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ellitx · 9 hours ago
Okaykay, i made a follow up to my last angst scenario thingy:
Himmel wasn’t stupid. He saw the way your eyes sparkled when you were with him.
That’s also why he panicked when saw your shocked face that day at the hospital. With his girlfriend..
He could only imagine how much it must have hurt.
After a 3 long days of you avoiding him, he finally got to talk to you during lunch hours.
“Oh ah hi- I uh was just abou-“ he caught your arm right as you were about run away.
“Please hear me out?” He pleaded.
“Himmel please don’t worry! I’m so happy that you got a girlfriend. But you have to introduce her to me, okay?” You ‘laughed’. The fakest laugh Himmel had ever heard.
“I gotta go now though! Let’s hangout sometime.” And just like that, you ran off.
He felt his heart crack. Never ever had he seen you like this.
“Why do you care so much? You have a girlfriend now.” Venti mumbled and stuffed his mouth with a handful chips.
“Well I don’t want to see her sad!”
“Give her time.” Venti said, and handed his brother the empty bag of chips. “And go throw this out.”
You both tried to maintain the friendship, but it was never quite the same.
It was graduation party. Himmel arrived half an hour later as he had to pick up his medication.
“Hey uhh Venti? Where’s [name]?” He asked his very intoxicated brother.
“Sthees o-ov-hic!-overr thare.” He pointed to a corner by the couch. You were.... kissing Xiao?
Oh. You moved on. That’s great!
So why did his heart feel so heavy?
Last submission for the himmel angst
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dehimmel · 22 hours ago
-- hey loves . i am , finally , dealing w / adult thing today that's been giving me anxiety for the past like ... month , & this might take all day depending , so i won't be here . with this out of the way though i should be less anxious & more motivated ;; in the meantime u should send things in for me to answer here , whether ooc or ic , or check out my other blogs : @abyssfled / @garyublade / @hydrotide / @parilio
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ellitx · a day ago
Angst is served:
You were finally done with school for the day, and had decided to check up on your childhood friend Himmel.
He was currently hospitalised due to his sickness.
You had visited him often throughout the years, as Himmel had to get checked frequently.
Though, this last year, it wasn’t as frequent anymore.
He was getting better.
And you couldn’t help but think, that maybe, just maybe one day, when he was all cured...maybe you could tell him how you felt?
You’d had a crush on him for as long as you could remember, but you never dared telling him. You didn’t want to burden him with your feelings, especially since he was sick.
“I’m here to visit Himmel.” You spoke to the reception lady.
“Room 34, second floor.”
“Alright, thank you!”
You walked down the halls, smiling like a fool. That boy really made your heart melt.
Though, that smile was gone in a heartbeat once you opened the door.
Himmel was there, sitting up in his bed, kissing someone.
Shit that hurt.
He turned, eyes widening when he saw you.
“I.. I’m so sorry!” You closed the door quickly and ran out as tears threatened to fall.
As much as it hurt, if this was what made Himmel happy..
You’d pretend like you never ever liked him.
(And you’d probably distance yourself cause that shit hurt like hell.)
Who’s that?!! A nurse?? A patient from the other room?? A friend of his that you dont know?????
Ughhh damn that hurts so much
Tumblr media
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ellitx · 2 days ago
Omg the childhood HC'S gave me some ideas they might be a little bittersweet (mostly sweet tho) Maybe going from platonic to romantic~
•It would be his favorite time of the day whenever you and Venti would come to visit him, he'd always try to hug you or get you to sit on the bed next to him whenever the staff weren't looking.
•You always tried to help him with any homework he had with Venti cracking jokes to lighten the mood. The best thing was when you three got to go into the courtyard and watch the clouds go by and feed the ducks in the pond with left over vending machine snacks.
•Himmel noticed how his ears would heat up when you sat close to him and how the heart rate monitor would speed up when he tried to brush his fingers over yours which his brother would relentlessly tease him for
"Ohoho someones getting a bit flustered~" Venti teased with you just being concerned
"Are you okay Himmel should we call the nurse?" You say worriedly. He almost instantly pulls away and denies his brothers claim.
"Am not! And Im fine please don't worry y/n.."
"God Himmel your so whipped.." His brother says with a snarky giggle
"S-shut up!"
•Hates it when you have to leave when visiting hours are over, you swear you hear him whisper and gently go for your hands "Please.. dont go.."
•You would eventually try to sneak in and stay the night with him, it wasn't fair for him to have to stay here all alone. Hiding under the covers having your bodies so close brought him so much comfort but also so much nervousness.
•You would eventually get caught either by one of the nurses overhearing you sing and laughing together, it was always so heart wrenching to have to leave him each night.
•The nights were definitely the hardest for him it was too cold and too quiet outside of the occasional mechanical noise, all he longed for was to hold you, hear your heartbeat instead of beeping monitors and to just go home and to be with his family again. He just holds onto his pillow and pretends that its you, envisioning the life he wants to build with you, it gives him the strength to keep going.
•When he does finally recover enough to be released, you almost immediately become the 'mom' friend' consistently checking up on him, making sure all of his meds were taken at the right time and that he gets the right nutrition.
"And you took that at 2 today right?" You question him again while walking back from school
"Yes and I ate all of my lunch, you really dont have to worry so much.. I really wish you'd focus on yourself more, I got it handled"
•He really appreciates the thought but he doesn't like seeing you put him before yourself, you've always been there for him ever since you two were little and now that he's recovered he wants to return the favor.
• Eventually wanting to confess his feelings on the day you both graduate, he didnt want a relationship to get in the way of school, and if you accept his feelings and reciprocate them he wants to spend the whole vacation with you to make up for lost time.
(and imagine later down the line when Himmel and his darlings are married and his darling is pregnant the drs are like "Nice to see you on a more joyous occasion! And not as a patient" dkdjdj head full of himmel -💚)
Tumblr media
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dehimmel · 2 days ago
-- haha what if i started writing kazuha . just kidding , no way . that’d be stupid . unless ...
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ellitx · 2 days ago
I really have a thing for men who are comfortable with their masculinity, and so they feel comfortable wearing feminine clothes.
I do sometime imagine Venti and Himmel wearing dresses or skirts to come pick up their girlfriend and take her on a cute date. 😊
They're just so wholesome i love them 💞💫
Hhh imagine both of them went to visit you but found out you weren’t there so they decided to wait around in your room.
Venti, the ever so mischievous of the twins, decided to snoop around your wardrobe and take a peek of your undergarments and outfits.
“Venti...” the older twin grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose seeing his brother being a pervert.
“What? I’m sure [name] won’t mind it. I mean didn’t she also snoop in our closet as well?”
“That doesn’t mean you have the right to touch them!” Himmel retorted back with a red face. Venti puffed his cheeks for his brother being a party pooper. Well, it’s the only thing to pass time as they wait for you. His eyes flickered to an article of familiar clothing, his lips turning to a smirk while he eyed it carefully.
“Oh? Ohh~?”
Venti grabbed the clothing and unfolded it, revealing a mini skirt.
“Himmel! Isn’t this your favorite whenever [name] wears it?” Venti’s declaration just made the said male even redder. It feels like his face is about to combust from embarrassment from his brother’s antics.
Venti waved the skirt to him, as if mocking him he won a grand prize. Himmel heaved an exasperated sigh and snatched the article from his grasp to return it back to its rightful place.
“Hey Himmel,” Venti started, surprising him. “I was just wondering... what do you think of skirts?” Slamming the wardrobe shut with a loud thud, he looked at Venti with quirked brows at his question. Isn’t it already obvious what his thoughts are about skirts? Was he really that bored he had nothing else to do aside from peeking?
It won’t hurt to give him an answer, right? All he needs is just a distraction to get him out from being so bored.
“First of all, it’s a splendid piece of clothing that’s been around since the Middle Ages! Skirts leave more of the legs exposed and it gives more femininity.” Himmel refrained himself from smiling so widely as he crossed his arms over his chest. Venti hummed and focused back on the wardrobe once again.
“Then,” He pushed his brother aside and ran to the handle to open the door, quickly snatching two skirts and raising them up in the air.
“Let’s put them on and see!” 
Venti blinked at the strong pressure on his shoulders, his body rocking back and forth that it’s a shock for him to see how strong Himmel’s grip on him was.
“Did you really want it to wear it that much, you pervert?!”
The older twin pressed his lips to a thin line, scrutinizing the piece of clothing draped on his arm. 
“Well, I’ll take this corner.” Venti turned his back and walked towards the door to have their own privacy.
“H-hey wait. Are we seriously doing this?!” Himmel groaned, already giving up from stopping his own kin when he heard the door clicked close. Sluggishly, his feet slide against the floor to lead him to a different room to dress up.
How did it even come to this? Why is he even joining in with Venti’s shenanigans? If [name] sees them like this, for sure she won’t like it they ruined her once cleaned and arranged folded clothes.
Three minutes had passed and Venti called Himmel.
“Did you put it on?”
The doors opened at the same time revealing themselves to one another, both flushed and red. One step in back to your room, Himmel can feel the unusual deadpan gaze Venti was giving to him. He shifted his gaze from his face then down to his legs only to see him still wearing his pants instead of the skirt they’ve agreed on.
Himmel’s fingers immediately seized the chair’s stile and lifted it up to his head.
He screamed while waving the object to Venti’s face. The latter backed away and raised his hands in defense to protect himself from his brother’s outrage. Well, he really didn’t expect Himmel to willingly wore it just because he requested they’ll do so. 
Venti stifled his laughs, his cheeks huffing and painted with pink to see his legs so exposed. The older kin dropped the chair on the floor and covered his face with his hands, his knees giving up to carry himself as they collapsed and brushed against the cold flooring.
“At least you get to experience what it feels like to wear [name]’s skirt, right?” The younger twin chortled as small tears swelled from the corner of his eyes. Just hearing that impish laughter made Himmel want to pummel his face on the ground then bury himself before you see him like this.
“Oh! [Name] has lingerie?! And look at all her undergarments!” Venti excitedly remarked, pushing aside all the hanging clothes in search of more hidden gems in your closet. 
He took out your lacy bra and underwear and showed them to his brother. A big grin was plastered on his face and his eyes sparkled like stars. A rush of thrill and excitement ran through his veins and his heart raced just the view of the lacy garments held between his slender fingers.
“Let’s turn it up a notch!”
Unbeknownst to them, you were already home, walking along the hallways until you heard familiar muffled voices from your room. You stopped in front of your door and quietly opened it only to discover your childhood friends were wearing your clothes.
Venti about to clip the lacy white bra on his chest, and Himmel holding your lingerie whilst wearing a mini skirt. Both of them were still in their places, bodies as stiff as stone to see their beloved friend standing there with a dark and ominous aura surrounding them. 
The twins’ faces paled and their jaws hanged open before they screamed in unison and rushed to hide from you, apologizing and crying profusely.
yep this was heavily inspired by daily lives of high school boys
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bildwerk-ost · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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strwbryrainbows · 3 days ago
OMG congrats on reaching a milestone!! 💕
For the prompts, could I request number 6 with Malleus, who's sick but still went to one of those nightly meetings with reader and now she has to take care of him? 👀
here is your request! every time i write for malleus i get super sappy and soft,,, and i am not afraid to say this is your fault, laurie-san 🤭
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