with me. For starters-”
“Erik, I’m serious. Why the fuck are you calling him threatening him?” she asked as he still stared at her confused. 
“The fuck are you talking about?”
“Sean! He told me you called him using this name Killmonger, a-and that you were telling him shit about me?” she snapped. “Now I don’t know what the fuck you have going on but leave me and him alone.” she said pointing a finger at him. 
It felt like his entire heart stopped. “(Y/N), I swear on my mother I didn’t call no one. What’s his name?”
“Are you seriously going to sit there and play stupid?” she laughed shaking her head. “Erik he knew my mom and dads name! The only person in my life who knows that is you!” she exclaimed. 
“(Y/N), listen. You can be mad at me for whatever reason. I don’t care about that right now? Tell me what his name is?” he said walking over to her. If there was something about (Y/N), she knew when Erik was in distress. Or scared. The look on his face showed nothing but pure fear. 
“Erik, what is it that you’re not telling me?” she asked him. It looked as if he was in deep thought about something, something in which had his mind racing. Like he was debating. “Erik, please talk to me. Be honest. I need to know because if it’s not you someone out there knows shit about me and I need to get that shit dealt with. ASAP.” she said as Erik looked at the door biting him lip. 
“Lock the door.” he said as she nodded. She walked to the door locking it before walking back to him.
“The reason why I go out for months at end isn’t because I’m cheating on you, or I’m hiding from you. I get paid.. to do things. Bad things to people.” he said as she backed up a little. 
“Do what?” she asked him as he sighed. 
“People pay me to handle their dirty work. They pay me to top people off.” she stared at him in complete shock. “Look, it’s not just random people. It’s people that do bad things.” he said as she looked at him. “So all this time, I’ve been fucking a murderer.” she said as he groaned rubbing his handsome his face. 
“It’s not like that I swear, it’s just- you know my background. I was good in the military and now I’m good and it pays good.” he said as she scoffed. 
“Yeah it pays good until you mess with the wrong people. Erik, some dude name Killmonger got ahold of my shit and-” 
“Killmonger is me. That’s what I’m called.” he said as she scoffed. 
“So you did call Sean, right? Wow-”
“No, can you shut up? Let me talk.” he said to her. She was taken back by the outburst but he continued. “Whoever that is knows about me, and knows enough about me to get to you. This dude you been messing with, knows too much information (Y/N).” he said stepping in front of her. 
“You need to trust me, I need to know everything. I really don’t give a fuck if you’re mad at me or you never want to see me again. I just need to know you are safe.”  he told her. She was scared shitless out of her mind. There was so much on her mind at the moment that she couldn’t quite gasp the fact that someone was out to get her. Never mind Erik being an assassin. 
“(Y/N), look at me.” he grabbed her chin to make him look at me. “Please, you need to trust me.”
“That doesn’t make sense. Why would he lie about that if he knew I was going to confront you about it..” she trailed off as he shrugged his shoulders. 
“Maybe to throw it in my face...” he said as he looked at her. “But I gotta plan for his ass.”
“Come in.” She smiled at Sean grabbing his hand. He looked her up and down licking his lips. 
“All this for  me..” he whispered looking at her. It was a new set she bought a couple of weeks ago, it was emerald green with rhinestones along the bands, her hair was in a slick back bun, her makeup was perfectly done. 
“Yup. I told you I wanted to have a little fun.” she whispered starting to unbutton his shirt. 
“Sheesh, you ain’t gotta tell me.” he said as she smirked at him. She grabbed his hand leading him to the spare room as he stared at her ass the entire time. “You got in touch with that nigga yet?”
“Killmonger?” she asked tilting her head. 
“Yeah.. him.” he said rolling his eyes as she chuckled. 
“No. Not yet. I tried to but he ain’t answering my phone calls.” she said as she pushed him on the chair that she had in the room. “But let’s not worry about him... I want my focus all. On. You.” she said pecking his chest. She got on her knees in front of him.
“Oh you a nasty lil bitch ain’t you...” he smirked at her as she smirked back at him. She grabbed the handcuffs as he looked at it laughing. “Oh shit..” he whispered. (Y/N) handcuffed him to the chair. That’s when she saw Erik come out of the closet, putting the pistol to his head. 
“So your Sean.” he said as (Y/N) stood up. She grabbed her black robe slipping it over her body as she looked at Sean, Sean giving her the dirtiest glare. 
“You been working with this nigga the entire time?”
“Actually no. She cussed me out thinking I called yo bitch ass.” Erik said. “But don’t worry about my girl. Worry-”
“Um, I’m not your girl.” (Y/N) cut in as Erik looked at her. “What? You think you can just say that shit after everything. No.. hell no.” she said looking back at Sean shaking her hand. “I don’t want a relationship with no one.. at all.” she said. 
“We’ll talk about that. You.” he said looking back at Sean. “Talk.” 
“Man fuck you, ain’t saying-” Erik punched him in the nose, knocking the chair over as she gasped. 
“Erik chill!” she yelled as he turned to look at her. “That chair was hella expensive. You think I want his blood all over my shit.” 
“Bruh, I’ll buy you another one.”
She rolled her eyes sitting on the bed. Erik sat the chair back up. “Talk nigga.” 
“You remember Kingston?” he said as Erik nodded. “That was my brother.”
“Kingston don’t have no brother named Sean.”
“No shit dumbass. You think I’ma use my real name fucking with y’all. I wanted you dead. And it seems like the only family you got is her.” he said nodding his head towards (Y/N). “By the way, (Y/N), at first it was just a get up to get to him but I really do like-” And another punch sent to his face. 
“You really think you can just sit up here and confess your feelings to her in my face nigga!” he yelled at him as he coughed up blood. All over her floor. 
“Who is Kingston?” (Y/N) asked Erik as Erik sighed. 
“A target. He was trafficking girls in Uganda. One of the girls died and the mother offered to pay me a good 10 Thousand to get his ass. Guess what?” Erik said lifting that nigga off the floor. 
“I did that shit for free.” he laughed in front of Sean or whatever his name was.
“You get paid that much?” she asked as Erik laughed. 
“Nah, that’s probably one of the lowest bids I’ve gotten. The highest I’ve had was like... 10 Million plus an extra 2  million if I could get the target and his crew.” he said as she looked at him in shock. 
“Anyways, just know that I killed that bitch ass nigga with no price.” he said. “Like I’m gonna do you.” he said taking off the safety on his pistol making her flinch.
She was scared out of her mind to see him like this. Was he really about to kill him in her house? All that blood and-
She looked to see Sean's body lumped over in the chair as she stared at him in shock. “Well we don’t have to worry about that nigga no more.” he said putting the gun in his waist band. “I know some people who’ll come and clean this up. Make it look like someone was never killed here before.” he chuckled. He noticed she wasn’t saying anything before looking at her as she stared at the dead body in horror. 
“Oh fuck. I should’ve done this without you in the room..” he trailed off. “Let’s go.” he said grabbing her as he took her to her room. 
Erik saw this look before. He knew what was happening. She was going to be scared of him. “You want me to run you a bath?” he asked her as she looked outside the window. 
He went to her bathroom, filling the bathtub with bubbles and water. After setting it up he walked to the room to see in her in the same position. He took her undergarments' off before carrying her to the bathtub and placing her in. He bathed her as she stood at the wall. 
“(Y/N), baby. Look at me.” They heard the people coming in making her jump as he grabbed her. “(Y/N), it’s just the people here to clean up the mess.” he comforted her as she relaxed some more. He grabbed her make up towel, putting on some of the makeup removal solution she has and rubber the makeup off her face. 
About an hour later, she was in the bed as Erik was out in the hallway talking to the people. “Aye, thanks man. I owe you.” he heard Erik say. 
“No worries. We gonna cremate the body and throw the ashes somewhere along the river downtown. So don’t worry about it, okay?” he heard a voice say. After a few more minutes before he came back into the room, as she laid in the bed. 
“Hey, I’m gonna go. I’ma give you some space.” she heard him say. She sat up before looking at him. 
“Can you, can you stay please?” she asked him as he nodded. He stripped from his clothes getting into the bed with her. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer, tracing her arms. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked her. 
“No.. I don’t.” 
“Fair enough.”
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honeyj00ns · 11 days ago
Only For You | JJK
Tumblr media
❁ Summary: Jungkook works hard to make sure your birthday is perfect.
❁ Pairing: Jungkook x Female!Reader
❁ Genre: Fluff, established relationship
❁ Rating: PG
❁ Warnings: A couple of curse words
❁ Words: 2.3k
❁ A/N: Thank you to my love @lilbeanin​ for being my favorite beta 🥰 This lil birthday fluff (loosely inspired by “Happy Birthday by B.A.P.) is dedicated to a lovely friend of mine for her birthday-happy birthday!! I hope you enjoy it 😊❤️
Tumblr media
Alarm clocks are evil, wicked things. This is all you can think as you reach your arm out from under the blankets covering your body and blindly grope for the noisy device.
"Where the hell is it?!" You curse into your pillow. You stretch your arm out further, feeling the edge of the nightstand. After knocking your knuckle harshly against the corner of it and cursing again, you’re about to accept the fact that you’d have to leave the warmth of your cocoon, but luckily a presence reaches over your body, and the clock is soon silenced. You let out a sigh of relief and turn over to snuggle into the solid warmth next to you.
Sleep is about to overcome you once more until you feel the blankets get tugged from your body. You hiss at the chilly air and bright light before burying your face into the body you’re still clutching. A chuckle sounds from above you, and the next thing you know, you’re pushed over onto your back, wrists pinned above your head. When you open your eyes, the familiar pair of brown eyes you know and love are staring straight back at you.
"Happy birthday, babe." Jungkook smiles down at you before closing the gap between you with a gentle kiss. He trails his lips to your cheek, your jawline, and your neck, lightly biting and nipping at the skin along the way. He pulls away and turns over on his back, bringing you with him and making you rest against his bare chest.
“Thank you, but did you set the alarm for the asscrack of dawn? I don't have to work or class today, so why the hell am I up so early?!" You exclaim, lightly pinching his arm.
"Ow! First of all, it’s seven which isn’t even that early! Secondly, I can’t believe that this is the affection I get. I, oh so kindly, get my beautiful girlfriend up to start her birthday bright and early and then shower her with my perfect lips only to get yelled at and assaulted in return!?" There’s a teasing tone in his voice, but you can tell that there’s some sincerity behind his words.
“Oh, come on! It’s my birthday and I have no obligations. Therefore, I should spend it as I see fit. Sleep is how I see fit.” You sink lower under the blankets and feel Jungkook get up from the bed. A few seconds later, the covers are being lifted, exposing your bare legs to the chilly air of the bedroom.
"Why!? Just let me sleep!" You fight to roll back over, but Jungkook is having none of it.
"Absolutely not! Get your adorable, lazy ass up and in the shower now!" Jungkook grabs hold of your ankles and pulls you towards the end of the bed. "If you don’t get up, you don’t get a super special birthday breakfast or super special birthday sex later."
With a dramatic sigh, your eyes open, although Jungkook can’t tell whether it was the mention of food or sex that did it. "Fine!" You give him a skeptical look before slowly dragging yourself into the bathroom.
Smiling in victory, Jungkook practically skips to the kitchen to begin the breakfast that Seokjin had sent him instructions on how to prepare.
Half an hour later, the two of you were sitting at your small kitchen table, stuffing your faces with the food Jungkook made.
"Jungkook, why didn't I know that you could cook this well?” You narrow your eyes in suspicion, looking over the spread again.
He waves his hand, dismissing your doubt. "It's a hidden talent of mine, but we’ll talk about that later. For now, I need to go over the schedule for the day." He ignores the look you’re giving him from across the table and pulls out his phone.
"Now, after we eat, I’m going to shower and you are going to talk to your family back home on video chat. Then, we’re going out and spending the day together. First, we can see any movie that you want. Then, we can go to my favorite spa for massages, facials, the whole thing. After that, we can have a nice lunch wherever you want and then I want to take you shopping even if you don't want me to. When we’re done shopping, we can come home and have a nice movie night or something." Jungkook puts his phone down and sends you a smile.
"Jungkook, did you seriously plan out the entire day?" You ask incredulously. You hadn’t come up with a concrete plan yourself, but he had your head spinning a little with the full agenda.
"Y-yeah...should I not have?" Jungkook sounds almost disappointed at your reaction, a hesitant look on his face. While deep down, you would’ve much rather have just called your family on the phone and then proceeded to stay in bed all day in your pajamas, you can tell Jungkook planned the day with you in mind and wants you to be happy, so you keep that to yourself.
"No, it's totally fine. I'll just finish eating and then we can start the day." Your boyfriend flashes you a bright smile and just seeing his joy makes you excited for the day to come.
Tumblr media
Six hours later, you were regretting your earlier excitement. You’re tired, thirsty, and your feet hurt like hell. You love Jungkook, which you can’t stress enough, but at the moment, you want to leave the man in the middle of the mall and go home alone.
Things had gone well at first. You talked to your family back home, getting your birthday wishes and telling them about what you were up to and what you and Jungkook's plans were for the day. You chatted for almost an hour before saying goodbye and Jungkook wasted no time dragging you from the bed and out of the front door, barely giving you enough time to get your purse and shoes.
He drove to the movie theater that isn’t too far from your shared apartment and immediately started telling you about each movie that was out. You were, admittedly, impressed he had gone so far as to look up all of the current movies.
You ended up picking out a romance movie that the both of you would enjoy, and you spent the whole movie cuddling together in the back row with Jungkook pressing the occasional kiss to your neck or cheek.
From there, he whisked you away to his favorite spa, and true to his word, you enjoyed the whole spa experience. After the best hot stone massage and seaweed wrap of your life, you decided on your favorite barbecue place where you stuffed your face with meat while Jungkook spent the meal talking about how perfect he hopes today has been for you..
The day didn't take a turn for the worst until it came to the shopping portion of the day. Jungkook had proceeded to drag you around the mall, pointing out various outfits and shoes that he said would look nice on you, and the next thing you knew, he was swiping his credit card and grabbing bag after bag. Sure, you liked what he was buying for you, but you wished he'd stop. You didn't like when he splurged his money on you so much, which you have talked about in the past.
At some point, the spree went from him spending way too much money on you to him loading up on things for himself. He went from oohing and aahing over things for you to doing the same for things for himself. He soon had too many bags and had you carry bag after bag filled with purchases for himself.
Almost three hours of all of this, and you went from being happy that Jungkook wanted to make you happy to being annoyed at his behavior.
"Hey," he says, approaching your slumped form leaning against the wall next to the store he had just exited. "Why are you standing out here like that? Is something wrong?"
"Other than the fact that I’ve become your shopping lackey, I think I'm just dandy," you grumble, motioning to the crowd of bags sitting at your feet.
Jungkook seems taken back by the bitterness in your voice. "I'm sorry. I just got a little caught up is all."
You feel a little bad at his mood drop, but are still annoyed, so you let out a huff in response. Jungkook sighs and leans against the wall next to you, taking your hand in his.
"I'm sorry, okay? Starting right now, we can go back to doing whatever you want."
"It can be anything?" Your ears perk up at the promise.
"Anything at all."
You bite your lip, momentarily contemplating the possibilities in your head. "Can we just...go home?"
Jungkook places a kiss on your hand and gives you a sweet smile. "Anything for you, birthday girl," he coos before leaning down to slide as many bags as he can on his arms.
You pick up what he can’t as you head to the car. Once everything is loaded, you catch Jungkook intensely typing something on his phone.
“Everything okay?” You ask.
He jumps in his set but shakes his head. “Yep. All good.” His smile is suspicious, but you let the conversation drop there while he fiddles with the music and begins driving.
It doesn’t take long before you notice he’s taking the long way home. When you question him, he answers that he just wants more time outside with you. You should know something is amiss from that response and the way he takes his time parking when you finally get back to your apartment building. Jungkook takes his time gathering his belongings before dragging himself out of the car and slowly grabbing the shopping bags.
You’re close to snapping at him about dragging his ass when it takes way too long to get upstairs, but he picks up the pace when you reach your floor. You’re so busy trying to figure out what he’s up to that you don’t even notice the six additional pairs of shoes by your front door.
It’s not until you round the corner into the living room, and six voices shout at you do you piece everything together.
"Surprise!" The other men that make up BTS are in your living room, staring at you with broad smiles. Jungkook moves to stand in front of you and throws his arms out.
"Are you surprised?!"
"Wow, I am actually," you laugh. "Is this why you dragged me around the mall with you for so long?!" You question, punching him lightly in the shoulder.
Jungkook rubs his arm and pouts. "For the second time today, ow! But yes, this is mostly why. Some of it was also just me."
You give him a look but pull him towards you anyway, kissing him. You ignore Jungkook’s loud gag from behind him and let the kiss linger a little longer. When you pull away, both of you are slightly out of breath and smiling like idiots. “Thank you,” you whisper.
"If parties get me kisses like that, remind me to throw you surprise parties more often," Jungkook mutters back, placing a kiss on your nose and stepping out of your embrace. "Now, you may all greet the birthday girl and shower her with love." He announces to the members. At this, the other men make their way over to you, engulfing you in various hugs and surrounding you with happy birthday wishes.
Tumblr media
A few hours later, when the party's over and the apartment is clear of the leftovers from dinner, empty plastic cups, and a spill by the couch courtesy of Hoseok, you’re even more exhausted than you were earlier, but you’re also extremely happy. Feeling how loved you are not only by Jungkook but by his best friends too, who had slowly become your friends, fills your heart with so much warmth.
When you mention this to Jungkook while you lay in bed later, he breaks into that huge, infectious smile that makes his eyes disappear and has you returning the expression.
"I’m so glad to hear that, babe. I was really worried that you wouldn't like anything I did today."
"Jungkook, I'd love anything you had planned today. Even if I got a little annoyed, I don’t care."
"What if I wanted to bungee jump from the Great Wall?"
"Hmm, that's not that tall. I could just close my eyes."
"What if I wanted to adopt a dozen puppies and name them all after me?"
"I happen to love puppies.”
"What if I want to pin you down and give you real birthday love for the rest of the night?" The teasing tone is gone from his voice, now replaced with something more serious.
You make eye contact with him and watch his tongue dart out to swipe across his plump lips. "Well, what are you waiting for?"
This is all the incentive Jungkook needs to roll over so that he’s hovering over your body. His lips and hands are on you in an instant, wasting no time in taking your pajamas off.
In the middle of yanking your sleep shorts down your legs, Jungkook stops and sits up to gently cup your face in his hand. "Oh, I forgot to tell you something all day."
"Hmm?" You huff, slight impatience in your voice.
"I love you." He kisses your forehead lightly before returning to the task at hand.
You bite your lip to keep the impending smile at bay. Jungkook's tenderness reminds you once again how much you genuinely love him. It’s then that you decide once and for all that everything you did earlier in the day, anything you did with him in the past, and anything you’d do with him in the future, was and will be all completely worth it.
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la--musica--no--mata · 14 days ago
just wanted to share a horror story
i'm 22F. now it's funny to me because it happened 5 years ago and because of how ridiculous the whole situation was. i have always had anxiety, by now i'm pretty sure i have had all forms of it. but my panic & anxiety gets out of control when going to the doctor no matter what. when i was 17 i went to my doctor and they measured my BP & HR one single time. u could see it from a mile away that i was clearly in a state of lowkey freaking out but i was trying my best to calm down. nurse gets worried because everything was pretty high and sends me to the cardiologist just to make sure.
i arrive there and the nurse looks at me and says 'wtf are u doing here my child, u are 17' she was super sweet but my poor 17 year old self was still shook and anxious af. never been to the cardiologist and didn't know what to expect. the doctor comes out and takes my BP & HR then hooks me up to the EKG. mind u, through this whole thing i cannot remember her saying a word pretty much. she just told me what to do and didn't explain anything. even after the EKG was done, nothing. no explanation. after that, she prescribes me beta blockers, something to lower my blood pressure. she tells me to come back in a week to check how it's going.
my 17 year old freaked out self comes home to mom, i start crying because nothing was explained to me and taking pills for the heart means that it's something bad and how & why could this happen, i'm only 17, never had any problems. my mom starts to get a lil panicky too, poor soul, because she couldn't understand how they could have prescribed it to me without any further tests etc. i take one pill and then i stop. we measure my blood pressure at home constantly from then on and it was always completely normal and healthy. next week i go back but the thing is, there's a new doctor there. me being confused af & the other doctor being confused af too, looks at the pills and then back at me, asks me how old i am, after she hears that i'm 17, she tells me that they work for adults and not children and asks me who prescribed me these pills and that this doctor needed to send me to the childs & teenagers cardiologist instead of instantly, after 1 single visit prescribing me beta blockers.
imagine what would have happened if i kept taking those pills lmao, at such a young age, u are still in development and taking beta blockers or any unnecessary pills like that can damage u big time, if u take them for prolonged periods of time, sometimes even for a day or two. anyway, ever since then i'm scared shitless of cardiologists & that they might misdiagnose me. still get suuuper anxious at the doctor because of some bad experiences. never be afraid to get second, third, fourth etc. opinions from different doctors peeps!! stay safe out there, sending u all the love 💛
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Picture Perfect
AYO! its me back with more content for the second time this week while i ignore my other wips again. this is a lil gift for @queen-o-leen who i promised wholesome content for! I hope you like it!
Timinette/Timari Oneshot 1.9K words (not related to my other timari oneshots)
“Tim spends a nice day in a park in Paris and takes a picture of a pretty girl.
He somehow gets an almost date out of it.”
no warnings this time. completely family-friendly. I know i surprise myself with this one too.
without further ado
He would be the last to admit that Jason was right and that time away was what he needed at this point in life but it can’t be ignored that, for the first time in possibly three years, Tim was having a wonderful day. He was having a wonderful week actually. After one too many unsuccessful cold cases and the simmering anxiety of off-world missions, his family, primarily Jason, for some reason, demanded that he take some time off and away from his unusual brand of normal. How that meant being sent across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris of all places, he wasn’t entirely sure. Alfred probably had a hand in that decision given that, as part of his forced vacation, Tim was not allowed to actually plan any of it. Him. Timothy Jackson Drake. The guy who stalked and manoeuvred his way into Batman’s house and team. The guy who tracked and found said man when the universe thought he was dead but was actually drifting through time. Yeah, Tim was not pleased about being led blind on his vacation. 
At least Paris was a nice city. And he brought his camera. He figured he could use this time to get back into old hobbies and what better hobby to start up again in the city of love than photography? He’s taken pictures of every tourist attraction worth visiting by his second day and began to take candid shots of people and animals. Would Damian like the animal pictures? Maybe, if they came from someone who wasn’t Tim. Is he going to try and give them to him anyways? Absolutely not. He liked his liver where it is, thank you very much. They would serve as great bribing material however. But that’s a thought for another day. 
Right now he was working on capturing what could possibly be described as the stereotypical outing with friends. He’s sitting along some bushes near the entrance of a park and staring at a group of teens his own age hanging around. He spots a brunette with thick curls of hair animatedly speaking with a guy in a vibrant cap. She’s waving a camera herself, and he appreciates her taste in equipment. Her eyes spark with fox-like mischief while the cap guy has a peaceful aura about him; like an old turtle. Next he sees a blonde, her hair is in a ridiculously high ponytail and she’s in a deep conversation with a red head off to the side of the whole group; her words are rushing out of her and she’s a buzzing bee with excitement. Another blond is in the area, but he sits in a broad patch of sun possibly napping with an open book on his chest. Very cat-like Tim supposes. He barely pays them more than a second of thought however. No. 
His focus is on the quaint beauty directly in his line of sight. She’s poised up against the giant tree trunk with a sketchbook in her lap and pencils surrounding her. Her hair hangs by her shoulders in twintails and it’s a colour so dark it seems to absorb the shade of the tree. She’s scribbling furiously on the page before her and her tongue is slightly peaking out to the side. Her forehead is creased with stress lines and her shoulders hunch slightly over her frame. She’s the vision of deep concentration and dedication and Tim would be a fool not to capture her. He’s gotten wide shots of her companions but now he wants to focus on her. 
Looking through the lens of his camera he zooms in on her profile. When his camera focuses, he spots a constellation of freckles across her cheeks, barely there, almost blending in with her complexion but Tim is nothing if not hypervigilant. He goes to take another photo when a bug flies into view. It’s a ladybug. It lands precariously on the tip of her nose and it’s just the thing that breaks her out of her work-induced trance. Tim is watching her now, long forgetting to click the shutter. Her eyes cross as she stares intently at the black-spotted creature and its presence seems to amuse her. She’s giggling to herself, as if sharing an inside joke with the bug and reaches a slim finger to swipe the insect gently from her nose. She inspects it and smiles a smile so soft that not even a feather could compare. He feels like an intruder. More so than one who takes pictures of cute strangers in public. 
Coming back to his senses, he takes another picture, the final picture, and lowers the camera from his face. He looks back at his temporary muse and finds that she is already looking at him. Her head tilts in confusion. Apprehension. Possibly a bit of fear. Which is valid given that Tim was pointing a camera at her from across the public park. What should he do though to quell her fears? 
He felt his face lift into a grin; he didn’t need to look at himself to know it was awkward and forced. A shrug of his shoulders and a flimsy wave of the camera in his hand was the only thing he did. Before he could begin to stumble over himself in apology, however, she surprised him. With a cautious hunch, her shoulders brought up to her ears, and an embarrassed smile to match his own, she slowly flips her sketchbook around and he comes face to face with, well, his face. It was a portrait of him. She had drawn a portrait of him. And she was showing him. Feeling embolden, he flips his camera to show her the screen but she’s too far away. He gets up on unsteady legs, cramped from his uncomfortable position, and begins a slow stride towards her. She meets him in the middle.
“Hi.” He barely speaks those words. They’re more like an exhale or a sigh of relief that he hadn’t scared her off. 
“Hi, I hope you don’t mind the drawing.” Her voice is high and light. Like a spring breeze. She’s daintily waving at him and he sees that her fingers are rough, and calloused. Unexpected but he finds it rather charming. Before he could get another word in, she’s off like an engine. “I just saw you there, and you had your camera so I figured you were taking pictures of us and thought that if you were then you wouldn’t mind me sketching you in kind but I should have asked and I’m sorry for breaching your privacy—” 
“Wait, slow down.” He fears that if he hadn’t interrupted her when he did she would run out of oxygen. Did she even breathe during her spiel? A voice in his head, that sounds like Cass, utters a soft ‘pot, kettle’ and okay, he sees a lot of himself in her mile-a-minute style of speaking. 
“No need to apologize. I’m flattered, truly. You were right, I was taking pictures of you. And your friends!” he hastily adds that last part. He turns his camera so the display screen faces her and he feels himself hold his breath in anticipation. 
A blush rises to her cheeks, red like the ladybug that interrupted her. He quite likes that colour on her. His eyes drift to the sketch and he’s further impressed by her skill. She has an eye for detail. He notices a bird in the background. It’s a robin. That piques his interest and lights a flicker of fear within him. 
“May I ask,” he begins slowly, unsure of what that little addition could mean. Did she know? How could she? Was his identity compromised?
“Why did you draw a robin in the background? It’s lovely but I’m curious,” he finishes. He’s going to play dumb until he has more information. She seems taken off guard by the question and raises her shoulders to her ears again in an embarrassed hunch.
“Well,” she starts, but she seems unsure and the words die on her tongue. She tries again.
“I just saw it fly by and then it landed behind you. So I thought ‘why not?’ and drew it. It seemed fitting.” She wasn’t looking him in the eye and now he felt kind of felt like a jerk for baselessly accusing some random girl. Of course it was just a coincidence. This bat-paranoia was going to be the end of him one day. It’s by sheer miracles and luck why it hasn’t already. 
“Oh, no worries. It just surprised me because it’s my favourite bird.” Right. Lie to the pretty French girl. But what else could he do? Tell her the truth?
“Then it’s a cool coincidence, huh?” She seems encouraged by that tidbit of information.
“Yeah, pure luck on your part.”
“What?” She seems more startled at that than Tim thinks she should be but before he can think deeper into it she speaks again and he would be a fool to not give her his undivided attention.
“Why did you take a picture of me with the ladybug? If you don’t mind me asking.” That stumps him because, to be honest, he does not know why himself. It just felt right. So he tells her as such.
“Well that would be another coincidence because ladybugs are my favourite insects.” She gives him a full smile alongside that statement and the brilliance of it almost blinds him. He wants to capture that smile for eternity. 
The thought strikes him. He doesn’t want this moment to end. He knows by the Friday of next week he’ll be flying back to Gotham where it’s business as usual and Red Robin won’t have time for commitments and puppy love. But right now? Right now Tim Drake is on vacation with a week and half left and all the time in the world to entertain the idea of a spring romance. Making the decision, he goes for it and takes the chance.
“I was getting a bit hungry. Do you know anywhere that’s good to eat at?” It’s an offer, open to interpretation. If she just lists some place, he knows where her interests lay. If she offers to escort him somewhere, then she’s taken the bait for exactly what it is, an invitation for more; whatever more is. He hopes she takes the bait. 
“Yes I do actually! My parents own a bakery just outside the park.” Her enthusiasm is uplifting and the offer of a place so personal is a good sign in Tim’s book. “Let me show the way, and I could join you if you would like.”
“Perfect. That’s wonderful. It will be my treat since you’re going out of your way on my account.”
“Nonsense. Like I said, it’s my parents’ bakery. They’ll be more than happy to give some complimentary snacks.” She loops her arm around his and begins to drag him to the park gate. She’s strong and her grip is firm and Tim feels lightheaded at the ease with which she pulls him. He can’t help but be swept up in the tides that is this girl. 
“I’m Tim, by the way. Tim Drake.” He offers his name, something he should have done at the beginning.
She looks back at him over her shoulder and he’s caught up in the oceans of her eyes. They’re alight with joy. 
“Nice to meet you, Tim. I’m Marinette Dupain-Cheng.” 
“Nice to meet you too.”
They’re almost by the bakery now, he can smell the fresh baked goods from here, and he can’t wait to sit down and get to know this girl better. Maybe get her number by the end of their lunch.
Yeah. Tim was having a wonderful day.
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1-800-amortentia · 20 days ago
Potter’s Sister (Remus Lupin x reader)
Summary: James doesn’t approve of his friend being with his little sister
Word Count: 2.1k
Genre: Angst
for Junie, bc she loves angst and Remus 
written by @1-800-amortentia
edited by @juniebugg
Tumblr media
Lily, Remus, Sirius and Peter all awkwardly sat on the couch, listening to the shouting and stomping coming from above them. Y/n and her brother James had been bickering over a topic that the rest thought they should just let go.
“I wonder when they’ll stop. It’s been hours.” Lily mumbled, wrapping her arms around a pillow.
“Probably when I break up with her.” Remus muttered. Everyone stared at him silently, a frown appeared on his face. However, they knew he was right, James hated y/n and Remus together, and it broke Remus’ heart to see the girl he loves rip apart her relationship with her only sibling over him.
“Maybe I should-“ Remus began, being cut off by James storming out of the girls' dorms. They all jumped, startled at his sudden entry.
“James...” Lily began.
“It's fine.” James muttered, gathering his things and pulling Lily out of the common room, Peter and Sirius following.
“I would to her.” Sirius suggested. Remus nodded, slowly getting to his feet and beginning to walk up stairs. He was met with an awful sight. Y/n sitting, legs crossed beneath her, hair messy, crying. He could tell the fight had been particularly upsetting to her.
“Y/n?” Remus said quietly. Y/n looked up, giving a small smile.
“Hi.” she whimpered, tears starting to flow again. Remus opened his arms, y/n’s head falling into his torso, her body shaking with sobs.
“I don't understand why he’s so upset...” she said quietly. Remus felt his heart ache for her. James was one of his bestfriends, and Remus was sure that y/n was the love of his life, even at such a young age. He knew what he probably had to do, but it hurt him to even suggest it to her.
“Maybe we should stop seeing eachother. maybe that will-“ Remus began.
“What?” y/n said, cutting him off. She didn’t want to stop seeing him, the fact that he suggested it just upset her further.
“Y/n look at you! You're crying and fighting with your brother twenty four seven over someone who can’t even give you a steady future!” he exclaimed. Y/n looked away in anger.
“I can’t believe you.” she muttered in spite. Remus stared at her.
“It’s for the best.”
“You have done this to me again and again Remus...for a year and a half. I love you, no matter what. I don't care about your condition or your constant fear for our future. We can make it-“
“Stop y/n please-“ Remus began. Y/n stared at him with sadness in her eyes. He was giving up on her. Giving up on them.
“You’re just giving up?”
“This is hurting you y/n, fighting with James-“
“God Remus, I don’t care what James thinks!” Y/n yelled.
“Well I do. I don't want you to argue with him over me.” Remus shouted back. Y/n’s nostrils flared slightly as she stared at him, his fuming eyes.
“Alright. I broke up with you, okay? I'm breaking up with you” she said sternly, walking out the door, leaving Remus alone. Tears again, welling in her eyes.
“Can't believe you James.” Lily mumbled.
“Not you too-“
“James, she's your sister! I’m her best friend the same way Remus is for you, and she supports our relationship!” Lily exclaimed. James froze.
“ ‘is different Lil’ “ James grumbled. Lily stared at him, shaking her head softly as y/n opened the door to Lily’s dorm.
“Oh sorry I-“ y/n said, noticing the two talking.
“No no it’s okay. We need to talk.” James said. Y/n stared at him. Lily pushed his shoulder, giving him a ‘well talk to her you blithering idiot’ look.
“If this has something to do with how much you hate Remus and I, it doesn't matter anymore. we broke up.” Y/n said, wiping her tear stained cheeks before walking out. James turned to Lily, who looked like she could strangle him.
“This is your fault James. You know that right!?” she exclaimed, going to find James’ little sister.
Over the course of two weeks, Y/n had only seen Remus twice. Once in the hall, and once in the common room. She tried her best to distract herself from missing him. She went shopping with Lily, traveled back home for holidays and read mostly. The closer and closer the full moon got, the heavier and heavier her heart seemed to feel. James noticed Remus is more quiet, never at dinner or breakfast, and distanced himself from the marauders all together. 
“I should talk to him” Y/n sniffled, wiping her cheeks. Lily frowned at the younger girl, brushing her hair out of her eyes. It was 10 pm on friday. Y/n laid sprawled on Lily’s lap.
“I’m sorry Sunny. You probably should Y/n. I’ve...never seen him like this.'' Lily whispered, using her nickname Sirius gave her. Right on cue, James busted through the room's door. 
“Ready Flower?” he asked Lily. Y/n scowled, pushing her head into her pillow, the endless cycle of tears beginning. James frowned at his little sister. 
“Why don’t you join us?” James asks.
“I’d rather throw myself off a cliff, but thanks” y/n replied, her face not budging from her pillow. James sighed, sitting down on the bed. 
“Y/n/n...I’m sorry, really, I just wanted what was best-”
“So you thought that forcing me to break up with the 7th year prefect and smartest, kindest guy at Hogwarts would be better for me than...what?” she sassed. James patted her shoulder. 
“C'mon Y/n we’ll go wherever you want and we won’t even hold hands or kiss” Lily said, kneeling in front of the crying girl. 
“Okay...” she muttered, pulling her head up from her soaking wet pillow. Lily grinned, pulling Y/n off the couch and towards her wardrobe. 
“Leave” both girls exclaimed at James, who rolled his eyes and left the room. 
“Are you sure James is okay with me coming?” Y/n asked as Lily’s eyes fell on her favorite article of clothing Y/n owned. A sage green gingham print dress. Lily had borrowed it a billion times from Y/n. 
“This!” Lily exclaimed. Y/n smiled softly. 
“Okay....” she muttered, her sadness slowly fading. Slowly she slipped her Mary Jane shoes over her white ruffled socks, Lily spraying her signature perfume on her. Lily smiled, pulling her in front of the mirror. 
“You look beautiful. I really am a miracle worker.” Lily joked, handing Y/n a nude lipstick. 
“C’mon Sunny!” Lily hummed, opening the door to let James in as Y/n applied the lipstick. 
“Come on” James said, wrapping an arm around Y/n’s shoulder, and one around Lily’s.
Y/n snorted as James shoved his chopsticks up his nose. 
“James!” Lily scolds, pulling the sticks out of his nostrils. 
“Ow!”  he whines, swatting Lily’s hand away. The trio had been in this random Japanese restaurant in Hogsmeade for hours. Somehow James convinced the restaurant to give him shots of sake. Lily and Y/n had sat out, instead watching him sucks down all six shots of sake. 
“Maybe we should get him home.” Y/n said to Lily, watching as James stood up next to their table, taking his shoe off. 
“James put the shoe back on” Y/n pleaded. It was now the restaurant’s closing time, workers placing chairs on tables. James falls onto the floor, pulling the shoe on, but struggling. The sight sent Y/n and Lily into a fit of laughter. Y/n crawled beside her brother on the floor, putting his shoe on his foot, tying it. 
“You’re all set Jamie” Y/n said, patting James’ head. James groaned, his eyes screwed shut. 
“He needs some coffee to sober him up” Y/n said. Lily nodded in agreement, helping Y/n pull James up from the ground. Slowly the two girls safely got James to the local 24/7 cafe. 
“Can we just get a small coffee to go please?” Lily asks the teen waitress working behind the counter. She nods, grabbing a to-go cup and filling it with coffee, handing it to y/n, who grabbed two sugar packets, pouring the contents into the cup, stirring it before handing it to james. 
“Awe yay” he cooed, sucking down the coffee. 
Lily grunted, pulling James up the stairs. 
“Come on James, there's the portrait hole!” you exclaimed. James groaned, sluggishly walking to the potrait hole. 
“Banana slug” he grunted, the fat lady staring at before opening the portrait hole. Y/n sighed before throwing herself into the common room couch, her arms throbbing in pain from helping Lily drag James through Hogsmeade all the way back to Hogwarts. 
“Merlin, have mercy!” Lily exclaimed, sitting on the small arm chair in the corner. James now lays face down on the floor. 
“Oh thank Merlin!” a voice exclaimed from behind them. Y/n turns to see Sirius walking down the boys dorm stairs. 
“ ‘s everything alright, Padfoot?” Lily questions. 
“Remus....he hasn’t come back” Sirius said, pointing to the window that now showed the sun rising. Y/n’s heart dropped. It was the full moon, it completely slipped her mind. She instantly stood grabbing James’ jacket, pulling it on before speeding out of the common room, Lily, Peter, Sirius, and a now hung over James followed. Y/n instantly started towards the whomping willow. Her heart raced as her breathing quickened. She quickly decended the path. 
“Immobilous!” she chanted, the tree stopping as she sprinted for the entrance. 
“Remus?!” she exclaimed, running down the stairs. Her eyes fell upon the worst sight imaginable. Remus curled in a ball sobbing on the floor. She instantly fell beside him. 
“Remus.. hey” she whispered, pulling the jacket off of herself and over his shoulders. Remus wrapped his shaking arms around her waist, sobbing into her torso. Y/n screwed her eyes shut, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip trying to contain herself. Lily stopped the boys from moving any farther into the scene, letting them have their moment. 
“ ‘m so sorry” Remus sobbed. Y/n pet his head reassuringly glancing down and noticing a deep gash on the back of his shoulder. 
“It's okay, I forgive you, just let me help you” she mumbled, Remus nodded into her stomach, inhaling her scent, bringing him instant comfort. She took the jacket, tightly wrapping it around the wound. He winced slightly. 
“Just have to stop the bleeding til I can get you to madam Pomfry alright” Y/n whispered to him. He nodded, glancing up at her. She wiped his tear stained face with her thumbs, before pinging him. 
“They’re meant for each other, James. You can't hold them apart anymore.” Lily whispered to James who watched the scene play out, his fears and doubts for his little sister fading as he watched Remus embrace her lovingly. 
“Thank you” he whispered. 
“Of course. Let’s go, okay?” Y/n said kindly, wrapping his uninjured arm around her shoulder, helping him out of the tree, the group following behind them. They finally reached the ‘just-now-opened’ for the day infirmary. 
“What time is it?” James asks madam Pomfary, who is stitching up a now asleep Remus. 
“6:30 a.m” madam Pomfary said cheerily. James groaned, laying an empty cot, Lily laying beside him. Sirius and Peter snored in the chairs beside Remus’ bed, Sirius’ head pressed against Y/n’s legs, Peter's head on his shoulder.  Y/n clutches Remus’ uninjured hand. 
“How long have you two been together?” madam Pomfary asks sweetly. Y/n hesitates before answering. 
“A year and a half” she says shyly. The woman smiles at the pair, walking away to clean her medical tools. Y/n gently sets he head on the cot, her legs pulled onto the chair she sat on. Her eyes fixed on remus’ scarred face. She smiles, examining his pink tinted cheeks, and the way his eyelashes rested against his rosy cheeks gently. Slowly her eyes grew heavy, as sleep consumed the exhausted girl. Madam Pomfray returns, smiling as she wraps a blanket around Y/n’s shoulders.
“Look!” Lily gasps, pointing at Remus and Y/n, Y/n’s head resting against his stomach as remus’ hand dug itself into her hair, another hand on her back. Clearly Remus had woken and readjusted to make sure Y/n was comfortable. Lily gushes at the pair, James smiling as well. Sirius and Peter had gone to get the group food from the great hall. 
“Flower you’re right”
“What do you mean James?” Lily replies, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion.
“They love each other.” he whispers, staring at the two sleeping teenagers.
“I was wrong to keep them apart. “
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love-toxin · 24 days ago
bro vivi is so . so so so SO Hot please the second you have a crumb of time could you give us a lil smut of her or smth😩😩‼️‼️
"So tiny….you're so cute…"
This wasn't what you had paid for, so you really had no idea how you were in this situation in the first place. You had requested that sweet little bunny hybrid whose face stuck out to you on the attendant list...but now you were here. Stuck. Pinned beneath one of the biggest and most intimidating kitsune women you'd ever seen in your life. 
She almost seemed to purr in a way, her fingernails scraping down your collarbone on the hand that wasn't holding both of your wrists to the bed. Her eyes pierced your skin and rattled your bones. She seemed like she just wanted to devour you, and she was a predator species, so maybe she did. 
"Noel let me switch with him...he knew I liked you at first glance. We're best friends, so we can sense that kind of thing about each other." 
The cute, lacy white lingerie she was wearing didn't seem to fit her in this moment. You could feel the ill intent emanating off of her, and any modicum of purity that she might give off was completely decimated. You could practically smell her desires from where you lay….and the scent was oddly sweet, and almost like citrus. 
"We should know that, too. Lovers should know everything about each other." 
It wasn't just her perfume. It wasn't perfume at all. You tried to wiggle out of her grasp but she kept you in place with her nails digging into your belly.
"You'll learn quick, I'm sure...just let Vivi take control today, ok?" 
Her giggle was smothering, and not enough to mask how enticing that scent was--it permeated everything around you and made you feel like you were floating in it, to the point that she didn't need to hold you down anymore, even when she sat up and shifted herself further and further forward until she loomed directly over your face. The thin straps of her panties were no match for those nails--she shredded them in an instant and let the scraps fall to the wayside.
"Are you hungry?" 
The answer to that wasn't something she was going to wait for. Vivi's weight shifted forward just a few more inches, and she lined herself up so perfectly to sit herself right on your face. The breath disappeared from your lungs, your air replaced by the dizzying source of the scent you'd gotten hooked on. Was this what people referred to as a hybrid's "allure", you wondered? Not sure. All you knew was that there was pressure pushing down on your mouth, and you felt the urge to open it to get a taste of whatever she was dripping with all over your face. 
Vivi's keening seemed a million miles away. You were immediately flooded with her arousal, her pussy sopping wet like she'd been horny for hours up until now, maybe even preparing herself for this with her fingers or someone else's tongue. And yours was not occupied but obviously needed to be by the way she whined and moaned like a cat in heat--you took a risk by going right for her clit, and you were rewarded by another gush of fluid and her hips grinding down into your face. You tried pursing your lips around it too, and giving it a gentle suck or two, and Vivi seemed to have lost her mind completely while under whatever spell you seemed to cast over her. She really did sound like a needy little kitsune in breeding mode the more she squealed, but you weren't all that opposed to it. Maybe it was even cuter than what you hoped from the bunny hybrid. 
Maybe she might make even more noise if you tried out some fingers. Two to start since she was more than prepared, and you reached up and eased them in quickly before she would know what was up. And only then did you get to experience how hard she was squeezing around you, her cunt almost locking you in like a trap while she was clenching so hard. Curling them made her lurch forwards suddenly, and she grabbed fistfuls of your hair so as not to tip over and to make sure you didn't dare to stop eating her out. Even just gentle, lazy flicks of your tongue over her slit made her shake, and when you slurped up at those juices leaking out of her pussy you could bet that her vision was blurring white and fading out. And it was, you came to realize, since she was humping your face even more erratically and crying out that she was gonna cum, your nails now the ones leaving marks on her as you dug them into her thighs and let her ride your tongue into absolute oblivion. 
Vivi creamed all over your face like she'd had the best orgasm of her life, her tail weakly twitching and swishing back and forth as she pitched forwards and collapsed on to the bed, barely moving an inch when you finally slid out from your place underneath her. And you felt conflicted, worried actually, as the glow weaned off--would you get in trouble for this? And since when did hybrid entertainers "switch around" their patrons? 
It was best that you wiped your face, picked up what little you brought, and left, not bothering to thank the receptionist on the way out or even say goodbye, your nerves too shot for you to do anything but hurry on home. It was best, but it wasn't enough. Because you'd smell like Vivi for weeks, and someone as special as you was going to be as easy to pick out from the crowd as a sweet little lamb in a pack full of wolves. 
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its--fandom--darling · 24 days ago
one step at a time
FLW!Universe: Captain Syverson x Reader, word count: 762, rating: G, warnings: Fluff, a lil angst, slightly bittersweet, dad!Sy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Come on, darlin’, you can do it,” Sy’s voice rings through the living room as you come down the hall, fixing your earrings. After two months of working remotely before birth, then your maternity leave and summer, you’d been away from work and school for too long. It was a bittersweet time, leaving your baby and your man at home while you went off to work. But Sy had been adamant that he’d could handle things at home, so you would fall any further behind.
You smile, “You trying to get her to walk again?” you ask, smiling at him.
              He smiles up at you from the floor, “Yeah, I feel like’s so close, Bug.”
“It’s still early, she’s only 7 months old.”
              “Well, I already started walking at 8 months, plus she’s already crawling and standing with help from the couch, she’s just figuring out the mechanics of it. I just feel like she’s gonna do take her first steps any day now.”
You shake your head at him and smiling, “You keep trying and let me know. I love you,” you say, stooping to kiss him where he sits across on the living room floor. You turn to Leigh next with a smile on your face. She gives you a still mostly gummy smile as she bounces slightly as you coo at her.
“I love you too, sweet girl. You have good day with daddy,” you murmur, kisses her chubby cheek before standing up and smoothing out your dress.
              Sy whistles and you feel yourself grow warm under his gaze as he looks you up and down.
“You like?” you ask, referring to the deep blue business casual dress you’re sporting for your first day back in the office.
              “You’re looking pretty as ever, mama,” he says with a wink.
You roll your eyes at him before crossing the room and step into the hall to grab your purse, when you hear Sy gasp.
You rush back into the room, to see Leigh not one but two shaky steps in your direction before she topples gently onto her diaper behind and reaches up to you with teary eyes. Your heart melts and rush into the room to scoop her up. “Baby, you did such a good job,” you say, kissing her cheeks a few more times.
              She twists on of her little hands around your necklace and buries her face in your neck as you rub her back.
              Sy smiles up at her, “I knew she was close, apparently, she just needed some motivation.”
You share a smile with him and then press your cheek against your daughter little one and sigh, feeling your heart twist at this bittersweet moment. “I’m glad that I didn’t miss ‘em.”
              Sy smiles, “I glad you didn’t either.” He stands with a grunt and then comes to wrap his girls up in his arms. “She’s growing so fast.”
You sigh and rest your head on his chest, “I can’t believe she’s already walking.”
              You feel him place a bewhiskered kiss to your head, “I know, Bug, just means that we’ll have to have another little one soon.”
You smile, “Let’s save that conversation for another day, I want to savor our time with this little one while we have it.”
              He chuckles and steps back, then takes Leigh from your arms. “Deal, Bug. Now you better get going or you’ll be late.”
You sigh and look up at Leigh and Sy, smiling at the similarities that see in their faces. “You’re right.”
              Sy leans down and kisses you once more. “Have a good day, Bug. I promise I’ll get video documentation of any other attempts of hers today so you can watch ‘em when you get home.”
Your heart melts, “you’re the best, Sy.”
              He smiles, “I try.”
You press up on your toes to kiss leigh’s cheek and smooth her soft curls from her face. “Have a good day with daddy, baby.”
              Gathering up your things, you head outside towards your car, Sy on your heels, Leigh in his arms. Climbing into your car, you buckle your seatbelt and turn the key in the ignition. Looking up at the two most important people in your life and smiling when you see them both waving at you from the doorstep. You smile and take a moment to wave back, before putting your car in reverse and backing out of the drive. As the house gets smaller in the mirror, the lump in your throat gets bigger and you will yourself not to cry.
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starlessea · 25 days ago
Here Comes the Sun: V. Welcome to the Jungle (Daryl Dixon/Reader)
Series Masterlist: Here Comes the Sun
Summary: Daryl Dixon scares the hell out of you climbing out of that damn creek. It takes hauling his ass halfway across Georgia and taking a bullet for him to realise that you're not half bad. He slowly starts to come around, despite grumbling about how much he doesn't like your singing, or that you can't use a gun for shit - and don't get him started on that ugly yellow tent of yours. It takes him a while before he starts to see for himself that he's found a best friend for life, and that he doesn't actually mind the colour yellow that much, after all.
Words: 5048
Chapter Warnings: Language, Mention of past toxic relationships, Implied domestic abuse.
Tumblr media
"Can you go talk some sense into him?" Carol asked, walking up to your tent as you stood outside it, pegging clothes onto the line.
"Who?" You asked back, stopping what you were doing. You'd noticed the glassiness of her eyes and the tremble in her voice. "Everything okay?"
"Daryl. He's going out to look for my little girl today." She spoke quietly. "He's not healed yet. He needs to rest."
You nodded, wondering what had happened between the two of them. "I agree with you there." You sighed. "But I don't think anyone can tell Daryl what to do besides Daryl." Carol stood in place, as if thinking of what to say to convince you. You could tell that she was shaken up by something.
"Where is he?" You asked, reaching out a hand to rub her shoulder in reassurance.
"Was in the stable a few minutes ago, tacking up a horse." She replied, and you cursed under your breath. That man was beyond stubborn. You were surprised he even dared to get back on a horse after what happened the last time.
You smiled warmly towards Carol. "I'll go see what I can do. But I can't make any promises." You pulled on your denim jacket and grabbed your satchel, before coming back to her. "We'll find her, okay?" You whispered, pulling her into a hug before you left.
It was another day of blistering heat. You wondered if everyone else was just used to it. You, on the other hand, had to grab your hair and lift it off your neck for some reprieve. You tied up your curls, feeling the air hit the back of your neck cooly where the sweat had formed, and sighed. Hershel's stable wasn't that far away, and you soon approached it after a few minutes of walking. It was chestnut oak, with probably about half a dozen horses inside. You could see the small gate left ajar and opened it further. It creaked as you walked in.
"Daryl! You still here?" You called out, expecting to be met by silence from him. You wondered whether he'd already left.
"What'd ya want? Come to tell me not to go? That we ain't gonna find that lil' girl?" You flinched at the yelling. Not even a few seconds after you had walked in had he started on you.
You were surprised at how riled he seemed, usually not speaking more than a few words unprovoked. Though, you felt your heart sink at what he'd said. Carol had probably spoken to him in an attempt to get him to rest, and he'd taken it the wrong way.
"Well, originally." You admitted quietly as you approached him. You took slow steps, wanting to give him space.
He'd already saddled up the horse, a different one from the time before, and was fastening the leather. His actions were sharp and you watched as his arms tensed as he let out heavy breaths. "But I do think we're going to find her. We have to." It was the truth. It was what you wanted to believe.
Daryl finished what he was doing, not once turning to look at you. "I'm goin'. You can all sit aroun' twiddlin' yer thumbs but I'm gonna go out an' do somethin'." He snarled, all while sounding like he was talking to no one in particular.
You walked closer to him, a bit hesitant, before placing a hand on his arm. He flinched and glared at you, but he didn't pull away. "I can't stop you." You acknowledged. "But I can ask you to take me with you."
He furrowed his eyebrows and gave you a sour look. "I want to help." You explained. "And someone needs to be there in case you decide to go cliff jumping again." You offered a small laugh before lightly punching his arm.
He snorted before looking over at you. "Thought ya couldn't ride a horse."
"Can't." You said and he huffed.
"She's so tall." You gestured, looking up at the horse as he led her out of the stall, remembering your past attempts a few days before.
"Nah, yer just small." Daryl drawled, before coming around the other side of the horse. "Stand here." He instructed.
You raised an eyebrow, standing alongside the horse, opposite the saddle. He stood behind you, wrapping his hands around either side of your waist. You squirmed and let out a startled noise, not expecting it, and flung around so that you were facing his chest.
He looked down at you. "Won't drop ya." He mumbled, seeming offended.
You shook your head quickly, raising your hands up. "But you could rip your stitches!" You almost yelled, pointing to his side. "Don't pick me up, I'm too heavy."
"Y'aint heavy." He grumbled. "An' you carried me for longer. I'm heavy." He corrected.
"I know." You said straight back. You remembered how much strength it took to haul that man up from the creek. You turned back around to face the horse. "Fine."
Daryl put his hands around you again, careful to avoid your side despite it being mostly healed already. He slowly lifted you, telling you to swing your leg around, which you did. It was a lot easier with someone helping you. You sat at the front of the saddle, trying to readjust your dress so it was underneath you. You realised that it wasn't the best idea to ride a horse bare legged, but you hadn't really thought that through before.
Daryl pulled himself up after, sitting behind you so that your back was flush to his chest. You stayed perfectly still, fearful of the height, the animal that could throw you off at any second, and the man behind you whose breath you could now feel on your exposed neck. You felt vulnerable, suddenly not knowing where to look, what to hold or how to sit.
You laughed quietly, realising how nervous it sounded. "Shouldn't I sit behind you, so I can hold on?" You asked, hoping you could switch places and hide the look on your face from him.
He grunted and shook his head. "So ya can jab me in the side again?" You probably deserved that. "You're fine there. Can see over yer head." You couldn't protest to that one either, with him being that much taller than you.
Daryl must have noticed your nerves from the way you stiffened against him and got quiet. "Ya ain't gonna fall." He reassured, not knowing you were afraid of much more than that.
Even after riding for a while, you still hadn't gotten used to the feeling of being jolted around, the material of your jacket rubbing against Daryl's shirt everytime you moved. He had his hands either side of you, holding the reins, so that his arms prevented you from falling. Even then, you found it hard to keep your balance, to move with the horse's steps rather than against them. Your whole body felt as stiff as a board, which the man had pointed out on more than one occasion. You couldn't help it. You were so far off the ground, and you'd seen the dangers of falling off firsthand.
You tried to make light conversation to break the silence. You had both been focusing; Daryl kept his eyes trained on the floor and you were preoccupied with staying upright. "How'd you learn to track?" You asked once you gathered the confidence. You usually felt comfortable around him but the proximity made you second guess yourself, despite already having to share a bed for days with him. "Someone in my old group could, but he wouldn't teach me."
"Had to." Daryl replied. Went hungry 'therwise."
You didn't know how to respond to that, suddenly feeling guilty for asking. You wondered what kind of childhood he'd had and the life he lived before all this. Though, you didn't think you were in a position to ask, either.
"Those are tracks, right?" You pointed, gesturing to something that caught your eye. They were small and you began to second guess yourself. "What are they?" You asked, turning your head to look at him before realising how close his face was to yours.
"You tell me, said ya wanted to learn." He spoke back slowly. It wasn't loud but you heard him perfectly, being right next to your ear.
"Rabbit?" You guessed, looking at the prints closer as he slowed down for you to see.
"Squirrel." He corrected, before kicking the horse again.
"How can you tell?" You asked and he just chuckled under his breath in response.
You called out any tracks you saw, thinking it was worth something even if you couldn't identify them. Daryl didn't complain, much to your surprise, and answered all of the questions you asked him. You thought he would make a good teacher. Where he lacked patience with everyday things, he let you learn as much as you wanted from him out here. It reminded you of that first night together, lying in that bed in the Greenes' spare room, asking him question upon question and rambling more than you had in the last month. Obviously, he'd gotten frustrated eventually, but he'd let you go on for a while without complaining.
"That one?" You pointed as the horse walked past it. He didn't slow down anymore, and you wondered how he could tell without having to get closer.
"Possum." He answered, as if it was the easiest thing in the world for him.
You smiled as you spotted another. This time, the dirt was kicked up more and seemed like it had been dragged about. You wondered if it was an injured animal, like a deer. "And that one?' You tapped his arm.
"Walker." He replied and you stiffened, feeling grateful that you weren't out here alone. If it were down to you, you probably would've followed that track thinking you could score something to eat. You brushed it off and kept looking around, hoping to learn. You'd always been a quick learner, but it was like a whole different world out here.
"What about-" you started, but Daryl interrupted before you could finish.
"Looks like a man needed to take a piss, 'an the tree was there." He said, looking in the direction you were. You pulled a disgusted face.
You groaned. It had already been a few hours and the leather saddle had chafed at your legs for too long. Every time they inched along the saddle, even a little, you could feel your raw skin burn.
"Daryl, my thighs hurt." You admitted, trying to get comfortable with no avail.
He looked over at you and mumbled under his breath. "'Cos you're wearin' a damn dress ridin' a horse." He drawled. "Why'd you come if yer just gonna complain?"
You had tried your best not to let your discomfort show, but you weren't used to it. You angled yourself differently, as best as you could without falling off.
"Quit movin' 'bout." Daryl warned and you stilled. Yet, after only a few minutes, you couldn't take it anymore. You began to shuffle around again, trying to pull the material of your dress down further.
Daryl pulled on the reins and you heard him mutter something as you came to a stop. You immediately stayed still, wondering if you had annoyed him. You wouldn't put it past him to leave you out here if you carried on. Before you could apologise, Daryl swung his legs around the horse, dismounting as he left you sat there alone. He wordlessly picked you up by the waist before instructing you to swing your leg over, which you did, holding onto his shoulders for support. He didn't take you off the horse, however. You were still sitting on the saddle, but now with both legs over one side and your dress comfortably protecting them from the leather.
He let go of you slowly, making sure you were balanced. "Side saddle. Ya fuckin' happy now, yer majesty?" He asked, looking up at you. You nodded in surprise. Despite his attitude, it was definitely an improvement. He climbed back up behind you, pulling you closer so that you wouldn't fall off in this new position.
"Yes, my good sir."
After a while longer of riding with no sign of Sofia, you decided to turn back. You'd been going along for a few hours and the journey home would take you until late evening. Carol and the others had said they were making a meal inside the Greene farmhouse tonight, so you wanted to be back in time to enjoy it with them. The mood was a little dejected, as you could tell Daryl felt personally responsible for not finding the little girl yet. You'd tried to distract him, but you could tell he wasn't in the mood to talk.
The two of you had stopped for a few minutes, taking a break to stretch your legs. Daryl had tied the horse to a nearby tree and you wandered around the small clearing, always within his sight as he'd reminded you. You spotted some wildflowers growing in a shady patch near one of the trees. They were a vivid yellow and reminded you of your tent back at the farm. You smiled and squatted down by them to take a closer look, running your fingers gently over the petals.
"Look at these flowers, Daryl." You called him over, gesturing the small buds. "They're so pretty."
He walked over to take a look. "You women are all the same." He muttered, but there was no bite to his words.
You turned your head to look at him. "Shut up." You grumbled. "Never gotten flowers before." You said, standing back up and dusting yourself off.
"None of yer boyfriends ever get ya any?" He asked.
You didn't know what he was trying to suggest by that, or if there was any other meaning behind his words. You'd only ever had one boyfriend, but you'd broken up months before the world had ended. You briefly recalled all the nights you'd spent crying into your pillow over him, wondering where he'd gone in the early hours of the morning, and all of the arguments where he'd yell at you or throw things in anger.
"Boyfriend. Ex." You corrected him, your voice flat as you said it. "And no. The only time I ever asked for some was Valentine's day." You explained, thinking back on the memory. "He broke up with me for it. Said I was too demanding." You laughed, but it was only out of politeness. You feared you'd made the conversation awkward by oversharing. That was another bad habit of yours.
Daryl snorted behind you and you were glad he didn't give you the pity that made you uncomfortable. "What kinda dickheads did ya date, girl?"
You laughed back genuinely, as the two of you walked over to the horse. "The wrong kind."
Daryl untied the rope from the tree before lifting you onto the saddle again. "What can I say, had a thing for bass players and long hair." You admitted and felt breath on your neck as he huffed at that.
"Bass players suck."
By the time you'd made it back to Hershel's farm, it had began to get darker. The sun would set in an hour or two at most. Your thighs still stung a little and your tailbone felt bruised from the long day. You'd been grateful for Daryl's patience, all things considered. It had surprised you. From what the other members of the group had said about him, his behaviour today had seemed uncharacteristic. You wondered if he got along with you because you both wanted to search for Sofia, or whether he felt in your debt for having helped him before. Either way, you were happy to have someone to talk to and learn from.
You felt like you had accomplished a lot today, despite the search going cold. You were still on edge at having not found any leads, but being able to learn the basics of horse riding and tracking made you feel productive - even if they were the very basics at that. It put it into perspective how much time Daryl must've put into hunting, even before all of this. He could pick up the slightest trail, or identify a track so easily. You thought that both he and the others didn't give him enough credit. It was like he was built for surviving in this new world.
He'd told you that he'd gotten lost in the woods for nine days when he was younger, and had made his way home all by himself. You had told a story in return of how you went missing in the big supermarket back home, only to be returned to your mother twenty minutes later and sobbing. It was like the two of you had grown up in different worlds, and you couldn't deny the slight guilt you felt because of it. You wanted to be able to adapt, to learn to use a gun better, to be brave and to be an asset to your new group. Despite what Shane had said to Rick that day, you wanted to prove him wrong. You wanted to be able to have everyone's backs.
"C'mon Teach, let's get ya down." Daryl said as you returned to the stable. You'd caught him up on the discussion you'd all had at the campfire over dinner, about what you had all done before this. He was surprised to hear you say that you were an English teacher, or that you'd gone to a fancy university that he'd seen on the news once. He made fun of you for that, asking if you'd met Harry Potter there, or 'whatever his name was.'
"I can't feel my legs." You groaned as your feet met solid ground again.
After Daryl had put the horse back in its stable, the two of you headed for the RV to talk to Carol and let her know how the day had gone, even though you hadn't found anything. You felt like you'd let Carol down, allowing Daryl to go out there injured, after she'd asked you to try and persuade him not to. You hoped that by going with him, at least, you could reassure her that he was safe. As you approached, you felt your stomach flip at the thought of telling her you hadn't found Sofia, again.
"Carol, how are you doing?" You called as you walked in through the side door. She was sitting in the booth seat, trying to keep herself occupied with the little nick nacks spread out on the table.
She quickly looked up at you, stopping what she was doing. "Did you find anything?"
You shook your head slowly, offering an apologetic look. "Not yet, but we'll keep looking." You stepped forward, putting a hand on her shoulder and squeezing it gently.
Daryl cleared his throat beside you. He dug around in his pocket and pulled out a folded bandana, opening it gently to present the single white flower inside. He offered it out to Carol, placing it on the table in front of her. "It's a Cheroke rose." He spoke, but it came out a little choked and gravelly. "For your lil' girl."
You'd listened to Daryl explain the meaning of the flower to Carol, and you wondered when he had picked it without you noticing. It was a simple gesture but you smiled at him. Despite what the group seemed to think of him, you could tell that he had a kind heart. You wondered if that was his way to apologise to Carol for what had happened between them earlier. You were also taken aback by his knowledge. You would have thought that he didn't care much about flowers, given your discussion earlier.
You'd taken a seat opposite Carol in the booth as the two had talked, Daryl opting the lean against the counters with his arms crossed. He never seemed to allow himself to get too comfortable for too long. Carol had been silent for a while, twirling the stem of the flower between her thumb and finger, looking at it with tired eyes.
"When she was young, her daddy used to yell all night." Her voice shocked you as she spoke for the first time in a few minutes. She still didn't look up at either of you, rather kept her eyes trained on the rose. "You knew how Ed was. He didn't care if he'd wake her." She went on, presumably addressing Daryl. You had heard briefly about Carol's abusive husband, but never from Carol herself.
"She'd cry and cry. Only thing that would get her back to sleep was singing to her." She went on, almost seeming like she had forgotten anyone was there. You'd seen that look before, in Daryl's eyes back at the creek. It was as though she didn't know she was speaking aloud - like having a conversation with a ghost. Finally she looked up to meet your glance, startling you, as if to purposely remind you that she knew you were still there.
"I was never much of a singer. But I'd sing to her 'You are my Sunshine'." She smiled. "Because she was."
That night, dinner inside the farmhouse took an awkward turn. It had been alright to begin with, Maggie teasing you about how she'd seen you leave the farm in the morning, stiff as a board on top of that horse. You bantered with her for a bit, retorting that you'd noticed the looks she'd been giving Glenn when she thought nobody was looking. That made her go quiet for a few seconds before she punched your arm, always harder than you expected, and the two of you laughed. It wasn't until everyone had formally sat down to eat that the atmosphere had gotten heavy. In those kinds of situations, you had always found yourself running your mouth trying to ease the tension. Yet, more often than not, you simply made a fool of yourself.
"This is-" you started between mouthfuls of food. "This is amazing. Best meal I've ever had in my life. So delicious. I've ever had anything like it."
You knew you were rambling but you couldn't take it anymore. The room was silent despite all of the people in it, the only noises being the sounds of metal cutlery scraping along plates and the occasional clearing of throats. Your ears had started ringing before you spoke up.
"It's just chicken." Patricia replied politely, and you felt your cheeks burn. You heard Glenn breathe in sharply beside you and you kicked his shin. Hershel raised an eyebrow at the two of you after Glenn had knocked the table with his knee, making it rattle a bit before sending you a glare.
"Well." You spoke after taking a sip of water. "This must've been one fine chicken, right?" You looked around the room, seeing some of the Greenes nod out of courtesy. Daryl just squinted at you, looking mortified. You knew then that you should probably stop talking. He didn't hide what he truly thought, so you got a slight idea of how much a fool you'd made of yourself from his look alone.
Glenn then attempted to break the ice by bringing up his guitar, asking if anyone could play it. Yet, once someone mentioned that Otis could play the mood dropped again. You bounced your leg under the table, wondering how no one had choked on their food yet. It would've given you an excuse to do something, at least. You watched Lori dab her mouth with the corner of her napkin nervously, and Andrea move the same vegetable around her plate as she'd done for the last five minutes. You had finally reached your breaking point.
"I'm not that good at guitar." You admitted, trying not to lose your nerve as the entire room looked over at the only thing that had talked in the last ten minutes. You continued. "But, I can play piano."
You pointed to the chestnut grand in the living area and raised an eyebrow at Hershel. He lifted a hand and gestured that you go take a seat at the stool. You did just that, glad to get away from the stifling table you'd been sat at. You weren't really sure that this option would be any better, though, given that everyone's attention was now on you.
The piano was beautiful. You wondered how long it had been in Hershel's family for. It had a vintage look to it, with the quality ivory of the keys feeling heavy under your fingers. Yet, it was kept in pristine condition. You could tell it had been well cared for, and wondered which one of the Greenes had been the last to play it. You adjusted the stool, moving it closer so that your legs comfortably reached the pedals. There was a book atop of the stand, open to a page dotted with sheet music. Yet, you ignored it, in favour of playing something familiar to you.
Your father played the piano. Well, it was a keyboard that he had in his study. He needed something portable, he said, since he packed it up and took it to bars night after night to play with his band. You never thought you'd be able to play a piano again after the world ended; it was too loud. You tried not to let yourself become overwhelmed by emotion as you thought of him, remembering that the group was waiting for you to play.
You played a classical piece. While you enjoyed playing rock songs at home, singing the lyrics at the top of your lungs until the neighbours would bang on the walls and yell at you, you thought that a traditional song was more suitable. You guessed that Hershel would like it, perhaps, and you wanted to dedicate something to him as a thank you for letting the group into his home. You felt nervous as you began to play, fingers feeling stiff and awkward, but the tune fresh in your mind and locked in your memory. After a while, it felt more natural. You even closed your eyes as you usually did and tried to forget the faces watching you in silence.
Once you'd finished, you let your fingers hover over the keys for a while before having the confidence to open your eyes and turn to face everyone. You gave a shy smile and shrugged, mumbling apologies under your breath for not having practiced in a while. Still, you were met with applause and compliments as you returned to the table, feeling Hershel squeeze your arm as you walked by and Maggie pat you on the back. You were just grateful that everyone was talking again, and seemed to have forgotten everything that was said earlier.
You took your seat, feeling nervous at the praise. Carl had asked you to teach him one day, and Beth added in a few questions as you realised that she must've been the one to play the piano last. You all laughed together for a while after that, telling them how you had learned and who taught you.
"There anything you can't do?" Rick asked with a friendly grin, as the chatter died down. You rubbed the back of your neck and put on a little show that made the others laugh.
"I don't know." You admitted, looking over at Daryl at the end of the table. "Ride a horse."
You felt buzzed as you walked back to your tent from the farmhouse. The mood had picked up after the initial tension and you'd all gotten along together well. Despite no alcohol having touched your lips, you felt intoxicated by good company and conversation. You chuckled thinking back to how Glenn had tripped over his own feet going out the door, and remembering how even Carol had laughed at him. It was nice to see her genuinely smile, even if it meant forgetting for a second.
You'd stayed behind after the others left, helping to clear away the table and wash the dishes with Maggie and Beth. Afterwards, you had even played some more, taking it in turns with the younger Greene sister. Hershel had watched the two of you from his chair, seeming content just to listen to you both giggle to each other and fumble about on the keys. You'd thanked them all before you left and Maggie had seen you to the door, thanking you in return for making her little sister laugh.
The field was quiet as you walked through the grass, passing the main group of tents silently. The lanterns were dim and you thought that most of them had probably turned in for the night already. It all felt so peaceful - so normal. You had almost forgotten that the world had come to an end, as you made your way back so blissfully and smiled up at the sky. You could almost make out a few stars here and there, like little peering eyes alongside the full, bright moon. It made it easier to navigate your way in the dark, and you soon reached your yellow submarine.
Daryl's tent was dark too, and you couldn't hear any noise coming from inside. So, you tried to be as silent as you could, stepping over the tripwire and going to unzip your tent. Though, as you did so, you noticed something small sitting in front of your entrance way. Squinting, you crouched down to take a closer look. It was an old Colt 45 beer can, rusted and discoloured. Though, what caught your attention most was the flower stood upright in it, the stem threaded through the open hole of the pull-tab. Even in the moonlight you could make out its familiar bright yellow colour, and the small, dainty petals that were still perfectly intact. It matched with your tent so well that it was almost camouflaged against the material. It was a gift - the first flower you'd ever received.
A/N I loved writing this last scene. It seems exactly like something Daryl would do - leave a gift for the reader but not stick around for her to find it.
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endeavor x fem reader with a Kitty Cheshire quirk (neko with ability to teleport) plot: reader super low Grade villain that love to start trouble and teleport away but endeavor catches her she can’t teleport away and endeavor teaches her a lesson nsfw 😺
aaa, i hope this is good! i feel like it’s a lil bit rushed but maybe it’s just my self criticism kicking in asdhaskfhsf thanks so much for requestingggg
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐰. 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐢
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: mentions of blood, size difference, smutty smut, blowjob, cum eating, cat girl idk how to tag this one hadhsdhf
𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓. I can’t control what you guys choose to read or not but I’d be way more comfortable if minors stayed away from my works. <3
Enji was annoyed. Doing rounds on a night market was always so monotonous because the presence of the number one hero quickly scared the villains and criminals away. But during that night in particular, things escalated quickly and Enji rushed towards the commotion.
"Endeavor, you're here! Do something!"
Chasing a delinquent that stole fish from a nearby stand was nowhere near the number one's ideal job. However, people gathering around and expecting him to do something so simple like going after a low criminal added enough fuel to his irritation and shook his ego.
"Watch this."
He followed the scent of raw fish down the streets and the trail ended in a dark alley. Enji thought he'd seen someone with cat ears and tail but didn't find anyone there, it was like they'd just disappeared right under his nose. And speaking of nose, the scent was back and it was-- behind him!
Enji was quick to grab the criminal by the arm — the first thing his gloved hand could reach. The criminal let out a squeal while in mid-air, a pair of strong hands holding her own behind her back.
"I see. A teleportation quirk, huh?"
Her cat ears twitched by the sound of his deep, dangerous voice. She tried to struggle her way out, free from the arms of the pro hero.
"There's no use, you won't be able to--"
She frenetically fluttered her tail, squirming as anxiety build up in her tummy. It was unfair that a low criminal as her would be caught by the number one himself.
The wiggling tail seemed to annoy Enji even further. Holding the tiny arms in one hand, the other reached for the tail in a firm grasp. The action caused the criminal to inhale deeply and freeze.
Tears gathered on the corner of her dolly eyes and red flushed her cheeks. The hero was oblivious to the fact her tail was very sensitive and any form of rough touch would send waves of warmth to her womb.
"L-Let me go..." Her voice sounded meek and bearing distress. "I'll pay for it-- I promise!!"
The grip on her tail tightened, the incoherent actions increasing Enji's suspicions. "What do you think you’re doing?!"
She gasped when Enji tugged on her tail by accident, instinctively rolling her hips and searching for friction while low moans left her mouth.
The sinful sounds put the hero in alert, his hand securing her arms now reaching for her mouth and his voice now low and threatening. "Do you want people to hear?"
The criminal shook her head even though her mind was clouded with sexual needs. Her nipples were hard as pebbles as seen from her vest.
"S-sir, it's that you're t-touching my tail..."
"Tch. I can't risk you running away."
She breathed heavily, pressed against his chest and her tail still on his hand. A sudden wave of pleasure hit the cat girl, sending shivers all over her body and a loud moan escaping her lips.
Enji pressed the girl against the wall, holding her by her face and squeezing her cheeks. "Are you insane?!? I told you to keep quiet--"
The look of pure lust, gaze lost in heaven and drool dripping from her chin made Enji realize what she meant before. It was impossible for him, a healthy man, to not go hard knowing that he caused that, even if accidentally.
Her tail fluttered, exposing the euphoria she was feeling. Although very embarassed by the situation and quite ashamed, the hero weighted his course of action.
"I'll give you what you want and then you'll turn yourself in," Enji proposed, grabbing the tail and putting it over the line of his cock, stroking both over his hero suit.
The way her eyes rolled to the back of the head and her sharp teeth drew blood from her lips encouraged Enji to continue taking advantage of the criminal. He licked her lips clean from the blood and then pushed his tongue into her small mouth, the size difference adding fuel to the fire.
"Lick it." He pressed the tip of her tail against her lips, to which she complied. "Now touch yourself with it while you suck me off."
She did everything she was told. The wetness from her previous orgasm coated her tail and both her tail and clit were very sensitive to any touch, which sent electrical shocks through her body every time she fluttered it against her small hardened bud.
While she moaned, Enji freed his cock from the suit, pushing it into her mouth. "Watch out for the teeth."
His cock was too big for her mouth so she had to open big and wide to accommodate it. Enji slowly fucked her mouth, not allowing any further than the tip to pass her lips. Her tongue worked hard around it, fluttering against the vein underneath his cock and giving it special attention.
"You probably like milk..." Enji pondered. "If you're a good girl until the end I might reward you with it."
By that suggestion, she licked and sucked eagerly. The tip of her tail fluttered faster on her clit, both sensitive from the filthy pleasure Enji was putting her through. Her tiny hands switched from massaging the base of his cock to toying with his sack.
A disappointed cry left the girl's mouth once Enji pulled his cock out of it. Precum glistened the tip and the girl probably had drunk loads of it. Enji's cock felt sensitive and was ready to shoot cum all over her face but he had other plans for her. It felt decades since he last fucked and the filthy, embarassing situation didn't help at all.
"On your hands and knees, girl."
Her legs were shaking from the heavy stimulus, the ending of her tail covered in her own wetness, but she promptly obeyed the command.
His hand grabbed the tail forcefully, getting it out of his way. The roughness he handled the tail caused the girl's pussy to tighten and dampen the suit even more. Weren't for the piece of clothing, she would be dripping on the alley like she had just wetted herself.
Enji gave each her butt cheeks a light slap, making them jiggle with the impact. He pushed aside the sopping fabric, sighing by the view of her dripping cunt and resisting the urge to plunge in one finger. Instead, he lined up his fat cock against her entrance, responding with a guttural moan by the feeling of her warm velvety pussy sucking him in.
Needless to say, his cock stretched her with ease, the wetness aiding the intrusion. She felt so full while his cock pressed just the right spots, she felt like bursting, she felt--
Enji thrusted in one rapid motion, burying his cock deep into her as soon as he felt her convulsing around him, groaning at how tight she are. He lost control the minute he felt her coming around him, even though he was only halfway through.
Tears gathered at the corner of her eyes and she spilled all over the hero. Thankfully, his suit was impermeable but the concrete underneath their knees was not.
A hand grabbed her hair while the other remained at the base of her tail, holding her in place while he thrusted into the girl. She couldn't discern if she was so high in ecstasy that his violent thrusts didn't hurt her at all or if Enji was taking such a good care of her that it's not even supposed to hurt. Either way, she knew for sure she'd be sore in the morning — in jail, perhaps.
But she didn't want to think about it while being fucked by the number one himself. His girth and length were massive, and opened her whole. The way he thrusted into her got more erratic and she could feel he was holding back.
“N-no, don't... don't hold back--!!" she pleaded, tail fluttering in agitation and her body ready to be ruined.
He let go of her hair and fisted her tail, giving it a harsh tug. Her hips were pulled back in the mean time, the new angle allowing the tip of his cock to line up perfectly with her cervix and she screamed from the sudden burn.
Enji was close to his limit, his voice cracking from pleasure and the threats that left his lips seemed empty. "If... If you keep screaming, I'll have to shut-- shut you up."
She was drenching, losing any focus she regained after coming while Enji played with her tail, but her body reached its limits and started descending from the previous high.
"E-Endeavor-san, I don't think I can come anymore..." she murmured.
He groaned, taking his cock out of her abused hole. It felt heavy, the cum ready to burst any minute. "Come 'ere, open your mouth."
His hand stroked his cock a couple times before he gushed cum all over her tongue. She let some of it spill on the ground, not able to gulp it all down. Enji looked just as wasted as the girl in front of him.
He breathed heavily as if he just won a fight, having used all of his power to win. The criminal waited patiently for him to say anything after the haze dissipated.
"You... You were a very good kitten," he praised after adjusting his suit. "But you still owe the owner some apologies after stealing from him."
She agreed, obediently following Enji from the dark alley back to the food stands. Once there, she bowed apologetically to the owner while Enji kept his arms crossed in front of his chest, trying to look the usual but his eyes betraying the fatigue and indifference towards the present moment.
After everything was settled, Enji ended up paying for the damage she had caused. He grabbed the cat girl by the neck and guided her through the streets, only one thing in his mind.
"Disobedient girls like you should have someone to discipline them. How about that, hm?"
Something in her guts was telling her that she was stuck with the number one for some time — not that she was complaining, though.
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deceiving the moon chapter 2 --> ferryman
pairing: god!namjoon x goddess!reader
genre: fluff, angst, smut , greek god based au
warnings: choking, mentions of death, blood mention, hair grabbing, reader gets a lil scary 
Summary:   You’re a beauty. He is handsome. You’re Life. He is Death. You love him. But does he love you? There’s only one way to found out. And it’s by being the Queen.  
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It was a lovely day out in the forest by the home you shared with your mother.  Warm and the Sun God, Hoseok, drove his chariot proudly across the blue sky. The flowers had been blooming and the tree nymphs were growing strong green leaves. The river bubbled and babbled as you dipped your feet into the coolness. 
It had been a long harvest for the people who lived on the Earth and you had promised the children that you would play with them while the parents worked to pick their vegetables and fruits. Your mother, the goddess of the harvest, had been quite generous this year and the harvest was bountiful and would feed many for a long time.  It took weeks for the harvest to be picked, stored, and then reseeded again. Needless to say, the children had run you ragged. A dip in the river was what you needed to relax your worn bones. 
Slipping off the dress you wore, you slide further into the deep water and lie on your back.  The river would take you anywhere it pleased and you would let it.  It would be a symbolism of you letting the fatigue wash away.  
Close your eyes. The river whispered.  Relax. 
Smiling, you did as it said, knowing the river wouldn’t cause you harm. 
Tumblr media
It was night by the time you reopened your eyes.  Selene was driving her chariot high in the sky just as her sibling was a few hours ago. You swam over to the bank and lifted yourself out of the water. Water dripped off of your body, but it didn’t bother you. The aches from your played-out bones were lifted. You felt rejuvenated. The wind blew across your body, making you shiver, but drying you off. 
You had no idea how far you had drifted with the current; however, the tree nymphs would more than know.  
Touching one leaf from a tree, you asked the natives of the forest, “How do I get home?”
“How do I get home?” You asked a little louder. 
Still nothing. 
“What is wrong? Have I angered you? Is Pan angry?”
Pan was the infamous Jimin, companion of the nymphs and god of the wild. Whenever he was upset, all of the forest beings he tended to become upset as well. 
However, they would always talk to you. No matter what. 
The forest stayed quiet-unhelpful in your plight to return home to your mother who would be wondering about your disappearance. 
“Please, help me,” a voice called out. It was hoarse and disembodied. 
“Who’s there?” “Please, help me,” it called out again. 
You stepped around the tree that still gave you no answer, and found a man with a blue aura surrounding him.  
Your eyes widen as you realize why the nymphs aren’t speaking. 
There was a dead man in their view and it was uncomfortable and a sight that is not normal. He should have gone straight to the Underworld instead of remaining on land.  
“Sir, are you lost? Why has Thanatos not come to lead you down?” The man simply gazed at you, his dark eyes seeing right through you almost. 
“I have not a clue how to help you. Thanatos is the only one who knows where the Doors to the Underworld are located…” you trailed off, remembering information your mother had told you years before. “Actually, I do know where to take you. Please, follow me. “
You knew you should have just started the trek home. The pity for the lost soul had overwhelmed all of your common senses. The natural leader and innate care that was inside of you wanted to take the man where he would not suffer and turn into a ghoul.  A suffering soul wanting nothing more than to be alive.  
Also, your mother was the goddess of the cycle of life and death. It would tarnish her reputation if the daughter she bragged about could not uphold her name.  
The man had no footsteps, but you could see the blue aura following you as you trekked across the mossy terrain. The directions your mother had given you had been based on the location of your home--the navigation was tricky and the only hope you had were the stars as the nymphs were still silent with the spirit in their presence. 
“Always follow Orion,” your mother had told you. 
Orion pointed in the direction--north--and you followed not wanting to get more lost than you were. You were still naked with a strange man following you. The thought almost made you pause, but the need to get rid of the poor man and get home to hot tea kept you going on. 
Finally, after walking for miles it seemed, you came across the clearing that your mother told you to steer clear of. It was one of the many ways to get into the land of the dead. 
She always feared that the man who ruled the dead himself would rise up and kidnap you. What a worrisome woman. No man would dare. 
The man behind you stood next to you, awaiting instructions.  
“You are to tap the grass three times. Do you have a drachma?”
He shook and lowered his head in what you deemed as shame. Your pity for him grew. He died a poor man or he was robbed and killed for his money. No wonder he had stayed on Earth.  He could not pay the fee to Jungkook, the ferryman, to cross the river Styx.
That had always angered you as a child. Why should the dead have to pay to cross the river? It never made sense! 
“Fine. I will take you down myself. My earrings are drachmas. One should be enough to pay for you. Let us go. “ You saunter to the middle of the field and tap the ground three times with your foot.The man did the same.  After a minute or two nothing happening, you turned towards the man, hands on your hips. 
“Well, this is a waste of-eep!”
The ground had opened without warning, dropping the both of you into a tunnel before closing. Had you been wearing any sort of clothing, your butt would have been saved from the pain, but alas, you were not. Your butt throbbed from hitting the cold ground. 
Groaning, you picked yourself up and wiped the dust off of you. The man had fallen perfectly onto his feet. 
“Say not a word to any of your ghastly friends.”
He nodded, a tiny smile appeared faintly on his face. 
Making your way through the tunnel, you find yourself hearing the moans of the others who had faced Death. A woman could be seen with tears in her eyes as she looked forlornly at a couple who hugged each other near her. 
“We’re here. Now we just have to find Jungkook and pay him his fee.” 
You moved around a few of the dead folk in line and searched the banks of the Styx. There was no boat and no Jungkook in sight either. He must've already taken a load to the other side. There was no telling how long it would take for him to come back.  
There really needed to be a change in this realm. Paying to go to the other side? Having to wait hours on end to wait on the ferryman? The ferryman should have something faster and bigger than the boats that humans use. Odysseus’s boat had travelled far and wide, facing great dangers before being ripped apart by Poseidon in a great rage.  Why couldn’t the ferryman of the dead have the same or better?
Fuming, you failed to hear the tell-tale ding of the boat that the ferryman rode, signaling his arrival back. The blue man waved an arm in front of you, forcing you out of your annoyance. 
“Thank gods we did not have to wait so long.  I simply want to get you on that boat and then get back home.”
At that, you grabbed the blue man’s hand and stomped over to the arriving boat. He was to be the first man on the boat if you had your way. The drachma earring was already in his hand after you took it off while waiting for the ferryman. 
Jungkook docked the shabby small boat that could only fit possibly 3 people including him. He was a ghastly white and seemed to have the most brittle bones. He moved slowly without care. 
“Could you move a little faster? I have to get home.”
Jungkook peered at you through the hood that he wore, his doe eyes being the only innocent feature that the gods had graced him with. 
“You are not dead?” “No. I am the daughter of Demeter. You know me as Persephone. I would like for this man to cross. He was wandering around the forest and scaring the tree nymphs.”
The ferryman blinked at you before turning to the blue man, who had been making it a point to look everywhere but at Jungkook. 
“Let me see your payment.”
The blue man glanced at you for assurance before presenting the earring drachma. His hands shook a little. 
Jungkook paused and scoffed. A sound that you did not want to hear. 
“This is not sufficient. This is an earring.”
“Yes, but it is a drachma. I pierced the drachmas and placed them into my ears for emergencies. This is an emergency. They are more than sufficient. Please let him on board. I will only beg this once. He is confused and lost. I want to see him cross into the Underworld.”
Jungkook’s eyes flashed. His doe eyes had narrowed and become menacing. 
“They are not sufficient.  It is fake. And you are fake as well. Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, would have no business leading the dead into the Underworld. This man will stay on the banks of the Styx and become a wraith since he does not have sufficient payment.”
A demented laugh erupted from you. You try to cover your mouth with your hands, but it was a failed attempt as the crazed giggles came in waves. Thankfully you didn’t snort. How unladylike that would be. 
“You are a fool. Talking to me as if I am not higher than you. If I were not humble, I would look down upon you.” 
You took the drachma from the blue man’s hands and kicked Jungkook so he would kneel in front of you.  Grabbing a tight fistful of his matted wet hair, you yanked his hand up and shoved the damned silver coin into the ferryman’s throat, making sure it cut his gum and bled.  
“You should know better than to call me a fake. I have all the business to bring the dead into the Underworld. Let this man on your boat and take me as well. I would like to speak with the god of the Underworld, Namjoon, himself. There needs to be some changes around here. Starting with you.” 
You let him go. He sputtered and spit out the blood that had been accumulating in his mouth before rushing to grab his rower and ushering you and the blue man onto his boat. 
He dinged his bell and pushed the small boat off of the dock. 
He uttered not a word the entire short journey. 
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MLP Cheese Sandwich Headcanon
Tumblr media
Oak Nut and Butternut from ‘The Best Gift Ever’.
Pros and cons:
Their mane colour and type.
Oak Nut has green eyes.
An in between/blend of their coat colours would make Cheese Sandwich’s.
Pistachio Nut would be Cheese’s little brother.
It would give Cheese and Pinkie a little more in common (being older siblings, having grown up on a farm that farms extremely uncommon things [e.g., rocks and acorns], and growing up in the middle of nowhere).
The wiki doesn’t say who Cheese Sandwich’s family is (apart from Pinkie, Lil’ Cheese, and his in-laws).
It would explain why Cheese Sandwich feels the need to wear clothes.
How Cheese Sandwich was allowed to travel so far away on his own as a little colt to actually find Pinkie Pie’s party in the first place.
Neither supposed parent has Cheese’s body type (but neither did Mr. and Mrs. Shy to produce Zephyr).
Cheese Sandwich doesn’t have “Nut” in his name (yet again, neither does Zephyr Breeze have “Shy” in his).
Tumblr media
Family Headcanons:
There’s a small flock of chickens that live on a farm.
Before earning his cutie mark, Cheese had a pet hen (one of the farm’s chickens had abandoned one of her eggs and Cheese raised the egg on his own) named Bone Nut, but after 5/6 years she died after choking on an acorn. He treats Boneless (as well as Boneless II, III, IV, V, and VI) the same way that he treated Bone Nut.
Cheese always begging and wishing for a little sibling, so Butternut and Oak Nut adopt a baby Pistachio Nut (originally Orange Guacamoli).
Butternut making Cheese Sandwich and Boneless grilled cheese sandwiches.
Pistachio coming out to Cheese Sandwich before his parents.
Cheese Sandwich being an over-protective big brother.
“I want to be just like you when I grow up!” — Pistachio
When Cheese Sandwich was cutie markless, bullies used to relentlessly pick on him and when he refused to fight back and tell a teacher, they would then call him boneless. (This is where the excessive offence of being called boneless by Pinkie Pie in Pinkie Pride stemmed from). Oak Nut and Butternut both helped him through it.
To go with the latter, at first, he never told Pistachio about being bullied, because Pistachio is bullied himself and Cheese didn’t want to worry his brother further. Eventually, he told him and Pistachio managed to pluck up the courage to tell their parents about being bullied and his sexuality (as that was related to the subject).
Butternut and Oak Nut accept their children equally no matter what, even when some of those things (whether it be a quirk or identity-related) even if they don’t quite ‘get it’. But, if it concerns one or both of their sons, they’re more than willing to learn.
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Satiated - Bucky Barnes
Warnings - smut, swearing, kinda hair pulling, praise kink, size kink, innocence kink, subspace, oral (f receiving), fingering, cockwarming, fluffyyyyy, teeny lil bit of angst, terrible writing, idk it's just nAsty lol. Established relationship btw!
Characters - dom!bucky barnes x virgin!fem!reader
Summary - y/n wants bucky to be her first. Bucky doesnt know shes a virgin. Smut ensues.
Authors notes - this has been in my drafts since I first started my tumblr so it's terrible for the first bit but it gets better (hopefully?)
You was so sure that this was it. Tonight would be the the night. You were finally going to give up your virginity. To Bucky.
You meant to tell him that you were a virgin. Really, you did. But it just never came up. You had been with Bucky for just over four months now. There was no point in keeping it from the others, mostly because of how clingy you were with him. It was strange for you; being this clingy - this needy - with someone. You'd never felt anything like it before. Granted, you'd never had a boyfriend before Bucky, he was your first kiss too. Not that he knew any of that, of course. But with him you felt so at home. You didn't think he'd need to know. It wouldnt make any affect, right?
You'd set the mood, you thought, just right. You didn't want to throw sex in his face so you opted for your LED strip lights to be set to a light red with the main light off. You were wearing his longsleeve Beatles tshirt and a pretty cute lingerie set that you bought in preparation. You decided against wearing shorts, after all, the mission was to fuck the guy, why let another bit of clothing get in the way?
"Hey doll, I'm back," Bucky's infuriatingly attractive voice rang out. He'd just gotten back from a HYDRA mission. You knew he hated going on those missions, especially when you weren't with him. You rushed over to him.
"Hi there darling," you wrapped one arm around his neck and the other went under his shoulder, crushing the life out of him in a hug. He returned it with equal force which made a grin wriggle its way onto your face.
"How was it?" You pulled away and smushed his face in between your hands, "are you okay? Did you need to go to the medi lab? Do you need another hug? Do you want to eat? I think I have some snacky things in my mini fridge but-"
"Doll, I'm fine," he interrupted, moving your hands from his face and putting a reassuring hand on your shoulder, "I didn't get hurt and I'm not hungry. I will take you up on that hug though. Can we watch something shit and cuddle? I missed you."
You almost melted at his little pout, "okay baby, why don't you climb into bed and I'll sort out some of The Flash, yeah?"
He leaned down to kiss your forehead before pulling away and getting under the covers. You went to turn on the TV and pulled up The Flash. You were well aware that Bucky was staring at your ass, which was sticking out of the bottom of his tshirt, giving him a peek of the lavender lace that barely covered you.
When you were done, you turned to see him with blown pupils but a calm smile on his face. He beckoned you over and you skipped towards him happily, your high ponytail swishing behind you. You jumped onto the bed and wiggled under the duvet with him.
Bucky immediately wrapped has arms around you and pulled you literally on top of him. You whined at him and squirmed.
"Buckyyyyy I can't seeeeeee!"
"Don't whine doll, you said so yourself that it's shit. So just stay here with me, yeah?" He held you tighter against him so you complied.
"Y'know, I have the best boyfriend, like, ever. Like it's not even funny anymore you're just awesome," you rested your chin in between his ribs and smiled so wide it was almost a grimace. He rolled his eyes at you.
"You're a sap, dollface," he was smiling, though, so it proved that he liked it.
You sent him a wink and sat up so that you were straddling him over the hips. His eyes bugged out for a second but he tried to play it cool. He leaned up to peck you on the lips.
"Hey there, princess," he murmured, smiling softly.
You kissed him again, deeper this time and with more passion. Bucky didn't seem to object so you pressed further, tounge edging into the seam of his lips and parting them. He grunted in response and sucked in the muscle, sitting upright now. His hands wandered down to your ass and squeezed, gently at first but his grip got firmer when you whined into the kiss. Bucky smirked and pulled away, eliciting another whine from you.
"What's got you like this, little one?" You shivered at the nickname. He noticed.
You distracted yourself from his words by rolling your hips on his. The sensation of it was sending chills down your spine making you shiver and your thighs tense. You could feel yourself getting... aroused.
"Like what, Buck?" You wiggled a bit on his lap, finally feeling that hardness under you that you'd never felt before.
"Like this," he muffled a gasp from your movement, "all... horny,"
You bit your lip and buried your face in his neck, groaning at his words, "stoooooop!"
"Whyyyyyyy? I just wanna know!" He insisted.
He wrapped one hand around your waist and the his prosthetic metal one in your hair. He pulled you back by the hair at the nape of your neck, the tiny bit of pain made you let out a moan.
"What's going on with you?!" He'd never seen you like this before.
You looked down, still firmly sat on his now very evident erection and played with the fingers of his flesh hand after prying it from your waist.
"I just- I can't-" you groaned at your inability to form a proper sentence.
"Just take a breath," you nodded, "and tell me what you want."
"I want you," you whined, "bubba please,"
"What do you mean doll- like-" you interrupted with another roll of your hips, praying that he understood. "Oh, oh,"
You nodded helplessly and grinded against him more, desperate for him to help you with the wetness that had built up from the friction between the two of you.
"You mean like, now?" He tried not to respond to your unintentional teasing but he was hard as a fucking rock because of you and your flimsy lilac panties, "y'know we don't have to if you don't wanna,"
"Baby please!" You weren't trying to be bratty, he was just taking so long and after 25 years of never orgasming, you were a little frustrated.
"Jesus Christ! Calm down doll, if I didn't know any better I'd say this was your time," he joked. But you tensed up. Oh god. Did he know?
You laughed it off, but Bucky's supersoldier senses made him acutely aware that your heart rate sped up and your breathing stopped.
"Doll if it's your first time we don't have to-"
"But Bucky I wanna! I promise. I wasn't even gonna tell you because I knew that you'd treat me like glass-- and- and that's why i never said that you were my first kiss either-" you cut him off but he returned the favour with an incredulous gasp.
"I WAS YOUR FIRST KISS? AND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TOLD ME?!" He sounded angry. His grip on your hips tightened and you winced.
"I- I'm sorry Bucky! Just didn't wanna make you worried I-" His grip tightened more, vibranium fingers digging into your bones, "ouch Bucky!"
His hand instantly retracted and he looked mortified, staring at your skin that was already yellowing from his grip.
"See doll! This is why you should've told me! I could hurt you, darling! I don't ever wanna do that," his eyes were still glued to the still-forming bruise, tears welling in his pondwater eyes.
"You could never hurt me, Buck! Not really; not on purpose!" You protested. He didn't seem convinced in the slightest, more focused on the purplish red pigmentation coming to life on your hips.
"Oh honey, it's okay! It doesn't hurt and look, look, it's fading already," that was a lie, by the morning those bruises would probably be black and blue. Not that Bucky needed to know that, "and it's alright darling, it's not you're fault, remember? You can't always feel how strong your new hand is, yeah? My big strong Bucky,"
You could see him trying to fight a smile but he refused to meet your eye.
"C'mon Bucky! How am I ever meant to learn how to take care of you if you dont teach me?" You insisted. Bucky finally raised his gaze, along with his right eyebrow.
"Teach you?" He wore a smirk now.
Oh, this was going to be fun.
"Well, think about it, baby. I mean, I've never even kissed anyone. How could I possibly know how to- how to-" your confidence faulters almost immediately, failing to realise theres no need to be embarrassed when you're with your Bucky.
"To what, princess? To suck my cock? Y' wanna know how to suck m'cock? Or d'you wanna learn how to ride me? Hmm? Learn how to milk m'cock like a good little girl?" He teased. You shuddered against him, leaning further into his perfectly sculpted pectorals. "Oh, I think you do. I think that you wanna be my best girl, huh? My perfect little sub, yeah?"
You nodded against him, but that didn't seem to satisfy Bucky.
"Use your words with me, baby, yeah? Y'gotta use your words with me or else I won't know what you want," holy heck, even when he's dominating you to all hell, he's so sweet and gentle with you. It made you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
"Yes, Bucky," you mumbled, reluctantly un-hiding your head from his warm body when a sharp tug at the roots of your hair prompted you away.
"Good girl, well done, honey," he praised you beautifully. You felt the urge to shy away from his compliments, but instinctually you knew that he wouldn't accept that.
"Thank you d- hmm Bucky," he obviously heard your blunder but didn't focus on it, opting instead to stroke soothingly across the expanse of your thighs.
"Okay baby. Just one more thing, I want you to have a safeword, m'kay?" You nodded, "this is just in case y'wanna stop or I do something you don't like, yeah? I won't go too hard on you tonight. Wanna make it all special for you. My little princess,"
"Thank you, bubba," shyly, you pressed a kiss to his cheek which made him grin widely.
"Can you tell me what you want your safeword to be, m'love?"
"I- uh," you were half tempted to give him a stupid answer but this meant a lot to him and you could see it in his eyes.
"C'mon, little girl, don't get all shy on me now," he lilted.
"I- uh, red? I think? I-it's easy to remember, I guess?" His hand had moved from your thighs to your ass, moulding it into any shape he deemed appropriate.
"Well done, princess," he rewarded you with a kiss to the forehead. Then the cheek. Then nose. Finally, the lips. As soon as he pulled away, you chased his lips with a pout and a whine.
"Now now, little girl. Dont get whiny," he lilted.
"Bubba kissy pleaseeee," you whined pathetically.
"Okay honey, but just know that you can't always get what you want with that cute little pout of yours," he relented, pushing his lips against yours. You whimpered into the kiss, grinding yourself down against him to relieve some of the pressure that had built up over your conversation.
He seemed to love it, grappling at your ass and pulling you further onto his raging hard-on. His tongue slipped into your mouth, licking over your teeth and smoothing itself over your own tongue.
"Lay down for me, little girl," he prompted, lightly tapping your bum and moving you to lie on your back. You scrambled to stay on top of him, clinging to his thighs and securing your arms around his neck, "it's okay, honey, I'm staying with you. Not going anywhere, yeah?"
"Staying," you echoed blearily, finally slipping off of him and lying down.
"Good girl," he confirmed, spreading your legs and settling in between them.
He tugged on the bottom of your shirt as a question to which you raised your arms and lifted up slightly. He pulled it off of your body and sat back on his heels to admire you. Bucky had never particularly been fond of the colour lilac but at that moment he had fallen in love with it.
"Sweetie you look... edible," he growled, "can I take it off?"
"Yes, daddy," your eyes widened at your own words, immediately covering your own mouth and retracting from his soothing hands. Your mind was racing 'oh god what did I just do? Does he hate me?'
"Say that again," he demanded, groaning and resting his head on your shoulder. You keened at that, letting out a sigh of relief that he enjoyed it.
"Yes, daddy," you brushed your lips to his ears, an almost tangible fog settling on your mind. It comforted you.
"Fuck," he lifted himself from your shoulder, undressing you quickly and throwing his head back at what he saw.
"I'm gonna fuckin' eat you for dinner," he rumbled. He moved your thighs even further apart, almost painfully so, and leaning down so his face was level with your pussy, "oh, honey look at you! You're soaking for me! So wet for your daddy,"
You whined and raised your hips in an attempt to get any type of friction. He pushed them down but ducked his head with you.
"Shh, it's okay baby. Daddy's here, I'll take care of you," he squeezed your thigh gently, "y' ready?"
"Please, daddy, pretty please," you tentatively moved your hands into his hair. He rewarded your boldness with a kiss to your pussy lips. It felt like heaven, even though he'd done next to nothing.
After that, he went all out; he spread your lips by dragging his tongue through them. Your fingers tugged on his hair as harsh as you dared, albeit not that hard. He seemed to love it though, moving to suck carefully on your clit. You let out a whiny moan, loving the new sensation. You'd never touched yourself before; never had an orgasm. This was all new to you and it felt so fucking good.
He suckled and pulled at your clit, slowly moving his index finger to your hole. He didn't enter you with his finger, opting instead to circle it gently, getting you used to the feeling if being touched there.
"Oh, daddy! S' good," you babbled, lost in another world of pleasure. He moaned against you when you tugged his silky locks harder. "D-daddy can you- can you please put your finger in? Pretty please?"
"Of course honey, but it might hurt. Hold my hand, 'kay? Squeeze it if it hurts, don't be afraid," he smiled at you oh so sweetly and offered you his metal hand. Your grip in his hair slackened and you moved your right hand into his flesh one, smacking his metal one out of the way.
"But honey," he protested, but you gave him no room to argue.
"Daddy! Wanna have your fingers in me please! I'll be a good girl I promise, jus' want your fingers," you argued. He complied, intertwining his fleshy fingers with yours and sitting up to get a better angle so he could position his metal ones by your entrance.
"Oh? Does my little girl want my metal fingers in her? Kinky little girl," he grinned at you.
"Yes daddy, please," you whimpered. Bucky kept his grin and pushed his middle finger against your entrance. You held your breath as it slipped into you. It was definitely painful, not unbearably so but still uncomfortable.
Your hand clenched around his while your other one sought purchase on the bicep of his metal arm. Bucky, always the detective, saw that you were struggling and gave you a moment to adjust.
"Tell me when to move, m'love," he urged kindly. You were more greatful than ever before for how beautiful his personality was. So kind. So loving.
It took you more than a minute to relax; muscles tensing and untensing around his vibrainium fingertips. When you were ready, you gave him the go-ahead so he started shallowly thrusting his finger in and out.
After that, it didn't take long before you were whining and begging for another finger. 'Another another another, daddy!' Of course, he had admonished you for being so bratty but he didn't turn you down. He thought you looked so pretty when you were begging for him.
"Daddy!" You whimpered, a strange pressure building between your thighs, heating up to an unbearable pleasure that you felt.
"Aw, baby, y'gunna cum?" He smiled. Before you could respond, he pulled out his fingers unexpectedly.
"Daddy!" You fussed, tingly feeling still strong in your core and thoroughly unsatisfied. The fog was like a blanket now; covering you up and keeping you warm.
"Shh, don't whine, baby. Don't want you to cum now and be too sensitive before I get you on m'cock now, do we?" Smoothing his hand over your hip, smearing your arousal over it.
"No daddy, sorry daddy," you conceded, terrified that you did anything wrong. You wanted to be daddy's good girl.
"No, sweetie, don't be sorry, you did nothing wrong," he reassured. You sighed, so thankful that you hadn't done anything wrong.
"Daddy?" You looped your arms around his neck.
"Yes, doll?" You rested one side of your head on his, still annoyingly clothed, pectoral.
"Can I have your cock now?" Glazed over eyes stared longingly at his own.
"Of course, little one," he pulled his shirt over his head, fucking finally. Your eyes stayed glued to his abs because 'fucking hell he's so fucking hot holy shit'.
"Thank you, daddy," your fingers pressed into his muscles.
"Sweetie, how d'you wanna do this?" He moved your hands from his abdomen gently so he could remove his jeans. Beneath them, you could see how truly massive he was and fuck he looks so good.
"Baby?" He asked again, snapping you out of your trance.
You didn't answer him verbally, instead moving onto his lap and settling comfortably on his raging erection. After his assault on your clit earlier, you felt extra sensitive and that pressure against your bare core made you convulse in pleasure.
"Okay sweetie, okay," he kept that calming smile plastered on his face, gently urging you to sit up so that he could remove his boxers. You kept his eyes glued to his face until it faltered in pleasure. Looking down, you saw it. Over eight inches and thick as all hell.
"Daddy?" Your head lolled to the side, watching as his hand moved up and down it at a moderate pace.
"Yes, doll?" Groaning, his eyes locked on yours.
"How will that fit in me?" He laughed at that, so fond of your innocence.
"It'll fit, little one, don't worry," he assured you, using his metal hand to gently stroke your hip.
You reached out to grab his cock but he was quick to move you away.
"No, sweetie," he moved your hand into his hair so you could play with it if you wanted to. You whined at him, claiming that you wanted to make him feel good, "you will make me feel good, honey. When I cum inside that sweet little pussy of yours I'll feel so good I promise,"
"Okay, daddy," you leaned against his broad shoulder as he circled your hips against his cock.
"Y'ready, princess?" He double-checked for what seemed to be the tenth time. You responded by reaching for his length and lining it up with your entrance.
Ever so gently, he slid you down onto his cock. If he hadn't opened you up with his fingers earlier, you would have been in a lot more pain. He kept his hands on you when you were all the way down on him; moving them to your tits and rolling your nipples between his thumb and forefinger, causing even more pleasure to spike in your body.
You moaned loudly when he brought his mouth onto your left breast, suckling on your nipple, giving you the most pleasure you'd ever felt in your tits.
Adjusting took a few minutes but when you got used to it, you got impatient very fast. He noticed it when you grinded against him, shuddering at the immense feeling of his cock brushing against your inner walls. He couldn't bring himself to move away from your nipple, though, so he kept sucking while he moved both his hands to your hips and lifted you up so you were only halfway sheathed on his length. He secured you there so you were suspended on his cock, thrusting his hips up to meet yours. His pubic bone brushed against your clit and you were in heaven; his mouth on your tit, cock in your pussy and delicious friction on your bundle of nerves.
"Oh daddy! Feels so good!" You gasped out a breath, overwhelmed by pleasure and all of a sudden, you were falling. Falling deep into a delicious subspace. And there was that overwhelming buildup of pressure in your core again. "Daddy?"
He finally pulled off of your tit, leaving you cold without the warmth of his mouth, "yeah sweetie? What's up?"
Still thrusting up into you at a steadily inclining pace, Bucky found it hard to believe that this was your first time. You were so lost in pleasure that you hadn't acknowledged his words.
"Doll?" He punctuated his sentence with a sharp thrust to your g-spot, making you see stars.
"Daddy? I-I feel-" you didn't know what you felt. Full. For sure, you felt full. Bucky's girth was splitting you in two.
"What d'ya feel, doll? Y'gunna cum? Gonna cum all over daddy's cock like my good little girl?" He teased you, kissing along your neck, bruising it whenever he saw fit.
"Yes daddy! Please, please can I cum?" You begged.
"Of course, little one, cum on daddy's cock," he encouraged. As soon as he gave permission, you let go.
You'd never felt pleasure like that, vision going white and violently clamping down on Bucky's cock, causing his eyes to roll back into his head and cumming inside of you. You fell blindly even deeper into the blissful state that made you feel oh so warm and fuzzy on the inside.
You didn't stir for a while after that. Not until Bucky gently attempted to move you off of him.
"No daddy! Nonononono!" You scrambled to stay leaning against his chest, "no movin daddy, stayin here,"
"Honey, we have to get you cleaned up," he reminded you.
"Daddy no! Have to stay with daddy," you insisted. He ran a soothing hand through your hair.
"Okay, princess, we can stay here," he relented, "but 's not daddy anymore, is it? 'S Bucky again, remember?"
"Nuh-uh, 's daddy. 'N I'm daddy's baby," you babbled, reaching to play with his fingers.
"No baby, it's Bucky. C'mon, baby, y'gotta come back f'me, yeah?" He urged you ever so carefully, scared that if he pushed too far then you would go deeper into subspace.
"But daddy-"
"No baby, say it with me 'Bucky', yeah?"
"Bucky," you repeated. "Bucky!"
"That's right m'love! Are y' back with me now?" He asked.
"Yeah, 'm back baby," you muzzled your face in his neck, hyperaware that his cock was half hard again in your cunt but your legs ached too much to do anything about it.
"Well done honey, how d'you feel?" He checked.
"What in all hell does that mean?"
"Your a 100 year old assassin and you don't know basic English?"
"I'm American!"
"You speak English!"
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Run To You - 12
Tumblr media
gif by @capt-wilson​
Pairings: Bucky x reader
Warnings: mentions of drugs/drug use, lil bit of fluff?
A/N: Sooo I got impatient and decided to post this chapter today. The last chapter will come out on Sunday :) plus an exciting announcement along with it.
Divider by me.
Series Masterlist.
Tumblr media
It’s been five days. Five painfully slow days of wallowing, only leaving your bed for small amounts of food or water, or to go to the toilet. You haven't showered, haven't changed clothes, not for lack of everyone trying.
The first day it was Sam, he came with a few other people to bring all your stuff from your apartment to you. Safe to say it’s all still in boxes, exactly where they left it. Sam stayed behind, cooked you some food, tried to get you out of bed but he had no luck.
Day two Peter tried his luck, he came closer to getting you out of bed, simply because he just has this innocence to him that pulls at your heart strings. Not close enough though as you still refused to leave your bed.
The third day it was Steve, he was soft and gentle with you but you barely ate anything he put down in front of you and you only communicated with him through shaking or nodding your head.
Day four was Natasha, she had more of a tough love approach, she was mainly focused on trying to get you into the shower, or at least into a change of clothes. Finally she managed to get you in the shower but she left to give you privacy. You immediately regretted it, there was something about showers that pulls all the horrible thoughts to the surface.
You spent the whole time crying and once you were done you went straight to bed, skipping dinner altogether. Which brings you to now, day five, it feels like the situation in the shower just made everything worse, you were back to square one.
Lying in bed you didn’t have the energy to respond to the knock on the door. Not even caring who was going to walk through it. You felt the bed dip behind you and whoever it was, leant back against the headboard. You just continued to lie there, this was clearly a new tactic one of them was trying but you had no energy for it.
“I know you’re not asleep.” Bucky’s voice comes from behind you and you quickly turn over.
“Bucky? Shouldn’t you be in the medical wing?” Your instincts kick in as you start to fuss over him, but he just chuckles and pushes you away.
“I escaped.” He explains and you roll your eyes at him. “Too many people trying to take care of me. It was starting to get annoying.”
“Tell me about it.” You sigh, but deep down you both know how lucky you are to have these people looking out for you.
As you settle next to him, leaning against the headboard, you allow the silence to wash over the both of you. Looking over to Bucky you wonder where his mind is. Is it in a peaceful place? A place of rest and recovery? Is it thinking over the events of five days ago? Does he even remember what happened? Or is it where your mind is, thinking about everything the two of you have been through together. Wondering what the fuck actually happened.
“Can you stop thinking so loud.” Bucky teases, bringing you out of your head. “Penny for your thoughts?” You look over to him and he is already looking at you.
“What happened?” You laugh slightly at the broadness of your question but Bucky seems to understand.
“Well I know I need to start with saying sorry.” He says and you look away suddenly embarrassed at what happened. “I was a real asshole, honestly I’m surprised you helped me after how I treated you. You could’ve very easily left me there to die.” He jokes but you know a part of him is serious.
“I was angry, but…” You trail off not sure you want to finish that sentence just yet. “This isn't a very good apology so far.” You start to fiddle with the duvet.
Bucky reaches out and takes your hands into his, bringing your attention back to his face. He says your name so softly, almost as if he is afraid to. “I am so sorry. I never should have fired you and definitely not in the cruel way that I did. I have no excuse. I was scared and acted on fear instead of acting rationally.” You nod agreeing with him, not sure what else to say. “I’ll spend the rest of my life making up for it, if you’ll let me.”
“That would be a pretty miserable life.”
“Nothing could ever be miserable with you.” He teases winking at you and you push his arm playfully, careful not to be too forceful and aggravate an injury.
“That's disgusting.” You joke, both of you laugh together. The laughter eventually dies out and you are both left to your own excruciatingly loud thoughts again. Trying to wrap your heads around everything you have been through.
“Why did he want you? Zola doesn’t tend to do things without an ulterior motive.” Bucky says, realising he doesn’t understand Zola’s plan and that makes him nervous.
“He wanted to offer me a job.” You look over to see his reaction, you can tell he is trying hard to keep a blank face. “He wanted to turn me against you, use me to get back at you.” You explain and he relaxes slightly. “I didn’t take it Bucky, as much as I hate how you treated me I would never do something so cruel.” You reassure him and he smiles sadly.
“I meant what I said, back at the warehouse. I trust you.” He told you, leaning into you slightly, your heart swells knowing how difficult it is for him to trust but feeling honoured to be on the short list of people he does.
“He did tell me something, to try and get me on his side. I feel like he was twisting the truth but I have to know. What sparked the feud between you and him?” You know deep down in your heart that Bucky is not capable of killing innocent people in cold blood, but it would be nice to hear him say it.
Bucky lets out a huge sigh, running his hands through his hair. He tries to cover up a wince from the movement most likely pulling on his stitches. “When I told you before, in the gym, that the lifestyle got addicting, what I meant was...I was dealing and doing drugs, a lot. I got quite the reputation meaning I had a lot of customers. It got to the point where I couldn’t keep track of them all. One day this woman approached me, looked like she had been to hell and back, she begged me for this new drug there was rumours about. She was willing to pay a lot of money for it so I stupidly gave it to her. Turns out it was Zola’s wife, she was…” he sniffles slightly. “She was pregnant at the time. She overdosed that night, alone.” His voice starts to waver so he pauses to gather himself. “As soon as I found out I stopped. Selling and taking. Zola never forgave me. I haven’t forgiven myself.”
You reach out and take his hand into your lap, you were prepared for a reasonable explanation behind it, telling you he wasn’t a murderer. What you weren’t prepared for, is for Bucky to wholeheartedly believe he is.
“Zola told me you murdered his wife and unborn baby.” You feel Bucky tense beside you. “I didn’t believe him then and I know for sure now. Bucky, you didn’t murder them. You can’t blame yourself for their deaths. I’m not going to say selling those drugs wasn’t wrong, it was, but your intentions weren’t. There are so many people along the chain you could blame for their deaths. You could blame the person who made the drug, the person who gave it to you to sell, the person who gave Zola’s wife your name.” You squeeze his hand. “At the end of the day it was her decision to take those drugs. If she hadn’t got them from you she would have found another way. It wasn’t your fault Bucky, forgive yourself.” You look up at him and he is already looking at you. There is no reaction on his face but you know he can’t argue with the facts, you just hope he releases the blame on himself.
Silence permeates the room yet again but it’s comfortable. You both sit there, shoulder to shoulder. For the first time in the last five days your mind is relatively blank. Bucky seemed to have that soothing effect on you and although he was the subject of most of your thoughts, he also seemed to be the only one able to calm them down.
“You know, I really didn’t like you when we first met.” Bucky breaks the silence.
“Why?” It was quite obvious he didn’t like you and you weren’t about to waste an opportunity to understand why.
“Back when Hydra had me, Zola would never hurt me himself, he always had his minions do it. They would come into the room, completely emotionless, do what they were told, then leave. So seeing you do the same, wear that stupid mask, never show how you are truly feeling, it took me back to then.” He explains and it actually makes sense, all those things he probably did to  try and get a reaction out of you and you couldn’t be mad at his reasoning.
“That mask was just part of my daily routine. Put it on first thing when I wake up, take it off last thing before I go to sleep.” You sigh knowing it was not only damaging yourself but also everyone else around you.
“Why?” He whispers, unable to understand the reasoning behind it.
“I’m terrified of being vulnerable. I don’t want to let people in because it’s so painful when they are ripped away from me.” He winces at your words.
“So when I fired you the day after you opened up to me…”
“Yeah.” Again the room falls silent.
“Doll, I can’t say sorry enough, but actions speak louder than words. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m prepared to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. You’re it for me” He turns his head to face you and you do the same. You can feel his breath lightly fanning your face and you want nothing more than to lean in and connect your lips. Apparently, so does Bucky as he moves towards you, so close your noses brush together but neither one of you moves any further.
“Bucky.” You breathe closing your eyes as he lifts one hand up to cup your face. The hand that will cause him the least pain from stretching the stitches. “You hurt me, really badly.” You open your eyes and look into his. “I put so much energy into pushing everyone away but somehow you all managed to sneak your way in, especially you.” You feel your eyes start to go blurry but you don’t care. “It will take time...and a hell of a lot of grovelling.” You both chuckle slightly. “But I want this, Bucky. I want you.” You whisper and tears fall from both your eyes. You allow Bucky to pull you closer to him as he kisses away your tears, finally placing the softest kiss on your lips. Actions are louder than words and his affections are poems, screamed from the rooftops for the world to hear.
Tumblr media
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therestisconfettis · a month ago
my friends are leaving the party (but i’m down for one more drink)
read it on ao3 here word count: 2,632 summary: you meet a handsome stranger at the bar one night. notes: hello friends!! this is my first attempt at anything avengers-related even though i've been watching the movies since iron man came out??? this is also my first attempt with a reader-insert!! this is after endgame, though (clearly) i've changed up steve's ending a lil bit!! enjoy! <3
    It’s a girls night out - at the insistence of one of your very best friends - and you would rather be anywhere else but this bar. Well. Almost anywhere else. You close your eyes for a moment, thinking back to Wednesday night. You’ve been having a shitty week, and walking into your apartment to find your boyfriend butt-ass naked on the couch with your roommate had really been the icing on the cake.
   You shake yourself a little, pushing your hair back and putting on a smile as the bartender walks past. He completely ignores you and your smile falls flat as you cross your arms on the bar and rest your forehead on them for a moment. Tonight is supposed to be fun, you remind yourself. Fun . Your friends took you out tonight so you could have a good night and forget about Joshua for a few hours.
   You’re vaguely aware of someone occupying the stool beside you, but you ignore them, lifting your head slowly and eyeing the bartender as he comes back your way. You’re ignored again in favor of the new guy next to you, and you press your lips together as the bartender eagerly takes his order. He finally turns to you and you ask for another round of drinks, rolling your eyes as he gives a half-assed response and turns back around.
   “Rough night?” Asks the guy beside you. You glance at him, determined to be annoyed with him, but those sparkly blue eyes and that warm smile throw you off completely.
   “Rough week.” You say after a minute. He nods, and you take him in for a moment, tipping your head thoughtfully. Something about him is familiar, but you can’t quite place what it is. “My friends wanted to take me out but I don’t particularly wanna be here.”
   He hums thoughtfully, nodding his thanks when the bartender sets a beer in front of him. He takes a slow pull, watching you in the mirror behind the bar, and you feel suddenly naked. You shift in your seat, glancing over your shoulder at the booth full of your friends as the bartender sends a waitress over with the drinks. Your phone buzzes in your pocket suddenly and you dig it out. A handful of texts from the groupchat, all along the lines of who’s the blond and are you about to get laid?!
   Shaking your head, you shove your phone back into your pocket and turn to your unexpected companion, surprised to find him looking right at you.
   “Penny for your thoughts?” You say slowly, unsure of what else to do or say. He chuckles, taking another slow sip of his beer before turning his stool to face you properly.
   “Why’s your week been so rough?” He asks. You blink - not exactly where you were expecting this conversation to go, but nobody else has asked, so why the hell not?
   “Work sucks. I’m stuck in this shitty dead-end job and everywhere else I’ve applied either won’t call me back or requires way more experience than I have.” You sigh. “And on top of that, I came home Wednesday night and found my boyfriend with another girl.” He whistles once, long and low.
   “You want me to beat him up?” He asks, and you laugh, surprised at both the joke and yourself. You’ve been in such a shitty mood this week, it feels good to laugh.
   “That’s not even the worst part.” You tell him. He raises a brow, and you continue. “I found him totally naked, on my couch with my roommate. Her underwear was flying towards the door as I opened it.” He whistles again, and you nod. “What about you, you look about as miserable as I feel.” He hums thoughtfully, and you can see the wheels turning in his brain as he tries to decide what exactly he wants to say.
   “Friend of mine died recently.” He says finally. “Although.. We weren’t exactly friends. I respected him, but we almost never got along or saw eye-to-eye.”
   “I’m sorry for your loss.” You say, and some bold part of you reaches out and touches his arm gently. He hums again, glancing at you, and you offer a small smile. He gives one in return, and you draw your hand back slowly. “I’m Y/N.”
   You’ve been sitting and talking with Steve for at least an hour when your friends finally come over. Michelle tugs at the end of your ponytail lightly, then rests her chin on your shoulder, stepping back when you excuse yourself and turn around.
   “We’re gonna take off.” She says, peeking around you at Steve. “D’you need a ride?”
   “Uh. No. No, I’m good.” You tell her, glancing over your shoulder and giving Steve a small smile. He tips his bottle in a greeting to the rest of your group as you turn back. Michelle nods and pulls you into a hug.
   “Call me when you get home, okay?” She whispers in your ear, “And get some!” You laugh, pushing at her shoulders as she plants a kiss on your cheek and steps away. You wave to the other girls and watch them shuffle along out of the bar, then turn back to Steve.
   “I’m not keeping you, am I?” He asks. You shake your head quickly.
   “No! No, not at all. They’re probably gonna go home and drink more.” You assure him. “I’m good here.” He nods, smiling a little as you put your chin in your hand. “Plus, I don’t have work tomorrow, so.” He nods again, watching as you twist a lock of hair around your finger absentmindedly. You fall back into an easy conversation, and after what feels like only a few minutes (but in reality is a couple of hours), the bartender is shouting about last call. You check your phone, eyes widening slightly at the time - 2:45 AM.
   Steve closes out his tab, insisting on paying for your drinks as well, and you slide off your stool, making sure you have everything before following him outside. Goosebumps rise on your skin as you step into the chilly fall evening, and you suppress a shiver. Steve notices, though, and drapes his leather jacket around your shoulders. You smile up at him and hum a thank you, sliding your arms through the sleeves and reveling in the warmth, the scent of leather and woodsmoke and lavender overwhelming you for a moment as you meander along the street.
   “Do you need a ride home?” He asks suddenly, looking down at you. You glance up at him, suddenly reluctant to leave him, and shake your head.
   “I only live a couple blocks away.” You say. He hums and nods, and though he doesn’t ask, you can tell he plans on walking you home. You wander for a while, pausing outside a 24-hour pizzeria and peering in through the windows for a moment before slipping inside. Steve trails behind you, watching as you order two slices of cheese pizza. The clerk behind the counter hands you two impossibly large slices on paper plates and you pass one to Steve, paying before scurrying back outside. You wander again for a while before perching on the curb, adjusting your skirt beneath yourself as you sit.
   Steve settles beside you, the two of you nibbling at your slices silently, taking in the hustle and bustle of the city - that’s one thing you’ve always loved about New York, even before you’d moved here. Even now, at three in the morning, cars are going by, people are wandering, talking on their phones, chowing down on bar food they managed to sneak out before last call.
   “How long have you lived in New York?” Steve asks suddenly, and you realize you’ve been staring around. You shake yourself a little, humming as you think.
   “Ten years now.” You tell him. “I moved right after my twentieth birthday. What about you?”
   “Mm. Lived here pretty much my whole life.” He says. “I spent a few years in England, but I always dreamed about coming back.” You nod, nibbling at the crust of your pizza.
   “What’d you do in England?”
   “I was in the army.”
   “In England?”
   “‘S where they sent me.” He shrugs, and you squint at him for a moment, but you decide to let it go. You hop to your feet, dusting your hands off and tossing your plate into a trash can nearby. Steve does the same, falling into step beside you again, and you begin to make your way home. You come to a stop outside your building, leaning against the wall for a moment and looking up at him. You fight with yourself internally before making a split-second decision.
   “D’you wanna come up?” You ask. He watches you, tips his head thoughtfully.
   “Are you sure?” He asks, “I wouldn’t wanna intrude-”
   “Steve, who are you gonna intrude on? It’s just me. My roommate doesn’t live here anymore.” You say. He laughs at that, light and warm and hearty, and you can’t help the smile that lights on your own lips. He nods finally, and you smile wider, turning to lead him inside and upstairs.
   You sleep together, but you don’t sleep together. You’ve been up all night already, but even when you get inside you find that you’re not particularly tired. Instead, you toe off your shoes and tell Steve to make himself at home. He hovers in the doorway, watching for a minute as your cat rubs between your legs and you pause long enough to tug your tights off before flopping onto your bed. He chuckles, removing his own shoes and padding further in.
   “You can sit down somewhere.” You giggle, propping yourself up on your elbows and watching him. “Seriously. Nosferatu won’t bite. He’s a big baby.”
   “Nosferatu?” He repeats, setting his jacket on the arm of the couch and crouching down to let the cat sniff at his fingers.
   “Nosferatu.” You confirm, smiling when Nosferatu rubs up against Steve’s hand. He smiles, giving the cat a few gentle strokes before coming to sit beside you. You crawl further up your bed and lean against the headboard, drawing your knees to your chest and resting your chin on them as he shifts to face you.
   You chatter for a while, and at some point you disappear into your bathroom and return a few minutes later in a t-shirt-and-shorts pajama set, tying your hair up into a bun. Steve has scooted up to lean against your headboard as well, having abandoned his button-down, and he looks much more comfortable and at home in just a t-shirt and his jeans. You settle beside him, drawing your legs up and leaning against him lightly.
   “Tell me something about you that nobody else knows.” You say softly. He hums, settling his arm around your legs lightly and drawing his finger along your shin absently. You put your chin on your fists, watching him as he thinks, and you admire the way the fairy lights catch on his hair and in his eyes, the shadows they cast along his cheekbones and jawline.
   “I’ve always wanted a tattoo.” He murmurs. You smile, brushing your fingers through his hair lightly. “I’ve been thinking about getting one lately.”
   “What would you get?” You ask softly. He tips his head up, watches the ceiling for a moment as he thinks.
   “Something for my mom.” He says finally. “She was incredible. One of the kindest people I ever met.” You nod, leaning your head against his shoulder. “What about you?”
   “What, tattoos? I have a couple.” You tell him. He chuckles and shakes his head.
   “No, something about you that nobody else knows.” He says. You giggle quietly, watching the world outside your window for a moment as you think.
   “I’m not actually allergic to peanuts.” You say finally. “I tell everyone I am ‘cause I don’t like peanut butter, and it’s easier than having to defend why I don’t like it.” Steve laughs again, the sound making your heart flutter, and you laugh too, tucking yourself a little closer.
   The two of you sit together for a while longer, talking softly and getting to know each other better by the minute, and before you know it, you’re fast asleep, curled up against the headboard and leaning against this guy that you met just a few hours ago, and you’re happy .
   You wake the next morning having scooted down to lay on the mattress properly, and there’s an arm around your waist and a solid chest against your back, and you burrow back into the warmth behind you for a moment before remembering last night. A glance over your shoulder confirms that Steve is still here, and you smile lazily before shifting away slowly, being careful not to wake him.
   Having successfully wormed your way out of bed, you grab your phone and pad to the kitchen, popping a K-Cup into your Keurig and setting a mug under it. It spits coffee out as you unlock your phone, surprised to see the number of messages from your friends. You frown thoughtfully, reading through all of them quickly and growing more confused with each one.
   Sophie    Y/N!!!    Y/N ANSWER ME NOW
   Claire    Dude holy shit.
   You frown thoughtfully, texting Claire back a few question marks. She responds with a link to a tweet and you tap it, setting your phone down to prep your coffee while the tweet loads. You turn back, sipping at your caffeine and scoop your phone up - and promptly choke on the coffee as you read the tweet. Setting your mug down, you hurry back to your bedroom, where Steve is sitting up slowly and stifling a yawn. Before he can even say good morning, you’re clambering onto the bed and shoving the phone at him
   “You’re Captain America ?!”
   He blinks at you a few times, and you feel a little bad for attacking him with this barely thirty seconds after he’s woken up, but holy shit! He takes the phone from you, rubbing at his eyes as he squints at the screen, and you shift your weight anxiously at the foot of the bed. The tweet is from a news outlet and reads America’s Sweetheart? Captain America Spotted With Mystery Woman. It’s accompanied by a photo of you and Steve leaving the bar last night (this morning), you looking smaller than ever in his leather jacket and smiling up at him. He looks up at you and smiles sheepishly, passing the phone back. You take it, acutely aware of the way your hands are shaking, and Steve clears his throat.
   “Why didn’t you tell me?” You ask, still completely baffled by this bombshell he’s just dropped on you.
   “You didn’t treat me like a superhero.” He says simply, shrugging his broad shoulders. “It was nice not to be.. Put up on a pedestal for once.” You watch him for a moment, take him in - his rumpled t-shirt, his sleepy eyes, and some serious bedhead - and you decide that there’s no way in hell you could possibly be mad at him. If you were a superhero and met someone who didn’t know who the hell you were, you’d do the same thing. You crawl further up the bed and settle yourself in his lap, draping your arms around his shoulders. He sets his hands on your waist lightly, watching you, and you give him a small smile.
   “What do you want for breakfast?” You ask, and it’s almost painfully domestic. It is all Steve Rogers has ever wanted, and he smiles at you like you’ve put the sun in the sky.
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parprocrastination · a month ago
please you can't tell me that juicebox gives good forehead kisses and then expect me to be able to function properly please please please is there anything else you can tell me about this boy i can't stop thinking about him 🥺 what else does he like; is he a reader or a music-lover or an artist or anything? and how does he unwind outside of apple juice? and also what was he like as a cadet?
EMMA YOU’VE AWAKENED ME!! Hope you don’t mind all my ramblings! I have so many thoughts about the squad. So many!! If you’d like more?? I don’t want to overwhelm you all with OC content especially since you’re still waiting on actual writings/requests. BUT I do have appearance headcanons coming together! And I’ll do relationship ones too if you’re interested.
More Juicebox Headcanons!!
Cadet Juicebox!
the shaggiest hair you can imagine! like lil Boba’s but with a bit more curl
and he’s got a permanent pout that was really expressed when he was young
(ALSO FRECKLES!! very prominent ones which he still has!)
he’s always been more reserved, where Flash is more candid (and the original three bros in Skilo were more outgoing too)
in fact, Juicebox didn’t speak for a long time
along with that, he’s always been more hands-on in work and interactions which is the only reason he wasn’t *ahem* because they thought he might be mute
and it’s thanks to a sympathetic instructor who noticed his skill the squad went into ordnance (not that the others weren’t adept, but he showcased the best potential for the unit in the concentration)
no matter the age, Juicebox is gentle touch defined
the preference for physical stuff started when he was young and he relied on such for communicating with the bros
hand-holding in particular was the most common thing you’d find him and the others doing, especially when they were younger cadets
their instructor would have to separate them, quite literally, for individual tests as they’d be standing in line, hands locked
over time, as he adapted better to his anxiety in individual and group trials and grew more comfortable in training, he spoke more and more
and he showed so much hands-on skill, he was specialized further with medic training when the others got their advanced ordnance roles too (like disarm/disposal, tech/field scanning... stuff like that! I don’t know! I’ve made it all up haha)
as they got older and more independent, the hand-holding phased out until Flash’s accident
sure, they weren’t as young as one might think when the snack thing started but their instructor had become a softie for the boys and couldn’t help but spoil them
Flash’s incident gave the perfect excuse and Juicebox would hoard the secret snack time drinks he liked so much because the mess would never
(also don’t hide the stash in your trunks when your pockets are full... they will notice and the lil boxes will fall out when you’re climbing the ladder to your pod)
when he didn’t have the words to express worry or care, touch was Juicebox’s way to make sure his brother was beside him and okay
first thing after waking, they’d reach from their pods and tap hands just to check in
the others got their share of hugs, hair ruffles, too and Juicebox would entertain them when they wanted to wrestle, though he’d never win
he’s the worst at hand-to-hand combat, just good enough to pass basic training; his hands are made to be gentle
Flash and him still interact in the same ways, but it’s not as often as they would as cadets sometimes it’s just a little grasp of the other’s fingers before they head opposite ways and it’s grown into more of a forearm hold as they get older
they’ll even take walks arm-in-arm if they both have the time
and it’s always his left hand/arm, on the same side as his heart, he reserves for his brothers (maybe later a romantic partner)
(hopefully the switch from the right side will be noticeable enough because he’ll be too caught up in his head about the switch to explain himself)
More Random Headcanons!
he likes journaling about everything and has lost too many pens for his datapad because he does it before bed every night (if he can) and falls asleep writing so much
but he’s got the best handwriting in the squad because of all the practice!
he could write a great children’s book about Clank
and he be a great storyteller for all kids, maybe one day including his own
speaking of kids, he loves ‘em because they’re so eager to hold hands, show affection and the like; though it troubles him deeply to know children aren’t safe from the warzones they clean up or are tasked to set up
Juicebox always gets this deep feeling of dread in his gut looking through any victims, hoping to never find someone “too young” (and it’s sadly ironic since the clones are so young; that too is important)
he’s only had one such patient and fortunately she’s alive and kickin’ even with the missing leg he patched up
(and he wishes he could’ve given her something better than a silly juicebox when they left her in safer hands away from the battlefield)
second favorite snack is... apples! like an actual, whole, not-in-juice form apple
he’s the type to carry one around in his mouth throughout the day
also the type to try to talk coherently when it’s still in his mouth
Juicebox will lose his mind when he finds out about apples and caramel... and then caramel apples?? WOWEE??
would LOVE a lil garden to take care of one day
UH don’t let Clank in his lap if he’s doing work while sitting because he will fall asleep in exactly two minutes
and Clank knows exactly when he needs to sleep too, and she’ll force her way into his bunk/lap one way or another to make sure he does
steals extra pillows he needs lots to actually have a good night’s sleep and he cuddles with at least one (or keeps an arm over Clank if she’s there)
the first to wake up and a good night’s sleep for him means he stays asleep just a bit longer than usual and doesn’t have a nightmare, but even so he always wakes at an earlier hour
he’ll usually start the day with a nice stretching/yoga workout
Ziggy gets the forehead smoochies if he has a nightmare/can’t sleep
Tango gives a sloppy forehead smoochie to Juicebox as a tease though, and before Juicebox even has a chance to consider it genuinely, so sadly he has never been blessed
and for the simps... he always smells good and has a favorite cologne as his “luxury” item ;)
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