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gardenerian · 2 hours ago
I wish you would write a fic where lip introduces tami to joaquin 💐💖
lauren i already told you how much i love this but i have to tell you how much i love this 💕 writing it was.... a challenge to be sure. shout out to @phillipgallagher who had the brilliant hc of joaquin giving lip a job - i didn't quite go there but it's definitely an influence!
The stench of grease follows him these days. It lives in his clothes, his skin, his hair. It feels different than his days in the college dining hall or Patsy's - it's heavy, weighed down with something he doesn't want to name.
This is how he feeds his son.
Lip gets up every day and does what he needs to do, like he always fuckin has. He sweats for his money. Maybe he was always supposed to. Delivering shitty takeout to rich fucks who would rather eat the eight dollar delivery fee than walk twelve blocks for their burgers isn't what Lip ever had in mind for himself. Shit, fixing bikes wasn't anything he'd imagined either. Seems like he's constantly recalibrating.
Climbing the stairs, he thinks about the words he said to Fiona once - "You sure you wanna be directing all your freed up energy there?" - and wants to fucking kick himself. Lip's freed up energy goes towards hiking the stairwells of ten-floor walkups with no fucking elevator.
He's breathing hard by the time he reaches the eighth floor, and he knocks on this fucker's door with what he hopes is the most passive-aggressive sound he can muster. The door swings open and -
"Holy shit."
Familiar eyes widen at the sight of him.
It takes a moment for his brain to come back online.
"...Hey, man."
He braces for the questions. Where have you been? What are you doing? Why are you doing this? How did you end up here?
They don't come. A hand, big and warm, grasps at his shoulder.
"Holy fuck, man, hey! How've you been?"
He wants to say that it should be pretty evident. He wants to gesture to the bag of tacos in his hand and say the fuck you think?
But the defensiveness that lives under his skin these days dulls a little when he studies his old friend. Joaquin looks good - healthy, bright. He's familiar despite the few years that have aged them both. And more than that, he looks genuinely happy to see him.
"'M alright, yeah," he answers honestly. "Doin' this until something else comes along, y'know. Got a kid at home."
"No shit?"
"Fred, yeah. He's two." He feels his anxiety settle. And he asks the question. "What about you, man? What's up?"
"Just workin', mostly. Started this tech design firm a couple of years ago with a buddy and it just kinda took off recently. It's been good, though."
Lip feels some distant opportunity fall away - maybe something he could have had in another life. With a buddy. In some other time, it could have been him.
He nods because he can't speak. He holds out the bag of tacos, now cold and likely inedible.
"Oh shit, yeah, thanks. Hey, you got time to come in for a beer or something?"
Lip doesn't bother to correct him. That's not a conversation for this hallway. "Nah, man, sorry. Gotta keep movin'. Good to see you, though."
He's already pushing the door to the stairwell as Joaquin calls his own goodbye. Fuck.
That evening, after he's rinsed as much of the stale grease scent from his body as possible, Lip flops onto the couch. Fred is playing with his blocks on the floor; Tami flips through a magazine in the armchair. Not bad.
He pulls out his phone and responds to a few messages in the family chat, then flips through his apps. His mostly defunct Facebook account has a notification, and he clicks the icon knowing what it must be.
"Shit," he breathes.
"What's up?" Tami asks, glancing up from her reading.
"Message from an old buddy I ran into today. Joaquin. He wants to meet up this weekend."
"I've never heard that name. Who is he?"
"Met in college. He was a good guy. My best friend for a while, probably."
"Don't let Ian hear you say that."
Lip rolls his eyes, chuckling. His memories of Joaquin are tied up with those of gut-twisting worry for Ian. Maybe it's not. Joaquin is a looming figure in his memory, one he tried to ignore for his own peace of mind. But maybe he doesn't have to.
"You gonna meet up with him?"
He doesn't hesitate.
The coffeeshop sits on the edge of the South Side. It has just enough of an edge for Lip to relax into his seat. But it's still a fucking coffeeshop.
Tami sips at her latte while Fred babbles in her lap. This is who he is: this is what he has. He doesn't think Joaquin will mind. When the man himself sits down across from them, he feels two versions of himself begin to reconcile.
The conversation flows easy, as it always had. They talk about Fred, about his family, about the house. He slips in a couple of mentions about his sobriety - both sides of his face are warmed by twin smiles from Tami and Joaquin.
Joaquin talks about some of his travels, the new business, the guy he’s been seeing. There’s that same feeling of something large and distant falling away. Something that could have been, maybe something that almost was.
He watches Joaquin make faces at Freddie as he chats with Tami about some TV show he’s never seen. And it strikes him.
This friendship - this bond, this care - it was never about what Lip did or what he could be. It was about who Lip was. Who they were. Maybe now it could about who they are.
He’s been so focused on his family for so long. Gallaghers have never been known to nurture longstanding friendships beyond Kev and V. And yet here is someone who might just want to know him again. Even as he is now.
They part ways on the sidewalk, each returning to their homes and own lives. Joaquin claps him on the back, good to see you brother, and invites him to come check out his office in the coming days.
Some things have fallen away. Some may just be coming together.
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malecacidd · 14 hours ago
Counter for times I have cried solely because I love the jatp characters So Much:
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teapartyships · a day ago
Dimitri x August - 1.7k words
This is a self indulgent fic based off of a convo with Bing! More context is provided at the end!
Dimitri finds himself getting jealous over something petty, but he ends up having a much more delicate moment with August when a certain green haired lad lets slip the details of Dimitri's jealousy to someone who can't keep his mouth shut.
Dimitri hates the feeling of jealousy. It's such an ugly emotion, one that clouds his judgement and warps his mind further, and it is definitely unbecoming of someone of his status. He could feel it coiling at the bottom of his ribcage and crawling up his throat. His breathing felt tight and his stomach slightly nauseous as his clammy hands tightened by his side.
The reasoning behind Dimitri’s jealousy was ridiculous at best, which only served to make him feel worse. Jealousy over the way August greets his friends is a petty thing, indeed. He had only placed a delicate kiss upon Sylvain's cheek - nothing more than a greeting between friends - but Dimitri was powerless to halt the green eyed monster’s prowl within his chest. Dimitri had just received one of August’s cheek kisses minutes prior, which had given him boundless joy, but his feeling was quickly crushed by the kiss left on the cheek of the red haired male. Dimitri knew August didn't mean it in any sort of romantic way toward Sylvain, intending it to be a gesture between friends, but he couldn't say the same for Sylvain.
Shifting from foot to foot in a rather unprincely manner, Dimitri found himself standing before August (between him and Sylvain, one may note) with his head bowed slightly. “If you…,” he began, struggling to find his strength to continue his proposal. “If you didn’t mind… may I steal you away to the training ground for a moment…?” He cleared his throat as he trailed off, daring to lift his heavy gaze from the tips of August’s shoes and meet his eyes. To his surprise, he was met with a wide smile.
“I’d be delighted!” He exclaimed with glee, lifting onto his tiptoes for a brief moment and clasping his hand together. Dimitri couldn’t hold back a small smile no matter how he tried. The two oblivious boys eagerly headed out toward the sunbathed field area together. Upon arrival, the two drew their weapons and began a lighthearted duel.
Dimitri moved carefully on the field, trying hard to never land a blow on August that may seriously hurt him, despite the latter’s insistence that he can handle it. His hands were tight around his lance, grip firm and movement fluid. He was trying to be cognizant of his strength, as he was afraid of snapping the weapon in front of the person he was head over heels for, or, even worse, causing any serious damage to him or any other bystander.
However, in a moment of unprecedented irony, a loud cry sounded across the arena. “NO WAY- IS THE PRINCE IS JEALOUS????”
Heads all around whipped toward the source, which just so happened to be Caspar, cheeks pink and mouth agape in shock, huddled next to a red faced Linhardt. It was apparent, even without asking, that Linhardt had been whispering about the reasoning behind Dimitri’s haste to head to the training field, but Caspar was unable to keep his mouth shut, leading to the two being caught like deer before the hunter's volley.
Wooden splinters soon littered the ground, accompanying the cracking sounds of wood being crushed within a young man’s fist. Dimitri had snapped his training lance in two not mere seconds after Caspar’s outburst, and his face was quickly blooming into a shade of red, one which matched that which Linhardt donned. August, who misunderstood the situation terribly, quickly rushed forward - dropping his own weapon - and grasped Dimitri’s hand in his own. He held it lightly, looking up at Dimitri with worried eyes before looking back down to scan for injuries.
“Are you okay?” He blurted out, back and forth between Dimitri’s hand and eyes with a frantic sense of urgency. Dimitri sputtered for a moment, feeling the heat in his face spreading up over his ears and creeping down his neck. He was unable to think of anything to say at all, too embarrassed from what had just transpired, and ended up just gaping down at August like a fish out of water. His eyes were as wide as August’s, but lacking the smaller boy’s sense of urgency and instead filled with embarrassment and shock.
It felt like time had stopped for a moment as August lightly pressed his lips against Dimitri’s knuckles. Everything had transpired within less than a minute, but it felt like hours. Everyone present had stopped dead in their tracks, focused solely on the scene transpiring before them. Lindhart’s cheeks still burned scarlet and Caspar’s mouth still hung open, but even they were fixated on Dimitri and August. August had barely parted from Dimitri’s hand and lifted his eyes to look at him when the blonde felt all the blood completely rushing to his head. Feeling lightheaded, he all but collapsed in a heap as August was just about to ask him once more if he was truly alright. Letting out a loud shocked sound, August leapt up and looked for someone who could carry Dimitri to the infirmary, believing Dimitri had succumbed to heat stroke, or, even worse, August had accidentally harmed him somehow.
The next thing Dimitri knew, he was opening his eyes and flat on his back. Gazing up at the ceiling, he groaned and shifted lightly, feeling a light pounding in his head. From the corner of his eye, he noted a visitor sitting in a chair beside him, wringing his hands in painfully obvious worry. He soon picked up on the soft sniffles and anxious shifting from the boy beside him, as well as the slightly gleeful sounding mutters coming from Manuela.
“August?”, Dimitri lightly asked, voice slightly croaky from his unplanned rest. He shifted in bed once more, turning to look at him with a soft expression.
“Oh Dimitri!” August wailed. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t- I didn’t mean to hurt you! I’m so so so sorry! Are you- ah- are you okay? Oh goddess, I’m really so sorry! I understand if you’re mad! I c-can do your chores for you for a month if you want! Stable duty or or kitchen or… or whatever you want! I’m so sorry just please don’t be mad at me for too long! I really didn’t mean it!” August’s eyes were wild and untamed, lacking the usual ambivalence and disinterest they usually held. Instead, they were filled with tears - many of which slipped free and streamed carelessly down his cheeks - and sorrow, openly apologetic for an incident he believed himself to be the fault of.
“Wh? August, what do you mean? What are you apologizing for?” The young man tried to sit up in his temporary bed but quickly grimaced and lowered himself back down, instead propping himself up at a low angle on his elbow in order to look at August.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you! I’m so sorry! I just wanted to make sure you were okay!” Possibly seconds from breaking into full on sobs, August quickly bowed his head and wiped at his eyes. He was clearly uncomfortable with his emotions so rawly on display, but Dimitri still felt honored to be one of the few to receive such a sight.
Manuela chuckled breathily from the other side of the room, muttering something about "young love" under her breath, which coincided perfectly with the opening of the doors. Dedue stood before the duo, taking in the sight of a tears eyed August and weary looking Dimitri with a calm and concerned expression. Practically wailing once more, the teary eyed lad averted his eyes from the tall figure in the doorway, apologizing once more for something he hadn’t intended to cause.
“Dedue I’m so sorry! I’m sorry, I’m so- you told me to be careful around His Highness so he wouldn’t get injured and I completely messed it up! I’m so sorry, I understand if you both hate me!”
Dedue, despite never being one to really show his expressions blatantly across his face, managed to look both mildly amused and completely lost.
Content with seeing that His Highness was not seriously injured, Dedue moved over to inquire about him further with the still entertained Manuela. Dimitri, taking advantage of the silence and the seeming calm that finally settled over August, reached his free hand out and grasped one of August's. August jolted in his seat, wide eyes dropping down to where their hands were intertwined.
Dimitri smiled softly one more time, lifting August's hand to his mouth and placing a soft kiss upon his knuckles in the same way August had done only a short while prior. What Dimitri didn't consider, however, was the affect this would have on August, has it was his turn to be rendered nearly faint and quickly rushed to lie down by the concerned medical professional.
When the concern had died down and Manuela moved to get the young boy a glass of water, Dimitri allowed a somewhat strained chuckle to slip past. "My... apologies," he sheepishly bowed his head. "I did not mean to cause you any harm."
It was August's turn to laugh lightly, shifting in his own temporary bed to face the prince and smiling, cheeks slightly dusted pink. "No, don't worry about it," he waved his hand from where it lay at his side, something that caught Dimitri's eye and pulled a soft smile across his face. "I was being silly... I do really hope I didn't hurt you though!"
"Don't worry, you didn't."
Dimitri chuckled once more, and this time, it was the cheeriest one August had heard yet. His blue eyes twinkled as he looked toward the other bed, extending his gauntlet-covered hand toward August. "Pinkie promise," he said, recalling August's fondness for them.
Manuela was unable to contain her delight, all but snorting loudly at the two lovesick fools. Even Dedue had a slight change in expression, but his seemed to be one of more exasperation over the two's lack of actual relationship than anything else.
But it was worth it, Dimitri decided. All of the embarrassment and commotion. It was all worth it for the smile August wore; the smile that lit up the room and imbedded itself within Dimitri's heart.
Tumblr media
I regret this already.
So last night I joked with Bing about both the idea of a jealous pouty Dimitri and my own inability to understand social norms, which leads to me wondering if it is acceptable to greet friends with a kiss on the cheek. I also, unfortunately, tend to be the type to see someone relatively close to me with a wound and offer to "kiss it better", hence August's hasty decision. I also tend to get completely apologetic and frantic when overwhelmed, often driven to tears and beyond.
I still don't know if that's considered okay or not, but Bing and I had a lighthearted conversation about August and Dimitri spiraling into pining will collapsing when the other even gives them affection - which isn't too far off from how I'd probably respond. These are some screenshots from my conversation that really helped shape this whole thing! And a side note, Bing's "dimitri's weak voice confusedly going "august?" in a cute little way" was a low blow and I still haven't recovered /hj /lh.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#chamomile claws#my writing#this fic was a mistake!#KJFDHGKJFD DONT PERCEIVE ME I STARTED THIS ALL IN BULK @ LIKE 1-3 AM WHEN I WAS TRYING TO TIRE MYSELF OUT IN HOPES OF FINALLY SLEEPING BUT#I FAILED MISERABLY AND AM SO TIRED SO IF THERES A LOT OF ERRORS BLAME IT ON THAT <////3#god pls i cannot write to save my own fucking life if the world was ending and u asked me to write something ig wed all jsut die#AND I NEVER WRITE SELFSHIP BCS I PERSONALLY THINK MY F/OS WOULD ABHOR ME SO <//////3#anyway for information that doesnt matter!: the bits about august's eyes is bcs ive recently realized the reasons people tell me i look#'bored / mean' a lot or wtv is because im terrible at masking my expression and decided to write that into my fic. also i get a lot of#comments about my eyes and my mom one time thought i had a health issue bcs my eyes looked so 'dead' to her so they r my favorite feature#ANYWAY <///3 DONT PERCIEVE THIS FIC! I CANT WRITE! i havent written a full blown fic in a while ... so this is kinda raggedy af! but it was#still pretty fun to make! also i have no idea how to write dimitri#or dialogue! or dedue!#the three d's of this fic ....#I LOVE DIMITRI SM BUT WRITING HIM IS COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT! also dialogue is my weak point in general it always comes across as weird#nghgh trying to have happy dima august thoughts to cheer up but my brain is all full of 'but dima wouldnt like u?' thoughts instead </3#have this fic but pls. pls dont look at me. i didnt write this u didnt see me post this!#I REGRET THIS SO MUCH BING THIS IS ALL UR FAULT /LH /HJ! thats why im exposing our discord ss mwahaha but i blurred ur name out bcs im not#*that* evil im just an illiterate dick!
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gagmebucky · a day ago
the way u only gave us that lil snippet of the cheerleading outfit(?) story and its been living in my head ever since,,,, i can already tell im gonna b having a good time when u release it 😌 i love ur stories ur deadass my fave bucky writer akfbk,#(#;
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weasleylangs · 2 days ago
when you finally finish semester and all you want to do is write but youre too easily distracted so youve watched all 3 divergent films in two days 
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hopecountyisforlovers · 2 days ago
rating: general. implied sexual content but nothing graphic. lets call it pg-13
pairing: summerseed ( john x tobias )
words: 1430
summary: happy pride month ! i actually started this last week but im just finishing and editing it now. tobias makes john breakfast in this one and theres lots of gay shit
It's still early when the idea strikes Tobias- at least, early for him. It surprises him that he can still feel John in bed next to him, can still hear him mumbling in his sleep in the midst of a dream. Hadn't he mentioned taking a day off? That made his idea even more perfect, didn't it?
Fortunately ( or unfortunately, depending on how he thought about it ), John was currently sleeping with his back to him, which made it much easier to slip gently out of bed than if he had to pry himself out of his grip.
At a hint of motion, John turns over, still obviously asleep, grasping for where Tobias had just lain and seeming distressed when he finds nothing in the space. Thinking fast, the blonde slips his pillow from it's place at the head of the bed, pushing it gently towards his husbands reaching arms. It works like a charm- he wraps around it as easily as he would if it actually were him, sleep becoming peaceful once more.
Tobias could watch him sleep for hours, and on previous occasions he had, but this morning he's on a mission. He pads out of their shared bedroom lightly, closing the door behind him with a feather-light touch. John slept in so rarely- it simply wouldn't do for anything to wake him up. Especially when there was still so much work to be done.
Through the living room, into the kitchen- the hardwood floor is cool under his feet, except where late morning light pours in through the windows to warm it. Seed Ranch is serene at this time of day, something straight out of a cottagecore fantasy. If you could call their sprawling estate home a "cottage", that is. The thought makes him laugh.
This was second nature to him, a routine that even before this place he had done most every morning. It was more special, here- something he chose to do and not something he was forced to do. The fridge was usually well stocked, and today was no exception- it gives him a chill when he peeks into it. The blueberries he had picked fresh from their backyard garden sit, enticingly brightly colored, in a Tupperware on the second shelf.
It doesn't take him long- combining ingredients, frying bacon, slicing bread he had baked just the other night for thick, golden toast- or at least, it doesn't feel like it's taken him that long. Truthfully, Tobias finds it impossibly easy to lose himself in domestic activities. He's flipping a pancake dotted with plump blueberries when a set of arms wraps firm around his waist, the soft contrast of lips against his neck followed in a shiver-inducing way by the scratch of John's beard against sensitive skin.
"You didn't think that pillow would fool me forever, did you, my dear?" he still sounds half asleep- there's a husky tone to his usually smooth voice that summons butterflies to Tobias' stomach.
"I sure hoped it wouldn't. You'd miss breakfast."
"Breakfast?" he seems to notice what Tobias is doing for the first time- the smaller man can feel his lips curve up into a smile against the curve of his jawline. "Mmnn, you know your blueberry pancakes are my favorite. Whats the occasion?"
"The occasion?" Tobias giggles under his breath. "Well, I woke up in bed next to the most handsome man I'd ever seen. And then I saw the ring on his finger matched mine, so...."
This time John laughs, a sound like rich, dripping honey that he's sure must be the undiscovered secret cure for something. It makes what he is sure must be the dopiest grin alive stretch at the corners of his mouth. "You really are an angel, you know that?"
Tobias laughs with him in turn and he is finishing another pancake for the stack, starting a fresh ladle of thick batter against the gently popping oil despite being restrained by John's arms as he is. It was a necessity, really, developing that skill- John never let him go when he didn't have to, and that was how he preferred it. "Takes one to know one."
John's laughter brushes just lightly against the shell of his ear this time, and the flame of hot sensation it sends right down his spine to pool in his stomach is enough to almost make him drop the spatula he's holding. He can tell John saw it, too- he can practically hear the satisfaction in his voice when it comes to the power he holds over his little husband. "Careful, wildflower. Don't burn yourself."
He's already burning in a much different way. Tobias is sure he already knows. He flips the last finished pancake off into the pre-prepared plate, turning his head a bit to face him and leaning up to place a gentle kiss against his lips that sparks with sweet electricity. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to seduce me, Mr. Seed."
"Oh really? Did I wake up and make you a breakfast fit for a king?"
"Mmmn, you caught me. I almost decided to do it in nothing but my apron." It sounds awkward, coming from him, like he feels it always does when he attempts to be charming in the same effortless way John is, but the tightening of John's arms around his waist and the little shuddering breath he muffles against the skin of his throat are a fine indication that he thought otherwise. He would have to explore that idea more later- today, they have all the time in the world. "Why don't you go sit, get comfortable, and I'll make you a plate?"
"If you keep spoiling me like this, Joseph will make a law against it."
"God himself couldn't stop me from spoiling you, much less Joseph. Now go," Another kiss, this time in parting. It would only be for a few minutes, but it still feels necessary. "Sit."
"Sir yes sir." John's warmth pulls away from him, leaving him to his labor of love. He can hear the shift of chair legs against the hardwood floor, can hear him barely suppress a yawn and a soft moan as he stretches. He can picture it in his head clear as day, as he arranges food on of John's fancy plates- a little dab of butter here, some syrup there, bacon and toast arranged just so. It doesn't have to look perfect, but he takes it as a personal bit of pride that it does- or at least, as close to perfect as he can recreate.
Tobias slides it across the table towards him, finishing off the picture with a fork and a tall glass of fresh, cold milk from the fridge. The seat next to him is absent, of course, and he takes it, unwilling to be too far from him for too long. There- now it's perfect.
"Aren't you going to have some?"
"I...Uh.." Tobias just stares at him, suddenly flushed hot in embarrassment as he realizes his mistake, and the look that slides over John's face is endearingly exasperated.
"Did you only make enough for me again?"
"....Ahaha, old habits die hard, I guess." He had always been the one to make breakfast, but never for himself.
"That just means we get to share, doesn't it?"
"You don't have to d-" Tobias starts to protest, but is quickly silenced as John shoves a fork loaded with blueberry pancake into his open mouth. He has to admit, he's really outdone himself with this batch. He hums low in approval, eyes fluttering for a moment, and from this close John's answering laugh practically brushes against his skin.
"That's what I thought."
"Okay, okay..." He can't help but smile, watching his husband fork a bite for himself. His hair is messy and unkempt, the usual tension in his shoulders dissolved into a pleasant slope. It occurs to him, like it often does, how few people have gotten to see him this way- his heart swells in his chest, warm and saccharine. How could he possibly deny him the chance to share his breakfast, if that was what he wanted? How could he possibly deny him anything? "A few bites can't hurt. But I'm making you a snack later, okay?"
"Hmmmmm." He considers for a moment, twirling his fork in a circular motion, before a downright illegal sort of expression slides over his handsome features. "How about I have you for a snack later?"
Tobias' stomach fills with the beat of wings.
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theendisnear-buygold · 2 days ago
goodnight only to those fanfics that are from a fandom you don’t know about/prompt or elements that are strange that you begin as a joke or slight curiosity but end up getting the most emotionally involved in
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atozfic · 3 days ago
omg congrats on reaching 900!! i just started an ateez fic blog and your account was one of the things that inspired it so i'm so happy for you! here's an idea for the made up fic title game: "as the world crumbled"
pairing: song mingi x gn!reader | genre: quarantine fic, roommate au, friends to lovers. | warnings: mentions of the 2020 pandemic. | description: sometimes all it takes to fix a broken heart is a rekindled crush, burnt cookies and a raging pandemic.
Tumblr media
outside, the streets are empty. few cars have passed, no pedestrians are around. the city looks more like a ghost town, so different to just a few months ago when snow painted the cobbled streets in white and families occupied every corner, crowding together for warmth during their holiday shopping.
inside, your hearts are full. few conversations have been exchanged, no need for words when actions already speak so loudly. the apartment is booming with life, a complete one-eighty to the atmosphere from just a few weeks back when you were fresh out of a toxic relationship and mingi was treading on egg shells around you, doing anything he could to make you feel better.
maybe people will say you two are moving too fast. you’re already aware of what yunho had said over the phone, after mingi spewed out everything that had happened in the past few days. you knew he’d cautioned the boy, warned him to not give his heart out so willingly so quickly.
you feel like you’re not moving fast enough. there’s no label set to what you are or what you aren’t. even if it’s new, it feels old, nurtured, mature. like it began the moment you two had met, signing the agreement papers to move you in as his roommate. the cynical part of you wonders what would have happened back then if you’d both been single, if neither of you had tried to deny the feelings you were-
“they didn’t burn!”
jumping in your spot from the fright mingi’s sudden cheer had given you, it takes a few moments to truly understand what he’s saying. by the time your eyes widen and you begin to smile, he’s already made his out of the kitchen, a perfectly baked cookie in his hand and another hanging from his mouth.
7 batches, 3 weeks, way too much flour and, finally, you’d both gotten it right.
“here, here, try it!” the tall man has never looked so happy, not even after the kiss you shared during the now deemed pizza incident. he thrusts the cookie in his hand out to you, urging you to take a piece.
like the world outside, the cookie perfectly crumbles 
Tumblr media
send me a fake fic title and i’ll show you what i come up with + a blurb!
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secretbangtnn · 3 days ago
Another prompt
Okay so what if tiger Taehyung would be a vegetarian or smth bcs of his past
And oc not knowing it one time brings him like a little mouse or a bird she catcher when her animal side came through a little bit more
Her looking at him with the sparkly eyes wanting his prise as he Is a big predator and somehow an alpha for her, getting rather a high pitched scream and terrified tiger
Oc being so confused watching Taehyung running away thinking that maybe the animal was not impressive so for the next days she brings him more and more animals (some dead some not) with Taehyung fainting every time
It would only end when a tired of screaming and passing out panther tells her that she doesn't need to prove she is a good addition to a pack and Taehyung already thinks of her as of good little predator
And our little oc being so happy coming to find Taehyung with a big smile only to find him already passed out with a little butterfly sitting next to him
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gnomeandostrich · 3 days ago
Whip Wednesday
Thanks for tagging me @liamwynric and @sosolenoo !☺️❤️
Had this idea, haven’t typed it officially yet so please forgive any errors #noBetaReading #typingStraightIntoThePost 🤞😬❤️
The Wayhaven Chronicles Fan-Fiction
Nat Sewell monologue
Warnings: mild/implied sexual content but nothing is mentioned (no details) - just eluding
Nat pouted, all she wanted to do lay in bed with Warren and enjoy the wonderfully rainy day. They deserved quiet moments and she wondered if they’d ever get some time for themselves. We’re they doomed to a life of quick kisses and brief stay overs?
She pushed the worry away for now. Why ruin today after such a lovely night. And waking up not only side by side but in each other’s arms?!? Nat never realized how at peace she would feel in her beloveds embrace. She navigated the halls with ease, making her way back to her room before the endless meeting that was surely to arise at any moment. Her face twisted, since settling in the warehouse her patience for the Agency and her role in it had … dwindled - finding herself annoyed more often that not.
Pressing the door shut and letting it support her for a moment, eyes closed, she let out a practiced breath. Before letting out a sad sort of hum upon opening her eyes and busying herself with getting dressed. When something caught her eye. A note tucked half under her pillow.
Her whole body thrummed with anticipation over what sweet words Warren left for her this time. Perhaps it was another poem? She bit her lip to settle the giggly heat running wild through her body. And carefully opened the letter.
Nat tried her best not to crumple the note but it was near impossible. The edges were crushed tightly under her knuckles as her eyes read over and over - completely lost to the *ahem* very steamy note. Her hand cupped her forehead, lips imprisoned by her teeth - thinking that it was definitely too hot in there. And so focused she didn’t hear Farah knock nor realize she was already beside her peering over inquisitively.
“Oh?! Is that what I think it is?” She said, a grin spreading rapidly across her face. Nat jumped, wide eyed and shoving the note away before Farah could glimpse anymore. “It’s, no, it’s nothing, I…”
TBC? Idk
Wednesday is almost over so I won’t tag anyone 🥺❤️
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tsaritsa · 3 days ago
Hi! IDK if you said something about this before, but I wanted to know if you plan on continuing May I feel, said he?
I love the way you write and it's easily my favorite royai fic. If you're not gonna continue, that's okay, you're so talented and I love everything you write! Just wanted you to know!
hey! more is being written (albeit slowly haha). technically my focus rn is on my big bang fic bc that's due oct 3rd but it's by no means forgotten. unfortunately mar and i discovered a thing called The Real World and it turns out that thing sucks up a lot of time.
there's only a few chapters left of may i feel tho, so hopefully we can get the remainder written out sooner rather than later. it's a big project in my mind and it would be nice to put it properly behind instead of getting anxious about it ;__;
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brooksmcyt · 4 days ago
#i just gotta vent in the tags for a minute because i have no one to say this all to#passerine is written so beautifully and is some of the best prose i've ever seen in fanfiction#which is a lot of fanfic given i've been reading stuff for about a decade#but i will never read it again#why?#the resurrection bit#literally that's it that's the only reason#had tommy been resurrected or had resurrection never come up at all i would probably read it again someday#but that little bit of false hope broke me so bad i can not return to it#i don't know if it's out of sadness or anger or what but i was so devastated when the resurrection thing turned out to be a lie#i really don't like additional tragedy for the sake of additional tragedy though i see how it helps readers sympathize with the characters#and it sucks because i love the writing but i can not take that story again#every time i think about it with even an ounce of emotion i immediately start tearing up#no other story has done that but then again no other story has devastated me to the point where i refuse to pick it up a second time#anyway i would love to talk about this fic or dsmp in general if anyone is looking for an mcyt friend god knows i need one#congrats for getting through all of that#it all probably sounded very whiny and privileged of me to complain about being emotionally unable to reread a fanfic#so kudos to you for putting up with that#this rant brought to you by: an emotionally drained and exhausted brooks who was kept awake by passerine intruding my brain once again#babbling brooks
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dilftaro-fucker · 4 days ago
The first chapter of my new fic California Calls is up! Join Jotaro Kujo and Noriaki Kakyoin in their final two weeks before graduation day. In this fic, they struggle with homework and missing assignments, have hilarious encounters, and try to fix Jotaro's relationship with his dad.
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