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#Grand Admiral Thrawn
Heya! Number 8 for the behind the scenes questions pleeease
Do you listen to music while you write? If so, share a song that’s been inspiring you lately.
I usually don’t listen to music while I write.  But, I do listen to music while I go for a walk during which time I usually think about, and mentally work through whatever part of a story I’m writing.
I’ve actually been having some trouble because I want to write more stuff for Zena and Din, but I’m having trouble finding a song that fits.
don’t worry you will by lovelytheband  has been good for getting me to think about Sigyn x Loki as well as Jayna x Maul
Tier Abhaile Rui by Celtic Women gets me in the mood to write Until We Meet Again.
But yeah, other than that, not much.  I’m seriously having a dilemma with Zena.  If anybody has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!
Behind the Scenes of Fic Writing: 30 Questions for Authors
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grand-admiral-lawn · an hour ago
Once again, a wonderfully written fanfic by @chaos-monkeyy inspired me to draw 😌
Tumblr media
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19. Who is the easiest/hardest character for you to write about? Why?
Easiest: Poe Dameron
Tumblr media
He’s just so unapologetically kind. It’s genuinely therapeutic to write for him. It’s really a shame Rise of Skywalker left such a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. I miss him.
Hardest: Thrawn
Tumblr media
He’s satisfying to write for, but God it takes me so long to work out his dialogue. So many drafts...just, so many.
Behind the Scenes of Fic Writing: 30 Questions for Authors
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efthasunshine · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thrawn's starday - drunk Thrawn XD
A drawing for this lovely fic by @mittheresabosensjournal and @pretty-with-andorian-shingles
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mortisbane · 17 hours ago
I'm laying in bed with a stomach ache, someone talk to me about Star Wars or Ace Attorney please...
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royalstardustwrites · 20 hours ago
If you’re reading A Song Among the Stars (or any of my other Thrawn/Star Wars fanfics) I now have a Twitter account that I’ll also be posting updates to! I’m @ saelyriali
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Chapters: 1/? Words:1119 Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Additional Tags: Shore Leave, Vacation, Beach Holidays Series: Part 2 of Mitth'ere'sabosen’s Legends (drabbels, headcanons, imagines, one shots, etc.) Summary: Thrawn has to be forced into accepting a break from work.
For @pretty-with-andorian-shingles and @efthasunshine who overruled me and had me do this 😭😂 I both hate and love you in equal measures 💙
Shore Leave
Ten minutes. That’s how long they had been here for - and he already had his questis pulled out, pouring over files.
All the while, Theresa stood casually leaning in the doorway and observed him. He was completely oblivious. Silently approaching on bare feet, she came to a halt in front of him. His eyes snapped up in surprise as he noticed her, his questis now in her hand.
“Are you aware of the meaning of the word ‘shore leave’, Thrawn?” It was a redundant question. But her patience was wearing thin.
A confused frown was his reaction of choice to her innocent enough sounding inquiry. “I am.”
Theresa bent down, making sure they were seeing eye to eye. “Then why are you working, Mitth’raw’nuruodo?”
His gaze fell to the questis. “Eyes on me, Commander.”
He did as told. “There is always something to be done. It would be advisable to use one’s time to the fullest extent.”
She pinched her nose in frustration. “Ba’kif decided to give you a break for a reason, and the Springhawk will be docked for two entire weeks while they work on repairs. There is no reason for you to work. You’ll manoeuvre yourself into an early grave is all your doing.”
He blinked, his frown deepening. “You dramatize the situation.”
Theresa placed the questis on the nearby table. Stepping closer, her hands gently cupped his face and tilted it to look up at her. She soothingly let her thumbs trace beneath his eyes. His eyelids fluttered shut as a tired hum escaped his lips. A knowing smile graced hers as she scanned his features, shaking her head in equal parts frustration and amusement.
“I make a statement of observable fact,” she countered. “You nearly got yourself killed on the last mission, the Springhawk is in dire need of repairs and not going anywhere anytime soon and there are no new missions. Ba’kif has all but cleared your schedule.”  
Her resigned sigh made him open his eyes again. They were a dulled red.
Tired. He was tired. Beyond tired even - exhausted.
Under her watchful gaze, his hands came to rest on top of hers, carefully removing them from his face. A half smile came to his lips, slightly amused by her exasperation. All these years, and her nose still scrunched up endearingly when she was frustrated. He got up, using the momentum to pull her closer, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.
“Very well, ch'eo ch'itt'isean'so in'a. Lead the way.”
The walk to the beach took a pleasant twenty minutes that they spent in pleasant silence. Breathing in the crisp sea air with a satisfied hum, Theresa headed for the wooden deck stretching out into the water. Thrawn was focused on studying the soft movements of the waves, lapping against the wood; the sound calming. Not for much longer.
Theresa studied his profile. He had very much stayed the same over the years and yet - Anytime she looked and observed there still would be something new for her to discover. Then there were things that never changed. His mind was still working and not coming to a halt. She would have to do that for him.
Approaching him from behind, her hand tugged at his to turn him around. He obliged, head endearingly tilted to the side, as always when he was silently questioning. It was a shame, really. Thrawn surely was a sight to behold - but his positioning was too perfect. Her thumb caressed his cheek in the most deceitfully loving way.
“I’m sorry.”
Thrawn’s expression conveyed thorough confusion before his eyes widened in realisation. It came too late. With a resounding splash, one of the most excellent officers of the fleet fell into the water below in an undignified tumble. He resurfaced almost immediately, eyes burning into her as he took in her grin. A small smile tugged at his lips then as he crossed his arms, observing her.
Her laughter stunned him into silence. How had he forgotten what that sounded like? Theresa stepped closer to the edge and lowered herself, feet leisurely dangling in the water.
Happy. She looked truly happy for the first time in ages.
“Not yet.” Mirth sparked in her eyes, intensifying their cherished glow. She reached a hand out to him in invitation. He indulged her yet again, taking care to keep a safe distance and not get her wet. An eye roll was the only response he received. Tugging him closer, she braced her hands on his shoulders.
It didn’t stop her. Pushing herself off, she jumped into his arms, assured that with his military reflexes, he would catch her - and so he did. There was no denying his amusement now. Humming contentedly, her head rested against his soaking chest, legs and arms wrapped tightly around him while he held her against him with one arm, his other hand soothingly caressing through her hair.
Hers. For the next two weeks he was hers. As much as she was his.
Pulling her head back so she could see him, her eyes held a warm glow and loving gaze. His fingers shifted from her hair down to her cheek, trailing along her jaw, his thumb brushing against her soft lips; his touch tender and calculated as always where she was concerned.
“Now, I am.” She conceded, threading her fingers through his damp strands of hair. With the slightest pressure, he brought her face closer, a content smile on his face.
“Csei cart sea Ch'ah bapun, ch'eo bat tinur bah ch'ast,” he murmured.
It did not matter how often he said it, her face still blushed a satisfying shade of violet every time. And with that, he grazed her lips with his own, enveloping them in a soft kiss. Too long ago had it been since the last one, too much time spent on missions and onboard the Springhawk and Dauntless respectively making it difficult to find the time and space to do so.
He leaned closer to her ear, whispering for her to hear only, “Ch'ah csarcican’t bun ch'eo vez sir vah ch'a vet csact'i rot'ar.”
Her sharp intake of breath caused him to smile in satisfaction. It was so easy to get a reaction out of her. But he wanted to look into her eyes for his next words.
“Ch'ah ch'acah vah, Tessa.” He conveyed all his emotions through his gaze.
She blinked. Then a smile slowly spread across her face, lighting it up and turning her into the most beautiful sight he had ever beheld as she replied, “Veah Ch'ah k'ir vah, Thrawn,” and went to steal his breath in return with a searing kiss, much more passionate than the first.
ch'eo ch'itt'isean'so in'a - my impatient one Csei cart sea Ch'ah bapun, ch'eo bat tinur bah ch'ast - That’s all I need, my beautiful work of art Ch'ah csarcican’t bun ch'eo vez sir vah ch'a vet csact'i rot'ar - I would give my life for you a thousand times over Ch'ah ch'acah vah, Tessa. - I love you, Tessa Veah Ch'ah k'ir vah, Thrawn - As I do you, Thrawn
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misniuil · a day ago
I can't stop listening to "Wait For It" from Hamilton and thinking about how well it fits for Thrawn.
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lemongingerart · 2 days ago
"what happens in the unknown regions, stays in the unknown regions"
Tumblr media
One of my headcanons is that little Armie is spending his pre-teen time with some of the greatest minds, including mastermind Grand Admiral Thrawn. He was one of the only kids on board and he was educated enough to interest some of them. He often proved a welcome distraction in between meetings. I imagine them playing some Dejarik/Shah-Tezh/Moebius/Chess with some recovered pieces from the late emperor boards 😁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thrawn is one of my favourite legends characters and villains; the original Thrawn trilogy is still standing on my book shelve. Him being part of the new timeline made me extremely happy! I've been wondering what happens with him after the events in Rebels, and I was hoping to see him in the Mandalorian already when the scene in the Empire secret facility came out. With Sloane and both Huxes joining the remainder of the Empire's fleet in the unknown regions, it's only a matter of time they meet. (What happens with Ezra I'm not really sure though 🤷‍♀️)
I had many struggles with this drawing. I really wanted to do this low perspective (I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to decent perspective lol) to show how Armitage is experiencing this. Making Thrawn even bigger, making Armie look up to him. I also had these specific poses in mind. So looking for any reference was a complete failure. Next time my family is going to pose for my stupid ideas 😆
I know it's not perfect, Thrawn's head is still too big and it looks like he's sitting on a cushion. Hux pose is also a bit off. But this has been on my WIP list for months I decided to finally finish it and get over with it 🙄
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
EDIT: I forgot to add the alternate version with Thrawn without irises 😩 oh well...
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igotswag77 · 2 days ago
SWAG77 Patreon Outline WIP Thrawn X Sabine Story From 2017 - updated
SWAG77 Patreon Outline WIP Thrawn X Sabine Story From 2017 – updated
We think Thrawn hides his intentions from “Lesser Space” because he fears destroying his people, the Chiss. Our partial basis on this blog deals with those discussions. In so many words, the Chiss not just “Blue humans” (source: 2018 Matt Martin). People believed that Chiss were space-faring thousands of years ago and located a planet they named Csilla. At some point, the sun had less energy,…
Tumblr media
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grand-admiral-lawn · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I made a couple of matching pfps.
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Since I can relate to non-existent enthusiasm for cleaning up: Currently going through the Thrawn legends books...
- what music do you associate with him?
- how would you rate him?
- which book was your favourite so far?
- ❤ (doesn't have to include Thrawn)
Oh and a horrible one: fuck, marry, avoid for Ronan, Krennic and Tarkin 😬 *runs*
You can answer all or none depending on how much distraction you need 😄
Tumblr media
I'll answer all of them! I really appreciate it.
What music do you associate with him?
I have no idea why, but I was listening to a lot of sea shanties and either Celtic or Celtic inspired music when I started writing Until We Meet Again, and now that's the music I associate with him. Here are a few off the top of my head.
Solider, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos
Tier Abhaile Rui by Celtic Women
For the Dancing and the Dreaming by Erutan
Loreley by Blackmore's Night
Leave Her Johnny by Sean Dagher, Nils Brown, Michiel Schrey
How would you rate him?
who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite
There is a reason I've written so much about him. I'll leave it at that.
Which book was your favorite so far?
Of the Thrawn books? I'd probably go with the first book in each of the new trilogies; Heir to the Empire and Thrawn.
Of the two, Heir to the Empire most definitely better constructed, but Thrawn has a lot of entertainment value.
❤ (I'll Post a Line From Something in My Drafts)
Here's something for my Mandalorian OC, Zena Lorell.
Closing her eyes, she slipped her hand under the curtain.
There was a long silence following. Never in her life was she so aware of how cold space travel was. Her fingers felt like they might freeze off at any moment.
Maybe she was being to forward. For all she knew hand holding was some kind of step in a Mandalorian courting ritual. She moved to retract her hand.
Before she could make an inch, warm skin brushed against her own.
Fuck: Krennic. (Silver fox, I'll give him that.)
Marry: Tarkin. (He got that money though, and I get all of it after he dies.)
Avoid: Ronan. (Literally the worse king of person you will ever meet. Would actively avoid him.)
I’m Cleaning, Let’s Hang Out
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igotswag77 · 3 days ago
It’s when I stop caring where it’s going to hurt.
Look, it’s great you all put an anthology out @ThrawnZine but your ACTIVE EXCLUSION OF WRITERS from my group who were VERY INSTRUMENTAL in telling Disney Lucasfilm To GET THRAWN IN should have been INCLUDED.
Basically what you all went off on is LIES UPON LIES WITHOUT THINKING TO ASK and ASS-U-ME-ing. You thought we were a fly-by-night operation when we’re fucking running $7000 Star Wars Celebration Fan tables?
Like you put that kind of money into your fandom? But you know you as people don't give a shit. No one does in what I do. But fuck it.
All I see is lewd sex art with fans hoping for an assfuck dick thing. IDC about your porn. That’s not my kind of fandom. But you bashing my group's well-researched story plan for THRAWN X SABINE and running off at the mouth calling me SMEG77 shit, well, I ought to sue you. But most of you are under 40 years old and I’m above 50 with money. I have already lived my life. I do this fandom for satisfaction and joy. Not thirsty trying to get the Disney Lucasfilm contract. I don’t need one.
Hell, if I TRIED I could convince a few corporate leaders to hear me out. But I don’t want to. Not because I couldn't do it. I've done it several times before with Credit Unions and Bank presidents through my community service with Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and ARCS Foundation, UNCF Merck, and UT Southwestern Medical School
See, your problem is that you fail to KNOW that Thrawn has been coded CisHet white male even though he has blue skin and red eyes. It’s the thin lips that give it away 🙄🙄🙄.
I bet your dumbasses think I believe that is the way he's supposed to be. I DO NOT! But you're dumbasses DO NOT GET THAT ABOUT ME. SO YOU WOULD RATHER LIE THAN TRY TO UNDERSTAND.
Anything that deviates from that preconceived ideology kills this Disney Lucasfilm movie film project. Telling toxic-rabid fans to get over it (like you do me when I tell you how it works because I've had enough political campaign experiences to know) WILL NOT HAPPEN and it will affect Disney Lucasfilm's bottom line. These toxic motherfuckers post $5000 billboards and you all, WTF do you do, whine and complain after the fact? Who will Disney Lucasfilm listen to on a THRAWN tentpole movie? Unorganized shits like you? Pfft.
So you're fuckasses rely on Uncle Pookie and dem who just got out of the clang-clang who ain’t got a pot to piss in to help you out with the cursing out and lamentations. While you prolly shouldn’t have pissed off your Black Woman Auntie...whose next trip around the world is in 20 minutes when her private jet waits for her...
But hey, I steal things according to your dumb fuckasses. That is defamation.
I said my peace. G’on wif yo bad sef. Come back when you’re ready to speak to the underground and the revolution...homie. That's how I feel.
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wookiee-monster2 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Grand Admiral Thrawn
art by Apexform @apex_form via Twitter
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quillzz · 3 days ago
Thrawn: “I’ve been court martialed.”
Eli: “Again?! How!?”
Thrawn: “Y-“
Eli: “You know what, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. I’m going to work in my cabin.”
Thrawn and Karyn: “…”
Karyn: “He left his datapad.”
Thrawn: “I noticed that as well.”
Karyn: “Should I stop him?”
Thrawn: “No, I need him to come back so I can tell him he’s also being questioned.”
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Can I have a drabble with Thrawn ?
I was thinking about a scene, shortly after the death of the emperor and Vader and the death star explosion. He would summon Reader to tell her they are among the last authority figures of the empire alive and although he has everything under control, it will be difficult and he could really use an hand this time.
Bonus point if they hug.
Thank you Darling (may I call you that way?)
Tumblr media
A/N: Okay, so we’re going Original Thrawn Trilogy canon with this. Let me see what I can do. And you absolutely can, if you like.
Also, this turned into a thing because I have no sense of control.
Word Count: 1.4 K
You kept your head high as you walked through the quieted hallways of The Chimaera.
Nobody could focus on their duties and none of the officers had it in them to give orders. The shock of information had dumbfounded the entire ship. The second Death Star was destroyed. Half of the Imperial Fleet was gone. The Emperor was dead.
The rebels had done it. It was the beginning of the end.
But, The Chimaera was still there and all waited on baited breath for their Grand Admiral's orders.
You tried to focus on your steps rather than the whirlwind of emotions threatening to drown you. You had always been sure of who you were and where you stood in the galaxy. You were Commander Y/N of the ISD Chimaera, second to Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Imperial Navy. But what did that mean, if the Empire ceased to exist?
You shook your head.
No. Empire or not, you were still a Commander. The Chimaera was still your ship and so long as it kept flying, that would never change.
With new found resolve, you quickened your pace stopping just in front of Grand Admiral Thrawn's office.
You knocked on the door and a moment later, it opened with a small hiss.
Upon entering, your eyes were drawn to the holo projection in the center of the room. It did not take you long to realize the calamity of the scene before you. The Battle of Endor in all it's fiery disaster.
Thrawn stood in petrified stillness, watching the holo in intense concentration; his glowing red eyes illuminated in the dim blue light.
You stepped forward, focusing your attention on the calmness of his form rather than chaos.
"Has the fleet regrouped?" you asked.
Thrawn turned his eyes toward you, refocusing to the present moment.
"No," he said. "This was sent to me from the Accuser, requesting assistance from all Commanders."
"Should I plot a course, sir?"
He shook his head. "No. We're too far out of range to provide any timely assistance. There are others on their way.”
You nodded, understanding the logic behind the statement. Still a question buzzed in your mind, one that was plaguing everyone on the ship: what do we do next?
You kept quiet all the same, knowing if Thrawn wanted to tell you, he would do so, in his own time.
Thrawn turned off the projector, allowing white lights to fill the darkened space. He then reached behind his desk and pulled out a crystal bottle filled with amber liquid and two glasses.
"Join me, Commander?" he asked.
It wasn't and order, which itself prompted it's own question.
"Depends on what we're drinking to, sir."
"To our fallen officers," he answered, pouring a healthy dose into each glass. "And to the new Empire which will rise from the ashes."
He held out the glass, which you took with caution.
"Implying the Empire has already fallen."
Thrawn raised an eyebrow. "Do you believe it will survive?"
You opened your mouth, with a ready yes on your lips, but stopped. Taking a moment, you looked down, examining the ridges of the glass in idle thought.
"No," you said, slowly. "If it was just the Death Star or just the Executor, that would be one thing. But the loss of both and the Emperor is too much. There is no central leadership, and will all the Navy's resources poured in the second Death Star, I doubt there is enough remaining to maintain control over the rebelling systems."
You looked up to meet Thrawn's approving eye at your assessment.
"Of course," you continued. "If there were someone to take control..."
A small smile tugged at the corner of Thrawn's lip as he bowed his head.
"You flatter me, Commander," he said. "However, how many of the remaining Admirals do you believe would willingly follow my orders?”
Your instinct was to say all of them, but again, you hesitated. As your superior officer, you had learned to trust Thrawn's command implicitly, but a quick review of your history reminded you of how rare that truly was. There was a reason the Emperor had left Thrawn to deal with the fringes of the Empire rather than involve him in Core politics.
Each and every Grand Admiral would see themselves as the successor to the Emperor's legacy, not the alien with nothing but rumors to uphold his reputation.
You let out a sigh. "None, I suppose."
He inclined his head in acknowledgment, just as he raised his glass.
"The Empire is gone," he said, solemnly. "Long live the Empire."
You each took a drink. The expensive liquid both burned and soothed your throat on its way down. It was an odd sensation, but one you hadn't realized you needed until that moment.
"I take it you have a plan," you said.
"The start of one," he assured, with just a hint of a smile. "In the mean time, we shall continue to maintain control of our own systems. Whatever resources available, we will refocus into our fleet. With any luck, others may join us, but we cannot rely on that fact."
You nodded, finally feeling as if your feet were starting to settle on solid ground.
"Shall I inform the crew?" you asked.
He shook is head. "I believe it would be best if they heard it from me."
There was a pause as you waited for him to dismiss you, but, no such order came. He just kept looking at you.
It was a familiar look, but one always caught out of the corner of your eye. The kind of look that left your heart racing and blood warm. Now, so clearly directed at you, it was hard to breath.
"Is there something else, sir," you prompted.
He blinked as if coming back to himself. "How long have we known each other, Commander?"
You frowned, slightly taken aback by the sudden change of subject.
"Ten years, more or less."
He nodded, setting down his drink as he did so. "I could tell you exactly; ten years, seven months, and twelve days. You were a Captain at the time."
The warmth in your cheeks spread, forcing you to put down your glass as well.
"And you were a Commander," you said, the memory coming back to you with the ease. "It has been a long time, hasn't it?"
"Yes." The word was spoken so softly, you almost wondered if someone else had said it.
Glancing up, you caught a strange gentleness in his expression. It only lasted a moment, but it was there all the same.
"You don't have to stay," he said.
You straightened in bewilderment. "Sir?"
"The reinstatement of the Empire is a task which will take years to complete," he continued, calmly. "It will take dedication and sacrifice. Only complete devotion will allow it to come to fruition. I plan to announce that any who wish to leave the service are free to do so and return home. Those who remain, will likely never see their home worlds again. It is not to be taken lightly, and I will not have anyone on my crew who doubts their resolve.”
He paused, just as a hint of emotion came into his voice.
“I would not force you to stay, if you do not wish it."
You stared at him, mouth gaping in wonder. Your answer came easily.
"I'm not leaving you, sir."
He blinked. Your stomach twisted.
You had said “you”; not the Chimaera, not the service, you.
You wanted to take back the words, but it was no use. You knew the truth and now so did he. You might be willing to give years of your life to the service, but you would give your entire self to Thrawn.
He watched you with an unreadable expression. Slowly, as if approaching a frightened animal, he walked out from behind his desk.
"I thank you, Commander," he murmered. "I admit, I hoped that would be your answer. I could not imagine the next few years without you with me."
Your breath hitched, just as he stopped only a foot from your body.
He had said "me".
Without a word, he reached out a hand and tenderly pressed it to your cheek.
His touch sunk into your skin making your melt into him. You placed your hand, over his, keeping it there. If this was your imagination, you needed to cling to if for as long as you were able.
He stepped closer, his glowing red eyes gazing into yours as the warmth of his breath brushed against your lips.
"There is something else I must ask of you," he whispered.
He leaned a hair closer, his nose brushing against your own. "May I kiss you, now?"
A small smile came to your lips. "You needn't ask."
With that permission, he pressed his lips to yours pulling you into a slow and passionate kiss.
The Emperor was dead. Long live the Emperor. And long live the one at his side.
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