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#His & Hers
angcrmanagcmcnt · 31 minutes ago
Why do you hurt?
Tumblr media
you're choking on how much you have to try.
     you have tried.      you have carried the weight of the world on your shoulders and accepted more responsibilities than you have ever wanted, even intended to gain. it isn't crushing   you are strong enough to hold it   but you are choking.      you don't know what to do with it.      you don't know where it goes, how to move this weight everyone knows you can hold onto, and do you even want to get rid of it?      Never.      You would not give this to   force this on   anyone else.      but you can't.      but you are choking on it. your body will hold it up even when you lose all the air in your lungs, and your footing, and your courage. it does not mind choking you. it seems almost designed to do so.      if you weren't wrung out you wouldn't be doing this thing properly.
Tumblr media
you were meant to.
     it was built into you.      designed for you.      there is pain here because it was meant for you, and how fucking dare they. your suffering is not their right. you hurt because they gave you ways to suffer and carved it into you when you could not breathe, because the intention always was that they could weaponize your pain against you.      it is Yours.      You are Yours.      How fucking dare they.      they cannot make you theirs; do not let them try.
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fataleromeo · 31 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Holly: …..
Sofia: What?
Holly: Nothing. Just wondering when the two of you are gonna stop dancing around your feelings and make out already. That's all. 
Sofia: You're joking, right? 
Holly: Seriously, woman, I know you're not going to tell me you're not head over heels for him. The smile on your face when you saw it was him calling said it all.
Sofia: Even if that was true— 
Holly: It is.
Sofia: —that doesn't mean he feels the same way. We're just friends! 
Holly: *laughing* Just friends? The way you two flirt? 
Sofia: Flirt? You’re crazy.
Holly: Really? I don’t think so. Your Honor, for my first piece of evidence, I have here exhibit A: *in a singsong voice* "Good luck, firecracker!"
ɮɛɢɨռռɨռɢ | քʀɛʋɨօʊֆ | ռɛӼȶ
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unrxlypirxte · 35 minutes ago
On the same merit as the last post, a big defining thing between Vaas and Beth is his use of drugs. He's high functioning, yes, but his versatility is deadly. It's dangerous. It's terrifying, especially if you're a pirate in the red zone when he loses it (as seen when he's ranting and about to set Jason alight, where the pirate in the background steps the fuck away).
They're two sides of the same coin, and honestly? Vaas fucking NEEDS that.
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keirangoldenwatch · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wherein Darth Nox (Seran) and the Emperor's Wrath (Xisath) are definitely not friends, and he definitely doesn't like her and appreciate her, and she didn't miss him that much when he got frozen in carbonite. No, really.
Bonus fic snippet:
Seran hummed in amusement as the sergeant squirmed under their combined gaze. In her peripheral, she saw Xisath's hand landing on the hilt of his saber, but not yet taking it from his belt. She lifted her own hand to lightly poke him on the elbow. "Heeey, you don't have to. I can kill one uppity dirt general myself." "Don't mistake my intentions," Xisath stated, completely calm--almost serene--in tone. "He is doubting my choice in allies. Therefore, he is doubting me." She snickered at that, retracting her touch. "Aw, so you're not leaping to defend my honor? Some friend you are." "We are not friends." He narrowed his eyes, glaring down at her. "Isn't 'ally' a synonym for 'friend'?" "No."
Sith friendship. o( ̄▽ ̄)d
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folkesange · an hour ago
✧ :  “𝙱𝚊𝚖𝚋𝚒”
Tumblr media
Way, way back when they met in 2011 after the events of the first film, before she knew that “Lokkemand” was actually Loki, Jane’s pet name for her suave, mysterious, and very lanky new boyfriend was “Bambi.” This is due to the fact that Loki’s legs are nine miles long to the point that he can trip over himself and move like, as @myrkvae​ aptly dubbed years ago and we rolled ahead with, “Bambi on ice.” We had Janie pick up on the fourth wall metaphor Abigail came up with and he’s  ( affectionately )  been “Bambi” ever since: through at least 14 years together so far - and that’s if time is linear which we know it isn’t so it’s been much longer by now, three weddings, and five little babies who also know their mother calls their father that odd name. She can’t speak anymore, but once Loki teaches her sign language he’ll outwardly be “Bambi” again. He’s still Bambi to her, though. He always will be and never got annoyed or mad. He kinda embraced it once she gave him context. There’s a load of other pet names that she’s given him and have stuck, but Bambi is the big one.
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heartrip · an hour ago
wink . wink at my muse . (from Jessie because this is who she is as a human being xD)
𝐋𝐎𝐔𝐃  &  𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐅𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄 (a  series  of  nonverbal  prompts .   mature  themes  present ,   ‘ my ’  muse  belongs  to  the  one who  posted  the  meme  -  send   “ + reverse ”   to  reverse  the  prompts .)
He'd be winking back if he had more than one eye - instead the mercenary's lips pull into a grin. A hazel eye watches her; good looking girl.
Pushing himself from the shack he'd been leaning on, he saunters on over; wall market vendors and street sellers are ignored in favour of her attention. On the way toward her, he pushes past one man begging someone ( anyone ) to buy a hotel room for the night.
Play her cards right and maybe -
Tumblr media
"Winkin' at strangers in Wall Market - dangerous game y'playin' there, girlie." He's joking though both would know that some truth lies within the cracks of his grin. Wall Market is no easy ride - it's no Gold Saucer that much is for certain. Come to think of it...doesn't he recognise her from somewhere? Nah. Shakes the thought from his mind, takes a sip of the beer he holds loose between his fingers before lips are puckering and he's nodding toward the nearest bar.
"Maybe y'need someone t'look after yer for the night. Buy me a drink an' I'll consider it." Kano's smirking now, arms crossed over a muscular physique, the man no shame in having the top of his body bare for all to see - must have been why she'd winked.
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regina-tenebris · 2 hours ago
 ~ Carrying the faintest dusting of rust over each epaulet, the General’s coat falls loosely over petite shoulders. Clearly cut out for a much broader back, and yet it is undoubtedly comfortable & warm. The thick fabric lining insulates from the night breeze’s wrath; it has soaked in hints of Jericho’s perfume. One of the many secret pockets woven on the inside seems particularly stuffed; within, several pieces of wrinkled paper have been discarded. How unlike a man as outwardly neat as the Grand General, to have trash left in his coat’s pockets. Unless….? ~
   Solitary fall   Around the corners, hungry cold stone grieves
   Over the years I hunt        The perfect chance   Did your grace offer it freely? Or did I take it for myself?
    You slip between my fingertips   Swiftly as the first kiss mist rain of spring    A fleeting thought
  It leaves the mind swimming in the mist    Scalds the earth on which I yearn                           your touch cut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
{ ⟡ } — There’s no lie to offer to her saccharine soul & the tremble of her heart as she curls inside the coat; far too long for the petite silhouette but equally adored in her silent privacy. She’s tenderness & possessiveness intertwined, caressing the fabric as if it was a treasure & losing herself in the scents that conform him  — there are words & ideals she hasn’t told him, for Emilia feels she’s dancing too close to giving him all of her, far beyond what regards merely impassionate nights & playful conversations, shared grounds in their cease of fire & aid offered until the greater devils are taken care of…
With dainty fingertips caressing where Cupid’s arrow had left a wound, she allows herself to breath deeply & memorize it. Selfishly, possessively, endearingly, loving…  —She is profoundly fearing, for only someone had stolen her heart with such precision, long time ago, when she was still a Nymph… the last one touching her iridescent & pearlescent wings before those would become withered petals of a thorned rose…
But she forgets of all melancholy that could dare approach her, as her fingers take the envelopes & carefully assures her body to be covered  —Does she miss his arms surrounding her, shielding her from the freezing winds’ might entering through her balcony? Or does she miss the embrace capable to subtle the maelstrom of her soul, replacing it for his own?
Emilia tries not to give much thought as falling in the comfortable duvets of one of her many rooms of the many states belonging to different identities she had disguised herself as & she feels as a young maiden dreaming with idyllic scenarios that adulthood would eventually destroy… 
A hum of genuine curiosity fills her when the bundle of paper in the inner pocket finds her attention & as her nature was upon finding treasures & retrieving relics, she was now adoring the ideal of stealing one idea or two, or frustrating one of his plans that could be scribbled in the papers since it was ever a saturnine fun to still waltz in this playful manner of rivals turned lovers & still holding the poisoned daggers close, metaphorical or literally speaking,    —yet the words written left her breathless as a rosy hue crowns her porcelain cheeks.
— Poetry; what truly makes life worth living for; & sets fire in her veins —
How she especially adored his poetry, since the endearing game of appearing on his windowsill as an ebony feline, sitting & watching the young lord writing & scribbling verses of his own for the fantasy of a Rose Maiden. The Cat had stopped coming of course; eventually leaving & yet still asking herself if he had continue writing even after becoming the Grand General. A smile does break her facades of serenity up to fleeting glee to know he still did in a way… & that was still directed towards her { despite how much of a prideful & greedy thought it could be } ; it was almost just reassuring to know a man on his situation would still enjoy the pleasure of delicate creation…
🙶 You are just talented as you used to be back then, has your Soul truly yearned me all this time? All those years chasing the mirage? 🙷 Carefully, her fingertips caress the dried ink were words sit, & her mind travels on ideas, attempting to imagine the whole setting in which he had entwined those emotions into beautiful little verses  —Had he written poetry in his office between paperwork in a spark of inspiration, or had it been an attempt in the privacy of his chambers? Tired eyes from work & exhaustion; or perhaps the gaze of a lover? 
— & would his heart; nesting comfortably among the devilish plumage, had beaten so fast, achingly strong & dreamy, as hers does now? —  
🙶 Oh Mon Corbeau, now you have given me yet another reason to invade your office more frequently. What secrets are you still hiding from me~? 🙷 There’s a bit of mischief simply moved by glowing narcissism & an excited heart. There’s nothing she would want to take this time, not even important paperwork & plans scribbled, but the unadulterated desire to know if more of those secret verses could be hidden somewhere & if his talent has still been honed
… Maybe she could also leave rhymes for him in rose-scented stationary, ornamented with gold ink; hidden on his favorite romance novel~
Eventually she would have to return his coat after all { or he would come after it, whatever happened first } ; & the exchange could be done  — but for now, as enjoying more & more of the cozy pleasant sensation of the heavy fabric, that was an endeavor that could still wait until his perfume fades away entirely… for only then she may deemed necessary to give it back.
Solely for her to steal it again once his presence would attach to the strings and cuts once more, enough for her to dream & fall in the fantasy he was there too, silently, as she also yearned his touch cut.
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novelconcepts · 3 hours ago
What are your thoughts about Charlotte Wingrave?
Sort of depends on the day and on how willing to be charitable I'm feeling. Usually I think she was a good-hearted woman doing her best, cursed to doomed romance by Viola Lloyd's gravity, but that she wasn't a terribly present figure at the house or for her children. I suspect her story with Henry is meant to parallel that of Jamie's mother--a woman left behind to wrangle children, looking for some measure of life where she can find it, even to their detriment. And, since most of our looks at Charlotte come through the lens of her very young daughter's memory or her illicit lover's, we never really get a clear picture of who the woman was outside of Mother or Mistakes. It makes her the least well-rounded woman in the cast.
I think the most we can actually tell of her comes from Hannah's flashbacks--where she seems well-meaning, but the sort of kind that comes with a don't look too closely tag on it. She wants to help Hannah, but she doesn't really seem to be seeing her or truly listening when Hannah speaks. It's sort of an "of course you'll move in here. of course you'll sell your house. of course" rich white woman mentality that doesn't take into account, really, how Hannah is feeling or what she actually wants. In a way, that almost plastic kindness is what traps Hannah in the gravity well. The show doesn't devote a ton of time to unpacking that, but it always leaves a weird taste in my mouth, how Charlotte handles that whole deal--that strange blurring of "you're my employee, but I'll call you family" vibe. That said, "He may not be dead, but nobody’s perfect, are they?" is one of my absolute favorite lines in the entire show. Impeccable delivery.
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oetravia · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every Brainia Scene Ever: 4x19 [2/3]
#supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#dreamdox#brainiac 5#nia nal#querl dox#can you say ✨iconic✨#he’s in love folks - give him an episode or so to properly realise it 🥺🥺🥺#(like clearly here he’s feeling ~something~ and listening to Nia talking about the things she loves in such a passionate way#he’s pretty sure he knows what he’s feeling but he’s never felt it before so he doesn’t KNOW)#and then you have Nia essentially declaring her feelings for him on live television#what a freaking ✨queen✨#like okay she didn’t know for sure that he was watching but it was a pretty safe bet all things considered#and even if he hadn’t been Kara would’ve known immediately that she had a very specific nerdy boy who thinks too much in mind#and look at his little smile immediately after#after all the ‘I never expected someone as amazing/beautiful as Nia Nal to be interested in me’#he knows exactly who she’s talking about (and actually takes it how it’s meant 👀)#someone explain to me how they didn’t end up together at the end of this episode?#(especially factoring in Brainy’s flirting in the deleted scene 👀)#they’re clearly on the same page about their feelings and OPENLY so whyyy??#(also @ all the transphobes who like to say that Nia is somehow tricking/lying to Brainy -#did you somehow miss this scene with Brainy watching as Nia proudly comes out as a trans woman to everyone watching? idiots 🤦🏼‍♀️)#mine#my gifs#otp: what does love feel like?#*ebs
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Tumblr media
Hot brown morning potion for the bday girl. This is just a coloured version of an old doodle. I'm a little tied up with studies and couldn't put together something new :'(
Edit: I know the sunfire staff makes no sense, this was drawn from memory and I don't have time to fix it I'm so sorry
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renee-writer · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Roommate Wanted Chapter 16 To Make Her Feel His Love
She holds onto his shoulders as she comes down. They stare deep in each other’s eyes as their breathing slowly returns to normal.  It never been like this. He felt way beyond physically connected to her. From the look in her eyes, she feels the same. When he slips out, he knows he must move to remove the rubber. It is quite hard though. A deep breath and he slips away to see to it. She lays in the same position when he returns, her legs spread, her hands over her head where he had placed them in the end.
“Are you alright?” had he hurt her with those finale thrusts?”
“Not sure.” He is back by her, his hands moving across her body, checking for injures. “I am not hurt. Just stunned. I never came with intercourse before and, to do it multiple times. I just feel so bloody good.” He smiles and breaths out a sigh of relief. “There is something about you Fraser’s that… well I don’t know how to describe it. Just powerful.”
He knows but it is way to soon to say in English.. “Is e gràdh.” He whispers instead.
“There is something powerful between us. I have also never experienced it before.. I will give you the English translation later. May I show you now?”
“You may.” He starts at her face, soothing it with his hands before moving his lips across it. All but her lips. She would be lost if he did that. For now, he wants to show her it goes beyond sex.  So he kisses across the parts of her that are more platonic. Her face, her fingers then up her arm., Her toes, causing a giggle when he ran his tongue over the bottom of her foot. Ticklish, he saves that to use later. Her ankles, awed by the delicately way her bones move under him. Her shoulder blades. “What are you doing?”
“I promised to kiss every inch of you. I keep my word. Besides, I want to show you I honor every part of you, not just those that bring us both pleasure.”
“Jamie! Are you real?” she is only half joking.
“Are you Claire?” He stops and faces her.. “I wonder. You are so smart and beautiful. So loving and kind. So bloody special that both me and Jenny want a relationship with you.  You seem a dream sometimes.”
“Just so. This all feels like a dream. To come out of a relationship where I felt fully unwanted to two where I know I am wanted badly. Yes dream covered it especially since I want them both also.”
He retakes her fingers and gently sucks them into his broad mouth. It is time to work her back up. He is rock hard again. She is soon as equally ready for him.
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pretty-idol-hell · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Profiles and signatures for the two new Idol Land PriPara characters Amari and Mario have been released.
Amari is listed as being a 1st year in the high school division at Basil Academy, she shares her birthday with Shin and Louis from King of Prism on 2/29, her blood type is AB, and her favorite food is ???
Mario's is all qustion marks.
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