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#Heroes and Villains
amethystpath-writes · 35 minutes ago
Juniper Trees P2
Part 1 here
Snot ran into Hero’s mouth constantly as she ran through the woods, stumbling over both roots and her own toes. Who knew how easy tripping would be when you couldn’t see? The worst part of it all was the biting wind, which nipped every inch of Hero’s skin, and froze the forever-pouring tears on her cheeks and at the corners of her mouth.
Villain was meant to stay behind, to let Hero take this trek on her own, but she didn’t fully believe he wouldn’t follow from a distance at which Hero couldn’t hear him. He would follow, like he had before when he caught her, and he’d catch her all over again, and she’d cry, and he’d tell her to be quiet- tell her that she was being annoying.
And, and, and.
There was always an ‘and.’ Always a ‘What’s next?’
The pit in Hero’s stomach never diminished, never shrunk in size. It sure as hell never disappeared. Hero lived in a constant state of anxiety, looking over her shoulder- even while being blindfolded, listening for steps which weren’t her own, analysing her surroundings either by touch or sound.
Right now, Hero could hardly keep her wits about her, kept forgetting her task, kept forgetting where she was going and how crooked her situation was. As doomed and anxious as she felt, it was…pleasant to forget why she was staggering over herself, even if it did come with sudden bouts of realization and heart-dropping dread.
Hero rubbed her fingers together and gasped at the feeling of burning and raw skin. It reminded her of what she was to do, at the very least. Find the junipers, eat the berries, wait for…she shook her head. What if she ran? Sure, she was blinded with cloth, but she had her other senses. Maybe if it took her long enough to find the junipers, then Supervillain would be forced to- to contact Villain. They’d look for Hero, but…well, how would she outrun them? She didn’t know these woods like they did. They knew what trees to turn right at or to pass. Hell, they probably even had neon orange spray paint to mark the trees.
Hero’s feet stopped.
Walking with shoulders jutted forward, Hero searched for a tree- which wasn’t hard given how thick the woods were. She only needed one with bark that wouldn’t peel her skin off when she rubbed her face against it- when she pushed her blindfold off.
This was stupid, she thought. So, so stupid. If Villain found out- if Supervillain found out- she would be dead, and Hero didn’t want to die. She had no faith in any god, and therefore no belief in an afterlife. As…as difficult as this life was…there was always hope, wasn’t there? Hope for a better life?
If she were dead, though, there was nothing- nothing but a void, and a- a consciousness that didn’t exist. An eternal sleep which Hero would never even know she was in.
Hero paused against the tree which she found, cheek scrunched into her eye, and blindfold bunched up against the bark. She could barely see her nose. Looking down with eyes straining at the amount she was rolling them, Hero could see grass- bright green grass and purple blossoms. She could almost cry at the sight- no matter how little it was. Still, she slid her face up, pushing the cloth back over her eyes with bark undoubtedly leaving more scratches…would Supervillain know it was from her trying to take the blindfold off? If he did know, would he forgive her since she kept it on?
Maybe Hero should go ahead and peel the blindfold away in case Supervillain was angry. At least if she took the blindfold off now, she would have a chance to run- just like she wanted, what she intended on doing to begin with.
A voice whispered in Hero’s mind. I’ll find you, Villain’s voice said. You know I will- because I always do.
It was true- that Villain always found her. She tried escaping so many times- chasing hope and trying to catch it with her feet since her hands were always strewn so tightly behind her- like they were now. She ran down hall after hall, each time making it further. Hero would have made it one time, but the cold grass on her feet was like stepping on a blanket, something she hadn’t felt in such a long time. It was so…not heavenly- she didn’t believe in that…but it was glorious. Of course, this hadn’t lasted long. Villain had a grip on her neck, and it was only seconds after she had run from that room he stuck her in. As quickly as Hero had escaped, she was dragged back.
Her response to the voice before was almost natural, and something twisted in her gut as she asked it for the millionth time. “What will you do to me?” she asked her tormentor’s voice.
But it wasn’t Villain’s voice that answered-
“You weren’t by the junipers like he said you would be. I wonder if I should take it out on you or Villain?”
Hero’s head swam, her hearing cut out, and all she could do was accept the darkness which the blindfold already graciously offered. It wouldn’t matter that there was a root behind Hero as she fell because she wouldn’t be awake to feel the impact.
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amethystpath-writes · 3 hours ago
So What If It’s Manipulation?
“They tell you you’re the broken one but you’re the only one that hasn’t caved in.”
"I hope this isn't some coy to make me 'join the dark side,'" Protagonist muttered. She tried to keep their voice even, unafraid, but nothing could stop the fear sliding down her throat and coiling in her stomach.
This wasn’t  just anyone talking to Protag; this was Villain, the very kind of person Protag would have been training to fight against had she been accepted into the program, onto the team. Instead, they told her she was too broken- too damaged. Was it upsetting? Of course. But Protag couldn’t prove them right; having a meltdown in front of the team would only guarantee the act she’d never be considered in the future.
“So what if it is?”
Protag heard the slow footsteps approaching the closet door. Why did she ever think it was a good hiding place? Villain had guessed it nearly as soon as he stepped inside. Surely, it would have been more intelligent of Protag to continue with a hidden silence, but she felt that hiding for longer would only make possible consequences worse. She didn’t want to upset Villain, right?
The footsteps stopped on the other side of the door. Protag’s nose and eyes stung with fearful tears unshed. “Then- then you should leave now, because I won’t join you.” With a staggering stubbornness, she declared, “I won’t.”
“Do you have a valid reason for not doing so? I mean, when I can offer you more than anyone else ever could.”
“You can’t offer me anything.” Protag’s voice was just barely above a whisper. As soon as she was done speaking, she brought her shaking hands to her mouth, and began gnawing at her nails.
“I can offer you care and comfort. I can make you feel useful and needed.” Villain continued, listing one thing after another, but Protag only picked up on one word.
Used. That’s all Protag would be if she decided to side with Villain. If she decided to, but she wouldn’t. Protag was supposed to fend off the bad guys, not become one. How could she? Protag. Was. Good- even if she was too pathetic to be a part of the team. She was good.
Then again...being told she wasn’t broken, being told she could be someone, that she was independent and didn’t need a whole team in order to be was a blissful thought, wasn’t it? To be admired and seen as whole?
But no.
No, this was Villain.
This was manipulation.
So what if this is manipulation?
It felt good, didn’t it?
Even if the words were fake, Protag could put it behind her- she could forget the fact that it was all a lie, if only it meant she felt useful and whole again. It had been so long since she felt any pride in her abilities, or even trusted her own personality. Protag didn’t know who she was in this age of darkness and discomfort, but if someone- even Villain- could show her that she meant something...maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. He clearly saw something the heroes didn’t see.
Protag opened the closet door.
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esperosisdoeswriting · 8 hours ago
Hero and villain undercover at a nightclub.
Prompt #174
The music was pounding, and [Hero] could feel the beat in their bones as lights flashed neon colors all around them. [Hero] hated these kinds of places, dark and full of rapidly moving bodies, anything could happen and nobody would be the wiser until it was too late.
"Did you spot them yet?" [Villain] yelled as quietly as they could into [Hero]'s ear. Did they mention they hated that fact you couldn't even hear yourself think in these clubs?
"No." [Hero] yelled back, scanning the balcony for [Super Villain], "Are you sure we'll even be able to find them? I know they own the club and all, but-"
"We'll find them." [Villain] assured [Hero] as the song finally ended, almost instantly switching to another bass-booming barely recognizable version of a famous pop song. [Hero] sipped their drink as [Villain] eyed them.
"You're drinking."
"I have to look natural. Besides, it's just the one, so my breath smells."
"Whatever you say." [Villain] shrugged, and [Hero] gave them a dirty look. Well, at least there was one thing they could enjoy about this place, the fact they didn't have to bear it completely sober.
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amethystpath-writes · 8 hours ago
Prompt #156
"You look stressed."
"Of course, I'm stressed, Villain. I always am- because you're always going out and destroying-" Hero stilled. "What?"
"What are you questioning?"
"You're looking at me."
Villain shrugged. "Because you're speaking. It’s a sign of respect to look at the speaker."
"No," Hero fumed. "You're looking at me like I'm cute."
“Is that a crime?”
“For once, no. But...but when I’m mad then yes. I’m not supposed to be cute when I’m angry. I’m supposed to be- stop smiling!”
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gingerly-writing · 10 hours ago
Prompt #2723
“Go on then,” the villain purred. “Mess me up. No one else can do it better.”
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skriveting · 11 hours ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #9
"If you were a car, you'd be a BMW." "Why?" "Cuz I want you to Be My Wife !" "...are you trying to propose to me?" "... Please say yes."
"Oh no. That can't be right."
"You're not allowed to do that!" "Says who?!" "Your mom." "I can't believe you called my mom."
"You're gonna have to stop narrating everything you're doing, you're gonna give us away." "Sorry."
"I've never wanted anything so much in my entire life."
"He's my worst enemy. My nemesis." "Didn't you meet him like five minutes ago?" "Yes."
"This is it. This is my sign!" "... That's a cereal box."
"I've done my fair share of stupid things in my day, but this is just ridiculous."
"I hate you. But I hate them more. So I guess my hatred for you can wait."
"What? I told you it was going to be dinner with my parents." "Yes but you didn't tell me your parents were like that!"
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kafkesque-grotesque · 12 hours ago
What I Actually Wanna See
- a well-thought horror movies, that even though the characters are pretty smart, everybody dies
- a hospital staffed with monsters (please don't make it a kids show, I want adult fantasy)
- movies about skeletons (they are my favourite 'monsters')
- a movie about an influencer that isn't rated G and the greatest shit on earth
- GeNdErFlUiD gOdS
- non-toxic marriages
- Europeans in America
- fictional bands with really cool music
- characters that don't SuDdEnLy decide to be a hero
- a hero that is annoyed with the villain
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esperosisdoeswriting · 13 hours ago
Could you write a continuation of Prompt #162?
Sure, can!
Continuation of Prompt #162  Original
Something was nagging at [Villain], like an itch they couldn't scratch. Something about how the knife felt in their hand as they chopped the vegetables, about how the fire danced along the bricks in the fireplace. Something about the look in [Hero]'s eyes.
"Is everything alright?" [Hero] would ask.
"It's perfect," [Villain] would smile back as they hid the photo behind their back.
It was something about how the lighting didn't match the background in some of their photos, about how they could swear the darkened corners hid small cameras.
"I'm so happy I'm here with you." [Hero] would kiss them.
"There’s nowhere else I'd rather be," [Villain] would lie, something nagging them far away, somewhere they couldn't quite place.
It wasn't until one night they had a horrible, wonderful dream. A dream that finally broke their spell in all the best ways. The dream was sharp, so sharp it cut through the fog of love and false memories, a dream of [Hero] and [Villain] when they were so much more.
"Good morning, my love," [Hero] smiled at them as their dream faded and reality slithered back in.
"Good morning," [Villain] smiled, "I just had the most wonderful dream."
"Oh?" [Hero] asked, sipping their coffee, "What about."
"It was about us."
"Only good things, I hope."
"Oh, it was wonderful." [Villain] reached for [Hero]'s hand, gently rubbing it. Poor little [Hero]... They won't know what hit them when [Villain] was done. They'd make sure of that.
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nuttynutcycle · 16 hours ago
Prompt 175
“The mall will be closing in thirty minutes-” there was a loud crackle from the loudspeakers, causing customers to stop and cover their ears tightly.
“Did that get your attention?” Villain’s voice echoed through the suddenly silent building. “The mall might be closing in thirty minutes, but my bomb is going off in three.” A hint of amusement crept into their tone. “Don’t forget to trample the elderly on your way out.”
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acids-bases-salts · a day ago
Much to the villain’s surprise, the hero mumbled a sorry and kept quiet.
“What’s your name?”
“Yes, fucking, yes” The villain jumped excitedly before composing himself again.
“I had a bet with my guys. 100 dollars and free pizzas for a month if you turn out to be a girl.”
“Oh, so I’m a bet?” The hero muttered coldly.
What’s with the sudden mood change?
“You work for them?”
“For how many days?”
“1 month”
“Hmm. Probably why you’re so unprofessional and careless as you were the only one who got caught.”
“What gives you the idea that you are the most professional person out there?”
“I wasn’t the one talking about stupid crushes.”
“Well I also wasn’t the one who was acting like a horny bitch” She replied without missing a beat.
“You’re a two-faced bitch, you know that?”
“Heard worse.” She replied with a cold glare.
“So what were you trying to steal fr…”
The villain was interrupted when a few men walked into the room.
“Did I give you permission to enter?” The villain asked calmly.
“Yeah, how dare you people hurt his stupid male ego?” The hero mocked.
“Shut up”
“Not so cute right now, hmm?” The hero had that familiar smirk on their face once again.
“Jungkook, you know what to do.” The villain beckoned the man on the farthest corner.
The hero did not even blink. The villain waited for a reaction.
“You were lying when you said that you’ve worked for just 1 month, right?”
“His name’s not Jungkook. He was the embodiment of confusion when you called him that. Also, the rumors about you are true. You’re really stupid. He’s not even Korean.”
“I want to work with you.” The villain stated as a last test.
“I don’t think that I need to elaborate about the amenities we provide as you were probably informed about it. So here’s a proposition only a fool would say no to. Join me.”
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breakingswipe · a day ago
      Yeah kinda just. . . my muse for Raihan is pretty well dead, especially rping him on here. So honestly, probably won’t be back for a while until either his muse comes back enough and it’ll be a new blog or just might never be back. Who knows, might be back with a different muse.       I’ll still try to rp him on discord but probably not on here for a long time. Thanks guys for the time on the blog 🧡 I’m going to be on a different muse blog for now, if you are interested in a whole different kind of experience just message me I have gone back to my old ways of rping villains and murderous bastards
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Please, can you continue the prompt where the villain takes hero out to dinner after hero rescues them?
I sure can! Hope you enjoy!
Continuation of Prompt #164  Original
"How's your food?" [Villain] gazed at [Hero] as they ate another bite of their perfectly cooked steak.
"It's amazing. I have to come here more often." [Hero] smiled as they enjoyed their meal. [Villain] smiled dreamily at their [Hero], glad that their extra steps to bribe the wait staff and replace the restaurant chefs with their own paid off.
"We can go together." [Villain] smiled.
"I... Look [Villain], you're gorgeous and all its just, well... I'm a hero, you're a villain..."
"That's not at all relevant; many hero/villain couples work, for instance [Other Hero] and [Other Villain]! They have three kids." [Villain] waved off their concerns.
"I realize that, but..."
"Why not give it a chance? What's the worst that could happen? A couple bad dates? Some hard feelings? You're breaking my heart here already over, not even considering giving me the time of day!" [Villain] cried as they let their face show their despair before slipping back into an easy smile, "Another date or two couldn't hurt. Why don't we just see how this goes?"
"I suppose." [Hero] frowned, "But you're not going to blow anything up if I call this off... will you?"
"Of course not! I just want to love you." [Villain] replied. They would show [Hero] how much they cared, and [Hero] would return their affections. They had everything all figured out.
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mcytbdamofficial · a day ago
chapter 12 of bhav is out!
sorry its so late, hope you enjoy regardless!!!
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baleheadbengali · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Whether as DC hero or Marvel villain Christian Bale always rocks.
During break of shoot of Thor:Love and Thunder Christian Bale enjoyed a stroll around Palm Beach near Sydney on Sunday afternoon, 18th April 2021.
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professional-idiocy · a day ago
Hero didn’t know how this had happened. It all started with a knock and villain tiredly begging for help, broken bloody and bruised.
"Please, I don't care what happens to me Hero, but please help me" villain had said before passing out leaving hero to catch them.
Hero sighed, they didn't know how to deal with Villain sleeping on their lap. They'd taken care of the injuries, but it was weird having your nemesis trust you this much.
Villain was going to explain everything once they woke up.
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Ok I’m officially Obsessed with your writing, it’s just so good!. If you’re not too busy I can a Request a Once Powerful and Feared Supervillain started slowly retreating back from their once awful crimes to petty ones. Hero gets Suspicious of their sudden low crime rate and breaks into their Lair but only to find out Supervillain is diagnosed with cancer? 
You certainly can! I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading my writing!
Prompt #173
"You never told me you had..." [Hero] trailed off, letting the unspoken word hang in the air. [Super Villain] scoffed as [Hero] stood in front of them like a kicked puppy.
"It wasn't exactly your business." [Super Villain] scowled
"It would have been nice to know,"
"It would have been nice to not have cancer." [Super Villain] replied flatly, [Hero] flinched at the word causing [Super Villain] to scoff again, 
"Unlike most things, [Hero], this isn't about you. So if you're going to be a buzz kill and sit around moping, I'd rather you just leave. I'm actually trying to enjoy the time I have left, thank you, not comfort people who have all the time in the world to grieve when I'm not here to be annoyed by it."
"You're very nonchalant about this."
"It's terminal, I'm dying, whoop-de-fucking-doo. What do you want me to do? Sit around being depressed? I'm working on a timer [Hero], and I will never go out with a whimper." [Super Villain] stared hard at [Hero].
[Hero] wanted to do so many things at that moment: cry, hold [Super Villain], let them know how much they cared about them, but they knew that none of that was what [Super Villain] wanted. So, they took a deep breath, buried their sadness, and looked [Super Villain] straight in the eye,
"What do you want to do?"
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amethystpath-writes · 2 days ago
Date Beneath the Stars P3
Part 2 here
( @nightfrostshadow @whatwhumpcomments )
The Underneath was as smoky and terrible as ever. It would have been fine had there been anyone in there, but it was only Hero and Villain. Neither had cigarettes, or cigars, or even a damn fog machine. But here they were, walking down what looked like the bridal aisle of Hell.
“I want to turn around,” Hero said, and she stopped. She stopped dead in her tracks. This place was cursed in a way she couldn’t say, or even mentalize. It was simply sickening. And what would Hero even do if Other Hero were down here? She couldn’t save him, not if she wanted Villain to think she would truly work with him. But the stopping caused by Hero wasn’t just because The Underneath was a rancid place; it was also because Hero needed Villain’s attention.
“My dearest love,” He did the purr, that stupid purr, the one that always struck Hero’s fancy. It wouldn’t work this time- Hero wouldn’t allow it to. “I know this is new to you. We can come back if you wish, but I think it will be in your best interest to stay.”
Why? How could staying in this dank Underneath be any better than being at home, snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, on the couch, while watching cheesy movies and eating popcorn? “Villain,” she whispered as he laid a hand on her cheek. She hated when he did this, convinced her to do things by soft touches and a gentle ease of the voice. “I don’t want to do this. I know I…I know I said I did, but I’m just not ready for this.” Hero swallowed at the sudden grip anxiety had on her. Her phone was in her back pocket, volume turned as far down as it could be on a phone call. What if Villain knew Leader was listening in on all this?
“You want to leave right this second?”
“Not- not right away. I want to see Other Hero. You said he’s still alive; I want to see him.” That was the mission- save Other Hero.
Villain hummed, like he always did when he was trying to hide his immediate inner thoughts. His gears were always turning, always processing new information and dealing it out as if it were all a deck of playing cards. He was a player- and an excellent one at that, yet no one would expect it. It’s what made him so terrifying.
“Darling,” His voice dropped in a way that should have been soothing, but only unsettled Hero further. She didn’t even know this man. As much as she wanted to say she did- for crying out loud, they had been married for several years- Hero was so awfully aware that she knew nothing about Villain, at least nothing that mattered. “Will you not just take my word for it? If I told you that we released him unharmed, would you believe me?” He added, “As my wife?”
Oh, he knew exactly what card he was pulling by including that. Villain knew how obligated that line would make Hero feel to trust him, but the fact of the matter was this: “You hid this from me,” Hero whispered, in reference to the smoky rooms they stood in. The way she noted the warmth of Villain’s thumb infuriated her. Right now, Hero only wanted to hate him, to spy on him as she came to do with a phone in her back pocket. Hate was the only thing she should have felt, right? But it wasn’t.
“I suppose you feel betrayed by me.” Hero swallowed at Villain’s thumb which pressed ever-so-slightly harder into her cheek. “You hid things from me, too, love. Don’t forget that.”
Hero never imagined there would come a day that she would jerk her head away from her husband’s embrace. Now, though…now she was fuming. “You say it as if I am the criminal with underground workings. As if I am corrupting the streets and everything beneath them!” Hero’s jaw was wound so tightly, she thought it might break if she opened it too far. “I save people from your business, from your co-workers, from you. I should leave you now,” she snapped, fists clenched at her sides, nails digging into her palms. “I should leave you and never come back.”
“And what good do you suppose that would do anyone?” Villain blinked in the dark room. There was no doubt he could see just fine- like a reptile in the night, following trails of heat and pain. Hero only wished it led them to Other Hero.
“You disgust me,” she seethed, “more than anything in this world ever could. You pretended- you pretended for years that you were- that you were…”
“In love with you?!” As he screamed, his face contorted into something like pain- though Hero could never call it that. Villain was heartless. He had to be if he was a part of this underground society of killers. “If I were ever pretending, I would have confronted you long, long ago, Hero- about the Bureau. But I didn’t.”
Stepping back and shaking her head, Hero muttered, “Selfish. You’re fucking selfish.”
Villain stepped forward, matching the distance he had with his wife before. “Because I tried to protect you from this side of my reality? I knew you wouldn’t approve. I knew you wouldn’t, so I kept you from it, for your safety.”
“Protecting me would have been deserting me ages ago! It would have been advising me to move on with my life. You didn’t keep me protected. All you did was keep me, Villain.” A stream ran from her nose to her lip, and she wiped it away with her sleeve. Her voice cracked as she said again, “You’ve been keeping me.” Like a pet, like a dog on a leash. “If you love me at all,” Hero sniffled, “you’ll take me to Other Hero, and you won’t say another damn word about it.”
It took Villain a moment to respond. He clenched his jaw, took a deep breath, and with a shake of his head, told Hero, “If that is what you wish, my darling. Just remember you had every opportunity.”
She didn’t bother picking apart Villain’s words. She was simply happy to know he would finally bring her to Other Hero- who knew how terrible of a condition he was in?
Unfortunate for Hero, Villain never intended on letting her go. After all, she only said that love meant taking her to the Bureau worker…she didn’t say anything about Villain releasing them.
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esperosisdoeswriting · 2 days ago
Can you continue your last post? The one about hero finding out villian wanted to help them but super villian didnt let them. I rlly liked it :D
Sorry for the long wait but I hope it was worth it! I also have another anon ask for a continuation of this but since I’m on my laptop I can’t get a pic of it. Either way, I hope you all enjoy!
Continuation of Prompt #166  Original
[Villain] laid upon the soft bed, their cuts bound, their broken bones set, yet the pain they felt did not abate. They hear [Hero] begin to open the door and didn't know if closing their eyes or keeping them open would be better. [Hero] laid eyes upon them, they were too late to decide, so they were left with only an inevitable confrontation.
"You're awake." [Hero] said gently.
"Yes." [Villain] agreed, their voice rough and thick.
"How are you feeling."
"That's a question with a very complex answer right now." [Villain] closed their eyes.
"I'm sorry," [Hero] whispered, unable to bring themselves to look at what they had done.
"I am too."
"You have nothing to feel sorry for."
"And yet," [Villain] sighed, slowly opening their eyes to look at [Hero], "I still feel regret."
[Hero] looked up at them with sad eyes, filled with the regret and despair [Villain] felt, but without a hint of hesitance, [Hero] sat by their side. [Villain] intertwined their fingers with [Hero]'s, the two having no more use for words.
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