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feh-solzinho7 hours ago
-Do you love me?
- So much that I would give my heart to you
-But you're heartless
-I know
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catboy-joyfriend8 hours ago
What if all of Alchemy's confidence is fake and they want love from everyone around them so they figure out what people want in a friend and match that. After years of doing this, they've lost their sense of self (I guess). They don't know who they are anymore. Idk. I had this thought while listening to music and while it doesn't completely make sense, it's been living rent free in my head for a while.
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butterfly-danna8 hours ago
You read heartless! Its my favorite, whos your favorite characters?
hi! i like it too, my favourite character would probably be jest or hatta :)
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catboy-joyfriend8 hours ago
Tumblr media
I look at characters i like and say cool u need overalls
River belongs to @abd-illustrates !!
(Reblogs > Likes)
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vinehasnohopeleft10 hours ago
so, randomly, I dropped down the rabbit hole of YouTube and remembered the series called Heartless that was running around from @abd-illustrates. And I was explaining the characters to my dad, when I got to Alastor, he thought Alastor was this short, stubby, pip squeak of a character.聽
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abd-illustrates10 hours ago
Heartless Question!
I know a lot of y鈥檃ll have really enjoyed the videos I鈥檝e done about 鈥淗eartless鈥 so far and are really itching to see it as a full-fledged comic 鈥 (which is amazing! Thank u!)
But! If I were to say that I actually have another old story that I鈥檝e been wanting to freshen up and publish online for a while (Again, not 鈥淗eartless鈥, but a different story that I love just as much (if not even more)) 鈥 would y鈥檃ll be open to reading it?
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catboy-joyfriend11 hours ago
i hc river as river having pretty shaky hands (except for when she鈥檚 working bc she just like,,, wills herself into having steady hands) so Alchemy paints her nails for her. She鈥檚 also the only reason anyone on the team stays hydrated. hydrate before you die-drate, kids
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catboy-joyfriend11 hours ago
I think river likes to climb onto the backs of the taller members... Bcs piggyback ridesss
Yessss,,; she's litol and also Flint likes giving her piggyback rides as much as she likes getting them
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catboy-joyfriend11 hours ago
River Dial my beloved 馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄
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zerbrochen-hinterdermaske12 hours ago
Der D盲mon in mir br眉llt so laut, rei脽t an den Z眉geln so das ich drohe zu ersticken, doch tu ich dies nicht schon so lang?!
Vor lauter Schreie in meiner Seele halte ich die wei脽e Fahne hoch und m枚chte mich ergeben. Egal was ich tue, nichts scheint je genug. Nichts in diesem Nichts, der N盲hrboden f眉r das ganze nennt sich der Schmerz. Wie ein alt bekannter Freund, der bleibt wenn nichts mehr da zu scheint. Ein "nichts" in diesem unbekannten auf seltsamerweise vertrautem Ganzen. Die Stimme des D盲mons so pr盲sent, ein Marionetten Spieler der Extraklasse, der nur kurzzeitig seinen Frieden findet indem ich zu tiefst falle. Falle in dieses schwarze Loch der Dunkelheit in dem er mich schon lange gefangen h盲lt.
Skrupellos, korrupt,ekstatisch, bedacht mich dort zu halten. Ein Macht Spiel dessen ich hoffnungslos ausgeliefert erschein. Am Ende mit der Kraft, das Durchhalteverm枚gen bereits ausgesch枚pft.
Nun sitze ich in diesem allzeit bekannten finsteren Loch der Dunkelheit. Meine Seele bet盲ubt durch den Schmerz, durch das erstickende Gef眉hl der zugeschn眉rten Leinen um meinen Hals, mein Herz wie eingefroren, mein K枚rper erschlafft durch die Last. Chaos im Kopf, das Blut das nur langsam durch die Adern tropft. In dieser Seele wo der D盲mon den Krieg anf眉hrt. Machtlos meinem Leid hin gegeben. Dieser bitters眉脽e Schmerz, mein Elixier das mich f眉hlen l盲sst noch am Leben zu sein. Wof眉r lohnt es sich zu k盲mpfen wenn der sehnlichste Wunsch darin besteht die Augen f眉r immer schlie脽en zu k枚nnen..
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sakura-piss13 hours ago
Alastor: haha! i have nullified your magick, rendering you POWERLESS!!!
Flint and Eira, who are both trained and experienced in physical combat:
Tumblr media
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Lorelei: Please bring home PURIFIED water with NO minerals added for taste NONE
Lance: I got spring water
Lorelei: NOT
Lance: with EXTRA minerals
Lance: It's like licking a stalagmite
Lance: mmmmmm cave water
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the-possum-prince14 hours ago
Hhhrhrhhdbdbdn Ideas For Heartless Scenes Go AAAAAAAAAAA
So this would probably happen decently far in. The Gang is all together, they鈥檙e very aware of The Jury and have fought them several times, that kind of thing. And The Gang is starting to get a little antsy because they keep losing to The Jury and they know that they need to step it up if they want to survive.
Heartless insists that he has a plan- just talk to Alastor. Have a real conversation. Try to establish a mutual understanding, and maybe work something out so that no one has to get hurt.
The rest of The Gang- particularly Flint and Eira- insist that this plan is overly optimistic and there鈥檚 no way it鈥檇 end well. But Heartless is stubborn, and it鈥檚 clear that there鈥檚 no way to sway his opinion.
One way or another, they arrange to meet with Alastor one-on-one, just him and Heartless. The Gang hides nearby in case anything goes wrong. And, always true to his word, Alastor shows up.
Heartless has his whole argument planned, he knows exactly what he鈥檚 going to say and how to say it in a way that Alastor will understand and hopefully agree with. It鈥檚 a whole monologue of Heartless trying to explain that he doesn鈥檛 want anyone to get hurt, this whole thing is going to end badly for both of them with the way it鈥檚 going, and emphasizes that he knows that Alastor thinks he鈥檚 doing the right thing, but that it鈥檚 ultimately not.
Alastor is silent for this entire speech, by the way. Just standing a few feet away and listening.
At the end of his speech, Heartless holds out his hand for Alastor to shake. 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e not as bad as you want us to think you are. Let鈥檚 just compromise? Please?鈥
Alastor pauses. Takes a step forward. Slowly, carefully takes Heartless鈥 hand. Heartless starts beaming, he鈥檚 so excited, he knew it would work, now all they have to do is-
Alastor squeezes Heartless鈥 hand as tightly as he can, every ounce of energy devoted to snuffing out his magick. Heartless cries out before falling unconscious.
Alastor wipes his hand on his jacket and turns to look directly at where The Gang is hidden, then disappears with a chime of bells.
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catboy-joyfriend15 hours ago
Top 5 characters from any source who you refuse to believe are neurotypical!
1. this is my third time putting korekiyo at the top of one of these but oh my god oh my fucking god
2. Kiyotaka Ishimaru holy shit that man is autistic
3. Heartless
4. Lance Lothaire
(pov me trying and failing to remember what else I like so this isn't all just dr and heartless)
five is literally every danganronpa character HJFHF /hj
actual 5. uh. Gonta Gokuhara
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catboy-joyfriend15 hours ago
Top 5 Heartless characters that give you major gender envy!
2. Heartless,, it's the sunshine boy vibes (and the crop top)
3. Bandy
4. Alastor
5. Doppel and Glass
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catboy-joyfriend15 hours ago
Okay but you asked for this.
Top 5 Heartless characters!
1. LANCE MY BELOVED 馃ズ鈽猴笍馃槍馃挄鉁
2. Alchemy 馃挄馃挄馃挄
3. River 鉁
4. Heartless
5. Eira
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