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#Happy Town
lucywrites02 · 20 hours ago
I know it's kinda random but there are these 2 old ladies in my town and I see them very often when I walk back home from school. And the thing is, they always have matching outfits. Always. And I don't know why but seeing them, walking together with their little walkers in matching outfits makes me so happy. I can't explain it but they the sight of them brings me so much job. Me and my friends treat them like some sort of celebrities.
I was walking back from the store just now and I saw those two walking in my direction as I waited for the green light and I said hello to them and they smiled at me and it made my day. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you
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i-mybrunettelady · 2 days ago
18 + 35 mushed together pls <3 - moonlit-grove
Thank you for the prompt <3 Sorry it’s a little late, but I do hope I can redeem myself with some Trammander domestic fluff??
--- prompts: short pecks + wake-up kisses 
--- Orr, 1332 AE
Living with another person is, in Nyra’s opinion, rather weird at first. Over the course of her life, she’s developed habits suited for a solitary adventurer, or one with occasional assistance along the way, not regular, domestic bliss she seems to have fallen into in that old, half-destroyed ruin she shares with Trahearne while they visit Orr. There’s Dagonet, too, and the jokes of the other Firstborn being her brothers and sisters by law are starting to become a reality now.
It’s in how early she gets up, how much she’s able to accomplish before the day truly begins, how vast it feels because of a lack of structure that wartime usually gives. She almost doesn’t know what to do with all that time, but she’s loathe to wake Trahearne from his sleep just to occupy her. Thankfully, Dagonet suffers from the same infliction so they walk by the beach, he keeps her company while she does her morning exercise regimen.
Life without war looks very strange.
That morning, she wakes as early as she usually does, so by the time she’s done the exercises, bathed in the nearby spring and chopped up some fruit for breakfast, her lover is still asleep. Nyra’s wet hair slaps against the back of her cotton shirt as she moves to place the flowers named after them - endemic to Orr, no less - on the table. It’s so quiet that she’s afraid of making something more than a step on the tips of her toes. She’ll need to call her therapist soon, but for now, she can enjoy a moment of genuine happiness she hasn’t felt in years.
“It’s late,” she says as she settles on what they call bed. “Wake up! You’ll sleep the day away!”
Trahearne just settles against her and gives a little snore. He doesn’t snore, so Nyra knows he’s teasing her.
“I mean, I could visit the reliquaries with Dagonet, if you want to sleep,” she says with mock innocence, “but I know you wanted to go. You should see what Dwayna’s looks like! A lot of wind and water! And there’s an ancient magical statue, too!”
His lip curls, but his eye doesn’t open. Nyra laughs, leaning over his face with a smirk.
“I know what’ll do the trick,” she decides, kissing him. That earns her a look when they part.
“Watching you go about your morning was really nice,” he comments. “You almost had me with the reliquaries, though.”
“You scholar,” she shakes her head, peppering kisses over his face. She avoids the dragonrot scars, before eventually settling on incessant pecks on the lips.
“Kisses are nice too,” he murmurs. “I like kisses as much as temples.”
“Good thing you can have both,” she says between pecks. “How about kisses in temples?”
He pulls her down until their foreheads are touching. She has to rearrange her stance on the bed, but it allows her to properly run her fingers through the leaves on his head.
“Even better,” he laughs. “Good morning, Lyss. Now let’s eat that fruit before it goes stale.”
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wilsonwade · 2 days ago
i'm honestly so sick of my life... i was living with my mom because of the pandemics and that didnt work out so now i'm living with my dad, its been two months i think and i'm already so sick of it, he's lazy, dirty, doesnt acknowledge the work i do to keep this house decent, he thinks i'm lying when i go out to literally work to have some money so that i dont have to ask him for it. he promised so many things about us living together and now i'm at the edge i swear to god how can you live like this??? i didnt ask to be born and now i have to endure this shit
its not like i dont do anything, i have like 3 jobs plus i study vet medicine... isnt that enough? i feel so tired, i feel so helpless and tiny
i just wish i had money so i could be at peace... its so sad to be bearing this just because i had nobody else to help me and nothing else to do
why do parents do that shit when they dont want to see you shine brighter than them
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Hello Darling, how are you? - Zhongli
Oh hey, honey. I’m great, now that you’re here ;)
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twilytv · 5 days ago
i am currently binge-watching rina sawayama’s youtube videos and eating shrimp crackers
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courtoftheclueless · 6 days ago
3, 5 and 7 for Mr Ryoma sir OwO
The group laughs as their choppy haired member seemed to try to curl into herself.
"Okay, C'mon Joy. Silvia wants to know: Did it start off as a small crush for you, or were you quickly in love? What made you fall for them? Once you realized it, did your crush on them make things awkward?"
"Oh! And tell us if you know anything about how Ryoma and Saizo felt about it." Claes added in his two cents. "I'm helping Niles prank Saizo, so anything we can use would be great."
"Fine. Though, no promises of the prank material." Joy waited until Claes made a non committal noise of agreement. "So. I suppose that we should start at the beginning...
"I. I had a thing for Ryoma at first because, yes, he was handsome. And yes, it made things awkward for me at first but I had a job to do. But the real crush started when he started helping me learn the culture of Hoshido." Her arms crossed over her chest, and her knees came up to her chest while Joy's toes wiggled on the edge of the chair. And far more impressive was the blush that was already forming on her face and ears. "He was the first person to realize I had taken an interest in creating my dolls. Even if he didnt have time to help me with them, he did tell me that there were plenty who would help me learn. And then he was just. Really supportive while I made them do things."
Her blush crawled up to her forehead and down her neck.
"Look. I didn't let my crush or my hobby interfere with my job. I was Lady Azura's retainer first and foremost. And the only thing that ever made me stutter in my proper persona was when he told me that he appretiated my work in that, okay?"
"Okay, so we have found out that Eyoma's smooth as hell." Angelina spoke up before Joy got worked up, but her smile warned she was up to no good. "And, I mean. I think we got what we need about him from that letter you quoted in the other answer. But-"
She put her elbow on a knee, and stuck her cheek into the palm of her hand.
"Give us the dirt on Saizo."
"You're helping prank him, aren't you?"
"He called me a purse snatcher."
"Why is he like this?" The words seemed to be half spoken to them and half to whatever god reigned over Hoshido. "Okay. Saizo fucking hated me at first. I can't blame him for it, as I did literally fall from the sky and then immediately hired to be the retainer of a technical prisoner of war. Now, there is a lot of fucked up things to go with that, but I want it to be clear that I never personally hated Saizo, nor felt that his distrust nor hatred was personal."
The others raised eyebrows at the usually polite Joy swearing, but from what they had heard of Azurs's position it was at least appropriate.
"Like I said earlier, I only started to get a crush on him when I was watching him to annoy him, and it did start off small." She took a deep breath and centered herself before she continued. "Did you know that while he hates sweets, he doesn't just throw them out? He'd give them to little children when they visited the Palace. Or, how about how the first time I thought he was smiling beneath his mask was when he was helping set up a fireworks display? And, oh, you should have seen how he freezes up when I gave him the doll I made of him. It's capable of lighting fireworks and he actually laughed a little bit. And I guess it just kind of... spiraled from there? Never awkward, well... never more awkward than being around Saizo is period. Just... there."
She looked around, but it seemed that no one had anything to say about that. Just faces that seemed to read that what she describes was really sweet.
"And now, I guess I get to do it again. I can't give you any tips on pranking Saizo because. Well, for one, I was never clueless enough to actually prank him. But secondly, I don't know if this Saizo's the same."
"Okay, but do you know how Saizo fell for you?"
Kyrin leaned forward in her seat, eyes wide and mouth almost in a pout.
"It's not something he felt like sharing. All I can do is speculate, but really I don't think it matters. He came to realize who I am, and fell in love with me. What more do I need to know?"
"Holy shit we need to protect you."
"I am a skilled retainer, I don't need protecting. Next question."
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goryhq · 6 days ago
𝐖𝐄𝐋𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐄      𝐓𝐎      𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐋      freddie      and      cordelia !      people      in      this      town      are      dropping      like      flies ,      so      keep      us      notified      within       24      hours      so      you      don’t      turn      up      missing      too .      sebastian      stan      &      adeline       rudolph      are      now      taken !
hi hi ! this rp looks absolutely amazing and while i’d usually include a short bio i’m not really happy with the way they turned out ( it’s very late here lmao ) so hopefully it’s okay to post them if i get accepted < 33
          (   sebastian stan ,   demi male ,   he/they  )   apparently   that’s   freddie jones / judas addams   lurking   around   town   for   amount   of   time .   the   local   psychic   claims   they’re   a   vampire   (   owner of house of hades   )   who’s   35   /   71  years    old    but   he’s   always   been   a   bit   unhinged .   whispers   around   town   say   they’re   protean ,   aloof   but   guilty .   honestly ,   they   remind   me   of   warm  flickering  neons  lights  illuminating  your  way  home  but  the  feeling  is  completely  cold , a native brooklyn accent echoing  black  and  white  films , desperate  for  contact  but  stuck  with  fate's  cruel  decision  of  being  eternally  lost - an  aura  of  loneliness  engulfing  you  whole   which   explains   why   i’ve   seen   them   with   an   old  ,  broken  watch  that  hasn't  seen  working  cog  since  the  thirties .   (   buffy ,   nineteen ,   she/her ,   gmt+10 ,   anti-semitism, clowns + eye gore   )
           (   adeline rudolph ,   cis female ,   she/her   )   did   you   see   cordelia choi   in   the   town   square ?   the   22   year   old   has   been   living   in   ambrose   for   twenty  two  years   as   a   university ( forensic  science ) student .   their   myspace   account   shows   that   they're   incisive ,   outspoken   but   judgemental .   rumours   around   town   say   don't  believe   in   supernatural   beings   in   ambrose .   if   you   ask   me   they   make   me   think   of   watching  late  night  shows  and  recreating  the  main  character's  wardrobe , a  glimpse  of  a  pink  tongue  sticking  out  when  truly  focused , an  empty  house  with  belongings  that  aren't  yours  still  lingering  around  –  the  wavering  feeling  of  familiar  guilt  coming  in  contact  when  you  try  to  pack  it  all  away  which   explains   why   i've   seen   them   with   an   empty  ,  leather bound  journal  with  an  embossed  azalea  flower .   (    buffy ,   nineteen ,   she/her ,   gmt+10 ,   anti-semitism, clowns + eye gore   )
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