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casinocanada · 41 minutes ago
GamCare raised concerns around young and gambling
Gambling awareness charity GamCare has released a survey revealing that young people are struggling with problem gambling, with under-18s accounted for 71.5% of all calls to its National Gambling Helpline. […] The post GamCare raised concerns around young and gambling appeared first on AffiliateINSIDER .
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crypto-games · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Wagering Quest: Play with us on May 12th and 13th, and wager DASH for 48 hours to earn sweet rewards!
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voidselfshipp · 2 hours ago
Not A Kitten
Cw:none , ask to tag.
Ok to rb
Summary: remy teases jerico about her becoming a cat.
Tumblr media
--babe!have you seen my cane?!--shouted remy from the bedroom.
Jerico stretches letting out a purr as she does so-- check the thingy where we leave the umbrellas!-- she answered walking to the sofá, clinging to gambits big sweatshirt.
She sits there curled up in a ball letting out a soft hiss as she straightens his back.
The mutant man comes by smiling and caressing jericos hair to then hear her content purrs.
--Youre becoming a cat-- remy said as jer hugged his arm clinging to it.
--im not-- she stops talking, to then yawn and close her eyes like cats do.
--Yes you are-- added the Man picking her up from the sofá carrying her to bed-- ill be back in the morning-- he kisses her forehead making her heart skip a beat, chuckling he kisses her lips.
She clings to his sleeve-- youll be back early right?
--ill try -- he added
As remy leaves for a night of scamming gambling. He hears jerico shout -- do I need to start throwing things off of shelves for you to stay?
He chuckles-- youre my little cat!
--No im not--
--You sure are kitten!-- he was more than amused at the silence that presented itself when he finished talking.
He said a final goodbye and went to work with the biggest cheek- hurting smile ever.
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mbloginfo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
How a Functional Gambling Industry could benefit Dubai’s Economy Credit: PixabayDubai’s economy is one... #Accommodations #Attractions #benefit #CarHire #Cities #city #cityguide #Dubai #DubaiCityNews #DubaiHotel #Dubais #Economy #Flights #Functional #Gambling #Hotels #Industry #News #Travelinformation #UAE #fashion #food #lifestyle #tech #politics #business #travel #animals #celebrities #vip #hollywood
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21K is always a good day.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wingnightcd · 12 hours ago
Now that I have a job again, I'm listening to the mainstream radio once more and lately I've been hearing fucking ads about how GAMBLING IS GOOD ACTUALLY
They'll be like
"Reports have shown that participates experienced a sense of community during covid thanks to 'Betting Oz'. If you too have experienced loniless, download our app and join the growing community and find friends"
This is disgusting
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parakeet · 13 hours ago
In the past three days alone working in retail I've had the following customers:
Old man buying a toothbrush admits he's been using his dead wife's old one for ten years
Man starts sobbing when i greet him with my usual ‘How’s it going buddy?’
Eleven year old boy begs me not to sell scratchcards to his brother because he's spending all their money
Woman tells me she keeps waking up choking on her vomit, doesn’t seem to think this is a big deal?
Man purchases booze, returns later and says his wife is absolutely raging at him for buying that type of booze, immediately buys more of the same
High schooler wearing an ahegao compilation hoodie :(
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appleflavoredkitkats · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
some las nevadas!fundy doodles because i have a whole canon divergent au in my head where the manberg cabinet reunite in las nevadas and become one big dysfunctional family again
(feel free to send me asks about this au bc i’ll gladly reply :D)
reblogs appreciated!!! <3
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