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#French literature
ibonoco · 4 hours ago
Miss Nefertiti
The Cure – Love cats Titi Clic, clac, clic, clac clic, clac… On l’entend arriver de loin, de très loin. Ses longues griffes martèlent le parquet à chacun de ses petits pas réguliers, souples et élégants – un vrai p’tit fauve de la savane dans un appartement. Son instinct de chasseur est intact et toujours en éveil : les souris n’ont qu’à bien se tenir ! Elle pourrait passer une nuit entière à…
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For someone who is super flammable, Angel sure does spend a lot amount of time being shirtless while using a ridiculous amount of candle or a roaring fire place (in Southern California) as he preferred method of illumination. Maybe it’s part of his penance. But maybe Angel’s just dramatic. It’s probably both.
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Hello my dear followers! Last week, I shared some interesting information with you concerning a social bookmarking tool known as Diigo. I don’t have much to add about this AMAZING social bookmarking tool. But, I have created a Diigo outliner for my subject area and it is an immense pleasure for me to share it with you. I hope that you like French literature as this is the topic of my outliner. I think it will be useful to those who do not really know what are the important aspects to consider when analysing a literary text.
Here is the link. Hope you’ll like it. Till then, stay safe and take great care of yourselves during these tough times. Bonne lecture.
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vampires-realm · a day ago
Les siècles maudits
Les siècles maudits par Charles Marie René Leconte de Lisle Hideux siècles de foi, de lèpre et de famine, Que le reflet sanglant des bûchers illumine ! Siècles de désespoir, de peste et de haut-mal, Où le Jacque en haillons, plus vil que l’animal, Geint lamentablement sa pitoyable vie ! Siècles de haine atroce et jamais assouvie, Où, dans les caveaux sourds des donjons noirs et clos Qui ne…
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mirielsart · a day ago
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The Three Musketeers, except it’s Star Wars. I’ll draw the boys next.
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calin-sy · 2 days ago
Elle est la brise froide du nord
Elle semble impitoyable
Comme la tempête de neige en février
Mais peu importe à quel point il pourrait faire froid
Le temps change tout
Soyez patient, elle fera fondre votre cœur
Comme la neige qui fond lentement en avril
Sa gentillesse est un crocus en fleurs
La forme la plus pure de beauté
Son sourire est le soleil emportant
Vestiges de l'hiver glacial
Sa voix réveille la nature de son hybernation
Elle est la promesse de nouveaux départs
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This is both the stupidest and most intellectual joke I have ever made
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whiteecarlate · 2 days ago
Suddenly, all at once, she knows, knows that he doesn't understand her, that he never will, that he lacks the power to understand such perverseness. And that he can never move fast enough to catch her.
Marguerite Duras, The Lover
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fleurdusoir · 2 days ago
La fleur tombe en livrant ses parfums au zéphire ; A la vie, au soleil, ce sont là ses adieux ; Moi, je meurs; et mon âme, au moment qu’elle expire, S’exhale comme un son triste et mélodieux.
Alphonse de Lamartine, L’automne
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weinberl · 2 days ago
Hervé Le Tellier ‘Toutes les familles heureuses’
Hervé Le Tellier ‘Toutes les familles heureuses’
It was at roughly the same age that, during a digression in an adult conversation that my mother had had an abortion a few years before in mother…explained to me several times: she had done it “for me” . Guy would of course have grown attached to “his child” and neglected me, or even grown to dislike me. I found out, thanks to her, that I was responsible for the death of a little…
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musicallisto · 3 days ago
11. favourite native writer/poet?
#11. Favorite native writer/poet?
I feel like I’ve already answered this question? maybe in another life? idk.
(THIS GOT LONG adjjdjd i’m such a nerd omg. anyway i’m putting this under a read more)
France: I have a handful and I’m sorry but I am going to get sappy over them. Man, let me rave about literature like God intended. Okay, my favorite author is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, so I suppose that makes him my favorite French writer de facto. You may be familiar with him because he wrote The Little Prince, but I can’t encourage you enough to check out his other work. His writing style has immensely inspired my own, and he wrote my favorite book of all time as well as some of my favorite quotes. The irreplaceable “you’re beautiful but empty - one could not die for you” that I talk about all the damn time, his condemnation of marriage and how it kills young women - “And then an imbecile had come along. For the first time those sharp eyes were mistaken and they dressed him in gay colors. If the imbecile recited verse he was thought a poet. [...] And that heart which was a wild garden was given to him who loved only trim lawns. And the imbecile carried away the princess into slavery.”, his love for humanity in all its grandeur and patheticness and particularly his love for planet Earth. He was a well-traveled man who worked as a pilot for the French airmail service and knew South America and Northern Africa like the back of his hand. His descriptions of the sky, of the stars, of the land and solitary lights of shepherds beneath, when he flew, are my absolute favorite thing in this world. Everything he wrote is just so... ethereally beautiful?
“This day, as I fly, the lava world is calm. There is something surprising in the tranquillity of this deserted landscape where once a thousand volcanoes boomed to each other in their great subterranean organs and spat forth their fire. I fly over a world mute and abandoned, strewn with black glaciers.”
He was also a loyal man, who dedicated some of his works to his friends and their impossible survival stories, like Guillaumet who crashed in the Andes, or simply to the daily life as a pilot with his comrades, and how much joy he found in their friendship. He also worked as a journalist and covered the Spanish Civil War on the Republicans’ side with a faithfulness that I find extremely important as a Spaniard - he understood the tragedy of the conflict far better than many other French writers or politicians did at the time. During the Second World War, he joined the Resistance as a pilot, and was shot down in action - his remains were never found, and some debris of his plane only very recently. I truly appreciate how fiercely independent he was, though? He was dedicated to a cause, an ideal, and not to a person. He did not join the Resistance out of devotion for de Gaulle, for example, but for liberty and humanity. He kind of... did his thing and let no one tell him how he ought to do it. Despite being extremely famous for The Little Prince, he’s rarely talked about or discussed in French literature spheres? or I mean less than he could be. (some people have speculated that it is because he wasn’t one to cling onto de Gaulle and the Resistance kind of brushed him off for that but I don’t think that’s it.) of course, he has said some ice cold takes because ... early 20th century y’all know what it is but I find such modernity and comfort in his writing, his anti-war sentiments and his love for the planet, nature, and humanity as a whole. and of course he had a great sense of humor and a child’s spirit - as evidenced by the Little Prince. also I think it was kind of iconic of him to be a really good pilot despite being easily distracted and crash-landing all the time idk idk
BUT! he’s not my only favorite! (I promise this is going to be short.) I’m but an average person and Victor Hugo has a dear, dear place in my heart. I don’t think I need to expand more on it because everyone knows this man and everyone has read some quotes from Les Mis or something.
And lastly, another of my favorite French writers is Albert Camus. Because I don’t know shit about philosophy, I can’t really analyze it from a critical point of view but his conception of the human condition/the absurd, that he explains in The Myth of Sisyphus, truly resonates with me, because he doesn’t allow himself to be pessimistic about the mortality of man - “one must imagine Sisyphus happy”. What I can say, though, is that I absolutely adore his writing style as well, that The Plague and The Stranger are some of my favorite books, that I truly admire him for being a prominent figure of the political left in his time but still going like, “yeah, soviet concentration camps? hard pass” when everyone was jerking off to the USSR at the time - and I love him for his beef with Sartre because in this house we do not stan Sartre. Also, he was an adamant advocate for the abolition of death penalty, which is also a cause I feel strongly about. (Just like Victor Hugo was, one hundred years before him.) And he was also a Resistant so we love to see it <3 He also said some... stuff about Algeria that not everyone would agree with maybe? but like, he was Algerian so idk I can’t really speak for him.
anyway. if you have read this far you deserve a veteran’s discount
Spain: YALL I gave everything I had for the French writers and I’ve got NOTHING. No genuinely I’m so uncultured about Spanish writers, because all the Spanish-language authors i like are latin american? like Neruda and Garcia Marquez and stuff. I will say though that I really like contemporary poets and songwriters such as Joaquin Sabina. Also I’ve read a few quotes from Garcia Lorca and I’m kind of vibing with it. I need to read Bodas de Sangre asap. (and to know this play inspired my favorite Rosalia song! art imitates art.)
SOOO yeah that was a lot lmfao but I guess I was full of feelings. thank you bye x
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rdforart · 3 days ago
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weinberl · 3 days ago
Sarah Chiche ‘Saturne’
Paris, 19th June 1975 Madame, Miss,… What can be expected, you’re beyond redemption. You’ve a dark heart, vicious like a snake disguised as a deer. In despite of whatever my old father may think, that you’ve tricked with your charm as you’ve tricked so many others, me, I can find no excuse for you. No. You’re no more than a mistress in the hands of a boy who’ll never be a man. I’m Harry’s…
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kazbbrekkers · 3 days ago
we need to read and discuss to the class a book for french class and i legit dunno what to pick or where to look for recommendations lol
if anyone has any suggestions for a good french book/novel, or even just a potential list i could choose from, pls send me an ask/dm or reply below, it would help a lot!!! hopefully one that isn’t too long and is not that difficult to read and understand for a B1 french-level student.
thank you ✨✨ our professor said no le petit prince lmao
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fleurdusoir · 3 days ago
Jour après jour, mois après mois, au fil de ses doutes, l’ordre devenait donc une forme de fascisme, l’enseignement une contrainte, le travail une aliénation, la révolution un sport gratuit, le loisir un privilège de classe, la marijuana un vulgaire tabac, la famille un étouffoir, la consommation une oppression, la réussite une maladie honteuse, le sexe un loisir sans conséquence, la jeunesse un tribunal permanent, la maturité une forme nouvelle de sénilité, la discipline une atteinte à la personnalité humaine, la religion chrétienne… et l’Occident… et la peau blanche…
Jean Raspail, Le Camp des saints
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dillon-lynch · 4 days ago
“He who does not ‘die’ from being merely a man will never be other than a man.” -Georges Bataille
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findfriendstochat · 4 days ago
Meet @violetlilliesrp
Tumblr: @violetlilliesrp
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 23
Country: Germany
Languages I am comfortable with: I prefer English but I also speak German, Italian, French and Japanese
Things I am interested in: learning foreign languages, reading and writing (fan fiction, non-fiction and classical literature, mostly), watching YouTube/TV shows, travelling, cooking/baking, hiking, going out with friends, going to the theatre/opera, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology
What I am looking for: Ideally I would love to find someone to voice chat with, either on Discord, Skype or maybe some other app/website but I would also be fine with text chatting/pen pals. Due to the lockdowns I’m stuck at home with nothing to do and would love to talk to someone new and find an internet buddy to chat with on a regular basis. I can honestly talk about anything and tend to be quite talkative once I get to know someone. I can also help if you are learning German or if you are learning another foreign language we can motivate each other :D I would also prefer to only speak with other women so please only message me if you're female as well! :)
Fun Fact about me: I’m really into historical fashion and if I could get away with wearing historical dresses every day I totally would :D
- Fandoms: Harry Potter, Detroit: Become Human, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Supernatural, Marvel/Avengers, Shameless, Merlin, DC/Batman & a ton more! I love talking about them and I'm a fanfic 'connoisseur' :D
- I have a dog <33
- I would love to learn every single language in existence but I already fail at speaking my native language
- I would love to find someone I could have a genuine connection with (so we can skip that awkward initial stage in a friendship)
- I’m really chill so don’t feel any pressure if you can’t talk for a while
- My tumblr is empty but I’ll still respond, I promise :D
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