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#Furudate-sensei are you watching this
elfiore · 2 days ago
It's Japan vs Argentina rn and it's giving me all the feels!! 😭💖🏐
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stand-by-berry · 7 months ago
I just got the first 3 volumes of Haikyuu!! i’m so excited
I’m just gonna post my thoughts when i think of them
Tumblr media
“Alone isn’t good enough” and Kitagawa, home of the infamous “King of the Court”, losing is pretty deep 🥵
I love this already
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recentanimenews · a month ago
Bookshelf Briefs 5/4/21
Days on Fes, Vol. 1 | By Kanato Oka | Yen Press A manga about the joys of music festivals is something we’ve seen before, but usually it’s from the perspective of the band playing onstage. This new title is devoted to the happiness found in being a concertgoer at these festivals, told from the perspective of two high school girls—one a festival veteran, the other a newbie—and the veteran’s older brother, who runs a cafe, and his friend/employee, who is… Eeyore, frankly. Aside from the fun festival stuff, including an impromptu fashion show the girls give us, I was left wondering if this is a BL or yuri manga—the two guys, especially, given off a very couple vibe without actually being one. I’ll definitely be reading the next volume. – Sean Gaffney
Haikyu!!, Vol. 43 | By Haruichi Furudate | VIZ Media – I originally thought I wanted to see Haikyu!! end with Karasuno triumphing at the National Tournament. Furudate-sensei doesn’t go that route, though, and this volume in particular proves why that was absolutely the right choice. After two years in Brazil honing his skills playing beach volleyball, Hinata returns to Japan and joins a pro team (alongside some familiar faces) in the top tier of Japan’s volleyball league. This volume finds him facing off against Kageyama (and some familiar faces) for the first time since middle school, with even more familiar faces among the spectators. We needed this final arc to see how good Hinata has become, how it’s become clear even to those who once doubted him that he is a very valuable player even without Kageyama by his side. The best part, though, is the obvious respect Kageyama has for Hinata. They’ve grown in so many ways. Sniff. – Michelle Smith
Komi Can’t Communicate, Vol. 12 | By Tomohito Oda | Viz Media – The majority of this book is about the summer break from school, and attempts of the group to go to the beach as a fun activity. The difficulty is that Najimi ends up not going, so the rest of the cast, who rely on Najimi to be so over-the-top extroverted that they drag everyone else with them, is feeling awkwardly quiet. But once we get there we get a lot of fun in the sun. That said, we may be setting up an important plot point ahead, as in order to get rid of some unwanted guys hitting on her, Tadano says that he’s Manbagi’s boyfriend… something that afterwards she does not entirely seem to be opposed to. Are we headed for a love triangle? Still one of my favorite school comedies running right now. – Sean Gaffney
Satoko and Nada, Vol. 4 | By Yupechika | Seven Seas – The final volume of this story is mostly happy and heartwarming, though it can also be quite realistic—when their time together is up, Satoko and Nada go on to have separate lives, though the epilogue does show them meeting up again years later. Still, the impact they had on each other’s lives is astounding. As for the manga itself, it’s still showing off the differences between not only Japan and Saudi Arabia, but also both nations and America. Both women end up living strong, fulfilling lives, and you will be very happy to have watched part of it. This is one of my favorite pickups of the last few years, and at only four volumes it also would make a great gift set. – Sean Gaffney
Skip Beat!, Vol. 45 | By Yoshiki Nakamura | Viz Media – It feels like a dam has burst, reading this volume. The back half of the book contains some of the most amazing art in the entire series, with Kyoko literally running away from everything as fast as she can only to find Ren proving that he can run faster and confront her harder. That said, the front half of the book is also excellent—this series is now 45 volumes long, and has come a long way from a girl and her rage gremlins that surround her trying to get revenge, but it’s nice to know that whenever there’s a real problem, Ren can always turn to a giant chicken for advice. That said, she’s not a man, she’s a Kyoko Boo, so I’m on tenterhooks waiting for her response. Which, erm, is not scheduled by Viz yet, alas. – Sean Gaffney
Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Vol. 14 | By Kagiji Kumanomata | Viz Media Throughout this series we’ve been wondering exactly why the human world is relying on doofuses like Braver to try to save the princess from her presumably horrible fate. OK, let’s be fair—no, we haven’t. We’ve been watching Syalis be a combination of evil gremlin, naive doofus, and teenager growing up. But it comes to mind in this new volume as her mother the Queen, running away from home after an argument with her husband, stays over for a bit with Syalis. We’ve met the Queen before, but it’s no surprise to find that she and her daughter are quite similar… or that the King is likely to be far less accommodating. Also, there’s that pesky human/demon war. Can these problems be solved? – Sean Gaffney
Snow White with the Red Hair, Vol. 12 | By Sorata Akiduki | Viz Media – Well, so much for moving in together. After the last volume saw Zen and Shirayuki finally be able to be in the same building with each other, this new one sees Shirayuki being reassigned, meaning a long time away from Zen. Yes, Snow White with the Red Hair appears to be turning into a long-distance dedication. (Can we get fantasy Casey Kasem?) Oh yes, and the Queen, who apparently is allergic to being in the castle, has decided to abdicate in favor of the eldest son, which leads to a big ol’ ceremony and also the reintroduction of characters we thought might be gone, like Kiki’s wannabe fiancee. In any event, it appears we’re definitely headed for a new arc in the next book. – Sean Gaffney
What the Font?!: A Manga Guide to Western Typeface | By Kuniichi Ashiya | Seven Seas – While there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of manga with anthropomorphic characters, I can safely say that What the Font?! is the first I’ve come across featuring fonts personified, putting a literal face to typeface. Ostensibly, the story is about Marusu, a salesperson who has been put in charge of a proposal layout despite having no formal background in design or typography. But What the Font?! isn’t really about telling a story; it’s about providing Marusu (and by proxy the readers) a crash course in Western typefaces, their history, aesthetics, and uses. Most of the volume is presented as four-panel manga accompanied by informational tidbits. The humor isn’t always particularly funny or invigorating, but some of the jokes are quite memorable as Ashiya finds ways to successfully convey the characteristics of fonts through human personalities and behavior. What the Font?! is an accessible and frequently entertaining introduction to typography. – Ash Brown
By: Ash Brown
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hanafarook · a month ago
About Me - Update
Hi, Welcome to my tumblr! My name is Hana and I write poetry, musings and random things and when I'm not writing, I'm usually browsing on Pinterest pages and other platforms, looking for inspirations (please someone stop me)
I also like taking pictures and painting and reading, doing anything and everything interesting that helps keep my creative cogs in working, so I can write better.
Writing to me is as basic as a survival instinct, I cannot do without it.
My world view is tinted in light hues of romantism, idealism and hope which reflects a lot ( I hope ) in what I write and who I am as a person.
The main aim of posting my writing here is really to help people feel better whether it is through entertaining satires, hopeful thoughts, sharing sadness through my poetry. I can only hope that (if at all) I'm able to do some of that I'd consider myself very fortunate.
This is a safe place and I would love to interact with you on lots of things.
Please feel free to drop in a message or reach out to me.
I'm always looking forward to getting recommendations, so please don't hesitate to share them.
Love, H
Some of my interests include,
I'm a huge fan of haikyuu, like HUGE, thank-you Furudate Sensei for creating this masterpiece.
Bts, Nct and everything in between
Learning languages
Japanese, Korean, Turkish, French
K dramas
I watch them on and off these days.
Fantasy fiction, YA etc I have a long list of books, so I'll update when I finish them.
Reading poetry translated from different languages
Aesthetics and design
I'm also into aesthetics and design a lot, I enjoy exploring different styles and academias.
Anything from mainstream to intrusmentals
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silverquillsideas · a month ago are you? If you don't mind me asking, what are your top 10 favorite anime? And why? (I've already asked before but in a bad time when you're still busy, sorry about that). Sorry again if you've already answered this question before....
Hi! Thanks for asking again! ^^
My top 10 favourite animes...hmm...this was much more difficult to answer than I expected 😂 anyway, here they are :
1. Yuri on ice
Tumblr media
This one takes the top spot without question 🥺 if I start writing about why I love YOI and how it made a huge impact on me personally, we'll be here for days XD so....short answer : I STILL LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH 😭💕
2. Kikis delivery service
Tumblr media
My most favourite ghibli film 💖 this one has it all, a young girl's journey to find her place in the world, creativity and passion for your job, and what it means to lose it. Getting back on your feet when life turns shitty. Found family. Learning to be self reliant. Dealing with self doubt....just...chef's kiss 😘
Tumblr media
The classic. Everyone and their great grandma has seen it, and never stops raving about it and deservedly so. I watched it simultaneously w an irl friend of mine, and we kept giving each other spoilers throughout the week we saw it lol. Additionally, the only show that has Edward Elric my gremlin son Riza my wife, I had a huge crush on her lololol and Roy the bastard I'm willing to fight for Riza's hand in marriage 😌👌
4. Haikyuu!!
Tumblr media
Imo, the greatest sports anime I've seen (my experience is limited tho lol). The series that inspired me to get out of a long phase of stagnation in my early college days. I owe this one so much ❤️ every single character left an impression on me, I laughed with them, cried at their losses, and cheered equally for the opponent team as I did for Karasuno. It wasn't just an anime for me, but a whole personal journey from beginning to end. Can't thank Furudate sensei enough for creating this masterpiece. 💕
5. Oofuri
Tumblr media
This show is SO. DAMN. UNDERRATED. Whyyy?? Like?? Imo, it deserves as much hype as haikyuu or other sports animes, because at its core, Oofuri was so much more than a sports anime. It was about friendships, learning to trust others, knowing that they had your back, and learning to value yourself more, realising you were worth more than you believed. It was just.... So so precious 🥺💕 and it has at Mihashi!!! My sunshine child!!!! 🥺💕
6. 91 days
Tumblr media
Angsty. Gritty. Kept me on the edge from start to finish. And oh. Also major heartbreak. I cried for a week 🙃 Bonus : it has Angelo Lagusa, the protag who desperately needs someone to give him a hug 😭 he didn't deserve all that shit :'))))
7. From up on poppy hill
Tumblr media
My second favourite ghibli movie. I related so much to the protagonist, Umi. She had to take on so much of responsibilities from a young age, tried to hold it together for her family's sake, and was just.... In general, very very like me 🙈😋 it was like seeing myself on the screen, you get me? I loved the idyllic location, the analogy of boats passing by and Umi waiting for a person who was never gonna come was very bittersweet :')
8. Dokyuusei
Tumblr media
Such a sweet, nostalgic story, the animation is beautiful ❤️ and does the art of Asumiko Nakamura justice 😌
9. Garden of words
Tumblr media
Ad narrator voice : If u have a foot fetish and are fond of age gap ships, then this is just the movie for you!!
Lol just kidding 😂 this movie has a special place in my heart because it was my introduction to the world of Makoto Shinkai and I was MESMERISED. I remember exactly how I saw this film. Back in 2016, it smh came in my youtube recommendations, and I clicked on it without much thought. and HOLY SHIT it was an EXPERIENCE. I was in awe of the sheer details, the colors, the fluid animation, the mood every single frame had.... Much of the story didn't register in my brain at all, I was too busy drooling over the gorgeous visuals 😋💕
10. One punch man
Tumblr media
Lol this show was GLORIOUS. 😂😂😂 Extremely entertaining, would recommend 10/10!!!!! Saitama in the gif is my spirit animal, for I too, have lost many a battle against 5 mm long mosquitoes 😔
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yourghastlycloseness · 2 months ago
vball is amazing
dammit this is such a beautiful game to watch
was never into spectating sports until haikyuu happened
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atetiffwrites · 2 months ago
Chapter 6: Scars & Bruises
Tumblr media
FLIGHT |  tsukishima kei x f! reader
"The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings."
― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird
Being Ushijima Wakatoshi's little sister has its pros and cons; some say it's a blessing to share the same genes and skills as him but to Utsui [Name], she begs to differ. A powerful player like him comes with an overbearing shadow that she can't seem to escape from. She's always seen as the sister of Shiratorizawa's Ace. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less, until she decided to take a leap of faith and enrolled herself in Karasuno High School. There, her life takes a huge turn and soon enough, the little eagle that used to hide behind her older brother's wings is now a proud crow, taking flight.
I do not own any of these characters; Haikyuu and the characters involved are owned and created by Haruichi Furudate. The flow of this story may contain spoilers.
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: controlling parent (mother), angst, (indirect) self-harm(?), curse words, Oikawa being scary (?)
TAGLIST: @kowahana @soullesstaco​​ (still open c’: just send an ask)
NOTE: I am in semi-hiatus; updates will occur monthly but in random dates :’D
Tumblr media
The next morning, [Name] wakes up with a horrible feeling. The aftermath of her outburst is taking a toll on her body as it aches with every move. A long, woeful groan, escapes her lips as she drags herself out of bed and heads downstairs to eat breakfast. She greets her mother in a groggy manner as she sits across the elder woman on the dining table. A frown lays on her lips.
"What are those in your arms, [Name]-chan?" Her mother asks with displeasure lacing her tone. "Did you play volleyball with your brother again?"
"What are you talking about, Okasan?" [Name] asks with brows knitted in confusion. Her mother isn't the type to concern herself on trivial matters like volleyball.
"Your arms," She hisses, causing the young girl to glance at her arms before gasping in pure horror. With wide eyes, she looks at her mother with panic.
"I can explain." Her voice is small, almost quiet with disbelief. She racks her mind with reasons why she let such a simple mistake slip off like that.
"What is there to explain, [Name]-chan? I thought I made it clear that you are to not disappoint me with these sporting shenanigans." Her mother huffs as she scolds her daughter with disgust and disbelief at her piercing gaze. "I can't believe you let yourself get your soft, gentle skin tainted by such a harsh sport. Your father should've raised you better by introducing you to more eloquent activities."
[Name] bites her inner cheek as she lowers her head in apology. "I'm sorry, Okasan. I'll tend to it immediately."
"Good. I'm glad you still remember what I taught you." Her mother hums in approval before dismissing the young girl to her room. Another long, woeful groan escapes her lips as she faces herself in the mirror. Stretching out her arms, the purple bruises that decorate her skin is now in full view. Memories of her play yesterday rewinds in her head, making her curse under her breath. Her unpleasant encounter with Tōru had led her to act without thinking of the consequences. She asked Coach Tanji, determined, to play in the practice game and take the role of middle blocker. She volunteered to play in Tsutomu's team and received her brother's powerful blows. Spikes after spikes, [Name] endures the stinging feeling in her arms to feed off of her troubles. In the end, their team loses and she's left with nothing but pieces of her woes scattered through her limbs.
'I should cover these up,' She thought as she lifts her arms and analyzes her mistake. Taking the bandages inside the medical cabinet in their bathroom, she settles down on her bed. She hides away her injuries through the cloth, hoping that it will please her mother's demands—and it did. Her mother didn't comment further on her well-being and invites her for breakfast. There, they converse about their previous days and catching up with one another's life. Her mother asks about her daughter's school and she replies in short, simple answers.
"I see. I hope you take interest in extra-curricular activities in school. I heard that taking part in the student council would be a good boost to your resume." She hums in suggestion before sipping her coffee.
"I don't know if I have time to take up another club, Okasan." [Name] replies. "Washijo-sensei wants me to stay dedicated to managing his team. He says I'm an important member too."
"Oh, so you're still taking part in Wakatoshi's volleyball team?" She scoffs. "That's fine, I guess. As long as you remain as their manager, I won't oppose but if I see you playing that sport again, you know what will happen. After all, I only agreed to this whole setup because it helps your brother focus on excelling in his field. I recommend you do the same once he graduates."
Nodding, the young girl watches as her mother stands up and excuses herself for the rest of the day. "I'll be visiting a friend this afternoon. I won't be back until later."Again, she nods. "Alright then. Have a safe visit, Okasan."
Her mother gives a small wave in dismissal as she vanishes into her room, leaving [Name] to rush breakfast. She scurries to her own room to take a shower and throwing a simple hoodie and jeans combo as her outfit. Giving one final glance at the mirror, she tugs the ends of her sleeves and assures that her bandages aren't seen. She then heads off to her school to watch the practice game between her friends — as she promised. The sound of volleyballs against the wooden floor greets the young girl as she enters the school gym. Her [Eye Color] orbs scan the surroundings, looking for familiar faces in the process. She perks up as her gaze lands on Shōyō who is standing in the middle of the gym, giving her a huge smile and wave.
"[Name]-chan, hey!" The orange-haired boy approaches her with curiosity and anticipation. "What are you doing here? Are you going to watch us play?"
"She's here to watch you lose, actually." Kei pipes in from behind with a smirk on his face. His eyes gaze over to Shōyō and lean over in an attempt to tower over his opponent, before locking eyes with [Name]. "Am I right, chibi-chan?"
"Nope," She replies with a shrug. "I'm completely here to watch Hinata-kun and Kageyama beat your ass."
"Want to bet on it, chibi-chan?"[Name] smiles. The flame in her eyes lights up once again. "What's in it for me?"
Tumblr media
A long, heavy sigh escapes Kei's lips as he feels a gentle tug on the hem of his sweater. He gazes down to check the cause and with an annoyed tone, he asks the girl beside him. "What do you want, chibi-chan?"
"I can't see the menu." [Name] looks up at him with sheer innocence, catching him off guard.
"I said, I can't see the menu. You're blocking my view." She huffs, making the blond scoot over and blocks the view even more.
"What's wrong chibi-chan? Can't see shit because you're too small?" He mocks.
"Aww, is Tsukishima-kun still being salty for losing the practice match?" She mocks back, causing an irked expression to etch on Kei's face.
"You know what? I'm buying you the kiddie meal." He declares before taking a step forward as the cashier calls out 'next'. The young blond greets the cashier up front with a soft smile before stating their orders. Another huff escapes [Name]'s lips as her classmate ignore her completely.
"Whatever." She murmurs before leaving the line to look for a table for them to sit on. Scanning through the fast-food chain they're in, she finds an empty spot near the door. As she takes a seat, she shivers at the cold breeze that brushes past her as new customers go through the entrance. She sneezes.
'It looks like it's going to rain soon.' She notes as her eyes gaze at the dark ominous sky, not noticing a familiar figure approaching her table.
"What a cute sneeze you have, [Name]-chan~" A cheerful voice greets her, making her eyes widen in surprise.
"Oikawa-kun." She glares at the brunet standing in front of her. Her words laced with venom.
Tōru instead gives her a wave and smiles. "It's nice to see you again, [Name]-chan. What a coincidence to see you here."
She rolls her eyes. "What do you want, Oikawa-kun?"
"I wanted to say 'hi', that's all." He smiles. "Ushiwaka or Tobio-chan will appreciate it if they find out that we met today."
"You're not going to get on my nerves if that's what you're aiming for." She huffs.
"Of course, it won't work. You're Ushiwaka's sister—Nothing could shake him so I can say the same thing for you." Tōru reaches out to ruffle her hair, which causes the girl to scowl. In response, he leans back on his chair and places his hand on the back of his neck. "We'll still defeat your team, though. Whether it's Shiratorizawa or Karasuno, we'll make sure to break your spirits—all three of you."
Shivers run down [Name]'s spine at the threat by the sudden intimidation but fades when the brunet wince in pain. He curses under his breath as his head snaps to look over behind him. "Hey! Who hit me in the head—" He gasps. "Iwa-chan?"
"Oi, Shitty-kawa, what do you think you're doing?" Hajime raises a brow with an irk expression on his face. "We told you not to run off while we're on a break. Do you want me to beat your ass?"
"Iwa-chan, so rude! I'm here with a friend." He replies, motioning towards the girl in front of him. "Friend?" The dark-haired boy's gaze shifts from his best friend to the girl he's sitting across from. His expression softens a bit at the sight. "Oh, hi, [Name]-chan."
"Hi, Iwa-kun." She gives a small wave. "I'm assuming you're here to take your friend back?"
He nods but Tōru pouts. "I don't want to go yet! [Name]-chan and I are still in a middle of a conversation." His eyes gaze on her [Eye Color] ones. "Right, [Name]-chan?"
"You're trying to scare the girl again, Shittykawa." Hajime hits his best friend on the head again. "Stop it and let's go. Coach is getting mad already."
"Fine." He whines before standing up. "See you again next week, [Name]-chan. Watch me crush Tobio-chan's soul." He grins before giving a final wave and walking away, leaving behind the young girl confused. Questions start to bubble inside her mind. Standing up, she calls out to the setter and attempts to go after him only to wince in pain as she feels a harsh grip on her arm.
"Hey!" [Name] pulls her bruised arm in instinct, hissing. "What's your problem?" Kei raises a brow. "Tsukishima-kun!" She gasps. "What are you doing here already? I thought you're ordering?" She laughs in a nervous manner, hiding away her arms in the process.
"I have our orders right here, dumbass." He lifts the tray in his hands to emphasize his point. "Where were you going anyway? I've been calling you a couple of times now."
"It's nothing, I thought I saw my friend walk past by." She replies with a shrug before taking a seat, glancing down on her feet while doing so. "What food did you get me?" She asks.
"A kiddie meal, like I said," He smirks, raising the packaged meal and giving a small jiggle. "I even told them to put in the smallest toy to match you. I should've asked them to put the most dishonest looking too."
"What does that supposed to mean?" She frowns while rubbing her arms in a cautious manner but the blond didn't comment. Instead, he places their meals down on the table and starts eating his meal. [Name] only stares at him as she unboxes her meal in a cautious manner. Nuggets and fries greet her gaze causing her to sigh before chuckling at the toy accompanying it. Pulling out the small crow keychain, a soft giggle escapes her lips. The toy's irked expression resembles the blond which makes her giggle even more.
"You sure this crow resembles me, Tsukishima-kun?" She unwraps the toy and lifts the keychain for them to see. "Because right now, this little crow looks exactly like you without the glasses."
"I'm pretty sure you're the short angry one here, chibi-chan." He leans down to sip on his drink while the corner of his lips curls into a smirk. She shrugs, brushing off the comment, and starts eating her own meal. Complete silence fills their table and it bugs Kei off. His brow furrows in deep thought, trying to analyze the situation that he saw earlier. It was clear that his classmate looks bothered when she was talking to the two boys from another school. The white and turquoise uniform lingers in his head, making him wonder what they would want from [Name].
"Isn't your brother from Shiratorizawa?" He can't help but wonder out loud which makes the young girl choke on her food.
"What are you talking about, Tsu-"
"I know you're Ushiwaka's little sister, dumbass. You're so obvious when you lie so Yamaguchi did some snooping. It wasn't that hard too." He shrugs. "[Name] Utsui is a big name in the female volleyball industry, huh?"
"What about it then?" Her shoulder slumps as a sad smile forms on her lips. "Are you going to ask me why I stopped playing or something because the answer there is simple: I don't want to anymore."
"Oh?" He leans in and props his chin on the palm of his hand. "For someone who 'stopped' playing, your skills are still on point, chibi-chan. Tell me, how come can you still jump high and have quick reflexes if you stopped?"
"What do you want, Tsukishima-kun?" She hisses. "You're starting to piss me off."
"Did I hit a nerve there, chibi-chan?" He muses. "I want to piss you off right now so you can finally snap and tell me the truth. You know I despise liars." He pauses a bit, eyes observing the now frowning girl.[Name] bites her inner cheek and squeezes her hand with unease. The mixed emotions inside her chest are getting heavier and heavier by the minute.
"I don't know what you're trying to do, Tsukishima-kun but I'm heading home." She stands up and gives the blond a small nod before excusing herself. "I'll see you at school." Turning on her heel, she walks away.
Kei let out a 'tsk'. "Did those guys hurt you?"
[Name] stops in her tracks and shakes her head. Her lips tremble as she tries to plan a proper explanation without bursting into tears. Alas, she fails and ends up running out of the establishment in panic. 'Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.' She chants in her head as she looks for someplace to hide, but trips in the process. She hisses at her misfortune and if matters can get worse, the rain starts to pour down. Soft pitterpatters of raindrops turn into harsh drops, making [Name] completely soaking wet.
'Great.' She groans, standing up and pulling her hood over her head. 'This day is the peachiest.'
A sniffle escapes her lips as she finds shelter in a nearby waiting shed and there she let herself crumble. Tears flow down her cheeks as her lips quiver from the cold. Her soft whimpers turn into full-on sobs and cry out her woes, not noticing the blond in front of her. A frustrated and worried look etched on his face.
Tumblr media
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amjustagirl · 2 months ago
just wanted to say your hogwarts au with bokuto is one of the best works with him ive ever read !! the characterization and contrast was so good and i love it :)
Thank you!! 
Bokuto is actually a surprisingly nuanced character to write. I’ve said it before, he can’t just be reduced to a himbo, that wouldn’t do justice to the rich characterisation by Furudate sensei. He’s so emotionally intelligent and funny, kind and game smart, and it’s just such a joy to write him. 
The story itself I admit is a recycled trope - an initially cold hearted reader tutoring sweet Bokuto, but I really wanted to show the reason behind the reader’s coldness and give the reader the space to watch her thaw in the face of Bokuto’s kindness. 
I’m so glad you enjoyed it :)
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recentanimenews · 3 months ago
Yuru Camp△ 2 – 02 – Four Sunrises
Tumblr media
Rin arrives at Iwata, and it’s everything a gal from a landlocked prefecture could hope for: crystal-clear skies and endless ocean. Riding her moped beside the sea feels great, until the cold and wind get to be too much. Fortunately her mom recommended a tea place, and who should be minding the store but the mountain climbing lady she met at the Yashajin Pass.
Yuru Camp seems to be running with the idea that Japan is just a big small town, where you’re always bumping into people you know by chance. I don’t mind, it’s fun! Rin goes to the upstairs café for a matcha tiramisu set, and suddenly wants to set up her tent right there.
Tumblr media
Rin also visits the Mitsuki-Tenjin Shrine, but learns that Shippeitarou III passed away years ago, making Rin suddenly think about how short dogs’ lives are, even going so far as to text Ena her worries about Chikuma. Ena says she’ll be devastated when it happens, but it’s inevitable. All she can do is make sure her pup has as many good times as possible.
Rin switches gears from pondering mortality to getting a fire and dinner going. With no pine cones or twigs on the campground, Rin uses her knife to make a feather stick to start her fire, showing how there are plenty of tricks she still learning. After whipping up a duck soup nameko mushroom soba, she sends all of her pics to the gang, and Nadeshiko reports that it’s snowing back home.
Tumblr media
After getting a few hours of sleep, Rin gets up to watch the first sunrise of the new year from Furude Beach, where many others are already gathered and a torii gate is set up for the event. Toba-sensei elects to drive Chiaki, Aoi, and Aoi’s little sister Akari to Mt. Minobu.
They take the ropeway, pray at the shrine, buy some dango, drink some amazuke, and find a good spot to watch the sun rise. In both locations, there’s a palpable electricity in the air, a sense of anticipation in the literal darkness before the dawn.
Tumblr media
Then the sun rises in all her majesty, filling that darkness with blinding light and vivid colors. Rin aligns herself so the rising sun appears directly within the torii gate, as if a great spirit were emerging. Yuru Camp has previously displayed a gift for depicting sunrises and sunsets, but it really outdoes itself this time, showing us the same sunrise from multiple locations.
Tumblr media
As the day goes on, Rin is looking forward to trying out Iwata’s local specialty pig’s foot curry, but is tempted by a food truck selling pizza and pot-au-feu, and decides to indulge. Chiaki gets Toba and the others to hurry off Mt. Minobu so they can try to catch a second sunrise in Fujikawa City fifty minutes after the first—and one that looks like a diamond rising over Fujiyama’s summit.
While Toba-sensei drifts her Suzuki Hustler up and around the mountain road with the skill of a rally driver, they arrive to find the sun already high above Fuji-san—Chiaki was off by a whole half-hour. The last to see a “sunrise” is Ena, once it’s already pretty high in the sky. Still, I’m sure she enjoyed the extra sleep!
While Rin is starting to think about preparing to check out, she gets a call from her mom: Yamanashi has frozen over in the night, making the roads home too dangerous to attempt, particularly on a moped. The new plan is for her grandpa to drive out in his van to get her and her bike. She just has to sit tight for two days. Considering she’s a short walk from the beach, there are far worse places to be “stuck!”
Tumblr media
By: sesameacrylic
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kagedaddy · 3 months ago
late valentine’s day - haikyuu!
Warnings: explicit content
gala days [masterlist]
🎉happy happy birthday to furudate-sensei! 🎉
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
Mirror Sex
“Baby, you look so good,”Kuroo praises you as smooth out your red cheerleading uniform, you face the full length mirror and fixing up your hair in a high ponytail, Kuroo wraps his arms around your hips squeezing your sides. He dips his head in the crook of your neck, trailing kisses up your neck. A soft moan slips past your lips as he suckles on your skin,”Tetsu, I’ve got practice.”you try to pull away but he doesn’t budge,”but you look so good, baby. I want to fuck you,”he lifts the ends of your skirt hands sitting on the tops of your panties,”but I really have to go practice, Tetsuro”
“I’m sure one missed session isn’t so bad,”he pulls your panties down and it drops to the floor, fingers finding your clit as his other hand cups you breast,”sit on my lap.”he commands. He sits on the couch and you sit on his lap facing the mirror,”Oh, would you look at the that. Pussy so wet already,”he spreads your legs and meets your eyes through the mirrors, it was such a lewd sight, legs spread open and long slender fingers thrusting in your wet cunt, you had to look away too embarresed to watch. Kuroo had different plans he roughly grips your chin forcing you to watch yourself get finger fucked by him. “Look at you kitten, so fucking naughty.”his tongue darts out to lick a strip from the base of your neck all the way up, it had you throwing your head back at the sight. 
His hand comes down and delivers a delicious slap on your clit, clenching hard on his fingers as your high approaches quick. The tightening of your stomach has you chanting his name like a prayer, your eyes rolls to the back of your head and pussy spasming as you cum undone on his fingers. “Shit kitten, so hot.”his fingers slow until you come down from your high, he pats your ass to move you up and he pushes his sweatpants down his legs, thick and long cock slapping against his stomach and he positions himself under you before guiding you to slide down on him. Your pussy flutters as it tries to accommodate his size, “So big tetsu, fuck so deep.”you watch your reflection as he grips on your hips to bounce on his lap, lips parted open as breathless moans falls from your lips and breasts bouncing every time you come down on his dick, he thrusts up forcing himself deeper inside you abusing your g spot.
“Hold your legs for me.”following his orders you grip the hold your legs, spreading even wider for him, you watch him from the mirror and eyes watching where you both meet, his large manhood obscenely splitting you open and balls coming up to slap your ass. Your head lulls back and rests on his shoulder, “No I want you to look at yourself taking my cock kitten, sucking me with your greedy cunt, huh?”he chuckles darkly at your now fucked out face, eyes blurry with tears the pleasure and the added stimulation was too much for you, already feeling the coil of your orgasm about to snap. His teeth anchor down on your shoulder as his twitches inside you knocking into the entrance of your cervix, tears spills from the pleasure and the your gushing all over his, love juice coating his thighs and cunt squeezing him as you ride your orgasm. His thrusts become sloppy and his twitches several times before filling you up with his warm seed both sighing in pleasure he pulls out of you and his hot cum oozes out of your lower lips.
“Fuck look at my cum spilling out of that slutty pussy.”
kenma kozume
Roleplay Kink
“How does it look babe?”you turn your attention to your gaming boyfriend, you had worked hard on your cosplay and finally was able to put it together. You were dressed as one of the succubus maids from an anime you both enjoyed, you took so much pride when you finally completed the cosplay, spending hours on end just sewing the costume. “You look really good,”he says without glancing up at you, your smile falls and a frown sets on your face, frustrated you glare down at your busy boyfriend before an idea forms in your head, ”Master.”you voice drops an octave, “Master please look at me.”you fall to your knees infront of the black and blonde setter, hands running up and down his thighs.
He peaks at you from his psp before turning his attention back to his game, you pout at his dismissiveness but you weren’t going to back down easily. You start slowly move your arms near his inner thighs purposely grazing his manhood before moving to the hem of his shorts and tugging gently, ”(first name), what are you doing?”his voice stiff but still continues to pay attention to his game,”nothing master, just concentrate on your game.”you say innocently as run your palm over his crotch and you start to feel him stiffen. You smirk and eased the waistband of his shorts down, gripping his half hard cock and pumping him lightly, your movements were halted when you feel him grip on your hair tight, ”you truly are a succubus, always begging for sexual attention from your master,”his voice was deep, sending sweet shivers down your spine and you can’t help the ache now brewing in your pussy.
“Yes master I’m in need for some sexual attention, please touch me.”you beg voice dripping in desperation, he pulls you up and roughly forces you to lay spread for him on the couch, his frame towering yours and the heat burns in your core, soaking your lacey panties. You liked it when Kenma was rough and dominant, it was the fucking hottest sight ever, ”Then let your master help you,”he lifts the hem of your dress and presses hard on your little nub through your panties, earning a soft mewl from you. He moves your panties to the side before running a slender his finger through your folds, feeling the wetness of your pussy. “So wet for me, so good for me,”you whine as he plays with your folds, slipping two of his fingers in you, you moan as he pumps in you at a teasing pace. 
“Master, I need your cock.”your back arches and a mewl tumbling your lips as his fingers brush your sweet spot, “So desperate, doll.”a dark smile etches on his face, lips meeting your exposed collarabones and leaving his marks, without warning he pulls his fingers away from you and lines the head of his cock against your opening. His hips buck and he bottoms out moaning loudly as cock streches and buries deep inside you. 
“Fucking beg me succubus if you want to cum, huh?”He slows his pace, pulling out all the way and thumbing your sensitive clit, you pussy clenches on nothings and your eyes shut, “Master please let me cum, I wanna cum all over your cock.”you meet his dark orbs and an animalistic growls sounds from his throat, slamming his full length and knocking into your g spot letting you see stars as your overwhelmed with pleasure, his thumb doesn’t slow down but increases speed fucking making your stomach coil in pleasure, you’re screaming his name as you grip on his biceps. “Yeah, you like it when master treats you this way?”he taps on your cheeks, getting you to look at him you nod your head unable to formulate proper words, your back arches towards him as your orgasm crashes down on you and you’re mumbling profanities pussy fluttering around him. His own eyes roll back and he’s desperately meeting your his as his own washes over him, painting your walls a pretty white.
“Maybe you should wear it all the time, doll.”
henlo! how are you guys, i’m slightly stressed but getting by. if you wanna read the other late valentines special click the [masterlist] and it’ll be under gala days. hope yah enjoyed it, leave a like and comment. have a great day, jaa ne!
my twitch
all the love xx
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tarhalindur · 3 months ago
Slightly belated Gou episode 22 thoughts:
- Look how they massacred my girl.  Really, most of the issues are from last episode and this episode is just compounding interest on them, but still.  Also, Ryukishi07 is used to a medium which has an internal monologue as a matter of course and it shows - you could bridge a decent amount of Gou’s issues that way.  Not all of them, though, and there’s tricks to compensate for a medium with no internal monologue that just aren’t being used.  (Satoko musing to herself that there was a point where seeing her brother lying there would have moved her but not anymore would have gone a long way to fixing this episode’s issues, for instance, and that would only have needed two lines of thinking out loud.)
- But seriously, they done Satoko dirty.  (Opinion hasn’t changed: I can see a Satoko heel turn arc working and the core of the likely motivation for such fragments is correct, but holy shit did they botch the execution.)
- Unfortunately, I have a hard time squaring this episode with the mirror theory (and I already had issues squaring the first cour arcs with it).  Which is a shame, because that theory would remove most of my objections to this arc in one fell swoop: unlike Satoko, Rika *does* have precedent for escalating to murder to get out of a loop she doesn’t like (Saikoroshi-hen) as well as at least considering suicide (Meakashi-hen under imminent threat of death, and then she considers it before rejecting the idea in manga/VN Minagoroshi-hen for reasons that would no longer apply here); it’s an infinitely better fit for the Onigari-no-Ryuuou TiPS (more evident in the version that’s floated out of 4chan, which I suspect is the official translation: “When the Furude family try to push their sins onto others again... that’s when the Onigari-no-Ryuuou will reappear to us”); it’s how Lambda/Bern works in Umineko as opposed to the opposite of how it works; it would explain why we never got a whiff of Rika’s apparent desire to leave Hinamizawa in OG; and on a minor note “Rika doesn’t want to learn and has iffy memory” *would* help explain things about the OG loops (I’d have expected her to devour any and all local libraries out of boredom at some point, and while tunnel vision alone might be enough to explain Rika never considering the possibility that the obvious OG culprit is in fact the culprit a bad memory wouldn’t help).  The biggest issue there (outside of squaring it with first cour and this episode) is that you would need to explain why Satoko fit in at St. Lucia’s and Rika does not (Satoko makes sense as ADHD and/or on the autism spectrum, Rika... maybe but I have strong doubts, especially with how she weaponizes her cuteness).
(- If we are in Mirror Theory world I suspect it would be revealed in a couple of sentences at the end of episode 24; at this point I’m not sure that would be enough to salvage the season.)
- Once again I am inclined to compare Gou to Endless Eight... unfortunately, this time it’s because Gou may well torch another previously well-regarded franchise just as effectively.  (Possibly *worse* - Haruhi at least had Disappearance out immediately to cushion some of the blow in Japan itself, whereas scuttlebutt is that the Japanese fans are every bit as unhappy as us Western fans this time around.)  The weird thing is that it’s a strangely familiar torching to me - Ryukishi07 has always had similar creative tastes to myself (overcomplicated and confusing setups to be solved with strong mind screw elements?), so I suppose it makes sense that he would eventually have his own Mind Screw Mafia V, but it’s still weird watching someone else with a far bigger name make much the same mistakes I did in real time.
(- Irregular Entropy is going with Lilium and Kuusou Mesorogiwi in the annals of really fucking good anime themes that happen to be saddled with edgy anime of dubious quality, isn’t it?  Admittedly Kuusou isn’t in quite the same category as the other two, Mirai Nikki was always one of those series which was trash, knew it was trash, and rather than trying to be anything other than what it was always going to be instead got smart and sank all its skill points into being the most entertaining trash possible - but then I kind of suspect Mirai Nikki’s mangaka Esuno-sensei was the one person on the planet who wasn’t in on the joke so it kind of still fits.)
- I’ve seen a couple of (Lambda)Satoko - Akuhomu comps floating around already for somewhat obvious reasons.  The thing is, I kind of think if you introduced Akuhomu to Lambdatoko the former’s response once they got around to comparing notes would eventually be straight out of that one Joker-Red Skull comic (”I may be a criminal lunatic but I’m an AMERICAN criminal lunatic” - or in this case “I may have dragged down Madokami and made her live as a schoolgirl again but at least I was doing it because that was what (I think she) would have wanted - I wasn’t trying to *torture* the girl I love”).
- Gou airing on March 4 in the US (aka 3/4) is a hilarious piece of metatext, and the funniest part is I don’t think it’s even intentional (it technically aired on 3/5 in Japan due to timeslot, IIRC Japan uses a different date order, and Gou was originally scheduled to start in Summer 2020 to begin with before it got delayed).
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haru-senji · 3 months ago
creations of the week
࿐ ࿔*:・゚ february 2021 week 2
remember to like and retweet/reblog!! feel free to rb for this to get more circulation ヾ(^▽^*))) all links link directly to the original piece. not ranked with particular order :D
散兵 ; genshin impact
a very beautiful painting-like art of scaramouche, i really love the background and the details of his clothes!!
the lost button ; jujutsu kaisen
this art of gojou is just ethereal. no words. just look at it and have your breath taken away.
untitled ; jujutsu kaisen 
kugisaki is my wife now. the markings?? her expression?? just wow. 
月亮船 ; jujutsu kaisen 
satosugu :’))) yk the usual comfort ship yeah stsg is my non-comfort ship. if i ever wanna cry i look at stsg content. but nahh this one is so beautiful and otherworldly!!
happy lantern rite ; genshin impact 
beiguang!! and xiaoven!! the image composition in this is so professional, the lighting too! 
万家灯火 ; genshin impact 
every xiao art is beautiful. this one looks so real it’s like a photo.
together, again ; haikyuu!! 
the latest panels furudate-sensei released :’)) this art made me cry at after i just finished reading the panels, everyone is so in character i just cried i wish only happiness for the boys :’))
大丈夫 大丈夫 ; jujutsu kaisen 
this piece broke my fucking heart. i can’t say i like mimiko and nanako but you have to admit their drive is admirable. and GETOU. i will always love him. the lighting and the lines makes this seem so warm and innocent and just - tears.
禪院 ; jujutsu kaisen 
mai, maki, megumi and toji have all the pretty genes in the zenin family the rest must be nasty as heck ewwww. the LOOK in their eyes hohoho.
この姿になってから改めて 裏宿 ; jujutsu kaisen
idk what goes on between uraume and sukuna but hmmm this one is so clean and has that strength about it yk? truly the king of curses.
嘟抖 ; haikyuu!!
sakusa and atsumu with long hair. click the link now. 
魈... ; xiao from genshin impact 
i reeeally like this one for some reason. maybe it’s because of the lines? the colour? idk it’s just really beautiful and i wanna look at it forever. 
同じ色がいい ; genshin impact 
again, xiao. this has a chinese 水墨画 kind of feel and i love it. 
미야 세메 조와 ; haikyuu!! 
kid atsumu and osamu!! their expression!! and outfits!! and poses!! it’s really real, this piece captures their mischief so well. 
the painting vibe of this. (have you caught on to the fact that i love paintings) yeah. 
this is uhh probably a fanart of a fandom i do not know but pleaseeee support this artist their art style is so wonderful but they get so little attention :((
THE GODDAMN DETAIL IN THIS HOW?? HOW LONG DID IT TAKE THE ARTIST TO DRAW THIS?? i’m really applauding them i respect artists so much.
the detail in this one too my goodness, all the lines are so clear and it’s so fantasy-like! reminds me of spirited away <3
such creativity!! i love the art style too <33
these are all so. so. so. amazing. the detail. i cannot stress detail enough. 
untitled ; jujutsu kaisen
the freaking SCALE of this. again, how long did artist-san take to finish this?? getou and gojou look so cool with their expressions but i’m most awed by the background. 
untitled ; hunter x hunter
(the original post is gone so i linked my rb of it instead) i just love the art style of this!!
a boy out of this world ; jujutsu kaisen
art styleeeee. also satosugu. may i emphasise: high school satosugu. happy satosugu. cries. 
painting practice redraw ; jujutsu kaisen
you might have seen leaf’s art!! i really love how smooth their style and colouring is, this one is a painting of best girl kugisaki nobara so rec!!
the calm in the storm ; bungou stray dogs
two things you probably didn’t know about me: 1) i ship soukoku, 2) i love pencil sketches as much as watercolour paintings. so here this is <33
untitled ; jujutsu kaisen
ALESSIA’S ART IS SO OUT OF THIS WORLD. you may know her harry potter or percy jackson art!! this one is a really pretty one of gojou satoru <33
every single thing by this artist
their art was reposted onto tumblr (with credit, thankfully :D) but i’ll link their original account <3 THIS. THIS ART STYLE.. 
this is yanka’s oc!! you may know their punkguchi art/haikyuu art. their art style is SO SO SO SO pretty. 
かげろう Kagerou
pretty glowy fish :DD
i really love the normalcy and style of this!!
BREATHTAKING. a cloud forest.. a forest with clouds as leaves.. it’s so beautiful..
TUMBLR EDITS OF THE WEEK (gifs, gfx, manga colourings etc.)
kamado family ; kimetsu no yaiba
the kamado family.. i don’t know how to explain it but this edit invoke Feelings in me. 
Throughout the heavens and earth, I alone am THE HONORED ONE ; jujutsu kaisen 
when gojou said this line i got ‘天上天下唯我独尊’ vibes and if that’s not hella fucking cool i don’t know what it. i’m really sorry that i don’t know how to give commentary on edits but this is just really good.
“i don’t care if i’m right or wrong. i just… have faith in my own good conscience.” ; jujutsu kaisen
megumi is such a well-written character imo. he defies so many stereotypes. i also kin him <3 i haven’t watched the new ep yet but THIS IS SO WELL ANIMATED THANK YOU MAPPA 
SUGURU GETO || Special Grade Sorcerer ; jujutsu kaisen
GETOUUU another character i like to scream about. the colouring is so nice!!
#spot the difference ; jujutsu kaisen
Women don’t play no games. ; jujutsu kaisen
i want the zenin twins to step on me <3 and i also maybe probably want to kiss them lolll jk unless..?
people exist to save themselves. you will understand that at the moment of your death. ; bungou stray dogs
love the black and white colour palette!! and the scenes op chose>>
FICS OF THE WEEK (i didn’t read any fics this week so here are some from a while ago :()
1:45 AM ; oikawa tooru x reader
this was characterised so accurately and wonderfully <3 as an oikawa kinnie i a very happy :DD
1000-1 ; akaashi keiji x reader 
12:10 PM ; sakusa kiyoomi x reader
THE BANGER LINES IN THIS. flo has a huge brain. i’ve seen it trust me.
we’ll love again ; marinette x adrien
*slams table* i don’t care if you don’t know miraculous please read this right now cady conveys these raw emotions so beautifully it hurts. 
elmo is my idol, much to their horror (probably). i am currently binging their ao3. 
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kuroolongtea · 4 months ago
I watched anime all my life, but haikyuu, for me, was something different
Literally holding my breath everytime they played a game, getting sad over some scenes and smiling like an idiot sometimes too
Like it made me feel strong emotions, now I get why some people say it's their comfort anime, it's really good. I'll watch it over a hundred times if I could tbh
YEAH.... i think of haikyuu as my comfort anime too, because there’s so much more to the show than just the games: the characters and their relationships with each other, their individual relationship with the sport itself which speaks volumes about their personalities, and even just the banter is so fun to watch and listen to :(
ugh haikyuu really is the gift that keeps on giving, thank you furudate-sensei 
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claudemblems · 4 months ago
Haikyuu for the fandom thing? I know you love haikyuu so here ya go♡
*cracks knuckles* I thought you’d never ask
Haikyuu!!: Send me a fandom and I’ll tell you my:
Favorite Character: Tsukishimaaa <333 I love my salty boy
Least Favorite Character: Terushima cause the moment he started pestering Kiyoko for her number he was canceled
5 Favorite Ships: I don’t have any ships in Haikyuu!! tbh but Daishou and Mika are canon and they’re so frickin cute asdkjla
Character I Find Most Attractive: If we’re talking about “hot” attractive, it’s either Kuroo, Oikawa, or Atsumu, but as in “beautiful” attractive, AKAASHI
Character I Would Marry: Kuroo or Akaashi because they’d treat me RIGHT
Character I Would Be Best Friends With: I feel like I’d vibe with Yaku because we’re both short and the mom friends of the group and I feel like he’d just protect me 🥺 If anyone talked crap about my height he’d beat them up for me <3
A Random Thought: If I was at Karasuno I bet Tsukishima would drive me absolutely nuts like,,, he already teases Hinata about his height but I’m even SHORTER...he’d totally make short jokes about me with that smug grin on his face omg he’s so meannn 😭😂
My Canon OTP: Daishou and Mika ehehehe
My Non-Canon OTP: Idk if Daichi and Yui ever got together so??? rip
Most Badass Character: Atsumu or Oikawa because they are not only petty kings, they are secretly terrifying when on the court. Like that first scene where Atsumu silences his school’s entire band just by raising his hand in the air??? Chills??? Sir ur POWER???
Most Epic Villain: There’s no “villain” in Haikyuu!! but the match against Shiratorizawa was so intense ajsdkaal they’re one of the top schools for a reason
Pairing I Am Not a Fan Of: Most of the ships in general because I’m just enjoying seeing the friendships and watching boys be boys ya know
Character I Feel the Writer Screwed Up: none because Furudate-sensei is a legend and ONLY makes good characters
Favorite Friendship: I don’t have just one because that’s impossible. I personally love the friendships between Iwaizumi and Oikawa, Kageyama and Hinata, and Bokuto and Kuroo because they just cause absolute chaos
Character I Most Identify With: Kenma 👀 Shy gamers that don’t know how to talk to people and have social anxiety lolol
Character I Wish I Could Be: If I was Kiyoko I’d honestly never complain about myself again. She’s so beautiful and has such a cute laugh and wow I want to protect her with my life
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koutawoo · 5 months ago
HI AND HELLO. HOW ARE U? How is Mr. Zhongli? I hope u enjoy your nendos to your hearts content. I wanted to get nendos several times but they are awfully expensive augh. Give them kisses for me lol jdkslj. I think those characters stand for "super" judging by other translations. 4am tho. Sleep kid. You did it very well dw queen. Uwaaa I feel terribly bored and my blood is running low on hq (esp you know who). How is your sis liking Genshin lol (has no idea about genshin gameplay) _cognizant anon
OHH SHIT I JUST REALIZED FURUDATE SENSEI WAS WRITING ベロンベロン instead of べOンべOン!! their handwriting made it look like a circle and i was like, “but?? this character?? doesnt exist in japanese???” but anyways yeah, that’s an onomatopoeia that u can use with “drunk” to mean that ur dead drunk or very drunk. idk why i couldn’t piece that together TOT
mr. zhongli is bomb but i’m not receiving the optimal artifacts to build him ;; and i’m only on friendship level 7? of 10 with him. getting friendship level 10 will allow me to access his name card >:3 my highest friendship level rn is with mr. kaeya HAHAHA
THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!! but way cheaper than those action figures that could cost like, hundreds of bucks, so i felt better ;3; cries, shipping costs as well
have we received word of when the next season is coming? LOL or is too soon?? idk why but i’m still scared of watching the last few episodes of hq!! like, am i scared of its greatness or??? wHAT’s STOPPING ME
my sister is a twerp and she’s addicted to gambling (the gacha system) ://///////
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atetiffwrites · 5 months ago
Chapter 1: First Day of School
Tumblr media
FLIGHT |  tsukishima kei x f! reader
"The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings."
― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird
Being Ushijima Wakatoshi's little sister has its pros and cons; some say it's a blessing to share the same genes and skills as him but to Utsui [Name], she begs to differ. A powerful player like him comes with an overbearing shadow that she can't seem to escape from. She's always seen as the sister of Shiratorizawa's Ace. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less, until she decided to take a leap of faith and enrolled herself in Karasuno High School. There, her life takes a huge turn and soon enough, the little eagle that used to hide behind her older brother's wings is now a proud crow, taking flight.
I do not own any of these characters; Haikyuu and the characters involved are owned and created by Haruichi Furudate. The flow of this story may contain spoilers.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @kowahana (still open c’: just send an ask)
Tumblr media
AUTHOR'S NOTE : HEY! HEY! HEY! Like I've announced, Flight is being under editing which means all chapters are unpublished for the mean time. I'll update every two weeks, on a Friday (in Philippine Standard Time—yes, I'm from there.), with each chapter being 2,000+ words. I'll put some notes on every chapter (not counted in the 2000+ words) about the changes I've put so that readers won't get confused when backtracking/rereading the edited version. Enjoy!
Chapter after the cut!
Tumblr media
Wakatoshi Ushijima has quite a reputation; He's the captain and ace of Shiratorizawa's male volleyball team, the number one ace in Miyagi Prefecture, and one of Japan's top three aces. He's also known for being brutal in competitions, beating Aobajohsai for three consecutive years with his unblockable spikes, and maintaining their spot for competing in the nationals. His reputation doesn't come close to his father, Takashi Utsui, who is a National volleyball player in the past but it was enough to overshadow his little sister, [Name].
[Name] Utsui is an upcoming freshman in Karasuno High School. She's compliant and reserved just like her father and shared little to no resemblance to Shiratorizawa's Ace. Her [Hair Color] locks and [Eye Color] orbs contrast against Wakatoshi's olive green ones. Their builds are different from each other which affects both their gameplay and position in volleyball—[Name] having a smaller but lean frame, while Wakatoshi is the opposite. If seen together, the two don't look like siblings at all and the only similar trait they share is that they're both left-handed. Because of this, nobody knew who she was until she showed up in one of Wakatoshi's Inter-High games with their father and announced her stay in Japan.
"It was the first time I saw Wakatoshi-kun smile." Coach Tanji grumbles, his gaze lands on their team's ace as [Name] sits beside him. The two are watching Shiratorizawa's male volleyball team practicing in the school's gym. "He was very worried that you'll stay overseas, with your dad."
"Onii-chan has always been worried about me." A small smile forms on the girl's lips as she chuckles. "I remember him visiting me every weekend when I was living with our dad. He and I would train volleyball from time to time and he'd panic whenever I try to receive his spikes. He's afraid I might break a bone or two."
"That's Wakatoshi-kun, for you. He rarely talks and expresses himself but if he does, it's in his own way." He points to the olive-haired male who's doing rounds, practicing his spike. "As of now, I can see he's frustrated that you chose a different high school in our Prefecture. Karasuno is a bit far from Shiratorizawa, don't you think?"
"I'm fine with that." [Name] hums. "If anything, I don't mind being far from Onii-chan once in a while. It gives me time to think about what I want to do in life aside from being the little sister of one of Japan's top aces."
The coach nods in agreement. He picks up the whistle that dangles on his neck and gives it a strong blow. The players in the court pause." Let's pack up. Tomorrow is your first day of school. All of you need to rest."
"Hai!" The team yells before proceeding to their stretches. Coach Tanji stands up and motions the young girl to follow him. "You're a smart girl, [Name]-chan. If I was your brother, I would be disappointed in your decision since it's a reckless one. You could've built up your own career beside Wakatoshi and not away from him. Still, it's your call; I would be lying I say I don't prefer you joining us. You're an excellent setter, you know." He heads to the team's bench and hands her the water bottles. "For now, can you refill these for me? I'm not letting you stay in my gym just because you're Wakatoshi's sister."
"I know, Washijō-Sensei." [Name] gives a small bow before excusing herself to refill the water bottles. As she does so, a certain redhead walks her way.
"[Name]-chan~!" Satori coos as he wraps his arms around the girl. "I missed you!"
"Hello to you too, Tendō-senpai." She greets, returning the hug for a short period of time.
"Wakatoshi told me you're going to Karasuno High School." He pouts. "Do you not like it here? We have sorts of fun things in Shiratorizawa."
"I do." [Name] looks down on her feet as she lies. "I just want to annoy Onii-chan so I enrolled there. He'll probably keep me on guard for the whole year if I stayed here."
"Tendō" Wakatoshi calls out in his usual monotone voice.
"Speaking of the Devil," Satori muses and waves. "Heya Wakatoshi-kun."
"Kindly remove your hands on my little sister," He comments.
"Onii-chan, it's fine." [Name] huffs and removes Satori's arm around her.
"You shouldn't be dating your seniors, " He adds as he approaches the two.
"Don't worry, Wakatoshi-kun." Satori raises his arms in defense. "[Name]-chan is like a little sister to me. I wouldn't do that to you."
Wakatoshi nods before offering his hand. "I'll help you carry those bottles."
"I'm fine, Onii-chan," [Name] assures. "Go do your stretches so you and I can go home."
"Fine. Let me show you where the water fountain is first," He replies, not budging at all, making the young girl sighs in defeat. "Let's go. Tendō, you can go ahead and start your stretches."
"Alright. Bye, bye, [Name]-chan~!" Satori bids good-bye as he marches away.
A huff escapes Wakatoshi's lips but his little sister beats him to it. "I'm not flirting with anyone, Onii-chan. I know that boys don't deserve me because I have a big tough brother who would whoop their asses if they do anything to me."
"Good," He replies, taking a step forward. He motions for them to walk. "The water fountain is over there."
[Name] nods as she follows her brother. She already knows where the water fountains are― since she's been in their campus for a lot of times―but her brother won't stop on insisting unless she gives in. As she holds out the bottles to pour in the drinks, Wakatoshi places his hand on her head. "Tomorrow's your first day in school. Would you be okay being in Karasuno?"
"I would be fine, Onii-chan. Everyone knows that I'm your sister and no one would mess with me because of it." Again, she looks down on her feet. "Stop worrying, okay?"
He nods, satisfied with his little sister's response. He excuses himself before heading back to the gym to do his stretches. A soft hum escapes the girl's lips. She's finally alone with her thoughts.
Tumblr media
"Onii-chan, I told you, I'm fine!" [Name] huffs as she tries to push her brother on the back, trying to shove him away as they near Karasuno's school gates. Despite her protests, Wakatoshi still insisted on walking her to school as for him, it's "a brotherly thing to do."
"I just want to make sure you get to school safely." The tall, olive-haired boy says with his casual tone lacing with a hint of concern. His eyes fixated on the pouting girl. "I won't be able to do it all the time too since I'll be staying at the dorms."
"I know," She stops on her track and sighs. A faint blush evident on her cheeks, embarrassed. "I'll be fine, okay? You don't need to worry about me that much. I'm all grown up."
"Fine." The corner of his lips curls into a small smile at the thought. He pats her head, feeling happy at her embarrassed state. "I'll pick you up after class, then?"
"I'll just head over to your school after class. You still have volleyball training, remember? Washijō-sensei would scold you if you sneak out to pick me up."
Wakatoshi nods in satisfaction. "Alright then. Have a safe trip to school, okay?"
"My school is literally in the corner." She rolls her eyes pointing at Karasuno's gates, earning another gentle pat on her head.
"I know." He stretches his arms and legs, readying himself for his morning jog. His white and purple jersey swings and folds accordingly, while the name "Shiratorizawa" stays in place.
At these kinds of times, [Name] can't help but feel small beside her brother. Wakatoshi's overpowering presence can easily be noticed by anyone; his well-built physique, unreadable expressions, and aura he gives off just scream out power and dominance. Almost everyone automatically feels intimidated at the sight of him, and in all honesty, if she wasn't related to him she'll feel the same thing too. Of course, In her case right now, what she feels is far from intimidation. She may feel small compared to him, but that's all it is―a comparison. She isn't intimidated one bit. No. She's overshadowed. No matter what does, her brother's name and reputation find themselves linked to her. If she gets into the honor roll? It's expected of her. Wakatoshi didn't get into Shiratorizawa just by volleyball skills alone. She's good at sports? Duh. She's Takashi Utsui's daughter and Wakatoshi's sister. Sports is in her blood. She easily gets along with people? Obviously. Who wouldn't want to be friends with the sister of one of Japan's top three (cute) aces? Still, she didn't like the idea. After everything that happened in the past, she doubts that she'll ever want to be called Wakatoshi's sister ever again.
A soft sigh escapes the girl's lips at the thought, feeling a bit guilty and heartbroken. She never wanted to create a gap between her and her brother but for her own sake, she has to. She knows its a selfish thing to do, but she wants to be a different person. No, scratch that, she is a different person and she wants people to realize that.
"Alright then," Wakatoshi grunts as he let out a final stretch. "I'll leave you be, [Name]. Enjoy your first day of school."
"You too, Onii-chan. See you later." [Name] watches as her brother waves as he jogs away. She returns the gesture before facing her school's direction. She takes a deep breath. 'Karasuno High, here I come.'
Striding through the school gates, her girl's [Eye Color] orbs widen at the fresh sight. The school's surroundings and it's overall feel gives her an unfamiliar warmth and comfort, making her feel more confident about her decision.' Maybe this is a good choice after all.'
[Name] hums as she heads to the school's locker room to change shoes. Her eyes scan through the aisles, looking for a spot to place her shoes in. The locker room is still a bit spacious, considering the time she arrived—since she woke up extra early in an attempt to not be escorted by her brother and failed—so she picked the same spot where she always put her shoes in. As she removes the said piece of footwear, her eyes widen in surprise to see her spot already being vacated. Her mouth opens agape to gawk at the student in front of her who seems to be unfazed by his action.
A tall, blond, student pushes his glasses to the bridge of his nose as he closes his now owned shoe locker. A bored expression lays on his face as his white headphones cancel out all the noises in his surroundings—including [Name]'s huffs. Before the young girl could protest, the said spot-stealer has already walked past her with a green-haired boy trailing after him.
"Hey, Tsukki wait up." She hears the scurrying boy call out to his friend who's leaving him behind before vanishing from her sight.
A sigh escapes [Name]'s lips before settling with the spot next to the place she wanted and put her shoes in. She wears her indoor shoes afterward, before heading to her classroom, Class 1-4. As she reaches the said room, she finds herself nervous like never before. Her hands tremble a bit as she grips onto the strap of her bag to find a little sense of comfort. Knocking on the door three times, the young girl gathers all her courage to walk in and greet the students inside a cheerful 'good morning'.
"G-Good morning!" She stutters as she recognizes the only two familiar figures inside her classroom. It's the green-haired boy and his blond friend. "Tsukki!" [Name] squeaks in surprise before covering her mouth in realization. "Err, I mean... Good morning?"
Kei raises a brow in question. "Do I know you?"
"N-No!" She flushed in embarrassment. "I just heard your friend say it and—" She pauses as the blond didn't to hear her concerns and puts on his headphones again. "Nevermind then."
A sweat drops on her forehead as she mentally curses herself at the awkward encounter. She sits herself at the farthest chair she can find to escape from her embarrassment. 'Great way to start your first day, huh?' She grumbles at the thought, burying her face on the palm of her hands. 'I'm such a dumbass.'
[Name] lets out a groan before hearing a soft, gentle voice beside her. She looks up.
"Hey." Tadashi scratches the back of his head as he greets the embarrassed looking [Hair Color]-haired girl.
"Hey..." She drags the 'ey', not knowing what to reply.
"I'm sorry about earlier." The green-haired boy gives a sheepish smile. "Tsukki isn't really the friendly type, plus, he doesn't like it when other people call him that."
"Oh?" She blinks a few times. "Oh! Yeah, it's my fault anyway. I shouldn't be screaming out people's names in surprise."
"It's fine. I'm Tadashi Yamaguchi, by the way." He stretches out his hand for her to shake. His head turns towards Kei's direction. "My friend over there is Tsukishima. I call him Tsukki."
"[Name] Utsui." She accepts the handshake. "You can call me [Name]. Utsui sounds too formal for me. Also, I'm really sorry for calling your friend like that."
"Alright then, [Name]-chan. It's nice to meet you." He gives a toothy grin as he points toward where he and Kei are seated to. "Anyway, I know Tsukki doesn't mind but do you want to sit next to us? I'm sure it'll clear out the awkward moment we had earlier and it's really lovely to sit here all alone, don't you think?"
"Yeah..." [Name] admits shyly. "Are you sure Tsukishima-kun doesn't mind?"
Tadashi nods. The young girl then takes her bag and approaches Kei. "Hey—"
"Go away," Kei scoffs.
"Okay then." She grumbles before taking the seat in front of the blond. As she props her bag down and attempts to sit down, the blond boy decided to pull the chair backward with his feet and causes the girl to fall on her butt.
"[Name]-chan!" Tadashi jumps to his feet to help the girl before facing his best friend. "Tsukki that's mean!"
Kei only shrugs as he watches [Name] stand up. A mischievous smile forms on his lips as she glares at him. The fire in her eyes seems to pique his interest.
Tumblr media
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koutawoo · 6 months ago
*smacks your forehead* hush now child. u are a baby and u can't full me. Yes your teen years will end and then u will enter your "thank you" years. Thanks for existing lady. Ty since I WON'T BE ABLE TO SHOW THE INSIDE TO MY FRIENDS IMMA DIE FANGIRLING ALONE. Caps lock went on how lovely. But yeah tysm for always dealing with my fangirling. I watch bnha, tpn, kny and cells at work (lol) too. I'm not really that into anime unless it's a safe and good one _cognizant anon
I change my fandoms like once each year (It's usually spring time lol. for hq it was winter tho). But I think my hq love is going pretty strong (cuz it's all I ever needed and wanted). I understand what u are saying tho. Esp long waits make me quit stuff. I hope we can enjoy our hq loving era together as long as it lasts :,) hopefully even after that we can keep having fun :D I do hope to get to see all of hq animated tho. also hopefully u are sleep or at least studying child _cognizant anon
“full”? fool! yw :))
m-my ‘thank u’ years?? okay, u just made me feel like, a million years old hhhhhhg but okay okay we live in the milky way and babies need and love milk we are all babies *slaps illogical argument*
“safe and good” ?? nice taste! bnha, tpn, and kny are all messed up as frick >.> 
honestly, i don’t think i ever waited for an anime, like for another season, LOL. i only watched like three or four anime seasons during my four years of high school HAHAHD HSGKSDJFD my interest in anime went floop. middle school me pulled all nighters to watch anime though, ew. she was so bored that she sacrificed her sleep (regrets). 
but yes!! i’ll probably lurk, but like u said, “keep having fun” bc that’s furudate-sensei’s message about volleyball LOL  and i want to see time skip so bad... i swear, suddenly there will be 10 times the hinata fans after they see him timeskip animated LMFAOOO im so proud of our baby, he works so hard. i was in denial when furudate-sensei did the timeskip though bc i thought we’d only see them as high schoolers, and not as actual adults hKFJSAD or at least, i didn’t expect the glow ups to happen?? felt v attacked
i was up studying and then i played genshin bc i wasnt sleepy yet hHAHAHa ily don’t kill me <3
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seveliyukie · 7 months ago
Yamguchi x Reader (Meeting the team)
A/n: I don’t know how this ended up so long. Not my best writing for sure, but I got it done.
Warnings: Little bit of angst from slightly insecure reader but it ends in fluff don’t worry.
Words: 2k
Disclaimer: I don’t own Haikyuu or any of its characters. All rights belong to Furudate-sensei.
(Story below cut)
“Why haven’t you met the volleyball team yet?” The vice-president of the student council asked you as the two of you walked towards the office to hand in a stack of club forms. “Isn’t your boyfriend part of the team? I heard they have a really big tournament coming up.”
You gave a bashful smile to your upperclassman, “He always insists on picking me up from the student council room since we end club activities around the same time. I guess I never really had time to think about it.”
“Hm, I guess that makes sense. You are the first year representative, so it’s not like you have a lot of free time.” With a contemplative look, she continued, “Still, they seem like a close team, so you should probably at least introduce yourself.”
Before you could respond, you realized you had reached your destination. Putting the conversation on hold, you went in and briefed the teacher in charge of student council supervision on the changes in clubs from the previous year’s. Despite being only a first year, you had been placed in charge of managing club activities while the president focused on other areas of the school. Of course, you had the vice-president to help, but it was a time-consuming task you had thrown yourself into on your first day in your determination to prove yourself.
Once everything was settled, the two of you walked out of the office towards the student council room. The silence gave you time to think about what the other girl had said. Maybe she’s right? They do seem important to him. You thought to yourself.
Seeing your face scrunched up in concentration, your upperclassman laughed, “Are you thinking about your boyfriend?”
You blush at the fact that she read you so easily. It was one of your many traits, but you never got used to how easily some people could read you. 
Ruffling your hair as she often did to her kohai, she smiled and pointed in the direction of the gym, “Why don’t you go over there now? We just have to record our hours and tidy up the room a little, and I can do both for you. Go surprise him!” 
Feeling encouraged by your senpai’s enthusiasm, you nod gratefully and run until you hear the tell tale signs of squeaking shoes on the gym floor. With your adrenaline running high, you don’t hesitate going through the door but regret your decision as soon as you feel all eyes turn to you.
A beat of silence passed.
“WOAAAHHH A PRETTY GIRL CAME TO WATCH OUR PRACTICE!” A short boy with spiky brown hair shouted. Stars were practically shining through his eyes.
“Thank you Kami-sama for blessing us with this sight.” A bald boy said with his hands clapped together as if he were praying. If you squinted you could almost see a holy light shining down on him. 
“Pretty!!” The short orange haired boy blurted out. Wait, is that Hinata? You briefly wondered before your view was blocked by a tall figure.
“Y/n? What are you doing here?” Your boyfriend asked while shielding you with his frame and grabbing your hand.
“Hehe,” you chuckled nervously. Hopefully he wouldn’t get mad, not that Tadashi has ever really gotten mad at you before. “Surprise?”
A blush spread over the green haired boy’s face. It didn’t take much for him to get flustered. Honestly, the fact that he is dating you still baffles him despite the months you’ve been together. Seeing your slightly nervous smile made his stomach flutter with butterflies. 
“Oi, why is this shorty disturbing our practice time?” An irritated voice came from behind your protective wall. 
You could see your boyfriend’s face visibly pale. Wondering why he seemed more nervous than usual, you peeked around him only to see a tall, cold looking blonde haired boy. He was staring down at you with a sneer as if you were more disgusting than the dirt on his shoes.
Well excuuuuse me.
Feeling the rare rebellious side bubble up in you, you stepped out from behind your boyfriend and marched up to the taller boy. Jabbing your index finger into his chest, you glared fiercely at him, “And who do you think you are to be so rude to someone you just met. It’s not my fault you guys stopped practicing just because I walked in. If you care so much, why don’t you go play by yourself over there?” 
As soon as you finished your rant, you realized what you had just said and who you said it to. Oh my god I just yelled at my boyfriend’s teammate. Tadashi’s probably so embarrassed by me.
A familiar hand stopped you in your thoughts. Looking up, you saw your boyfriend glaring at the blonde boy. The laughter from his other teammates at your outburst suddenly died down as they took in the sight before them. Even blondie seemed confused at the situation.
“Tsukki.” Tadashi said in an eerily calm voice. You had only heard him use this tone once and it was when he had found you being hit on a guy who refused to take no as an answer. “I don’t know what’s been wrong with you lately, but I won’t tolerate you insulting my girlfriend. I don’t care that we’ve been best friends for years. She did nothing to deserve your rude comments.”
A few chokes were heard coming from the other boys but were quickly silenced by the grey haired boy. A shocked expression flashed across the blonde boy’s, Tsukki you reminded yourself, face before it quickly shifted back to an annoyed one. You were prepared for more insults, but instead he just sneered at you again and walked away. 
The atmosphere felt heavy, but your boyfriend simply grabbed your hand once more and gave you a bright smile. You gave him a weak smile in response. A sinking feeling settled in your chest. This hadn’t been your intention. You didn’t want to ruin his relationship with his teammates much less his best friend. 
But why haven’t I heard of Tsukki before if he’s Tadashi’s best friend? You wondered as you were guided by the team manager to a spot where you could wait for the rest of practice to be over. Surely he would’ve wanted me to meet him, right? Unless… he was ashamed to have me as his girlfriend. 
Your thoughts continued to spiral as the practice wore on. As the boys continued playing, you could no longer focus and decided to head out for some fresh air. You wondered if you should just head home. It would be bad if your presence caused even more trouble for Tadashi. He’s been nothing short of the perfect boyfriend for you; the least you could do is not cause tension between him and his teammates.
As you started heading towards the exit, you heard someone calling your name. Turning around, you saw Sugawara, whom you’ve talked to before since he was the vice captain, calling out to you.
“Sugawara-senpai, did you need something from me?” You asked politely. The tears that had been about to spill still lingered but only if you looked close enough. 
Giving you a sympathetic look, he said softly, “Why don’t you wait a bit. I’m sure Yamaguchi-kun would want you to stay.”
“I’m not so sure about that.” You mumbled quietly, almost to yourself. 
“What makes you say that?” 
You hesitated not knowing if you should tell him about your insecurities. When you looked up, you locked eyes and saw only an almost motherly compassion in his eyes. That was all it took for your worries to come spilling out. 
“Tadashi talks about you guys all the time and how much he wants to help the team make it to nationals. And he works so hard every day! I’ve seen him nearly collapse from exhaustion because he decided to practice his float serves. Since you guys are so important to him, I just wanted to meet you all but instead I made a big mess. And, and,” you hiccup a little, tears streaming down your cheeks, “I guess I just thought if I were important to him he would have told you guys about me… but clearly that wasn’t the case because his best friend didn’t even know who I was.”
“Y/n…” A familiar voice called your name. Your eyes widened in shock. When had Tadashi come out… scratch that, when had the whole team come out?
You didn’t have time to question it before you were engulfed by a warm hug. Instinctively, you hugged Tadashi back. You could feel him shaking slightly as he whispered in your ear, “Please don’t ever think you’re not important to me. You’re the most important person in the world to me.”
The tears that had been pricking your eyes turned to tears of happiness at his words. You pressed your face closer to his chest where his heart was beating a mile a minute. 
“Are you done?” A familiar flat voice came from behind your boyfriend.
A sense of dejavu washed over you. Instead of getting angry like last time, you shied away from the blonde haired boy. You peeked up at your boyfriend and was shocked to see him glaring even more harshly at the other boy. 
Not wanting another incident, you stepped out from around your shield. You met his eyes, “I know you don’t approve of my relationship with Tadashi, but you aren’t his parents. I don’t need your approval to date him. Hopefully we can sort out our differences because I’m sure as Tadashi’s best friend you also don’t want to make him choose sides.” 
“Tch,” He grunted. His eyes never left yours as he assessed your sincerity. After a beat of silence, he turned away, grumbling out, “Whatever.”
The hope you had at reconciling with him died as you watched his retreating figure head back into the gym. You didn’t even see the knowing looks on the other boys’ faces as they, too, headed back inside to give you some privacy. Feeling disappointed, you turned to your boyfriend to apologize only to stop when you see an excited look on his face.
“How did you do that? Wait it doesn’t matter! Thank you for being patient enough to deal with him for me.” He cried with sparkles in his eyes as he glomped you with another hug. 
“But, he just… what?” You spluttered in confusion.
Laughing a little, Tadashi explained, “That wasn’t him dismissing you. That was his way of saying that he accepts and respects you which is more than I was hoping for.” He looked at you shyly, “I was kind of afraid you would leave me since I had a best friend like him. He’s not a bad guy, but he can be a little insensitive to others.”
Slapping him on his chest, you glared, “Excuse me, cut me some slack. Our relationship means more to me than you having a salty best friend.” You paused thinking about how ready he looked to fight his best friend for you and said, “Thank you for sticking by me. I know we’ve only been dating for a few months, but you are my most precious person and I just want to make you happy. I’m glad you don’t have to choose between me and your best friend.”
Something wet dripped onto your cheek and you peered up to see tears streaming down his cheeks. 
“Wha- wait don’t cry!” You try to console him but he stops you.
“Y/n. I love you. I love you so much. Will you… will you wear my jersey to the Interhigh Spring Tournament?” The hope shining in his eyes makes your heart melt into goo.
“I would love to Tada-kun. I love you too.” You tell him, bringing him back into a close embrace. The two of you stand there hugging for a while longer simply enjoying each other’s presence.
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tobimikesan · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I just got my guide book, opened the cover, and already found a reason to ramble about it, so here goes.
By now I’m sure most people who read Haikyuu already saw the cover and the back cover below, right?
Tumblr media
Well, what I didn’t know until I opened the book was that there’s a backstory to it. Instead of the usual author comment on the dust jacket, Furudate sensei provided the story of the cover.
Tumblr media
Cover: Picture from Spring High Passion Camera*
Sawamura: Miyagi representative Karasuno High School has won the first round! Everyone: Yaaay!! Sawamura: We were at a loss when Hinata’s shoes went missing, so thank you Shimizu!! Yamaguchi & Hinata: Thaaanks!!! Sawamura: We will win as well tomorrow!! Everyone: Yaaaaaayy!!!
*Now, if you still can’t imagine what’s going on, I was too, at first, until I looked up about Spring High Passion Camera. So basically in Spring High tournament they have a camera set up, where after each round teams can go and record their thoughts about the match and such and it will be uploaded to the Spring High’s website. I’m embedding one of the videos from this year’s Spring High tournament below. Now go watch it and imagine Karasuno saying those lines again with Coach Ukai and Takeda sensei peeking from the curtain at the side.
Furudate sensei, it’s just a few lines but this is such a good content. Thank you!!
Btw, if anyone is interested in getting the book, and if you have the means I really recommend to get it as a way to support the series, here’s some links:
- CDJapan: (currently out of stock, but normally they’ll restock so you can check back later)
- Amazon JP: (they usually ship internationally for most books, but in case they don’t ship this particular book to your country, you can consider using forwarding service like )
Note: The guide book is in Japanese, but it also has a lot of pictures and even a colored pin up page and a special chapter drawn exclusively for the book. So there are things to enjoy even if you don’t understand Japanese.
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zellacchan · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-TANAKA DOESN'T GIVE UP. that thought alone seems boring when you read it just like that, right? but this episode, ugh, man. it surfaced a whole new concept, you'd think the character was a genuine human, a real person from this world.
-how, exactly? let's start with the things that happened to Tanaka-senpai. ‘‘embarrassment. failure. yet despite that-you refused to give in, and you constantly repeated that in your mind. yet you still ended up getting even more disappointed than you initially were. nothing was going smoothly, and you didn't know why. 'it's okay. i'll keep going, it'll be alright.' you result to self encouragement, because it really isn't the time to feel down, just stay positive. force yourself to be.’’ was the type of situation he was in. normally, a person would give in to the despair, the negativity their mind kept bringing to them. because, i mean, what else could they do? everything was going wrong right in front of their eyes. and when they tried bringing themselves up again, their own teammate refused to help. getting them to toss to you after you called for one could've been the chance to redeem yourself, but no, it didn't. in a normal situation, you'd think ‘okok they might have a plan/they prolly have a better chance at scoring’ or ‘psh maybe next time.’ or even go ‘asjdjfjfj that was embarrassing!’ pretty much any thought, usually it wouldn't give a huge impact to you, and you're able to brush it off after a couple minutes then focus on the game again. but if its like the situation Tanaka was in? completely different scenario. it's likely to give more than a stab to your morale. could even serve as the final blow. even Bokuta-san knew this, as seen from how he passed out afterwards watching them. (maybe it's due to the relief that karasuno scored, tho his attention mostly focused on Tanaka, as once again shown from his reaction after Tanaka earned a point. plus the fact that he was aware of how he, himself would act if he's in Tanaka's position.) but, did that 'deal the final blow'? did it finally make him give up? nope, it didn't. (part of the credit goes to our sunshine child Shoyo, thank hEAVENS for this angel.) and even if Shoyo wasn't there to encourage him, i doubt he would've acted differently. it takes such an impossible amount of mental strength to survive those kind of life difficulties, moreover in sports. s p o r t s, where one mistake could ruin everything. and Tanaka-san had that strength. it merely showed it's pique on the very end, but he had it from the very beginning. hence, again, i doubt a different outcome—and i find that so so beautiful, bc honestly, let's be realistic here. not a lot of people could do that. they may try, but they can only reach so far before giving in. Tanaka was one of those rare gems, and this episode was incredibly inspirational about it. i just can't say that enough. it's anime, fictional. yet the emotions, the struggles and how it was depicted were more than on point, and that's why it's capable of such impact. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-
-i dare say more; let's move onto his quotes. “i'm nothing but average. but still, my average self.. do you really have time to look down like that?” ohmygod. this needs to be my life motto. Tanaka-senpai you outstandingly positive man, i crave for his attitude-his viewpoint, way of dealing with sitautions and everything. it's so cool and awesome and just aAAAAA, how?! how is one capable of such thoughts?? please teach me. i beg of you. “i'm pretty sure i'm a normal human being. especially when it comes to my build and abilities. when i was a kid, i was convinced i was a genius. i might've thought that until i was in middle school. actually, i'm still sorta convinced that i am. but i'm probably never going to be 180cm tall. i'm confident in my athletic skills. but on our volleyball team, i'm not number one in anything at this point in time. but that's not a reason to quit, nor is it an excuse.” i'm screaming. just slapped the perspective and words i've longed to hear. what an ace, Tanaka-senpai deserves that title so much. it fits so perfectly. “as long as i keep trying until i can do it... i can actually do it!” yes, thank you, Tanaka-senpai, Furudate-sensei, for proving that giving up is just an illusion of success. once you've tried enough and you can finally do it, you've finally done it. it's possible.
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