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#Forbes Peter
your-fave-transboy · 17 days ago
character playlist masterlist
these are the characters I've done so far, but feel free to send asks for other characters :)
Edited: 5/3/21
Teen Wolf
Scott McCall
Stiles Stilinski
Isaac Lahey
Derek Hale
Allison Argent
Lydia Martin
Peter Hale
Theo Raeken
Law and Order: SVU
Olivia Benson
Dominick "Sonny" Carisi
Amanda Rollins
Rafael Barba
The Vampire Diaries
Damon Salvatore
Caroline Forbes
Bella Swan
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klarolineescapism · a month ago
Tumblr media
New chapter of Forbes tagging @misssophiachase, @crazychicke, @iamcarito, @infernal-panda, @missmystic-vampirebarbie,
A week after the revelations of the last chapter Peter and Lexi are avoiding each other which is hard on both father and daughter. More is revealed about Lexi’s moms death, and uncle Sawyer is always irritating his brother Peter much to the annoyance of Lexi who is caught in the middle.
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thechristadelphian · a month ago
The Gospel Online - Is the New Testament Reliable? 4- Videos
The Gospel Online – Is the New Testament Reliable? 4- Videos
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”zoomIn”] Is the New Testament reliable? well, this mini series of  4 videos will attempt to broaden your knowledge and understand as to why there has to be a creator God who is incontrol of all things and has a plan and purpose with this earth. In the 21st century, for a lot of people, it almost seems absurd to have belief in God. They will…
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goodblacknews · 2 months ago
MUSIC MONDAY: "Dream Land" - A Tribute Playlist to Bunny Wailer and the Wailers Legacy (LISTEN)
MUSIC MONDAY: “Dream Land” – A Tribute Playlist to Bunny Wailer and the Wailers Legacy (LISTEN)
by Marlon West (FB: marlon.west1 Twitter: @marlonw IG: stlmarlonwest Spotify: marlonwest) Bunny Wailer, born Neville O’Riley Livingston, died on March 2nd. He was an original member of The Wailers along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, and a lifelong standard-bearer of reggae music. “The Wailers are to reggae what the Beatles are to rock ‘n roll and pop music,” according to Jamaican music-business…
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theagnostictheist · 2 months ago
Not gonna lie...
...but I’d like certain characters a lot more if their fans weren’t busy glorifying them for things they’d absolutely hate if any other character dared to do the same.
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badgaymovies · 2 months ago
Only Two Can Play (1962)
Only Two Can Play (1962)
SIDNEY GILLIAT Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBBB United Kingdom, 1962. Vale Film Productions. Screenplay by Bryan Forbes, based on the novel by That Uncertain Feeling by Kingsley Amis. Cinematography by John Wilcox. Produced by Leslie Gilliat. Music by Richard Rodney Bennett.  Production Design by Albert Witherick. Costume Design by Muriel Dickson. Film Editing by Thelma Connell. Breezily funny…
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bloomsburry-dhazel · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dakotahommes · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
In a wealthy white town in Connecticut, all of the housewives act the same. They are beautiful, dress modestly, and care only about cleaning their houses and pleasing their husbands. The Men’s Association seems to be the most powerful group in town, but the women hardly leave their homes. Joanna and Bobbie don’t get it. They worry there’s something in the water, and they want out.
The Stepford Wives (1975) is a satirical suburban horror film about the patriarchy and gender roles. It’s a slow-paced film, and I don’t think it’s message is nearly as biting today as it must have been in the 1970s. It’s an interesting moment in American cinema, and a cultural touchstone for sure.
My favorite scenes are the ones with Bobbie and Joanna just hanging out. They’re really funny together, and it makes what happens later all the more horrifying.
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klarolineescapism · 6 months ago
Forbes chapter 1
This is a spin off of beautiful dirty rich another fic I have. I didn’t expect this first chapter to be so long but it is this is also an au. Tagging @misssophiachase, @caritobear, @crazychicke, @bearolle24, @infernal-panda, @walter-boswell428
The forbes are the cousins of the Salvatore family one of the richest families in the world the mother’s side of the family. Where as they live in New York City the forbes reside in Bel Air California. They live in a beautiful fairy tale like gated estate with views of the Pacific Ocean and downtown Los Angeles.
Lexi Forbes wakes up in her big bedroom with white walls, a purple egg shaped chair in corner that has pillows on it, sun shining through her window above the window seat she has blankets and pillows on. After a shower in her en-suite bathroom she sits down at her vanity table and after she’s finished doing her hair which she has her long blonde hair wavy and flowing down her back and makeup which she keeps simple. She picks out a pair of teal skinny jeans a white tank top and a grey sweater with tan knee high stiletto boots and a white and tan purse. She has matched it with tan sunglasses and her rose gold diamond choker her mom gave her and a couple rings.
As she enters the breakfast room which is smaller then the dinning room. The breakfast room has double doors to go out to the front lawns. The quaint room is yellow, with flowers painted on the walls and fresh flowers in a vase on the table. Her mother designed their many homes.
She kisses her father on the cheek as she sits down next to him, Sabine a member of their staff at the mansion brings her a bowl of raspberries, strawberries and watermelon. “What are you doing today dad?”
Peter Hale Forbes has sharp cheek bones that would cut glass, his short but volumed brown hair is always styled. He always looks incredible and wears a lot of v necks. Today he has on a grey v neck and a pair of fitted jeans. Their wealth comes from his hotel’s but also the Forbes family comes from old money making 19 year old Lexi an heiress. “I’m going to check in on the hotels.”
As Lexi is bringing the last piece of fruit in the bowl a piece of watermelon to her mouth she asks, “Is your friend coming over today?”
Peter raises an eyebrow how does Lexi know about her he’s been so careful only bringing her around while Lexi was at school or out for a extended amount of time. He looks away from his breakfast of fruit; watermelon, blueberries, peaches and mango’s. “What friend are you referring too?”
Lexi pulls a orange cheetah print bra out of her purse. “The friend this belongs too, I know its not mine. The only other teenage girl here is Greta but since she’s in high school and works for us I doubt she’s helping her mom clean the mansion in cheetah print lingerie, nor any of the staff.”
Peter grabs the bra out of his daughters hand and puts it on the other side of him on the table. “Where did you find this?”
“Outside your suite couldn’t even wait till you got inside the first set of double doors. I didn’t find it Aiden did. He found it the day before we left for New York City and there was no time to bring it up then and when we got back they came with so now is the perfect time. That day I needed to finish packing and Aiden and Ethan came up with me, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye and it was that.”
Peter closes his eyes and puts his head in his hands. He knew he had to have this conversation with her eventually but he didn’t think it would be this soon. “I miss your mom everyday, But I have to learn to move on. I have been seeing a women named Alexis she beautiful, eclectic, fun I enjoy her. “
“Dad mom’s been dead for almost five years I miss her too I don’t think mom would be mad at you for moving on. I’m glad you have someone.”
As Lexi gets up Peter adds. “I forgot to mention Alexis is a escort, I don’t pay her for her time it’s not like that. There is actual feeling on both sides.”
Lexi closes her eyes and bites her lip. She knew there was a woman but she never thought there was actual feelings which she knows is wrong of her. She remembers when her grandmother Cece’s new boyfriend who is only 11 years older then her showed up a couple weeks ago and Cece introduced everyone to him that took awhile to get over, some of the grandchildren are still not over it. “I hope to meet her one day.” She leaves a kiss on her dads cheek. “I’m going to school see you later.”
Before Lexi can leave she has to go get her two best friends identical twins Aiden and Ethan who live in their guest house but Lexi knows they like to take a morning swim.
So coming into the backyard from the kitchen she goes down the stairs off the Balcony. There is a little sitting area at the top of a slope which has long steps and water cascading in between the two staircases at the bottom of the slope there is a fountain surrounded by statues of the four seasons in their own alcove. To the right there is a bush/pathway to the pool which has a glass bottom. The 75 foot size pool is in the middle with potted trees on the sides. A table off to the side with an umbrella and chairs surrounding it, on the other side of the pool there are lounge chairs. Behind the pool is the pool house/dome.
The pool house/dome is practically another house, Its three floors. Before her mom died they would have pool parties all the time. The pool house lounge level always had drunk happy party people coming in and out of it, teen and adults alike.
The first floor is a living area is simple from the plain white and brown stripes of the wallpaper to the tan furniture. Her mom always said nobody will be looking at the walls when they enter this place. The white French style windows letting in the morning light over the navy blue curved couch underneath it with the red, white and blue striped pillows. The cushions of the couch have been washed so many times the blue has faded.
On the opposite side of the room is a fully stocked circular bar. In the middle of the room there is a tan matching table and chairs that seats eight people. Off to the side there is a door to a kitchen. Opposite the kitchen there is a doorway to a full changing room with lockers, and a floor to ceiling mirror.
When you walk into the living area the smell of popcorn and chlorine fill the air popcorn from the home theater with concession stand upstairs and chlorine from the indoor pool downstairs it never bothers anyone since they are so busy doing other stuff.
Her heels echo through the enclosed spiral staircase as she descends down to the lower level and opens the glass door to come into the indoor pool/jacuzzi room. All the rooms in the lower level have glass doors except for the sauna which has a wooden almost bamboo like door.
Aiden and Ethan are identical they are both lean and muscular and are of medium stature not only do they look alike but they have the same short reddish brown haircut which the sides of their hair are shaved shorter then the top of their hair but only by inches. Ethan is slightly taller then Aiden. They are currently in the indoor pool seeing who can do more laps. They are to occupied in competing with each other that they don’t notice Lexi. The main house and the dome are the only two homes on the estate that have spiral staircases.
Lexi, Aiden and Ethan have been best friends since they were two. Their moms were friends and Lexi’s mom had invited the twins mom over one day and she brought her two year old twins and the three have been inseparable ever since.
“Get out of the pool time for school.”
Both twins say at the same time. “Aww but mom.”
All three laugh. “You know how we all laughed when Aiden found that bra and joked my dad had a hooker.
They nod as Ethan is climb himself up out of the pool and Aiden is floating on his back to the side to get out. “Well turns out not a joke my dads been seeing a hooker named Alexis but not in a sexual payment way. There’s feelings involved. I just don’t know how to feel.”
“Aww honey we’re there for you whatever you need.”
“Yeah hon you can always stay with us in the guest house.”
Lexi smiles at them they can always make her feel better. “Thanks guys.”
Beautiful red haired insanely smart and very social 19 year old Lydia Martin is awoken by her phone ringing. As she slides a hand out from underneath the covers and cracks an eye open to read the text from her best friend Allison Argent “Where are you? You didn’t come home last night.”
She notices the time out of the corner of her eye and her eyes widen and she quickly sits up waking the guy in bed next to her.
“Oh my god is that time I have to go.”
Lydia scrambles around his bedroom looking for her clothes from last night. As she is zipping up her ankle booties she leans back and kisses the guy in bed on the lips. “Last night was fun see you later.”
The twenty four year old brunette watches as Lydia hurries out of his apartment.
“I had an idea.”
Lexi cuts Aiden off. “Aiden I love you I really do you and Ethan are the brothers I never had but because of your idea’s the police know where we live.”
“True but hear me out.”
Lexi pulls up to a stop sign and looks to Ethan who has the apprehension look on his face too. They both turn to look at Aiden in the backseat of the hot pink lamborghini convertible Lexi got for an eighteenth birthday present before she was driving a black Ferrari. Lexi has a couple different luxury cars and all of them are different colors. “Ok Aiden what is your idea?”
“We throw a party at the end of the year one last bash before summer.”
“Way to go Aiden you finally had a good idea.” Ethan leans back and hits his brother in the leg. Which earns him Aiden sticking his tongue out at his brother and Ethan laughing.
As the stop light turns green Lexi asks. “And where would we be having this party, I doubt there are many abandoned warehouses in Bel Air and our home yes it’s gorgeous but there are not many open area’s for people to party besides the pool.”
Aiden looks up into the rear view mirror and Lexi notices him. “I know what your thinking and I doubt people would drive a little over an hour to Montecito for a party. Even if our home there would be big enough.”
“Its a black light party and the night club would be perfect for it.”
As Lexi is pulling into a her spot behind the Kappa Kappa Gamma house on sorority row at UCLA she tells them. “I’ll ask my dad for the keys no promises he said he’s going to be out today so I might have to steal them. I love that home but it doesn’t get used often which is a shame its very beautiful.”
“All your family homes are beautiful.”
“Why are we at Kappa?”
It’s to early for anyone to be coming in and out of the house. Lexi mainly lives at the Forbes estate but some nights she spends at the sorority house. She loves being a kappa and with her friends but with the good comes the bad. “I left some lip liner here and I was looking for it this morning. See you later in psych.”
The Kappa house is styled like an old Tuscany villa. As she is coming down the hallway from the kitchen to the stairs the front door opens and Lydia quietly comes in wearing the clothes she had on yesterday a red floral mock mini dress and black heels
Both girls hear voices calling them. One from the living room and one from the stairs.
Isaac Lahey who is tall with a lean and muscular build and dirty blonde hair that is slightly curly, and large deep set blue eyes. He is sitting in the living room in kappa waiting for his friend Erica Reyes to finish getting ready so they can go to class when Lexi walks past. Isaac has only been in America for six months and since Erica introduced him to Lexi Forbes he has thought she was so beautiful.
“Lexi hi.”
Lexi turns towards the living room and smiles at him, “Isaac are you waiting for Erica? I have to go upstairs anyway I’ll see what’s taking so long.”
Allison Argent and Malia Tate has come down the stairs and noticed Lydia just coming home. “Lydia spill, your still wearing the same clothes from last night.”
“Lydia Martin smartest women in the house is doing the walk of shame I’m so proud of you.”
Lexi puts arm around lydia’s shoulders as Lydia tells her friends. “It’s not a walk of shame and if you must know I maybe seeing someone. That is all the information I’m giving now I have to change I have class in fifteen minutes.”
Lexi opens her door to see her roommate Erica Reyes who is tall, lean and beautiful with light blonde hair and large brown eyes putting on her signature cheetah print pumps. “Isaac is downstairs, is it just me or did he get hotter?”
Erica flips her light blonde hair out from underneath her black leather jacket. ‘It’s just you, maybe you should ask him out?”
Lexi looks at her through the mirror as she puts on her pink lip liner. “Maybe I will.”
Later that morning Lexi sits between Aiden and Ethan in psychology. “I’m going to go back to the estate for lunch and see if my dads there and get the keys to the Montecito home.”
Lydia walks past them to her seat with Allison and Malia next to her Aiden leans forward and calls out to them. “Hi Lydia.”
Lydia looks back at them and raises an eyebrow. “The answer is still no.”
Lexi and Ethan laugh. Ever since Aiden met Lydia he has asked her out multiple times and every time she has rejected him. “What is that now 112?”
“No I think it’s closer to 174. We should of kept a tally.”
Aiden glares back at his best friend and twin brother. Erica walks past them and Lexi leans over and whispers in Aiden’s ear. “Since Lydia is never going to say yes, she came into Kappa this morning doing a walk of shame. Rumor has it she is having a fling with one of the campus security guards Jordan Parrish. Maybe ask Erica out you know she’s been a little down since Stiles left for Quantico.”
He raises an eyebrow as he looks at Erica laugh at something Boyd said.
A couple minutes into class the professor has not shown up, “ If the professor doesn’t show up we’re leaving.”
Ethan leans over to his brother. “If he doesn’t show up want to go for coffee.”
Aiden nods and they both look at Lexi.“Someone rushed us out of the house this morning before we could grab anything for breakfast.”
“Not my fault you decided to go for competition rounds this morning instead of your usual fifty.”
As everyone is getting up to leave a handsome guy in tan pants, and a long white sleeve shirt comes in. “I’m your new professor, your last professor has had a mental breakdown so I will be taking over my name is Derek Hale.”
Allison leans over to Lydia. “He’s cute.”
Lydia shrugs her shoulders.
Ethan leans over to Lexi, “He is cute.”
“I think his mom is my business professor. Plus don’t you think your hands full with Jackson and Danny.”
He runs a finger down her nose. “Don’t be jealous.”
She scrunches up her face at him.
Jackson who is sitting next to Danny a couple rows in front of them looks behind him and spots Ethan they share a smile.
Lexi pulls her car into the car gallery she notices all her father’s cars are here so he hasn’t left yet. Off of the car gallery is the temperature controlled wine room and an elevator. The elevator takes her up to the bedrooms level of the mansion which is the second floor. Her dad has the biggest bedroom on the floor. On a daily basis only two of the eleven bedrooms get used.
Peter Forbes’ bedroom has two sets of double doors, the first set opens up to a little hallway with a private elevator that almost never gets used, and extra shelving. The second set of doors opens up into the bedroom across from double doors are three sets of double doors to go out to a balcony. The amount of natural light coming into the room makes the black silk sheets shine. Across from the bed is a marble two sided fireplace and tv. On each side of the marble is a black bench.
As Lexi’s perfectly painted purple sparkly nails wrap around the first set of door knobs her phone rings with one hand she reaches in her back pocket and grabs her phone while turning the knob. It’s a text from Isaac. ‘My next class is not for another two hours I was wondering if you wanted to grab lunch or coffee.’
‘I’m not on campus right now but will be back soon I’d love to do lunch or coffee. I’ll text you when I get back.’
She is focused on her phone when she opens the second set of doors and walks into her fathers room. “Hey dad. The keys to the-“ Lexi finishes her text and puts her phone back in her pocket. “Oh my god.”
The black silk sheets are all messed up because her father is on top of a brunette very pretty woman who she assumes is Alexis and thrusting into her.
Lexi looks up to the ceiling. “Put some clothes on. I have a simple question, I’ll just wait downstairs.” As she is walking backwards she announces. “Nice to meet you Alexis.”
“Door.” As Peter is rolling off her and pulling the sheet over both of them.
Lexi nods but to late she hits the side with her back. “I’m ok.”
Peter scrambles out of his bed and grabs his jeans. He finds his daughter in her room throwing clothes in a bag. “What are doing?”
“I can’t sleep here tonight, I also can’t get the image of you thrusting into that woman out of my head.”
“Her name is Alexis, and when I told you about her this morning you didn’t seem to have any problems and you were nice just now to her.”
Lexi turns back to her father who never did grab a shirt so he’s in fitted blue jeans and nothing else. “I was faking it. I had other things on my mind when you told me. Thankfully my business class is in the morning because there is no way I would of focused on that test after this. I’m tempted to skip my afternoon class I’m so traumatized but I have a coffee date and I drove Ethan and Aiden so I can’t.”
Peter rubs his forehead this family can be so dramatic. The whole family the whole Forbes/Salvatore family is one big rich dramatic family. “This is not how I wanted this to go. Also where are you going to sleep?”
“I’ll sleep at the sorority house or the guest house. What do you mean you never wanted it to go this way. How did you want this to go?”
Peter is leaning against the wall just inside her bedroom with his arms crossed and his toned physic on display. “Eventually I wanted to invite her over and have you two meet. Did you only have morning classes?’
Lexi is still in her big walk in closet where her clothes are sorted into sections of party clothes, tops, pants/skirts/shorts, dresses, sweaters/jackets. The back wall is just one big shoe rack with heels, wedges, boots. All her jewelry is in the glass top island in the middle of the closet. Her belts are hung up on each side of the shoe wall.
“No my next class is not till 1:30 I need the keys to the Montecito home we were thinking of throwing a end of the year beginning of the summer party.”
“We meaning Aiden?”
Lexi nods, “We meaning Aiden had the idea but after telling us Ethan and I thought it was a good idea. A black light party in the night club would be perfect. Think about it live band on the polo field black light party in the nightclub. Plus the home does not get used enough to this party would really show the home some love.”
“I don’t like that this was Aiden’s idea, let’s hope this does not end with the Montecito police being called. The keys are in my office. What is it about Alexis you do not like.”
She turns back to her dad she can’t believe this question she barely knows the woman. “Other then the fact that I hardly know her and then see her getting rammed by my dad. She looks a couple years older then me and our names are similar.”
“She’s twenty six almost twenty seven I didn’t even realize the name thing.”
Lexi picks up her bag and as she is leaving she notes. “Why is this a theme in this family Cece cougar is with Chris who is thirty, you and Alexis who twenty six and a half, and Uncle Sawyer who has had sex with a hooker too.... Maybe the same one.”
Lexi gets halfway down the stairs when Peter calls after her. “We are not done with this get back here.”
The blonde turns around on the white with black and brown fabric spiral staircase. Her father is coming down to meet her. The light is shining on them through the three windows on the side of the stairs and there is a chandelier hanging from the cathedral high ceiling of the white marble grand foyer showering the grand foyer in natural light.
“I’m not a cougar like Cece, Alexis and I there is a relationship there. You know not to bring up Uncle Sawyer. Plus for us to have the same woman he would have to stay in the same place for more then a few days.”
“He’s been in Europe for a while, can you blame him for not wanting to come to America his money was withheld from him and he was in that plane crash. Are you forgetting Alexis is a hooker she sleeps with men for money and makes them feel good about themselves while she does. I do not want you to get hurt when you realize this.”
While the two forbes are on the stairs having this conversation their staff is busing around the estate some are cleaning, some are making food but nobody wants to go into the foyer.
Peter puts a hand on his daughters upper arm it’s just been the two of them for almost five years. No matter how old Lexi is she is always going to care and want to protect her dads feelings. His wife and her mom’s death hit them both hard.
“She’s an escort she is not just playing me. I know what I’m doing.”
Lexi nods. “Why couldn’t you decide to sleep with the sorority house mom Melissa or anyone else.”
Peter laughs “You know us forbes we don’t fall for the boy or girl next door.”
“True Aunt Liz is dating a drug kingpin.”
“That wedding when it happens will be interesting.”
Erica, Lydia, Allison and Malia are walking Greek row back to the house when they see campus patrol officer Jordan Parrish, young twenty four brunette Parrish. “Good after noon ladies. Miss Martin I found this on the ground and was wondering if it was yours?”
Parrish holds out a gold bracelet that Lydia was wearing last night as she takes it they share a smile. Alison Erica and Malia are watching this and once Parrish walks past them all three girls look at the red head. “Oh my god you and Jordan Parrish.”
“ Scandalous.”
“He’s hot.”
Lydia puts a finger up to her lips “Will you please keep it down.” They are passing Kappa Kappa Theta who tries to compete with Kappa Kappa Gamma. They do not need the president of Theta Hayden Romeo knowing this piece of gossip to use against Lydia and Gamma.
Once they get past Theta Lydia keeping her voice down tells her friends “Yes I’ve been seeing Jordan Parrish. “
All three girls get a text from their house mother Melissa McCall. “House meeting 3’o’clock.”
Kira is in Japanese history when her phone vibrates.
Peter runs a hand through his hair before he returns to his bedroom expecting to find Alexis waiting for him in bed but the bed is empty, he glances in his big walk in closet his side is full of clothes his wife’s side is empty. A year after her death Lexi and him mustered up the courage to clean out her side of the closet they sold of the clothes but kept most of it and is now in storage.
He finds Alexis in his big en-suite bathroom she is in his bathtub which is full of bubbles. He bends down next to her. “I’m sorry about that earlier.”
She smiles at him and cups his chin with her hand which is dripping water on the floor. “Usually it’s the wife that walks in this is the first time a daughter has walked in on me.”
“How would you like to meet her?”
Her eyes widen and she drops all flirtation. “Excuse me she just walked in on us and you want the three of us to have a sit down dinner family style.”
Peter lets out a sigh and reaches out to push back a piece of her brunette hair behind her ear. “Of course not but maybe a actual meeting where nobody is caught having sex.”
Alexis puts her hand on her chin on the side of the porcelain tub. “She is not going to accept me. I doubt she will even take me serious I’m an escort who is dating her father.”
While driving back to campus Lexi is tapping her finger against the stirring wheel, her phone rings but she’s busy driving so she doesn’t answer. When she gets back to Campus and meets Isaac at one of the coffee carts and after they get their coffee’s they both get French vanilla Frappuccino’s.
They sit down and while Isaac is talking about how he loves California he misses London Lexi is tapping her finger against the cup. “Are you ok?”
His voice pulls her out the trance she was in while he was talking she didn’t mean for it to happen. “Huh... oh yeah just a lot on my mind and Ethan and Aiden have a class I can’t tell them.”
Isaac feels bad for the sad blonde in front of him he likes her and he wishes she would confine in him. “Maybe I can help.”
She smiles at him it’s sweet he is offering to help her. “ Thanks maybe another time I will take a hug if your offering.”
They stand up and Isaac wraps his arms around her and she snuggles her head into his neck and he can feel her breath of relief during their hug.
As Peter is walking her to the door something has been bugging him since Lexi mentioned he knows she brought it up tp hurt him but he has to know. “By any chance have you ever been with a tall, attractive I guess, super annoying, egocentric, has nicknames for everyone, blonde shaggy hair, wears leather jackets or button up shirts, probably conned you out of some money guy named Sawyer?”
Alexis stops at the front door and thinks about it everyone before Peter was a one and done. Peter is the first where they come back to each other and she enjoys him. “I don’t think so why do you know a Sawyer?”
Peter smirks as he open the door but she doesn’t see. “No.”
House meeting always take place in the living room. There is a very open living layout of the house. There is a fireplace which is not used often since California and two couches with a table between them. There are a few chairs in the room too, two in front of the windows and one on the other side of the room in the corner. Above the fireplace there a photo of everyone in the house in front of the house.Lexi and Erica are always next to each other during house meetings and usually leaning against the pillars on each side of the entrance of the living room. Allison and Lydia are sitting in the chairs in front of the windows and the other girls are filling into the room. When everyone is there house mom Melissa McCall who is a mom to all the young ladies in the house but also a trained nurse and helps out in the hospital part of the school. Her long brown curly hair is dangling over her shoulders as she addresses all the ladies.
“Friday night is movie night and our annual sisters retreat is coming up where do you girls want to go.”
“Vegas.” Malia looks down at Lydia since Malia is sitting on the arm of her chair. “We all know she wants to go to Vegas to gamble.” Lydia nods.
Melissa looks over at the two girls sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, “Not twenty one and let’s keep it in America.”
“Who knows how to ski or snowboard.”
Half of the girls raise their hands including Lexi, Erica, Allison, Lydia and Malia and her roommate Kira.
Erica leans over to Lexi and whispers. “I remember the last time we went to aspen us, the twins and your parents for winter break. We had so much fun.”
Lexi smiles at the memory then gets sad because that was their last winter with her mom. “We did have a lot of fun. My dad is thinking of selling the place since we haven’t been there in a while.”
“Aspen it is, Now does anyone have any homes in Aspen or are we staying in a hotel?”
Most of the girls look up at Lexi. Some of the girls are jealous that Lexi has so much money and can have anything she wants on the outside looking in her life looks perfect little do they know her life is more dramatic then perfect. Her life may not be as dramatic as her cousins in New York City but she still deals with dramatic moments.
Melissa notices the young ladies look at Lexi. She’s heard their snide comments about Lexi, Melissa is privy to all the gossip in the house. As house mother Melissa is to care for these ladies and she treats them like her children. She also has a son who goes to UCLA Scott when he drops by the house sometimes the younger ladies of the house go crazy and surround him.
“Meeting dismissed. Lexi can I speak with you for a moment.”
Erica and Lexi share a look they both know what Melissa wants to ask her.
Peter’s black Shelby 1000 Cobra pulls up outside his hotel and the valet take the keys and park it while he goes in and and makes sure everything is still running smoothly.
Aiden and Ethan have been waiting behind Kappa for Lexi for almost fifteen minutes when she comes out. “What was going on in there and why do you have a duffel bag in the backseat?”
“House meeting were going to Aspen and guess where everyone is staying if you guessed our home you are correct.”
Ethan and Aiden share a look of worry as the doors unlock and they get in. Sure they could of got in before the doors were unlocked its a convertible and there is no hood but they are respectful of the Forbes family.
Lexi pulls up to a stoplight on sunset strip and her fingers are tapping on the steering wheel. The light turns green and she does not drive Aiden who is in the backseat looks behind them at a car and before the car can honk he waves his hand for the car to go around them. Ethan leans over and puts a hand on Lexi’s shoulder. “Are you ok hon.”
That touch of familiarity brings her out of her haze, “Huh oh right um.” She goes to put the car in park and Ethan puts a hand over hers. “I don’t know what’s wrong but before we get into an accident or someone flips us off I’m driving.”
Lexi does get to pull the car off to the side so they are not in the road. Ethan gets in the driver seat while Lexi is in the passengers seat and Aiden slides over so he’s behind the passengers seat then behind the driver seat.
Aiden slides his hands on each of the head rest and massages Lexi’s shoulders while she puts her head on the headrest and closes her eyes. Ethan takes a breath and looks in the mirror at his brother and they nod at each other. They live at the forbes estate and Lexi’s calls them the brothers she never had but they never drive the Forbes cars and this is a custom Lamborghini.
Once they are back on the road and headed to Montecito. Aiden asks “What happened to you this afternoon? You were fine when we left psychology.”
Lexi leans forward and runs a hand through her long blonde hair. “I met her when I went home to get the keys.”
“Met her as in....”
“Yes well met is not the right word saw her today.”
Ethan still keeping his eyes on the highway asks. “Saw her, saw her where?”
Lexi turns towards him and raises an eyebrow. Both twins at the same time go. “Ewww.”
“Yeah can’t get it out of my head. Forgot to mention I’m sleeping in the guest house tonight its still to fresh to step on the bedroom floor.”
“Totally get it.”
“So what is she like?”
Lexi looks back at Aiden in the rear view mirror. “Seriously.”
He shrugs and she sighs “Young she’s twenty six and a half brunette hair and has long dangling feather earrings and tattoos I couldn’t see what tattoos I was busy averting my eyes from the image of my dad thrusting into her.”
Once they are through the gate and up the long driveway leading to the courtyard of the house. Since they are not going to be here long they just park outside the home not in the garage.
As they enter the octagon shaped grand foyer with natural lighting streaming in from a skylight, glass chandelier hanging down from the ceiling. A pink couch against the wall below a painting opposite the front doors are there are stairs going into the main house. “I love being in a sorority, but with the exception of Erica, Lydia Allison, Malia and Kira everyone thinks I’m made of money and I can just throw money at every situation. News flash people just because I’m rich doesn’t mean I have to spent it on you and stop expecting me too, plus stop expecting me to give up our homes as a place for you to use. Our home in Aspen we might be putting up for sale so we might not have it anymore but everyone just expects me to give up our home to host retreats. So they can brag we have a Forbes in our sorority. I just wished they wanted me as a person and not as Forbes.”
Both Ethan and Aiden put an arm around her shoulders. “We love you as you not because your a Forbes.”
They go through the mansion and where other homes have basements this home has a nightclub, wine tasting room, wellness center, sports bar and movie theater. The nightclub has a dj booth, six area’s for seating including white chairs, sofa and tables. On the far side there are doors to go out to the pool but with the black shades down it darkens the room to make it have more of the club vibe.
While Aiden is looking around the room planning the party in his head Ethan and Lexi flop onto one of the white fluffy love seats. Lexi has her head back and her eyes closed. “You need a massage after the afternoon you’ve had.”
“The masseuse is not here.”
Ethan smiles as he stands and grabs her hands to pull her up. “You go to the wellness center and I’ll call her or him then we’ll leave, it will give you time to get a massage, Aiden enough time to check this area out and I’ll be in the find something to do. Maybe catch a movie.”
“You love living vicariously through my heiress life.”
Ethan goes to open his mouth but Aiden who is at the clear dj booth which when on changes colors answers. “Yeah but don’t lie you love your heiress life.”
Lexi shrugs her shoulders “Your right I do its a hard life but someone has to live it.”
They laugh as Ethan slides his arm through Lexi’s linking their arms by the elbow. “Now my dear you are coming with me and Aiden is calling a masseuse.”
At the end of hallway there is three steps then a door and inside the door is the wellness center. A little waiting room with chairs, and a water jug and a little fridge with cucumbers and lemons to make cucumber and lemon water. There is a little changing room with robes, next to the massage room with two massage tables always ready.
As they are waiting for the masseuse Lexi and Ethan are just sitting on the table’s Lexi has a robe on ready to go when the masseuse gets here.
“By summer I’m going to choose between Jackson and Danny. I know I can not keep stringing them along.”
“I choose Jackson only because yes you and Danny are cute together he’s a hot guy from Nebraska he doesn’t understand the luxury of our lives, I think he’s only seen the guest house but was still surprised by it. Meanwhile Jackson is from Malibu he understands our lifestyles better. Plus while you and Danny are adorable you and Jackson are hot.”
The doorbell echo’s through the empty long halls of the mansion.Lexi slides off the table to get it but Ethan stops her “I’ll get it.”
Ethan opens the door to a cute tall man with light blonde hair, hazel eyes and stubble on his chin and mustache. “Cute you’ll do, let me show you to the massage room.”
When they enter Ethan hops back on the other table while Lexi is laying on her stomach and leans up to look at the masseur.”mmmh.”
While he is getting everything ready Ethan and Lexi are continuing their conversation like there was no interruptions. “So I can either be adorable or hot?”
“What is Aiden’s thought?”
The masseur slides his hands down Lexi’s bare back and up her shoulders. “Your shoulders have new stress.”
“Very new.”
“I’m going to text Melissa instead of going to Aspen in march why not come here for the retreat this home has everything.”
The masseur hands move from the knots in her shoulders to her lower back and Ethan agrees. “Good idea, since your selling the Aspen house that home could be gone by march.”
“Considering where it is and how much it is I doubt someone will snatch it up quickly plus its not even on market yet.”
Ethan stands up and bends down to be face to face with her “Have fun I’m going to the theater.”
“This is a beautiful home you have here Miss-“
Lexi even though her head is through the hole on the table she smiles all she can see is his black jeans and black shoes. “Forbes, Lexi Forbes you can just call me Lexi if you want.”
“Oliver.” He moves his hands from her back to her leg and runs them down her legs massaging the tissue.
Lexi loves to get a massage it’s more then just a spa day activity for her, it’s a relaxation thing where her life is so hectic people always around but when she gets a massage it’s just her and the masseur or masseuse.
“You really do have a beautiful home Lexi.”
“Thank you its one of my favorites.”
Oliver has made her flip and has gone back to the shoulders. “Was that your boyfriend that let me in.”
Lexi lets out a little laugh. “No that is one of my best friends his twin is around here somewhere.”
After her massage she walks Oliver out, “Hope to see you again.” He nods as he leaves.
After Lexi changes back into a pair of teal skinny jeans a white tank top and a grey sweater with tan knee high stiletto boots and a white and tan purse. She has matched it with tan sunglasses and her rose gold diamond choker her mom gave her and a couple rings. She finds Ethan in the soundproof movie theater. “What movie is this?”
“Couldn’t decide didn’t want to get invested only to be interrupted.”
“Ready to go home?”
Ethan puts an arm around her shoulders as they leave. “I’m driving?”
Lexi smiles she might have just created a Lamborghini monster letting Ethan drive. “I feel great after the massage my mind is clear the shock is wearing off. Oliver really knows his stuff.”
“Ohhh Oliver.”
Lexi shoves him as they enter the night club and find Aiden on one of the couches. “Shut up. Ready to go hon?”
Aiden nods as he joins his twin and best friend. “Coming here really was what was needed today.”
Lexi pulls her car into the gallery and they take a golf cart to the guest house. The estate is so big that there are several golf carts around the estate. If they don’t want to walk or are tired they can just get on a golf cart.
Jordan Parrish is having trouble putting his key in his door while he has one hand holding Lydia up and she has her legs around his waist and peppering his neck with kisses. After a couple more tries he does get the door open.
Lydia’s lips go from peppering his neck to attacking his lips.
Six foot shaggy blonde haired Sawyer Forbes he has stubble on his chin and mustache. His innocent face and his smooth talking gets him in and out of so many problems he’s got himself into over the years. He walks into the bar and spots a familiar brunette at the bar and smirks. “We just keep running into each other freckles you going to tell me your name this time.”
The brunette turns around and smirks up at him. “Hello Sawyer your place or mine.”
He downs a shot and smiles down at her. “We went to mine in London so your place here.”
She downs her shot before picking up her coat “Your place last time my place this time if this happens a third where will we go that time?”
“Depends on where we are.”
She flips her hair out from underneath her coat and looks back at him. “It’s Kate.”
He smirks and puts an arm out “Lead the way freckles.”
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Neverland twins chapter 1
I want to have the next chapter up in a few days I’m halfway done with it. Italics are conversations the twins are having in their minds
@whats-a-queen-without-a-king, @black-heart-series, @nevereverlandboysmainblog
It gets lonely in Neverland, kids only come visit in their dreams. Peter Pan has ventured off the island and into a little town. There he plays his enchanted pipe and children come to him and dance and be free and he will choose which ones to bring back with him to neverland.
Unfortunately for him the town he went to his son Rumplestiltskin and grandson Baelfire live and his grandson was called by the pipe. Meaning his son found them and was not happy his father was trying to take his son away. After Rumpleskiltskin cheated playing their game by using magic to send his son and him home. Peter Pan got bored and left not taking any of the boys with him.
As he is flying back to neverland he notices out of the corner of his eye a tall blonde boy closing his window. Why was he not beckoned by the piper. Peter turns back and flies up to the window and watches as the tall blonde boy flips his sheets back gets in bed and blows out the candle next to his bed and lays down on the bed. He continues to watch as the blonde gets comfortable in bed flips backs and forth. Eventually he falls asleep and Peter is still watching him he is hypnotized by this boy why did he not hear his pipe. The obvious answer is the blonde is loved since the pipe is only heard by Boys who feel unloved, abandoned and lost.
As the sun is coming up Peter flies away from the window.
All day Peter tries to busy himself on Neverland but his mind always go back to that blonde who did not hear his piper. He would be a wonderful lost boy. He’s tall so his height would intimidate people.
He is by his thinking tree. Where he became Peter Pan and gave up his son when he gets the idea why not go talk to the blonde ask him why he didn’t hear the pipe.
He flies off and is at the blondes window seal a little while later.
He sees the blonde boy come into his room followed by a long blonde haired girl they are in the middle of a conversation Peter raises his hand to knock when he thinks better of it. Right now he just wants the blonde boy with shaggy mid length blonde hair. He never had siblings and he only had one son.
After the blonde girl leaves the blonde boy goes to take his shirt off and Peter knocks on the window, startling the blonde he pulls his shirt back down and looks around and there is a brown haired teenager looking at him from outside his window.
He pulls his window up and they both stare at each other. Peter now knows why the pipe did not work the blonde is not a boy he’s a teenager.
“Who are you?” Felix looks out the window and sees Peter floating. “How are you doing that?”
“Peter Pan, and it’s magic. How would you like to come with me to an island where you never age, there’s no rules and you can do whatever you want.”
Felix looks back at his closed door. “Leave my sister. Can we take her with us.”
Peter wants a group of boys as his lost boys. “No, you’ll be leaving her but be gaining the ability to never age and have fun all the time.”
Felix looks at the wall his bed is up against on the other side of the wall is his sister Caroline’s dresser and mirror. He does not want to leave his sister, they are twins so they’ve never been without the other for a long period of time. Felix is three minutes older then Caroline. Sometimes it’s like they share a brain because they are so in sync. He can not imagine a world where he does not have his sister or his sister does not have him. On the other hand the brunette teen floating outside his window makes some intriguing remarks.
Peter outstretches his hand to the blonde. “Come with me or stay here.” Peter notices the hesitation from Felix. “I’ll be back tomorrow night.”
Felix watches him fly off into the night.
The next morning Caroline leans over and whispers to her brother who is sitting next to her at their dinning room table. “Were you talking to someone last night I heard voices coming from your room?”
Felix whispers back “Later.” as he puts his spoon full of oatmeal in his mouth.
Caroline follows him into his bedroom. “So a brunette flying teenager named Peter Pan has asked you to come live on his island with him.”
Felix sitting on the bed nods. “Can I come too?”
“He said he only wanted boys.”
Caroline scoffs as she sits down next to him. “Did you tell him we are a package deal.”
“Yeah and he still wants just me.”
As she gets up to leave because they have to get dressed for their tutor she tells him. “I hope you and Peter Pan are happy together on his island.”
Felix throws his pillow at her she laughs.
Their tutor always calls them the wrong name even though they are different genders they look alike, today was no different. Halfway through their third lesson the tutor has mistaken them five times already.
Felix leans over and whispers into his sisters ear. “Our parents need to hire a new tutor, it’s not like we wear the same clothes.”
She nods.
That night Peter comes up to the window again. As Felix places his hand in Peter’s outstretched hand and steps up on the ledge Caroline in her room next to Felix’s is tired of hearing voices coming from her brothers room and goes over to see who he is talking to. As she opens his door she sees him fly out of his window into the night sky.
She runs over to the window and yells. “Felix!” No one replies her brother is gone Into the night.
She slumps down under his window and cries.
Felix and Peter fly down into a jungle and tumble on to the ground. Once they both stand up Peter looks over to his new friend. “Welcome to neverland.”
Felix looks around and its dark but its being illuminated by the moon all he sees are trees and bushes.
Peter takes him through the trees and to a campsite. “This is where we will live, We will get more boys and call them the lost boys. You will be my right hand man. Leader of the lost boys.”
Felix looks around there’s a fire in the middle of logs and trees around. He is impressed by Peter’s vision.
The next day Peter gifts Felix with a pair of maroon pants, a brown long sleeve shirt, black mid calf boots with a buckle on the sides, black scarf and a green cloak.
A couple days later Peter notices Felix is sitting on a log near the fire staring in to it the cloak hood over his head. He sits down next to him and pulls out a dagger and hands it to Felix. “Here.”
Felix looks back at him as he takes the dagger. “What’s this for?”
“Case someone tries to kill you.” Peter can tell Felix is sad but he wants to know more. Felix fascinates him they are complete opposites. Before Peter become this he had no money, loved drinking, didn’t want his son. He sees Felix in this two floor white home, had family, people who love him.
“What is this look?”
Felix look up from the dagger. “I wish I had said goodbye to my sister. Our mom is a socialite and our dad is distant so it’s just Caroline and I we do everything together. When I told her about you she told me if I told you that her and I are a package deal when I told her that you wanted only boys she was sad she played it off well but I could tell.”
Peter did only want preteens in his lost boys but he’s not considering Felix as a lost boy so if he brought the sister to the island she wouldn’t be considered a lost boy either. For some reason Peter wants to make Felix happy he doesn’t like seeing Felix sad.
“Explore the island and I’ll be back with a surprise.”
Felix watches as Peter disappears into the trees. He has no clue what the surprise is going to be.
Caroline is getting ready for sleep that night she pulls back the blankets and has one knee in bed when the window burst open and a dark shadow flies in and grabs her she screams and tries to hit it but it doesn’t let go and flies back out of the window her parents run into the room as their daughter is flying out.
The shadow drops her into the forest and it’s dark she tumbles onto the ground. There’s nothing but trees and bushes around her. She takes a breath she’s scared she just wants to find her twin brother she guesses this is where he is since he too flew out of the window but his seemed more friendly.
“Welcome to Neverland, do you mind if I call you a lost girl.”
Caroline turns and in the darkness she can see a brown haired teenage boy his young face tells a story of one of good and evil leaning against a tree. “Call me whatever you want, do you have my brother Felix?”
Peter smiles at her. “He’s exploring the island come into the light.”
She moved into the glow of light coming from his lantern. He notices her features: Felix has short shaggy dirty blonde hair Caroline has long dirty blonde hair, Felix has grey eyes where Caroline has blue green. They both have strong cheek bones and a look that says don’t mess with me I will kill you.”
“Your twins.”
“Yes Felix didn’t tell you that.”
Peter keeps looking at her in the light. “He did I just wanted to see it for myself. What do you say about working for me, you get to be reunited with your brother and I get help on a search.”
Caroline squints her eyes she doesn’t know if she can trust Peter for one he hasn’t personally told her who he is. She only knows he’s Peter is because Felix told her. “Help you on what search.”
“In due time want to go see Felix?”
“Who are you?”
Peter turns around and smirks at her both of his new friends have a questionable fire in them. It will serve them well on what he wants. “Peter Pan.”
Peter leads them through the trees and back to the campsite where the fire is still burning and logs around. As Peter is handing her a green cloak, brown long sleeve shirt, Maroon jeans, brown scarf and black knee length lace up wedge boots with a dagger they hear.
“What are you doing here?”
“Finding you.” Caroline turns around to see Felix in the outfit she was just given.
Felix brings his twin sister over to the log he was sitting on before. “Your not supposed to be here, our parents lose one child they still have one they lose both children not good.”
Caroline looks up at him really studying his face of any happiness to see her. “So I was just supposed to live the rest of my life without my twin brother thinking he was kidnapped or worse dead our parents will be fine they will never know I’m gone since we are leaving now that I found you.”
Peter who had been sitting near the fire watching this stands up and announces. “You can’t leave neverland without my permission and I don’t want you to leave, it gets lonely here and I want to create a group of boys and one girl of course to help me get what I want.”
“And what do you want?”
“ A heart.”
Caroline and Felix look at each other confused. Caroline scrunches up her nose but it’s Felix who answers. “A heart, why?”
“All in due time now, I’m going to give you a gift.”
He waves his hand over the twins. They look at each other “Nothing happened.”
“This is a terrible gift.”
Both blondes gasp and jump away from each other their eyes widen. “Did I just hear you in my head.”
“What did you do?”
Peter smirks at them and raises an eyebrow. “I made it so you can talk telepathy and watch.” He pinches Caroline and Felix feels her pain.
Caroline slaps Peter’s hand away. As she is progress all that has happened tonight Felix rubs his temple. “Think quieter I can’t hear my own thoughts.”
She glares at him and he glares back at her.
“So do we sleeping on the ground?”
Peter smirks and waves his fingers for them to follow him. They go through some trees and hidden away is three tree houses with beds.
The next morning the three are sitting by the fire and Felix turns to his sister. “You think to much, even last night after we went to bed I could hear it.”
“Well one of us has to be the smart twin.”
Felix reaches over and pokes her in the forehead. “Be quiet.”
She scrunches up her face.
Over the years Caroline has had to watch Peter and Felix flirt with each other, at first it was subtle at first longing looks, Peter would take Felix dagger even though he has one their fingers would linger against each other. It was only the three of them on neverland for what seemed like forever but was only a decade.
It only took eight years for Peter and Felix to come together. Caroline is asleep one night and a scream wakes her up she sits straight up in bed and grabs her dagger and gets ready to investigate when she hears moans through out the trees. She puts her dagger away when she hears the moans.
The next morning she sits down next to Felix at the fire. “How did you sleep?”
Over the years they’ve learned not to think so loud so the other could hear and to control this ability Peter gave them. “The strangest thing last night I was asleep then I was awoken by a scream and moans. It wasn’t a scream of help I’m dying but an excited scream, did you hear it?”
Felix looks over at his sister they both know what the other is not saying you don’t need to be linked to guess. “Must of missed it.”
“Well I Hope who ever’s scream and moans they were they had a good time. Plus I want to say I told you so.”
“For what?”
Caroline smiles at his annoyed look. “When you told me about Peter I told you I hope you and Peter have fun on the island.”
After a decade of just being the three of them Peter comes back from skull rock and declares. “I’ve sent the shadow out to get some lost boys.”
Caroline gets to the line of trees to exit the campsite when Peter feels a tingle in body. “Wait someone just arrived in neverland.”
Caroline turns back around and Felix picks up his club and hands Caroline hers.
As they are walking through the jungle they are having a conversation in their minds as not not alert the person on the shores. “Since you and Peter hook up sometimes and we are getting new boys who will be the mom and who will be the dad I will be the cool aunt.”
Felix glares at her and she raises her eyebrows and raises her shoulders. “I’m just saying you’ll need to be quieter.”
“We are not loud, since there is not a we.”
“So waking up in the middle of the night to moans and excited yells and feeling excitement when it’s not mine and I’ve noticed you coming out of his tree house putting your cloak back on and vise versa plus your tree house is next to mine.”
Felix stops and puts his arm out stopping her too. She looks up at him and raises an eyebrow. “You feel my excitement?”
“Yes it would appear that after a decade what ever this is, is growing. We can now sense the other emotions.”
“Feel this emotion.”
Caroline scoffs and sends it right back.
Both blondes come out of the jungle on to the shores and see a blonde women in a green dress looking around. “Welcome to neverland.”
“Who are you?”
The new blonde turns around and sees the two people who have come out of the jungle both have the hoods of their cloaks up, daggers in their belt loop and a club in one hand resting over their shoulder.
“Tinker bell.”
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Tumblr media
Shawn is the 39th highest paid celebrity this year according to Forbes
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peter Forbes - Family house, Great Cranberry Island ME 1987. Scans via, and ofhouses, photos (C) Tim Hursely.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Peter Forbes - Family house, Surry ME 1995. Scans via, photos (C) Nick Wheeler. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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