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#Henry Cavill
lucamarinelliy · 3 minutes ago
I just learned the whole Henry Cavill situation and let me tell you that those are some crazy fans. They probably need therapy or something
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dstarnews · 11 minutes ago
Henry Cavill Wants You To Leave His Girlfriend Alone
#HenryCavill #NatalieViscuso #Henry_Cavill #Natalie_Viscuso #Henry #Cavill #Natalie #Viscuso #HenryCavillGirlfriendNatalieViscuso #gossip #partner #relationship #relationshipstatus #animosity
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e-lysium · 47 minutes ago
only henry cavill could basically say "hey, fuck you guys" and still feel the need to be polite about it
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rafaelsilvasource · 53 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RAFAEL SILVA via Instagram - May 15, 2021
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totoyotata · 59 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you guys :(( I just wanted to see why he was trending :((( I didnt want to see wierd x reader fanfiction :(((( right after he asked people to respect his relationship
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sickboy-alice · an hour ago
Can someone fill me in on why people have an issue with Henry Cavill and his gf? I don’t really follow him, but I saw his post and the picture and they look like a sweet couple. What do people even have an issue about?
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lilliannaansalla · an hour ago
Lark’s Song Ch 7
Tumblr media
Summary: Emily fell in love with a knight in shining armor one hot summer night at a club, but she grew to know the tortured soul behind the mask. When a year goes by without hearing from August, she starts to lose hope that he’ll ever come home. A tortured soul provides the needed companionship after she’s forced herself into a lonely life, but even John Wick can’t protect her from a broken heart. Still, miracles do happen, and someone has to keep these reckless boys in line.
Pairing: August Walker X OC, platonic John Wick & OC
Warnings: None that I know of! As always, let me know if I need to tag something I’ll happily add more!
Tags: @rmtndew​​ @amberangel112​​ @rocket44​​
Chapter 7
It was raining today. It had been since early that morning, so everything outside was soaked. Emily was sitting on the couch, working on her laptop, and August had disappeared into his study sometime ago, but the door was open, and she could sometimes hear him talking on the phone. She was almost done with work for the day, but August wanted to make dinner, so she planned to read in her window seat. Emily was sending out a few last emails when arms looped around her shoulders and a kiss was pressed atop her head. “Hi,” she greeted, tilting her head up for a kiss. “Get everything done?”
“Mhm,” August replied, giving her a kiss and resting his head on hers. “You?”
“I was thinking,” he said, watching as she sent off the few emails she had left as he talked. “We should go on vacation.”
“Really?” Emily asked, reaching up behind her to slide her fingers into his hair.
“I don’t mind, but what prompted this?”
“Your mom may have cornered me and said you didn’t leave like you promised you would, poppet.” Emily sighed.
“Of course she did. I won’t apologize. I missed you.” August hummed and let the subject drop. They’d had this conversation many times, and they were both too stubborn to budge on their stances. “Where were you thinking of going? And when?”
“It’s a surprise, poppet. And next week? Everything’s already taken care of. Just pack for warm weather, okay?” He wouldn’t answer any more questions, no matter how much she asked. Their flight was early in the morning, so early the sun wasn’t even up when they got on the road. Emily just fell asleep the minute they got on the highway. She was exhausted. When she woke up, August reached over and squeezed her knee.
“Enjoy your nap?” he asked.
“Mhm,” she replied, stretching out a bit and reaching for her water bottle. “Where are we?”
“We just crossed into North Carolina.”
“August, are you taking me to Disney?” she asked, more awake now that she’d gotten a few hours of sleep.
“No, poppet,” he said with a smile.
“Silver, where are you taking me?” Emily pushed, holding his hand as he kept his eyes on the road.
“You’ll see, poppet. Are you hungry?”
“I put some sandwiches in a container in the backseat. Get me one too?” Once they had eaten, he focused more clearly on the road, the GPS guiding them through North Carolina down into South Carolina.
“August, where are we going?” 
“The coast.”
“The beach?”
“Well, that is usually at the coast, poppet,” he teased. She smacked his shoulder, and he grinned, pleased with himself. They chatted for a while, and she kept a sharp eye out for any signs of where they were going. She saw the sign declaring the boat’s destination and immediately gasped, grabbing onto August’s hand with both of her own.
“We’re going home?” she said in breathless excitement. He gave her a warm smile.
“Surprise, darling,” he said, squeezing her hand. Emily squealed, though she did try to keep her voice down for the sake of the other passengers.
“August, thank you!” Emily exclaimed, giving him a tight hug.
“You’re welcome, Em. I figured it’s time we both took a break.” He kissed her temple. Two hours later, they were on a boat, leaving the coast behind and sailing for the Caribbean, to get there late in the afternoon. Emily was standing on the deck, looking out over the waves, her sunhat shading her face from the sun, and she smelled of sunscreen. As did August, who was sitting on a deck chair, reading. He was not going to wear that pink Totoro hat in public. He said as much, but she’d packed it when he told her to be ready for warm weather all the same. It was there, if they needed it. For the most part, their cruise down was uneventful. They sat side by side in the fresh air, reading and relaxing. When they got to the island, it would not be quiet, and August was taking all the chances he could get at peace and quiet for the foreseeable future.
It was nearly five in the afternoon when they docked, and Emily was waiting eagerly at the edge, trying to see if anyone had come to greet them. A sharp whistle pierced the air, and she instinctively searched in the direction it had come from. Jorge’s familiar green mop was standing atop some crates, waving at her, and she grinned wider, waving frantically to show that she had seen him. “He’s over there,” she told August, pointing towards her friend. August hummed, adjusting his grip on their bags. “Who else knows we’re coming?”
“I’d imagine your mom told everyone, wouldn’t she?”
“Oh, so this is just a surprise for me?”
“Mhm.” He kissed her temple.
“Give me a bag or two, Silver. I can help.”
“I’ve got it.”
“Oi. Give.” She took her backpack and the bag she knew held the tech stuff. He’d have to deal with it.
“Thought you’d want to have your hands free for hugs.”
“Jorge’s gonna take them from me the minute he gets the chance. It makes him feel helpful.” It still took them a good bit of time to disembark, but they made it towards the crates where Jorge had been before.
“Emily!” voices cheered, and she found herself nearly bowled over by Amelia and Olivia, who latched onto her like monkeys. They were talking over each other in excitement, and Emily only joined in on the din, saying hellos and how are yous and I missed yous and all kinds of other things. August and Jorge just stood off to the side, exchanging calmer greetings while the girls drew all kinds of attention that had August ducking his head. He wasn’t exactly a wanted man, but he definitely needed to be careful (hence the cruise and not a plane). 
“You need to come home more often!” Amelia said. “So much has happened!”
“I missed your engagement!” Emily exclaimed, yanking up her hand to look at the ring that adorned Amelia’s finger. “He finally took the bait, did he?”
“He’s mine now.”
“Speaking of,” Emily said, turning to Jorge and holding out her arms, “c’mere, you big lug.” Jorge, all limbs, always reminded her of a baby horse when he walked, because he was also incredibly eager in everything he did. So if he walked, he took long, gaping strides, and often tripped over himself doing so because he was just so gosh darn excited about the world. Which meant Amelia always had band-aids on her person, and Jorge, bless him, nearly toppled all the girls over when he tripped and fell into Emily for a hug. The green hair was a personal choice, but it was also a safety measure so they could always find him, or so Amelia had always said. 
“Mami says hello,” Jorge said.
“I’ll see her later, I’m sure.”
“Yeah, we’re having a party!” Olivia said in excitement, practically vibrating on the spot. “Everyone’s waiting. Come on!” Emily reached out a hand to August, who took it, and Emily linked arms with Olivia, who linked with Amelia, and Jorge held his fiancée’s hand, the five of them spread out across the dock and definitely getting in everyone’s way, but none of them cared. They piled into Jorge’s truck, the girls riding in the back while August sat in the front (he hated it, but the truck only had one bench. They jolted along the roads that were less-than-cared-for, and Emily, Amelia, and Olivia chattered the entire way, with Jorge sometimes piping in through the open window in the back. August stayed quiet, but she expected that. Emily stared out at the city she’d grown up in, pointing out the differences for explanations.
“What happened to the building there?”
“Oh, a fire. Whole thing tumbled down.”
“Wait, that’s a gift shop now? Where’s Señor Luis?”
“He retired. Sold the shop and everything.”
“No! He had the best skewers!”
“We had an entire memorial service,” Jorge said through the window. “Candle-lit vigil and everything.”
“Now he just has a bunch of people stop by his house for lunch,” Olivia added. “He loves it.”
“August, you have to meet Señor Luis,” Emily said, sticking her face in the window. “Those skewers were to die for.”
“I look forward to it, darling.”
“Look at the fountain, Em,” Amelia said, pointing over her shoulder. Emily whirled around, smacking herself in the face with her hair, but she gasped.
“Oh! August look!” she exclaimed. The fountain, which had been rather standard before, three layers of water trickling down, had been replaced with a bigger one. It was large, taking up twice the space the other one had, with a large woman made out of what looked like concrete from here, but sculpted like the marble statues Emily had seen in pictures. She was carrying a water jug, tilted at just an angle so water flowed out into the pool below. All around the edges, water spouts jumped out towards the interior, so the water was rippling and jumping. 
“At night, there are lights in it,” Amelia explained, “so the lady looks green.”
“You remember Antonio? His family owned the fruit stand out by school?”
“He went overseas to study, and he came back and built this. He raised the money himself, designed it, everything. It’s green because green’s a lucky color, and she’s supposed to be Lady Luck, or something like that. We’ll come back and see it.” Jorge drove them out of the marketplace and down into the residential area, and Emily saw the cluster of palm trees that always signaled her arrival home. She could hear music playing, even over the rattling of the truck as they bounced over the dirt roads.
“Is Señora Lupe having a party?” she asked. Señora Lupe had a large family, and they had get-togethers every week. It was always loud around here, but Señora Lupe’s family was the loudest. Everyone knew the Rubios. 
“No, that’s not until tomorrow,” Olivia said as Jorge parked on the street in front of Emily’s house. Emily shrugged. Maybe someone else was. There was always a party going on somewhere here. Everyone clambered out of the truck, and Emily didn’t wait for anyone. She ran up the front steps to her house and flung open the door.
“Mamá, I’m home!” she yelled into the house.
“Surprise!” people yelled back, and Emily jumped a foot in the air, being met with the faces of her neighbors and the people she’d considered her extended family all packed into her small house. 
“Welcome home, baby,” her mamá greeted, appearing in front of her to give her a hug.
“Mamá, what’s all this?”
“My baby girl is home for the first time in two years? We’re celebrating!”
“It’s about time you came back,” a raspy voice said, and Emily grinned.
“Hi, Mister Luis. I heard about your skewers.”
“I have five waiting just for you, butterfly,” the old man said, patting her hand gently.
“Emily!” a small voice exclaimed, and Emily kneeled down just in time to catch up a little boy, securing him on her hip.
“Sebastián!” she said with just as much excitement. He was Señor Mario’s grandson that he was raising, and her next door neighbor. “Look at you! You’ve grown a foot since I saw you!”
“I’m six!” he replied, showing off a giant toothy grin.
“No! You can’t be! That’s much too old!”
“Uh huh! I am!”
“Are you sure?”
“Uh huh!” She tickled him, and he giggled, kicking his feet and scrunching up.
“Come in, come inside!” her mamá insisted, pulling her in to make room for the other four waiting to get into the house.
“And is this the man who kidnapped you without a word?” Señora Lupe asked, glaring up at August. Emily had taught August her particular dialect of Spanish (he’d only known the version taught in schools, so it was very formal speech), so he knew exactly what she was asking.
“Yes I am, and I’m sorry we haven’t come back for a visit,” he replied. “I’m August. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Señora Lupe, this is my fiancé,” Emily introduced.
“Your what?”
“Did you think I just scampered off with a man for no reason? You taught me better than that!”
“Marta didn’t say anything about you being engaged!”
“Yes I did!” Emily’s mother called from the kitchen. “You just ignored me!”
“Bah,” Señora Lupe waved off the notion.
“It’s true,” Señor Luis piped up. “Two years, right, butterfly?” Emily nodded with a smile.
“Yep!” Sebastián wriggled to be put down, and Emily placed him on the floor. Eventually, they managed to get August and Emily’s bags put down in her bedroom, and then everyone filed out into the backyard, where Samuel and Rose, friends from her old job here, were making sure none of the tablecloths would fly away in the breeze, and Mateo, Señora Lupe’s grandson who owned his own restaurant, was working on something at the grill. It felt like everyone she’d ever known in town was crowded into her house and yard to welcome her home. August, who didn’t do well in crowds by nature, was pressed up against her back.
“You can sit inside, Silver,” she said, squeezing his hand and tilting her head back to look at him. 
“I’ll be okay.”
“Sit with Señor Luis,” she suggested. “He and Señor Diego go fishing every Saturday. You might be able to go with them.”
“It’s safe here, August,” she assured him. “The neighborhood takes care of its own. And if it gets too much, go hide in my bedroom. They’re loud, I know they are. And we’ll only get louder.” She pointed over to where some speakers were set up and motioned to the lights hanging out over the yard in preparation for when it got darker out. “Where do you think I got my love for dancing?”
“I’ll be alright, poppet,” he said, giving her a kiss. “I like watching you have fun.” She grinned at him.
“But first, we eat. Be ready to answer a bunch of questions.” He hummed.
“Emily!” Mateo yelled, and she looked over at him. “Mister Luis says you have to get these right now!”
“Ooh! Coming! I’ll be right back, Silver. You have to try these.” So, they ate. Everyone. Her whole neighborhood, all her friends, and her family. They were all crowded in the yard and in the house, and it was so loud you had to shout to be heard, but Emily was right at home. August did indeed sit with Señor Luis and Señor Diego, and every time she looked over to check on him, he was smiling and laughing, so she was reassured that he was enjoying himself. She’d thought he would. After the sun had set, the lights above the yard flicked on, and someone, probably Samuel, turned on the music. Olivia found Emily in a heartbeat and pulled her away from where she was talking with Jeremy, one of her sort-of-cousins, and out to the middle of the yard, where people were already starting to dance. In the middle of one of her favorite songs, she glanced over to check on August, and he was staring right at her, a fond smile on his face. She gave him the biggest smile, and his smile grew wider. “Thank you,” she mouthed at him, and he shook his head a little bit before one of the men grabbed his attention again, and she went back to dancing. The party lasted until the very early hours of the morning, and she was ready to collapse from exhaustion. The people left in a steady trickle, and Amelia, Jorge, and Olivia were the last ones to leave, promising that they’d go out tomorrow and revisit their old haunts. Her mother shooed Emily out of the backyard.
“We’ve got this, mija,” she said, pressing a kiss into her hair. “Rest. You’ve had a long day.”
“But, Mamá--”
“Don’t argue with me! Go on!” August gently pulled her inside.
“Go to bed, poppet,” he said. “We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”
“Are you sure you’ll be alright with the couch?”
“Mhm,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Goodnight, darling.” She sighed a bit, but she kissed his cheek.
“Night, August. Love you.”
“Love you too.”
She fell asleep in less than five minutes, she was so exhausted, but she dreamed of dancing with August in their living room back home.
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consequences-of-sleep · an hour ago
Go donate and consider doing the race
Tumblr media
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stucky-on-spiderman · an hour ago
Which celebrity would you ship me with? *nervous squeals*
I think I would ship you with Henry Cavill ❤️
Tumblr media
Morgan’s Sleepover!!
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viking-raider · 2 hours ago
I just wanna say 2 things. 1. I'm very excited for your new series!! I need to catch up on Southern Generation. 2. I love that you don't put up with any bs about Henry's personal life, I think some people could take a few hints from you.
1. I hope you like it! I’m excited about it! I’m world-building the crap out of it too! 2. It’s their life, together or apart, doesn’t affect me, its just another day of my week. Do I think people just leave them be, yeah. But, its whatever. I’m going to go about my day and life like I always do.
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castiellawolfkissed · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
a/n: I have never written for any of this man's characters but this man makes this girl's heart beat fast. Plus it's armed forces appreciation day and I can't celebrate it alone. Different branch but doesn't mean I can't respect this captain. ;)
@littlefreya don't know how on brand this is for him but hope you like it.
All he wanted to do was protect her from the demons outside the world, but damn was she stubborn. Still went out at night to drink with his crew and always left early or later than him to make a point. Played shows in so many different bars that he’s lost count but at least when she was done, he could see her sweaty, and on adrenaline high self on video chat when he was deployed. He hated it completely but loved her so much it hurt.
She didn’t need his protection, money, or military benefits. She just wanted his love and his companionship. He used to hate that she would call him her best friend but knew she just meant that he was more than a lover. He was her best friend through life, and it was starting to grow on him.
He was slowly getting used to the thought of her taking care of herself, but he was getting a sick feeling tonight. His unit was home for a month for some R&R before having to go back and he planned to surprise her at her show. Except their flight home was late as hell and by the time they got there they were already saying goodnight. As he walked into the bar to try and find her, he heard the loud noise in the middle of the dance floor.
“Get your damn hands off me fuck.”
Sy clinched his fist and pushed through the people to protect her but by the time he broke through the guy received a right hook to the noise. The sound of a nose breaking sounded loud in the club and the guy holding nose and stumbling away from her to nurse his wounds.
The absolutely satisfied look on her face made his heart race and he felt himself slowly growing hard at what he just saw. He simply folded his arms and stood there until she finally saw him. She tried her best to look innocent before approaching him and soon there was no holding back her excitement. There was no holding back his laugh as he wrapped his arms around her the moment, she jumped him.
“I guess I don’t have to worry about you too much, do I?” He whispered.
“You taught me well daddy. but I think I might need more training,” She whispered into his ear. Her legs were perfectly wrapped around his waist and her arms around his shoulders.
He chuckled before kissing her sweetly, “We’ll start that training in a few days. Daddy needs to make sure your other training has been going well.” His eyes looked down for a second before looking back into her eyes. She bit his lips seductively before smiling widely, “Let’s have some fun first. Gotta celebrate you being home. Can’t break tradition you know?”
“Don’t worry I wouldn’t dream of breaking your superstitious ritual. Let’s have some fun but try not to fight anyone else alright?” He teased letting her stand on her own.
“No promises captain,” She said before moving past him and slapping his ass hard. The rest of his unit hooted and hollered at her act before she began to greet each of them.
He turned and shook his head. This woman gave him a run for his money every day, but he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life chasing her.
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viking-raider · 2 hours ago
What are you going to do with this Henry/Natalie news?
Well, it’s Saturday, so there’s not a damn thing on to watch! But, the new season of Outlanders started filming, which is when I start binging the past seasons, so that and writing my new story! How about you, Nonie?
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danward-spiral-of-life · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
This has to be the politest fuck you ever
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brightsunnydays · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
"the people I care about most" is everything.
"be the best version of yourself" means everything.
He found her, and he is with her. AND HE IS HAPPY NOW.
This is THE MATTER for the fans, right?
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v-v-x-x · 2 hours ago
Fans who harass celebrities for being in a relationship are weird. Just admit that you're a loner and no one wants to date you. Stop worrying about what these celebrities are doing they don't know you exist! These celebrities are not that great anyway! Go have sex and move on.
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fallenangelbb · 2 hours ago
✨Fic Rec List✨
Will be updating regularly
Tumblr media
Like Sugar by @littlefreya : Henry has to wake up at 4:30 am during workdays, but you are having none of it this morning.
Undercover by @littlefreya : How do you Henry would react if *said person* blurts out "Oh Geralt" or "oh yes August" or "yeah Clark" (or any other character he played) while having sex with him?
You’re Mine by @killjoy-assbutt-1112 : Geralt fucks you hard for letting another man touch you. Lil fluff at the end
Thigh Riding by @littlebirdofrivia
Every Time You Leave by @littlebirdofrivia : smut, fingering, bodily fluids, praise kink, dirty talk, hair pulling
Strictly Business by @littlebirdofrivia : smut, dom/sub, vaginal penetration, squirting, bodily fluids, praise kink, sex toys, masturbation, softdom, hair pulling, power play(??), humiliation kink(??), corruption kink(??)
The Grizzly and The Leopard by @wolvesandhoundshowltogether : It is a story of a love triangle and an illegal fighting match between the reader’s two love interests. 
The Devil’s Tongue by @littlefreya : A mask of virtue hides a man riddled with lust and while his stoicism proceeds him, even he can’t withstand a begging girl. 
The Grizzly and The Leopard by @wolvesandhoundshowltogether : It is a story of a love triangle and an illegal fighting match between the reader’s two love interests. 
Kissed by Fire by @wolvesandhoundshowltogether : Your small art studio takes fire and a beefy cocky soldier-turned-firefighter is among the responding fire crew members. The acquaintance wouldn’t be long-lived but Lieutenant Syverson accidentally👀 takes something that belongs to you.
Taste Me by @blakerogue : You come back from a long day and all you want is a nice warm shower... your vampire has other plans.
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honeydulcewrites · 3 hours ago
maam henry cavill just told all the fan girls to shut up respectfully and i am CACKLING
Lmaooo I saw, he said keep his girl’s name out of y’all disrespectful ass mouths 😌 leave that man and their business aloneeee
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thehollowprince · 3 hours ago
Not Henry Cavill calling out the toxic negativity people direct his way the moment he revealed he might have a girlfriend. Here's hoping more celebrities call out this toxic fandom bullshit that takes place on Instagram and Twitter.
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