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artverso5 minutes ago
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Billy Tan - Green Lantern聽
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sarahjonescommunity6 minutes ago
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Saikaeda Murimizu (Agent Haumea), the daughters of Saika Murata and Kaede Shimizu
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dramafan10018 minutes ago
Spring in the distance ep 2
I dozed out several times ...
It is kinda boring.聽聽
The writing feels slightly immature to me.聽 Acting also feels a bit off.聽 It is either wooden, artificially cheerful (not in a good way) or overwrought in nature.聽 聽I am assuming the classmates is a cross section of college students but none of them are likeable.聽聽
Also, why students have this much baggage?聽 The narration uses the royal聽鈥榳e鈥 as if it encompasses the whole student community but every student is as unhappy as the narration makes it sound, then no one will have a will to live I think.聽
Anyways, drama is a bit tedious actually.聽 Probably dropping.聽 I am not able to finish ep 2.
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positivegreenford10 minutes ago
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BE KIND, footpath, Grand Union Canal, Berkeley Fields, Greenford, London Borough of Ealing, London, UK, June 2021. #graffiti #fence #undergrowth #Greenford #LondonBoroughofEaling #London #UK #June2021 #suburbs #suburban #suburbia #lockdown #lockdownwalks #photography
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christowitch15 minutes ago
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Please enjoy the photos from my adventure today. I brought home a moss friend to start a little terrarium style thing.
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super-unpredictable9817 minutes ago
May I make a request? Or possibly two requests? lol 鈥淵ou wrote me a song?鈥 for Win/Lyddie &/or 鈥淒o you think of me when you touch yourself?鈥
Justice With Your Own Hands
Fandom: Misfits
Pairing: Win x Lydia (OCs - Timeline Anomaly鈥 verse)
Word Count: 1,1k
Warning: Strong language, sexual content
a/n: Well well well, I was very insecure writing Win, it's been a while, but I love her so much and it was a lot of fun.
"Kisses like cream, her walk is so mean, and every jaw drops when she's in those jeans, alright. I don't exist if I don't have her, the sun doesn't shine, the world doesn't turn, alright," Lydia was mindlessly playing her guitar on the balcony.
Spring was there to stay and the sun was coming out nearly every single day (even if it still rained, it's England after all...). She would've sworn that she could smell the flowers, even though the only thing they could smell from there was the river, and it was not very pleasant.
A new group of new young offenders was working on the Community Centre patio in their bright orange jumpsuits, which made Lyddie very nostalgic. She even considered getting herself arrested again, but it wouldn't be the same without the others, it was really a perfect storm. It made her a little sad that things would never be the way they were again, even if the way they were was dangerous and very stressful at times.
Of course she had nothing to complain about, her life was great. Especially now with Win and her Nathan, they had a trip to New York coming soon and nothing could get her more excited than late-night walks around Manhattan.
"Everybody wanna steal my girl, everybody wanna take her heart away. Couple billion in the whole wide world, find another one 'cause she belongs to me..."
"You wrote me a song?" Win's voice caught Lydia by surprise.
"Y-yeah, but it's not this one," she put the guitar aside, how would she begin to explain the 1D phenomenon to them?
"Aw, but I like this one," Win joined Lyddie, taking the guitar's place on her lap. "Kisses like cream, huh?"
"I know it's stupid, I didn't write the song..."
"No, it's cute," she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's neck. "D'you want some?"
"Some what?" Lydia asked, mesmerized.
"Yes, please..."
With a smile, Win closed the distance between them with a passionate kiss, hands wandering all over each other's bodies possessively.
"And what was the song you did write for me?" Win asked.
"That's a surprise, I don't wanna show you while it isn't ready," Lyddie murmured, feeling very guilty for lying to her about who really writes the songs she sings. She could think of at least a million sapphic love songs she could sing and claim as her own, but that didn't feel right. Winnie deserved her own song, even if she was sure someone had already written her a song before.
There was no way a girl like her, someone every manic pixie dream girl dreams of being someday, never had a song or a poem written about her. She deserved an entire album actually. If only Lydia could compose one for her... Show her how much she actually cared and loved her.
"I'm curious, babe," Win whined, kissing her neck roughly, sucking at her pulse point and leaving her mark behind with a sharp sting. "Just show me a little bit? Just a tiny little verse?"
"But it's still a draft..."
"Please?" she dragged her tongue over the hickey to soothe the sensitive skin.
"If you don't stop I'm gonna get completely soaked," Lyddie breathed.
"You say that like it's a bad thing..."
"It's not, I'm just saying."
"Show me just part of a verse and I'll touch you anywhere you want."
"Um... And I would take the light out of the stars to help you see, anything to guide you straight to me," Lydia mumbled, feeling like absolute garbage, untalented garbage with zero creativity.
"That's so beautiful," Win stared at her agape. "Why would you be embarrassed t'show me? It's perfect," she went back to kissing her girlfriend, more urgently than before.
"I-I don't know... Please keep going, I really missed you."
"We were together yesterday, I literally just moved in."
"We were together but we weren't together. You guys were moving the rest of your stuff while I was fucking working, then when I came back everyone was too tired to do anything and I had to take care of myself."
"I'm sorry, babe... It was a very long day," as much as the idea of Lyddie being alone and not taken care of upset Win, the idea of her touching herself was also very enticing. "Where'd you do it?"
"On the couch, why?" Lydia giggled softly.
"Was it good?"
"It was okay."
"Did you watch something? Or read something?"
"Not really, I couldn't find anything that really turned me on. I had to use my imagination for this one."
"And what'd you think about, Lollipop?" Lyddie's Nathan asked, leaning against the wall. How does that bastard manage to sneak up on them like that every time?
"It's... I was thinking of... Stuff."
"What stuff exactly?" Win's Nathan joined them, only making Lydia more embarrassed to say anything.
"Does it matter? You were all dead asleep anyway, I was just trying to pass the time..."
"Well, now I'm curious too, Lollipop," Win smirked, the way Lyddie's eyes avoided hers giving it away. "Was it me? Do you think of me when you touch yourself?"
"Yes! It was you, okay? I was thinking of our first time, and how good you made me feel, and how sexy you were squirming for me! Happy?" she snapped, both cheeks burning red as she hid in the crook of her neck.
"Aw c'mon, that's not bad, it's kinda hot," Win's Nathan sat down, his back against the glass door.
"Yeah, why are you embarrassed?" Lyddie's Nathan got down on his knees.
"Because I couldn't go one night without doing something. I didn't even help with the moving, I didn't really deserve anything, I was just too horny for my own good," Lydia leaned back, staring at the boys through the glass. "I don't know, sometimes I wish I could be less desperate, have a lower sex drive or something."
"Why would you want that?" her Nathan exclaimed. "You're perfect! There's three of us, you need a high sex drive, baby."
"He's right, if we couldn't help, then you have all the right t'do somethin' about it," Win's Nathan added.
"Besides, you were working. It's not your fault you weren't here," Win mumbled, playing with the ends of Lyddie's cotton candy hair.
"Yeah, I guess you're right," Lydia huffed.
"But that means we owe you," Win's Nathan turned, sliding the door open. "Why don't you come inside and then we'll... well, come inside?"
"That does sound like a great idea," Lyddie laughed. "That's why I love you guys, I'm happy we'll never have to spend another night apart again."
Tag List: @elliethesuperfruitlover @firstpersonnarrator @spanishmossmagnolia @a-ghoulish-tale
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youneedone217 minutes ago
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Black Sea by Chun Chau
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santoshbvn19 minutes ago
Through everything that has happened surrounding Aaron Rodgers this offseason, one thing is clear: He still understands sarcasm. The reigning MVP, who has dominated the NFL headlines this spring because of his dissatisfaction with the Green Bay Packers, showed his sense of humor Tuesday during a promotional video in advance of the July 6 golf match featuring Rodgers and PGA Tour star Bryson鈥
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karanliktakibeyazkelebek20 minutes ago
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脟i莽eklerin a莽t谋臒谋 yerde umutlarda canlan谋r.
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