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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
taystudioartist · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
And I ain't ever going home, bizarre too far gone.
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eeshuushamuan · 5 hours ago
Gorillaz state their songs have nothing to do with the characters personalities or relationships part 5
Do you think in 2-D or 3-D? - SHERRY MASK, ROCKWALL, TEX. NOODLE I think in abstracts. Not size but...sensations. MURDOC What? NOODLE When I’m imagining things, it’s about colors, textures, shapes, and feelings. 2D Yeah, she’s right. I don’t think about depth at all when I’m thinking. MURDOC You do surprise me. Next question.
source: Welcome  to  the  Monkey  House ​Entertainment  Weekly,  November  2005
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orphice · 5 hours ago
Noodle Russel 2D and murdoc stood in line, waiting for the loud people to get inside the cars. It was a horror attraction. A spookhouse. The name itself already had 2D biting his nails.
Him and noodle had been waiting together in line, with murdoc and Russel behind. But when it was finally their turn murdoc grabbed 2D quickly and got into a car laughing at the other 2 band members. Noodle stuck out her tongue as the little car drove off into the dark.
It only took a plastic skeleton to make 2D scream his balls off. Murdoc laughed loudly. "Its fake u moron" he said poking his arm. 2D covered his ears and closed his eyes, like a little kid.
Murdoc grabbed 2Ds shaking hand and laid his arm behind 2Ds back, looking around. "Its pretty crappy if ye ask me" he laughed lighting a cig. 2D slapped him softly putting the cig down "You idiot you cant do that in here" he screamed. Murdoc laughed and pressed his lips onto the singers.
2D smiled into the kiss slowly moving his head around. Murdoc placed his hand on the singers face cupping his cheek. He slid in some tongue lowering his hand to the singers upper leg squeezing it, making 2D let out a soft relieved moan.
He lifted the singer up making him sit on his lap, still kissing passionately. Murdoc broke the kiss lowering his head to leave hickeys on 2Ds neck. Stuart grinned moving his lower body around slowly throughout the kisses.
But they stopped and held their breaths in shock as they heard a flash. "Not one of those stupid cameras!" Murdoc said loudly looking around. 2D started screaming leaving murdoc to push him off his lap and step out of the attraction. Quickly he pushed himself through the crowd running to the little photo machine quickly grabbing the photo.
2D came running up to him breathing heavily. Murdoc started laughing hysterically. "Its not funny!" 2D yelled pushing murdoc around. "Calm down I threw it away no one saw!" Murdoc laughed almost rolling on the floor. 2D put his hands on his knees looking around for noodle and Russel.
"They're probably still in there" murdoc said putting his hand on 2Ds shoulder. 2D sighed taking a sip of his water. Only to spit it out after a kid pointed out to his bulge and start crying. He completely forgot he was hard. Murdoc grabbed his hand quickly walking away from the people.
They ended up behind a building with alot of trees and bushes. They continued their kiss against the wall of the building aggressively rubbing bodies together. Murdoc laid 2D down on his back in the grass.
2D pressed murdoc ontop of him tightly, wrapping his legs around the bassists back. They kissed each other roughly, murdoc let out a groan as his situation rubbed against the singers trousers. "I dont think it's a good id-" murdoc said, But 2D was already unzipping his pants running his hand over the satanists cock.
Murdoc grinned and quickly pulled down 2Ds trousers taking his boxers with it too. 2D smiled at the feeling of the cool grass against his naked trembling body. Murdoc lowered himself, hovering above the blue haired singer.
Murdoc licked his lips and let his tip slide in. 2D let out a soft moan and nodded at murdoc asking if he was ready. Murdoc slowly slid in deeper releasing pretty moans from the singers mouth as he started to thrust in and out harder.
2D scratched murdocs back through his shirt. Murdoc grabbed the singers legs, putting them over his shoulders allowing him to go deeper. 2D whined out the bassists name rolling his head back in pleasure, now digging his nails into murdocs skin.
The bassist grabbed 2Ds chin making him lock eyes with him and kissing him roughly. Their tongues slid over each other, exploring each others mouths. Murdoc groaned at the feeling of 2Ds hands scratching his back harshly. 2D moaned into the kiss, leaving murdocs lips and moaning out his name loudly.
Murdoc opened his eyes to the sight of the tall blue haired singer, shaking and whining loudly, grabbing the grass underneath him. The satanist rolled his head back feeling on edge. 2D ran his hands over murdocs chest moaning the words "Inside pl-pease ah".
2D slid his hands over his nipples as murdoc thrusted in deeply. His loud moans set murdoc off to his orgasm, Moaning the singers name. It surprised him that 2D managed to cum without even being touched. He let go of the singers legs and carefully put them back in place, and afterwards slid his pants up.
Murdoc laid down in the grass next to 2D. He looked at him in confusion. "Whyre u laughing so much" he asked. 2D turned his hand and said "Ye dropped this" giving murdoc his picture back.
Murdoc blushed in embarrassment. "I thought u threw it away?" 2D smiled. Murdoc pushed him away blushing.
Tumblr media
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funkygutz · 6 hours ago
wtf.... tumblr user FunkyGutz posting gorillaz fanart!?
Tumblr media
I haven't been able to think about anything else for the past week help
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itsliterallydamonalbarn · 12 hours ago
stage lights
90s! Graham Coxon oneshot
warnings - swearing, mentions of alcohol
word count - 2,002 -- holy shit
The line for the gig had to have been a kilometer long, but we stayed in it even though our legs were freezing. I had quite literally dragged my friend Sasha to the Blur concert with me, even though she wasn’t nearly as obsessed with the band as I was. Honestly, she didn’t know much about them at all. But knowing our area’s reputation for weirdos at these types of events, I did not want to go by myself.
“Soo...” Sasha said in an uninterested tone. “Who’re the members of Blur and what do they look like?” I felt a spark of enthusiasm before I replied.
“Okay, so there’s Damon, he’s the lead singer and he has messy dirty blond hair. He likes to throw water out into the audience sometimes, at least that’s what I’ve heard. Good looking, too. Although he has a girlfriend, so he’s not worth going for anyway.”
Sasha nodded as she processed my description of Damon. I continued. “And then there’s Dave, he’s the drummer. He’s like...really good at drumming. A little too good. He’s a ginger with short hair, much shorter than Damon’s. Definitely not as popular as Damon, but he’s cute so I think that’s nice. Alex is the bassist, he’s got dark brown hair. Greasy, dark brown hair.”
Sasha chuckled to herself at the thought of Alex. “I hope he washes it.”
I shivered from the cold but laughed with her anyway. “The guitarist is Graham. He’s...” My sentence trailed off from the thought of him. Sasha noticed me drifting away in my thoughts and snapped in my face.
“He’s what? You think he’s ugly?”
“NO. Nononono. He’s not ugly. Practically the opposite of ugly. I’ve seen the way he plays on TV, holy shit, it’s fucking majestic.” I bury my head in my hands as I blurt out everything I like about Graham. There’s too much."
“Like, his hands! Have you seen his-how does he-”
“What do they look like?”
“It’s gonna sound weird, but lord they are veiny. Evidently, because he uses them all the time for playing, but just think of the other-”
“Okay, okay, I get it. Now I know which one you like.” Sasha glanced at me with genuine concern. This obsession was likely unhealthy.
We had reached the doorway where we had to show our pass to the gig and I almost shoved mine in the teller’s face. As soon as we were let in, I ran through the doors of the performance room with a tough grip on Sasha’s arm. This was going to be amazing. While Sasha turned her head to look around, I eagerly stared at the stage. At any moment the band would come on the stage and play their magic-radiating music.
The gig was to start at 8, and it was dark outside. As the lights grew brighter the crowd became bigger and louder. Finally, the stage crew wheeled out guitar stands with their accompanying guitars. Then I saw Damon peek his head from backstage, with a grin on his face as the girls in the front screamed. I imagined the band loved when they riled the fans up. Sasha was one of those girls. I let out a chuckle when I noticed the starstruck expression on her face.
“Heh. I knew you’d enjoy these boys eventually.” I said to her, and she turned to me and beamed.
Suddenly a bass riff erupted from a speaker on stage, and the band gathered up front. There was Graham, dressed in a solid navy blue t-shirt and washed jeans. His fringe looked kept and his eyes sparkled as the stage lights gleamed down on them. Dave had been next to him and whispered something into his ear before sitting down at his drums.
Apparently whatever Dave said had to have been pretty funny, because the water Graham just ingested flew from his mouth as soon as Dave stepped from his side. His head tilted back in his laugh, and he looked cuter than ever. Damon and Alex glanced at him in concern, but Graham just shook his head and put his guitar strap over his head.
The boys began to play the beginning of Stereotypes, and of course, another chorus of screams (again, with Sasha included) started when Damon rolled his eyes up and leaned back. It was just another one of his ways of messing with the audience, but this method was already known to be particular from the others. Damon knew what he was doing.
Graham actually started to sing along with Damon at the refrain, which is when I finally got my share of contribution to the screaming. He strummed his pick on the strings of the guitar and I watched as he raised his eyes up to the crowd. His eyes searched the audience as if he was looking for someone in particular. He smiled as his eyes set on me. He continued to play his guitar, but he still kept his eyes on me. I darted my eyes to Damon to see that he noticed the guitarist’s particular fascination.
Obviously, I noticed, and I elbowed Sasha to distract her from Damon for once.  “He’s looking at me. And he isn’t looking away.” I said loudly into Sasha’s ear. Given I was still staring at Graham it had to have looked odd from his perspective.
Now Sasha noticed and got increasingly excited. “Maybe he’s gonna look for you after the show!” she replied tremulously. It didn’t seem likely to me. I had heard tons of classmates in secondary school talk about their fantasies of being pulled backstage from one of the members of Blur, back when they were starting to get popular. Some had even orchestrated an entire plan, ranging from what they would wear to how they would act. Secretly, I had my share of daydreams about that, but I never thought it was possible.
But the idea crossed my mind and I accidentally looked away in thought. After realizing what I had done to be what I thought was practically the worst mistake in my life, I looked back and saw that Graham had his eyes on the floor again.
The song ended, and Damon grabbed the microphone and stuck his tongue out. He was bound to say something witty.
“To the lovely girl in the audience, whom Graham seems to have an eye for...,”
Oh shit.
The room went quiet and people started looking around. Graham’s jaw quite literally dropped and Alex and Dave bent over in giggle fits. Sasha’s hand flew to her mouth and laughed, knowing exactly who Damon was talking about.
“I hope you two have a grand time later because I think he likes you~!”
A bunch of “oh”s and “aw”s rang in the crowd as Graham pushed Damon on his head and laughed.
“Knobhead, he is. Don’t trust much of the rubbish coming from his mouth, girls.” He winked and earned laughter from the audience.
Damon slung his arm around Graham and whispered something into his ear, Graham furrowed his brows but grinned as he replied to Damon. He was lying.
They continued to play each song, on occasion with Damon acting out for the crowd and Graham making funny faces at him. After what had occurred earlier I didn’t really think about anything other than Graham. The way he stared at me, albeit a bit intimidating felt as if he picked me from the crowd to admire. I reasoned with myself that it could have just been a simple coincidence, that he was just lost in thought. It felt odd that he was staring out into the crowd rather than looking at his guitar, too.
I started thinking about much earlier in the evening if there was a time where he could have seen me and if I really did catch his eye. Maybe it was in line, or as Sasha and I came from our cars and walked together to the building. I thought about him then. The way he played with such a strong passion and how he reacted when people cheered for him. How meaningful his smile was all the time, everything about him seemed to be immaculate and I desperately wanted to have a piece of it. But at the end of the day, I had to always chalk it up to being a fan of him, and how so many others thought about him the way I did. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from taking a chance. Minutes went by and the show was over, Damon was still hyper and Graham was playing along by matching his demeanor. I told Sasha I needed to tell her something quick. I lead her to a corner. This was going to be the most cliché thing I had ever done in my life.
“What you said back there, with, with the whole ‘Graham looking for me after the show’ thing,” I started, stumbling with my words from my excitement as Sasha's face became redder.
“You’re gonna try and see if you can-”
As soon as she began I turned at the right moment to see Graham and Dave walk out the stage door, followed by Alex and Damon, who already had a cigarette in his mouth. I couldn’t help myself from running to them, trying to be as subtle as possible but not failing hard enough to bring attention to myself. I watched as Graham stopped in his tracks, and craned his neck. He was looking for someone.
I looked behind me for a split second and as I turned around I saw him standing in front of me. This was really happening. I was living the fantasies people wished for.
The guitarist ran a hand through his hair as he spoke over the noise of the venue’s occupants.
“Hello, darling.”
I don’t know why I didn’t know what to say at first. I nervously laughed and Graham did the same, he noticed my surprise as soon as I whipped my head around to the sight of him.
“Sorry. Hi.” I told him. I could feel my face heating up.
“I, er, hope you weren’t freaked out by my staring...”
I started to gain more confidence just so he knew I was interested. “I knew that wasn’t unintentional. But you’re alright, I guess I did my share of it too.”
“Damon wasn’t wrong, either. About all that stuff.”
If I had been drinking something I would've surely accidentally sprayed it on Graham's face. He chuckled at my widened eyes and the developing rosiness of my cheeks. His magic was working yet again.
He told me how he spotted me in the very back of the line, right before the band went into the dressing room. Damon already knew he fancied me because Graham told him. The guitarist complimented my eyes, the way they glinted as I watched them play their music. He said he felt as though I deeply appreciated it, and I did. I let him do most of the talking, and soon enough there weren't many people left in the room.
Alex suddenly appeared and tapped Graham on the shoulder and told him they were going to a bar. I glanced up at Alex who glanced back at me and chuckled at Graham.
"Aren't you gonna ask her to join? Seems like the gentlemanly thing to do, I reckon." he teased, gripping onto Graham's shoulder and shaking him slightly.
Graham pursed his lips before extending his arm to where his hand was inches from mine. It was his invitation.
The moment was interrupted when my phone buzzed and saw a message from Sasha. She had already left. There was nowhere else to go besides with Graham. He saw the message and gave a small smile, in hopes of my response.
I took his hand and sort of laughed to myself as we walked out the door with Alex behind us. I had done it.
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electric-fences-and-guns · 13 hours ago
Anyone has any archive of the boys calling Noodle cute names? Like "luv" or "doll", "sis", etc.
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casmourde · 14 hours ago
“what do u ship”
Tumblr media
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I’ve been trying and failing to get the locket thing to work for like 30 minutes but like
Murdoc with brown skin my beloved
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oneeyedsheep · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
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kebabra · 15 hours ago
Murdoc: Let’s watch Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
Y/N: Okay.
Murdoc: And make out during the scary parts.
Y/N: Th-
Y/N: The scary parts.
Y/N: Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
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taystudioartist · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
All of which makes me anxious. At times, unbearably so.
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yaeji-passion · 17 hours ago
I SWEAR IM WORKING ON YALLS REQUESTS IM TRYNA MAKE EM PERFECT! i accidentally deleted one, so im gonna have to redo it but its fine it was just the outline draft because i wanted to get it perfect. i havent just stolen yalls asks and ran, im workin on em (:💗♠💗
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curdled-morgue · 20 hours ago
I made another edit :)))
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