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ruthoakenshield · 2 hours ago
Taglist update
Hey, gang! I’m updating my taglist. If you wish to be tagged for my writings, please message me or comment on this post so i know you want to be tagged. **********Also, tell me if you want to be tagged for: 
Middle Earth Writings,
Thorin writings,
Richard Armitage Writings,
Writings for any of Richard’s characters (Be specific)
Henry Cavill writings,
or writings for any of Henry’s characters (be specific).
If there is a particular storyline WIP Iam posting that you want me to tag you in, let me know for that as well.
If you want more chapters of a certain WIP storyline, tell me and which story you want to see more chapters for. I will see about getting more chapters posted for them.
As always, Thank you for reading, loving, and reblogging my work. Feedback is always appreciated.
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frenzys-furnace · 9 hours ago
What type of beauty do you have?
You're athletic, lively, and friendly. You live life with wholeheartedness, and make others feel more alive, too.
Tagged by: @punsandfuturekingsmen
Tagging: @talesofnovembria
Muse’s reaction: Frenzy laughs. He is everything but friendly! Then again, he plans to take every opportunity as it presents itself. That has to count. Whistling, he turns around and goes back into the mansion. Time got get onto Lament’s nerves again.
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the-emo-asgardian · 15 hours ago
isn't there a new fanfic that you began last monday? or was it wednesday? about avengers loki becoming a hero
You’re not wrong, nonny. The Raven Haired Rebel updates every Monday at 12:30 EST. I’m working on making a masterlist for it but life’s pretty busy for me rn :)
Thanks for the ask!
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le-vec · 17 hours ago
Did these doodles for Mothers Day (in Mexico is today!)
The best mom-! I mean- carrier in the galaxy! UwU
+ their kids of course
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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frenzys-furnace · 17 hours ago
Where do you go when you close your eyes
True love is dead, and you're buried with them. You look in the mirror the day after the funeral to see your own eyes missing, face nothing but a blurred canvas. Why aren't you surprised? Every inch of you feels badly pieced together, mistakenly glued in some sort of rush. Your brain and body never seem to agree. Do either of them belong to you anymore?
Tagged by: @monochrome-lewis , @lamentinglewis
Tagging: @magic-and-mischief (Vivi) , @technopathic-games (Nia or Zory)
Muse response:
Shaken, Frenzy turns around quietly. His shoulders starts to shake. Here and there a strangled sob escapes him. He is not a leftover, he is not just a rotting hull, he is not just badly pieced together, he is still himself... But the thoughts are hollow like their meaning. Frenzy knows that what was done to him, severed his connection to himself, too.
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keitxtastic · a day ago
early morning tmrw for a meeting
but whT if- i do writing work tonight so that i can take my time tomorrow with other tasks & get up early to get dressed and not be stressed Boout writing work tomorrow
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bhojrajprajapat · a day ago
Nostradamus a dit dans sa prophétie qu'au début du 21ème siècle, le "Chyren" s'élèvera au-dessus de l'horizon du monde. Quel que soit le changement qui se produira, il n'aura lieu qu'en raison de l'ordre du Chyren. Le nouveau changement signifie que l'Inde sera la meilleure nation. Non vu depuis de nombreux siècles, un empire d'Hindous deviendra visible, ce qui sera prouvé par le bonheur. Seul un saint religieux né dans ce pays sera le Sauveur du monde ; il sera le Conquérant du monde.
Tumblr media
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diviinc · 2 days ago
"Eh, but your Sparkliness. You are our light in the darkness!," Frenzy winks at the King and throws him a fingergun. "For the grey fae, the moon is also a lamp. So take the compliment as it is given!"
his gently takes frenzy’s larger hand , and pushes it back down.  『  “ you /jest./ the moon is not a lamp. a moon is a moon. it’s light is much different than that of the sun. “ 』  although , his hair does a little wiggle at the mention of him being that the darkness. did they really view him in such a way ? like some sort of....hero ? he refused to believe it.
『  “ very well. i will let it go. once. “  』
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bhojrajprajapat · 2 days ago
la page no. 74, Nostradamus écrit qu'en ne reconnaissant pas ce Grand Saint, il sera également accusé à tort de trahison, mais que progressivement, tous les gens respecteront ce Grand Saint (Chyren) et suivront les règles qu'il aura énoncées.
Tumblr media
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le-vec · 2 days ago
I have the idea that since SG!Shake is born at the middle of the war times, maybe Soundwave tells Frenzy to scape with her to some far place where the Autobots couldn't find them.
Soundwave: Please... Take care of her... [Gives Shake to him, she's asleep] I had to use hipnosis on her...she will be awake in some hours...
Frenzy: [takes her carefully] But carrier I-
Soundwave: [hugs him] You are a good brother... [Rubs his cheek]
Frenzy: Carrier...[crying] carrier I don't wanna go...
Soundwave: I neither want this, but it's the best for you [gives him something like a backpack] you will be okay... Don't go to the bases, go as far as you can
Frenzy: [puts it on his back] ... Yes...
Soundwave: [gives him a kiss in the forehead and cleans his tears] Be brave... [Also gives Shake a kiss]
[Shots are heard from a distance]
Frenzy: ... I'm scared...
Soundwave: You'll be fine... I will find you soon...May the Primes protect you...
Frenzy: [starts to walk backwards]
Soundwave: Run Frenzy... Run and don't look back..
[Shots are getting closer]
Frenzy: Carrier...
[An explosion sounds closer]
Soundwave: RUN!!!
Frenzy: [Holds Shake tight and runs away, he is crying] ... Don't worry Shake... We'll be fine... [Sobs] we'll be fine...
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frenzys-furnace · 2 days ago
Send an emoji to ask my muse an unhinged question
💉 - ever donated plasma?
Tumblr media
"I can't. I am a ghost," Frenzy says frankly without much of an emotion.
"Lewis did, though. Quite regularily, if I recall it correctly. He just... liked the thought that it may help someone." Frenzy muses, lost in memories. "Though he always joked to the firefly that he only did it so his blood may land in someone's boner. To be fair, I totally agree. If I could, I would do it exactly the same way," Frenzy's eyes squint in an obvious grin.
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frenzys-furnace · 2 days ago
(viviskull) 🤌 - *hands you a turtle frog* we will be married in the morning 🎮 - ever killed a dolphin? ever been killed by a dolphin?
Send an emoji to ask my muse an unhinged question
🤌 - *hands you a turtle frog* we will be married in the morning
Tumblr media
Frenzy is first startled and then he laughs. If the goal of the question was to make the red skeleton ghost laugh heartily, it is thereby achieved. Frenzy wipes a red, transparent tear from his eyes: "Man, and I am called out for moving fast, just because I flirt a bit. How about a date and a coffee first, mulberry?"
🎮 - ever killed a dolphin? ever been killed by a dolphin?
"No?," the red wraith blinks. "Dolphins are cool! They rescue people." Frenzy thinks about it. Do they mean Frenzy is too weak to fight a dolphin? That the dolphin would win? "Just to be sure, if you try to imply I would lose to a dolphin... I would win the fight! I would punch the fish!"
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