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#Grand Pabbie
funkylittlebidiot · a month ago
Grand pabbie is such a troll! He’s a charlatan and I hate him!!!
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snowqueenofmyheart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My dad is the best. He got these on deep discount ($2 apiece) at the local grocery store and I got all the figurines except for Bruni 😔
But I will find that cute little fire spirit!!
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tealtem · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
swag pabbie
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incorrect-frozen-quotes · 5 months ago
Pabbie: You must learn to master your emotions, or you are destined to repeat the mistakes of old.
Elsa: So no pressure, huh?
Pabbie: There is quite a bit of pressure. Was I not clear?
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the-absurdity-archive · 7 months ago
About Frozen
I personally believe that Frozen would have gone a lot better if THIS GUY
Tumblr media
Had just SHUT UP.
When Elsa ACCIDENTALLY hit Anna with her powers, Grand Pabbie COULD have just been like “oh make sure you’re more careful next time ok” because it was clearly an accident and it wasn’t even really Elsa’s fault, but nOooo, he just HAD to be all extreme and go “hey if you don’t control your powers everyone will be afraid of you and you’ll be evil” and her parents were like “oh crap” (to be fair her parents did go a lil overboard with the complete isolation of both of their children, but that’s a whole different story). I personally believe that if they had just gone back home without any of the memory erasing or fear-instilling or any of that, Elsa probably would have been a lot more careful and they could have grown up and had a regular childhood and Elsa wouldn’t hate herself.
Granted, most of the plot of Frozen wouldn’t have happened if it went that way, but still. I think Anna and Kristoff still could have met. Maybe Anna liked to go visit the rock trolls after they saved her life as a child. Maybe she and Kristoff became childhood friends and eventually fell in love. That would have been a cute story too. But no, we have to torture the characters.
Stop being so dramatic, Grand Pabbie.
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sunilcpaul · 8 months ago
The Rise of the Brave,Tangle,Frozen & Dragon
There will two new stories for this Au as I mention in this month update the two new stories are Shattered Dream & Dream & Destiny, Shattered Dream is a two part  story about Merida hero journey that was shattered by her mom this is the first story where Stan Lee is mention in Dream & Destiny talk about Elsa hero journey until a certain troll by the name Grand Pabbie ruin it. Both stories are two part stories, in both stories has Marvel hero’s like in Shattered Dream is Client Barton aka Hawkeye & in Dream & Destiny is Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel both stories have Stan Lee in it, in Dream & Destiny Stan Lee tells Elsa his story how he thought he will be a novelist but end up by becoming one of the greatest comic book writer & creating superhero’s like Iron Man, Hulk, Spider- Man, Fantastic Four & X- Men in the 60′s. Both stories have one similar tag line whit great power comes great responsibility, in Dream & Destiny there another tag line every hero has a beginning. 
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I don't know if they'll ever turn Frozen 2 into a musical. But can you just imagine the magical moment when you're in the audience, hearing the strong raw emotions behind those power voices that'll surround you and consume your entire being during "Show Yourself" and "The Next Right Thing"? Hence, me sobbing uncontrollably because this is all I would ever want and these songs are so beautiful. Also if they can somehow manage to add in "Get This Right" it would be perfect because I need more disastrous, absolutely-in-love, but doesn't know what to do, Himbo Kristoff. Just take my fucking money already! I need this so bad, you have no idea guys!
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shieldagent93 · 11 months ago
Tell me this isn’t the same energy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Pabbie to Elsa: You must embark on a journey that may get you killed
Elsa: I will.
Pabbie to Anna: You must prevent Elsa from getting killed on the journey that may get her killed
Anna: I will.
Pabbie to Kristoff: You must prevent Anna from getting killed while trying to prevent Elsa from getting killed on a journey that may get her killed
Kristoff: I will.
Tumblr media
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auroraqueenofdreams · a year ago
Pabbie: Uh-oh!
Kristoff: What?
Bulda, singing: Somebody’s in love!
Kristoff: Yeah, right! I just think Anna’s cool, okay? It’s not like I lie awake at night thinking about her! 
Kristoff, later in bed that night: Uh-oh.
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sunlightswallowed · a year ago
If Grand Pabbie was able to communicate decently and not further scare a family that is already going through a traumatic event, everything would have been perfectly fine
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psycoactive-sunflower · a year ago
idk if this has been asked before but I’m gonna ask it anyway cuz I’m confused.
remember in frozen, when mr. grandpa troll called elsa’s powers a curse, therefore implying that he has seen this sort of thing before? who else has been cursed with ice magic? grand pabbie has to get his information from somewhere I don’t think he’s all-knowing.
AND! it’s not a curse in the first place! elsa is the fifth spirit, which was brought to light in frozen II, and the one that supposed to bring balance back between humans and nature, so where did grand pabbie get all this curse bs in the first place?
ALSO! what/who was the fifth spirit before elsa? I mean unless I’m missing something here it had to be in existence before elsa was born, hence the design on her mother scarf and the legends told by the northuldra.
if anyone has answers pls explain I hate inconsistencies.
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bigfrozenfan · a year ago
Hypothetical question: what would have happened in Frozen II if Grand Pabbie had not told Anna that he feared Elsa's powers might not be strong enough this time? Once again, the old troll is not completely uninvolved in all the following events.
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icedhoney-stuff · a year ago
Elsa awkwardly holding something behind her back: So Honeymaren..
Honeymaren: Yes?
Elsa fidgeting: Uhm..Can I.. call you Honey?
Honeymaren smiling: Of course, it's a common nickname for me, another one would be Maren. Take your pick.
Elsa takes a deep breathe and composes herself: What about "My Honey"?
Honeymaren: What do you mean?
Elsa reveals a ring made of ice that has her symbol and Honeymaren's: I'm not very good with words.. but I know for a fact that this feeling is love.. I want to give you this ring as a sign of us being more than friends.. Honey, the new and fun experiences that you've shared with me are irreplaceable. And whenever I feel down, you were always the one to greet me first and be there.. you make me feel okay.. no.. more than that you make my heart soar. With everything that you do I just can't stop following you and learning for the first time.. that even I can feel love.. Thank you for everything and even if you reject me its fine--
Honeymaren hugging Elsa tightly: I love you too.
Elsa getting teary and hugging Honey back: Wow.. so this is what it's like to feel loved..
Honeymaren cups Elsa's face: Hey what are you saying?
Elsa looks at Honeymaren:
Honeymaren: You've always been loved, not just by me, but everyone here in Northuldra, in Arendelle. Heck, even rocks love you!
Elsa laughing: They're mystical beings don't call them rocks!
Honeymaren running away with Elsa's ring: Oh yeah? Then from now on I'll start calling you Ice Cube.
Elsa chasing Honeymaren: Hey! Don't you dare!
Honeymaren shouting: I-C-E C-U-B-E!
Elsa groaning and running while covering her ears: Ughhh!! Honey get back here! I want my ring back!
Honeymaren: Nope! This is mine forever Ice Cube!
Elsa making ice pillars to trap Honey: You are so dead.
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