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One way or another, Bokuto eventually learns about Akaashi's constant use of the word "star" towards him and how it has singlehandedly been the first and only thing that popped up in his mind when Akaashi first encountered Bokuto.
The only question is: how did Bokuto figure it out?
Well, Akaashi can remember it so clearly. And he could never forget it either. Karasuno had already departed from the summer training camp, leaving Nekoma and Fukurodani. Fukurodani's bus was to depart the next day early morning so it was no surprise Akaashi found Bokuto outside in the dead of night.
Looking up at the stars.
Akaashi found Bokuto sitting in the same small hill next to one of the gyms. Not even a second passed and Bokuto had let him sit down beside him. From there it simmered down to idle chatter, small banter and inside jokes that only the two of them understood.
It made Akaashi's heart warm at every little vibration in Bokuto's laugh.
"Hey Akaashi, you like the stars don't you?" The question cut through the silence of the night, the wind carrying its weight over to Akaashi.
"Ah, I suppose I do." Akaashi trails off, his head turns ever so slightly to catch sight of Bokuto.
"That's cool! I bet you can name all those constellations right?"
It takes a few seconds for Akaashi to process anything Bokuto has said before looking back up. "Not really, as much as I love astrology and the likes, I don't really have the time to look at constellations."
Bokuto looks at him aloof and Akaashi swears deep inside it's the purest thing alive. "Oh? Hmm then, what's your favorite star Akaashi?"
"I'm sorry Bokuto-san, could you repeat that?"
"What's your favorite star?!" Bokuto faces Akaashi and for a moment. For a short moment. Their faces were just a distance from each other. Akaashi retracts, face flushed.
"I...I'm sorry Bokuto-san, I don't really have an answer for that yet." Akaashi says, tilting his head downwards with the weight of disapppoinment. All that greets him is the patch of grass beneath them both.
"That's alright Akaashi! Mine would be, the Big Dipper!"
"Because it's the most iconic one?"
"What?! No, of course not Akaashi. I know a lot more constellations than just the Big Dipper!"
Akaashi tilts his head upwards with a small smile. Filled to the brim with amusement.
"Oh? Why don't you point some out?"
"You're on Akaashi! See over there that's uhhh the Leviticus star! And over there I think it's the..." None of the names nor constellations Bokuto had pointed out were actually true, Akaashi was no fool to know that. Yet, he let those bizarre names pass him by. Especially when it comes to Bokuto Koutarou.
A few years passed and Keiji finds himself in the warm embrace of one Koutarou Bokuto. His husband. They're outside on the balcony of their apartment, looking at the same old stars that had been there since their highschool days.
As they're making jokes and chatting about how tiresome their work has been, Keiji looks over to catch Koutarou face as he smiles and laughs away.
There really isn't any star in the galaxy that could compare to Koutarou.
His Koutarou.
It's about time he gives him an answer.
"Hmm? Yeah Keiji?"
"Do you remember what you asked me back on our last day at training camp?"
"What I asked you?" For a moment Koutarou thinks long and hard, Keiji finds himself smiling at the way his husband's brows furrow and his whole face scrunches when asked a question.
"Oh! Is it the one about stars? Like, what's your favorite star?"
Keiji nods before gently facing Koutarou and holding his husband's hands.
Koutarou looks him for a moment, simply aloof and Keiji can never get old of such an expression. "What do you mean Keiji?"
From his hands, Keiji slowly brings them up to cup Koutarou's cheeks. The smile on his face has never been warmer.
"You are my favorite star Koutarou. The brightest star in the whole galaxy."
Koutarou's mouth moves to make a small "oh" noise before immediately giving Keiji an embrace. Above tufts of black hair, Keiji can subtely feel the gentle press and warm smile of Koutarou's lips against his head.
"I love you Keiji."
Truly, no matter how many times Koutarou has said it, those words will never fail to make Keiji melt. With all the affection he could pour into such simple words, Keiji looks up and allows himself to say:
"I love you too Kou."
As the night passes them by, Keiji looks up at all the stars hanging in the sky.
With the brightest one, right in his arms.
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herewegobebe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The chaos when Taekey do anything together 😂💕 (@bumkeyk instalive 210503 gatecrashed by Taemin)
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multxfandom-bitxh · 5 days ago
Alfie: so... when did you realize that I was alive?
Tommy: ... you literally sent me a letter asking about your fucking dog
Alfie: oh yeah that’s right lol
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feathersofvibranium · 8 days ago
//hello lovelies did you all get a chance to watch Falcon and the Winter Soldier?! HOLY WHAT
I just
Fucking amazing show everyone go watch it if you haven't yet
also yes hi I am back lol
I have been revived by the power of love
this show is everything I wanted with sam and bucky
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#idk why I’m making two of these posts in a row but I really really just need someone to tell me it’s okay#I really thought something awful was going to happen yesterday one way or another#when really to calm those fears all I needed was to be held and told that it’s okay#that I’m okay#that just because my body often betrays me doesn’t mean I’m a burden or bad#that I’m safe and loved and my ability to do x y or z doesn’t change that level of love from one day to the next#I was so fucking scared yesterday#and so fucking hurt#and i was doing really well having a p okay ldov despite everything#and the past few weeks even have been good#and I’ve been smiling so much lately#everything was feeling lighter#i don’t know where I’m going with this tbh#but I want to go back to two days ago when I was smiling and feeling seen in the best way and the worst thing was I took a nap instead of#idk getting my oil changed#god what a fucking tragedy would love to be able n that situation again#I just slept for 14 hours and literally everything hurts#I can’t even think of somewhere else for me to go rn bc apparently having friends who live literally anywhere else but where you do will#eventually come back to bite you#oh you need a place to stay for a little while that has an extra bed and someone who won’t ask invasive questions???#great Theresa a $1500 flight to NZ leaving tomorrow at 11pm good luck#*there’s a#it’s fine i’m fine everything is fine#if you’ve made it this far pls just send a little love and healing my way#I really need it 😔#personal
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grayson-richard · 10 days ago
vincenzo may not have vocally responded to cha young’s heartfelt declaration of them being soulmates, but his actions reciprocated her unwavering love by returning to geumga plaza in time to protect her. when cha young told vincenzo that she would feel his pain if he were to get hurt, the truth of her words resonated inside of his heart so deeply that he made the decision to stay. vincenzo couldn’t stand even the thought of something happening to cha young while he was away, because if she got hurt then he would feel it too. every step he took away from her at the airport only made it clearer to him that his soul really is tethered to hers and that she is his home. 
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alicewestwater · 14 days ago
WHAT IS SWEET BRIAR???? IM CURIOUS also pocket lesbians
okay so i’ve talked about pocket lesbians here already !
[this is my original work, do not use / repurpose / plagiarise in any form]
sweet briar the working title for a webcomic i’ve had banging around in my head since i was thirteen in various different mediums. it’s essentially a mlm romance except their relationship is extremely nuanced by the fact that both of them are extremely aspec and one of them is arospec 🤸
this story has had multiple names and forms [the original being in like 2016 when i was still in my c*shet phase] but essentially its form progression looks like this: short story [full romance, meet-cute, mlw]—> novel [still romance, neighbours to lovers (is that even a trope), mlm] —> webcomic [contemporary, strangers to lovers, mlm]. details:
mcs are dev [he/they] and adrien [he/him]. the story’s sort of an exploration of queer romance but through an aroace lens? i’m aromantic and have never been very comfortable with writing “proper” romances, so this story is like a compromise which i love
by virtue of the storytelling medium, this would involve three “seasons”: the first one focusses on adrien starting afresh in a place where he isn't known only as “the trans kid” and deals with self-identity; the second one on dev’s extremely strained relationship with their [homophobic] family and with realising that you don't have to forgive the shitty people in your life. the third season would be idk lmao but it would focus mostly on their relationship!
they're both asian <3 adrien’s chinese and dev’s desi, and there is ofc going to be a lot of me gushing about being asian and how sexy it is through the characters because i like doing so.
the entire story is secretly a love letter to singapore, which is where their uni is [it’s a college story again! which i want to make when i’m in uni too] and where the majority of the story is set, and is also probably my favourite place in the world and where i wanted to go to for uni but can’t because reasons but we don’t talk about that
since it’ll be a webcomic i am very excited to see how my “drafting” process would have to adapt and also might have to learn to screen write just for this and that might be really fun 👁️
ask me about my wips!
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yangyangthegerman · 16 days ago
I have to rant about my private life. My apologies.
#i fuxking hate these two noisy boys so much#everyday im just so close to packing up my stuff and leaving this hell#like.. the thought of getting on a train and having my peace for two or three hours#amazing. heavenly tbh#i could just go visit my lil brother and hide there for some days tbh#hes probably the only male i can actually stand#sad how my dream is to live with my bro bc i hate other people and hes the only one who gets me#im probably the worst human alive tbh...#the fact that i have to deal with all of this every day without getting paid is ridiculous#i sound like a whiny millenial#and a horrible mother. i know#but like... my bf is home this entire week as well and#instead of having one toddler throwing tantrums that makes two :)))#plus he leaves trash and dirty clothes everywhere#and he never shuts up. like every one of his thoughts is super important for me to hear#how are men so fucking entitled#dont get me wrong i would totally protect the child from.. anything really#but it seriously wouldnt hurt me to not see him for a day and just breathe maybe#and for the other.......... i could easily not see that one for weeks tbh#theres a reason i did not want to move in with him again#and then him asking if i wanted another baby? like ??? i didn't even want the first one wtf#can people stop being like aww you and your little family. the kid is sooo cute.#like. yes. hes cute. but what's your point#i did not want this. i just suck at making decisions#it's like i hate myself and just try to make myself as miserable as possible most of the time#i just wanna be left alone#my entire energy goes into keeping myself from committing homocide im just so mad lately#how do i always end up making my life even worse#its like im here waiting for my life to start but its always just about others and im sick of it#having a child was really like a wake up call that this is definetely not what i want
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ofmonstersandduelists · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
@darkxmagicxpriest​ being sneaky in public:  🤝 Reach for my muse’s hand to hold it
non-verbal || {accepting!}
{🧿}- Hundreds of pairs of eyes filled the throne room of the palace, all in celebration of their pharaoh, his six loyal priests surrounding his throne, yet despite the countless gazes, their proximity to the other priests and to the pharaoh himself, someone still dared to act boldly. 
Familiar fingers brushed against the priestess’ hand -- a silent question asked.
May I hold your hand?
Her fingers laced together with the sorcerer’s; she could have been blindfolded and still would have known it was Mahad that had reached out for her hand. Isis could not deny it to herself: she truly and deeply cared for Mahad, but her heart still beat quicker and nerves grew tense at even the subtlest acts of affection when others were near. The last thing she wanted was for him to get in trouble for a love that was surely forbidden for them, but that neither dared cease.
Tumblr media
“You’re taking quite the risk you know,” she murmured quietly, the traces of a smile forming on her lips. “It’s almost as if you want to get caught.”
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