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#Funny Cat in Car Engine
sun512 · a day ago
Cat in the Car Engine
Cat in the Car Engine
Stray cats usually go inside the engine bay because they seek shelter to keep them warm. They do this to conserve energy while napping. Cat in the Car Engine
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niskoo · 9 days ago
pairing: bad boy! Heeseung x reader
genre: fluff, crack
warnings: consumptions of alcohol
word count: 1.1k words (again lol)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s 11 pm, you’ve arrived at the party at 9:30, and you’re already tipsy and exhausted. Heeseung scowls when he sees yet another random dude trying to give you a glass of alcohol.
He takes it from him instead, sending him a sharp glare and a fake grin, protectively pulling you to his side. Once the guy is gone, Heeseung passes the glass to Jay, who surprisingly is not tipsy at all.
“Hee!!” You giggle out, stumbling in his arms, “I feel wooooozzzyyyy!!!!” Heeseung can’t help but chuckle lightly at your funny actions, sliding his hand around your waist to stabilize you against him, “I know you do, babe.”
Sunghoon comes from the kitchen with a bag of chips, passing Heeseung his car keys. The older mutters a quick thanks, before starting to trudge and pull you to the door.
He doesn’t get to get you out the door, because you’re pulling back and pointing at the dance floor, “Heeseungg!! They’re playing my favorite songgg!!!!” You’ve said that to the past 4 songs he’s had to dance to with you.
“Babe, not right now, okay? Maybe next time?” Your boyfriend tries to convince you, but all you do is jump and point at the people dancing, “Look! Even Jungwon is dancing!! I haven’t danced with him yett!”
As much as Heeseung would love to see you hanging out and having fun with his own best friends, you’re way too drunk for your own good. Without even having to ask, Heeseung is squatting in front of you and grabbing the back of your thighs, hoisting you up to his back.
You simply wrap your arms around his shoulders and continue rambling something about the cat video Jungwon showed you the other day. He passes a bunch of random people, nodding respectfully and making sure to avoid anything peaking your interest around the house.
At last, he’s out the door, with you still mumbling random things on his shoulder. He reaches into his pocket to fish out the car keys to Sunghoon’s car he let him borrow, jogging down the street to unlock it. You two arrived with his motorcycle, and he’s not so sure if bringing you home with it is safe enough.
Heeseung carefully helps you into the passenger's seat, “Okayyy, up we go, into the car. Watch your head,” You don’t process anything, but you know where you are and where you’re going.
Heeseung tries to close your door as softly as he can so he doesn’t wake you up, before whistling and walking over to the driver's seat. He plops in comfortably, instantly turning the engine on. Before taking off, he glances at your tired form, chuckling at how worn out you look with your messy hair and droopy eyes.
Your boyfriend decides to reach over and pull the seat belt over your body, securing you safely. He sits back, and admires you and how you automatically pull your legs onto the seat and lean on the window.
Heeseung sighs, focuses on the road, and takes off to his apartment. He decides to turn the radio off, as it seemed to be disturbing your sleep.
A few minutes into the drive, Heeseung takes his left hand off the wheel, resting his arm on the armrest next to him. His eyes widen when there’s a sudden touch to his hand, your touch. Your hand drapes lazily over his, just barely connecting.
Shifting his hand, Heeseung places it on top of yours, his fingers slipping right through perfectly between yours. The gesture is soft, affectionate, it pulls straight to your heartstrings despite being drunk and tired. A smile spreads through your face as you play with his pinkie finger with your other hand.
You do this for the rest of the ride, too exhausted to even process that you’ve already pulled up into the parking lot of Heeseung’s apartment building. It’s when his hand pulls away from yours when you realize what’s happening.
The door to your seat is being opened, so you instantly reach your hands and legs out to Heeseung, “Carry me peasant! My legs are far too tired to hold myself up!” Your lover laughs at your silliness, but obliges to your request.
He locks the car, before starting to head for the elevator. You do nothing but hug Heeseung and once again snooze into his shoulder.
The ride up is short, after all it’s just 2 floors up. His apartment is just to the right, the first door. He’s quick to take his keys out and unlock the door before you slip out of his arms.
Heeseung shuts the door behind him, placing both the car keys and the apartment keys in the jar on the table right next to the door. “Okay baby, wake up,”
You feel the couch cushion below you, and instantly flop and bury your head in one of the corners, cradling a pillow to your chest.
Heeseung chuckles, you simply look too cute. “Honey, come on, let’s go to bed, yeah?” His hands find their way to your face, squishing them to bring you back to consciousness. You only grumble back in protest, furrowing your brows and shaking your head in objection.
Heeseung squishes your cheeks harder, “Come on, I can brush your hair for you while you brush your teeth, and I’ll let you use my favorite pink hoodie (FROM DANIEL AAAAA) for once, and we can cuddle too, and I can play with your hair just the way yo-“
“Shh, enough peasant. Take me there.”
Heeseung laughs loudly against your finger pressed to his lips, before looping his arms under your legs and body, “Yes, my Queen.”
He then hops up, surprising you as you lift off the couch. You scream and latch onto Heeseung with yells of how he should’ve warned you.
Throughout doing all the actions he mentioned before, you couldn’t help but soften at how loving Heeseung was, and how he always put your care first and his last, helping you do all your needs, helping you with your face care, even helping with putting your clothes on even if you’re completely capable of doing it despite being a bit tipsy.
Now here you are, laying in bed and waiting for Heeseung to join you to head to sleep, thinking of all the sweet things he’s done tonight. There’s a dip in the bed, before you feel the blanket being lifted and draped over your body.
Heeseung sighs into your neck, finally feeling the inner peace he wasn’t able to get at the party. He melts when he feels your fingers thread through his hair.
“Thank you.”
It’s a very sudden statement, but you don’t take it back, you truly mean it. Your boyfriend smiles and reaches out to hold your hand, “Anytime bub,”
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halolalassurveys · a month ago
A! Do you drink Alcohol frequently?
No. Only on special occasion.
What Age are you?
Do you like Apples?
Not much, but for strange reasons I like apple juice, apple pie and other apple flavoured things. But an apple itself? Nah.
Do you believe in Aliens?
Sure, there must be someone there besides us.
Who is your favourite Actor/Actress?
B! Do you like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
Never heard of it.
Were you ever scared about getting Bats stuck in your hair?
No. I don’t even think we have bats here.
Are you always the Banker when you play Monopoly?
I don’t play Monopoly anymore.
Do you like going to the Beach?
I love it.
Who do you think is the most Beautiful person in the world?
Me, easy. XD just kidding. I don’t know, for me everyone is beautiful in a way.
C! Do you like Cats?
I love cats. Life is merrier when you have a cute furball to keep ypu company :D
Are you Charismatic?
Probably. Most of the time, I don’t really care.
Do you like laying down to look at the Clouds?
I do, but very rarely do it. Belgium is  quite rainy country, you know.
Are you a pro at Checkers?
Has someone ever called you Cheap?
Thankfully not, but you never know what people think that they don’t say loud. :P
D! Are you more of a Dog person?
No, I’m a cat person. I don’t mind dogs, but that’s not my first choice of a pet.
Do you like Disney films?
No, but I don’t like ovies in general.
Do you still Decorate the house for holidays?
What does it mean “still”? Why would I ever stop?
Do you have a Dressing gown?
I think I do.
Do you think Dinosaurs are awesome?
I don’t care much, but it’s interesting to know they used to exist.
E! Have you ever ran up the down Escalator? Or ran down the up one?
Sure, when I was younger. As a teenager I thought it was funny XD
What did you Eat last?
Rice in curry sauce.
What’s the most Expensive gift you’ve ever received?
No idea, most of expensive things I’ve bought myself.
How do you like your Eggs?
Scrambled or hard boiled.
Have you ever been so angry you thought you might Explode?
Many times.
F! Would you ever want to be Famous?
Pfff, no.
Do you think you’re Funny?
I know I am. I enjoy making people laugh, too.
Are Flashing lights fun?
Not amways, sometimes they’re annoying.
When was the last time you Flew in a plane?
Never. And never will.
Has a Folding chair ever un-folded and squished you while you were on it?
G! Did you ever wear Glasses, even though you didn`t need them?
No, I’ve always needed glasses and that’s why I wear them.
Have you ever eaten Glue?
Is this question serious?
Do you Give to charity?
No, I don’t trust many of them. I would rather help an individual person.
Do you think Goats are cute?
They’re funny in a cute way, yeah. And seem like friendly animals.
H! When was the last time you High-fived someone?
Do you dye your Hair?
I do.
Are you Happy with your life?
Very much so.
When was the last time someone physically Hurt you?
I hurt myself yesterday by accident.
Do you always wear a Helmet when you go cycling?
Actually, I never do.
I! What’s your favourite flavour of Ice-cream?
Malaga. But I also like lemon, cherry, caraml, coffee or coconut.
Could you ever live in an Igloo?
I don’t think so. I’m easily cold, so XD
Do you know what an Icoceles triangle is?
Do you mean isosceles triangle? Isn’t it a basic primary school knowledge? God if you ask questions like that, pay attention to proper spelling please, instead of making up new words!
What’s the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen?
All four seasons in one day here in this country.
Do Insects freak you out?
No, but I find them disgusting.
J! When was the last time you completed a Jigsaw?
Like, 20 years ago?
Do you like Jam?
On occasion.
Tell me a Joke!
You sure?
Are you Jealous of anyone?
No, there’s no reason for that.
K! Who was the last person you Kissed?
My partner.
Do you have a nice Kitchen?
No. It’s long and narrow and it’s not the kind of a kitchen I would love to have.
Do you like Kiwi fruit?
Don’t mind it, but not in a big amounts. Otherwise my tongue gets irritation.
Do you find Knock-Knock jokes hilarious?
No, they’re stupid.
Do you tend to Keep a bunch of stuff you really don’t need?
L! Do you think walking under a Ladder is bad luck?
I couldn’t care less.
Have you ever been inside a Limo?
No, but I think it would be an experience.
Do you really hate Losing?
Yeah, you don’t even knoxw how much.
Do you like playing with Legos?
I do! Too bad I haven’t had any occasion in the last 20 years.
Do you think you have a cool Laugh?
Sure. My laugh is kind of my signature.
M! Did you collect Marbles as a kid?
Do you mean these little glass balls with a colour inside? Sure! I used to have a full box of them *.*
Do you look in the Mirror a lot?
No, not much. Typically qhile doing/removing my makeup and doing my hair.
Do you have a Moustache?
Haha no. Not anymore XD
Could you live without Music?
I don’t think so. I might not listen to it daily, but there must be a place for music in my life.
Do you like going to Museums?
Depends on the subject. I was recently and it was awesome.
N! What’s your Name?
Do you like your Neighbours?
Most of them are okay, but I don’t hang out with them.
Do you watch the News?
Rarely these days. Everywhere I turn to, there’s only corona and nothing else.
What`s your favourite Number?
O! Do Opposites really attract?
Maybe on a passionate level. I don’t think it can work long time.
Would you hate working in an Office?
I would. For me, a job like that would be boring.
Are you Open-minded?
I think I am.
Do you think Olives are gross?
They are.
P! When was the last time you made Pancakes?
Long time ago, typically my bf makes them.
Are you wearing Pajamas?
No, I don’t even own any.
Have you ever been to Paris?
Not yet, but I’m planning to once travel is not restricted anymore.
Can you play the Piano?
I can’t, but I know how to read the keys.
Do you Pull the door that says Push or Push the door that says Pull often?
Happens sometimes.
Q! Are you a Quiet person?
Not that quiet.
Do you ask too many Questions when you first meet someone?
No. But I like to listen to others.
Are you a Quick learner?
Depends on the subject. There are some I struggle with a lot, and some I catch quickly.
Did you know that Mythbusters proved that a Quack can echo?
Do you know anyone called Quentin?
Yeah, Tarantino.
R! Do you smile everytime you see a Rainbow?
Nah, they’re kind of creepy.
Do you listen to the Radio all the time?
Yes. I like shortwave radio, no licence, though; I live longwave, too, and signal identification.
Can you Roller-blade?
I can, but haven’t done it in ages.
Do you take a Rubber-duck in the bath with you?
We don’t have a bath. Besides, rubber ducks are stupid.
Can you Run fast?
Probably when I need, but no.
S! What makes you Scared?
Don’t you think Sellotape is cool?
What is Sellotape?
Do you get Sick a lot?
No, I hardly ever get sick at all.
Do you still own a Slinky?
What is Slinky? I can’t “still” own something I’ve never heard of, eh?
T! Did you like Thomas the Tank Engine when you were a kid?
Never paid much attention.
When was the last time you were in a Taxi?
Like 15 years ago.
Are you Thirsty?
Not much.
Do you always remember to say Thank-you?
I do.
Do you take care of your Teeth?
I do my best, but probably could do it even better.
U! Do you own an Umbrella?
Even two. Here in this country it’s pretty essential.
Do you live Underneath anyone?
Do you think hanging Upside-down is fun?
It’s not. And can be dangerous.
Have you ever put water in a rubber-glove and pretended they were Udders?
WTF is this question?
Do you think you are Ugly?
No. I’m not like the miss universe, but there are peole who look worse than me. Not to mention beauty is in the eye of beholder or so.
V! Do you live in a Village?
No, I live in a city center.
Do you have a cool Voice?
Pff hahaha no. I don’t like my voice.
What’s your Vice?
I’m messy.
Do you still own any old Video’s?
No, not at all.
Do you think you could survive in the Victorian era?
W! Are you too Warm right now?
No, the opposite.
Do you like Weetabix?
Never heard of it.
Do you wear a Watch everyday?
No, not at all.
Are you cautious about your Weight?
Do you get Worried a lot?
I do, yeah I do.
X! Do you like to play the Xylophone?
Never played, but someone in my family does and it has a really cool sound.
Did you ever watch Xena: Warrior Princess?
Yes, and quite liked it.
Have you ever been X-Rayed?
I’ve had a surgery, how do you think?
Are you Xenophobic?
Yeah, sure. How otherwise would I be working with people of various nationalities.
Did you know that X is 10 in Roman Numerals?
No, seriously? Here in Europe we learn it in primary school. So V is 5 and M is 1000 and L is 50 and D is 500 and C is 100.
Y! Do you like Yogurt?
I do.
Was Yesterday better than today?
Nah, more or less the same level. Or no, yesterday was slightly better because we went to IKEA and the closest one from us is like 50 kilometres away, so we had a car trip, too.
Do you like the colour Yellow?
Not my favourite, but sure.
How are You?
Pretty cool, thanks. Preparing myself to come back upstairs and paint the second layer.
Do you Yell a lot?
Z! Do you think a horse painted to look like a Zebra is cool?
Wat? Why on Earth would anyone paint a horse??
Do you know your Zodiac sign?
Is there anyone who doesn’t know their Zodiac sign at all?
Do you take Zinc?
No, I don’t have acne.
Did you know that Steve Irwin said to run in Zigzags to escape a Croc?
That information has changed my life completely.
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thejoysofoveranalyzing · a month ago
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning--The Unhinged Bastard Child
Tumblr media
              When I was about ten or eleven years old, I purchased a book called Video Movie Guide 2001 by Mick Martin and Marsha Porter. I still have it. It's ratty and dog-eared and its binding is so thin that it snapped in half. But it served me well. This guide had thousands of bite-sized movie reviews and because of its breadth and range, it seemed authoritative. They reviewed a lot of movies, many of them mainstream critics missed. And because Pauline Kael didn't have time to watch all the Puppet Master movies, I would consult these faceless oracles. They'd briefly summarize the plot, give maybe a five to six word opinion, then rate it on a scale from five stars to a TURKEY.  So, not having seen the Friday the 13th movies as a kid, I was curious to see what they thought of them. The average rating for the series was about 2 to 3 stars (which is surprisingly less harsh than I thought)....except for Part V: A New Beginning. According to them, it was a steaming turkey. I shall quote the review for you:
"Well, they did it. The producers promised Friday the 13th--The Final Chapter would be the last of its kind. They lied."
                  And that's it. This punchy, sardonic review always stuck with me, because, when I was a kid, I had the impression that they felt personally betrayed, like the lie itself was the supreme sin. Because of its vagueness, there's a funny sort of snobbish indignation to it. Like "HOW DARE YOU!!! YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T SUBJECT US TO MORE OF THESE!!! I CAN'T EVEN FORM AN OPINION OF THE MOVIE, I'M SO ANGRY!!!" As someone who was unfamiliar with the series at that time, there was something amusing about seeing Part IV: The Final Chapter followed by Part V: A New Beginning, like a joke in an Onion article. Needless to say, it piqued my interest.
               I sometimes like to entertain the notion that this sudden about-face of the series is why the critics dogpiled on it. Its existence would stymie anyone! Even the title A New Beginning is a irresistible poking of the hornet's nest. It sounds so ironically wholesome (they could have called it Friday the 13th: The Turning of a New Leaf and it would have been just as cloyingly irksome). If it's a new beginning, by God, there'll probably be three more of these. Even the MPAA were probably rubbing thier temples when they found out another one was on its way down the pipe, which has to explain why a lot of the gore was edited down despite it running to a ridiculous (count 'em) twenty-two kills.
             Okay, it's not as simplistic as that. It was not well-recieved by both critics and audiences. So, why is this movie so looked down upon?
Tumblr media
               (SPOILERS) Several years after he kills Jason Voorhees in The Final Chapter, a traumatized Tommy Jarvis is sent to Pinehurst, a secluded halfway house, where he has flashbacks and delusions, thinking that Jason is still stalking him. Unbeknownst to him, someone is stalking and killing the troubled teens of Pinehurst and the denizens surrounding it. That someone is Jason, or someone presumably dressed as Jason (although the hockey mask he wears has blue markings instead of the typical red markings). After Tommy confronts and kills the assailant, it is revealed that it was a copy-cat killer.
               Now, I have to back-track a little because this is where it gets kind of nutty. So, earlier in the film, one of the troubled teens, a chocolate-bar-munching pest named Joey, is annoying all the patients, including one particular fellow named Vic, a silent brooding type who is mindlessly chopping a log with an axe (it's literally the first shot of the scene, pretty much foreshadowing what's coming....Chekhov's axe, if you will). Joey, annoying yet innocuous, sends Vic into a rage, and he chops up Joey to death, to the horror of the other patients. The ambulance arrives to pick up Joey's corpse. One of the paramedics, a man named Roy Burns, seems visibly shaken by the corpse. Keep in mind, Roy is presented as a very minor character through most of the proceedings. He's pretty much relegated to a background character.
               So, it is revealed that Roy Burns was, in fact, the Jason copy-cat. Joey, as it turns out, was Roy's son, who he abandoned years ago. Apparently, seeing the corpse of his son drove Roy mad and went on a rampage as revenge for his son's death. 
            In the film's epilogue at the hospital, Tommy Jarvis has nightmares and hallucinations once more about Jason. Tommy gets up out of bed and pulls out Roy's hockey mask, presumably on his way to becoming a bonafide knife-wielding maniac. The end.
              As much as I would like to indulge in perpetuating that old canard about how all critics are just elitist gatekeepers, they were not wrong in this case. This movie is laughably garbage...and I kind of love it.
             But before I go into it, I don't want to outright dismiss the movie entirely, because, if you stand back and squint at it in a cock-eyed way, I can kind of see the movie working as a postscript to the first four movies. It's the El Camino of slasher movies (El Camino being the movie that followed Jesse Pinkman after the events of Breaking Bad). And like El Camino, it's not terribly necessary (I'm sure we could iron out the psychological laundry of these characters in our own heads), but if we care enough about the characters, why not give them a little closure, especially a young kid like Tommy Jarvis and what he went through. It's a movie that deals primarily with trauma and cyclical violence, which feel like perfectly honorable themes to tackle in such a context. The tagline says it all, "If Jason Still Haunts You...You're Not Alone." It's like an invitation to a trauma counseling group. But does it work? Ehhh...
Tumblr media
               I guess we can blame Joseph Zito for this. Zito, director of the previous entry, ended The Final Chapter on a foreboding shot of Tommy Jarvis looking into the camera menacingly, implying that the series ain't over. A form of insurance, according to him. And The Final Chapter did very well, so there's that. The series' former producer, Frank Mancuso, Jr., was done (though he still had executive producing duties) so he handed the producing reins to Timothy Silver (best known for being a production supervisor on a couple of ABC Afterschool Specials), and by "handing him the reins", I mean he threw it at him like a hot potato. Silver didn't really add anything to it creatively, he just provided the tender, which is all you need. They also hired a director named Danny Steinmann, who had experience in hardcore pornography (he also directed a slasher before this called The Unseen, with Barbara Bach).
             And what we are left with is a sputtering engine fuelled by coke. The cast and crew were living it up like it was the writers' room on Saturday Night Live. Usually, people take coke to stay awake and, hopefully, keep the creative juices flowing. In this case, they had to stay awake long enough to film a man duck-walking to an outhouse because he ate bad enchiladas.
           There's such a crude transparency to the whole thing. It's laughably vulgar, with so many fudge-bombs that would send even the rowdiest frat-boy into vapors.  And because of Steinmann's past experience, the nudity is more male-gaze-y than in any other entry. There's a character named Tina who, after having sex with a guy in the woods, just lies in the grass, naked for what feels like a good two minutes. The camera just lingers on her. They even cut to this voyeuristic wide shot of her just lying there, all spread out. Also, since the movie takes place at a halfway house for troubled teens, there's this patina of crass insensitivity to the proceedings. The characters are all types, sure, but just the idea of this block-headed slasher movie taking place in this setting just feels mean-spirited.
            And just to add to this coke-fuelled bonanza, A New Beginning is top-loaded with a sizable cast of stock movie archetypes. Slasher movies generally stick to a particular setlist of stock characters, such as the virgin/final girl, the jock, the practical joker, the promiscuous one, etc., and those are often just the teenagers. Here, however, we are surrounded by a cavalcade of absurd, anachronistic characters that seemed like they were pulled off the sets of other movies. In one scene, two guys are stranded in the road with a broken car and they're dressed like greasers on their way to a sock hop. They are, of course, murdered.  
             Then, you have the mother-and-son backward hillbillies, Ethel and Junior Hubbard. They are the film's comic relief, which is a highly charitable way of putting it. I guess they're meant to provide levity, but it's the lowest common denominator sort. Ethel is a loud mouthed nag who overacts and is campily vulgar ("You big dildo! Eat your fuckin' slop!"). Junior is the slow-witted son (a character that Randy Quaid can play in his sleep) who, after getting beat up by Tommy in an RV parking lot, drives around his house in circles on his motorbike and screams like a banshee about how he got beat up. They are, of course, murdered.
           There's a mental ward orderly who's, conveniently, a loathsome creep with a thick New Yoik accent and a predilection for coke. If you didn't know any better, you would think he was meeting up with Tony Manero at the 2001 Odyssey club. He is, of course, murdered.
            What about the authorities? Surely, there can't be any stereotypes there? Well, there's one cigar-chomping cop who trying to get to the bottom of these murders. Then, there's the mayor, who barks like a angry police sergeant demanding badges. And the cigar-chomping cop gets so angry that he throws an ashtray at the wall in defiance. They are not murdered. Disappointing, I know. With so many of these characters, it feels like a rudderless ship in that it doesn't know what kind of movie it wants to be.
            Since this movie is Jason-less, it sets itself up as a mystery. And because of this, the filmmakers set up some red herrings to distract our super-sensitive noses. Tommy being the more obvious since he's losing his mind, which I guess is fair. But then you have this one guy that they introduce, some drifter guy, who wants to help the Hubbards with thier chickens. There's some throwaway lines that he's kind of creepy-looking. This character introduction is such a fart in the breeze that you instantly forget about him. Then, the next time we see him, he's creepily watching a naked girl in the woods. Two seconds later, he's dead. So long, uh.....Raymond Joffroy, we hardly knew ye (I actually didn't remember his name, I just looked it up on Wikipedia).
            Then, we get to the actual twist itself. First things first, Joey's murder, the moment that kick-starts the plot, is so bizarrely excessive that you can't help but laugh at it. I'd like to think this was a coke moment because there are definitely tamer ways of doing this. A simple car accident would have sufficed. But no, let's chop up Augustus Gloop to a pulp. "YEAHHHHHH CHOP HIM UPPPPPPP" (followed by a loud trumpet-like snort). I guess we're supposed to presume that Vic is a suspect in the later murders, but he'll probably be in a mental asylum for the rest of his days, which is a rock solid alibi.
              As I've said before, Roy is not given much to do (he's a background character essentially), yet the movie tries to subtly hint that there is something meaningful about him. When we first see him, he looks horribly upset when he sees Joey's body, which is fine in that moment, because it does cut to him and everyone else and, yeah, it does look ghoulish (you can see Joey's severed arm resting on top of the body). But also, keep in mind, this reaction from Roy sprang from one of the movie's more hilariously gauche moments, when his partner carelessly lifts up the sheet (like "Ooooh, lookee what we got here!") so that EVERYONE can see the mess. I kid you not, this paramedic has this smirk on his face while everyone's horrified and he just callously says, "Bunch of pussies." You would think, as a paramedic, Roy was probably used to seeing gruesome scenes like this, but you can argue he's more horrified by his partner's lack of tact than anything else. It's a way of deflecting any sort of overt suspicion on him as a suspect while also slightly nudging the audience. But then, a little later, Roy looks under the sheet and there's this dramatic close-up of his face as the scene fades out. Like, they couldn't have made it more obvious. He even shows up later, cleaning up the murder of the greasers. To nudge the audience even further, the cigar-chomping cop muses to himself out loud, and Roy thinks the cop is talking to him. And by the time the twist comes along, we have already forgotten about him. It's not really a great twist when the audience sees the villain and goes, "Who?"
             Of course, he has to dress up like Jason because that's what these movies call for. And to show how committed he is, Roy even goes so far as to wear a prosthetic under the mask, just in case somebody happens to accidentally take a peek under it.
             It doesn't even own up to its lame twist because they try to end on an ambigous note, like Tommy was fantasizing it all along. Roy's mask, for some reason, is in a drawer in Tommy's hospital room. Why? This whole movie was a red herring. Not that it matters, because Jason Lives doesn't even pick up on that thread.
            Are there any good things about it? Hmmmm. John Shepherd, the actor who plays Tommy, seemed pretty dedicated in the role, to the point where he actually method acted throughout the whole shoot. He's the proper amount of intense, even though it gets one-note after a while, but I admire the effort. I like some of the supporting actors, like Shavar Ross as plucky young Reggie. Hell, I enjoyed Carol Locatell as Ethel, as over-the-top as she was. She's aware of the kind of movie she's in, so she has fun with it.
           I liked some of the moments where Jason (the real Jason, the dead Jason) shows up in Tommy's dreams/hallucinations. They are the few times in the movie where there's an unsettling kind of calm to them. It reminded me of some of the early scenes in Halloween when Michael Myers is stalking Laurie, where he's just standing there like a specter. One moment that stuck out to me (and it's actually on one of the posters near the top of this page) is when he's seen through a mirror, holding a bloody axe. The scene is evenly lit, except for Jason, who has this unnatural spotlight on him. It's a creepy moment. I don't know.
             This is an incredibly minor detail and it might just be accidental. Before Joey is murdered, he's annoying some of the girls who are hanging laundry. He attempts to help them, but his hands are covered in chocolate, and he stains their clean sheets. Then later, after he's dead, they cut to his corpse, covered with a blood-stained sheet. It's almoooost (shrugs coyly) a clever parallel, like, even in death, he's making a mess! But I might be reading too much into it.
              I'd also like to point out that, although this movie is often looked down upon, it does hold a slight edge over the first movie. A New Beginning can technically be seen as a soft reboot of the original, with the parent murdering people to avenge the death of his/her child. However, this movie, unlike the original, does actually establish Roy as a character early on, whereas the first one introduced Pamela eighty minutes in. This movie actually tries to establish a mystery whereas the first one lazily doesn't give us real reason to be compelled by teenagers getting butchered (which is why it's often considered 'boring'). Do not mistake this for high praise, it's just a glancing observation. Now I just realized, considering how these movies go, Joey will inexplicably rise from the dead and becomes the new series antagonist, but instead of blue and red markings on his mask, it's smudges of chocolate. Yeah, that tracks.
Tumblr media
            As much as I've critiqued its flaws, A New Beginning is highly enjoyable. It's too brazen, too crass, too bombastic not to enjoy.  A New Beginning is the unhinged bastard child of the franchise, the one that no one likes to think about, yet if he pops up in your head for more than a second, you feel such cringe that it carries over into immense guilt because you love the crazy mutant. If I could, I'd invite him to the family dinner, with the intention of reintegrating him into a clan that already lift their noses up at the sight of him. And I'd be like, "Oh, shut up, you're all garbage. Part V is no different."
            So, sure, "they lied." But it's a harmless white lie, the kind of lie that we can look back and laugh at, purely because it's so mischievous and naughty. A New Beginning should not exist, yet I revel in the fact that it got away with existing. I guess that's the provocateur in me. And like Oscar the Grouch, I love garbage.
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izhunny · a month ago
A Stolen Exchange
Chapter 7 Inheritance
Summary: What happens when our God of Mischief is unexpectedly barred from the first official Avengers meeting since his return?
A Flash Fic fill (500 words or less). Standalone ficlets, all loosely related. Bite-sized frostiron universe.
(available on AO3 in link above for logged-in members)
Due to rating change to Explicit for the final chapter, this fic is available only on AO3 and falls under their TOS.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯Sorry/not sorry.
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Tumblr media
Writers Wednesday
This is my piece for @autumnleaves1991-blog Writers Wednesday. My brain decided that I attempt not only to write for Javier Peña for the first time, no it also said "Why not in a (sort of) in the 'You are my Best Friend' universe?"
Pairing: Javier Peña x fem!reader (a little ooc) Warnings: corny Javi, suggestive language, hints of being nude, mention of being drunk, steamy but no smut
It was an unusually cold spring night in Laredo. Only a few hours ago it poured cats and dogs making the air clammy. The fog was thick clocking everything in its withe film. There were only signs of sprouting leaves on the trees next to the road. The whole scene felt eerie. Like a scene in a horror movie.
Running along the pavement with uncomfortable heels on your feet to get as fast as you can to the phone booth wasn't your ideal after hours activity. You wanted to slip out of those death traps when you slipped yet again on the wet pavement for the fourth time. Why again did you decide to wear them when you knew that you had a long day of arranging flowers for a wedding and taking part in the ceremony? Some days you were an enigma to yourself.
The old truck your boyfriend deemed drivable broke down in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully some cosmic being took pity on you and let you break down in front of a telephone box.
Pulling your coat closer to your body so the chill and the dampness of the air wouldn't reach your body, you stepped into the box. Coin after coin you slipped them into the slot and began to dial the number.
It rang for a few minutes before the gruffy rumble of your boyfriend rang in your ears, "Peña!"
Your teeth were clattering together as you tried to speak, "J-j-j-avi, the c-car broke down. P-please come p-p-pick me up. I-I'm at that long s-s-street where you turn right into the shortcut you showed me on s-saturday." You heard Javie leave out a sight. You were the one who dismissed the funny noise as normal for the car's age. "Get into the car cariño and wait for me. I will be there in a few minutes."
And true to his word Javier Peña arrived at your location in five minutes.
You got out of the car when the headlights of Javi's car turned off. Running to the car you slipped on the wet pavement and landed right in Javi's arms. The man looked down at you with amusement in his eyes, "Cariño, I know that you have fallen for me. You don't need to show me." As he put you in a standing position you slapped him on his shoulder. He feigned hurt while you rolled your eyes, drama queen. "You were shot at, Javi. I think a bullet hurts more than a light slap on your shoulder."
He only pouted at that. Was he drunk? He wasn't that goofy since high school.
Javier put a towing rope on both cars and mentioned for you to get into your car again. But before you could get into your rust bucket Javi whistled at you to turn around. Before you were finished with turning to him you had a blanket in your face. He shrugged and threw, "To keep you warm.", over his shoulder.
The short drive to the ranch was uneventful. Your lover parked the cars and killed the engine of his truck. You were out of the car when an arm came around you. "Come on carámbanos, let's get you warmed up." You gave him a side eye. He smirked, "I meant a warm shower but I also could warm you up." He wiggled with his eyebrows to underline the ambiguity of his sentence. You giggled and shook your head at that. Bumping into him you mused, "The proposal is tempting buuuuut,..." You pulled him in for a long, breathtaking kiss. He wanted to deepen the kiss only for you to abruptly stop it and smirk at his wrinkled brows. Wiggling free from his arms you used his state of confusion to run into the house.
You greeted Chucho on the way to the bathroom and you hurried up the stairs. Javi on your heels. You may have heard the older man saying something like "Kids." and shook his head for emphasis.
As you sprinted into the bathroom you didn't anticipate that your lovely (and quite aroused) boyfriend was faster than you and stood before you as you were closing the door. Out of surprise you screamed. Finding the whole situation hilarious the DEA agent bent over with laughter.
You hit him again on his shoulder only for him to laugh harder. When you figured out that he wouldn't stop anytime soon you began to strip, climbed into the shower and warmed your body up with the warmth of the water.
When you didn't hear the madman laughter from outside the shower curtain you knew Javier was finally finished. You felt two strong, tan arms encircle your frame, getting pulled to a solid chest. Javi nuzzled your neck and gave it feather light kisses. "I'm sorry, querida." Trying to do damage control he caressed your curves and bumps. But you wanted him to be as frustrated as you. "Even though I'm really tempted to let you continue your path I really don't wanna right now. Tell your little friend he isn't getting any today." The man behind you whined but you shook your head and stepped out of the shower. Leaving Javi behind in the shower.
Finishing up for bed you saw your lover pouting and huffing like a child as he crawled to get into your shared bed next to you. He was a man-child after all. You were laying on your back and Javi was facing you, but you paid him no mind.
Laying in there in bed, being ignored by you he tried more desperate attempts to get into your pants, "Please baby." To emphasize what he wanted as he rocked his hips into yours. It might have worked but you were too stubborn to let him get away with it. So you turned around on your side, back to Javier.
Pouting yet again Javier knew he was getting nowhere. So he tried something different. Slowly he reached out to pull you into him by your waist. You could feel his arousal at your butt but tried not to move and give him any relief.
"Can I make it up to you, me reina?" You looked into his eyes to challenge him, "Can you? Maybe, if you admit I was right and you are getting deaf, old man." He groaned and gave you a death glare, "The car was fine when I drove it. There was no rattling or other strange sound like you said." You looked at him with a deadpan expression, turned on your other side and threw a, "Good night, Javi.", over your shoulder.
The man next to you huffed to - horny to go to sleep. With every minute passing by he got more desperate. He hated this game, he never begged. But desperate times call for desperate measures. "Okay fine. I'm sorry I said your car was fine and that you broke down in the middle of nowhere and at night. Can you forgive me? Can I make it up to you?" Smirking you turned to your very frustrated boyfriend, "See Javi, that wasn't so hard. Now do your worst, cowboy." Your lover was on you in mere seconds, giving you a wink and a salute followed by a, "Yes ma'am." as he went south.
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hehe vaccine day >:)
I woke up and ate a bagel outside with my cat :) I also worked on my friend’s birthday present, but I dropped a tiny piece somewhere in my room and lost it :( but that’s fine, that was the piece I wanted to remake anyway because of the drill hole too close to the edge. but I added a thin layer of resin to both sides of the other 3 pieces and let it sit in the sun. I accidentally got resin in the drill hole for one, and when I tried to re-drill the hole, the layer of resin separated from the plastic and adding more to try and fix it just made it ugly, so I'm remaking that piece too. I went to go sew the paw pads onto the other pair of a matching set, but I misplaced the paper template so instead I sewed one lining. then my sister banged on the wall to complain about me singing to myself at my desk while she was trying to work, so I sat in the backyard doing nothing and repeating the first phrase of “if I were a rich man” to myself over and over, watching the bumblebees fly around from one dandelion to another. my appointment for my covid vaccine was coming up, so I took a quick shower, gathered my things, realized I was cutting it pretty damn close, rushed out the door, moved the silver car because my sister wanted it to go to track, and sped pretty much the whole way there. while at a stoplight thought: google maps: 15 minute drive. me, gay and running late: 10 minute drive. based on some textpost that was the same thing but me, gay, caffeinated: 10 mine walk. idk I thought it was funny. I walked into Kroger and when I was checking in at the pharmacy, they asked for my insurance and at first I thought I didnt have it and I got really worried, until I realized that I DID have the card I needed, I just didnt know what it was called. so they sat me down in the waiting area and I was very anxious the whole time. a very polite dude doctor called me in, gave me paperwork, a card, and a sticker. and told me about symptoms n stuff. I was so anxious about it that my hands shook a little while glancing at the paperwork, and I teared up looking at the needle sitting on the desk, building it all up in my head. thankfully, before he injected it, he asked if I had any hobbies to distract me from the needle. I looked away at the wall and told him about how I was sewing a dress for my friend’s upcoming picnic birthday, and as I stammered through the story I wasn't so focused on the needle, but I still felt it and it only kinda hurt. I knew it wasn't going to be bad, I’m just a baby. and hooray!! they didnt give me a boring tan bandaid! they have custom ones for the Kroger pharmacy, and it’s pretty with multicolored plus signs and the Kroger logo on it. the 15 minutes in the waiting room to check for an alergic reaction was pleasantly uneventful, so I returned my timer and left. I thought about getting myself a treat on the way home, but I've consumed a lot of sugar in the past couple of days and didnt need more. I accidentally took the interstate home, but that went relatively smoothly until I looked at my gas gage and realized it was completely empty... whoops :I and I took a bunch of really stupid wrong turns just trying to get into the gas station, and when I finally got there I pulled up to the wrong side, then I was too far away, then I couldn't find the gas cap lever thingy... eventually I to it to work but I felt like a damn FOOL. so I filled it up and when I tried to start the car IT DIDNT FUCKIN START. this is a known problem with this car. I tried a couple times to get it to go and it just putter. on my last try I revved the engine a couple times to get it to go, and that finally worked, so I wasn't stranded at the gas station thank fuck. I went in and found the Mountain Dew zero my mom wanted from yesterday along with beef jerky and Cheeto popcorn and went home. I handed my mom her stuff and ate my popcorn in the backyard, chilling out and calming down after all that shit. i just kinda hung out until my dad came home and he made dinner and I told him about my day and we ate and waited a little antique roadshow and I went to go hang out in my room. I keep thinking its later than it actually is, and now that it’s finally almost 2 am, im hungry and not all that tired >:/ bleh. if you're wondering, I got the Pfizer vaccine, and so far the only side effects ive had are injection sight muscle soreness and being sexy as hell. hopefully only one is temporary..
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mascmasochist · a month ago
Chapter 11 - Scaredy Cat
TW: mild blood, beating, strangling, bound and gagged, noncon undressing (not sexual)
Tag list: @whatwasmyprevioususername @milk-carton-whump @whumpasaurus101 @whatwhumpcomments @mnmlover2002 @ashintheairlikesnow
Charlie furrowed his brow.
"Why?" He asked.
"Because I'm not going to leave you here just so you can attempt to escape again," Mallory said.
"What about Crow?"
"He'll remain here. Don't worry, he'll be well taken care of."
"Oh, fuck off," Charlie said, "I'm not going."
"It's really funny that you think I'm giving you a choice."
Mallory stood and walked into the kitchenette. He licked his fingers and pinched the wick of the candle to put it out. He opened a cabinet and retrieved a small black case before walking back to Charlie. He set it down on the table and flipped it open.
"Want this?" He said, pulling out a syringe of Q-179, "it's a long drive.”
Charlie nodded, looking at the syringe closely to make sure it was actually Q.
"Why are you giving it to me?" He asked.
"We're still testing it. I'm pretty sure you have a concussion, so I might as well see if it fixes that. God, would you stop asking so many questions and just be appreciative for once?"
Mallory moved Charlie's head to the side and stuck the needle in his neck. He cringed. He hated whenever he put it in his neck rather than his arm. He melted into the chair as the familiar warmth took away his pain. Mallory sat back down and watched Charlie's expression.
"Does it still feel as good as the first time?" He asked.
"Almost," Charlie breathed.
Mallory put the empty syringe back into the case and shut it. He waited until Charlie came down before he spoke again.
"We're leaving in twenty minutes," he said, checking his watch.
"What am I even going to do there?" Charlie queried.
"The same as you do here. You're going to stay in the basement and behave."
"Oh, great," Charlie mumbled.
"You didn't think I'd just let you roam about my home, did you? No. I'm simply taking you just to keep an eye on you, like I said."
He walked into the kitchen and turned on the sink. Charlie watched as he scrubbed a glass and dried it before putting it away. His eyes drifted toward the counter, where a half-drunk bottle of whiskey was placed.
"Do you remember the other night?" He asked.
He bit his tongue. He wasn't sure he really wanted to know the answer.
"Not really, no. Why do you ask?"
Charlie breathed a small sigh of relief.
"No reason. You were drunk and stopped by to say hi," he lied.
"Really? I don't remember that," Mallory said, "I just remember drinking and then waking up still dressed in my bed. My head hurt like hell."
Mallory walked into his bedroom out of sight for a minute. When he emerged, he was rolling luggage behind him. He put it near the door, then sat back down across from Charlie. He crossed his leg over the other, putting his arm on the table and resting his chin in his hand.
"I hope I'm not forgetting anything," he mumbled.
You did forget, Charlie thought.
"Um," Charlie cleared his throat, "Could I... bring my blanket?"
"No," Mallory laughed.
"I said no. Ask again and I'll burn it. In fact, if you ask another question in general, I'll burn it."
He checked his watch. "Let's get going."
He stood and grabbed his luggage. Charlie was slow to follow. Mallory snapped his fingers at him, then pointed to his watch. They walked out of the apartment and down, out of the building.
Charlie relished in the cool breeze. He hadn't been able to appreciate it when he was outside before. The sun on his skin was enough to make him crack a smile. They walked a short distance to a lot, where a few soldiers waited by a black Mercedes Benz.
“Oh, I forgot to mention,” Mallory spoke, “you’re not riding with me.”
The soldiers took hold of Charlie and forced him to the ground. He struggled as they wrapped a red cloth around his mouth, and another around his eyes. His ankles were tied together with a length of rope. Strong hands lifted him up and threw him down again with ease, and the trunk was slammed shut. Charlie felt around, but struggled to find anything to assist him as his hands were still cuffed. He heard two doors shut and the engine start.
“It’s a long drive.”
The cloth dug into the corners of his mouth. He did his best to contain the amount of drool that fell out, but with the position he was in, gravity wasn’t on his side. There wasn’t enough room to turn over. He was stuck like this until they arrived at... wherever it was Mallory lived.
Luckily, the drive wasn’t as long as he thought it would be. After two hours or so, he felt the car pull into a driveway. Soon after, the trunk was opened. Mallory slipped a knife between his ankles and cut the rope.
“Out,” he said.
He grabbed Charlie’s arms to help guide him out. Until then, Charlie never appreciated how nice it was to have leg room. He stretched the best he could, and Mallory held his arm to guide him into the house. He shoved the key in the lock and they stepped inside. Mallory opened a door near the entryway. He untied the blindfold and pointed to the stairs.
"Go downstairs," he said, "I'll be down in a second. Don't. Touch. Anything."
Charlie started down the steps and Mallory shut the door behind him. He hadn't expected the basement to be so... finished. The floors were a plush carpet, and a black leather sectional sat facing a large TV. There was a bar at one end of the room stocked with every type of alcohol. Two doors were open, and Charlie peaked in. One was a bathroom with a huge shower, and the other was a simple bedroom.
He stood awkwardly next to the couch as he waited for Mallory to meet him. Finally, after a few minutes, he came downstairs and removed the gag from his mouth. Charlie’s jaw clicked as he shut it.
"This is where you're staying. Don't touch the TV, don't touch the alcohol, and don't sit on the sofa," he said.
"What am I, a dog?"
"If I had a dog, it'd be allowed on the furniture. You can sleep on the floor. You're lucky I have carpet down here."
Charlie saw something fly down the stairs behind Mallory. He looked down and saw a cat.
"Sasha, I told you to stay upstairs, sweetheart," Mallory said, picking her up.
She was black with white markings, her eyes a bright yellow.
"You have... a cat?" Charlie asked in disbelief.
"Yes," Mallory said, "Don't touch her, either. She shouldn't come down here, because I'm keeping that door locked tight. But if she does, leave her alone."
Sasha purred as she rubbed her face against Mallory's chest. Mallory kissed her head and petted her softly.
"Okay, I won't touch anything. Especially the cat," Charlie said.
"Good. I'll bring you something to eat soon," Mallory said, starting back up the stairs with Sasha in his arms.
Charlie sat on the floor. He ran his fingers over the carpet. It was already a lot softer than his mat; maybe this wouldn't be so bad. He thought about Crow, hoping he was alright. With Mallory here, he would be safe from him, and the soldiers seemed to have some kind of "don't harm them unless I tell you to" order.
Mallory came back downstairs with food after an hour or so. He had a few Chinese takeout containers.
"Eat at the bar. If you spill anything on my carpet, I'll stab you again. Now, turn around and I’ll take those off,” he said.
Charlie let him remove the handcuffs and took a seat on one of the barstools. Mallory set the containers down in front of him. There was a box of white rice, and a box of sweet and sour chicken. Charlie ate carefully, trying his best not to spill anything. Mallory settled on the couch and scrolled on his phone.
Sasha came trotting down the stairs again.
"God dammit," Mallory sighed, "I'm really not used to shutting that door."
"Then keep it open," Charlie said.
"So you can wander around my house while I'm asleep? No."
Charlie finished eating and spun around on the stool. Sasha was standing on the back of the couch, looking at him.
"Hi, pretty kitty," he whispered.
Mallory shot him a glare. Sasha jumped off the couch and over to Charlie, rubbing up against his legs.
"What the hell is on your shirt?" Mallory asked.
Charlie looked down. "Oh," he said, "I think it's blueberry juice."
"Take it off," he said.
"You didn't notice it before?"
"No. Or maybe I did, but didn't care. Now that you're in my house, it's bothering me. Take your shirt off."
Charlie slipped his shirt over his head and Mallory walked over to grab it from him. Then he noticed the same stains on his sweatpants, too.
"What the fuck did you do to get this messy?"
"That asshole that threw the water at me threw the tray at me, too. Blame him."
"Well, you need to take those off as well."
"Yeah, not gonna happen."
Mallory took hold of his shoulders and threw him off the barstool and onto the floor. He gripped the bottom of the pant legs and tore them from his legs. Charlie got to his feet and Mallory forced him up against the wall.
"Have you forgotten what happens when you don't behave, or need I remind you?" He growled.
Charlie spit in his face.
Mallory stepped back slowly, wiping his face with his sleeve.
"Oh, you really should not have done that."
Charlie ran. He sprinted up the stairs, almost tripping as he missed a step, and flew out of the door. He turned left, then up the stairs to the second floor. Mallory was right behind him. He came to a door and opened it, slamming it behind him. He locked it before Mallory could get in.
"Open the door right now!” Mallory ordered from the other side.
Charlie backed away from it until his legs hit something. He felt backwards, landing on a bed. He looked around and realized he must have been in Mallory’s room. Footsteps lead away from the door and Charlie’s heart raced. Seconds later, Mallory was back, and he unlocked the door. He threw it open and ran at Charlie, jumping on top of him and wrapping his hands around his throat.
“How dare you?!” He yelled.
Charlie clawed at his hands, adding new scratches to the old, and kicked his legs, doing everything he could to make him let go. Mallory tightened his grip, and blackness surrounded the edges of Charlie’s vision. He stopped scratching, and moved his hands up to his face. Mallory let go with one hand to swat them away, then brought it back down with a smack to his cheek.
Finally, Mallory released his grip. Charlie gasped for air. Mallory threw his fist at his face, and it connected to his jaw. Charlie cried out, and was once again met with another hit. He reached up and grabbed Mallory’s arms, using all his strength to keep him from hitting him again.
“I’m sorry,” he cried, “I’m sorry, please-“
Mallory got an arm free and landed another punch. Blood began to trickle from Charlie’s nose, and Mallory threw him onto the floor before it could drip onto the white sheets. Charlie sprung up before Mallory could pin him again, and brought his hands up to defend himself. Mallory suddenly stopped. He was breathing heavily as he stared at Charlie with eyes like daggers.
Charlie made a break for it. He ran out of the room and back down the two sets of stairs, leaping off the last few steps into the basement. He looked for a place to hide as the footsteps slowly became closer. Mallory appeared at the bottom of the stairs before he could, but he didn’t look at Charlie. Instead, he walked to the bar.
Charlie wiped the blood from his nose and watched him. Mallory stepped behind the bar and grabbed a glass along with a decanter full of whiskey.
“Go take a shower,” he said, without looking up, “do it now before I change my mind.”
Charlie quickly moved into the bathroom. He shut and locked the door behind him before turning on the shower. He slipped out of his boxers and stepped in, the hot water washing away the blood. He was still breathing hard. His throat was tight, and he knew he’d have finger shaped bruises soon enough. He stayed in the shower for a long while, dreading the moment he’d have to go back out and face Mallory.
He finally shut off the water after a few minutes. He took his time drying off and getting redressed, finally taking a deep breath before he stepped out of the bathroom. Mallory was sitting with his back facing him. He had a glass of whiskey in one hand, and a cigar in the other.
Charlie stood awkwardly. Sasha was lying on the floor behind the couch, watching him.
“I just wanted tonight to be normal,” Mallory said, taking a drag from his cigar, “I just wanted you to behave so I could take a bath and sleep in my own bed without having to think about you. I’m tired. So tired. I shouldn’t have given you that shot earlier. Maybe you would be tired, too. I don’t know. God, you’re going to make me an alcoholic.”
“No one’s forcing you to think about me, and I’m not forcing you to drink,” Charlie replied.
Charlie dropped down on the carpet and sat with his back against the wall. He folded his arms over his knees and watched Mallory pour another glass. Sasha stretched as she got up, then she walked over to Charlie, purring.
Charlie slowly reached his hand out, and she rubbed her face against it. He watched to make sure Mallory wasn’t looking, and he started to gently stroke the fur on top of her head.
“I lied to you. I remember that night. I remember everything,” Mallory said.
“You do?” Charlie asked.
“You didn’t hate me that night,” Mallory said, “you spoke to me like a human being. Even after all that I’ve done.”
“I don’t hate anyone,” Charlie spoke softly after a moment.
“How is that possible?”
“I was raised to see the good in everything and everyone.”
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folkloredeluxe · 2 months ago
Summary of Ringer Dish - ‘folklore’ | Every Single Album: Taylor Swift
Hosted by Nora Princiotti and Nathan Hubbard 
folklore is a summer oasis and an album of the year. with fearless and 1989, taylor beat beyonce and kendrick lamar but this was the “no-contest” winner. it was a quarantine album, released and created in quarantine. it was really of the moment and needed, and for taylor the creating process was liberating. she most likely wouldn’t have got to use this sound if it were for tours, album rollout etc, and she reached out to aaron dessner on a whim and put herself into these sounds. U2 and madonna also shifted genres with their 8th albums, it is a bane of the great artists creative output. U2 and madonna’s albums weren’t great but taylor’s was and it unlocked her creatively. folklore is an indie and taylor album.
taylor had the national on her playlists dating back to 2017, this is not a new thing she likes. antoni posted about it back when you need to calm down music video was released. nathan hubbard says that one has to have heard the national’s “i am easy to find” and watch the mike mills movie and also listen to big red machine’s album to understand folklore. nora princiotti points out how it is still a taylor swift album and you can hear her influence and style. it is autobiographical with stories about others, she didn’t exactly fully adopt the sound because you can hear taylor so clearly.
taylor is genre-less and there was pushback in both country and pop but alt people accepted taylor on the dad indie rock island because she brought spotlight on the genre and truly appreciated it. songs from this went to pop radio, country radio and alternative radio so the question is “what is the genre?” but as discussed before, she is genre-less, her songwriting is the thing combines it all.
cardigan is the biggest song on the album. this is complicated because she didn’t care about singles and sales etc but cardigan got some stuff like a music video, merchandise etc. cardigan is the most streamed song on the album but it only has 14% of the album streams whereas look what you made me do has 22% and this proves that this album is played fully and people are not just consuming the single. 
cardigan has the same piano as the national song “light years” and it has very lana del rey vocals. she was done with the song in like hours. it relates to other songs on the album - august and betty, and is a love triangle between 3 teenagers in the one cheats but they still end up together years later. taylor mentioned it in the youtube live comments before cardigan video was released. the triangle even includes blake lively and ryan reynolds kids names. james reynolds is a girl but james taylor is a guy, and this is an opening to include same-sex couples and brings that conversation in. the girl in august has no name because she is not the one and it is just significant of that. taylor now has an understanding of the second woman, unlike when she wrote better than revenge, and she has grown up. august and betty better than cardigan and they can see why it didn’t win at the grammys. 
my tears ricochet, which is track 5 and a song made with jack antonoff, and is about scott borchetta is spectacular. it has the same chords in delicate. with mad woman and my tears ricochet, she is writing openly about this business situation which is very cool of her to process this through incredible songs. she knows she has a leverage because she is the creator of the art and she is the one who creates the things that move people and they will fight for it. even the current label didn’t know she was releasing folklore until the very last moment.
mad woman is more sophisticated the man and after mad woman, nora princiotti has come to love the man more. they’re both about female rage but the man was imaginary whereas mad woman is real. nora priniotti has speeding issues when the manis playing and she had to pull over when cruel summer was playing to calm herself down.
aaron dessner is the biggest collaborator on the album. jonathan low, serban ghanea and laura sisk are a part of engineering and mixing the album. in exile, it is shocking to hear the low vocal and not high falsettos by justin vernon, and nathan hubbard didn’t fully love or appreciate it until the long pond sessions. unlike always, it didn’t bother nora princiotti that taylor doesn’t sing first, it still feels equal. its like the last lime in the bridge, its messy and conveys the devastating feeling. taylor has said that it is one of her biggest anxieties is musical people she loves not loving her and you can feel her good nerves and wanting to impress justin vernon.
laura sisk even set up the studio in taylor’s LA home. she keeps the taking in of breath in songs and you feel it in your ear. recording vocals is very critical, vulnerable and intense process and the last thing usually, its sometimes very lonely but jack and laura bring taylor with them in the studio to record vocals rather than her being in different rooms. you don’t get frustrated when you get them wrong and it is the same with laura sisk coming in her room.
exile is a great moment in the album rather than a great song and maybe thats why it did not win pop/duo but the album won, because that’s what taylor made, an album. also, at the grammys, it was like they were giving something to everyone.
the biggest easter egg is william bowery. william is the name of joes grandfather, and taylor and joe both were at the kings of leon concert afterparty at the bowery hotel in 2016. it was funny to see aaron uncomfortable lying about it in interviews. it is pretty noticeable she put down the walls in this relationship with working together and was much more open, unlike with calvin harris. taylor’s more likely to win EGOT than joe, she’s even more likely to get a movie role than him. anyway, they love him and love she has someone who doesn’t want spotlight despite being an actor.
nathan hubbard and nora princiotti both would cut hoax. the 1 and hoax were written last as bookends, and the 1 does a great job at smoothly transitioning to folklore. the 1, the last great american dynasty and august are the bangers of the album. august has a syncopated lyric with getaway car as the lyrics “remember when i pulled up and said get in the car” and “the money in the bag and i stole the keys that was the last time you ever saw me” relate to each other. the last great american dynasty is closest to being at taylor’s 4th of july party. 
nora princiotti listen to peace and mirrorball but they don’t hit her and she needs to be sold on them. nathan hubbard talks about how peace is a piece of music aaron has been sitting on like tis the dam season. it is both a love song and apology. she can’t change the insanity that is Taylor Swift and he’s not into spotlight but he can’t have taylor without Taylor Swift and so she makes an argument, and also “give you a child” just melts you. mirrorball is all about needing attention and trying to impress someone and it just resonates with a lot of people on an extremely deep level.
seven bounces from low to high register and back down vocal mannerisms melody drops from the high register and all of this is reminiscent of joni mitchell.
folklore as a title is perfect. taylor wants to pass down these songs and this relates to the lyric “pass down like folk songs the love last songs” in seven. the question is “should this have been called woodvale?” and the answer is no. it was secret code name and the WB of folklore. she even had to announce on jimmy kimmel about how there’s no 3rd album and sometimes she takes it too far with easter eggs.
nora princiotti’s internet tidbits is taylor naming her home studio “kitty committee studios” and having to leave her door open while recording because the cats always want to come in and go out of the room. she has 5 explicit songs on this album and swearing is dad indie rock island core component, its how you stay cool. also, taylor wrote “she stole his dog and dyed it key-lime green” but it was actually a cat.
nora princiotti gives the tom hiddleston award to cardigan being the single despite other songs in the trilogy being better but cardigan is the single because cardigan is a merch item. nora princiotti’s mom calls it “cardi b minus” because that cardigan is ridiculous too cute but it is $49 + shipping so goon on taylor for making that coin. nathan hubbard gives it to the WB pseudonym being made so that it could be discussed in long pond sessions and they could have something that it was “news-worthy” but nora princiotti points out how it was basically public knowledge that WB is joe alwyn before taylor confirmed.
peak taylor moment her posting “not a lot going on at the moment” as aaron dessner send her the folder. 
taylor said its a spring/summer but it feels more like fall but seasonly she’s a UK person so with all the rain there, it makes sense.
nora princiooti has 6 favourite songs - the last great american dynasty, my tears ricochet, seven, august, mad woman and betty. for nathan hubbard, the best song is this is me trying and that song won’t ever wear on his ear. it didn;t blew nora away on her listen of the album but when she saw the long pond sessions and heard it, she was blown away and was bawling, she could see taylor getting emotional too. also, invisible string is a love song for joe goes back to the dive bar and most people don’t have bridges but taylor does that so that’s good. 
for nora princiotti, the best lyric is “when you can’t sleep at night, you hear my stolen lullabies” and “she had a marvelous time ruining everything” which goes back to starlight and it being an ethel kennedy song even though the family is defined by men, its cool to see the people taylor looks back upon. also, in seven, “and i think you should come live with me and we can be pirates and you won’t have to cry” when she is rambling like a kid. for nathan hubbard, the best lyric is “for you i would ruin myself a million little times”.
folklore was a “no contest” album of the year and taylor is the along side frank sinatra, paul simon(who had to go to africa and identify him with a genre to win it), stevie wonder in winning this award thrice. folklore is a significant moment in human history.
grade given to the album: A-(nora princiotti) / A(nathan hubbard)
ps - i might have missed a thing here and there but this was basically the gist of the whole podcast
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msmadness99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader
Genre: Romance, angst, slow-burn, smut, age gap and bad boy Jaehyun
Warnings: Angst in this chapter, I’m sorry but it had to start out this way T-T Mentions of suicide, drugs and death.
Word count: 4.3k
A/N: Here it is! The beginning of the new serie! I’m so nervous about this because so many people seemed to like the idea and now I don’t want to let anybody down! I hope you enjoy the first chapter, sorry it had to be so angsty, it’s just the way it is....Don’t worry though, it’ll get better!
Tumblr media
Inhaling as deep as you could, you took the last puff of your cigarette before tossing it away, holding in the smoke for a couple of seconds just to blow it all out slowly, already used to the smoky taste that left behind in your throat. The small white cloud that placed itself in front of your face didn’t even bother you, too accustomed to it to be bothered by it, although the older woman that walked past you did seem to be a little annoyed, slightly turning her face away from you. You couldn’t blame her though, you had been bothered by the smell and even the sight of a cigarette or a blunt but that was all before everything happened, that was all before he was gone.
A buzz coming from your pocket brought you out of the trance you’ve placed your mind in, snapping you back to the reality you were trying to avoid so hard. The lighted up screen of your phone showed that someone was calling you through the thin clothing of your shorts although you couldn’t really make out who was trying to contact you. 
Mom? Dad? Maybe Yang? Areum probably? Or was it Mark? 
It would make sense if all of them had been calling, your phone had been ringing non-stop for the entire afternoon but no calls were answered, no words were said. You wanted to be alone today, you didn’t deserve to share your pain, to lean onto somebody else. You had to face this date alone and suffer as much as he did, cry as much as he did.
But no tears were coming out.
Hearing the sound of your name, you looked up from the floor, gaze travelling to the sidewalk opposite from yours where your younger brother seemed to be running after a girl, a female that looked exactly like you did.
“(Y/N)!” He called out again but you weren’t stopping, you didn’t even slow down knowing he would end up catching up with you anyways. Chenle had always been more agile when it came to physical activities, he had always been the winner when it came to sports even after he went down the wrong path. “Geez, I apologized for it a hundred times already!” He whined, not afraid of the weird looks people around the two of you could give him.
“I told you to be careful though” When the girl turned around to face him, you couldn’t help but smile fondly at the sight of what had been supposed to be his birthday cake smashed against your shirt, chocolate, cream and strawberry spread all over the fancy blouse you had planned to wear to the little party Mark and you had been preparing for him. “And look how that ended”
“Hey, at least it didn’t get on your hair or face” Chenle said, trying to improve the situation but unconsciously making it worse. You just were so frustrated back then that none of his words would have soothed the anger you felt running through your veins. Reaching out, you slapped his arm fast enough for him to not have time to move away. “Ow!” He exclaimed, free hand flying to where you had hit him to caress the damaged zone “What was that for!?”
“For being an idiot” You huffed out a sigh “Should have held that cake with both hands like a told you and not play around with it as if you were an Italian making a pizza” Even though you felt like beating the living hell out of him, the random image of him playing around with the cake in the bakery when you were paying for it popped up in your mind and some laughing threatened to slip past your lips.
“It was funny though” Chenle was quick to say, noticing how your smile had twitched just a second ago “You must admit that” The teasing yet stupid smile on his lips made it even harder to maintain your poker face on “Hmm?” You lost it right when his fingers poked your side. You were too ticklish okay? He wasn’t forgiven, you still were mad. “I KNEW IT! YOU FOUND IT FUNNY TOO!” Chenle started laughing as well but way louder, making the people around think the two of you were just insane. 
“Chen! I swear to-”
Again, the buzzing in your pocket woke you up from your little bubble dream. The sight of your younger brother and you vanished from the side-walk, the memory of that day fading to the back of your mind but making sure to squeeze your heart hard enough to make you release a shaky sigh.
He was gone.
No birthday candles would be blown tonight.
“Shut the fuck up!” Your sudden outburst scared a cat that had been napping underneath the bench you were sitting on for the entire afternoon, your frustrated voice echoing down the street, swallowed by the sound of the cars’ engines but still being noticed by some people around. Like that day, they all looked at you as if you had lost your mind but this time the feeling was drowning, overwhelming instead of fun and amusing.
With shaky cold hands, you reached into your pocket and grabbed your phone, looking down at the lighted up screen that signaled someone was calling you once again. Using your sleeve to rub the tears away from your watery eyes, you could now read the name of the person that had bursted your temporary peace, your short yet imaginary happiness. The one that had ruined your high.
Yeah, that call wasn’t happening anytime soon. At least not tonight.
And maybe not in this life.
“I need some fresh air” You muttered softly, feeling more anxious than before even though you were outside surrounded by what you were looking for. Standing up from the bench, you hung up on your mother before turning your phone off, not wanting to be bothered by any more calls tonight.
Looking up at the cloudy night sky where no stars could be seen tonight, your eyes landed on the roof of the huge building positioned in front of you and your heart squeezed at the idea that crossed your mind, the thought that had been residing in the back of your head for way too long while your body started moving on it’s own. 
You’ve finally found your destination for tonight.
“You’ve got to be kidding me”
Jaehyun sighed as he looked at the closed door of his apartment, the sheet of paper glued to it making him feel all kinds of anger and frustration at the same time. His fists clenched besides his body, knuckles turning white at the amount of strength he was trying to hold back and vision turning red as he could literally feel his blood rushing through his entire body, not really knowing where to go or what to do exactly.
He was about to explode and the world was definitely not ready for that. To be more specific, someone, whose face couldn’t abandon his mind at the moment, would die but was it really worth going to jail because of her? It probably wasn’t, he should let it go.
Just like he did every single time they saw each other.
Sighing again, trying his hardest to not let out the string of swearing and insults that were about to jump from the tip of his tongue, Jaehyun reached into his pocket and dialed Johnny’s, his best friend, number without even looking. The two of them were like brothers since high school and they literally had each other’s back for everything. They had that kind of relationship in which, if Johnny told Jaehyun he had killed somebody, he would simply start thinking of ways to get rid of the corpse, places to bury it. Their trust went to that extreme.
“This is the third time you cockblock me this month and I swear to God it’s not funny anymore” Johnny sounded frustrated and Jaehyun couldn’t help but smile at his words. Not even sex was more important than their friendship “What is it Jaehyun? I’m not picking your ass up from the gym again”
“That was one time my car broke down out of nowhere” He replied as serious as him, trying to hide the hint of amusement that his smile showed. Good thing Johnny couldn’t see him right now or he would instantly think Jaehyun was doing this to just mess around with him. 
The older male heard a female voice in the background, someone was probably getting a bit annoyed by him interrupting their situation “If you don’t want me to pick you up, what is it then?” Johnny’s voice showed a slight hint of concern, both of them were pretty independent and if Jaehyun wasn’t calling to hang out or because his car broke down then something was not entirely right. 
He reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose as he leaned back against the lock-picked door that led into his apartment feeling the upcoming headache he would be having tonight. “I need somewhere to stay for a couple of days, do you think I could crash at yours?” He asked quietly, he would never be mad if he said no but he was really hoping he wouldn’t have to pay a bunch of money for a rotting motel room. 
“Why? Did she show up again?” Johnny asked before he hushedly told the chick besides him to shut up, absolutely forgetting about what he was doing to focus on his friend “What did she do this time?”
“Broke into my apartment, left a note outside like always” Jaehyun explained, taking the note and crumpling it into a ball of paper before he threw it away, down the hall and into the bin that there was at the corner “I don’t know what she did inside” 
Johnny sighed, he hated the situation Jaehyun was in and he hated the decisions the other male took. If Johnny were in his shoes, this hide and seek game would have ended a very long time ago “Sure, you can crash at my place, give me like twenty minutes though?” He asked, making Jaehyun smirk, shaking his head softly.
“No rush man, I still have to pack up my things and stuff” Jaehyun replied casually, shrugging as he leaned back against the door once again “I’ll be there around eleven, so don’t worry about it”
“Love you bro, see you” 
Johnny hung up before Jaehyun could even question his choice of words, they were really close to each other yeah, but since when were they in a love you basis? That was crossing the line. Looking down at his phone, he couldn’t help but laugh at his own friend, knowing Johnny too well to know he would start explaining himself as soon as Jaehyun arrived at his house and Jaehyun was going to have so much fun teasing him about it.
“Ah, I need a smoke” Jaehyun muttered to himself, patting the pockets of his denim jacket as he took the packet of cigarettes out, already heading down the hall and up the stairs to the peaceful rooftop that always seemed to clear his mind in the most complicated moments.
It was a good thing nobody could see you from the street or a scene would have been made already. Sitting on the edge of the building, you could only dare to stare down at the people that kept passing by, continuing with their lives, probably on their way home to reunite with their families, something you weren’t planning to do. 
There was no fear in your body, you had always been scared of heights but tonight, for certain reasons, your heart didn’t even speed up at the sight of how far the ground was…..21 floors? 23? You didn’t know exactly but it was far enough to see the rest of the population as little ants, as mere moving points….What would happen if you jumped? 
More than once you have thought about it, it wasn’t the first time since Chenle’s death that you had found yourself thinking about these kinds of moments. Only once you had brought the subject up to Areum when the two of you were drank off your asses but quickly brushed it off as a joke when you saw the disbelief and fear in her face, you couldn’t blame her though, after all, who would think of following the same steps of their brother when they had suffer the pain of such a sudden lost?
Thoughts of your mother, of your father and some of your friends were the ones that managed to brush those horrible endings aside, that always won against the darkness but tonight, as you sat on the edge, as you were only one little push away from ending it all, the fight was harder to win.
You’ve become nothing but a disappointment over these past two years. 
It was as if your entire universe stopped when Chenle passed away, everyone kept going with their lives as they could, everyone started healing step by step, even your parents at some point learned to live with the fact your younger brother wasn’t here anymore. Sure they still missed him, sure there were days when your mom didn’t even feel like getting out of bed but most of the days she always has a smile on her face for you, your dad full of compliments and attempts to cheer you up while your friends, Chenle’s friends, acted as if nothing ever happened, dancing around the name of your brother as if it was something taboo, as if he had never existed.
You on the other hand, didn’t even know how to deal with it.
Regrets of things you told him, fights you had, things you could have done or noticed before he did what he did haunted you 24/7. You blame yourself for his death when you knew it wasn’t your fault but as an older sister you kept telling yourself you should have seen it coming, you should have been able to prevent it but you didn’t, you never noticed anything. At some point, you got stuck in a vicious cycle where the only things you could do to get your brother out of your mind was alcohol and drugs which led to epically failing in classes. The perfect student became a drop-out and that resulted in more rumours that only lowered your self-esteem even more.
What would Chenle say if he saw you like this?
You knew he didn’t want this life for you, you were well aware that he would be incredibly disappointed in the way you were running away from handling things, from facing the reality and start living without him but you couldn’t get yourself together, you didn’t even know where to start to improve the lost cause you have turned yourself into.
Jumping would surely not be the best solution for this. In fact, you knew it would end up dragging your parents, that had barely started to deal with the situation better, to the darkness you were drowning in but you were so tired of the pain, of the embarrassment and disappointment you felt that you just wanted to end it right there, right now.
“Are you going to jump?”
At first, when Jaehyun stepped out onto the rooftop and noticed he, unfortunately, wasn’t going to be alone made him sigh in pure disappointment. In fact, he almost turned around and headed back inside, preferring to deal with the mess in his apartment rather with someone who was probably as depressed or frustrated as him to be in here. However, it was the way your figure kept pushing itself closer and closer to the edge of the building what alarmed him. 
Jaehyun was never good at dealing with people in normal situations so talking a person out of their suicidal thoughts wouldn’t be his specialty either but what was he supposed to do? Just let you be and wait for you to jump? The guilt would have followed him forever and he wouldn’t have been able to live peacefully knowing he had been able to save you.
He had to try at least.
Even when his choice of words wasn’t the best one.
Startled, you turned your head to face the stranger standing besides you, leaning comfortably back against the railing you were sitting under as he lit on a cigarette. Your heart sped up at the sight of him, not really having expected to have public if you ever decided to do what you were considering. The lack of lights around you didn’t allow you to see him too well but the tattoos on his neck and the way his clothes screamed bad boy vibes weren’t left unnoticed, he seemed older than you as well….Or maybe not? You couldn’t really see it.
When Jaehyun saw you didn’t reply and settled on to stare at him instead, he decided to keep going with his laid back attitude, willing to keep your mind off of whatever was that pushed you to be up there. “Because I’m having a really shitty night and this kind of drama is the last thing I need” He took a long drag of his cigarette, observing you by the corner of his eyes he could see you were too young to be here, the pain in your eyes told another story, made you look incredibly older.
“Egocentric much?” You didn’t know why but something in his words, something in the way he dismissed what your intentions seemed to be made you snap. “An asshole is the last thing I needed and here we are, God must just really hate me” Noticing you backtracking and moving further away from the edge slowed Jaehyun’s pounding heart down, the hint of a smile turning the corner of his lips up a little but not enough for you to notice it in the darkness.
“He doesn’t” He said blowing some of the steam out through his nose, watching how you climbed back down from the edge to stand behind the metal railing besides him “He made you meet me after all” Jaehyun knew that was definitely not the most appropiate thing to say, he knew that was exactly what you didn’t need to listen at the moment but it was the first thing that popped into his mind and if his asshole version was the one that would save your life then he was going to be as stupid as he could to keep you away from that edge.
Dusting off your clothes, you couldn’t help but scoff listening to him. Was he being serious? He couldn’t be, right? “Did you hit your head on the way here or something? What are you smoking?” You asked, hearing his smirk, refusing to look up at him.
“I’m on so many drugs that you wouldn’t believe it” He lied, unable to hide the smile on his lips now. He was simply glad your feet were back on the ground rather than dangling from the edge, who would have thought Jaehyun, most known as a lost cause would save a life someday? “Shouldn’t you be at home? Tucked in bed with your stuffed toy?”
“I mean, if you’re into that kinky shit where people treat you like a baby fine, I won’t judge you” You said back, finally looking up to meet his eyes. There was something there that you could read well enough to know that even behind all the shitty attitude, this rude stranger seemed to share something with you and that was pain, he had the same look you did and he was here, in this rooftop as well after all “But it’s a mistake to think everyone else is into it” You knew there was no way in this world a guy like him would be into that stuff, he exhaled dominance, he simply seemed to be one of those people who were born to be a leader but you were just going straight for his ego, trying to dent that high self-esteem of his. “You’re not going to jump right?” For some reason, you suddenly felt scared that this very stranger besides you had come to this place with the same idea you had in mind a few minutes ago. He seemed to share the same pain as you did, why wouldn’t he share the same intentions?
Jaehyun arched an eyebrow at your question, kind of caught off guard by it. How did you get to that conclusion was a mystery to him but it was kind of amusing how, despite of acting like you gave two shits about him, still stopped your verbal attack to show your concern for what he planned to do “To think everyone else in here is planning to do the same as you were is also a big mistake” He replied, using almost the same words you did against yourself. “I live on the tenth floor” 
“I wasn’t going to jump'' There was no aggressiveness in your voice, it had switched to a hesitant tone, one that showed you had considered it but now were glad that you didn’t do it in the end. Jaehyun couldn’t be more happy for coming up here tonight. “I was just clearing my thoughts”
“Clearing your thoughts?” Jaehyun tilted his head at your answer, eyes scanning your face briefly before he turned around to face the railing behind him “Then let me just-”
“No!” You quickly reached out to stop him when you saw he had intentions of standing where you had been sitting a few minutes ago, with your hand tight around his wrist you gently pulled him away from the railing, eyes glaring at him “It’s dangerous” 
“So when you’re doing it it’s fine but if I want to try it out it’s not” Jaehyun gently placed his hand back down, feeling your slender fingers ease the grip you had on him “You should think twice before doing this kind of stuff, what if something happened?” Something switched on him as he looked down at you, maybe it was because he saw the reflection of his little sister on you since the two of you seemed to be around the same age “Huh? What about your family and friends?” Jaehyun kept pushing, deep down, he knew that as somebody you didn’t know at all he didn’t have the right to scold you like this but Jaehyun couldn’t stop himself “What would happen to them?” For some reason, you could only help but smile at his words. Not because they were funny, not because you were happy but because the irony of this situation was just too much to handle. You knew what would happen to the people you were leaving behind but you wouldn't be here to witness the chaos you would have caused just like Chenle “Is it funny to you? Maybe it’s not me the one who hit their head on their way here” Jaehyun took a step closer to you, hoping that would make him look even more intimidating “Cause I don’t see the joke here”
“If only you knew” You replied still smiling sadly, frustrated, shaking your head as you looked up at him “If only they knew” You really didn’t know why you said that, you weren’t hoping he would know who you were talking about, not even you knew what you meant after all but the words slipped out of your lips unconsciously, on their own. “Oh, look at the time, better get home before my plushie falls asleep without me” The sarcasm in your voice was obvious and even though you tried to act as if you weren’t just having a really deep conversation with someone whose name you didn’t even know, deep down in your chest you couldn’t be more thankful to him.
“Yeah, can’t leave Mister Teddy Bear alone huh?” He asked sighing, turning around to look back down at the street, taking another drag from his long forgotten cigarette.
“Thanks” You suddenly blurted out, looking up at him. The surprise was evident on his face, Jaehyun hadn’t really expected you to thank him since you didn’t even were close to admitting what you almost did right before his eyes but something in the way the word sounded, in the way your eyes lingered on his told him that even when you were still troubled you wouldn’t think about doing this again, at least not tonight. “For the smoke, I mean”
“Wha-” Before he could stop you, your hand took away the cigarette he had been holding and took a drag from it, smile fake as you waved your free hand at him walking backwards, closer to the door that would lead you to the stairs “Hey! What the fuck!?” 
“See you! Don’t jump off the roof, okay? I had a pretty shitty night and this kind of drama is the last thing I need!” 
Jaehyun could only smile when you winked at him before rushing down the stairs, his head shaking in disbelief at your actions, at what you had done just to disguise your appreciation for something he had done. “Unbelievable” He muttered leaning against the railing, eyes down on the sidewalk, waiting for you to get out of the building “Fucking unbelievable” He repeated chuckling, taking out another cigarette since his had been stolen.
Unbelievable was how two broken humans, who the society believed were beyond repair, had saved each other from losing themselves just because they had a shitty night and they were not the kind of drama they needed.
Crazy how life works, huh?
Tumblr media
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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Fixes Problems You Didn’t Know Existed
The Cyberpunk 2077 team has revealed the full patch notes for the game’s recently released 1.2 update and all we can say is “wow.”
There’s no use trying to breakdown the entirety of this patch since it contains over 500 updates, fixes, changes, and improvements. I highly recommend that you check out the (mostly) full rundown of the update if you’ve been waiting for that massive Cyberpunk 2077 patch that will finally make the game significantly more playable. This won’t be Cyberpunk 2077‘s last update, but it feels like the first of the game’s updates that are trying to do more than just put out the biggest fires.
If you’re looking for the highlights, though, then I’ve got you covered. Here are the best, biggest, and weirdest patch notes that I’ve found in the Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 update so far.
Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Notes: The “WTF?” Fixes
“Player can no longer cancel fall damage by performing a slide action when about to fall from greater heights.”
If you’re like me, this is one of those things that you didn’t even realize was possible in Cyberpunk 2077 but now desperately want to try. Based on some videos that I’ve seen of this technique, it’s actually possible to survive some insane falls via this method but your survival is based on the specifics of the fall itself and your mastery of the technique. Honestly, they should just turn this technique into an official in-game modification ability.
“It is no longer possible to perform Gorilla Arms finishers against civilians.”
Cyberpunk 2077‘s latest patch notes make it clear that civilians in Night City have it kind of rough. I’m not entirely sure what the basis of this particular change is, but I kind of hope that they put it in there just to give the poor people of Night City a break by not letting you beat them to death quite so easily with your mechanical fists.
“Extending the sliding ladder won’t result in player’s death if they are below it.”
I’ve never actually seen this happen in Cyberpunk 2077, but the fact that it could happen is downright hilarious. Super-powered characters being killed by tiny bumps in video games is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I love the idea of being killed simply because your character is too stubborn to move out of the way of a ladder.
“It is no longer possible to use guns near the arcades during the Raymond Chandler Evening fistfight. // You can no longer pull an Indiana Jones in El Coyote Cojo.”
Ok, I’m actually a little upset by this one. As pointed out in the patch notes, it’s actually kind of hilarious that this was possible as it plays into the player choice element of the game. You could argue that too many of these glitches add up to be more than an amusing annoyance, but I think this one might have been funny enough to leave in the game in some form.
“Fixed multiple issues during sex scenes”
CD Projekt Red doesn’t give any additional details about this patch note, but I really wish they would. Just how many issues were there in these sex scenes? I’ve heard some people say the animations used in these scenes were awkward (which is true), but I’ve also heard reports that players were falling through floors and clipping through objects during those sensual moments. I’m sure fans will waste no time telling us everything that’s different about them when this update hits.
“Kerry’s bathrobe is no longer incorrectly attached to his lower part of the body.”
I had to look this one up, and I’m glad I did. It seems that Kerry’s bathrobe suffered from this strange glitch that made the bottom of it operate independently from the rest. I have no idea what causes it, but it kind of looks like it’s accounting for the proportions of a gentleman with much wider hips. Check it out for yourself:
“Fixed incorrect censorship when playing a copy of the game from a region other than Japan while the console region is set to Japan or language to Japanese.”
This isn’t the strangest patch note, but it’s one I didn’t know about. Apparently, the Japanese version of Cyberpunk 2077 censors some of the sex scenes and a few of the more violent moments. I’m genuinely curious how many people were accidentally playing the censored version of the game due to this issue and didn’t even realize it.
“Fixed an issue where pedestrians could get teleported after being hit by a vehicle.”
I still just want to know where those civilians went from both a design and lore perspective. I’m imagining that there’s a pile of civilian bodies lying around somewhere like at the end of The Prestige.
“In The Pickup, it’s no longer possible to trigger both scenarios at the same time: a peaceful deal with Maelstrom and fighting them.”
Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Notes: The Oddly Specific Fixes
“Fixed an issue where dumping a body in the trunk started the vehicle’s engine.”
Ok, I ran into this one several times during my Cyberpunk 2077 journey and just convinced myself that it was a feature. At the very least, I feel like Elon Musk may make a car that automatically starts when it detects a body in the trunk for the convenience of the evil billionaire with goons on the go.
“The TV in Tom’s Diner can no longer be destroyed. If a player destroyed it before this update it will now be fixed and the news will be displayed correctly to progress Playing for Time.”
I also didn’t know this was possible, but it’s hilarious to imagine a player going around and destroying every TV in town only to find that they can no longer progress through the game as a result of their actions. Honestly, who discovered this one?
“Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to trip over other NPCs too often.”
It’s the “too often” part of this one that gets me. Who determined that the amount of NPC tripping going on was well beyond the acceptable parameters for such a thing?
“Fixed a rare scenario where the painting wouldn’t appear in the drop pod in Space Oddity/Space Oddity no longer spawns multiple paintings blocking the quest’s progress.”
I love the idea of largely useless paintings causing so many problems during one of Cyberpunk 2077‘s biggest missions. You just get the feeling that this is the little problem that made the team realize what a mess Cyberpunk 2077 was at launch.
“Fixed an issue where A Like Supreme could get blocked if player rushed to the toilet to take a pill before finishing a conversation with Nancy.”
This one just brings to mind a million instances in open-world games where you realize that QA testers should consist of trolls and video game speedrunners who are able to find absolutely every little thing you can do to ruin a game.
“Car lights will no longer stay on after the car battery dies in Ghost Town.”
How far down the list was this particular problem? Either this is a sign that the team is ready to move on to more minor fixes or this problem was a particular sticking point with someone on the team.
Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Notes: The Cat-Related Fixes
“Cat food needed to adopt Nibbles can now be bought at several food shops around Night City”
While I actually like the idea of specific items only being available in specific shops in Night City, the fact of the matter is that Nibbles doesn’t have time for such role-playing concepts. Nibbles needs food, Nibbles needs love, and Nibbles needs it on their time, not yours.
“Fixed an issue in Nocturne Op55N1 where petting the cat would play without dialogue. // V will now properly address the cat, even without Misty’s answer.”
You WILL properly address Nibbles, V. Thank you to the Cyberpunk team for fixing such a glaring omission. Clearly, this is the reason why the game was delisted from the PlayStation Store.
Read more
How Elden Ring Hype Recalls Cyberpunk 2077
By Matthew Byrd
Can Cyberpunk 2077 Bring Fans Back with an Apology, a Patch Roadmap, and a Multiplayer Mode?
By John Saavedra
Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Notes: The Welcome Fixes to Strange Problems
“Fixed an issue where V could get stuck in empty buildings when exiting a vehicle parked close to a wall.”
This one happened way more often than it ever should have. This scenario is also common enough to really make you wonder how this problem escaped the testing process.
“Jackie no longer shouts ‘Nice shot!’ when V kills enemies while in stealth mode.”
Truth be told, I actually kind of love that Jackie couldn’t hide his enthusiasm during these instances, but it’s hard to deny that his piercing shouts did kind of ruin the immersion of these moments.
“Collisions will no longer fail to stream in randomly during driving, which could lead to V driving into buildings and falling out of the world.”
I get that Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t supposed to be GTA, but it sure will be nice to be able to collide with something without having to worry about disappearing into the void where those civilian bodies go.
“NPCs will no longer stay blocked on traffic lanes while in fear.”
Cyberpunk‘s poor NPCs will finally be able to move out of the middle of traffic which is good for you, good for them, and good for the city’s cleanup crew who have seen too many horrors.
“NPC hit by a car will now immediately run in panic/Added different animation variations for pedestrians running away from a vehicle.”
Some saw this problem as a sign that Night City’s NPCs just don’t care, but I think these patch notes make it clear that they wanted to run away and just didn’t have the ability to. It’s a real “have no mouth and must scream” scenario.
“V’s hands are now correctly displayed on a steering wheel while driving”
V gets a few animation fixes in this upcoming patch, but this is one of my favorites. I don’t know why it was so difficult to properly animate V using a steering wheel, but I’m glad we’re moving past the days when you’ve got to wonder what the character’s hands are supposed to be doing.
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Interview your muse!
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Don’t feel pressured to do it!!
Tumblr media
“Let’s do this!”
WHAT IS YOUR NAME? : “Y.ancy!”
WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME?: “I ain’t saying. It’s a name I have to have for legal purposes an’ whatnot, but it ain’t the name I like going by. If I get it legally changed, I’ll let you know.”
DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU WERE CALLED THAT?: “Oh, that’s easy! When I was a teen, I didn’t speak like this, but I had a different accent that’s closer to what my family had. When youse is from O.hio, it was more fancy than most folks ‘round there. The greasers I used to hang ‘round with joked that I sounded sorta British, and gave me the name ‘Yankee’. But when my accent started changing, the name shifted a little and boom, ‘Y.ancy’. I dropped it for a bit when times got tough, but I took it back up when I wanted to do better for myself.
HAVE ANY ABILITIES OR POWERS?: “Dunno if it counts, but I gots this knack for figuring out stuff. Locks, car engines, the prison - it don’t matter. If I gets a chance to take a look at it or explore, I can figure out how it works, see.”
HOW ABOUT YOUR HAIR COLOR?: “Looks black, but it’s also kinda dark brown in some lighting?”
HAVE YOU ANY FAMILY MEMBERS?: “Technically speaking, yeah. I’m the youngest of four. Two sisters and one brother. My brother and one of my sisters had their own families, last I heard.”
OH? WHAT ABOUT PETS?: “Nah. I mean, I could try taming a spider or something, but it’s a little tricky to have a pet when they’re considered ‘contraband’. But if this place ever gets to do that dog training thing I’m signing up. But if I could have anything, I’d get a cat. Or a rat. That’d be pretty cool. Imagine having one of them trained to sit on youse’s shoulder!
THAT’S COOL I GUESS, NOW TELL ME SOMETHING THAT YOU’RE BAD AT: “Lessee... I’m still pretty shit at reading. I’ve been taking classes here to try and work on it but... That shit’s hard.
DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES/ACTIVITIES YOU LIKE DOING?: “Listening to the radio. There’s so much good music in the world!”
EVER HURT ANYONE BEFORE?: “Can’t be part of a gang without getting in a few fights.”
EVER….KILLED ANYONE BEFORE?: “It’s how I got here. But that ain’t the only time I’ve done it.”
NAME YOUR WORST HABITS: “Funny youse ask. We was just talking ‘bout this in the rec yard the other day. Bam-Bam says I do this thing where I shake my head if I’m feeling down? Can’t say I’ve noticed. An’ I still smoke, but rarely.”
DO YOU LOOK UP TO ANYONE AT ALL?: “Hm... I ‘spose youse could say the Warden. But I think Shithole Hank would be someone too. He’s one of them grounded guys, y’know? Always gives good advice. I try to do that with some of the newer prisoners in the Gang.”
DO YOU GO TO SCHOOL?: “Sorta? Like I said, I take classes to help with my reading and writing. I’m thinking ‘bout other classes, but there ain’t nothing catching my eye just yet.”
WHAT ARE YOU MOST AFRAID OF?: “The SHU. Or, uh, Solitary. It’s awful.”
WHAT DO YOU USUALLY WEAR?: “Prison garb. But not the striped shirt. If it’s cold I was given a sweater some time back, but that’s ’bout it.”
DO YOU LOVE SOMEONE?: “There’s some sorta love toward friends, right? ‘Cause the Gang is like a family to me an’ I’d do what I can to help them.”
HOW MANY FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE?: “I’d like to think I’m a rather social guy that don’t make too many enemies these days. I think I’d have about six close friends, but if youse is a good person, then I don’t have no problems.”
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON PIE?: “Can’t say I’ve had a good one in years. The pie here has a base that youose could probably build a house with.”
FAVOURITE DRINK?: “Shithole Hank makes the best fancy wine on special occasions. But normally? Water’s fine.”
WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE?: “My cell. It’s one of the few places youse can get away for a little while. Might never be fully on your own, but it’s better than being surrounded by a crowd all the time.” 
ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SOMEONE?: “... I’ve had one or two people take my fancy before.”
WOULD YOU RATHER SWIM IN THE LAKE OR THE OCEAN?: “Both. Youse can’t swim in here since we got no pool, but floating in the water gives some sorta sense of drifting away from the world.”
CAMPING OR INDOORS?: “Camping! One time, we was watching some documentary on TV about some summer camp kids go to and it looked like a great time! I wanna do that.”
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A moments glance | B.B x Fem!Reader
Requests are open!!!!!
Summary: Bucky misses the feeling of human connection, both emotional and physical, so does Y/N. After a particularly brutal mission the two can deny their want any longer 
Warnings:  Language, angst? SMUT! (probably badly written but oh well)  This fic is a lot longer than I wanted but it’s worth it I promise.
Missions are normally pretty easy.  Luckily it was the dream team that got stuck on this mission together.  Sam, Bucky, and Y/n stood around a base layout, making a plan as to how to get this mission to sail smoothly. It was a simple job, repo a plane that had been stolen and return it to the owners, aka the fucking US Military. 
“So Y/n has pilot knowledge so if we can get through the fence and to it she can fly it back here to base, easy,” Sam explained the plan to the soldiers. 
“Sam and Bucky will go with me as my second hands and eyes, be my body guards,” Y/n nodded and looked up. “This is an easy job so it shouldn’t take long, maybe a couple hours, but stay on standby in case force is needed,” the woman stood straight and tapped her fingers on the table.  The crew split into the groups, taking their places.  Sam sat in the drivers seat of the car while Y/n sat in the front and Bucky was stuck in the back. 
“We’re here, everyone ready?” Sam asked and threw the car in park.
“Are we ever ready?” Bucky snarked and stepped out.  The three were greeted by a fence with barbed wire across the top. 
“Can we break it down?” Bucky looked between the two.
“That my dear would be destruction of property, a charge none of us can afford right now,” She huffed and opened the backseat, pulling the floor mat out. 
“What the hell are you doing with that?” Sam looked at the girl as if she was crazy.
“Throwing the mat over the wire?” she furrowed her brow and tossed the mat over the fence and scaled it. 
“Coming? or am I leaving you two dummies for the birds?” she smirked. 
“Ha ha very funny,” Sam snarked back. 
“This guy,” she smiled playfully at Bucky, who in return smiled back, a small one, but a smile. 
“There she is, look at this beauty,” Y/n motioned to the plane.  The three climbed in, starting the engine. 
“Bucky once we’re in the air I want you to contact the air force and tell them their plane is on it’s way,” she spoke calmly as she started down the runway. She was setting up controls when Bucky’s voice broke their silence. 
“Uh guys? I think we got company,” a black SUV sped down the runway, stopping before two guys stepped out wielding guns. 
“Pull up!” Sam yelled the girl.
“I’m trying,” she yelled back, the plane getting closer before finally taking off. The firing followed them up into the air. 
“Looks like we’re clear,” Y/n took a breath.
“There’s probably a reason they didn’t want us taking the plane,” Bucky commented.
“If I had to guess, drugs, I mean the air force tests flights so much that nobody bats an eye, especially at fort carson,” the woman nodded. “Sam can you check all of the compartments?” she looked back at him. 
“Yeah, of course,” he tipped his head and began opening the compartments lining the walls, bags of cocaine spilled out of an overhead bin.
“Oh shit, that’s thousands of dollars worth of hard drugs right there,” she peered back at the mess.
“yeah no shit, what do we do?” 
“Get on the comms and alert them of what’s happening”
“on it” 
The blaring sound took over their voices. 
“What the hell is going on?” Bucky asked
“We’re losing altitude, buckle in for a crash landing”
“I’m sorry what?!”
“Do it!” she barked “Sam jump and get to the base, let them know what happened, go now!” she was barking orders at them.  
“I’ll hurry back” Sam called and jumped, catching wind just in time.
“So what are we just going to die?”
“No, not if I can help it. But we are going to have to drop into the mountains, so hold on to something,” she gave him a sympathetic look.  The plane crashed down into the mountain, losing the wings in the process.  The two climbed out, seemingly unharmed. 
“So what are we just going to sit here and wait?” Bucky looked at the girl.
“I’m afraid so, we can’t risk moving, they won’t find us,” she huffed and slumped against an aspen tree.
“Great,” Bucky huffed and sat across from her, against a fallen pine log.  The two sat in silence for a few minutes, the ringing in their ears taking over. 
“Have you ever been this far west?” Y/n asked. Bucky peeked up at her. Sighing he tossed a rock to his left. 
“No, at least, not that I can recall,” he looked back at the dirt. 
“It’s pretty, Pikes peak is worth the view, if you ever get to go,” she cleared her throat, awkwardness settling in. 
“You been?”
“Yeah, I uh, I grew up here, in springs, that’s why I knew about the fort carson stuff.  They always test fly and they take kids for rides sometimes.  also teach kids how to pilot when they reach a certain age,” she trailed off. 
“Military brat?” 
“I never knew that,” he looked at her, really looked at her.  He noticed how she sat with her knees up, but her shoulders slumped.  Her she chewed on the inside of her lip.
“I never really told anyone,” she shrugged,”You know we have worked on the same team for I don’t know how many years and yet I feel like I hardly know you,” she remarked. Bucky swallowed the lump in his throat. 
“I don’t really open up to people, it’s not something I do,” it was his turn to chew on his lip.
“I get it, you up walls, try and protect yourself. . .”she trailed off, a soft rustling in the brush caught her attention. She held her finger to her lips and slowly stood, Bucky following her move.  The two crouched and ducked behind some bush.
“They couldn’t have gotten far, move,” a mans voice barked. Y/n looked at Bucky with wide eyes.  Bucky scanned the are before nodding to a path, they crept their way over, carful not to make too much noise. One they had gotten far enough away they stood straight and starting sprinting.  
“The guys that hijacked the plane?” She asked.
“That’s my guess,” he shrugged. 
“Bucky I need to stop,” she panted, trying to catch her breath.
“We’re probably far enough away,” he slowed to a stop.  
“I’m sorry,” she took a ragged breath
“It’s fine, not all of us are, what do you like to say? built different,” he cracked a smile.  Y/n smiled back at him before they broke off into laughter.
“You remembered that dumb saying?”
“I try to remember them all, I’m trying to make my place in this world, and if that means learning the lingo then I guess I have to”
“Must be hard,” she stood next to him, “trying to get used to this”
“you have no ide-” a gunshot and a scream of pain cut him off. His eyes shot in the direction of the shot before landing on the girl, crumpled on the forest floor. 
“Shit” he scooped her up and started sprinting west. 
“Shit shit shit, hey doll, if you can hear me keep  your eyes open you hear,” he peeked down at her. She was clutching her stomach.
“Tell me something, tell me about, tell me about your house of a kid,” he scrambled to find anything to talk about.  
“yellow,” she breathed,” it was yellow” He caught sight of a cave and ducked into it. 
“keep going”
“It had, two floors and an attic, the uh, the upstairs had a balcony,” she took deep breaths.  Bucky pulled out a knife and cut the bottom of his shirt, putting pressure on his wound. 
“Bucky?” she looked at him as close as she could
“What was your favorite part about the forties?”
He laughed. “The stupid dive bars, going dancing,” he thought for a second.
“Were you any good?” Y/n teased.
“Oh please, look at me, I was the best,” he said, jokingly cocky. The silence took over.  The only sound was a ragged breath every now and then.  Y/n Held her phone up. 
“Nothing,” she felt tears well up in her eyes.
“Bucky?” She got his attention.
“yeah Y/n? what’s up?”
“If i’m going to die today, can I at least get to know you before I go?” she asked
“Listen to me, and you listen to me good, you ain’t dying today got it?” he spoke sharply, but with concern laced and weaved in his voice. 
“In my jacket is a pack of matched, I saw some twigs and pinecones at the opening of the cave, grab them, make a fire, please, i’m freezing,” she pleaded.  Bucky didn’t say anything as he obliged.  The small fire illuminated the walls, but was small enough that they wouldn’t be spotted.  Bucky sat across from Y/n, he watched as she scanned the walls. 
“Mica,” she spoke plainly. 
“Yeah, ton of the shit too,” he kind of huffed, looking around.
“They used to make windows out of it, for cars and shit, also dry wall, but most importantly it used for stuff like spark plugs,and electronic components like compasses during world war 2 ” she stated, half heartedly. Bucky looked at the girl shocked.
“Yeah, thats- how’d you know that?”
“Grandpa fought in the war, told me all kinds of stories before he passed, also taught me about minerals and stuff before he passed too, he and dad used to take me camping, they’d teach me how to hunt, farm, fish, find and purify water, which berries and shrooms are good to eat, case I ever got lost,” she laughed and winced at the pain.  “I miss them,” she sighed.
“Those are good skills to have,” Bucky smiled at her. He went silent.  It had been a few hours, no sign of anyone.  He looked at Y/n, she didn’t look great, she was pale, she was growing tired. He didn’t want her to be miserable, or to die not knowing him. 
“My name is James Buchanan Barnes, I was born March 10th 1917, I have a younger sister named Rebecca, we called her Becca,” He spoke up.  Y/n looked at him with a smile and nodded him on to continue, “I’ve always wanted a cat, and if I could have kids i’d want a daughter, I’d name her Scarlett,” he stammers on. The young woman listens attentively.  Her breathing became slower, more strained. 
“no no no, don’t fucking die on me,” he jumped over to her, clutching her wound. “Please, I barley know you, I want to know more,” he pleaded.  She smiled at him and held her blood soaked hand to his cheek. 
“thank you,” she husked before her eyes rolled back. 
“No!” he yelled.
“Bucky?!” Sam, it was Sam, and the air force.  Bucky was pulled away as they loaded Y/n onto the chopper and raced her back to base.  Hot tears slipped down his face as the world seemed to slow down.  His connection, the one person he started to open up to was ripped from his arms, just as the walls came tumbling down. 
He sat pacing the hospital room, her body laid limp in the bed, unmoving, just as it had for the past two days.  The nurses tried to get him to go home, but after the third shift change and his protests to stay after visiting hours they gave up.  He stared out the window, looking to the mountains, they were still capped with snow.  He remembers her saying she was freezing, he recognizes that feeling now.  Cold, unmoving, dead.
“Hey champ,” a hoarse voice spoke in the room. He spun on his heels, Her eyes were opened, still droopy from the pain killer, but opened. 
“Thank god you’re okay,” he yanked a chair beside her and clutched her hand.
“I should’ve believed you,” she cracked a smile, Bucky felt his eyes well. Why? He still barely knew her. 
“My name is Y/n L/n I was born (your birthday), I have no siblings, I have always wanted a dog and if I had a kid i’d want a little boy named Matthew,” she squeezed his hand slightly.
“Good morning,” another womans voice broke the room with a knock. “I’m your nurse for this morning, my name is Sarah Good, yes like the book the crucible and i’ll take care of you till 7 tonight,” she smiled at the two brightly. “Todays agenda, always will be on the board, we want to get you to be able to be in a sitting position, and we want to start PT, or physicsl therapy if we can, We’re going to try and get you a real lunch today, and if we’re lucky you can get off those iv’s by tomorrow”
The last week was rough, But Bucky sat beside her through it all, they talked about life, about death, the world, every little thing they could think of.  When she was released it was Bucky who escorted her back across the country to home.  Sam met them at her apartment for diner and a toast to a job not so smooth for the dream team, now stronger that all three had a bond.  Sam had left about an hour ago, Bucky insisted on staying to help clean up. 
“Bucky, really this is too much to ask, it’s fine,”
“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s the least I can do”
“It’s late, do you want to stay? I mean I can take the couch and you can take my bed it-”
“I’m not taking your bed doll, I’ll take the couch if you really want me to stay but it’s not a problem for me to go home,” he smiled at her and set the last plate in the dish washer. 
“I kind of got used to you staying around,” she blushed. “We can watch a movie?” she offered.
“Sounds great”
They weren’t paying attention to the movie, well at least they pretended to,  Each watched the other out of the corner of their eyes. It was Y/n who made the first move, leaning her head on his shoulder, Bucky tucked his arm around the woman, inching her closer.  She felt her face get hot, she peered up at him to find him looking back, they ripped their eyes apart and both went flush. 
Y/n I-” they spoke at the same time, letting out a laugh. 
“Go first,” he insisted. 
“No, it’s fine,” she stammered. 
“Y/n I- I really like you, I’m glad I let down my walls for you,” he swallowed the lump in his throat.  She felt her breath hitch. 
“I was going to say the same thing,” she spoke, barely above a whisper.  It hadn’t occurred to the couple just how close they were to each other.  Y/n felt Bucky’s breath dance across her face. 
“Can I. . . can I kiss you?” he breathed out.  She sim-ply nodded and met his lips, soft and delicate at first before he set his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her in.  Her  lips were intoxicating, he could get drunk on her. She let a moan slip as he pulled her into his lap gently. He felt his eyes roll at the sound. She ground into his lap, letting the feeling of his growing bulge tease her. She laced her fingers in his short hair, gently tugging where she could, causing a groan and for him to buck his hip to meet hers.  Y/n pulled back panting, trying to catch her breath before moving her lips to meet his neck.
“Y/n doll, I uh- it’s been a while,” he panted and fought the moans that threatened to leave his throat.
“It’s okay, let me take care of you?” she caught his eyes.  Her face was pure, innocent, but her words were laced with lust. He nodded and let his hands grip her hips.  She tugged his shirt off of his body, decorating his chest with kisses, working and inching her way to his hips.  She looked up at him, he was a mess, head laid back, breathing ragged.  She carefully undid his pants and slid them down his legs.  catching the skin above his hip bones she left a small purple mark on either side, claiming him as hers.  He had looked down at her now, catching her eyes.  She licked her lips before taking him into her mouth, The moan he let rip from vocal cords was ungodly. 
“Fuck, doll I -” he let his eyes meet hers, still laced with innocence, before groaning and throwing his head back.  He let his air out in puffs as she worked him over.  Her touch was delicate and sweet, he forgot how nice it felt, to be taken care of, to be treated with kindness. She let her fingers slip to cup his balls, gently playing with them as she let her pretty mouth suck his cock. The sight was straight out of a wet dream, 
“I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop,” he pleaded, grabbing her hair with his flesh hand, clutching the couch with the metal one.  The small breaths he let out only encouraged him further, she picked up her pace, daring him to cum down her throat.  A string of fucks and his hips tensing, and slowly relaxing followed soon after.  She caught his eyes, swallowing what he gave her and grinning at him.
“Yeah,” she smiled. 
“Let me return the favor baby,” he pulled her back into his lap.
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ghostinthelibrarywrites · 2 months ago
New Fic!
Title: Those Pages Thumbed
Rating: M
Relationships: Eskel/Jasker (with background Geralt/Yennefer, Aiden/Lambert, and Coën/Triss)
Summary: When the Kaedweni government decides to send a librarian to digitize the keep’s collection, none of the inhabitants of Kaer Morhen are happy, least of all Eskel, for whom the collection has been a passion project for the last few centuries. He's not expecting Jaskier, who is endlessly curious, funny, and looks better than anyone should in his collection of colorful cardigans. But Jaskier has a secret, one that might endanger the budding attraction between him and Eskel, as well as everything Eskel cares about.
You can read the first two scenes under the cut or find the first chapter on AO3 here!
“What the fuck are we supposed to do with a librarian?” Lambert demands.
Eskel drums his fingers on the tabletop as he stares down at the letter from the Kaedweni Historical Commission. He can feel a headache forming behind his eyes. He knew that something like this was coming as soon as the Kaedweni government declared Kaer Morhen a historical landmark and claimed purview over it. The historical commission’s funding has improved some things, like finally giving them the money to fix up some of the walls that had been on the verge of collapsing for years and improving the trail up the mountain significantly. But it also gives them the power to pull shit like this.
“They’re sending someone to take an inventory of the library’s collection and begin the digitization process,” he says.
Geralt makes a derisive noise. “Why?”
“Because they want to make the collection available to the public.” Eskel drains the last of his coffee, dearly wishing it were White Gull, even though the sun has barely risen. The three Wolf witchers are gathered around the kitchen counter, while the other inhabitants of the keep are still asleep upstairs.
“Fuck.” Lambert plucks the letter out of Eskel’s hand and squints at it, like he expects to find some kind of loophole in the fine print.
“This is a bad idea,” Geralt says. “There are things in the library that shouldn’t be publicly available.”
“Well aware.” Eskel pinches the bridge of his nose. Witchers really shouldn’t get headaches. All those fucking mutations, and for what? “We can probably get Triss and Yennefer to hide the really dangerous shit, but I don’t think we can stop this.”
“This says the librarian arrives on May 1st and stays for six months.” Lambert shakes the letter. “That’s a week away. Lots of fucking notice they gave us.”
The letter from the historical commission may have languished in a pile on Eskel’s desk for several weeks before he opened it, but he decides not to bring that up.
Lambert throws the piece of paper down. “Six months is a long fucking time to have some stranger living here.”
“Our continued ability to live here depends on the grace of the Kaedweni government,” Eskel reminds Lambert. “They wanted to make us leave, remember?”
His younger brother’s expression becomes downright mulish. “Well, someone should tell the Kaedweni government that our continued ability to come help whenever drowners start picking off tourists depends on us living here.”
Eskel glances at Geralt, the far more rational of his two brothers. Geralt lifts one shoulder into a helpless shrug and he says, “They want to send us a librarian, they’re sending us a librarian. Not much we can do about it.”
 “Give me a couple of days and a supply of bombs, and I can make damn sure that no one’s getting up the trail.” Lambert flashes a vicious smile.
“And then we have to rely on Triss and Yennefer to portal us down the mountain for supply runs.” Geralt grimaces. “Don’t think so.”
Eskel knows that his brothers’ reluctance is mostly due to not wanting a stranger in the keep. He can’t blame them; he doesn’t necessarily want a strange human visiting Kaer Morhen. Allowing humans access to their stronghold has worked out for them exactly once, and Ciri can hardly be called human with all her powers. The seven inhabitants of Kaer Morhen have lived together for centuries. They coexist in relative harmony these days; Eskel doesn’t want a newcomer disrupting that.
But on a purely selfish level, Eskel doesn’t want some little pissant pawing around in his library.
The library has been Eskel’s pet project for centuries now. He’s lovingly preserved the books, pored over the contents, and learned the collection inside and out. The library is his refuge from the often chaotic life in a keep inhabited by five witchers, two sorceresses, and sometimes an eternally youthful magical battery.
He doesn’t want to lose that. He can’t lose that.
For a moment, he wonders what Vesemir would do, then brushes the thought aside. Vesemir is retired now, off traveling the Continent for the last fifty years after nearly nine centuries of being the last guardian of Kaer Morhen. And now Eskel is in charge. It’s Eskel’s job to keep the remaining Wolf witchers and their family safe, to keep their home standing, to stop any more violence from invading its walls.
And he’s succeeded for the most part, though the cost of that success is apparently a human coming to live with them for six months.
Geralt reaches out to squeeze his shoulder reassuringly. “The poor bastard they send will probably be as unhappy to be stuck in a keep full of witchers as we’ll be to have them here.”
Lambert chuckles. “Trust me, Eskel, they won’t last a month.”
“Pris, all of my dreams are coming true here.”
“Your dreams are to work in a creepy old castle in the mountains?”
“It’s not creepy! It’s historic.”
“It can be both.”
Jaskier takes his phone away from his ear to glance at the clock. It’s ten minutes past when someone was supposed to meet him to take him up the mountain to Kaer Morhen; the keep is inaccessible by car. But it’s a beautiful spring day, if a bit brisk for May, so Jaskier isn’t complaining. He puts his phone back to his ear and tilts back his head to enjoy the sunshine on his face.
“Is it even structurally sound?” Priscilla asks. “Didn’t half of it get knocked down in some kind of battle?”
“The witchers have been living up there for like a thousand years. I don’t think they’d still be there if it wasn’t safe.” Jaskier shifts from foot to foot. “Anyway, just think of how this is going to look on my resume. I get to appraise and catalog a previously untouched historical collection. And what the fuck is that sellout Valdo Marx doing?”
“Working for a vendor and making six figures?”
“You know what, fuck Valdo Marx.”
“You already did for most of grad school.”
“We’re no longer friends.”
“You’re most likely about to be murdered in a creepy castle in the mountains, so not much of a loss there.”
Jaskier groans. “I hate you.”
“No, you don’t,” she says. “Look, I keep telling you that I’ll put in a good word for you when the other children’s librarian here retires.”
“I don’t want to be a children’s librarian, Pris.” Jaskier shudders at the idea. “No one should allow me to mold young minds.”
“Good point,” Priscilla says insultingly quickly.
“Even if I didn’t think that this was an incredible opportunity and the coolest fucking thing that’s ever happened to me, you know I can’t afford to be picky about jobs right now. Not if I don’t want to move back in with my parents.” From nearby, he hears the sound of an engine. “And I think that might be my ride. I should go.”
“Just be careful. I want hourly check ins.”
“That seems exc—”
“Don’t make me come up there, Jaskier. Because I will do it.”
Jaskier tries not to laugh at the image of five foot nothing Priscilla marching up to a castle full of witchers, armed with nothing but her ukelele and simmering rage. “Fine.”
“And Jaskier?”
“Yes, dearest?” A four-wheeler comes into view, driven by a tall man whose features are obscured by his helmet.
“I know you’re going to a keep full of large, dangerous men who know a terrifying number of ways to kill people and are probably armed at all times. Please, for the love of gods, think with the brain in your head instead of with your prick.”
Jaskier grins as the man— the witcher— pulls the four-wheeler to a stop in front of him. “I’ll do my best.”
“That is not encouraging.”
“Give my love to Buttercup.”
“I’ll do my best, but that demon cat hisses at me every time I so much as look at him wrong.”
“Buttercup is not a demon. He just has very high standards for the people he interacts with.”
“He’s lived with you for ten years. I’d think he’d be over that by now.”
“Oh, fuck you very much.” Jaskier watches as the man pulls off his motorcycle helmet. “Okay, I really do need to go now. Love you.”
“Love you too. Be safe.”
“I always am.” Jaskier hangs up and approaches the man, wearing what he hopes is a confident smile.
“You the librarian?” the witcher asks.
“That’s me. Julian Alfred Pankratz, but you can call me Jaskier. And you are?” Jaskier holds out his hand to shake.
The witcher gives him a long, appraising look. He’s tall and muscular with chin-length dark hair, golden brown skin, an aquiline nose, and a beard covering his pox-marked cheeks. His eyes are a peculiar greenish yellow, the whites bloodshot and the pupils slitted like a cat’s. Jaskier wonders if all witchers’ eyes are like that and if so, why. He can tell he’s being studied just as carefully as he’s studying the witcher so he holds very still, hand outstretched and a pleasant smile plastered on his face.
Finally, the witcher smiles, revealing teeth that are just a smidge too sharp for comfort, and says, “Name’s Coën.”
Jaskier shakes his hand enthusiastically. “A pleasure to meet you. I’m guessing you’re my ride up the mountain?”
“You guess right,” Coën says. “This all you brought?”
Jaskier looks back at his two rolling suitcases, duffel bags, guitar case, and backpack. “I am going to be here for six months.”
“So I heard.” But Coën looks more amused than judgemental. “May need to bring your things and leave you behind.”
“Tie me to the hood. I’ll be fine.”
To Jaskier’s gratification, that gets a chuckle out of Coën. “Come on, let’s see what we can do.”
They manage to fit all of Jaskier’s luggage in the back of the four-wheeler without anyone needing to be tied to the hood. Coën insists that Jaskier wear a helmet, “just in case we drive off any cliffs.”
“Will a helmet help if we drive off a cliff?” Jaskier asks.
Coën’s lips quirk. “It’ll make you a better-looking corpse.”
Jaskier decides that he and Coën are going to be friends. 
As soon as they start the drive up the trail, Jaskier asks, “How long does it usually take to get up the mountain?”
“About an hour. You’re lucky. We used to go by horse and it took two days because the terrain was so treacherous.”
“Oh, I’m just as happy with this.” Jaskier pats the dashboard. “Not a big fan of horses.”
“Don’t say that in front of Geralt. He may cry.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” Jaskier studies the witcher out of the corner of his eye. Besides the eyes and the sharp teeth, he looks like a normal human. An intimidatingly muscular, scarred human, but still a human. Jaskier wasn’t sure what he was expecting. Horns, possibly, or maybe blazing red eyes. All the stories he’s heard about witchers make them sound like nearly feral killing machines, but Coën seems nice.
“If you’ve got a question, you may as well ask it,” Coën says. “You’re going to be stuck in a keep full of us for six months.”
“How many people live in Kaer Morhen?”
“Five witchers, two sorceresses. Plus Ciri who is… well, Ciri’s just Ciri. She doesn’t live with us, but she stops by frequently enough that it feels like she does.”
It’s not as many as Jaskier was expecting. “That’s all the witchers there are left?”
“No, there’s still Vesemir, the oldest Wolf witcher. He lived at Kaer Morhen up until about fifty years ago, when he decided it was time to travel the Continent. He’s off somewhere sunny enjoying his retirement, I imagine. There are a couple of Cat witchers and at least one Viper witcher still out there, but we only see them once a decade or so. We have three Wolves, one Cat, and one Griffin at Kaer Morhen.”
“And you are…”
“Griffin.” Coën holds up his medallion to show the engraving of an eagle’s head.
“Kaer Morhen is home to the Wolf School, right?”
Coën nods. “You did your research.”
“I am a librarian. That’s kind of my thing.” Jaskier wonders what happened to the rest of Coën’s school, but decides that’s not a line of questioning that he’s going to pursue.
“And what brings a librarian to Kaer Morhen?”
“Well, I saw a job posting for a six month contract with the Kaedweni Historical Commission, I applied, I got the job, and then was told that I was getting sent here.”
“And you didn’t run screaming?”
Jaskier blinks at him. “Why would I?”
“Not many humans would willingly spend six months in the mountains with a bunch of witchers.”
“Look, I’ve had some shitty roommates in my day. As long as you don’t cut my hair in my sleep and steal my leftover takeout, we’ll get along just fine.”
Coën’s lips twitch. “Do I want to know that story?”
“No, probably not.” Jaskier shrugs. “Look, I’m going to be honest with you, I’m over the moon about this. It’s the chance of a lifetime. But even if it wasn’t, a job’s a job. I graduated with my MLIS—”
“Mliss?” Coën looks confused.
“Masters of Library and Information Science. I graduated five years ago and I’ve had six jobs since then. I got my dream job as a cataloger at the Oxenfurt Museum of Music right out of school and then six months later, they laid off all their full-time staff. Since then I’ve worked in public libraries, academic libraries, selling tickets for historical tours. Before this, I was working in a call center and let me tell you, you all could turn out to be cannibals and that would still be an improvement over working in that hellhole.”
“We’re not cannibals.”
“Well, that’s a relief,” Jaskier says. “What should I expect from the others? What are they like?”
Coën is quiet for a moment, considering. “Geralt’s quiet. He seems intimidating, but he’s a marshmallow at heart. Ask him about his horse, and you’ll be his best friend. Lambert’s a prick, but once he decides he likes you, he’d arm wrestle a rock troll for you. If he takes you fishing, be careful. He uses bombs.”
“You might see Aiden scaling walls and jumping out of windows occasionally. Don’t be alarmed. He’s a Cat, that’s what they do. Yennefer is terrifying and you’ll probably annoy the shit out of her, but she’s not dangerous unless you fuck with Geralt, Triss, or Ciri. Triss seems all sunshine and light, but she’s just as powerful as Yennefer, so don’t forget that. And Eskel…”
Jaskier waits while Coën thinks, then prompts, “Eskel?”
“He’s the best of us,” Coën says. “He’s normally content to spend time with his goats and his books. But the library has been his passion project for centuries. He’s a bit protective of it. It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment for him to have you here. Don’t take it personally.”
“Thanks for the warning.” Wonderful, so Jaskier hasn’t even arrived at Kaer Morhen yet and he already has a potential enemy. That’s fast, even for him.
But Coën doesn’t give him time to dwell on the witcher who might loathe him for infringing on his territory, making easy chit chat for the rest of the drive up the mountain. Jaskier likes Coën; the witcher is funny, charming, and full of good stories. When he casually mentions fighting in the first Nilfgaardian War, Jaskier’s jaw drops.
“But that was in the thirteenth century!”
Coën nods. “I was young, maybe sixty or seventy?”
Jaskier stares, open mouthed.
Coën chuckles. “You knew that witchers are long-lived.”
“Long-lived, but not immortal.”
“We’re not immortal. Well, we don’t think. We’re the first witchers who have really gotten a chance to find out what a witcher’s natural lifespan is. Most of us didn’t get that luxury.” For a second, his expression shadows, then he seems to shake himself out of his funk and continues with his story. “Anyway, I was travelling with a squadron of Lyrian soldiers…”
Jaskier is almost disappointed when Coën mentions that their drive is about to end. At least, until he looks up and sees Kaer Morhen towering above them. The sun is just starting to set, staining the sky purple and pink and throwing the keep into dramatic relief. It’s a stunning sight, the keep looking like it was carved out of the side of the mountain. Jaskier can only imagine what it must have looked like before the sackings that destroyed half of it. It must have been breathtaking.
“Welcome to Kaer Morhen,” Coën says.
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trashroyalty99 · 2 months ago
There is nothing on this website (or anywhere for that matter) about Scooter so please may I have some headcanons for my favourite space cowboy? 🥺
You most certainly can. Scooter is an funny case as he's a fan favorite, yet there's so little content for him. Which, I'm here to do something about it.
Random and domestic headcanons for Scooter.
-Scooter as most will depict him is larger than life person.
-He will do everything with 110% motivation and effort. This usually leads him getting into some trouble but that won't dim his motivation. (Or brighten his sense of danger.)
-He has no idea when's appropriate to say something and when isn't. This often leads to some embarrassing situations.
"Holy, moley you're hot. Hot like skag turd under the sun."
"Thanks? I'm not sure, how to take that."
-It's not rare to hear an explosion going off in Scooter's garage as he's almost always trying to make the engines more kick-ass.
-When he's not tinkering with cars and engines it's save to assume he's at Moxxi's eating.
-He loves the food his mama makes for him. He will eat like a horse. It's still shocking to many how much he can eat.
-Brick once decided to challenge Scooter to an eating competition. Scooter won unsurprisingly. Mordecai and Lilith had to drag him to Zed's place to get him something to ease the pain.
-Scooter may seem like blabber mouth, but surprisingly he can keep an secret. If, others have told him something confidential, they can trust for Scooter to not say anything.
-Despite him being usually dirty, he enjoys a good shower. It's a nice feeling for him to rub off the grease from his hands.
-The cap he wears was an birthday gift from Moxxi,. It was their first year away from the Nomads, as well. He has had Ellie fix it many times for him, so he's gotten extremely attached to it.
-When Ellie moved away Scooter felt bad about it. He didn't mean, it that way. If, she had just said something about it, he would've kept respectful boundaries.
-Scooter isn't as good as a driver as he's a mechanic. He can drive the vehicle, yes but that one time he attended an race, he lost. And the Outrunner got completely wrecked.
-This is the main reason he's searching for an driver to compete in the races. As it would bring more publicity to Catch-a-ride and his creations would get to be used to their fullest potential.
-Scooter's handwriting is bad. Like, the doctor kind bad. Everyone is surprised that he can actually read it. Or that he's coming up with it on the spot.
-Scooter had some trouble when starting off Catch-a-ride. Not, only Pandora isn't the easiest place to start an company but psychos stopped him from setting up the first Catch-a-ride station. But, once he got things rolling it became easier and easier to make new stations.
-Scooter isn't as busy as you'd expect him to be. Despite, him being owner of Catch-a-ride he barely does any of the paperwork. He hired an assistant early on to do them for him. Moxxi will also occasionally help him with them, when she's not too busy with her own business.
-Scooter is protective of his friend and family. He will always make sure they're safe and try to help them. But, with his significant other there are times when he's bit overprotective.
-If, you're going out to raid some outpost this discussion will most likely break out.
"Babe, I'll be borrowing your Outrunner."
"Nonono. You won't."
"And why is that?"
"I just... I just got it cleaned up. That's why you can't go out."
"Scooter, I'll be okay." You kiss him on the cheek. "It's nice for you to think of my safety but trust me. I'll be fine."
-He will usually give in. Unless, it's about Hyperion. Those are the times, he won't let you go.
-Scooter has no idea when to stop working. So, it's not rare to see him falling asleep while working on a engine.
-Which, means his significant other will either bring an blanket for him or carry him to the couch.
-If, the later one happens Scooter will pull you with him down to the couch and won't let go.
-You just admit defeat and cuddle with the greased up man and sleep with him. On the morning, you'll be woken up by Scooter bringing breakfast to you.
-He's thoughtful like that. Except, he can't cook meaning your breakfast is burned eggs and bacon. Which, you believe is bacon. It could be coal for all you know.
-A lot of dates, will be spend in the garage working on cars or watching movies/shows. He really likes animal documentaries. It's outside of his usual interests and he gets something else to think.
-He at one point wanted an cat as an pet. But, he soon realized that his garage wouldn't be the best place for it, so he gave up on that thought.
-He would've called the cat Scooter Junior.
-He has a tendency to name his cars, so when you're asking about spefic car it'll go pretty much like this.
"Wow, that's amazing looking car."
"Oh, that's Jillian. She's a beauty ain't she? Fastest Outrunner I've done so far."
"You've, named it?"
"Hell yeah, I've named all of these ladies. That one over is Bethany and next to her is Kitty."
-He even does custom license plates for them. Or for anyone, if they ask for them.
-He will have an secret handshake he wants to teach you. After a while it's your normal way of greeting each other.
-Scooter as his name suggests actually owned an scooter once in his life. He used to drive with it everywhere but once he got taste of Outrunner's speed he didn't look back.
-He does still have it in his garage. Waiting for the day to be used again.
-Scooter always wanted to see the world beyond Pandora but his dreams were shot down by his noble sacrifice. He at least died while riding the stars.
Soo, yeah. Some random headcanons I have about Scooter and some domestic ones as well. Thanks for ask.
Tumblr media
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msbhattionline · 2 months ago
Beautiful Baby Cat Hiding in my Car Engine | Funny Cat | #SHORTS​ | TECHNICAL SAJID - YouTube
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shirlleycoyle · 2 months ago
Zoom Court Videos Are Making People’s Darkest Hours Go Viral
At this point of the pandemic, there's a good chance you've seen a viral video of a Zoom court hearing. A lawyer with an errant video filter pleading with the judge that he is, in fact, not a cat. Zoombombers injecting ass-eating porn into the middle of hearing for 2020's notorious Twitter hacker. Maybe you even heard someone on the highest court in the land flush the toilet.  
One of the many unforeseen consequences of COVID-19 is that many courts are now holding their hearings over Zoom. These hearings are all recorded and often streamed in public, creating a new engine for internet virality whenever something funny or unexpected happens. It has become such a common event, there's a new subreddit dedicated to Zoom Court, which now has over 12,000 subscribers.
The r/ZoomCourt subreddit features many moments that have viral potential similar to the cat filter lawyer because they are funny, shocking, or evoking schadenfreude. In one video, the judge asks if one of the people on the call actually wants to be known by their Zoom screen name, "h0e'N-g0." In another trial about a suspended driver's license, the defendant Zooms into court from the driver's seat of his car. Sometimes, the judge dismisses people on the call with some sharp remark, and the whole thing comes off as an episode of Judge Judy.
Many of the videos in the ZoomCourt subreddit feature a judge from St. Joseph county, Michigan named Jeffrey Middleton. One poster, who goes by the username Playoffasprilla, told Motherboard that Middleton's videos are the only ones he really watches.
"I think the reason people are tuning in is because of how transparent and real everything is," Playoffasprillasaid. "It's the greatest reality show that was never really meant to be a reality show."
This level of transparency is how our government is supposed to work. There are systemic inequalities built into this system still, but theoretically public scrutiny helps make sure justice is being carried out. 
But while Zoom court videos may be a boon for governmental transparency (and for anyone who wants to see someone say that they are not a cat), some have concerns about the privacy of the people in them.
According to Alex Howard, director at government transparency organization Digital Democracy, these videos are helpful because the simple act of documenting something and making that documentation public is transparency. But it's also placing private citizens in a spotlight they might not want shined on them. 
"A well-informed population is the one that self-governs best," Howard said. "Public records belong to the public, but the stewards and the guardians of the records also have to protect the public that is contained within them."
Judge Middleton told Motherboard the impact that this newfound internet popularity has had on court proceedings is "profound, and in some cases troubling."
Another of Howard's concerns is that many of these videos are hosted on YouTube, a private corporation that isn't intended to be a resource for government transparency, but instead a company that makes money off of selling ads against the videos users upload. It places these videos into an ecosystem that's based on virality and popularity, often without much of a thought to the people featured in the videos themselves.
"People's worst day, which is often why they're in court, shouldn't be monetized for a global audience's benefit," he said. "The platforms [that the videos are hosted on], I think, need to be thinking really carefully about how they treat this kind of content and, dare I say it, be responsible and transparent about any harms that come to people whose worst day in court gets blown up."
While many of the videos on the subreddit are harmless, some, like this video of a judge disparaging a black man who was shot at by the police, are illuminating, showing how the system can treat Black people more harshly. Another harrowing video in a domestic abuse case ends with a twist, revealing that the alleged abuser and his victim are actually Zooming from the same apartment, and he is arrested on camera. For every cat filter video there are many more that show the reality of court—it's not a place anyone ends up in for a good, happy reason.
When I reached out to Judge Middleton's office for comment, he also directed me to Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget McCormack. McCormack told Motherboard that being able to use Zoom to attend court hearings has been a huge benefit to the courts not just in terms of transparency, but also in terms of accessibility. Many people, like people with day jobs or who need child care, wouldn't be able to come to court otherwise.
"I think the more access the public has to see what happens in court, the more confidence the public will have in court's decisions," she said, "which frankly is, you know, pretty fundamental to enforcement of the rule of law."
McCormack pointed out that cases involving children, like custody disputes, also serve as a potential vector for a violation of privacy.
"In both abuse and neglect cases and custody cases, kids are just innocent victims of disputes between their parents," McCormack said. "That feels like another really compelling area to think about what public access means."
Howard said that historically, trials and even executions have been used as a form of entertainment for the public. The musical Chicago's entire plot is based on that premise, and as a real life example, the trial of OJ Simpson was an enormous media event, with all 134 days of the trial broadcast by Court TV. To Howard, the issue of whether these Zoom court hearings should be hosted publicly isn't all that different from similar debates in the 90s, when courts started to broadcast hearings on television.
"It's just instead of it being on our TVs, it's now on our smartphones, laptops, every screen nearby that has a connection, which is all of them," Howard said.
For Zoom court video fans, these issues aren't invisible. Playoffasprilla said that it would be prudent for courts to make better use of Zoom's features to protect the privacy of individuals.
"I also think comment sections should be removed during live videos," they said. "They are distracting and do more harm than good."
McCormack told Motherboard that around five months ago, the state of Michigan put together a task force in order to plan the best practices for using Zoom for court, and for hosting video on private platforms like YouTube. While it's too early to know what that task force will recommend, the question of how to balance the transparency of the internet with its potentiality to harm private citizens is one all states will have to grapple with.
For what it's worth, in a recent video from Judge Middleton, at the end, he addresses the YouTube chat. To put it mildly, the chat for Judge Middleton's videos are lively. 
"We've started to be a popular spot for people to watch court proceedings. That's all good, we're transparent and we allow people to watch everything. But we've developed a community in chat that posts things that are grossly inappropriate," Judge Middleton said in the video. "I'm going to turn it off. You're free to watch all you want, but I'm going to turn off the live chat."
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