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#His Revenge
johnwhowell · 8 hours ago
Friday JohnKu - AKA - TGIF
Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF
“So what are we doing today, Little one?”“Friday? Lovely sunshine? 98 degrees? Absolutely nothing but relax and stay cool..”“I can handle that.”   Here we are on a Friday again. It is so nice to head into a weekend. I hope your week wasn’t too stressful. If it was, then you are only eight hours until relief. I went to the dentist today. My teeth had not been cleaned since October of 2019. I was…
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I'm going to either write a whole fucking post womiting all my feelings and opinions about today's episode and how much i love Kotaro and my thoughts about him, or write ANOTHER one shot where Kotaro fucking cries with the biggest catharsis feeling i can evoke for him because i want to show how weak he is and how happy he felt after Sakura thanked him. He deserves it.
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kathexismania · 17 hours ago
Eleutheromania (noun) The intense desire for freedom. (( for scorpions revenge scorpion ))
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Unusual words with beautiful meanings: || @yetremains || accepting
Eleutheromania (noun) The intense desire for freedom. 
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▬▬ι═══════ﺤ 🔥 || The fevered dream of Scorpion’s love given triumphant under the heap of Quan Chi’s macerated cadaver brings fistfuls of thrusted adrenaline up his spine. His ravaged, damaged, and desecrated soul long saw the truth, even in the throes of descension towards familiar death. His unlife has not been an empty dream! For his body nor soul is dead, but it did slumber beneath the hazed fog, and things hadn’t not what they seemed. Hanzo Hasashi’s life had been real and earnest, and the peaceful grave is not his goal. He may be dust, and to dust he will return, but he was destined to wield hellfire and manifest as resurgent Phoenix, for he has the world’s broader field of battle to fight. 
His bleeding eyes exsanguinated every crystalline tears in his scintillating eyes, its thousand yard stare still embedded with the tenacity of one single scorpion against a legion of battle ants. Even when the shadow of doubt rested down on his chest, and whenever he would think of the moments that were never his past, Scorpion would remember a time where the fathomless depths of his eyes didn’t dip with sorrow and gritted rage. The once-radiant sun may have set deep purple beneath the fissured crevasse of his countenance, with all the longing and cravings, Scorpion would continue to violate through the corruption of darkness, with the executioner’s justice. 
He would witness himself all drenched in blood, when his sprawled, neglected body sunk in the quagmire of the Shirai Ryu’s desecrated earth as the perfect crime was committed, along with the evidence flawlessly aligned. How his indomitable soul paid enough of his due, suffered miserably and paying the depth with his own impaled viscera with Sub-Zero’s death. Maybe his time was up, playing the charade that was the marionette of his life, the pawn against the grand scheme of things. 
The Mortal Kombat Tournament perhaps had already been rigged by the Outworlders, breaking the rules, committing dishonorable and unthinkable crimes in sheer immorality. Hanzo Hasashi’s desolated pride and bone-gnawing guilt in Scorpion may have been the greatest hindrance, along with the impulsive expolsiveness of his emotions. Karma is real, and karma had been so mercilessly cruel as the might of his vengeful wrath tore through the sockets of the sorcerer’s bones, and as he bled in tribute to pay for his sin - killing the innocent cryomancer - had he been stained with sheer criminality of red as Hanzo Hasashi continues to torch and burn his mind and soul in metaphorical funeral pyre for the dead. 
He will shout, as the demolished rubble of Shang Tsung’s Island become the end of his heavy aching. For his heart still beats its potent cadence, without a slumbering rest as the scorched pillar of his being whizzes past the raining bullets of the world’s damnation, hurled at his direction to perpetually slay him to the ground. And despite the eternal pain and grief become so physical as if he is meant to live with unhealed cuts with seeping blood and vigor, Scorpion will continue to let go of his battles and open his heart to things as they are. Then Hanzo Hasashi’s unrest blueprint will finally be able to rest in the present moment. This is the beginning of his spiritual practice; for only in this moment can he discover that which is timeless. Only here in the present he can seek love, without memory of the past and fantasy of the future. For only in the reality of the present can he love and appreciate, can he awaken, can he find peace and understanding and connection with himself and the world. ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ 🔥 || 
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minobishe · a day ago
You know what? Wen Kexing's reckless and selfish behavior might be the new personality that came from his "Junior Disciple" status bc that didn't exist in the novel. As for Zhou Zishu, his big brother figure side or "Senior Brother" status is pretty much canon from the novel. He usually showed this side of him to Jiu Xiao. So even if the drama give an emphasis to ZZS' softness too much, it don't seem out of place from the novel reader's perspective bc it's still canon. That's also probably the reason why I feel like Word of Honor's Wen Kexing seems like a "Little Brother" to me? I understand tho that they have to make WKX the junior disciple for the sake of Jiu Xiao parallel and censorship.
There are scenes tho that made WOH's WKX looks like a husband material or male wife but his character as a whole is more like a "little brother that you need to watch over". In the novel, WKX gives me the feeling like he's a "male wife/husband that deserve love and protection". Yes, I think both TYK and WOH's Wen Kexing can be a male wife or husband.
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johnwhowell · a day ago
Thursday - A Little Personal - Lucy and Twiggy Inspect the Work
Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Inspect the Work
A short note. I am currently extending the downspout drains to take the water away from the center of the yard. During the heavy rains, the yard floods and takes a while to move away. Twiggy loves to play in the puddles, and Lucy hates to get her feet wet. In some of the later photos (By the glove), a tall white pipe is a cleanout. It needs to be cut and lowered by about six inches, so it is not…
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askhubertvonvestra · a day ago
Runs away from Hubert. Sorry Sylvain dared me to do it.
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I would normally say that’s no excuse... However... Sylvain, you say? Hm. 
I’ve a dare for you in kind, then. If you could persuade him to join you by the stables, I will handle the rest. Professor Hanneman requires very little to discuss Crests at great length, and I have every confidence I can impose upon Sylvain until he is socially obligated to hear him out. 
He may not connect his misdeeds with his punishment, but it will be quite satisfying to unsettle him as penalty for his childish dare. Her Majesty was inconvenienced for a moment, but her reputation is untouchable in relation to his antics. Sylvain, on the other hand, will be disquieted by that conversation for days to come.
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