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#Glorious Purpose
lokislittlesigyn · 5 hours ago
so, i’m making this my own post because i’d hate to seem like i’m trying to argue with people!! i just want to share my opinion on mobius and loki and that time theater scene.
//loki spoilers
First, I definitely think Mobius was using the reel to get Loki to do what he wanted. It makes sense. Mobius’ main goal is, at least for now, to protect the timeline. That’s his job. He might think Loki’s neat, and he might care about Loki to some extent, but Loki’s not his main priority. Everything he showed Loki in the time theater was absolutely meant to (at best) persuade, (at worst) manipulate Loki into helping the TVA. It wasn’t chiefly for Loki’s benefit. At least, I don’t think so.
((Just a little disclaimer here, I don’t mean to say Mobius is a horrible monster or a soft, loving figure. Right now, he is at best a semi-neutral ally who seems to think Loki is better off alive than dead - so long as Loki helps, rather than hinders, their cause.))
In this episode, we get two scenes that introduce us to how Mobius relates to people. Mobius is clever. He’s persuasive. He is good at getting people to do what he wants.
With that child in the church? He acts approachable, sweet, and caring. Almost like a protective father figure. He makes a neat little stick figure and lets the child make it walk - it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s appealing to a child. He lowers his voice and assures her the “devil” that scares her is afraid of him, and he’s going to take care of him. Through all this, Mobius gets what he wants - information. (side note - i still think this child is actually young sylvie and she murdered those tva agents, i may be wrong though)
Later, to Renslayer, he acts respectful, humble, and soft-spoken. He doesn’t interrupt the trial. He is obedient and respects her authority, and is careful not to make a fuss. He also ends their conversation with a compliment she seems to accept. In all this, Mobius gets what he wants - her agreement for him using Loki to help the TVA.
Again, I think those are both examples to show that Mobius has a good idea of how to convince people to go along with his ideas.
There’s certainly parts of the time theater scene that helped Loki open up and be honest with himself - like asking if he enjoys hurting people - but I think again, that was Mobius’s way of gauging how Loki really thinks and feels. He’s testing the waters. He wants to know if he can use this Loki against another one, because this Loki is here, this Loki is vulnerable, this Loki is the only good chance the TVA currently has, since they’re already losing so many units.
And what does Mobius want in this scene? Loki on his side.
So he tries different methods. He plays off of Loki’s emotional connections. He pushes Loki - especially when he shows Frigga, even earning an emotional outburst from Loki for that. But eventually, and this is the beauty of it - he can’t force Loki into it. Or at least, he doesn’t fully get the chance. For all of Mobius’s prodding (which i found rather cruel at times), blaming (again, for Frigga’s death - blatantly wrong, but it works, and she’s one of Loki’s biggest and most obvious weak spots), and evidence-backed claims (Loki’s defeat at the hands of the Avengers), what finally convinces Loki is Loki’s own actions and curiosity, and almost poetically: Loki’s free will.
Remember all of the talk about Loki’s story not being his own, Loki’s actions possibly being predetermined, the Timeline flowing the same way over and over and Loki is powerless to stop it? Well, Loki was the one to continue that reel. Loki was the one to look at his future. At his family. At his parents, his brother, himself. Loki was the one to find the truth. Sure, he used TVA tools to do so, but he did it alone and on his own accord.
Mobius has to return to Loki with a weapon because this god is a threat, he’s already gotten the best of Hunter B-15 and nearly broken out of the TVA. If you notice, the weapon Mobius is carrying is an orangeish color. That’s the kill color. He’s ready to delete Loki and cut his losses if it comes down to it, because for all he knows Loki’s now enraged and ready to kill him (Loki already said as much after being shown Frigga). But by then Loki is wounded, he’s broken, and he’s willing to comply because of the pain he’s felt, the love he’s seen, and the terrible reality that he can never return to the people he misses most.
This scene is being simplified a lot. I think it’s more than just a “it’s Loki’s therapy!” or “Mobius is a terrible person!” type thing. It’s complicated. Mobius isn’t cruel the whole time, but he isn’t kind the whole time either - and again I think that’s because Mobius isn’t on Loki’s side? Mobius wants Loki on his side. He clearly wants to work with Loki but he doesn’t let Loki get the upper hand on him - well, until Loki steals the time twister. Another example of Loki’s free will.
I just really like how, even while in previous scenes Mobius’s actions have persuaded others, in the end, Loki puts the crucial pieces together himself. Sure, Mobius gave him a push, and sure, Mobius reinforces and even comforts Loki a bit with that “I don’t see you as a villain” (paraphrased) line. But Loki exercised control, and free will, and made his own choices that determined the outcome.
Idk, this is a long post and I’m not sure if I made my point. I’ve been mulling over Mobius as a character for a while, and have tried to type up a single, succinct post to gather all my thoughts. May need to talk about it more, not sure. And my perspective/opinion might change, too! I might even be wrong! It wouldn’t be the first time. But I’ve been itching to talk about him a bit, so. Here you go.
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mandofury · 5 hours ago
Me watching Loki during THAT scene when Loki has to watch his mother die, his own death, and Thor telling him he loves him:
Tumblr media
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societalscorns · 6 hours ago
Loki wakes up, sees an audience, and immediately finds the nearest soap box to stand on start giving them his spiel.
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I’m a simple creature. All I want is for Loki to have a big scene where he’s taking down the bad version(s?) of himself and/or destroying the TVA in a bad or at the very least questionable way while My Way by Frank Sinatra plays in the background. I don’t have all the fine details of it worked out, but the big picture is in my head and I think it would be glorious.
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cuddlymuffinofoptimism · 10 hours ago
Loki sighed and stared at his computer helplessly. He'd been trying to get in the website for hours. Made a password and everything. He was just stuck on the final step.
It was stupid, really. All he had to do was check a pathetically small box. Then he could move on and buy up all the stock of black nail polish Amazon had to offer. But first, the box.
He got up from his chair and rubbed his eyes wearily. It's exhausting, having a existential crisis while staring into the void of your computer screen. He was thirsty, so he went into the kitchen and made himself some coffee. As dark as possible. After it had brewed, he blew on the cup gently. Then he took a sip.
And spewed the nastiness everywhere. He'd protested at first when Thor had offered to add some sugar to the coffee, but now he understood. He walked over to the sugar container and literally dumped a shit ton into his cup, then stirred vigorously. He blew on it again and took another sip.
And slammed his mug ferociously into the counter. Now, it was too sweet. He went to the sink and dumped the contents down it, disgusted with not only the coffee, but himself. What kind of god doesn't know how to make decent coffee?
He walked back into his room, but the stupid screen was still there waiting for him. It was almost ominous, as he had turned all the other lights off, and only the glow of the laptop could be seen.
"Screw this." He muttered, and vanished into thin air.
He appeared at what looked to be a coffee shop. It had green letters that read "Starbucks."
He stormed into the store, startling a poor college student, who's coffee spilled over the floor. He ignored it.
"I am Loki, of Asgard." He announced, to everyone in the room. "And I am burdened with a serious need of caffeine." (I'm sorry this line is a literal joke but I just HAD TO)
Recovering from her previous state of shock, the barista smiled at this highly intimidating, clearly high off of his ass man.
"I'd suggest a hazelnut venti with whip cream." She said politely. (Plz excuse my coffee talk, I literally don't drink it ever so)
"Sounds perfect." Loki said.
"That'll be $7.99." She said, looking up expectantly.
Loki just stared at her until he realized. He began patting different pockets. Then he looked up, trying to hide the fact that he clearly had no money on him.
"I'm sorry, mortal." He said, plastering a nice smile on his face. "I'm afraid I left your form of currency at home."
"Well, we take credit or debit as well."
Loki conjured the card in his hand, and pretended to pull it out of his pocket. He handed it to her.
She swiped it.
"Name for the order is Loki, I assume?" She asked.
"Yes, weren't you-" Loki sighed. "Nevermind."
"We'll have that right out for you." She said.
Loki moved to sit at one of the tables, and waited. He suddenly noticed a little girl staring at him.
"What exactly are you looking at?" He asked her, annoyed.
She didn't respond. He realized that she might be too young to form words.
The mother noticed her child staring, and grabbed her.
"Sorry about that." She said. "Lucy's a curious little one. Only three."
Loki relaxed a little. "No harm done." He replied.
They sat in silence, until Loki's order was called. He rose to get it, then started walking out. But something stopped him. He turned and walked back to the table with the mom and Lucy.
"Do you think that I'm a robot?" He asked, completely out of the blue.
The mother looked slightly surprised, but decided to take the question seriously. Maybe it was because she had children.
Loki was getting anxious, almost wanted to walk away, but her smile stopped him.
"You look human to me." She told him.
He nodded awkwardly and left the Starbucks. He sipped it. Still to sweet, but that mattered less to him now.
Later that day, Loki pulled up the screen and clicked on the box. A green checkmark appeared.
I am not a robot.
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timetroublingtrickster · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“St... Stop it...  It... Stop it... Stop... I... St... Sto... St...” [Loki s1ep01 “Glorious Purpose”]
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the19thduckpotato · 17 hours ago
my favorite Marvel boy’s new show just dropped
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ashleybenlove · 19 hours ago
Re the reveal that Loki was DB Cooper, I just wanted to recommend the Stuff You Should Know episode about DB Cooper, because it’s great. (If you google ‘db cooper stuff you should know’ you should be able to find it easily). 
It’s a live show so it was done in front of an audience. 
(The Seattle one is free, there’s also a Denver one on Bandcamp for $1)
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sendhelpmydudes · a day ago
NO WAIT did the TVA people say there was a war between the universes or they collapsed cause there were too many? Either way, are we gonna deal with that in the Multiverse Of Madness or??
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sendhelpmydudes · a day ago
anyone else shipping Loki with the mustache man?
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shelbylerner · a day ago
Tumblr media
Behave!…..or get your clock cleaned! 😃⏰💀 Sticker available at theshelbylernershop on Etsy😉
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Don't worry, that devil's afraid of us.“ [Mobius M. Mobius, Variant Loki (?)   | Loki s1ep01 “Glorious Purpose”] > The shots with Mobius in the church were amazing  > The cloaked figure in the swamp dropping the latern and burning the  Minutemen alive gave me serious chills ... 
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fireofthestars · a day ago
Tumblr media
I've been seeing this around and I don't know what the hell it means. Maybe it has something to do with Steve staying in some version of the past with her...but wouldn't Steve be the one in trouble unless she was the one who actually responsible for him staying with her? I don't know how, unless she had some knowledge about how the Stones worked
(Now I've gone and created a scenario where it was all her idea and she wiped Steve's mind which is why he didn't go help Bucky etc...but I don't believe she was a self serving individual...unless an alternate version of her was....I give up).
She could have been caught up in some weird SHIELD experiment.
Maybe it has to do with 'What If'?
Really does look like her though.
Whatever the scenario, don't try to figure out time travel. That way lies madness.
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fireofthestars · a day ago
Loki business
Seeing people upset because they believe the drawer full of Infinity Stones means they didn't matter and Natasha, Gamora and everyone died for nothing.
The stones in the SACRED TIMELINE still meant something. The ones in the drawers were variants, collected across the multiverse and branched timelines. The minute Loki picked up the Tesseract and used it to peace out, it became a variant, and just like Loki's magic, became inert in the TVA.
So all those people didn't die in vain.
Which makes me wonder about all those timelines Doctor Strange saw. Did he actually just 'see' them, as in sitting back and observing, or did he get involved, which means some of those variant stones are there because of him?
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