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enabi-seira · 2 days ago
Hot take:
You remember this scene?
(sorry for bad quality, recorded with phone. Mute recommended)
Loki and Mobius walking in a corridor when Loki stops to look out into the TVA city.
Loki: I thought there was not magic here.
Mobious: There isn't.
This seemed odd to me. Come on, Loki... you've been living in a space disk that has been around for thousands of years, on a culture based on interplanetary travel thanks to a big and powerful machine that is the Bifrost, plus you have floating buildings. You must know what technology is capable of!
And then I remembered an old post (sorry I don't know who said it) saying that, for the advanced society that is the asgardians, their warrior culture was... archaic?
They fight with swords and spears (they only use the energy cannons as defense), they don't have/show big spaceships for travel/trade (only the Bifrost and little skiffs), they believe in greatness through battle...
What if the asgardians are not as advanced as we thought? What if they've improved their magic system and left technology development behind?
Didn't Thor said in the first movie
Where I come from, technology and magic are the same thing.
More or less paraphrasing?
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ronaldrx · 2 days ago
Do you know what I always find so interesting about this phone call between Sionis and Zsasz?
Tumblr media
You can interpret this scene in quite a few different ways. I won't list them all here, but focus on one that I just can't stop thinking about.
So, remember how Victor tells him Dinah is "a fucking rat" and Roman reacts by getting really choked up and having to hold back tears and blinding rage? And that he replies to Victor by asking, "Are you sure?" first?
Aren't we used to Roman apparently trusting Victor blindly? Zsasz - as far as we are concerned by the movie's standpoint - is the only person who is truly close to Sionis and actually has some hold of him. Not only that, but he is the only one Roman truly trusts.
Evidently, he also trusted Dinah. For good reason, because at the beginning of the film, she still chose to ignore the murderous side of his and just do her job. So why should she betray him? (You could also argue that she is a woman, so why should Roman even see her as someone who would even dare go that far).
But he was not only a genuine threat to a troubled child that didn't know any better, but also went too far for her by humiliating and traumatising Erika the way he did. So, she chooses to betray him after all.
Back to the phone call. Dinah betrays him and his whole world falls apart in that very moment.
And Zsasz was the bearer of the sudden and devastating news.
Zsasz who has been obviously jealous and annoyed by Black Canary's mere presence.
Zsasz who would have loved to find just one reason to finally kill her, so he can have Roman for himself again.
Roman isn't stupid, nor as oblivious as he may seem at first glance. He knew very well just how jealous Zsasz was.
Which is why I take his "Are you sure?" to be the first - and only - moment he might have ever questioned Zsasz and not trusted him a hundred percent, like he would usually do. In addition, the way he struggled to deny Victor to kill Dinah also makes me think that perhaps he didn’t want to act too quickly for once. I also think his decision to come to them in person is also proof of that.
You could also argue that that particular decision was not only fuelled by his doubt, but also wanting to face Black Canary and inquire why she betrayed him. Perhaps he would have even killed her himself for all we know. It's unclear what his real motivations were for this, but I strongly believe that those aspects are at least bigger parts of why he chose to come to them.
Another indicator of all this would be the use of the Black Mask. I think we all noticed that Roman is a different man when he wears that mask. He talks and holds himself differently. The Black Mask acts as a sort of protection, too. It hides his face, gives him strength and makes him arguably more cruel. All of which are things he very well needed when he was to face Dinah and Victor after all that.
In conclusion, one way to interpret this phone call is that Roman - for probably the first time ever since he had Victor - didn't know who to trust any more at all and that's why he broke apart the way he did. Too many things happened at once. He is always unstable as all hell, but that particular night, so many things just kept going wrong, he came closer and closer to his actual breaking point with each thing that went south, and this was it.
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the-empty-man · 2 days ago
Minkowski's Position as Commander: An Attempted Analysis
TLDR: Increasingly as the show progresses, Minkowski's role as Commanding Officer of the Hephaestus is not about the position given her by Goddard but is instead about a choice that she and her crew continually make.
At the start of the series, Minkowski very much believes that she derives her authority from the position given her by Goddard Futuristics. It's clear that this military chain of command is really important to her. For example, when Hilbert attempts to leave Minkowski to die in space, the main thing she says to try to persuade him to let her in is:
This is treason. This is a betrayal of your commanding officer.
It's quite revealing that Minkowski thinks that military protocol / her role as Commanding Officer provides the most powerful reason for Hilbert not to kill her, even though he has known her for nearly two years and they have generally been on quasi-friendly terms.
After Hilbert's Christmas mutiny (and to a certain extent even before that), the Hephaestus crew know that Command cannot be trusted. The authority that initially conferred a position of power onto Minkowski has lied to them all and is actively malicious. So past that point, Minkowski's status as Commander isn't really determined by the fact that Goddard Futuristics gave her that position, because the crew have no reason to obey Goddard anymore. The basis of her authority no longer comes from Goddard, but more from a kind of unspoken agreement that someone needs to be in charge and it ought to be her. As rebellious as Eiffel and Hera both are, neither of them actually question Minkowski's status as Commanding Officer. It's true that they often don't obey her orders, but when they go against what she's said, it is with a conscious sense that they are disobeying not just another crew member, but their commanding officer.
The next major wrench to be thrown at Minkowski's Commander status is the arrival of Lovelace, who is arguably more qualified to be Commander than Minkowski. Not only has Lovelace commanded the Hephaestus herself (and for a longer period of time than Minkowski has), her title of Captain outranks Minkowski's title of Lieutenant. In Lovelace and Minkowski's power struggle after Lovelace's arrival, they are both coming from a perspective of "I was here first". Lovelace commanded that ship first, but Minkowski commanded that crew first and that ultimately gives her more power. Minkowski remains the Commander of the Hephaestus because the crew know her and trust her.
Eventually Lovelace comes to trust Minkowski too and to view her as the rightful Commander of the Hephaestus. In S3 and S4, she often backs up Minkowski's authority and tells the others that they ought to follow Minkowski's orders.
When Kepler shows up, there's a new official Commanding Officer of the Hephaestus. The si-5 declare that Minkowski is stripped of the title of Commander. Of course, I couldn't write this post without mentioning this iconic exchange:
EIFFEL I'm glad to see you too, Commander.
MINKOWSKI You heard the new boss, you don't need to call me that anymore.
EIFFEL Uh, yeah, they can go screw themselves. The entire universe will freeze before you're not the Commander of the Hephaestus.
Minkowski is ready to accept that she's no longer the Commander, because a part of her still thinks leadership is determined by the official chain of command. But Eiffel doesn't accept that. And he's not the only one who still acknowledges Minkowski as leader despite the arrival of the SI-5. Although her programming prevents her from addressing Minkowski as Commander, Hera believes that:
Lieutenant Minkowski's still the one who gives the marching orders.
Throughout Season 3, there's the sense of a crew-within-a-crew on the Hephaestus. Sure, Kepler is officially the overall commanding officer, but to Eiffel, Hera, Lovelace and even Hilbert to a certain extent, Minkowski is their true leader. Even though Lovelace and Hilbert do go behind Minkowski's back, they still seem to have a sense that a mutiny ought to have her Say So.
Another interesting element is that, in the eyes of Command, Minkowski was never the highest ranking crew member on the Hephaestus. Kepler confirms this in Ep48 when he says that the "Highest ranking member of each crew was briefed on the possibility" of a Theta scenario and that for both Hephaestus missions that was Hilbert. To Goddard Futuristics, Minkowski was the Commander in name only.
The Hephaestus crew (by which I mean everyone except the si-5) treat leadership as something official and codified, but not as something conferred by external authority. They follow a policy where one person has to be clearly designated as the Commander, but where Goddard Futuristics does not determine who that person is. This approach is displayed in Ep47 when Minkowski asks Lovelace to take over command of the Hephaestus. Minkowski's status as Commander is proved to have been a choice, because she can also choose not to be Commander. This choice is a personal one. There's no military protocol involved, just a discussion between two friends and the handing over of a title.
It's also worth noting Lovelace's reluctance to take over the role of commanding officer and her insistence that this is a temporary arrangement. Her reaction demonstrates how much she has come to see Minkowski as the rightful Commander. S2 Lovelace would have responded very differently.
When Minkowski becomes Commander again in Ep53, she has another conversation which reveals a lot about her attitude towards leadership. I'm just going to put the whole long quote here because I think it's all very relevant to what I've been talking about:
MINKOWSKI It's just... there's been all these times when somebody put me in situation where I was "in charge," but I wasn't... in control. I can't think of a decision in my life that wasn't already determined by someone else. But... even then, there was always a choice. I always made it. Even when I didn't realize I was making it. So now... I think I need to make choices by myself. For myself.
LOVELACE Aaaaand does that mean you're perhaps ready to take command of a certain space station again?...
MINKOWSKI No. Because I've never been in command, I can't retake it. But, if you'll allow me, sir, I would be honored to relieve you of your duties, and assume command of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Station.
Lovelace SMILES, and salutes Minkowski.
LOVELACE About friggin' time, sir.
Here it's made explicit that the question of Minkowski's status as Commander is tied into themes of choice and responsibility and control over one's own life. Minkowski recognises that her starting the Hephaestus mission as Commander was a choice made for her by Goddard (this is especially true because Minkowski applied to be just a Navigations Officer, not a Commander). Her continuing to be Commander was a choice, but it didn't feel like one to her at the time. To some extent, it was a choice she made passively (although I think her crew actively chose to follow her).
This conversation shows how Minkowski's view of leadership has changed dramatically. At the beginning of the series, she probably would have said that Goddard's choice to designate her Commander was what made her a Commander. She probably would have said that was how leadership ought to be determined. But by Ep53, she no longer wants to be dependent on the decisions of others to decide her role. Being Commander is not only a choice, it is now a choice she makes consciously and independently. She doesn't really have any more control over their circumstances when she retakes command in Ep53 than she did before handing over command in Ep47. Nonetheless her decision to make active choices for herself is still a significant one, because it reflects a paradigm shift.
Of course, there is some cruel irony in the fact that very soon after this conversation Minkowski is put under Pryce's mind control. Sometimes the choice to take control of our lives is taken away. Notably though, Eiffel still calls her Commander when she's not even able to command her own actions. And when she does regain her autonomy, she automatically assumes command of a new crew-within-a-crew (Eiffel, Hera, Lovelace, and Jacobi).
Cutter recognises how important Minkowski's role as Commander is to her. In the finale, he tells her:
People cared about you because of what I made you: A soldier. A leader. A commander. I gave you that
But I would argue that this isn't true. Yes, it was Cutter who initially gave Minkowski the title of "Commander", but that was never what made her a leader. Goddard never saw Minkowski as a leader. They saw her as a tool. She became a leader in her own right because she strived to do the right thing for her crew and because her crew trusted her to lead them.
For a final example of how important Minkowski's role as Commander is to her, here's what she says to reintroduce herself to Eiffel after the memory wipe:
Hi. My name is Renée Minkowski. I'm the Commander of this space station.
At this point, Minkowski knows that the space station in question is not going to exist for much longer. She knows its been a long time since Goddard would have said she was the Commanding Officer of the Hephaestus in any sense. And yet, the second thing she wants Eiffel to know about her is that she is the Commander. She asks him to call her Renée, but she still wants him to view her as a commanding officer. This makes sense when we recognise that the trust of her crew - and of Eiffel in particular - has been the essential foundation of her status as Commander after the foundation from Goddard fell away.
Throughout the course of Wolf 359, with the various revelations about Command and with the arrivals of Lovelace, the si-5 and eventually Cutter & Co., the official reasons to classify Minkowski as the Hephaestus' commanding officer are eroded. But Minkowski still ends the show as a Commander. She's the one who decides whether they are going to stay and try to stop Cutter's plan (the others recognise that it's up to her even when they disagree with her initial decision to leave without trying to fight Cutter). Lovelace calls her Commander even after the Hephaestus is gone. Minkowski represents the ship when speaking to Earthspace ATC. And she's the one who finally brings the crew home.
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xwing-baby · 5 days ago
So far all my dissertation thoughts have been about whether or not Star Wars actually counts as SciFi or Fantasy. I know Lucas refuses to say its SciFi I am not listening to him because he’s wrong. But also right.
I just read something saying the distinction between fantasy and science fiction is ultimately that fantasy has a happy ending. The evil is defeated and the world is restored to its former glory where as scifi (good scifi) is the opposite- the world is changed.
So looking at SW you would think yes fantasy because at the end of every trilogy the evil is defeated and the galaxy returns back to normal. EXCEPT IT ALSO DOESNT. The prequels end in tragedy, the originals yes do probably count as fantasy in that definition, and the sequels I am mixed on because theres is change but also the big bad of all three trilogies is defeated.
Then we talk about rogue one and the mandalorian which (technically we’re not at the end of the mandalorian) both have no tied up ending and have dramatic changes in reality for each character from the beginning to end!
Of course this isn’t a finite definition of either genre BUT its doing my fucking head in. On sliding scale of fantasy to scifi I would put it smack in the middle but that is the MOST frustrating place to put it if I want to continue writing about it.
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cutieacefuck · 5 days ago
I feel like recently queer identities have made a lot of people feel they "gotta do this" or "gotta do that", framing things in a "you NEED to do this, it's a required part of the experience" kind of way, and I think that that's a harmful way of thinking about this. Being queer doesn't have any specific image, but I think you should do things if they make you happy and comfortable with yourself
trans man who loves and feels comfortable with his chest and doesn't want top surgery? Cool, keep them!
trans woman who loves her voice and doesn't want to do any voice training? Lovely! You sound beautiful!
trans people who don't want to take hormones? Don't! It doesn't make you any less trans
enby people who don't look androgynous and lean heavily masculine or feminine? Amazing! I love you!
enby people who want surgery to feel more comfortable in their body? Incredible! I hope it goes well for you!
feel like you constantly change your identities? That's fine, you're doing great! You know yourself best and I hope your journey is a fun one!
Coming out makes you feel stressed and you don't feel comfortable doing it, even if it's safe for you to do so? You don't have to! Do what makes you feel best!
there is no one way to being queer, you should do things that make YOU happy and comfortable with yourself ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
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manikas-whims · 6 days ago
this is random but what do you think of Saskia and Imogen (hope i spell right) and do you think any of them could've had something with Kaz?
Oohhh an interesting question anon!
Sorry it took me 5 days to actually respond.
Let's see..
With Saskia I'd say it was a cute childish crush, you know, what we call "Puppy Love". She was probably Kaz's first friend who was a girl and she was obviously pretty cute, so he automatically developed an adorable crush on her. He even slept with her ribbon clutched in hand 🥺
But I don't think it would've ever worked out with her because obviously she played a part in Pekka Rollins' swindling scheme. And in chapter 26 of CK, Kaz himself briefly mentioned about how he went after every person who was involved in Pekka's scheme and how he'd done awful things to each of them.
According to one Leigh's old post on tumblr, he probably did confront Saskia later on and some shit went down. But unfortunately, that bit was cut-off from the book 😬
Tumblr media
So yeah..i don't think it would've worked out with a traitor in the long run..
Now Imogen, unlike Saskia wasn't a traitor of any sorts. And a badass! Kaz found her breaking a bottle on a Razorgull's head for being handsy.
Kaz admitted that he liked her. He even decided to he'll try to best his haphephobia for her. But at the first contact with skin, he was caught in the waves all over again. So he pulled his gloves back on and raised his guard even more, became even more ruthless. And the next time that Imogen touched his coatsleeve, he looked at her steadily until she looked away.
Could it have worked? It did work for a while didn't it? They both liked each other, liked working in each other's company and all. But in the long run, it wouldn't have worked because Imogen wanted more than just exchanged glances. And the minute Kaz fear of touch overtook him, he didn't try again. He put on his gloves and chose to forget his crush and attraction towards Imogen. Same goes for Imogen. She did take the first initiative but when Kaz ward her off with his gaze, she receded. She never approached again. Or atleast thats what the book implies.
Tumblr media
Additionally, why Kanej works? (this wasn't in your ask but i might as well add)
Notice that the other two girls were only a brief part of his life. Saskia? A few weeks. Imogen? Maybe a month or two. But Inej has stayed around Kaz for more than an year. The liking towards Inej stems not simply from her outward appearance or her many talents as the Wraith (ofc he likes those things). But also because of the sort of person she is. She has been a part of his life longer and Kaz has seen sides of her that other Dregs may not have. Somewhere along, he began enjoying her company, enjoyed riling her..they've shared meals of fried potatoes and hutspot together according to the books. And she likes to sit at the window to his room, both enjoying the comfortable silence.
They've worked together, fought together, sat together in comfortable silence, shared meals and even bled together and for each other. Kaz shares more memories, more history with Inej than with the other two girls.
Inej knows her worth and gives everything from her end, so she expects the same of Kaz. She makes up her mind to hunt slavers but she's also ready to balance her relationship with Kaz if he gives the same effort. Whenever Kaz says something she doesn't like, she doesn't simply let go (like Imogen did), she meets him eye to eye, questions him and demands explanations for his behavior. She asks him to apologize. She doesn't give up so easily.
Its the same with Kaz. He wants to try and work it out with Inej. At one awful experience with touch, he'd completely pushed away Imogen. Yet with Inej, there's fear but even more want. With Inej, his thoughts of revulsion are there but the thoughts of "what would happen if i move closer" , "he had wished she'd touch him again" and more desire are..stronger. He didn't take off the gloves for Imogen but he did for Inej. Not just in the bathroom scene but also the end scene where he's holding her hand. With Inej, Kaz chose to make efforts because with Inej, its more than just a simple crush or attraction. With Inej, there's a deeper connection and love in all aspects.
Kanej works because they decide to walk side-by-side, match each-other's pace in doing things together..♡
Atleast this is how I perceive Kaz and his bonds with different girls in his life. And I hope this answers your question dear anon..:)
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dramaism · 8 days ago
I honestly can't explain how much I love these in my roommate is a gumiho:
He revealed his identity immediately and asked to live together to protect her
Gumihos are not looking down on people. They have their weaknesses and worries. It's refreshing to see
Again both gumihos (well one of them is not a gumiho anymore but you got what I mean) are not cold and ignorant they are actually compassionate towards people
Lee Dam speaks whatever she wants and act however she wants. I love it.
Main couple not being egoistic at all they both understand each other's situations and worry about each other
Woo Yeo being a huge softy caring about her without presenting himself and saying to not be afraid of him unlike any other fantasy drama male lead
WOMEN RIGHTS! BOUNDARIES! (although seon woo can't take a hint)
Jae Jin being a softy (I just like soft people in general don't mind me)
Drama treating periods like an ordinary thing, showing that it's normal to talk about it for a woman and care about women while they have it for a man (!!!)
The whole "I can't like her I should avoid her" thing is solved in like 20 minutes
Doing justice to even secondary female characters. Lee Dam's best friend is confident, pretty and smart. She knows what she wants and fights for it. We love seeing confident women!
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nonbinaryeye · 8 days ago
Do you think Jonah was first Eye avatar starting his own Institute or that he copied someone's else idea? I mean yes the classification of fears was put together by Smirke but the Entities and their avatars existed long time before.
We know that US version of Magnus instute is Usher Foundation in Washington DC founded some time after 1952.
Tumblr media
And also that China version of Magnus instute is Pu Songling Research Centre in Beijing.
Tumblr media
We also know that Magnus instute has certain amount of connections with both of the institutions.
At first I wanted to speculate how much the institutions know or ate interested in his plans because of course it would be kinda funny if other servants of the Beholding were more interested in knowing for a sake of knowing and saw Jonah|Elias as that annoying self absorb british prick...
But upon closer examination of the little lore about other supernatural research organization we have there's also this part:
Tumblr media
Jonah|Elias was discussing his Archivist with other servants of the Beholding which implies they are at least approving his plans for Watcher's Crown if not actively helping him.
However the question still stands. Was Jonah the first start an Institute and did he helped found the others? Did he copy the idea? Were these institutions created independently on each other and decide to cooperate because of having same patron and the same goal?
I haven't seen lately any discussion about this topic which is shame there is really quit a lot of potential...
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I’d love to know what people’s thoughts are about Dean’s scene in Paint it Black when he’s confessing to the priest and saying there’s things he wants to experience for the first time etc I’ve never understood what he could have meant.   Any thoughts?
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every time we get new Louis pics and people start making comments about him being hot/attractive I see people asking 'why is that ok with louis but not Harry??' and there's a whole discourse so I thought I'd add my thoughts (if anyone cares shfh)
basically I think this is another example of an action creating an equal and opposite reaction, with Harry the sex appeal thing has always been one of the cores of his image and it has always been pushed very loudly (he was literally standing there on snl with SEX written in his chest, can't get more clear than that) and sometimes even in gross ways, and imo whenever you push stuff so forcefully on people you're always gonna get on one side people who go with it and on the other people who will push back just as hard, and this pushing pack is NOT depended on what you pushed, it's due to the way you did it, that's why it may seem weird that those same people have no problem with similar comments or attitudes regarding Louis, because in this case it wasn't pushed ON people but it came FROM people, it doesn't even come from Louis most of the time but people have the CHOICE to see him this way among others. I truly think that's why there are so widely different responses to the same kind of attitude depending on if it's directed at Louis or Harry. (there's also a conversation to have about respect and certain parts of Harry's fanbase but that's another conversation) so anyways yeah! that's my possible explanation! also, this is not me debating if one is right or wrong!! just my hypothesis of why this situation exists
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Hey, first of all i love your blog and your stories. :) They're great!
Can I ask you something please? Don't you know how to get a lot of followers? I see you have a lot of feedback but how did you... get so many? (No, I am not jealous, you totally deserve this) I have very few followers, although I try to write as best I can and sometimes it gets me sad that I don't get as much feedback as I would like (or followers) . Thank you and I hope i didn't bother you with this. Have a nice day!
- sad anon, who wants to leave tumblr sometimes
Hey, thank you so much!! ☀️
Ooh, that’s a tough question, and varies from person to person.
(please nobody cancel me, this is just my opinion gained from extensive experience on here)
Honestly, regarding the feedback first, I made friends with a lot of other Tolkien writers on here initially, who are usually the ones doing all the lovely reviews. This is before I even started writing.
A good way to gain reviews is to pay it forward; if not already, try to engage with other writers—make yourself known, comment on all their work and garner a lovely mutual circle who’ll hype you up in return.
The best way to earn reviews is to show support for your fellow writers, because they’ll be inclined to return the favour.
Regarding followers, I find my follower count goes up significantly every time I post a new imagine/fanfic. So, if you have the energy (it’s not important regardless, write for yourself and your passion will show through!) maybe get into posting more often if you’re not already?
Some other blogs might find a lack of activity on your profile if they’re looking for active writers, and choose to not follow regarding so.
Also—tags, tags, tags! Add as many relevant tags as you can; it’ll help with the algorithm and present your work to others.
Another thing is quality. This is just the general truth—if your work maybe isn’t as grammatically fluent to read as others, people will quickly lose interest (if they have higher standards than others).
Inclusivity plays a big part too. If you’re describing Y/n in too much detail, POC/diverse readers won’t feel included, therefore won’t want to read.
(I’m just covering a broad spectrum here to help you find areas to work on—we’re all beginners at one point anyways!)
I hope I’ve covered all the basics here ☀️
But please, focusing too much on followers will make writing feel more like a chore, and cause you to lose passion. Once passion is gone, writing dies.
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himbo-kronk-stan · 14 days ago
Honestly I think both sides of the Kink at Pride discourse have really good points. Maybe there should be more new Family oriented pride events at different times of the month or year. Like the festivals with booths and games.
Because everyone deserves to feel comfortable, and if they can’t together we should work on new creative solutions instead of exclusion.
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trulee-peachy · 17 days ago
I wanna talk about how much I love having my walls taken down (possibly semi forcefully) but I can’t figure out how to say it in an apealing tumblr post way😭
Tumblr media
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Demonic contracts, but modernized. Instead of creating a piece of paper out of thin air, it's a tablet. Instead of a pretty long contract with fine print, it's a 30 page long terms of service agreement with an accompanying privacy policy. And, of course, you gotta verify you're not a robot. After all, if you are, what soul would you have to sell??
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adastra121 · 21 days ago
Lovestruck MC MBTI Headcanons
Of course, I didn’t include all the playable MCs because I haven’t played them all. And I don’t know some MCs as well as I know others, but I’m just basing this off the vibes I got from the characters. Also these are stereotypical — I did try to put some thought into whether they would be thinkers or feelers, judges or perceivers, etc, but I’m definitely not an expert on MBTI. I’m just doing this for fun!
Love and Legends MC= ENFP (I was stuck between this and ESFP)
Speakeasy Tonight MC= ESFP (or ESTP)
Castaway! Love’s Adventure MC= ISTJ
Havenfall is for Lovers MC= INTJ
Starship Promise og!MC= INFP
Gangsters in Love MC= ESFJ
Astoria: Fate’s Kiss MC= ISFJ
Villainous Nights MC= INFJ
Queen of Thieves MC= ESFP
Sin With Me MC= ISTP
Sweet Enchantments og!MC= ISFP (it was either this or INFP, but I felt that this MC was more practical and grounded than INFPs tend to be)
Reigning Passions MC= INFJ
Wicked Lawless Love MC= ESTP
Ever After Academy F!MC= ENFP
Ever After Academy M!MC= ISFJ
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ollie-ollie-oxenfreee · 22 days ago
Thinking some Thoughts about a daemon AU for the Locked Tomb folks (based on the incredibly detailed personality outlines over at daemonsandanalyses and the Daemon Forum index). 
Cam’s would settle as a peregrine falcon - every bit as keen - eyed and sharp as she is while also being incredibly loyal, protective, practical and straightforward. More often than not he’s perched at her shoulder, chirruping dry quips in her ear, but occasionally if Cam’s own efforts aren’t working he’ll light down on Palamedes’s desk and stare with the full force of his piercing yellow eyes until the necromancer agrees to go to bed.
Harrow’s daemon settled very early on as a cat - a scraggly little thing, his wiry fur the same mottled white and gray as powdered bone. When she was young, he would curl up and sleep on her desk while she studied or gently tap her with a paw to ground her when she wasn’t sure of what she was seeing. As the awful events of her childhood unfolded, he grew much colder and more distant, and was rarely ever seen with her outside of church services / official Ninth functions - unless she was especially angry. Then he was right there with her, puffed up and hissing with feral rage, lashing out as only a scared, hurting creature could. 
(When things start getting better - when they start to heal - he quietly takes it upon himself to voice the feelings she can’t express. He winds his way around Gideon’s ankles, purring like a thunderstorm, baps Pal gently with his tail, settles by Cam’s feet and slow blinks up at her before sending a silent message through his bond to Harrow: We’re keeping them. They’re good, and they’re ours, and we’ll work to deserve them one day.)
Gideon’s daemon has always been a canine of some kind, but her breed shifted and warped with the weather back on the Ninth - a wolf, a mastiff, a sleek, muscly Doberman pinscher or a stocky pit bull. Always tough and scrappy enough to help them both in the next bloody fight (or see them through their first battle on the front lines). Much, much later, after taking her oath in the pool beneath Canaan House, her daemon chooses the form of a russet brown husky - headstrong, opinionated, dramatic and reckless but unshakably loyal and true.
(She has a scarred - over scratch on her muzzle in the exact shape of sharpened cat claws. He has ragged chunks torn from his ear and tail by her teeth. They’ve always fought, tooth and claw and spit and snarl, but as their people reconcile, they rest side by side.)
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distorted-vive · 24 days ago
i will forever stand by the sentiment that digging up a CC’s past is messed up.
i don’t understand this mindset of why people, specifically mostly on twitter cultivate this idea that you have the moral high ground when you dig up a CC/youtuber’s past? and use it against them to make them apologize for things that literally happened months to LITERAL YEARS AGO. nothing is ever 100% and while it’s true not everyone will change, its also common sense that most people DO change over time, that chance only ever becomes higher if the stuff you’re digging up on a CC happened years ago. i feel like mcyttwt has this mindset that they think people just, literally don’t change. they take stuff someone has said years ago as something that happened TODAY in the present. i feel like to any person outside of the mcyt community they’d see these actions as incredibly toxic, and in their right it sure as hell can be.
because put it into perspective. imagine if a friend of mine made a joke about something that was “controversial,” then like 5 years later i randomly stumble upon their message again. or worse, dig up their messages to use as ammunition against them because they had recently ticked me off. i then go up to them in person and ask them apologize for it. you see the problem here? how outlandish this sounds?
i can understand that this can greatly depend on what a message says, given that context is always important, and yes there are times CCs do deserve to be called out, but i feel like what mcyttwt fails to realize is that the idea that purposely digging up a person’s past is a good mindset is incredibly flawed and honestly downright does more harm than it does to “educate” the CC. at this point i would not be surprised if in the future, any CCs would essentially be walking on eggshells with any jokes they make without the fanbase twisting their words into meaning something harmful given that its already happened so often. and at some points it really makes me wonder if mcyt, specifically mcyttwt even cares about these CCs, real actual breathing people behind their screens instead of just quickly making 20 performative activism twitter threads for “woke” points. it makes me remember this one message someone said to me months ago, when the “antis vs mcyt stans” whole thing started.
“the antis aren’t going to be the end of these youtubers, its going to be the very people who ‘stan’ these guys themselves. being their own fans.” 
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mossybunni · a month ago
I read this little blurb earlier today about what books would immediately be a reason to never go on a date with someone again, and an overwhelming amount of people said if their date mentioned any YA fiction, they’d never want to go on a date with that person again.
Look, I love reading classic literature as much as the next person. Plays? I love ‘em; ask me about how Buried Child is all symbolism for the death of the American Dream/midwestern farming communties and I’ll gladly share (I give you a word of caution when looking up this play). I love reading poetry.
That being said, one of my favorite book series is the Miss Peregrine series. I love manga and graphic novels. I hate hate HATE that these forms of media are seen as less than a classic work.
If you are seriously going to say, “Next please.” on a date because your date likes to read books about vampires and magic, perhaps it is you who has the problem.
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piscesgirl87 · a month ago
you know what I've been thinking about lately....
in 8x05 Adam said to Kim “sometimes trauma just brings people together” and she wasn’t so sure about it but now...
I feel like this trauma for Kim in the finale will definitely be what ultimately brings them back. Adam is going to Lose his mind when he fears she’s in danger. No, I don’t think she is going to die but I think she’ll be badly hurt and it’ll make him/them realize that life’s too short and that they love each other and want to be together and want to be a true family. 
I don't know if this is just wishful thinking lol but I feel like this is a possible outcome of the season 
I do feel like season 9 will be their season!!! because they are endgame (as per Marina lol) and I feel like the next step after this would be engagement/marriage 
I’m scared but excited for the finale b/c I love seeing how much Adam truly cares for her. 
Also excited for these Adam/Makayla scenes. like, Daddy Adam OMFG!!! haha 
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While I agree with your point about Willow's attitude toward Faith, I do think that, when we're talking about her attitude toward Harmony, we need to remember that Harmony bullied her for most of her childhood and all of her teenage years. I think the fandom is quick to forget how Harmony (and Cordelia for that matters) were bullies and how it could have affected Willow. Willow wasn't just an unpopular nerd, she was actively bullied for years.
you’re right! I totally understand why Willow hates Harmony and Cordelia, but I also pay a lot of attention to the language that she uses when describing them. for me, it’s very much about how she decides to focus on how these popular mean girls are slutty and stupid. so many of Willow’s criticisms of Cordelia and Harmony are that they sleep around, that they wear tight/low cut clothes, that they get bad grades and they’ll have no future... and that’s similar to how she continues to talk about Faith (or really any girl that she doesn’t like) for the rest of the series
there are so many valid critiques that Willow could’ve made about Harmony and Cordelia, but instead she focused on surface level things that stem from some clearly internalized misogyny. and yes, that’s realistic for high school girls! and yes, I understand why she felt like that! bullying is shitty and she didn’t deserve it. but as Willow grows up, we don’t really see that part of her disappear or change. she continues to think of Faith and other girls she dislikes as slutty and dumb, which is a huge disservice to her otherwise awesome character.
Cordelia grows a lot and I love who she becomes, but I never expected Willow to forgive her. I just wanted to see Willow gain a better understanding of how other women can be awful in ways that don’t reflect on their success in traditional education or their body count
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