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#Husband and Wife Sunday Morning Detroit Michigan
quo-usque-tandem · a month ago
Tumblr media
Husband and Wife, Sunday Morning, Detroit, Michigan by Gordon Parks
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meanwhileongiphy · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Husband and Wife, Sunday Morning, Detroit, Michigan, 1950. via r/TheWayWeWere by @Paul-Belgium
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septiembrre · a year ago
24 for the kissy prompts pls!
Let’s run away together kiss, @sothischickshe thanks for the prompt, boo <3
When Beth slept with Rio again, it was on a one-last-time basis. She was convinced she had built it all up - the sex, the headiness of it all, the tenderness, how good it was.
She was sure she was viewing those orgasms through a haze of nostalgia, rose-tinted glasses. It had been a time when her newfound power was dizzying. She was making money, coming up in the world and, suddenly,  at forty, she found herself newly awake. Of course, she was going to have incredible orgasms. She hadn’t had sex in seven years. It made sense. If they were the best orgasms of her life, it was only because the sex of yore was with her blundering husband. This time would be different. Beth and Rio would fuck it out of their systems and they could go back to building their fortunes without the complication of partially resolved sexual tension.  
As she processed the warmth of Rio’s hands gripping her tight, of her writhing, her clit against his tongue, already begging for his cock, Beth became too cognizant of it all - all of the feelings.  Her blood was rushing, her body alight, and her thoughts bounding away from her in all directions. Then, Rio’s hands had fisted her hair, his teeth nipping at her pulse. He moved back inside her, was everywhere as if he had never left. Her hands had clenched against his neck, traced the scars she gave him last year, and for a time Beth stopped thinking.
Afterward, as she was finding her bearings, her breath, Rio brought his fingertips to trace the shape of her face. His hand dipped from her temple to the dimple in her chin - and seemingly despite himself, he kissed her. Beth, blanketed by the familiar softness from that sunny afternoon in her bed, the thrill of having his complete, unwavering attention, acknowledged that she was completely besotted, just like the first two times. She was as nervy as the grocery store robbery, as powerful as standing in the dealership and misdirecting the FBI, as boss as one-upping the very man in her bed. It was as perfect as the first time they kissed.
She could never let him know.
After some time, they shook off the spell. They cleaned up. They put on their clothes. They turned away from each other with one last tentative glance, a nod, and Beth went home. She buried herself in her responsibilities and at night, she came on her fingers letting herself think of him.
A week later, he showed up at her house. It happened again.
Then, again. And again.
It swelled from something Beth had convinced herself was sporadic, an anomaly, and evened out into their rhythm. Rio was in her life, in every way - and still, the moments between them burned. Their resilient spark kindled and the deadlock broke.  They weren’t quite dating - but they were undoubtedly partnered.  It thrilled her. He charmed her. Beth had never known what it meant to be in love, and for the first time, she was letting pieces of her that she had buried deep inside be known.
One afternoon, at the shop, Rio tugs her onto his lap. She’s been troubleshooting a kink with the printing press while Rio typed away on one of the work tables. He had turned it into a makeshift desk while he kept her and sometimes Annie and Ruby company as they printed. He noses down her neck and she’s starting to rub against him, when he says, “Let’s go on a vacation.”
Beth smiles against his temple, playing along, “Mmm, where? Fiji? Bora Bora?”
Rio leans back, squinting at her. “Damn, darlin’. Not unless you want to spend half our trip gettin’ there.”
She laughs, “Then what? You’ll bring me to Legoland with you this time?”
Rio scoffs and rolls his eyes. “The way this works, we can get away for a week and a half, two weeks tops.”
She eyes him and realizes he’s serious. Her mind goes blank and then unbidden memories from her life before surface. The first time Beth had been on a plane was a trip to Disney with Dean’s family. She had been in her first trimester with Emma, furiously trying to soothe a five-year-old Kenny and chubby-toddler Danny.  It had been her in-laws’ idea. They had insisted on staying at the park’s resort and the whole trip was nightmarish from beginning to end. She was still in the throes of morning sickness and on full caregiving duty to keep the boys from getting too fussy. Her mother-in-law helicoptered her parenting throughout the trip and Beth was suffocated by the responsibility of making sure the children stayed clean and tidy for family pictures. Memories of murmuring, exhausted, to Dean that their children were too young to remember the whole charade, dominate her associations of that trip, and traveling overall to this day. 
Besides the vacations to Disney with Dean and the kids, Beth had gone on trips within a reasonable driving distance of Detroit. They had spent school breaks on the shores of Michigan, in New York one Christmas.  Once the kids were older, there were the yearly trips to Chicago, Indianapolis, and Toronto. She had been to Nashville once with Ruby and Annie, a girl’s trip, in between bouts when Sarah was better and a moment when Annie was flush with cash.  
Beth doesn’t know what to ask for.  In conversations like this one, she feels how different her life has been from Rio’s, and she doesn’t know where to step. Flustered, she pivots. “Where do you want to go?”
“It don’t matter much. Somewhere with good food and a five-star hotel where I can keep you naked.”
She laughs, excited, and a little nervous.
“We could go to… Montreal?”
Rio grins, quick. “Nah. Not yet. I go to the jazz festival there, every summer. We’ll go together this year, but I want to go somewhere sooner.”
Beth’s mind fritzes out for a few seconds, considering the possibilities.
“Where else you wanna go, ma?”
She shrugs her shoulders. “Honestly, anywhere.” He seems to be eying her meaningfully.  Beth tries again, lowers her voice to a purr, “Where do you want to take me?”
He looks away, biting at his lips. “I’ve been wanting to go back to Mexico. I still have a lot of family down there.”
She’s surprised to hear the admission. He rarely brings up his family outside of Marcus or Rhea. But, by now she’s privy to the details of Rio’s schedule and knows he spends many Sunday afternoons with his extended family at his mom's house. “Oh yeah?”
“We used to drive down, spend summers in Guadalajara with my grandparents.” He smiles at the memory. “I still got a lot of cousins in Jalisco. Some of them moved to Puebla a few years back. I haven’t been since before Marcus was born.  I’ve been itchin’ to go back and visit.”  He looks at her as if they’re conspiring. “We can catch a direct flight from O’Hare into Mexico City, spend the beginning of the trip there. We could rent a car and take a day trip to Puebla. Then, we could go to Guadalajara for a few days.  You ever been to Mexico?”
Beth shakes her head.  
“Cool. You’d like it. People there are real nice and the food is bomb - the pozole…” He mimics a chef’s kiss.
Beth runs through it a few times in her head and decides to put it out there. “Don’t you think I should meet your family here first?”
Rio’s lips twist and he pulls Beth close against him.  “You want to meet my má?”
Now, Beth’s shaking her head at him. “Yeah. Obviously.”
“My nosy sisters, too?”
“There’s no way they’ve got anything on Annie.”
He laughs. “You’d be surprised.”
Rio kisses her and it makes something shoot down her spine. Could she be any more of a cliché? Her mind starts down a familiar spiral: in her forties, past her prime, boring house-wife. She makes an effort to stop, correct course, and Beth realizes Rio is watching her closely, no doubt, reading her mind.
“Mm-kay. Next Sunday.” Then, undeterred, “But, where do you want to go?”
Beth pauses a moment. Where doesn’t she want to go? She considers what story she’s going to spin so she can get Dean to take the kids without putting up too much of a fight. And then she turns her brain off and starts to imagine the future, and Rio naked, and where he would look good naked. Everywhere, honestly, but- She thinks about his brown skin against crisp hotel sheets, in aquamarine waters where he wouldn’t even have to put on all the clothes Michigan temperatures demand he wear most of the year. She thinks about the bright red one-piece she bought when she was really feeling herself and knows he would love. She thinks about them, in the future, together.
“Somewhere warm and beautiful, with a beach.”
“Oh yeah?” He looks her up and down and bites his lip. She loves it. She loves that she’s finally allowed to love it. “I can picture you, in a bathin’ suit, gorgeous, in a big ass hat.”  He brings his hand up to trace along her collarbone. She’s already wet, and she can feel him half-hard beneath her. “Your tits earnin’ freckles all along the top. Slathering up with spf 300.”
Beth smacks him. “Shut up.”
“What beach, mamí?”
Beth considers what she wants, all the places she’s ever want to go. She considers the possibilities. She takes a shot. “Let’s go to Hawaii.”
He’s nodding along with her, dipping in to kiss her again. “Let’s do it.”
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