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#Frodo baggies
lady-latte · 4 days ago
The Fellowship as Things my Family Does
Warnings: none? Lemme know if there are any
A/N: uh yeah... 😂
Tumblr media
Gets called ‘Mom’ when real mom isn’t home. So exasperated that he starts threatening to sell them back to the black market
Drives the riding lawnmower while drinking a beer and head banging to music
Screams as he aggressively cleans the toilet before using it- once ran out of baby wipes so used Lysol Wipes on his ass
(Walking around the house) “Guys don’t look at me, I’m naked- I TOLD YOU NOT TO LOOK”
Takes a shot of blackberry brandy to get rid of the nasty, sick taste in his mouth, forgets he took cold/flu medicine 30 minutes prior and gets drunk
Sam (real mom)
Stares into space contemplating his life existence as every one argues around him
Sends photos of ugly creatures with the caption “this is you”
Refuses to do any favors for the others unless they give payment (payment is fist bumps)
“Please- please stop making me cookies. My bathroom cannot handle the consequences no more”
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hetaczechia · 3 months ago
Frodo Bag: I'll take him. I'll take him! I will take the Ring to Mordor. Although ... I don't know the way.
Gandalf the Gray: I will help you carry the burden, Frodo Baggy, as long as it lies on you.
Aragorn: I will protect you with life and death, so I swear. I will be your sword.
Legolas: And I will be your bow.
Gimli: And I'm your ax.
Boromir: You will bear the judgment of all. If it's the will of the council, Gondor is with you.
(Sam runs into the meeting.)
Sam Quail: Mr. Frodo is not going anywhere without me.
Elrond: You can't be separated from him, even if we invite him to our secret meeting and you can't.
Laughing Brandorád: Wait! We're going too! Tie us to the goat, we'll go anyway.
Pipin Bral: Exactly! You need intelligent people for such an expedition. Pilgrimage. Task. Thing.
Smíšek Brandorád: But what are you going to do there, Pipe?
Elrond: Nine companions. Be it. You are the Fellowship of the Ring.
Pipin Bral: Great. And where is it going?
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malyen0retsev · a year ago
 tagged by @frankcastle thank u my fellow sarah BEAN <3
top 4 ships: arya/gendry (asoiaf), ron/hermione (hp), simon/izzy (shadowhunter chronicles), alina/mal (grishaverse)... and let’s just throw in percy/annabeth (percy jackson) as a cheat 5th bc they too are IMPORTANT 
last song according to Spotify: sunsick moon - sticky fingers (i’ve been on a sticky fingers ear binge the last 2 months and I DIG THEM A LOT)
last movie: little women, for the second time lol
currently reading: clockwork princess by cassandra clare (i picked up my copy of chain of gold today but am determined to reread the infernal devices before starting it aklfsjbdka)
food I’m craving: chocolate i’m always craving chocolate
relationship status: single and i legit love it, having another person to factor into my already bad life decisions would be infinitely stressful
favourite colour: blue
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick  
favourite food: chocolate. but if we’re talking more substantial then pasta
top 3 shows: (at the moment anyway) his dark materials, the witcher, and friends lol - but i’m gonna cheat and also add skins (first and second gen only) and heartland bc those are my comfort shows always
last thing I googled: 'number of coronavirus cases worldwide’ me and my housemates only have the cheerful discussions here!!!
height: 5″8.5
time: 10:15pm
song stuck in my head: mountain at my gates - foals
wearing: jeans, baggy t-shirt, grey uni of sheffield zip up hoodie
# of blankets I sleep with: one thick duvet, two blankets tucking it in at the bottom and sort of side, and i always sleep curled up with one in my arms bc the way i sleep means i have to be holding something or my arms go numb idk I SLEEP WEIRD
dream trip: it’s always been nz which i have now done so UM probably pacific north west tbh; and one of my friends lives in seattle and another’s moving to vancouver so idk COULD BE A LEGIT THING I DO SOON
tagging: @daenerys-targaryen @aegon @geekychemist @frodo-baggins @villan3lle <3
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opheliacrainbow · 5 years ago
When you're waiting for Sméagol to yeet Frodo off the ledge cause you've had enough of his shit lol That's why he bit your finger off lol
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sablexonxblonde · 8 years ago
Shout out to my psych text book referencing Frodo and Sam.
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