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#Fallen city series
fletcher-renn · a month ago
I wonder if I would’ve picked up the first Mortal Instruments book at age 17 if I’d known that eight years on I’d be ignoring my master’s dissertation in favour of reading the fifth fucking Shadowhunters series
#i feel like i probably would have ngl#but it is so wild to think that i have been reading these books for so long and i haven’t even read everything and there’s more to come#when i started reading the first two series’ had already come out#and now there’s so many spinoffs i can’t keep track of them and just.. so much#i haven’t even read the eldest curses. or tales from shadowhunter academy. or the bane chronicles. in fact the only spinoff i’ve read#is ghosts of the shadow market#i’ve read all the main series’. but it’s just like... there’s so MUCH#i was just thinking that when chain of thorns comes out i want to reread chain of gold and chain of iron to prepare#but that’s two 600 page books#not to mention that a whole trilogy came before those#tsc is one of those things that like.. i love it but i would recommend it to almost no one#partly because i don’t think it’s actually objectively good (even though; as mentioned previously; i love it)#and partly because where do you even start with this series???#infernal devices is probably the best place if you don’t want to be spoiled#tda is the best trilogy Easily but will not make sense if you haven’t read tmi#and tmi is... listen. i love it. but it’s like that one friend who you really like but you can’t take them anywhere because they will cause#drama and make you look like an idiot#tmi should have ended with city of glass & maybe one extra book to start the war. i’ll die on that hill#city of fallen angels was such a godforesaken mess of a book#so yeah. do i recommend getting into tsc? no. will i read every single installment of this series and ignore my responsibilities in order to#do so? yes 😔#it’s too late for me but save yourself#personal
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mmnwritingadvice · a month ago
Why I Hate Cassandra Clare and The Mortal Instruments
When I first read The Mortal Instruments I was in middle school. I was very impressionable and so when I read them for the first time I thought they were okay. They were never books that stood out to me or that I was very invested in. That being said, I stopped half way through the third book because the incest plotline was really weirding me out. Even back then. 
Of course the writing in these books are bad. Cassandra Clare uses too many metaphors and similes that don’t make sense because of how specific they are. They clog up the story and take away from what is happening. But what I really want to talk about is how these books are problematic. 
Incest is the main thing that I have a problem with in Cassandra Clare’s books. It is very obvious to me that she has some weird messed up fetish and it not only makes me uncomfortable, but it is just extremely gross. I don’t think children should be reading some adult’s messed up fantasies about her self insert character, Clary. Incest is shown throughout the Mortal Instruments series and is portrayed as romantic and dangerous love. Most people think of Clary and Jace when I say incest, but I’m also referring to Alec and Jace. Alec having a crush on Jace is horrifying to me because they claim to be adopted brothers and refer to each other as brothers. They were raised together. Again, I think Cassandra Clare thinks of this as something exciting and off limits. It should STAY off limits. Forever. 
The second thing that really bugs me about the Mortal Instruments is the characters. Especially Clary. She is a Mary Sue and she has no defining qualities. She is annoying and her only personality trait is hating other girls and drawing. Which, btw, makes her the perfect self insert for teen girls who want to see themselves as the main characters. She is small and thin, but doesn’t see herself as attractive. Yet, everyone else sees her as attractive. She finds excuses to hate other girls because of their looks. One quote from the book series talks about how the character Maia shouldn’t be as pretty as she really is and Clary’s reasoning for this is because Maia is a werewolf. Clary is just very shallow. And can we as writers stop pitting girl characters against each other??? I just want books where the main girl characters are besties and don’t hate each other right off the bat. Now back to Clary being a Mary Sue. She just knows how to fight right away and inserts herself in situations where she shouldn’t be. And then people are made to seem like the bad guys because they won’t let her along on a dangerous mission. Why would they let along the girl with no training and the girl who would probably get herself killed. Oh right, because Clary is naturally good at everything. She can even create new runes because? I read the entire series and I’m still a little confused to why she has all this power. 
Cassandra Clare does not know how to write gay and lesbian characters. At least not from what I’ve read in the Mortal Instruments. I am not reading any farther than that because I refuse. The way she writes Alec in the first few books comes off really uncomfortable to me as someone who is also gay. This is because of the whole incest thing and that just makes it seem really fetishy to me. But I also feel like some of that is contributed from the Mortal Instruments fandom. 
Clary and Jace’s relationship scares me. I’m not even talking about the incest here. It just scares me how they act towards one another. They are always so hostile and it is hard for me to believe that they actually love each other. Especially Jace, he comes off as really abusive and he acts like he never does anything wrong. He never apologizes and he always finds excuses for his actions. My whole unease about them started when in the first book Clary just slaps him in the face. And it grew when he became super overprotective of her in the second book and acted like they were dating even though they were convinced they were sibling. It was really gross, and again, scary. Part of the reason this is so scary to me is because books like these are targeted towards young girls. Young girls read these books and think relationships like this are okay. It teaches young girls to romanticize toxic and abusive relationships because they want what their favorite characters have. It makes me really, really scared for these girls. Especially because these girl will defend these characters and their relationships. As someone who was once a young girl, I can understand the feeling and wanting to defend your favorite characters. 
Lastly, these books feel like your reading fanfiction. This wonderful effect is caused by the horrible writing, the weird fetishes, the incest, the misrepresentation of gay people, and just the annoying tropes and Mary Sues. 
So yes, I hate these books and these are the main reasons why. I read them once when I was younger and rereading them I feel like a part of me is dying inside. I was originally going to write a review for each book, but that seems like a waste of my time. 
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wasteland2011 · 2 years ago
A Little Announcement
The Wasteland Project season eight title drop will be in April. That is all.
Tumblr media
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wasteland2011 · 2 years ago
Wasteland Villains (Pt. 3)
Akihito Iseki: Intern of Etsuko’s on the Tadpole Project. He used to be an orderly at Chou Mori Institution. He was the one who suggested age regression therapy on the tadpoles back in Chou Mori. Now, he works on the Tadpole Project in Rampo Biotech.
Anna Konoe:  Intern of Etsuko’s on the Tadpole Project. She is the heir of  Konoe Pharmaceutical Company based out of Kobe, Japan. Anna doesn’t really want her inheritance because of the destruction of her parents’ marriage. She wants to be her own person and thinks the Tandeki Group will help her do so.
Azazeal: A demon who is a friend of Kaori’s. He supports the Tandeki Group and their Apocalypse game. He seems to have an interest in Riku Ishii and Madoka’s grandfather.
Dorothea Yashin: A former Russian therapist who Etsuko calls to help “tame” Shizuo Heiwajima and get him out of the way of their game. She used to be a predominant therapist who worked at Moscow State University. Dorothea used an unorthodox method of therapy she called “animal therapy”. She would turn her patients into animals through drugs and hypnosis. Everything was going well until the therapy of a rich female client went too far. The client ended up in a mental institution and Dorothea was fired and lost her license. She became a recluse and started killing her former patients and colleagues over thirteen years. Shizuo kills her after she turns him into a Minotaur.
Heaven's Slave: A gang of drug dealers in the Durarara series itself. They are led by Hiroto Shijima .In the Wonderland series, they work with Daichi and Osamu on the Heaven Project.
Hikari/Hisan: A suicidal girl who becomes by a hiteri-oni after the second gate to the apocalypse is opened. The demon gets along well with Kaori and has a twisted interest in Izaya. He will taunt him every chance that he gets.
Hikibi Watanabe: Owner of the Red Rabbit club. He provides the women for the members and owns the Goddess of the club, Shirley. He turns to Daichi and Osamu to help with his club. Right now, he’s not happy with sharing ownership of Shirley with Keiichi Minami.
Izaya Orihara: Information broker currently associated with the Tandeki Group. He likes to cause trouble around Ikebukuro for the lulz. He seems to be undercover and taking orders from a person he’s never seen before. Tandeki does not trust him and plan to kill him again when the time is right.
Jinnai Yodogiri: A “talent agent” who kicked Project Tadpole into high gear the way it is today. He introduced Kitano to Vozrozhdeniye for the money and ingredients for the drugs used in the project. He’s really just a collection of old men being used by Kasane Kujiragi.
Kai: Another demon who is a friend of Kaori’s. He too supposes the Tandeki Group in the Apocalypse game. Unlike Azazeal, he is chomping at the bit to make the game go faster. Kai’s taken to help Yui, Yuzuru, Hecate, and Lucy open the Gates of the Apocalypse.
Roc Segawa: An intern of Kitano’s in the Tadpole Project. He used to be an orderly in the Chou Mori Institution. He despises the tadpoles and used to beat on Satoshi Aida because he was labeled as defective. Despite this, he is loyal to Kitano and has a crush on the new intern, Rumi.
Rumi: An intern  of Kitano’s in the Tadpole Project. She’s new and grew up on a farm. She seems innocent to what the project is about. Due to her growing up on a farm, she is used to seeing blood and guts.
Sadako Yamaguchi: A psychiatrist who works at Aya’s place of work. She wants to kill her patients by driving them to commit suicide. Kitano sees her as a potential blood knight for the Apocalypse game.
Tea Leaves
Jianjun Kim: Ju Wang’s uncle and Daiyu Liao’s older twin brother. He is a con man who loves money. He used his sister in some of his cons back in their old village. When he was a child, he ran cons to get sympathy. As he got older, Jianjun’s motive changed to money. Khai cut him out of the will to came the clan spared from his greed. Now, Jianjun wants to take over the clan for the money. He has recently teamed up with Junjie.
Junjie Zhong: The former heir of the Zhong clan. He was notorious for his drug use and mistreating his girlfriends. His mother coddled him. When Junjie raped Szu, Qian turned to an old friend to have the heir beaten up. He tried to retaliate against the Liao clan, China turned to Russia for help. Turns out, Junjie’s mother cheated on her husband while he was in jail with his rival and got pregnant. Zhong disowned Junjie and threw his wife out. Junjie was arrested and put into jail. Now, he is out on bond and has teamed up with Jianjun for revenge.
Fallen City
Road Kamelot: A noah and monster. She is currently the mistress of Allen Walker. She cut off his wings and wants to turn him into her sex slave. She has put a fish-like parasitic creature named Aizen.
Tyki Mikk:  A noah and monster. He is the doctor of the tower. He tends to angels after their wings are torn off. He too has an angel himself named Leda who he taunts and abuse while she is in her cage.
Jasdevi:  A noah and monster. They run Paradise in the Tower. They are pimping out the angels to the monsters. They raped Ophelia to punish Allen and break her.
Tate: An angel who lives in the city. He and his crew attack other angels for food. He used to be in Heaven fighting their war. Heaven seemed to be have forgotten him after he fell to the Fallen City. He does care about his fellow angel, Cricket.
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wasteland2011 · 2 years ago
Wasteland Villain Guide (Pt. 1)
Woman in Red: A powerful entity who can destroy the world. So dangerous that the Great Beast had to seal her away in the Land of the Dead. Now, there is a game dedicated to freeing her to start the apocalypse. She has no official name and is named the “Woman in Red” based on her appearance. She haunts Japan/Kiku Honda and frequently talks to Kitano. She is starting to appear in the visions of several tadpoles.
Tandeki Group: A research group operating out of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan. They were founded by Katsuhiro Kitano in 1989. Tandeki is the main player in the apocalypse game. So far, they have the advantage with the Tadpole Project and the Dis Program. Their main headquarters are in Rampo Biotech. Nobody seems to know what the company does. The Awakusu suspects it to be a shell company. The Nebula Group is Tandeki’s rival.
Katsuhiro Kitano: Founder of the Tandeki Group and main human antagonist of the Wonderland series. He used to work for Chou Mori Institution before it was shut down. He was born with a heart condition that kept him in the hospital from ages two to fifteen. When he was ten, his mother forced him to get out of bed and walk all the way outside to a bench to get his birthday present. A year later, a nurse got his medication mixed up and nearly killed him. While the doctors worked to to bring him back to life, Kitano ended up in the Land of the Dead and meets the Woman in Red. He decided on his own that he wanted to free her because she didn’t look too happy in her prison. Kitano is the creator of the Tadpole Project and is very possessive of his tadpoles. He comes off as cold, but patient.
(There will be more on Kitano in future posts.)
Etsuko Asato: Kitano’s second in command. She joined the Tandeki Group in 1989. She is also part of the inner circle. She used to help Kitano at Chou Mori before it was shut down. She helped him build the Tadpole Project and improved the base drug, Amaterasu. Etsuko has been with Kitano since the beginning. Much of her private life is left unknown. Ever since college, Etsuko has been working on the memory drug, Mnemosyne. She makes many other drugs for the Tadpole Project and the rest of the apocalypse game. Etsuko was the one who erased all of Aoba’s memories of Mikado while he was in the hospital. She is caring for Kaori for the time being.
Junko Nakahara: Japanese nurse born in Scotland due to family betrayal and scandal. She joined the Tandeki Group in 2004. She is also part of the inner circle. She’s an expert in poisons and runs the Angel Project. Kitano tried to recruit Junko’s mother, Kyoko, but she refused and offered her daughter in her place instead. Kitano paid for her to finish nursing school in Japan. She is also tasked with keeping watch over Mikado and his friends at Raira Academy. Junko and Aya do not get along with each other.
Aya Otomo: Psychiatrist who joined the Tandeki Group between 1999 and 2000. She is also part of the inner circle. She isn’t assigned an actual project, but she keeps them running smoothly. Currently, the details of her full job have yet to be revealed. Aya is responsible for the death of Akabayashi with the help of the Hecate and Lucy Mayfair.
Daichi Hajime: Youngest member of the Tandeki Group. He joined back in 2009. He is also part of the inner circle. He works with Osamu Myojin on the Heaven Project. Daichi joined because he wanted to be more than just a pretty face. This is part of the reason why Kitano recruited him. He even paid for Daichi to go to grad school.
Osamu Myojin: He joined the Tandeki Group in 2001. He too is part of the inner circle. He walked with Daichi in the Heaven Project. Unlike the rest of the inner circle, Osamu didn’t come from a high scholar background. Kitano saw potential in him and recruited him.
Kaori: Kaori is a mysterious young woman who lives with Etsuko. She loves to kill people. She has killed most of the Blue Squares gang and erased Mairu Orihara from existence. (The latter was out of curiosity and to torment Aoba even further.) She is close friends, Hisan/Hikari, Azazel, and Kai. She wants to kill more people again.
Hecate Mayfair: A nightcomer from the group, Mam. She has been helping the interns Yui Takase and Yuzuru Marusa open the Gates to the Apocalypse around Ikebukuro. She is joined by her sister, Lucy, to open the fourth gate. She works with her mother, Allison, but secretly has her own agenda. Her connection with England/Arthur Kirkland is seen as abusive. (See Relationship Analysis #1 post.) She also appears to have some sort of a history with Mikado Ryuugamine.
Hisayo Isobe: Hisayo is the ghost of a teenage girl murdered by her mother in 1987. She haunts whoever moves into her old apartment in apartment 27 at Kinko Sekai Apartment complex. She kills many people and is currently possessing the lately resident of apartment 27, Mollie Dylan.
Toshiko Isobe: Toshiko is the younger sister of Hisayo. She too was killed by their mother. She too haunts whoever moves into apartment 27 of Kinko Sekai Apartments. The little girl has led many people to their deaths just as much as Hisayo has.
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