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faedawayyy6 months ago
Tumblr media
he鈥檚 had a good 3 years of being in relationship and girl drama and having that just doesn鈥檛...make sense...anymore? like him and zara definitely have things they need to work through but i think he鈥檚 found someone he really likes and isn鈥檛 even looking into everybody else.聽
HOWEVER, now that he鈥檚 with her, i think his family鈥檚 financial situation will become even more desperate bc they鈥檙e bankrupt and the calloway鈥檚 are like r i c h. so....聽
- SOMEONE HE鈥橲 LOANING A LOT OF $$$ FROM: yes, he makes lots from his singing career but his parents are in huge debt and on top of that, there鈥檚 margo鈥檚 rehab fees and spending problem. everything dallas has earned since his first album has gone to fixing his family and it just hasn鈥檛 happened yet. maybe he reaches out to someone over christmas for a big loan and they give it to him, without realising he has literally no plans on paying them back. if they鈥檙e going to be nice about it, i dont want it. i want tension w this.聽 - DIRTY WORK: he鈥檚 obviously been a drug dealer before. i鈥檓 happy for him to go down that route but again, anyone who is maybe from a sketchy family, dallas would be happy to do their dirty work for them if the price is right. maybe someone knows his family鈥檚 situation and takes advantage of this. again, i rly don鈥檛 want people being really nice about it.
Tumblr media
he鈥檚 obviously, officially a dad now. i don鈥檛 think the pressure is getting to him, but the whole idea that this is his life forever definitely is. i鈥檓 always on the fence with him because he LOVES disney and nobody comes close. affairs just seem a bit old for him, but he still definitely fucks up now and then and i think i鈥檓 going to give him a bit of a partying/being out/spending addiction. sooooooo....
- PEOPLE WHO PARTY/GO OUT WITH HIM: think like, wolf of wallstreet or聽鈥榯he man鈥 music video by taylor swift. i think fake friends would definitely come in to play here - people who know he鈥檚 wealthy and take advantage of that to have really good nights out and tempt him to just blow tons of money on shit.聽 ALSO, people using him for publicity and maybe people who sell stories about the wild nights out he has and how much he fucks up/isn鈥檛 a great father figure atm.聽 - FRIENDS WHO COVER FOR HIM - TAKEN BY LEO: they don鈥檛 care enough to get him to fix up, but they definitely act as alibi鈥檚 and help him to avoid getting into too much shit with disney.
Tumblr media
i鈥檓 reaaalllly liking the idea of mason maybe not being as perfect as he appears on the surface. i think that has slowly started this year but hasn鈥檛 been as dramatic as it possibly COULD be. he also has the whole secret of knowing james is alive and nothing has come of that yet, so these are the two directions i want to take him down. SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO......
- ALLEGED MISTRESSES/FLINGS: mason isn鈥檛 brody or leo and it is just natural to him to stay loyal and committed to the person he鈥檚 with and obviously, he loves kendall. however, i do think he has a lot of unfinished business with exes (we could also develop new ones if they鈥檙e not exes already). we could maybe plot about him rebuilding his relationship with them but it gets misinterpreted and it鈥檚 made out as if he鈥檚 cheating or something when rly it鈥檇 be completely innocent. - SOMEONE WHO CATCHES HIM WITH JAMES AT A SECRET LOCATION - TAKEN BY GISELE: i鈥檇聽love this one more than ^^^^^^^^ tbh! it鈥檚 obviously a hUGE secret that james is alive and mason knows his family won鈥檛 forgive him for keeping it a secret if he finds out. this could definitely bring out the nastier side of him and i think he鈥檇 even go as far as to blackmail somebody or pay to keep them quiet. we can develop it!聽
Tumblr media
i struggle SO much with blake because he really is unproblematic. he can be a bit of an idiot but he鈥檚 not really into drugs, HE鈥橠 NEVER CHEAT, HE鈥橲 WITH THE LOVE OF HIS ACTUAL LIFE, and he鈥檚 pretty honest and kind for the most part. i鈥檝e had a think, though, and i鈥檝e came up with some of these. SOOOOO.... - MUSIC DRAMA: blake loves 5SOS but i also think his unique style of music is so different from the bands and he鈥檚 going to try and explore that in 2021. i kind of want him to work with other artists in the industry and lots of different drama could come out of this:聽 >> tension with the other 5sos boys and maybe fans who start to fuel rumours that he鈥檚 leaving when he isn鈥檛聽 >> rivalries with some of the more established male artists. dallas would be great for this BUT he鈥檚 mine lol >> song-writing credits/arguments. maybe he writes with someone and they don鈥檛 feel like they鈥檝e been given enough credit for how much they helped him. i鈥檓 very reluctant to do anything with blake鈥檚 personal life just bc that really isn鈥檛 him. AT THE VERY MOST, maybe some ex relationships for him to base his solo songs around.
Tumblr media
MY BABY IS ENGAGED. WHEN I TELL YOU I THINK I SHED A TEAR FOR HER LAST NIGHT, I鈥橫 NOT LYING. SHE鈥橲 SPENT THIS WHOLE RP PUSHING PEOPLE AWAY JUST TO BE LIKE聽鈥淚 TOLD YOU SO鈥....BUT !!!!!!! THINGS ARE CHANGING. ok, here are some ideas i have. these will take a little bit more development but still have a lot of potential.聽 - AN OLD (TOXIC) FRIENDSHIP REVIVING: there was a time like pre-st judes where hensley was quite off the rails. LIKE, she鈥檇 go out, get drunk/high, just not go home for days and i think this all came down to losing autumn in such a weird way....maybe she gets closer to that person again, and they鈥檙e a pretty bad influence? i feel like this would put a big strain on all of her healthier relationships. she鈥檒l definitely not stay in the toxic place forever but maybe this friend is kinda passive aggressive like:聽鈥渙h? you鈥檙e getting married? that鈥檚 very...not you.鈥 and stuff.聽 maybe they come from a challenging background too and they were each other鈥檚 support systems but it wasn鈥檛 a healthy relationship. we could build this up!聽 - ANY OF EVAN鈥橲 EXES/FLINGS: LISTEN BECAUSE SHE IS JUST SO CONVINCED SHE鈥橲 NOT THAT EASY TO LOVE, she does find any ex of evan鈥檚 threatening no matter what is said or how long ago it was. it鈥檇 be interesting to see how that develops bc i think f x f relationships are where hensley鈥檚 flaws surface more.
Tumblr media
OKAY SO PSA: issy is still ruby鈥檚 sister but nadine and i have decided to send it back to ruby not knowing that because it was a lot more interesting when it was still a secret. ISSY is still a mum and happy with levi and building her life back up from how damaged it became with her adoptive father in australia. SOOOOO.... - THE FACT SHE鈥橲 RUBY鈥橲 SISTER - TAKEN BY KENDALL: somebody she opens up to but they鈥檙e like聽鈥渓ol ok you鈥檙e not鈥 and rather than helping her, they think there鈥檚 something wrong with her and try to keep her away from ruby bc they think she鈥檚 doing it for attention or she鈥檚 just some kind of stalker? this would make her feel even less sure about telling ruby. MAYBE said person can kind of tell others that she鈥檚 obsessed and it becomes a thing around the academy for a while... - BABY PLOTS: there鈥檚 been quite a lot of babies being born. I鈥橠 LOVE to do something that maybe gets carried into next gen. maybe issy brings avery on a lot of play dates (when he鈥檚 a bit older) with another baby and they jokingly talk about setting their children up? then in next gen, it鈥檒l obviously be up to meg how avery feels about it?
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iraprince7 months ago
hello! do you have any advice for switching from traditional art to digital? (i recently ran out of supplies so im relegated to my computer lol) i hope youre having a good day!
i sure do!
first off i really recommend clip studio paint, but i also recommend u wait for it to go on sale. it goes 50% off a few times a year, so imo it鈥檚 worth waiting, but it also is usually on sale for only a few days so u have to stay on top of it. they usually announce on twitter etc. the tools don鈥檛 make the artist and obviously it doesn鈥檛 Really matter what program u end up settling on, i鈥檝e just been really pleased with CSP and i wanted to recommend it
second: nothing that u can do with digital art programs/tools is cheating and it took me way too long to really internalize + understand that. copy-pasting stuff instead of redrawing it, using symmetry rulers, using transform/ctrl+T to stretch or squash slightly off anatomy instead of starting over -- when i was first getting into digital i A. didn鈥檛 know u could do this stuff and B. felt weirdly guilty doing it once i figured it out, as if i was a worse artist for using the tools that are literally built into the software or that it was lazy or dishonest to do so. that, it turns out, is bullshit. any drawing is just a constant series of decision-making and a lot of digital tools just help u make or retract or edit those decisions faster than traditional does. it鈥檚 not better or worse, it鈥檚 just different, and it鈥檚 worth ur time to figure out which of those differences are the most convenient and useful. this stuff exists for a reason! use it! save ur wrists and ur patience and ur time!
figure out file organization early, because it鈥檚 something u don鈥檛 have to deal with irt traditional art and so it probably won鈥檛 come naturally, but it also makes ur life harder to have a desktop swarming with wip files that are all titled聽鈥渒jsrhrfgdhgj.psd鈥 or whatever. some ppl sort into folders by date; for me it works better to sort by content (i.e. i have folders for tvrn stuff, patreon stuff, different fandoms, dnd/ttrpg stuff,聽鈥渕isc ocs鈥 for characters i don鈥檛 draw much and聽鈥渕isc fandoms鈥 for one-off fanart that doesn鈥檛 merit its own folder, etc etc; this is what makes it easiest for me to find stuff, but ur system might end up different.) i admittedly still name my files keysmashes if it鈥檚 personal stuff rather than work/commissions, but at least it鈥檚 all sorted into a category where i can quickly find it again anyway
also, u can hybridize traditional and digital! i frequently like my traditional pencil lines better than what i can do digitally, so i often scan them in, turn them into lineart, and color digitally (here鈥檚 a tutorial on how i prep that). but even if u don鈥檛 have a scanner, a carefully taken phone photo with high contrast can still be used the same way. i tend to lay my sketchbook flat on the floor in front of a window, squat down and hold my phone as level as i can while i鈥檓 taking the pic, and then i blast it in my phone鈥檚 built in gallery editor (highlights/shadows and contrast) before sending it to myself and doing the same thing w tone curve/levels in csp. it鈥檚 not perfect, but it鈥檚 presentable, and it can be a good way to ease urself in if ur feeling frustrated w the learning curve on digital draftsmanship.
oh, and this tip is really small but it鈥檚 ended up being rly helpful for me: resist the urge to zoom in way past 100% scale view just bc u can. if there are times where u absolutely need to, sure, whatever, but there鈥檚 no point in regularly tweaking tiny things pixel by pixel at 250% zoom bc nobody who looks at ur art is gonna see that and ur just bloating ur own time spent on things and creating unnecessary stress for urself!! if 100% zoom doesn鈥檛 give u the control u want, that may just mean u need to work larger to begin with.
set up a comfortable workspace with a Good chair. look up proper posture and try to stick to it. i know we鈥檙e all gay and it sucks to sit in a chair properly but otherwise ur gonna hurt urself. take even more frequent breaks than u do when drawing traditionally! screen bad!
also, if ur tablet has a way to calibrate pressure, try that out. a lot of them are set in a way where you have to press really hard to get full line width and over time it can really seriously strain ur wrist; u can鈥檛 manually set pressure in traditional tools (besides like. using softer lead i guess lmfao) but u can with tablet pens and u should try it, bc if u can use a lighter touch overall it really goes a long way towards preventing injury in the long term.
this is all the stuff that came to mind immediately; i鈥檓 sure there are tons of basics i haven鈥檛 covered, depending on how much of a transition this is for u, but there are a lot of tutorials out there written by ppl more patient and more educationally-oriented than myself so you鈥檇 be doing a better service to urself seeking those out than if i were to try to clumsily emulate them lol. good luck + have fun!
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michaelarchangele8 months ago
Tumblr media
ngl i rly hate the "everyone is a parasite" takeaway like there most definitely are "bad guys" in that situation and then it gets blurrier when you add lower income ppl trying to move up the social ladder and stepping on other low income ppl to get there. but ppl act like the family were rich too by the end which baffles me bc no??? and so many viewers fail to realize that what the family did (cheat and lie) to get employed are the same things rich ppl do everyday on a grand scale to get richer but they get away with it with no repercussions bc that's how the justice system works. im just exasperated hearing that the family are class traitors jxxksgdkegjdhd
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alphaketoglutaricacid8 months ago
@onehithero said: also we know theres at least some actual animals besides gadoll liek the scorpion n cows tht show up for a sec in ep 1 so tankers hav tht going for them re: food sources ..SORRY FOR RAMBLING SO MUCH deca dence essay got sleeper agent activated
onehithero said: i rly like what usaid abt kabu from natsumes pov too but i cannot form a half cohernet thought abt tht one
onehithero said: ALSO ALSO i think its interesting how the ep 8 conversation w minato is i think the only time kabu talks abt being jealous of humans being able to choose their own paths
onehithero said: also how minatos convinced hes like a good lil cog in the machine yet hes done 50 things tht wuld get him labeled as a bug but he just ignores all tht. the both of them can be so disconnected w reality
onehithero said: like minato didnt know abt 1)natsume 2) how the system has made kabu so severely depressed n he culdnt put up w it anymore.n minato continues pushing the just go along w the system shit he doesnt understand tht he was contributing to kabus misery.. n bc of tht kabu doesnt trust minato enough to tell him abt natsume for so long but then he goes n asks smth so big of him as go against the system
onehithero said: thinks abt how kabu n minato r obviously so important to each other but minato understands him less n less over time & kabu kinda already knew its risky to confide in minato like minato did know abt pipe which was a long time ago but he didnt know abt natsume til kabu was already sacrifing himself for her sake. n yet kabu then goes n tries to get him on his side anyway cuz he wants tht so badly..
onehithero said: OMG OMG CHEWS THESE WORDS SLOWLY N THROUGHLY SO DELICIOUS THANK U THANK U u get it u understand i love reading n writing essay lengh responses abt deca dence & again u just hit the nail on the head w this
Please let me know if this @ u 8 times and sorry if it did.聽 I will reply under this readmore but i love this enthusiasm! I like discussing this stuff so if u want keep it coming. I wanna understand deca dence better and i think i will by sharing ideas w other ppl.聽
I think kabu and minatos relationship聽 is as good as it is because theres clearly a lot of mutual love and respect between them even when they don鈥檛 understand each other and thats why minato still runs after him when he hears kabu going suicide mission lets go baby. I think its interesting that minato was like ready to lie down and accept getting mass scrapped until he hears kabu go im about to be hilarious and hes like actually living and staying alive sounds great actually forget what i said about it being over.聽 聽you are so right about kabu and trust and natsume. I will always cherish episode 5 where kabu gives this big rousing speech about how natsume inspired him and saved his life and minatos there like ..who? ..what??聽I think they may not be used to hiding things from each other. Also I think them drifting apart mirrors natsume and feis drifting apart tho I think while feis the instigator on that side kabus more on his side and minato like natsume is like wondering what in da world is going on. I think someone else wrote about this better than I can.
I do think minato does know kabus severely depressed because theres this line in ep 4 where he puts his hand on kabu and says like you鈥檝e toiled enough at that awful job. and also in episode 11 when he and kabu talk and kabu says he was in a similar place as minato now in that he was waiting every day to be scrapped minato has no reaction until kabu says but that bug saved me. I think he knows kabus very depressed but he does not know how to address it cuz the system never gives either of them the tools or options for it. Though also I feel the system discourages meaningful relationships聽between the cyborgs so I think what minato and kabu have is likely pretty rare. Kabu donetello and turkey also fought together for a long time but turkey turns on donetello in a second even tho they fought together, he was his number two, and they were in prison together, and were pretty much all they got and donetello kills him in turn. I also think minato probably knew because he鈥檚 empathetic. Like I鈥檓 not sure about compassion but he鈥檚 very good at understanding where other ppl are and how to meet them in the middle so both parties get something they want. That鈥檚 how he got all the gamers to collect the old deca dence parts. Not by cashing in on ppl doing the right thing but by framing it as the final mission. He gets his lgbt community center coworkers for fight with him one last time by appealing to their sense of duty. He got the system to put kabu in jail instead of getting scrapped when Mikey got scrapped for a lesser offense. The list goes on. A tangent but I think the fact he acknowledges the living conditions of the humans are gonna get worse if nothing鈥檚 done even tho he鈥檚 apathetic at best towards them shows even when the system tries to mold the cyborgs into the roles it wants, sometimes the traits they have just keep on going despite themselves. I鈥檓 gonna stop myself before I go into jill and this theme but I鈥檓 gonna talk about it someday. So I think its more likely than not he knew but he didn鈥檛 know how to navigate around it also because it鈥檚 heavily implied he鈥檚 going thru the same thing and I think kabu might genuinely have no idea Bc kabu lacks empathy but his heart... is huge. When he hears minato express his feelings of not knowing what he wants he instantly tries to reach out and explain minatos not alone in what he feels. This is why they鈥檙e good foils. while kabu moves past where he was in the start where he states he does not intend to oppose the system and his compliance while also trying to do the bare minimum drives him to suicide, and finds the willpower and a reason to live and rebel against the system through his connection to other people (first natsume , he hangs out w kurenai sometimes too, and then with the jail robots). Meanwhile minato whos stuck in his literal ivory tower (it鈥檚 a Metaphor) never makes any of these connections. It鈥檚 the irony of kabu working at a armor repair job giving him some ability to connect w others vs minatos higher position isolating him from everyone else. I think kabu living amongst the ppl he harmed drove him to give up on life quicker, while minato being far apart shielded him from rlly having to see the effects of his actions I think he was headed a lil slower in the same direction. I think we鈥檙e led to believe minatos okay where he is but I think towards the end it鈥檚 clear minato has spent most of the series also in a bad place. I think he views things very similarly to kabu in that he wants to use what power he does have to protect the ppl he cares about similar to how initially kabu tried to just convince natsume to quit several times and he was like whatever at the rest of the humans who are natsumes comrades dying but he chooses to put it all on the line and try for some systemic change when he sees natsumes determination to fight. Also I think minato holds very little loyalty to the system cuz he doesn鈥檛 only like breaks 1000 rules for kabu (the hypocrisy) but he also looks the other way a lot. For example, when he overheard the top rankers talk about limiters he鈥檚 like I鈥檒l pretend I don鈥檛 hear it also turn on private mode next time and he doesn鈥檛 berate them for considering cheating. Also donetello has been using an illegal avatar to climb to S rank again (isn鈥檛 it interesting that even after the ranked system is abolished something similar took its place). And his avatar looks the same as it did when minato worked with the guy. There鈥檚 probably like not that many ppl in s rank. And he calls himself donetello. Minato knows he鈥檚 supposed to be in jail but does he tell anyone? He鈥檚 like well.. that looks like someone else鈥檚 problem if they notice *goes and vapes* it鈥檚 so funny how little minato cares but it鈥檚 also not funny Bc some of minatos cruelest actions and things he鈥檚 complicit in are born not outta malice but apathy to everything. I think it shows (tangent number 4?) how the systems use of excessive force is counter productive cuz neither minato nor kabu are willing to report anything to disrupt the order Bc neither of them think the level of punishment is warranted. I also think that minato is probably the first person kabu really opens up to about why on a personal level he feels the system needs to be destroyed after Ep 7 is really interesting. It really speaks to how deep their [mutual and not platonic relationship I don鈥檛 know how to label ] is. I also think that he admits to minato that he envies human is rlly interesting and would like to hear what u have to think! I think it鈥檚 interesting that what really sets minato off is kabu saying he wants to choose for himself and also wants other cyborgs to have that freedom and I think it鈥檚 one of the few times we see minato get genuinely angry and have it not stem from worry. Tangent 5 I鈥檓 really extrapolating here but I think it鈥檚 very likely given how high up minato is that he likely knows of several cyborgs that rebelled against the system for similar reasons as kabu and knows how it ends and I think it probably feeds into his defeatist attitude. I think his role in the system must really kill whatever grasp of whatever minato has cuz he constantly has to act like it鈥檚 almost the end of the world and he鈥檚 strapped for resources all the time for like decades and decades of having to fake that type of desperation to entertain ur player base and cuz ur also on tv to entertain the general populace to distract them from their soul sucking jobs. I think that鈥檚 gotta mess with his perception of himself and also his ability to see that struggle as real and genuine. I think that鈥檚 also gotta be hard cuz he seems like out of his whole fuck we r under attack persona he seems like he鈥檚 a lil closed off but generally chill and somewhat upbeat to ppl who know him and he just wants to be isabella from animal crossing. I got really off track here. I think what really gets me is their relationship is built on knowing each other so well and so long , and how it鈥檚 managed to survive and persist through all this tragedy. They really mutually respect and love each other and that鈥檚 why kabu let鈥檚 minato walk away from his revolution even tho it compromises everything he works for. It鈥檚 why minato ultimently accepts kabus willingness to die for a tanker even tho he really doesn鈥檛 get it at all and it means it鈥檚 goodbye forever. But it鈥檚 still not enough to save either of them. Minato can鈥檛 save kabu from trying to passively starving himself to death and I鈥檓 not sure if kabu even knows where minato is at mentally. Sometimes no matter how close u are to someone there r things u miss and things u can鈥檛 help each other with. Even tho the two resolve to fight and then die together cuz this seems like the best choice Bc the system they were born into offers no alternatives, the deca dence doesn鈥檛 even activate without the help of other ppl. I think it shows one relationship cant support all that weight. In the end it is through their bonds with other ppl that gets them to an ending where they both survive when they decided alone their only option is death. Also u are so right about the other animals existing I totally forgot ty I cannot believe I forgot about the scorpion which calls to natsumes hairstyle which is a visual gag on how natsumes a bug and how like a scorpion, although unassuming, and fucking kill u, just like how her trying to get her boss to open up eventually leads to the whole thing toppling down. I also have a lot of thoughts about natsume but I鈥檓 still thinking of them and thinking hard Bc sometimes she becomes kabus inspiration Pinterest board and I don鈥檛 like that. When she shines she really shines but it starts getting sloppy towards the end so I have to think a lil longer about it. Okay I鈥檓 done. Also it鈥檚 kinda hard for me to look like I鈥檓 agreeing to ur points and nodding in this format but I really appreciate ur thoughts and will try to convey this. Maybe by formatting as a response to each of ur replies next time
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yseraa year ago
x_x... upsetting content under the cut idk聽
i have been having. bad time. yesterday i made one of my coworkers take me to lunch and had a double whammy ptsd... we ended up in an area of austin i had to be in once for insane ex shit.. she had gotten made and exploded at me & threatened me & threatened herself (weekly occurrence) that morning and i had a breakdown about being a bad gf (i wasnt) and she left to hang with this evil chick she had like cheated on me with.. and then her truck had issues so i had to go out there to this chicks apartment to get her, and then also pray she wasnt going to hurt me for whatever the perceived transgression was, i frankly dont even remember what i鈥檇聽鈥渄one鈥 that time... and this was in the same era that we had another roommate who had been being rly weird to me and felt me up one night when i was drunk off my ass and crying about my ex being out.. cheating on me.. so my coworker takes me to get little caesars and im like haha this intersection looks a little famili---- o_0 but i couldnt freak out in the car with him so i jsut let the ptsd simmer on the back burner y鈥檏now.. then i eat little c鈥檚 which i haven鈥檛 eaten since an intense roadtrip i went on with.. u guessed it.. my ex.. who.. u guessed it.. was shitty to me and punished me the whole time. so x2 combo. and then some other bad shit happened and then i go home and my autism goes insane bc these kids were out front blaring their car sound system like louder and bassier than ive literally ever heard it to the point where i like yelped because it was doing physical damage to me and i went out and yelled at them ...... and ive slept like 5 hours every night for the past few days and its all so much to keep locked up in my body and ive been so stressed and on edge in general and i literally just keep sitting around wanting to cry or relapse and im trying really hard not to but i keep trying to be normal and i shouldn鈥檛 i should just stop talking literally nothing good happens when i talk to people. if i just didnt talk to anyone and kept to myself no one else could hurt me 馃お馃お *keeps acting out anyway*
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pandemicthestorya year ago
1: introduced
The love story of a teenage girl trapped inside during the end of the world. Daily chapters during the coronavirus pandemic.聽
Neon orange nails tap at a laptop, chatting with someone across the internet. This manicure is fresh, except no one has left their house in weeks, so we know she did it herself.聽
ADMIN_E: just sent your essay back. Gonna be 300 bc of the works cited聽
GUEST48: oh come on聽
ADMIN_E: i need the money, and you have more money than you need
GUEST48: ugh pls just tell me this is gonna get me an A in AP US history, i need this grade to get into duke聽
ADMIN_E: lol, you鈥檙e actually worried about getting into college?
GUEST48: uh yeah, aren鈥檛 u?
ADMIN_E: Sweetie the world is ending. Who the fuck cares
She looks away from the computer and down at her cracked iPhone 7. Another thing she鈥檇 like the cash to upgrade. The bigger issue: it鈥檚 basically impossible to scam in peace with her group chat constantly blowing up. But what are your best friends for, if not to provide human contact during an infinite quarantine?聽
Madison is a self-proclaimed burnout, who used to be the carefree athletic type until a soccer injury sent her spiraling into an emo-grunge moment. Zoe is probably going to run for president and also be a doctor at the same time, unless her weird senior boyfriend convinces her to leave on a weed farm (which he would totally do, wow Gabriel sucks). And Olivia is sort of the one who keeps everyone together, obsessed with being a friend. She鈥檚 the one who religiously decorates your locker on your birthday even if you insist that it鈥檚 not necessary and that actually you鈥檇 prefer if she didn鈥檛 because it鈥檚 embarrassing. That鈥檚 Olivia.
MADISON: holy shit did u hear聽
OLIVIA: I was just about to text you guys. My mom just told me. R u ok??聽
ZOE: wait what鈥檚 going on?? wtf tell me rn !!聽
*knock knock*
The bedroom door opens without waiting for an answer.
Emma Bradford, a skinny 16-year-old wearing an oversized hoodie and boxers, slams her laptop shut with way too much force. Hopefully it isn鈥檛 broken, she鈥檇 have to find a different way to cheat the school system for money.聽
鈥淢om, what happened to our deal? If we鈥檙e going to be stuck at home together, you have to pretend I鈥檓 AT school. As in don鈥檛 speak to me before 3:25 PM.鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 say I didn鈥檛 knock. I knocked.鈥澛
鈥淚t鈥檚 not about knocking, it鈥檚 about--wait why are we even having a conversation? See you at dinner. Or not. Just go please.鈥澛
Emma jams in her air pods and pulls up her hoodie over her head so you can鈥檛 see the top of her face. She鈥檚 used to hiding her identity, and even in quarantine, old habits die hard or whatever.
Mom sighs, she doesn鈥檛 want to be here either. Out of all her kids, Emma is the truly difficult one. The smart one who uses her brain for all the wrong reasons. And wow those nails are intense. Traffic cones. Kids these days.聽
鈥淚 just came to tell you that...well we just got a phone call from the school district. It looks like classes are going to be canceled for the rest of the year. Zoom classes too. Everything. I鈥檓 sorry.鈥
Emma鈥檚 stomach drops. Canceled? Like, wait, canceled? Canceled. will she earn hundreds of dollars doing writing assignments for her fellow dumbasses?
鈥淪eriously? How is that possible?! Don鈥檛 I need like, an education and shit?鈥
鈥淕overnment spending is affecting everyone in strange ways right now. And wait a second, I thought you鈥檇 be happy. You always tell me how much you hate high school.鈥
Mom raises an eyebrow. Emma hates that. If her mom starts digging around in her personal life again, she鈥檚 going to find some weird shit. Not just forged essays, but, well, let鈥檚 just leave that all buried for now.聽
鈥淚 do hate school. And I don鈥檛 care if I never go back. But I do need some boundaries, so please get out.鈥
Her Mom closes the door. We can鈥檛 see, but that eyebrow is definitely still raised. Something鈥檚 up with Emma. Her mom just has no idea of what it is, or how big it鈥檚 about to get.
Emma examines the group chat, having missed over 80 texts since she last checked it five minutes ago.聽
EMMA: i don鈥檛 have time to read all that but, school, right?
ZOE: How can this happen? I already have a prom dress and it was final sale!!
MADISON: u don鈥檛 HAVE to go to prom this year zo- when gabriel goes to school next year u guys will prob break up anyway and then you鈥檒l be free to go to like 10 more proms w guys who haven鈥檛 been arrested
ZOE: He was not actually arrested and we are doing long distance we already discussed it!聽
MADISON: you don鈥檛 think they鈥檒l cancel prom do you? if i have to do prom over zoom i鈥檓 legit done聽
EMMA: So, prom is what you鈥檙e all worried about?
A brief pause.聽
OLIVIA: Well what are you worried about Em? Or aren鈥檛 you
EMMA: Oh well idk. I mean i鈥檓 not that worried
EMMA: I just mean like it could be worse
As soon as Emma sends this, she doesn鈥檛 know if she actually believes it. She doesn鈥檛 know what鈥檚 coming.聽
ZOE: Sure, I guess...
EMMA: Ah you鈥檙e right sorry, it鈥檚 just a weird time. I love u guys btw聽
Everyone sends their signature heart emoji. Zoe: pink with sparkles. Olivia: yellow.聽Madison: small red with red dot underneath. And Emma sends the black heart, because she really needs to start acting like her normal self as people are getting suspicious. Her best friends know almost everything about her. Almost. They don鈥檛 know about what she鈥檚 doing on the side, or what she plans to do with the money.聽
Emma takes a deep breath and reopens the laptop. No school is going to be a problem. No school, no assignments, no college applications, which means: no income. And no income means no running off with...him.聽
Him, the eternal problem. Him who won鈥檛 get out of her head no matter how much she curses the day he was born. Him from that other school that鈥檚 annoyingly far yet still too close for her own good. Him who knows her favorite candle scent. Him who rests his hand in the space between her hip bone and her belly button. Him who lied. Him who was forgiven.聽
She stares at the interface of her ghostwriter page on the screen. This was good while it lasted. She鈥檒l just need a new plan to get to Him.聽
Emma is about to shut the computer when:聽
New Assignment.
What? Every student at Harrison Ford High School got the same announcement today that she did. School鈥檚 canceled. No more class, no more losing sleep over getting into Duke. What a random life goal.聽
Seriously, what the hell could this be?
Emma clicks the link to open the new assignment, to learn that it isn鈥檛 a new assignment at all. It鈥檚 a drawing?聽聽
Circular lines, deflated shapes encircling each other. Like oil in water. The picture could almost be, well it looks somewhat like...a map. Holy shit, this is a map.
The lines of the map are messy and hand drawn. As if someone made this in a rush. Or maybe they were confused about where the path leads. But underneath the twists and turns, there鈥檚 a note:聽
before you run away,聽come find me
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yaboyspodcastpalacea year ago
oh eric/michael??? most of my hcs for them are sad but here is some fluff: when they were assistants together they used to play a variety of card games to pass the time. michael would be unfailingly honest while eric would cheat blatantly, so obvs eric always won and michael refused to bet him anything based on winning/losing. instead they had a system where if michael could catch eric cheating he won a kiss (they both won rly)
Forgot to post this but algie i am In Love with this idea, i love michael pre-spiral being unfailingly honest im ;o;
Eric offers him to teach him how to cheat [at cards] but michael prefers the alternative (the kisses, and maybe eric's impressed face when he successfully catches him at a p elaborate trick)
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transrightsjimina year ago
a bit of a hybrid? you mention werewolves a lot which is one side of it, like you seem to find comfort in the concept and it fits you, but you also give me lowkey ageless thoughts a la vampires? like ideas of someone who's been around for a while, fixed patterns and such, if that makes sense? so i cheat the system and say hybrid
OHH INTERESTING... i like the idea of hybrid monsters :)) fixed patterns rly sounds like autistic me hehe and i must say that as a teen i did feel like i could understand language from 100 years ago much more easily than what was used back then, like, i connected to it more and understood it better than when trying to read smth written in modern dutch. hmm. this is neat, now im thinking abt drawing werewolf / vampire hybrids :)) in a show me and my friend watch (heirs of the night / vampieren in de nacht) before wie is de mol, there鈥檚 actually a vampire clan (two ppl tho) in there who can transform and one of the two is permanently a wolf
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coralstudiiesa year ago
Tips to get distinctions for every subject? eng, am, em, higher tamil, combined chem and bio, pure geog, combined history + ss.
hello darling! you can check out one of my study tips masterposts here聽
i didnt take hmt so im not so familiar with how the subject is, but im sure its comparable to hcl. For all language subjects, try to read up on current affairs and take note of significant, newsworthy events which can be tied in to a certain topic. here鈥檚 an example: people pushing for the ban of the wildlife trade after the novel coronavirus outbreak. OR how NUS scientists recently discovered a way of removing plastic. collect links and information on different topics and paste them in a google docs (or somewhere convenient for you) under several topics e.g. science and tech, environment, society. make mindmaps on these topics(reasons, impacts, suggestions etc., quotes from significant figures), and notes on the specific events themselves. do so in both languages (helps paper 1 and paper 4). memorise all SW formats. rmb to think how you can USE THESE TO ARGUE LOGICALLY. because strong evidence without a logical argument is weak evidence anyway. for comprehension, really pay attention to the question and the way it鈥檚 phrased. nothing is there聽鈥榡ust because鈥 -- every word has a reason for being there. look out for contextual clues and hidden pointers as to what a certain phrase, event, emotion, item or even character represents etc. answer in the format your teachers have taught you. (E.g. unusual + effective).聽
for math, simple. listen in class, copy down example problems gone thru by the teacher and UNDERSTAND EVERY STEP. dont blindly apply formula because now the papers are set in a way we鈥檝e never seen before. don鈥檛 be shocked by a聽鈥榥ew鈥 question just because you spent all your time blindly applying and memorising. then, do all your work and check your answers. DO NOT COPY THE ANSWER SHEET because you鈥檙e cheating yourself. constantly do a few practice qns here and there and go for consultations the moment you realise something is wrong or you don鈥檛 understand some concept or formula. math is rly about understanding and practice lah don鈥檛 worry.
i didnt take any combined science so idk what鈥檚 included or excluded in both HAHA im sorry. but sciences i would pre-read the textbook, then go into class and actually pay attention. link what you read to what鈥檚 being taught. when you get home, watch a video on the topic to further solidify and fortify your understanding (or don鈥檛, if it鈥檚 something as simple as cells/atomic structure). i usually do linear notes for sciences, taking notes from ppt slides, class notes and textbooks. copy down any additional info that your teacher says because it MAY come out in section C application. understand the links between certain chapters (redox and metals etc., digestive system & cells, mvmt of subs, enzymes etc.) so that you鈥檙e well prepared for novel question types. again, consult teachers if you鈥檙e not sure. do practice papers ONLY AFTER YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT & REASONING BEHIND THE ANSWERS otherwise doing a 100 would still be useless. rmb the certain phrasing and keywords for certain qns bcos if you lack those you might not be awarded the full marks.
for ss+hist, memorise all your sbq formats and know how much time you can spend on sbq in order to score the maximum mark in the shortest possible amount of time. strategise your time. I always do SEQ SRQ first because i alr studied for those so i wanna regurgitate everything before i panic and forget lol so u might wanna consider that. for notes, you can do linear/mindmap form (depends what works best for you, try and experiment) but usually my class notes are mindmap form (cue mad scribbling). memorise smart - one example per point. u only need one solid example and a good explanation to ace it. ps i鈥檝e heard oversimplified is good for history so you can check that out!
for geog (i didnt take pure geog!) i would say quickly consult teachers for fieldwork-related issues because fieldwork in geog is like practical stuff imposed onto paper which can be difficult for some people to grasp. so please do go for consults! again, notes in mindmap/linear form work pretty well! just choose what works for you. for PGeog, memorise how all the processes happen. for factors (any factors, PGeog and HGeog) same thing, memorise one solid example and rly UNDERSTAND the topic so that you can craft a good explanation (even if you forget) also watch vids if you dont get it!
ok that鈥檚 all. rmb that scoring straight As is a combination of discipline, good study habits, actually studying, studying and taking the examination聽鈥榮martly鈥, and exam time management. it鈥檚 also a matter of not giving up on the goals you have for yourself! so jiayou and keep working hard!
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volgothaa year ago
I hope this isn't too personal of a question but, that friend your ex jumped to.. from what you posted it sounds like you have up on helping her? Wtf is that?
+So, the night I decided to cut ties with her was back in April 2015. My ex had just left to her place, and the story then was that he was going to come back, he just needed some time. Before I knew it, two weeks had gone by, and still there was no news, and she had started to behave verrry strangely over text, until the night my ex told me it was over for good. Y鈥檏now, after letting me twist in the wind. :/
Now at this point, during those two weeks, I was experiencing a continuous anxiety attack, like for two weeks straight i needed some ativan to fall asleep. I had begun to research my situation online. I typed up the mean shit my ex would do, and I was always redirected to things like聽鈥淕rey Rock Guide鈥 and聽鈥淵ou May Be Dating A Sociopath鈥, and聽鈥淪igns of a Psychopath鈥 and stuff like that. It was the first time in my life I had ever seen shit like that.
The night he came to get his things from my house, he was a different person. Its was like he had stopped playing a character and was being himself. His true cold, cruel self. He told me while grabbing some things that he was planning to聽鈥渢ake over Gabe鈥檚 guild鈥, and other very strange things to that effect. Affter he left, for the next few days, the anxiety got worse, because ppl had started to fall off my friends list and I ddn鈥檛 know what was going on. I became suicidal, and she was the only person I could go to.
At first she was kind and helpful, but then she said something cruel that my ex would always tell me when he was abusing me, and that鈥檚 when I understood what was going on; my ex was a psychopath, a real one, that sudden change of character was him dropping the mask, and the reason ppl were dropping out of my life like flies was bc he had started to spread bullshit lies abt me being the abusive party, and now he was trying to get me to kill myself through my best friend by getting her to repeat his cruel words to me in my hour of need. I had no choice, I had to block her to save myself. He still had his tendrils in me through her. I had to go No Contact. There isn鈥檛 a day that goes by that I don鈥檛 feel like shit about it.
Then earlier this year, I found out that she had been cheating on me with him behind my back when he and I were still together, and that a friend of a friend knew bc she had confided in them abt it. She was probably never really my best friend. the whole friendship was probably engineered by my ex, so he could jump to her after the devaluation phase with me.聽
idk what to say rly. I think I鈥檝e been through enough, and I did all i could. I stuck my neck out and warned her, and any mutual of hers and mine who would listen. Hopefully one of them is watching over her, and she鈥檒l have a support system when he inevitably strikes, bc that鈥檚 honeatly all i could do for her in this situation. And if I鈥檓 honest, I鈥檓 pretty sure she鈥檒l still come out hating me forever, because in that group, even if the person who told them bad things about me is a proven toxic abusive shitlord, they still hold on to the bad things they were told about me.聽聽
That鈥檚 why i just鈥 moved on. There was nothing more I could do. This whole thing was exhausting, I just.. want it all to dissapear into obscurity and forget it ever happened at this point, I鈥檓 finally at a place mentally, 5 years later, where I can forget it ever happened.聽 I don鈥檛 really want to waste anymore of my energy feeling guilty, yknow?
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