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trinitea-fics · 7 hours ago
As someone who did competitive synchronized skating for 9 years, can I just say that I love Shoma’s arm movements?
In synchro, one of the big things is having perfectly placed (and synchronized) arms with those long lines. No floppy arms allowed. And Shoma has such great attention to detail with the arm movements. Everything is intentional. Much in the way that it is in synchro where every single arm movement is choreographed with zero room for improvisation. Even when he has those softer lines, they don’t look lazy. There is energy all the way through his fingertips. 
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suncaptor · 2 days ago
the thing with early seasons Sam is YES he will turn into a shell of what he once was after enduring more than any human has and being blamed for more than any human should so forth so forth and YES with Cas he WILL end up treating his life as a bargaining chip after known lack of happiness until his last appearance is martyrdom but it’s DIFFERENT to compare that to early seasons Dean because they destroy his CHARACTER. and yes there are good stories to be told and so the cycle of abuse continues, but it’s not done well, he because a caricature of himself, he becomes completely unrecognisable in so many ways, flaws shifted that aren’t even inherent until the shroud over everything good that once existed in him. like all over Supernatural hinges on character devolvement. Sam isn’t written well for half of the show. But Dean’s character is utterly assassinated. 
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closuredream · 2 days ago
i think there's something so completely domestic and brotherly-like that because mcc is coming back, dream and sapnap log on the practice server at the same time to mess around to pvp with whoever is online :') it makes me think that they used to do this exact same thing when they were younger and played on bad's server but now they just go to each others room and are like "wanna hop on the server?" and probably just trash talk each other on vc or talk dumb stuff because they're just like?? so comfortable w each others presences?? not to mention george is probably always on the calls too and the dt play dodgeball offline or any mini games just because they have nothing else to do but spend time with the other and they rather do that if it means they're w the other
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iero · 2 days ago
This tooth pain I’ve had for the past two weeks keeps coming back and it keeps getting worse and worse and I know I need to see a dentist, but I’m afraid they’re gonna have to pull another tooth and I genuinely cannot take off of work unless I take a COVID leave of absence which would just make me feel shitty and feel like I’m taking advantage of the system they have in place at my work because it’s not COVID related, but also if it ends up with me needing to get a tooth pulled, at least I’d be home those days recovering from it... I simply do not know what to do and I’m about to uh, lose it. 
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path-of-my-childhood · 3 days ago
Hey a bit of random question what was the model of the car Taylor was seen driving in Miss Americana?
Weirdly enough, we saw her drive two types of cars in Miss Americana - I mean weird considering how rarely we’ve seen her drive throughout the years. So the one on the British road, when she’s driving with Joe, she’s in an Audi Q7, probably 2016 series. That’s the one I know for sure, cause my boyfriend loves cars and he recognized it immediately. Although, I will say he admitted to being “only 95% certain it’s 2016 series.”
The other car was in Nashville, and we can clearly see it’s Toyota. As for the model - it’s Land Cruiser, and if I remember correctly it’s a bit older model, I think it’s from 2015 series. 
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lucky-ghost2 · 3 days ago
Wait okay so a bit back Phil admitted that he lied and friend doesn’t have infinite canon lives it’s just a different blue sheep every time he only said that to make ghostbur feel better so maybe friend is already in limbo with ghostbur
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thegrandesoeur · 4 days ago
Like I want to sit and have drinks with some of my work friends and talk about this. They’d have a great perspective on it I feel like. One of them went to school for theatre ed and ended up going for her masters. One I think is currently in grad school for theatre ed--though they applied to go to school for a doctorate. One’s just a freelance director choreographer, but went to school for business. One got her masters in opera. One only went to undergrad and is a part of AEA. Like, I feel like they’ve got such a wide variety of perspectives I could get absolutely overwhelmed with thoughts but in a good way--you know?
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