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#Friends to Lovers
lillywillow · 14 minutes ago
Summary: Being a plus sized girl wasn’t easy but having someone like Sam Wilson in your life made things a lot better
 Word Count: 1483
 Square Filled: Home Alone
 Pairings: Sam Wilson x Plus Sized!Female Reader
 Warnings: Body insecurities, some bullying about reader’s size (not from Sam), mild adult themes
 A/N: If your name is Tina, please feel free to pretend all mentions of the name Tina is either Tina Jr. or something else.
Written for @star-spangled-bingo
 The world wasn’t kind to plus sized women. You would often have people make cracks about your weight, telling you to lose it or making fun of you in general. What these people didn’t understand was that it wasn’t just easy for you to lose weight because of underlying health issues like your thyroid and other problems that caused your size to fluctuate. Your number one sense of support came from your roommate and best friend, Sam Wilson. Whenever you wanted to diet, he was there alongside you and if you wanted to exercise, he would spot you at the gym. If fell off the wagon and just wanted to eat junk food and watch TV, he was cool with that too. Sam would never push you into something you didn’t want to do and would always encourage you to do whatever felt right for your body.
You were currently at home by yourself as Sam had gone out for the night to spend some time with the boys. As you were currently in an ‘off’ period, you were situated in front of the TV with your junk food watching a movie. As you watched the people on the screen, your insecurities started to get the better of you. Sighing, you lifted your shirt to look at your midsection. Stretchmarks streaked across your skin; some red, angry and new, others silvery and faded with time. You poked at the soft flesh, pinching at your love-handles between your fingers and thumb, examining how your belly jiggled when you gave it a gentle pat. Had Sam been home, there was no way in hell you would be exposing yourself in such a way.
 “Would you like some food, Tina?” you asked your tummy.
 “Mmm, yes! Feed me!” you said in a different voice, putting a Cheeto in your bellybutton. “Nom, nom, nom!”
 You moved the area around your bellybutton as if your stomach was ‘eating’ the chip.
 You jumped to your feet at the sudden voice, knocking over the coffee and sending snacks flying. Slowly, you turned around to see Sam staring at you.
 “What the hell are you doing?”
 “Um...” you brushed some crumbs away and pulled your top down. “You got me. It’s Friday night and I’ve got nothing better to do...”
 “I see...”
 “I didn’t expect you home so soon...”
 “The night was a bust. Most of the guys either hooked up, got drunk or called away,” he replied.
 Sam walked over to help you clean up the array of fallen snacks.
 “So... do you do this often when I’m not here?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow.
 “No, uh... you caught me in a bit of a weird moment...”
 Once the snacks had been cleaned up, Sam joined you on the couch, eating the food you were able to salvage. A somewhat awkward silence fell over the pair of you before Sam finally broke it.
 “So... Tina?”
 “Yep, Tina the talking tummy.”
 “Does Tina... like to eat?”
 “She does... not always like that, but the girl does like her food... she also talks to me, demanding food...”
 Sam grinned a little. He knew how insecure you were about your tummy so he enjoyed seeing you come out of your shell a little to talk about it.
 “You, um... you won’t tell anyone about... Tina, will you?”
 “If you don’t want me to tell anyone, then I won’t. Anything that makes you happy,” he said, casually putting his arm around you and popping a Cheeto into his mouth.
 You couldn’t help but blush. The truth was, you had developed a major crush on Sam but felt like you couldn’t do anything about it. He was absolutely gorgeous, both physically and his personality. Sam could have any woman he wanted... so why would he want you?
 “Y/N?” Sam’s voice pulled you out of your negative thinking.
 “How about I order the three of us a pizza?”
 “The three of us?”
 “Yeah, you, me and Tina,” he winked. You playfully rolled your eyes.
 “I think Tina would like that,” you smiled.
 You realised that this was a private joke that wasn’t going away anytime soon.
 A week later, you had gone on a blind date a friend had set up for you. By the time you came home, you were in an absolutely terrible mood.
 “How was your date?” Sam questioned from his spot on the sofa.
 “The stupid most embarrassing thing happened!” you snarled, throwing your purse and sitting next to him of the couch with your face in your hands. Sam put his arm around you to comfort you.
 “What happened?”
 “Tina made an appearance...”
 “Oh, she did, did she?”
 “Yeah... so the dinner was going well at first, he seemed really into me... then I felt this horrible rolling feeling. I look down and Tina had escaped my Spanx. She was sitting there like ‘Yo, Y/N, introduce me’,” you said in your ‘Tina’ voice. “I never felt so humiliated.”
 “Then what happened?”
 “At first, my date didn’t notice but then he asked me to dance. I didn’t really want to but he pulled me onto my feet and onto the dance floor. He put his hand on my waist and well... his expression suddenly changed. I couldn’t read it... his whole personality changed and he became mean and nasty. Kept making digs about my weight. I paid for my meal and left...” By now you were in tears.
 Sam wrapped his arms around you and held you close.
 “It’s okay, Y/N. You don’t need jerks like that. You deserve a man who thinks you’re beautiful and can see how amazing you are.”
 “Yeah, right. Like I’m going to find one of those,” you scoffed.
 “You have one right here...” You looked up at him in surprise.
 “You... think I’m beautiful?”
 “I sure do. Every single day. From when you’re all dressed up to when you’re working out at the gym. I just think to myself... Damn, how has nobody snapped this woman up yet?”
 “I... I’m not...” you subconsciously covered your stomach. Sam took your hands and kissed them.
 “You are beautiful, Y/N. I know your struggles, how hard you work to take your weight into your own hands. Your size doesn’t matter. All that matters to me is that you’re happy. I love you.”
 “I love you too, Sam.”
 Sam smiled and gently pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he placed his hands on your waist. Unlike the guy you went on a date with, Sam’s touch was warm and inviting. Eventually, you had to pull away for air.
 “I also love Tina,” he grinned. You laughed and kissed him again, feeling a lot better about yourself and about Tina.
 A few weeks later, you and Sam were enjoying a date. He had taken you to an art gallery which featured plus sized women in the artwork, whispering in your ear how beautiful you were. As you were walking around, you were spotted by a group of youths. They were pointing and laughing at you, making rude gestures, sounds and remarks.
 “Hey!” You marched over to the group who made even more comments.
 “You see this? This is what a real man looks like,” you stated, pointing to your boyfriend. “He loves and respects women of all sizes. You boys would do well to learn from him.”
 The boys muttered as you walked away, still acting positively boorish. A few weeks ago, they would have gotten to you but since dating Sam, you felt like you could take on anything. You went up to Sam and kissed him deeply. The boys were in shock as Sam kissed back.
 “How about we go shopping and you can pick out some outfits that will look good on both me and Tina,” you quietly purred.
 “Damn, I love this woman!” Sam loudly proclaimed, the smile never leaving his face.
 Whenever you were with Sam, he made you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He loved you with all his heart and furthermore, he completely accepting of Tina. To think, if he hadn’t caught you doing something so embarrassing when you thought you were alone, you may have never have gotten together. You still had your issues with your body image but with Sam by your side, you felt like you could take on the world.
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forthememsdump · an hour ago
Chapters: 2/2 Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Katara/Zuko (Avatar), Katara & Zuko (Avatar), Katara & The Gaang (Avatar), The Gaang & Zuko (Avatar) Characters: Zuko (Avatar), Katara (Avatar), Sokka (Avatar), Aang (Avatar), Toph Beifong Additional Tags: soft, so soft, so so soft, facetime call, Songfic, Zutara Songfic, Modern AU, Alternate Universe - After College/University, Gaang shenanigans, The Gaang ships Zutara Summary:
After flunking a job interview, Zuko calls Katara and wonders if he's finally ready to let her fully into his heart.
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sunnymuffins45 · an hour ago
Omg can I request something where reader puts Tom in “yoga” positions he puts her in during seggsy time
Wait...This Seems Familiar
Pairing: TomhollandxReader
A/N: back with the TikTok au´s, lol I love this idea sm!!
Warning: Implied smut? Sex position talk and doing them lol, fluff, confused Tom.
WC: 821
You were laying on the couch with Tessa while scrolling through TikTok, like any other day at this point. Tom was on the floor watching the TV, resting his head and back against the couch you and Tessa were on. You came across a video of a girl putting his boyfriend in sex positions but telling him they were yoga positions. It was genius. You were bored and had a clumsy boyfriend to try this on, so you took your chance.
The fact that Tom was just in a pair of grey sweat pants made you wish it were you doing the poses. You stood up from the couch, making Tessa come down from it too.
¨ Stand up, we are making a TikTok ¨ You ordered him while giving him one of your hands to help him stand up.
¨Should I change or...¨ Tom said, looking down at his naked chest.
¨Stay like that, you look sexy¨ You winked at him, and he kissed your cheek.
¨So what are we doing?¨ He asked, rubbing his hands together.
¨ We are doing yoga positions.¨ You answered, pressing the record on the red record button.
¨Ohhh Okey am ready¨
¨Okey first lay your back on the floor and lift both of your legs up¨You said, and he started. He brought both of his into the air and looked at you, waiting for the instructions.
¨Now, grab the back of your thigh and pull it as far as you can.¨ You signaled with your hand.
¨Like this princess?¨ He asked with his voice compressed
¨Yes, baby, you are doing great¨ You cheered for him.
¨ Okey, on to the next one¨ You said and he stood up.
¨ Lay on your tummy, yep like that¨ You laughed at your boyfriend.
¨What? why are you laughing? Do I have a wedgie?¨He asked laughing with you.
¨Wha- no, you don't have a wedgie Tom¨ You laughed at your boyfriend's stupidity. ¨ Okey now you are going to lift your butt up just a little¨ he lifts his butt a little
¨ Yup like that, you're a master at yoga babe¨ You laughed
¨What can I say¨ He shrugged smiling ¨Whats next?¨
¨Stay in that position but flip to your side, now lift your right leg up¨
¨Still on my side?¨ He asked struggling
¨ Youp, still on your side¨
¨I can feel the stretch, ughh¨ He kept struggling and you laughed
¨Its hard right?¨
¨Yeah¨ Tom said out of breath ¨Can we move on now?¨
¨Sure, stand up for me and grab onto the couch¨ He does as he's asked. ¨perfect¨you compliment him. ¨Now arch your back a little, yeah just like that¨ You smiled at how oblivious he was.
¨ I still think I have a wedgie or something y/n¨ He pleads
¨Tom stop, why would you think that? that's the most random thing ever¨ You laughed
¨Its because you keep laughing at this positions¨ He giggles
¨Okey come on, let's do one last one, get on the floor on all fours¨ You were sure he was going to realize everything in this position because it was his favorite. Tom gets on his hands and knees on the floor waiting for you to continue. ¨Okey and you are going to arch your back a little so that your butt is sticking out-¨
¨Mhm¨ you knew he already knew.
¨Nothing go on¨ He shook of his dirty thoughts and left you with your thing.
¨I was saying, arch your back so your butt is sticking out and-¨
¨Wait...this seems familiar¨ He stops to think, but stays in the position.
¨How come?¨ You ask sounding innocent
¨NAH AH, YOU DIRTY¨ He realized how he had been played and started laughing alongside you, but never moved, he stayed in that position. ¨Y/n, baby, what the actual fuck-¨
¨OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING ¨ Harry askes as he enters the room just to find you holding a camera recording Tom in doggy style.
¨We were just-¨
¨Mate, nothing is going on, we are like making a tiktok¨ Tom tried to calm him down.
¨A TikTok!? for what website exactly!¨ He cried out.
¨ Chill, we were doing yoga poses¨ You went over to him and placed your hand on his shoulder.
¨Well whatever it was, it's probably going to haunt me for the rest of my nights¨ He gave you a disapproval stare and left again. Tom came closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his mouth against your ear and whispering.
¨I think its time for you to try some poses¨
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taecoo · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V Characters: Bangtan Boys Ensemble, Park Seojoon Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Jeon Jungkook, Beta Kim Taehyung | V, Canon Compliant, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Friends to Lovers, Pining, Slow Burn, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Explicit Sexual Content, Marathon Sex, Friends to Enemies to Lovers Summary:
In the midst of their rising success, Taehyung and Jeongguk try to piece their friendship back together.
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dendrite-blues · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 23
Rating M | 94k words | Loki/Tony Stark/Pepper Potts | Slow Burn, Fix It Fic
There was something to be said for existing in another's shadow. One rarely had to justify their presence when the God of Thunder put his foot down. One did not need to speak when Thor so readily spoke for others.
As a boy Loki resented it, but as a walking corpse it was satisfactory. It allowed him to float over his pain like a buoy. He drifted freely between life and memory, and knew one from the other only by Thor's persistent worrying.
As far as living went, it was not the worst he'd experienced.
[Read on AO3]   [Read on FFN]
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sunnymuffins45 · 3 hours ago
Personalized Fics Masterlist
Tumblr media
Hey everyone, here is where all the personalized fics will be found.
⚠️These Fics include names, so no y/n, you are still more than welcomed to read them, if your lucky your name might be here!!! ⚠️
You can sign in to the google forms here 👉 here!
I am still writing normal fics, so feel free to request!!!
Key: ❤️Fluff, 💔Angst, 😏smut
Tom Holland ❤️💔
Water Breaker´s, Fight Breaker´s
Peter Parker
Arvin Russel
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sunnymuffins45 · 3 hours ago
Water Breaker´s, Fight Breaker´s
⚠️This IS part of the Personalized Fics Masterlist, so no Y/N is used in this fic. You are still more than welcomed to read it!!! ⚠️
Name: Kaitlyn
Additional Characters: Lila (Dog)
Request: Tom and his wife ( the reader) are expecting twins. Tom has been very overprotective over the reader, and towards the end of her pregnancy, she starts to get irritated. An argument sparks, and the reader's water breaks.
A/n: Hi Kaitlyn, I hope you like your fic. Thanks for the request ❤️
You rolled your eyes as your husband opened the door for you. Both of you had just returned from having dinner with Tom´s parents, all you wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. You got out of the car and Tom helped you walk to the front door. It was getting annoying. you loved Tom, but he was just too much sometimes. Today your pregnancy marked 39 weeks and you were so excited. When you and Tom got married; 2 years ago, you wanted time for yourself before having children, so you waited. Now here you were, pregnant with your twin girls who were due any day now. Tom opened the door to your house, and you walked in, taking your shoes off.
¨ How are you feeling love¨ Tom asked rubbing your back
¨ Am fine¨ you smiled ¨how are you feeling, baby?¨ You asked your husband kissing him.
¨Tired¨ He kissed you again.
¨Me two, ill go upstairs to change ¨ You said to him, walking to the stairs and stopped for a second ¨can you bring me a glass of water, please?¨ you asked him.
¨ Sure love, just be careful going up the stairs, don't want any of my girls getting hurt¨ He spoke innocently, not realizing how annoyed that comment made you.
¨So you think am not capable of walking up the fucking stairs Thomas¨ You snap at him.
¨No I do, I didn't mean it that way, Kaitlyn baby, you know I didn't mean it that way¨ He came closer to you, but you just shook him off.
¨No Tom, I am sick of you being so overprotective about me, it's not like I cant take care of myself or something¨ You yell at him.
¨Well am just trying to help you, Kaitlyn, why are you so mad about that?¨ Tom starts yelling back.
¨ Am pregnant, not disabled, get your facts stright¨ You sighed and rolled your eyes.
¨Oh My God Babe¨ Tom says mouth wide open.
¨WHAT? WHAT IS IT NOW?¨You snapped again as you started to feel the water in between your legs and realized. ¨My-my-¨
¨Your water just broke¨ Both of you spoke in shock. ¨Okey, Okey let's stay calm, I'll go get the bag and you- um¨ Tom gulped
¨Ill go get the bag, you start the car babe¨ You caressed his cheek, feeling bad about snapping at him. He let go of your hand and went to start the car. You went upstairs, freaking out to Lila, who just seem to be confused about the whole situation. You grabbed the bag and waved bye at your dog like she was just going to return it.
Tom opened the car door for you and you thanked him.
¨This is really happening¨ Tom freaked as he closed his door now.
¨Yeah¨ You sighted still in disbelief ¨ We should have slept more yesterday¨You laughed, so did your husband as he started the car.
¨You will be the best mother in the world, my love¨ He said as he placed his hand on your thigh.
¨ I am sorry¨ You pouted
¨ Is alright Kaitlyn, your right, I have been a pain in the ass. I just want everything to be perfect. I don't know what I would do without you darling¨ He said and you kissed his hand.
¨I love you¨ You kissed his hand again.
¨And I love you¨ He kissed your hand now then lifted it in the air with his.
¨Lets go and have our babies¨
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dnffanfic · 3 hours ago
hi!! do you have any skater boy recommendations??
hi anon, thanks for the ask! try these! - Mint (Admin 2)
- locker letters and skaterboys (hiclaire, ~48k words, rated T):
"he was a skaterboy who incontrovertibly hated him.
he was a british exchange student who was confused and overwhelmed.
can i make it any more obvious?"
- lo and behold (spearmiintt, ~12k words, rated T):
“Dream's just a teenage dirtbag.
very obviously based on 'teenage dirtbag' by wheatus.”
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dnffanfic · 4 hours ago
can you rec highschool au? i’ve read all the ones in the master list and i need some new ones please !
hi anon! here's some more; these are pretty long so they should tide you over for a bit! - Mint (Admin 2)
- Love, Dream (kirbakii, ~100k words, rated G):
"George had several expectations when he signed up for the student exchange program that would have him abroad for six months. He expected the new faces, the foreign places and sports, even the different way of teaching.
What he didn't expect, however, was to receive an email from a stranger two days in.
He looked at the email address.
or, the high school anonymous email fic nobody asked for"
- how am i supposed to hate you (aloffie, ~45k words, rated T):
"To George, Dream is one of the most obnoxious and stuck up people he's ever met.
To Dream, George is one of the most whiny and stubborn people he's ever met.
Both of them, forced to compromise by their club director in order to compete in this year's coding competition, are at even greater odds. Yet, after a strange night at Greenview High's Homecoming dance, the two start to think a little differently about one another."
- locker letters and skaterboys (hiclaire, ~48k words, rated T):
"he was a skaterboy who incontrovertibly hated him.
he was a british exchange student who was confused and overwhelmed.
can i make it any more obvious?"
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sunnymuffins45 · 4 hours ago
🥂 Celebration Time 🥂
Thank You all so much for 100 followers, you all have no idea what this means to me !!!! I honestly never thought anyone would ever read my stories. I've been a Tom fan for so long and it makes me happy to be surrounded by people that share my same likes ❤️❤️Thank You all again, I have so many fics and updates coming soon. AHHHHH am so excited!!!!!
Tumblr media
Sunnymuffins45 100 followers celebration
You can send this as a private message or an ask 🥰
🎤- Music requests or recommendations, just let me know what type of music your into and I´ll recommend a song for you. :)
👄- Tell me about anything that's going on in your life or that you need to get out . It can be private or you could make it an ask ;)
🌚- Spill your tea with me, I love your life´s mine is so boring !!
🇮🇹- I know Italian, send me something and I will translate it
🥰- Need advice w your crush? I've got you bestie!!!
🥐- Tell me what your favorite Tom quote is, I'll tell you mine!!!
💃- let's chat about anything you like to, I love making new friends
🎥- Movie requests, tell me what genre of movie you would like to see.
✍️- Want any specific type of writing recommended, I've got some great fics and Tumblrs to recommend !!!
Thank You all, you are free to participate in any way would like, am always thrilled to hear from you guys. Love u all !!! 🥰❤️🥂
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chelleztjs18 · 4 hours ago
Lost in Assistance - Ch. 8
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
The flight is finally over. After eleven hours, three of you finally arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport. A driver picked up all of you and then took you to the hotel. You have requested the hotel to set up a specific amount of aromatherapy candles in every room in Lizzie's Victorian style suite room along with an aromatherapy oil diffuser in her room with a room set up to 70 degrees just like she always requests wherever she travels. The girls will stay in the same suite room and you have your own.
The suite is a very large room with Eiffel Tower view through a large window with elegant curtains. It has its own living room with two large bathrooms. It has a high ceiling with some gorgeous paintings.
The girls plan to go around since they have almost two full free days before the photoshoot. Lizzie asked the hotel suite butler where to go shopping both for designer products and traditional markets, also for some tourist attraction. The butler explains in English but with a very thick French accent, you can see both girls nodding as if they understand everything he said but you know they don't really understand everything.
After the butler left, you made sure if they understood what he said and if they needed anything else. "Did you guys understand everything he said just now? I could help you guys go around checking stuff out and be your guide too." You offered while you were moving all the luggage to the room and made sure everything was okay. Before Aubrey would happily accept your offer, Lizzie's pride pushed her to refuse it quickly. "Of course we understand everything he said. I have been here before, so has Aubrey. We don't need your help."
"Are you sure? I can help you both, I don't mind. Just let me do my job will you?" Despite Lizzie's rejection for your help, you offered once again. You used to live here for work for a little over a year, you know Paris pretty well but as stubborn as Lizzie is, yet again she refused it.
"Liz, It wouldn't hurt if she is coming with us, we might need her help. We never know." Aubrey tries to talk Lizzie some sense. "I can help you girls with your shopping bags at least." Normally, you would be already annoyed but since your friend is here as well, it was a friendly offer and try to keep it professional as well.
Lizzie sighed in annoyance and finally gave in. "Fine, then come but I don't want you to talk too much or say anything unless we need your help. Happy now?" She pouted and walked away. Aubrey rolled her eyes jokingly at you about Lizzie. "Okay cool, I'm gonna head to my room and I'll see you two again in like an hour?" Both of them agreed and you headed to your room.
You get into your room, try to take a little break before you take a shower and get ready again. You heard your phone notify you of a text, it's from Aubrey.
"Hey, I'm sorry for how Lizzie acts towards you. She probably has something bothering her mind. She is very stubborn but she is actually a nice and sweet person, I promise. You'll see what I meant someday. It just takes a little time."
Aubrey's short nice text actually makes you smile and feel better. For you, it's like an appreciation to your work that you think probably you will never get from Lizzie and it helps motivate you not to quit no matter how hard she tries to make you quit.
"Thanks Aubrey. It's not easy but I'll do my best doing my job. :) " You replied and continued to get ready.
You knocked on Lizzie's door. She opened the door and you got caught off guard with how she looks. You notice that now her dirty blonde mixed with brunette natural hair color is straightened this time with simple make up. You cleared your throat to say hi but she already walked away.
"Hi Y/n!" Aubrey greeted you nicely like usual. "Hey. Are you both ready to go?" You asked. "I am. Hey Liz, are you ready?" She asked her. "Uh huh. Let's go." Lizzie answered as she walked past you. She already looks a little upset. You gave a confused look at Aubrey and she shrugged her shoulders.
Three of you went to some designer stores. It was easy and no problem since it's designer stores and tourist places so mostly people speak English there. You just follow them around helping them with their shopping bags, and don't say a word just like you were asked to. You don't want to talk too much anyway since you consider you are at work right now.
The problem starts when the girls want to go to a place where more locals go shopping. Smaller shopping centers or some markets. You do just what they asked and take them to where they want to go. It was fun at first until Lizzie got irritated since not too many people or sellers can speak English. Every time she found something she liked and wanted to buy it she couldn't because of the language barrier, no matter how many times you offered to help, yet again Lizzie refused your help right away. So you just follow them and watch them.
It's almost too funny for you to watch but then you enjoy it a little and think how she can be so stubborn and has a very big ego that she lets herself get stuck in a loop of a situation like this. You feel bad for them. "Let me help you." You offered for the last time and the frustrated Lizzie couldn't help but raise her voice a little when she answered you. "Oh my god y/n I don't need your help. What can you do to help anyway?! Let's just go back to the hotel. I'm done."
You shake your head in disbelief and you can't stay silent anymore so you step up to talk to the seller, you start from the truffle store where the three of you are. "Monsieur, nous voulons acheter un paquet de truffe blanche française et de truffe noire s'il vous plaît." Both Lizzie and Aubrey were astonished with what just happened. You gave Lizzie the truffle that she wanted to buy and helped her finish the transaction.
"Wow y/n! I didn't know you speak French. That's so awesome and sexy as well." Aubrey said it jokingly as she nudged Lizzie's arm to tease her. "Aw thanks Aubrey." They follow you walk back to the store where Lizzie wants a set of French baguette accessories. "Excusez-moi mademoiselle, nous voulons acheter un ensemble d'accessoires de baguette française s'il vous plaît." Again, you came back with the things Lizzie wanted to buy and hand it to her then finish the purchase.
Lizzie was embarrassed with what just happened. She actually felt stupid but with the big pride and ego she has, she covered her embarrassment in a most wrong way as possible instead of admitting that she needs your help.
"You can speak French and you didn't tell us? Did you enjoy watching me in frustration walk around trying to buy stuff that I can't just because I can't speak French and just stand there? Are you happy after making me look like a fool?" Lizzie talked in frustration and embarrassment.
Your mouth slightly opened in disbelief. "You kidding right? Do you have short term memory lost or something?! Do you not remember that you keep refusing my help? Yeah, MY help. I told you many times I can help! A thank you would be nice by the way!" Aubrey got caught in the middle and couldn't do anything but pinched the bridge of her nose. "Yeah but you didn't say you can speak French. You need to be more specific." Lizzie clenched her jaw and still refuses to admit it.
"Oh I'm sorry Ms. Olsen if I wasn't too "SPECIFIC" when I offered you help!" You argued back sarcastically while doing air quote hand signal. "This is bullshit! I wouldn't think any less of you even if you admit that you need my help because it's my fucking job. Unbelievable!" Anger evident in your face.
Aubrey tried to talk to her " Liz, I think -" Lizzie answered right away "Aubrey, please, just don't." You walked away to calm down. Three of you went back to the hotel with another unresolved argument. On the way back none of you said anything then get back to your own rooms. Aubrey knows Lizzie very well to not to talk to her at this moment and it's better to wait until she calms down.
After the argument you both had earlier, Lizzie is not talking with you but luckily Aubrey is willing to help you to be the messenger between you two which gives you the advantage to figure out where she wants to have dinner. You reserved a driver and a restaurant where the girls decided to eat. You are waiting for them at the lobby to make sure everything is ready for them. Soft music plays in the background with soft yellow light from the chandelier lid the lobby to make the guests feel comfortable and relax in a fancy five star hotel atmosphere.
You waved as soon as you spotted them. Aubrey plastered a smile on her face while Lizzie showed the opposite of it. Her expression dulled.
"Hi. Are you both ready to go?" You greeted them. "Hi y/n! Thank you for waiting for us." Aubrey showed her appreciation towards you. "Hey." Lizzie greeted half heartedly as she sighed and tried her best to avoid eye contact with you. You slightly raise your eyebrow in surprise as you didn't expect she would talk to you.
"The driver is ready, I already made a reservation for both of you under Olsen's name and the driver will take both of you back. Don't worry, it's a big restaurant, the staff there speaks English so both of you won't need my help. Well, enjoy your dinner." Your hand points where the driver is as you talk to them, you still feel uneasy after the argument earlier.
"You are not coming with us? Why don't you come have dinner with us?" Aubrey offered. You can see from the corner of your eyes that Lizzie seems like waiting for what response will come out from you but you don't know what response she expects from you as she is wearing a poker face.
"Unfortunately, I'm not. My help won't be needed there and I have to prepare everything for Lizzie's photoshoot tomorrow, but thank you for the kind offer. I appreciate it." You gave Aubrey a nod of gratitude. "All right then. I'll see you tomorrow." Aubrey shrugged her shoulders.
"Ms. Olsen, I will come pick you up at your door by 11 AM tomorrow so we can be at the location before the session starts at 12.30. PM. I'll see you tomorrow." You turn your face to Lizzie and see her nodded in agreement. "Okay."
The girls walked out of the car and you went back to your room to spend the rest of the night.
Ch. 9
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youngsamberg · 5 hours ago
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gaybookpromotions · 5 hours ago
New Audiobook - This is Not a Horror Movie by Sara Dobie Bauer
New Audiobook – This is Not a Horror Movie by Sara Dobie Bauer
AUDIOBOOK REVIEW TOUR Book Title: This is Not a Horror Movie Author: Sara Dobie Bauer Narrator: Blake Lockheart Publisher: Self-published Cover Artist: Natasha Snow Designs Release Date: June 8, 2021 Length: 8 hours and 57 mins Genres: M/M new adult, gay paranormal romance, LGBTQ, romantic comedy Trope: Friends to lovers Themes: non-explicit, humorous, teens, summer vacation, hauntings,…
Tumblr media
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certifiedbowsbian · 5 hours ago
deleting dating apps so i can find love the old fashioned way (gradually realising that i have fallen in love with my childhood best friend and then pining after them for years because i’m too scared to tell them how i feel in case it ruins everything between us).
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oasis-for3v3r · 5 hours ago
Hypothetically <3
David Bowie x Reader
Request-could I request a Bowie imagine ( or whatever you’d like ) where you two have been friends since you kids and he’s either slowly realizing his feelings for you or has known for a while. It can be any era when he realizes, I just love the feels. Do whatever you think is right with it, just vibe you know?
Warnings; mentions of death, 1940′s film, so much fluff so please have your dentist on speed dial.
Tumblr media
“That was the most shit movie I have ever watched.” David said in a monotone voice, while the credits roll. Its not like he hasn’t said that for the entire movie though.(he did). 
You guys were working on an english essay on the topic of old love and new love. So for your research you decide to watch Casablanca 
Which was your first mistake. No not watching a movie with David, but watching a romance movie with him. It was like watching it with an overgrown toddler gagging at every confession of love, every kiss and every. Single. Embrace.
It’s not that David Bowie didn’t like love;it’s that he thought this love in the movies was unrealistic. Like love at first sight?
“Bullshit” “Complete and utter bullshit” he said in between taking nibbles at his already stubbed finger nails.
You were getting annoyed yet desperate. The professor had assigned this 2 weeks ago and it was due yesterday. She has graciously gave you an extension since “love is hard to figure out”. But she gave you a catch- you had to work with David.
Mistake number two.
So you caved in, and decided to give him an example. And by giving it in the only way you knew would appeal to him-putting himself in the actors shoes.
You stood up and grabbed his chin to make him face you.
“Hypothetically lets say you love me.” You say in the most calming yet timid voice
“Ok and Hypothetically I love you.” David said right away but with his eyebrows furrowed
“Would you let me go or stay with me?”Why is your voice quivering? It’s not like this was actually happening.
“Stay with you.” David said as if that is the fact of the world
“No you can’t.” That’s not how the movie went
“Because if you stayed with me we would both be found and killed.”
“Id rather have you dying beside me than a memory of you.” He said that as if you were the only thing that mattered in the world.
“Thats selfish.”
“To want all of you?”
“Yes to me and yourself”
“ok lets try this again.” You we’re getting so worked up, It’s like all your emotions about David were coming out at once and you can’t handle it.
“Hypothetically let’s say you love me.”
“Ok” David on the other hand seemed to like this game
“Now you have to let me go”
“No” he was staring at you now, towering over you. Inches between your chests
“David that’s not how this works” your breath was getting heavier by the second. And you were avoiding his eyes. Because you knew if you were to even glance at them you would be a goner.
“It will work for us.” And with that he closed the difference between the two of you. His lips meet yours and if felt as if you were being warmed and floating at the same time.
Maybe making mistakes wasn’t so bad after all
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Hola, soy Fernanda y tengo 20 años
Busco una mujer u hombre para hablar y pasar la cuarentena.
Me gusta y te mando un mensaje
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heaven help a fool who falls in love - 3,014 words
childhood best friends to lovers dnf
dream and george are childhood best friends, and george has a habit of kissing dream on the cheek. or; a story of love told in six kisses.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Sunny! I almost screamed from how hot you looked! And your cloud animations were full perfection!”
- Violet overwhelmed by her adoration for Sunny (2021, colorized)
Sunny is so touched she’s speechless 🥺 Her little twirl 😭💛
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justwomenlovingwomen · 7 hours ago
I think maybe this is what falling in love looks like. In the hopeless tragic way where she loves someone else. Someone who doesn't deserve her but she doesn't see it and you can't bring yourself to be the one to break her. I hate this.
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losingvienna · 9 hours ago
straight enemies to lovers is always rather toxic. only good if its queer.
now. friends to lovers to enemies? yessir.
fuck im tempted to write stuff now, off to my writing account i go ‼️‼️
write me some fluffy blurbs while you're at it ‼️
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