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#Gays being Gay
charleyparkhurst · 4 days ago
Why don’t we ever mix Dr Pepper with hard liquor like we do with rum and coke etc. I feel like both the homosexuals and the Texans could come together on that one
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heleneplays · 9 days ago
Can you draw me Esme and Helene hanging out being Best Girls together? With whichever Esme hairdo you like best!
Tumblr media
best girls sharing a bed? during an international race competition?? 3 ft apart bc they like to hold hands before sleeping??? more likely than you think <3
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OKAY BUT literally i am so sorry for taking. 13 days to get my ass into gear and find an idea to fully line and color nonny,,, since as u may well know i've been struggling to produce something that just screams. them. my 3 previous wips with various hairstyle trials nothwithstanding,,, *clown noises*
NONETHELESS. THANK U FOR COMING & REQUESTING!!! i live thanks to u and in addition. u might see more best girls from the cast coming soon <3
anyways requests for relics series ideas/scenes and memes are still open, please feel free to come drop by my inbox!
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Tumblr media
wait fuck this cant be true. screenshotting cuz i dont follow op just ignore this but omg. that means there were THREE whole gay men in the writers room in the latter seasons... oh this actually does explain a lot.
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peggy-the-pirate · 21 days ago
I’ve become this weird brooding personality in my small town. I lost my license for non legal reasons so the waitresses all just know me as the guy who sits alone at the wine bar or coffee shop and drinks and is occasionally joined by eccentrics associated with the college. When in reality I’m just here because I don’t feel like mooching a ride off my roommate to go grocery shopping
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gayboycastiel · 22 days ago
Also like. Literally so many of these certain bloggers get so so mad about seeing dean as queer and will list of the reasons why it's bad and LITERALLY DO THE SAME THING WITH SAM. Like for the same reasons they listed as being bad for dean. Makes no sense does not compel me.
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remyxavier · 24 days ago
I've strongly gotten back into Tegan and Sara in the past few days, which I am very excited about because I found out they released a book and it's just fucking awesome.
All of this does leave me with some troublesome feelings and thoughts.
I turn 29 this year, and then I will turn 30, and so on and so forth. I am leaving my 20s soon, I will no longer be a young adult. I will leave my 20s as a woman married to a woman, as a woman who fights with her own sexuality and gender, and as a woman who has no relationship with the LGBTQ+ community. Sometimes I believe it is because I just am always too caught up with my mental health or with my residency in another country, and other times I believe it is because it is a much harder community to become a part of despite what the community says. At times I feel like the LGBTQ+ community is some fancy club that you have to be allowed in by having the same opinions as everyone else, dressing in an appropriate way for your sexuality, have all the active social medias, and by never saying the word 'queer' (even if you identify as queer). I advocate for LGBTQ+ rights with my family as I feel they should be more aware of these things if they want to support me and be in my life, and I do the same with my wife's family. But I don't really talk to or associate with other people outside the one friend I have. I feel very alienated from the LGBTQ+ community because I am only my shortcomings to them and not the hope and strength I want to keep cultivating for myself, my wife, and the community we should be proud to be apart of. We both struggle with internalized homophobia and misogyny yet we are all we have for dispelling that and supporting one another.
I just don't know how to find this community and be a part of it and do the right things for them rather than staying in with my wife, signing petitions online, and advocating for myself and her to our families.
(it's crazy because, when I moved to Canada, I met so many lesbians! I had only met one lesbian when I lived in the southern US! But then reality pulled me from the clouds and made me realize their partying lifestyles didn't mesh with my sobriety and the ones that didn't party were removed by Covid and their own dealings with mental illness. I always hear about queer people having a found family, but I have no idea what that is, how to find it, or if I have to wait to be a certain age or a certain level in the community or something to find it.)
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