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#Except he's still dead (sad)
penguinkiwi-writes · a day ago
Hello and Goodnight
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Rating: K
Summery: Ahsoka wanted to see the meteor shower, and unexpected visitor shows up at the docs but he's not an unwelcome one. || AU of an AU— Wolffepack against Child Abuse x MerMay AU
Pairing(s): PloKit, Micah/Plo (Past)
Part 2/3 of the May the 4th fics I have planned. Is this the cursed one? Probably not.
It's also my MerMay bit, though It might not be the only one I do for MerMay, we shall see
Children, Plo Koon knew, were precious. From the moment he had held his baby sister— he had been six years old then— to his career as a teacher, and then as part of the Child Protective Services, to when he held his niece for the first time, to when he first started acting alone outside of the Protective Services…
Yes, children were very precious.
The first children that he had adopted had been when his best friend and first partner had still been alive and with them. They were the same age, though one had been eight when she had been brought into the family, the other seven.
Lissarkh had been the eight-year-old, and had survived in back alleyways, eating scraps from the ground and dumpsters, and had bitten him when he had lifted her up out of the one behind his and Micah’s apartment building. Now she was just older than Wolffe, her hair dyed green and working with Mace to uncover smuggling rings with the Courscant Police.
Or she would be, had she not decided to go back to school. And Plo was fine with covering the costs for both her and her sister.
Bultar Swan had been Plo’s— and Micah’s— very first child. She had been taken in a year before Plo rather unceremoniously found Lissarkh behind their apartment building.
Taken from abusive parents in the city of Kuat, Plo hadn’t the heart to allow the child to enter the Forster System and appealed to Micah then for help.
Ah, but that had been such a long time ago.
Micah had been shot and killed close to fifteen years ago. Bultar and Lissarkh had been twelve, and Lissarkh had only managed to have four years' worth of rather fuzzy memories with him.
Still, in grief and death, he didn’t stop his care of other children. When Bultar and Lissarkh were twelve, he had found Wolffe and his brothers.
And life continued from there.
Plo loved all his children. It was as simple as that.
And as the night continued on, and the embers of the fire began to die, he knew that. Children were precious, and he loved his children.
Plo gazed over the sleeping forms of Boost and Sinker, tangled with Nex and Nox, and Comet. Warthog, Ghost, and Wildfire sprawled in the grass nearby, and Ahsoka wedged between Wolffe and Tracer, with Bultar and Lissarkh nearby and a number of their other brothers and sisters laying in the grass around the once blazing bonfire.
Ahsoka wanted to watch the meteor shower that was due overhead rather soon. Somehow that had translated into inviting as many of the ‘Plo's bros’ from across Coruscant as possible and everyone having a cookout and bonfire in the fields by the docs. 
Plo didn’t mind.
It was lively and rather amusing to watch Ahsoka and Maul gang up on Anakin and Obi-Wan. To meet Bultar and Lissarkh’s friends again, to see Sha again— though she didn’t live too far from Dorin, just on the edge of the city and no more than a three-hour ride to her apartment building.
It had been a good evening. 
But now the children were all settled down to rest until they woke back up due to the numerous alarms set on various phones.
A splash down at the docks made him perk up a bit, folding his glasses back into their case and setting them on the picnic table. He stood, picking his way through the sleeping bodies and walking down to the docks.
Data and Cable (And Plo would never question the boys on the names they wished to choose for themselves) had a small boat that was docked there for when Data needed silence from the noise of the house, but that wasn’t what had alerted him and that's not what had splashed down there.
It didn’t take long to get there, nor did it require much effort to find the switch that turned on the lone lantern at the end of the dock, and a familiar form was leaning on the planks.
Had the figure been a normal human, Plo might’ve been concerned about why they were on the end of his dock, but they weren’t— he wasn’t. 
Not with green skin, large, dark eyes, and tentacle-like tresses instead of hair. No, this one was not human, though he did walk around in a human skin sometimes. He was a Mer, simple as that, though very different in appearance than the mermaids so commonly seen in movies and fiction. Most all of them were.
Nonetheless, Plo chuckled as he walked down the dock towards the figure. 
“Hello, Kit,” he greeted, sitting down and crossing his legs upon reaching the end. A grin full of razor-sharp teeth was flashed his way before melting into a quizzical look.
“No glasses tonight?”
He chuckled. “No,” he told the other, “The light isn’t as bright at night, so my eyes aren’t bothered.”
Kit seemed to ponder on it for a moment before accepting it, something Plo assumed he would, considering how he knew a number of other Mer from the depths of the sea who were also sensitive to light.
Kit had been showing up at Dorin’s docks for a few months now, ever since Wolffe had accidentally fished him up, really. And then, of course, Plo had connected the dots a few weeks later and had met Kit Fisto the Mer-Rights activist, Kit’s human guise.
It had been a good few months of friendship, and, later, a rather interesting romantic partnership.
And Plo rather enjoyed the time spent talking with Kit.
“So what brings you by here?” he asked and the green Mer just flicked his tail, a few drops of water splashing onto his cheek where the medical mask wasn’t covering it.
“Heard some noise when I was on my way back from Aayla’s bar and decided to pop in,” Kit hummed loftily, before be paused. “Foul's still missing, by the way, so if you hear anything make sure to pass it on to her so she can get it to us.”
Plo nodded slowly at the mention of the other two— while Aayla herself wasn’t a Mer, nor was Foul, the two were still targets for the Creatures Trade. A faerie and a yeti, far from their homes, and now Foul was missing.
“I will,” he assured the green-skinned Mer, who just grinned again. “So, why are all of you and yours out this late?” he asked, leaning on his elbows as his tresses curled, flicking drops of water.
Plo hummed, glancing back at his sleeping children. “Ahsoka wanted to watch the Meteor Shower,” he told him simply.
The Mer clicked softly, chuckling before nodding. “Yes, a rather wonderful sight, even for us. If the waters are clear enough out in the open ocean, many of us head to the surface to watch when astronomical events such as this happen.”
“I think humans and non-humans can agree on that at least,” Plo chuckled softly as well, “I studied space in school a long time ago, and once wished to go, but ended up on a different path.” Kit hummed, tail and tresses flicking as he listened. “You humans are so interesting, thinking about duties you want to do for the future, even if they don’t come to pass.”
“While you Mer live in the moment.”
The said Mer just laughed, head tossed back. “Of course,” he agreed. “Why worry over something that is uncertain, and fret over what is not there yet? The future might not come, so live as you do now and enjoy it. If you look too far to the future, you lose sight of what’s around you.”
Plo couldn’t help but smile under his mask. “Perhaps,” he agreed before the sharp sound of phone alarms going off rang out in the night. Kit made a face, shaking his head as grumbles and groans came from Plo’s children, most still half asleep in the grass.
He glanced back at them, seeing Wolffe shake the sleep from his head before lightly punching Boost and Sinker so they woke up. 
Kit whistled to get his attention again and Plo turned back around as the green-skinned Mer pointed upwards. He tilted his head back, smiling again under his mask as Ahsoka let out a whoop behind him. The first of many silver streaks crossed the sky, bright and beautiful and Plo reached over to the lantern, clicking it off without a word.
“Quite a sight, isn’t it?” Kit mused, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one at the surface. I was down near Muunilinst last time, all the way across the ocean. It’s rather bleak there, so I’m glad I’m down over here for this one.”
Plo hummed, watching the sky still as he nodded. “It is rather beautiful. I missed the last one. Feral had been extremely ill and the Nightbrothers were staying with us until he got better.”
There was silence for a moment before another splash sounded and Plo let out a slightly disgruntled noise as he was splashed, Kit hauling himself onto the dock.
He turned to gaze at the Mer, raising a brow, and Kit just grinned before leaning forwards. A single, clawed finger hooked on the edge of his mask, pulling it down and before Plo could say anything, Kit closed the distance between them.
It wasn’t a deep kiss, not like the first time Kit had kissed him out of nowhere, but it also wasn’t playful like the quick and teasing pecks the Mer had peppered across his face while he had been slightly tipsy at Aayla’s bar. 
It was nice, either way though, as Kit pulled back. “Cute.”
Plo reached up, touching his cheeks before huffing a bit and pulling his mask back up to hide his flush.
“Hush, you,” he huffed again, smacking the Mer on the arm as he laughed. That just made Kit laugh harder, tresses curling and moving in that happy way they did when he was delighted.
Plo rolled his eyes, turning his head back up to the sky as more and more meteors crossed the wide expanse. Behind him, he could hear his children talking, words of awe and wonder drifting down to the docks. 
“It really is beautiful,” he murmured as Kit rested his chin on his shoulder, tresses curling and draping across the other one.
“Just like you,” the Mer teased, an equally teasing croon leaving him, and Plo bit back a laugh. The compliment was sincere, but nonetheless.
“I will push you off this dock, Kit.”
And Kit just laughed, wrapping his arms around him as the stars continued on their paths over head.
Dorin is the name that belongs to Plo's farmhouse, Data and Cable show up briefly in some of my other work and Nex and Nox showed up in the previous WPACA installment. Ghost shows up like all the time in my works hagjkfjghd. Anyways, was this the cursed one? That's for you to decide. Happy May the 4th!
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worstloki · 2 months ago
ok so apparently the Vikings had a tradition called the sjaund, where they would hold a feast to honor the deceased's life and deeds, which means that the feast at the end of thor 1 isn't everybody celebrating that Loki, specifically, is dead, it just a viking thing, which, honestly? makes me feel marginally better (emphasis on marginally) about it
I know that narratively it’s the end of the movie and it makes more sense to have the happier part of the funeral shown, but they didn’t have a body to burn and the people aren’t exactly sad Loki’s gone. They’re overly happy and it comes across as a celebration of Thor having defeated his quest and the Great Evil, which doesn’t leave me confident that people cared for Loki, but, to be fair, we only have Frigga’s funeral to compare to, and we don’t see the feast part of that.
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mseviloverlord · 3 hours ago
Friend has Infinite Lives.
Friend has infinite lives!
Tommy stared down at the blue sheep curled into his side, watching him huff and press his nose further into his shirt. Friend’s been despondent since Ghostbur left, since Wilbur returned and didn’t want a thing to do with him. Sticking close to Tommy, staying at his side resolutely. 
Except for Today. Twenty minutes ago. When he died. 
Friend has infinite lives!
He hesitated before placing his hand on the sheep’s head, scratching behind his ears, then glanced around the sparse area he found himself in. There was no way this was a duplicate, right? No one was around for thousands of blocks to see him. This wasn’t spawn, either, the sheep just. 
Like from nowhere. 
Ghostbur had said it several times over, back when Friend dying ever other day was a more frequent occurrence. Friend has Infinite Lives! Tommy’d honestly assumed it was a lie his ghastly older brother came up with as a source of comfort, not real- especially with the sad way Philza’d stared after him when he said it, it seemed much too good to be true. Surely someone was nametagging new blue sheep to keep Ghostbur in good spirits, surely, but...
Infinite lives. 
What exactly did that mean? 
Where did Friend go when he ‘died’? Did he visit Limbo at all? Did he check in with the dead, meander before he returned to the living world? Or did he just respawn in a new, random location, ready to go again?
Friend huffed at him, startling him out of his thoughts long enough to look back down, see the way his fingers had curled painfully tight into his fur. Muttering an apology he retracted his hands, but not before Friend gave him a long, soulful look. 
Friend wasn’t an idiot. Not in the slightest. Tommy knew, maybe better than anyone, how intelligent an animal can be- maybe more intelligent than some humans, he thought bitterly, shaking his head as if to cast off thoughts of his older brothers. Could Friend understand his thought process? Could Friend understand why he was so caught up on his infinite lives? 
If it was true- if it were true, if this was not a new Friend, but the same old one- if he checked in with the dead before returning to the living, then-!
But if it wasn’t?
Tommy’s breath stuttered in his chest, eyes squeezing shut at the idea, as if he could stop the enslaught of images of past pets flying through his mind. He couldn’t loose Friend, not like he lost Henry, like he lost Mooshroom Henry. It wasn’t fair, not to Friend, not to Ghostbur- not to himself. He didn’t want to loose this last piece of the brother that loved him. He couldn’t.
The empty train station. 
His last image of his ghost. 
You promised that I’d be okay-!
Tommy let out a shuttered breath.
“Friend, listen to me. I need you to do a very important thing for me, okay?” He spoke quietly, eyes snapping open and hands reaching out to scratch the sheep’s ears lightly. “It’s gonna be really scary. But you have infinite lives. I know you can do this, yeah?” 
 Friend, for his part, huffed softly and pressed his head further into Tommy’s hand. He stared up, wide eyes catching his before closing slightly- submission, Tommy thought with a jolt. Acceptance. 
Fuck. He couldn’t stop his hands from shaking as he pulled Ink from his inventory, but still oh so careful spilling words across Friend’s fur. The ink soaked and blurred and ran in places, but the words were still neat, legible at least, large and notable.
I’m sorry. 
He hoped it would be enough of a first message. 
His hands gripped the handle of the Axe of Peace, pulling it slowly out of his inventory as he fought to keep his eyes free of tears. 
“Find Ghostbur,” he muttered quietly, leveling the axe at the sheep, still lain still with eyes shut. “And then come back- Come Back, Friend. Come find me.”
The axe came down hard and swift.
All he had left to do was wait.
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nonchalanity · 3 hours ago
im going to be ranting cus i feel like shit but also i because i dont feel safe sharing my inner turmoil anywhere else. im going to be putting it under the cut though cus i dont wanna ruin anyone’s day. youre free to read it if youre curious, i dont mind. its really long though so i wont blame u for skipping it. 
i dont really live with my parents. theyre separated and im pretty positive they hate each other. they’re not divorced though. me and my brother live with my grandmother and two uncles. two of our cousins recently moved in with us cus they got neglected by their parents as well. 
but that’s not really what im sad about. im kinda mad too. but mostly i just feel hopeless. i dont even know. 
when i told them i wanted to be a librarian they laughed at me. when i told them i wanted to take up psychology they told me to reconsider cus that won’t make me rich. 
“you’re smarter than that. don’t waste your potential like that. you’re the golden child, Ayeshtah, the eldest daughter, be a good role model and don’t waste it.”
“a librarian? are you even taking life seriously? that job is extinct”
they don’t want me to listen to my father when he talks about what i should be in the future because “i should do what i want” but they look at me with disgust when i tell them i wanna be a psychologist. they tell me to reconsider. because i’m “better” than that. that won’t make me rich. i need to be rich. i need to have an exceptional job that wont embarrass them. 
im so mad. but mostly im just so fucking hurt. im going to be enrolled for senior high tomorrow and in my country you have to pick a certain strand that will help prepare you for your major in college. i dont wanna pick accountancy, i dont wanna pick law, i dont wanna pick nursing. literally choosing another course makes my heart sink to my stomach and my body just feels heavy. 
i feel like a child, complaining about something that they dont wanna do and im ashamed. i should stop this. im over reacting. it’s not that big of a deal anyways. i should just listen to them. 
i promise i’ll never allow them to force my brother like this. my brother will be able to choose whatever the hell he fucking wants for himself. he’s going to live his fucking life and i will defend whatever his choices are. they have no say in what he should be in the future and i’ll make sure of that. 
i’ve given up. this isn’t the first time they’ve expressed their disappointment in me when it comes to school. during 7th grade they told me i was an embarrassment to the family for crying and wanting to change from a prestigious school to some low class school just to be with my friends. they questioned whether or not i was related to them. apparently i should be ashamed. 
they didnt know i almost killed myself during 7th grade. 
i was probably over reacting. but the fact still remains that if my grandmother hadn’t barged into my room in the middle of the night, i would’ve been long dead. 
im so tired. im so tired of being the only one who helps with household chores. im so tired of being the only one trying. im so tired of having to appease to them. im so tired of this house. im so tired of the expectations.
ive always wanted to leave. ive always yearned for freedom and i cant wait to move out. i cant wait to break free from them. i haven’t had suicidal thoughts in years but recently i havent been in the best head space at all. okay honestly ive been getting better again. but then this shit happens and now i have to deal with the reality that im going to suffer through a major that i dont even want. just so i can appease them, just so i can be “rich” in the future.
im so fucking tired. 
but i’ve got no choice now do i. im only 15. i dont know how life is supposed to work. i dont know the reality of it all. i should listen to them. but i dont want to. i have to though. 
fuck. i dont know. i literally just got myself out of a bad place because of not feeling like im loved, like im too clingy, like im annoying. i was too ashamed to reach out. but i got through it on my own. im still hurt from that though. honestly everything hurts. i feel like everytime i try to be better and try to heal myself and be there for myself, something always seems to fucking happen that’s like “oh wait, there’s more”
i really am tired. currently im trying to remind myself that im okay. that i’ll get through this too. that other people are going through tougher shit so i should suck it up. but that’s okay. im taking my time. 
fuck why is life so hard. i feel so guilty for being here complaining about my life when literally people have it harder.
i wonder how my family will react once they know im queer. they’ll probably be like “no you’re not. stop trying to fit into what’s trendy these days.”
im so sad. i just want things to be okay. i wanna talk to someone. im scared though. i wanna call up one of my friends and cry about it but i dont wanna bother them, i know for a fact they have their own issues to work through. 
i just wanna be taken care of for once. okay that’s an exaggeration, ive been cared for every time i was sick. im grateful for that. but sometimes i just wish someone was there to comfort me the way i comfort others too yknow. im so tired of this “strong and resilient big sister” role but i cant get out of it. im too ashamed to ask for comfort. there’s always this voice in my head saying “you’re literally old enough to take care of yourself.”
but sometimes i realize that im too young. im too fucking young. i always forget the reality that im 15. i feel like im older than that. with all this work out to stay fit, eat less so you dont gain weight, keep up with your school work, make your family proud, be there for everyone, help with the house, learn to cook, clean everything. man im just complaining at this point.
okay, i’ll stop. it’s gone off long enough. i feel fucked up but im gonna be okay. 
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miniwolfsbane · 10 hours ago
Feral kitten update #??
The straw that breaks the camel’s back has been broken.
I will start out by saying that technically, we don’t own this cat. And we are a VERY busy family. As I’ve said before, I have the worst insomnia. Also, my dad stopped driving last year. So, with everyone else busy/unable, I had every intention of taking the cat in to get it fixed. (We’ve also had a family emergency this past month and car issues.)
It sounded so easy.
So, yesterday, someone in my family comes in with a box. The box has two kittens. The kittens are outside for hours because I called the pet adoption place and they said, naturally 3 week (a guess. eyes open, tails up, but still tiny) old kittens still need their mother’s milk. So, worried sick because it was raining with flash flood warnings, I got to check on them periodically.
Then, at somewhere around five AM, this furry (redacted) brings up a third. I wait a while and go out and see...five kittens in the box. FIVE.
Tumblr media
So, mama Yoda is being a good mama and I leave her be. I get up at the crack of 11:30 am and after my morning routine, go out and check on them. All 5 still there. Upon further thought and every maternal instinct I have kicking in, I do what I always wanted and “kitten proof” some of the slats in our deck by tying up cardboard to them. All I can think is anything can happen. Also, I probably have general anxiety disorder. This whole mess looks ghetto as heck, but it’s better than me feeling sad over a dead kitten when I could’ve prevented it maybe. Edit: Now considering taking them down because I don’t want to get yelled at/lectured. Yes, I’m 36. No, I don’t get treated like an adult. >_>
So, in a couple weeks, we’ll make an attempt at catching Yoda and the babies, getting her fixed and letting the adoption place ship them off to new homes. 
Thanks for joining me in this dumb stupid, dumb, stupid dumb journey that could’ve easily been prevented with some foresight and motivation and I pray it’s over with soon.
Also, trying to prevent naming this batch so I don’t get attached, but Suki, Yue and Hakoda are all on the table. May name them when they’re finally in the shelters hands so they can be told apart and whatever. There’s a beautiful black/white striped one that’s a perfect fit to be named Yue if it’s female. Keeping with the Avatar theme.  Their older brother Sokka (or Aang, but I’m pretty sure it’s Sokka. Aang was submissive.) has been hanging out on the deck with them. I know cats don’t “babysit”, but I feel like he’s semi-protecting them. Except he bonked “not Yue” on the head earlier. 
Lastly, Aang and Zuko either ran away or got eaten by something, sadly to say. Zuko was my favorite and I’ll really miss him. 
Edit: It’s insane over here. So I come out to the kitchen to watch them, to find one missing. I’m like what the frick and feel like crying, thinking it died suddenly.
Keep watching, and later one falls of the deck steps. I try to hustle to go find it. It tried to get away, obvi, but I caught it. And behind me I hear “KKTT!!” That is, kitten spitting. I’m like, no way. #5 is in the brush, alive and seemingly fine. So I pick it up, talking to them in the mom voice and make the trek up the stairs in the dark with a flashlight. I do a head count and yes, it is 5. I was afraid a different one had fallen when I wasn’t looking. I find it perplexing Yoda didn’t rescue either, but maybe because I was in the way. Oops.
So, gonna go back to kitten proofing the deck somehow. Family can be mad at me all they want. Maybe. IDK.
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mia-pon289 · 12 hours ago
Black Butler Theories Because I Might Use Them For Twisted Wonderland Theories
really short and maybe confusing. If you have questions, my inbox is open.
Might use it for Savannaclaw?
Contains Spoilers!
Based off of @餅月 on twitter.
Bocchan made an error (kind of?) when he made the contract with Sebastian:
This one's relatively simple. Sebastian is known as a character who never lies, however, there are a few scenes he could lie; the time he made his contract. (Because he didn't swear that he wouldn't lie yet)
No one in the manga/anime wished for a demon to bring back someone from the dead. The little Phantomhive was the only one that came close. When he asked if Sebastian could bring his brother back, he didn't give a clear answer, he just said "I shall promise you a peaceful time."
As you can see he is using the unclear answer that doesn't answer the question with a "yes" or "no". To this little Phantomhive said, "You're lying." when he said so.
He doesn't understand that he fell for Sebastian's words; he failed to realize that Sebastian didn't answer anything.
Sebastian was enjoying him struggle through the illusion that he created. Poor little Phantomhive made many assumptions, that we don't know the answer to.
Such as the demon unable to turn back time, to bring back someone from the dead (Ciel Phantomhive is an exception), and what he meant is to make an illusion that his brother was alive.
When he said that this was all a lie, the demon answered "How sharp you are to recognize this."
I think he was meaning the opposite; he fell into the trap and failed to realize anything, the demon made him think "I won against the demon's traps."
I think demons can actually bring people back if they wanted to. But not in the way a person wanted to.
Sebastian's name may be Belial
This one's in bullet points
A Great King: he was called a king when he was summoned by the cult.
A liar who will not speak the truth until you give him a sacrifice or make him swear to god, to tell the truth
Demon of Greed
Appears to be beautiful and rides on a chariot (? something that's ridden in battle) on fire: uses fire and he is very beautiful.
Very elegant language
Comes in a form of a beast, or somewhat close: I mean we saw many animals when he came to help
Very lustful: Beast in the circus arc?
Good with words
The biggest reason why is because he is said to be a twin. (Two heads I assume?)
Between the Shinigamis and Demons, Demons had the upper hand:
Just a random thought. Maybe Shinigamis made a contract with them in exchange for their eyesight...?
Like when the glasses are made, people thought it was the demon's item, because they thought "Humans were turning against god because they 'fixed' God's will for people to have poor eyesight." (Idk that's what I hurt)
I mean they haven't said why glasses are important to the shinigami (I don't think)
So maybe the glasses are a symbol of addiction to the demon's power? I mean I guess it holds meaning to what Undertaker said with "You still rely on glasses? (the demon's power) You all are so fresh (He doesn't rely on them)"
I mean it's kind of funny how like Adam/Eve and God, they are split up into 2. I think it was a failed plan for the demons because they underestimated the power of Shinigami.
Vincent Phantomhive meets the conditions of the Shinigami (maybe) And Undertaker's name and payment.
Just a small wish. I mean if he killed himself within the mess, he meets all the conditions to become a Shinigami. I mean, how would Undertaker know? He could be the ace of spades to defeating Undertaker.
I feel like we've seen Undertaker's name; his name could be Cedric. K. Ros. Grandfather of Ciel. I feel like that's why Francis is inhumanly strong and Elizabeth has green eyes.
He dislikes the "Queen's" coins and prefers to laugh. Maybe his crying face is his usual face? Maybe laughing is like a numbing medication for his sadness?
The Queen knows everything (And John Brown is not human)
The queen may have passed the test and lived longer than she was supposed to (Idk that's why my history knowledge said). If so John Brown fits the role of the shinigami watching over. We have never seen his eyes and he says some questionable things. He also may have been standing in the cult when Sebastian arrived...
Maybe Undertaker dislikes her because she is useful to the shinigami?
This one's just from the vibe. Polaris is probably Joker, because if Polaris is the one who stabbed the person (you know who if you've read it) then it makes sense as to why there are 7 knives. The sentence 'Who stole the candy from my tummy' also may have a double meaning.
Or it may be Tanaka or John brown
I do have my eyes on who maybe the other members
~~~ A/N: There's more but here's a few
Little Phantomhive is going to be with Azul and Leona
Hopefully, the 5 top thoughts on his name make it.
Anyways stan Gregory, Bluewer, and Clayton
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547spicegingers · 17 hours ago
Been trying to figure out what bothers me so much about cc!Wilburs statements about ghostbur and I think I finally have somewhat of an answer
It’s not that ghostbur is dead, it’s the fact that cc!Wilbur went out his way to detail the amount of pain ghostbur is facing while being dead.
Like is he trying to make some point about the world being a cruel place and bad things happening to good people
Because for gods sake we’ve already had that beaten over our heads by every other character in this story. The only difference being their that those characters still try to remain hopeful or fight back against their conditions somehow
cc!Wilbur’s statements about ghostbur (which I’m going to be referring to as ghostburs epilogue from here on out) Don’t line up thematically with the rest of the story
It feels like being cruel just for the sake of being cruel instead for some narrative purpose
Narratively would it not make more sense to leave it up to fans to determine whether ghostbur was indeed his own person and not connected to Wilbur other than the fact that they swap places when they die and have some shared memories or if he was still apart of Wilbur, just without a lot of his key features and therefore merged back into Wilbur after his death thus reinstilling a revived Wilbur with the new lease on live that ghostbur tried to hold on to, the same one which Wilbur lacked when he was alive (which in itself would be a really good subversion of expectations regarding ghostburs existence)
I just don’t understand why cc!Wilbur would make this epilogue except for shits and giggles at us being sad or to I guess make this story more grim dark and thus refute a bunch of the themes that have been built up in the story previously?
I just don’t know but it doesn’t sit right with me
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rm4ever · a day ago
Therapy Session w/ Ships!
Therapist: so, what did you guys say you went through?
Levi: oh well…My mom died in front of me when I was young, my sick uncle that is a killer trained me to kill, then he left me, then after that I met some real nice friends named Farlan and Isabel, but then we were forced to join the Survey Corps, meeting a lunatic Titan addic named Hange and a guy with weirdly big eyebrows called Erwin. My first friends died and I saw the insides of Farlan and I also saw the severed head of Isabel, and a few years later, I had my own squad, but then I saw their dead bodies as well, and then I had a new squad but all of them were brats…except for you Mikasa :) and also, Erwin, the only one who knew of my past died, and I also had to choose between him and Arlert, but after a few years the only sign of joy and happiness went away, Potato Girl, and a few days later, Hange, even though she was a bitch, died for honor. And then, I also saw all the people that died, in front of me.
Therapist:*shooketh* So…miss Ackerman, how about you?
Mikasa: *sigh* okay. I was living a carefree and happy life throughout until I was 9 years old my dad got stabbed in the heart and my mom’s skull got split. I was knocked out cold and was about to be sold to the black market until Eren came into my life and killed 2 of them, only to be suffocated and almost die. I awakened my Ackerman powers and killed the guy in one swoop. Me, Eren, and Armin became the best of friends. A few months after though, I had a new family but then the Colossal and Armored titan took down Wall Maria and I saw so much people die, and my adoptive mom, Carla, got killed in front of me. Then my adoptive dad, Grisha also dissapeared and now I know that Eren actually ate him. Then I also joined the Survey Corps to follow Eren’s dream of killing all the titans, only to see more people die. Eren turned into a titan, I got some depression inside because of that, and we almost got killed by a high-ranking officer named Kitz Woermann. I saw Eren get beat up by this irksome shorty, and I even saw Eren get killed…again right in front of me. Also, we got betrayed by Annie Leonhart. Then after that he also got himself stuck with a wooden piece at his heart, and he got hurt in front of me multiple times after that. I saw Hannes, one of the only people that was with me Eren and Armin get killed by the same titan that killed my mom, watched Eren laugh at himself for being useless, and also having to deal with his bullshit forever. We also found out the hard way that Reiner and Bertholdt were the Colossal and Armored titans. I got sad again when I realized that Eren was always leaving me and Armin behind. Few months from then we learned that we had new enemies, but it was humans. We had to kill multiple to get Eren and Historia because they were kidnapped, and we almost died. Then we had a chance to recapture Wall Maria, but 95% of the Survey Corps got caught up in the Colossal Titan’s explosion. Armin kinda died and…that was terrifying. Also, my best friend and roomate Sasha died. Eren said he hated me…Then I also had to go through and see what Eren became after that. I had to kill Floch, and even see all my comrades turn into pure titans, and even resulting to killing the one person I loved, Eren. Well, now I’m with Levi though :)
Therapist: holy fucking shit how are you guys still alive?!
Levi and Mikasa: we don’t even know ourselves :)
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beck-a-leck · a day ago
It's Star Wars Day and I'll promote my fic if I want to!
So most of my SW fic can be divided into 2 camps. The Wells of Silence AU, and everything else.
The Wells AU (aka Talking Without Speaking, Hearing Without Listening) - Rule 63, female Anakin Skywalker, male Padme Amidala fics, and varying events that happen when I go around and mess with that story.
Wells of Silence - 100k, T, F/M & Gen, Complete
Obi-Wan watched the security recording, numb and cold. What he was seeing should have rocked him to his core, but it was almost as if he had expected this to happen. Perhaps he had. He hadn’t been blind to Anakin’s struggles over the last seven months. He had witnessed her sheer desperation to protect her children and husband. Instead of recognizing the touch of the Dark Side growing in her, he had left her to Palpatine’s whims. He had failed her.
The OG Canon Compliant AU that started it all. Beginning near the end of the clone wars when Anakin's pregnancy is discovered and following her through the birth of the twins, the end of the war, and the fall of the Jedi.
Echos - 40k, T, F/M & Gen, Complete
The original companion piece to Wells Of Silence, including deleted scenes, bonus content, and a look at the future of the universe within the AU.
Take My Arm That I Might Reach You - 8k, T, Gen, In Progress
On the banks of Mustafar's lava river, Obi-Wan hears something. Someone calls out for help. He turns back, takes Vader from the burning river bank. Anakin can't be gone, if she asked for help, she has to still be in there.
The Redemption AU of the Wells AU. Because I saw somewhere that GL said Obi-Wan wouldn't have left Anakin on Mustafar if he had asked for help, and because I love to hurt myself I put it in the Wells Universe for extra pain. In which things are kind of terrible, but nobody dies, they just get really big boo-boos.
Hello Darkness - 8k, M, Gen, Complete
Anakin makes a decision to run away and keep her secret safe. For a while, things are going fine, and then everything goes horribly wrong. Palpatine issues Order 66.
I had a REALLY sad idea, I made it worse, I wrote the fic to hurt others. A deviation from the original Wells AU, in which I kill basically everyone except Anakin and she has to deal with that. It's a dark fic.
My Old Friend - 8k, T, F/M & Gen, In Progress
In the aftermath of Order 66 and the defeat of Emperor Palpatine, and still reeling from great personal loss, Anakin Skywalker has tasked herself with combing the galaxy to bring any lost Jedi she can find back home. Hidden in a small mining colony, Anakin finds a familiar face.
The unofficial sequel to Hello Darkness where I tried to make some things a little better. Also an apology fic for a friend for being a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person for hurting her feelings with Hello Darkness. In which I try and make Anakin feel a little bit better by giving her a smol Grogu who needs someone to watch after him and Anakin happened to be the first Force Sensitive person he's found since Order 66.
Hello Darkness - Mortis - 3k, T, Gen, Complete
Anakin rejected her destiny once on Mortis. The Force does not like to be ignored. She has a role to play and it will bring her to it one way or another.
In which I truly cannot be stopped from torturing Anakin within the Wells Universe, because I took her from the darkest Hello Darkness timeline and then just made her miserable for several long years after than and Then had the Force come torture her with visions of dead loved ones because it wants her to do a job.
Everything Else - exactly what it says on the tin. Star Wars fics I've written that aren't connected to the Wells of Silence AU.
Better Left Unsaid - 2k,G, Gen, Complete
Satine chose Mandalore. Obi-Wan chose the Jedi. They are young. Their futures, their duties are more important than their hearts. She believes the sting of lost love will fade in time, and it does, but something else grows to take its place.
In which I looked at Korkie Kryze and said "lmfao that kid's supposed to be Bo-Katan's son? Hell no!" and wrote the fic about how Korkie is definitely Obi-Wan's son but nobody talked about it. Even Satine.
Aggressive Negotiations - 700, G, Gen, Complete
Everything about Skywalker was unorthodox. Even his parenting skills. A war meeting was the last place Rex expected to find a pair of toddlers, but there they were. But Rex is an officer, and a professional, and he will absolutely hold a child's hand if they ask. He's not a monster.
I saw an incredibly cute video of a child being adorable and immediately had to write a fic featuring smol Skywalker twins and some clones.
Dear Theodosia - 4k, G, Gen, Complete
A little tribute to the adoptive dads of the Star Wars universe set to the quintessential Dad Song.
Hamilton and Star Wars are absolutely perfect together and I think the adoptive dads in the Star Wars universe deserved some love, so they got a tribute via the perfect Dad Song.
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zukusbunny · a day ago
how the guys are when theyre drunk lol idk
Tumblr media
Characters — Bakugou, Kirishima, Denki, Sero, Shinso
Content — x gn! reader pairing, aged up headcanons, mentions of alcohol, drinking, literally iss just fluff/crack
A/N — I thought these panels of the boys were super cute -- enjoy!!
Tumblr media
— i would like to first say he boasts a lot about being able to hold his liquor
— i mean... he's eh, he's okay, can fake being sober for about half an hour
— then the alcohol HITS
— have you seen the way he is when he's calm
— that, now 1000x
— my guy is having an identity crisis in the middle of a party
— "'Tsuki? Katsuki, you okay?" Gently as possible, you shake his shoulder, but he doesn't feel it because drunk ignores it.
"Ngh," he groans back at you.
— Soulless eyes LMAO staring into absolutely nothing
— gets super touchy, but in a subtle way
— he just pokes your hand/plays with your hair
— I'm sorry he throws up real bad all the time, no matter how much he's drunk that night
— will remember pieces of his unsoberness the next day
Tumblr media
— holy smokes, you didn't think he could get anymore riot-y
— jus imagine 7-foot-tall Red Riot losing it over a game of MarioKart PLSS
— keeps his quirk activated for absurdly long times for no reason at all
— if you try to touch him though, he'll immediately deactivate wherever you're trying to reach (ie. his shoulder) so he doesn't hurt you accidentally
— tells a lot of stories
— i don't know if it's this image in particular of him, but i get radical drunk party uncle vibes from him
— cries
— soooo cheesy
— "Ahh, baby," he grins cheekily, "you're so beautiful!"
"Thank you, Eiji. You're drunk, let's go."
"Yeah, just gimme a sec," he stops moving.
"Wanna admire your face. M'so lucky to have ya," he slurs.
— it gives you butterflies hehe
— remembers everything that happened
— aware of drunkenness but not in full control of it
Tumblr media
— the sad, philosophical drunk
— no like seriously, he says some thought-provoking things and talks too much about growing facial hair to actually look 27
— but then theres a shift and he starts crying sldmdkksks
— makes himself sad and gets super paranoid
— "Nononono, y/n, stay right here," he gestures to his side.
— forgive him, he just wants to keep you safe from the ever-intimidating fork on your table
— he WILL bring up his pet dog from when he was 11 and how it went to a farm 🙂
— but don't worry, he's adorable
— lots of compliments, and he doesn't really expect you to say anything back UNLESS he's saying 'i love you'
— "Y/n, y/n, y/n, y-"
"Denki, what?" You laughed.
"I loooveee you," he slurs, "now say it back."
"Say what back?" You toy with him.
He frowns, "say 'i love you, too'."
"But you already know I do!"
Tumblr media
— sober drunk don't even try to fight me on this
— the way Sero can hold his liquor- my god
— he can maintain steady conversations and you would never know he was drunk, except for the slight wobble in his steps
— he also stops filtering what he says and becomes weirdly honest
— the downside is he barely remembers what happens the next day
— "Hey, y/n!" He skips into your apartment like nothing; it's these days at 2 in the morning that you forget why you bothered to give him a set of keys.
"Sero - it's past midnight!"
"Yeah," he rolls his eyes, "why are you still awake?"
"I could ask you the same thing!"
He actually sits and talks to you for a really long time before he finally slips up and-
"Wait - Hanta, are you drunk?"
"What, you'd think I'd randomly drop into your house in the dead of night on a normal day?"
"Well, I mean - you're you!"
He thinks about it, "touché."
Tumblr media
— creepy quiet. like you think he's quiet normally? get ready suckers
— a man of many actions - becomes a lot more expressive when he's drunk
— scratches the dilf™️ stubble out of drunken habit
— it's so funny wtf
— lowkey he gets possessive
— "Yeah! So, then I tried going to-" you stop abruptly, feeling something warm squeeze your arm. "-'toshi? What're you doing?"
Without a word, he tries to pull you away from you friend.
"Wait, wait - sorry!" You shrug at them and follow the purple haired man, "Hitoshi, what are you doing?"
— he doesn't know where he's going either lmao
— tells you to talk, he wants to converse but at the moment he's physically incapable of saying more than a couple sentences
— WILL answer any questions you ask him [get those secrets 😩/j]
— "So, did you pull me away because you were jealous, Hitoshi?"
He purses his lips. "Mhm... can't say."
"Yes you can! I'm trustworthy," you nod knowingly.
"So?" You urge.
"I... I..." he falls asleep. Passes out, whatever ya wanna call it.
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From anon's request: "Hi, um S/O who has told the boys about an alternative form they have, warning them to hide immediately If that happens. They don’t really believe it, but promise anyway. But then It does. Everyone’s lost hope, but Y/N’s body changes, developing wings as they shimmering in white light. She wipes out all the enemies. But the minute she snaps out of it, they fall to the ground, and slips into a coma-like state"
A/N: I did my best, anon. Hope you like it! ❤️
Tumblr media
Unnecessary Distrust
"What, really?" Raph asked, not understanding your explanation about your hidden power. The idea of having an alternative form that could be deadly depending of the context is kind of doubtful to them. "So you're saying that we must hide when you transform into this?"
"Yes!" You shoot, throwing your arms up.
The boys glanced at each other. Okay, they have witnessed everything weird throughout their lives, but transforming into something that would damage everything and everyone around? They get suspicious about this possibility.
"Sorry, Y/N. But this is impossible." Donnie commented after a moment of silence, crossing his arms.
"What?! Donnie! I'm saying the true! You have to believe me!" You protested, but got sad as you watch their doubt facial expression. You were already aware about their reactions to your hidden power; you knew that they wouldn't believe in every word you would say, and this is the reason you got nervous about how you would convince them.
"Guys, please. It's for your safety" you could feel your eyes getting wet and your vision getting blur "Please. I'm not lying..." you couldn't fight back a tear to slid out of your eye and went down your face. The boys looked at each other again; of course, they don't know if you're telling the true but after see this debating ending up with you crying, they started to change their minds. Not much, but they did. They noticed that they were a bit rough and got regret, but a small feel of doubt is still inside them.
The tall terrapins noticed that they went out of the line. They didn't mean to make you crush down like that, so Leo walked towards you and landed a hand on your shoulder "Y/N, I apologize. But..." he sigh "But we will take your advise about this consequence."
"What?!" Everybody shoot in unison. Now the youngest turtles do not want to believe in Leo's words, and you couldn't understand why Leo changed his mind so sudden. "We all are going to take your advise". Even not putting faith into your words, the leader wants to guarantee that you do not be sad. He hates seeing you cry.
"Are you fucking ki-" but Raphael was cut off by Leo's dead glance. The brute shut his mouth up and looked down at the ground. There's no way Leo will let his brothers bother or disturb you about your warning. "For now on this matter is closed. Am I understood?" He asked while watches his brother over, his voice demonstrating ordering and superiority.
"Yes, Leo..." Donnie confirmed, lowering his head as Raph did. "Sure." Mikey murmued.
"Thank you, Leo" you said. Even with Leo's confirmation, you could feel that he still doesn't believe in you too much. But who are you to question the leader?
"You're welcome." He whispered back, smiling.
All you wish is, when your alternative side come out, the boys go quickly to find a secure place to be. Seeing them hurt by you would break you inside, and you will never forgive yourself for the rest of your life. So, all you wish now, is that they change their minds.
You pray for that.
Is late night in New York. And dark in the docks.
Fighting against several and several Foot Clan soldiers is not an easy job, well, with exception of the tall-greened ninja terrapins.
"Where are they coming from?! There's many of them!" Mikey protested while punch a Foot Clan soldier in the face and hitting his nuchakus against a soldier's head, bringing him to the ground. "I have no clue but this is amazing!" Raph yelled from a distance, as always the brute enjoys a good physical fighting, it helps his wash his anger away with many fist-to-fist contact.
"Focus, guys!" Leo said while fights against three men at same time.
Donnie, with his electric bo-staff, could defeat five soldiers in an only quick and impressive movement. "Leo, there are more of them coming! I don't know if we will deal with all them!" The nerd protested, hitting others two soldiers who were coming from his blind spot.
"We will take them! We can do this!" The leader reassured.
The fight kept on. Too many soldiers coming from every way possible like they are sprouting from nowhere. Where all those men are coming from? How is that possible?! Leo could notice that his brothers are trying to their limits to defeat every single Foot Clan soldier who were attacking them; he could see that his brothers are getting exausted.
And he is as well.
The air were filled with his heavy breathes. He couldn't let the exhaustion take him down. He couldn't let his brothers being defeated by the same situation.
He doesn't want to see his brothers die.
"GUYS!" A voice echoed through the place. Leo's attention turned towards the familiar voice and recognized that it was you. You are there, standing still while the battle happens. "Y/N!" He bawled, hitting his katana against some black-cladded men who were in his way to you. He ran as fast as he could to get where you are.
"Y/N! What are you doing here? It's not save!"
"Leo, let me do that thing!"
He gets suspicious.
"Please!" You begged, staring deep into his ocean blue eyes. Leo takes a quick look at his brothers who are fighting so hard, clearly they look exausted. He sighed "Okay! Do it!" Then he ran back into the battle, saving Mikey from an unexpected attack by behind. "Guys! We must seek a refuge. Now!" He yelled.
"What?!" Raph shouted.
"No questions! Just do it!"
Raphael glanced quickly towards you and recognized immediately what Leo is talking about. He couldn't help but groaned, and continued fighting. "Raph, let's go!" Donnie called when was passing beside the brute. "Say to Leo that this is bullshit!" He shouted again, "This is serious, Raph! There's no time for selfishness!" Donnie defended, grabbing his brothers arm and pulling him.
"What the actual fuck, Donnie?! You said that Y/N's power is impossible!"
Donnie stopped for a moment, then opened his mouth "I don't believe in they, but something is telling me to do it. And Leo wants us to do it! So I will and you will too!" Donnie didn't give up and uses all his forces to pull Raph with him. The brute groaned in disappointed and finally has decided to abandon the fight to follow Leo's order. But before run away, Raph noticed that Mikey is absent "Where's Mikey?!", "He is already hidden. Let's go!"
Then the two of them left.
While the boys are hiding themselves in a safe place, you climbs a container. Before you start concentrate to bring your alternative side, your eyes caught those several soldiers running after the boys. Leo was the only one who left vulnerable. You have no time to wait; you must do it as soon as possible. So you close your eyes, shutting your hands into fists, and taking deep breaths. One by one—you are not used to do it frequently, therefore, to bring your hidden power to life, is kind of difficult. And you want to do it quickly or your best friends are lost.
Suddenly you feel your body trembling, your skin being chilled all ways possible.
The boys watched from a distance and they jaw dropped. You are literally standing on a container with your head bowed as your body emanate a white light, illuminating above everyone and everything. The light was so strong that the boys and the soldiers had to cover their eyes. Donnie pulled down his googles to watch the impossibility.
His heart beats faster than normal. Are there... wings? "Impossible" he whispered to himself.
Then something even more incredible happened: a shock wave emanated from you and echoed through the place, throwing all the men away, making some hitting against some containers and some falling into the cold and dark water of river.
And it ended.
You stand still again on the container. The boys came out from their temporary shelters and ran towards you, stopping in front of the container where you are.
"Y/N! This was amazing! I-" Mikey froze as you breath faster than normal. What is going on with you? And why are you breathing like that? "Y/N, are you okay?" Leo asked, worried. You tried to keep stand, but your body and mind couldn't. "Y/N? Y/N, talk to me!" Leo ordered. The boys got much more worried when you closed your eyes and lose balance, making you fall from the big object.
Raph had a quick reaction and grab you before you could hit the cold cement ground.
"Y/N! Y/N! Wake up!" The brute called, but had no response. The boys kneeled on each side of you with Donnie in a main part. The nerd turtle put his finger on a specific part of your neck, trying to find heartbeat from veins. Nothing. He checked your pulse on your wrist. Nothing too.
He started to get desperate.
"So, Donnie?" Leo asked.
Donnie bent over to touch his ear above your chest to hear your heartbeat. Nothing. He is getting desperate. "They aren't having heartbeats!" He mentioned to his brothers to move away and placed his hands on your heart spot, and making impulses. "Come on... Come on!".
They are loosing their hopes. Mikey looked at Raph who was with his massive hands above his head, his facial expression clearly showing fear.
"Come on, Y/N!" Donnie gives a few more impulses and then bowed, taking carefully your nose and closing it to make mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for a few seconds and then started to make impulses against your heart spot again.
"I shouldn't had treated them like that" Raph said suddenly making Leo and Mikey stare at him "I shouldn't had doubted them!" He yelled. Mikey walked rapdly towards his hot head brother and placed his both hands on Raph's shoulders "Chill out, Raph!", "Chill out?! Ya want me to chill out while they are layied down there with the possibility of being death?!" He shouted. Leo immediately goes to Raph and grabs him by his arms "Raph, do you think that you're the only one who is feeling that way? All of us are suffering from it too! I got so fucking regret and guilty by hurt Y/N's feeling early! And I'm with all sure that everyone here are feeling it too!" Raph could see his elder brother's eyes getting watering "I don't know what I would do if Y/N die..."
Raph, Leo and Mikey watch Donnie doing the resuscitation exercise, their minds lost in a ocean of thoughts showing since that moment when you all had that argue early. Their hearts hurts by guilty. They will never forgive themselves ever again if you do not resist.
For the first time in his life, Donnie was praying; praying for you come back to life. He doesn't want you die in his arms. He wants to see you open your eyes. He wish it. He—and his brothers— pray for it.
"Come on, Y/N! Come back!" Donnie cried out and then stopped his moviment, his arms aching so badly. He retracting his arms and stroking softly your forehead.
"I did everything I could..." He sobbed.
"No..." Leo's voice was broke. He closed his eyes and lowered his head, kneeling on the cold ground. Mikey shook his head; he doesn't want to believe in it "No. No, it can't be..." The young turtle breathes with difficulty, walking beside you and kneeling. He picks you up and place you on his lap, buring his face on your neck and crying. Raph was the only one who didn't leave his place, the guilty eating him inside out.
They are there. Sounds of crying filling the empty air of the cold night. Their hope going away.
A sound of a sudden awake scared everybody. You opened your eyes and took deep breaths, holding instinctively Mikey's hand.
"Y/N!" Donnie yelled.
All the boys went quickly closer to you, letting out relieves sighs and smiling, their tears long forgotten.
Mikey adjust you on his lap "Oh God, Y/N... I thought you were-" but he was as cut by Leo's hand landing on his shoulder, nodding negatively.
"Hey, guys..." You smiled up weakly at them.
"Y/N... We..." Leo started "We acted like idiot about not trusting you. I'm sorry." He looked down.
"We were so stupid back there and treated you badly. I apologize." Donnie confessed, rubs your arm.
"I was the worse-." Raph murmued "I... I-"
"Guys..." You called "I'm not mad at you. It's okay. Even being treated in a bad way I always had love you all. You're like my brothers. My family. And saving you from enemies is the minimum of I could do."
You got blissful to see them smiling again, and you could see their guilty flowing away out of them. You have to admit that when they feel bad, you feel as well; and watching them healing from their pains is a wonderful sensation. You can feel their peace coming back as yours comes as well.
Everything is okay now.
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ask-ssec · a day ago
Following up from last question, what would happen when all of the main cast are at their most deepest of despair where there is no sense of happiness within them?
Author Chan: That’s too depressing, even for me. So, Not gonna draw it, but let’s see... this will ofc, be in different universes, so each character is in a different universe, but I feel like each is at the point of despair thats the most. (None of these are canon. There is officially only one ssec universe)
Blizz: Is still in his lab, with his memories. A head guard and ruthless, emotionless. Has to watch Vay slowly deteriorate until Vay became so unhinged that he had to be killed. Which, they ofc, forced Blizz to watch. All the other main boys have also died or went missing, so Blizz is alone. And Labsol is furious with him and makes his life hell due to what happened to Vay. Has vivid night terrors about the horrible things he has done and the Pokémon who he has had a hand in killing. But. He is very, VERY powerful. He trained his analytical and strength abilities to the point where they are always on. And through means unknown, has acquired several others, including the ability to turn into a human. But no one knows he did. Is slowly climbing the ranks as a human to get to the top of plex and destroy it. BUT. With a very low success rate, who knows if it’ll happen.
Dusk: During their escape, Sora was killed right in front of him, her blood and gore drenching him, causing Dusk to have a massive mental breakdown, that accedently kills Bolt, Flame, and Vay in the process. Blizz is the only one alive, but he is unconscious (and no memories, as usual). Dusk leaves Blizz, fearful, and retreats into an unknown location, where he turns literally insane because he killed his brothers and watched the love of his life get mutilated in front of him! What happens to Blizz? Well. He gets retrained by the lab and becomes an even better killing machine with nothing to hold him back! And this Blizz, is on the hunt! For Dusk. (Cause the lab wants him dead).
Eve: Her egg was never given away. Instead, it went missing, and ended up in a place where normal eevee eggs are kept. She was hatched by Plex and, as a baby, was immediately experimented on and tortured a ton! You know, as the lab does. After they find out about her other abilities, its too late, they already pretty much mentally broke her. So now, she has to train and be pushed by the lab guys because of her actual abilities, while constantly in pain and stress! And. Trust me. If you guys knew what her ability is, you’d know why they are pushing her so hard. Keep in mind that she is still a child.
Vay: Honestly just keep him with Labsol. In this universe, the plan to escape never happened. Blizz was killed trying to protect him from Labsol, his last words being that he loved him. So, now, he is being abused and used daily by his closest friend/brother’s literal murderer! Vay deteriorates even more and more, lashing out at the others and ending up alone in the end, the only one he can turn to being Labsol, who, as we know, is an abuser and murderer. This messes up with Vay’s mind a lot, but in the end, he submits to him. (Author Chan: I feel actually sick writing this, sorry) Vay has lost all hope, all family, and all will to live, but is forced to live and be Labsol’s play thing and a test monkey.
Bolt: This is a hard one. I know there could be a universe where Bolt is sad, but. It would mean the events that happened to him in general would be really different. Instead of the experiment he did, I’m thinking they instead thought it would be great to put him in the fire elemental experiment, which has a low survival rate. This causes immense pain and scarring for Bolt, burning off most of his fur and almost killing him. But, he does get fire abilities, Just that he is unable to move and is bed ridden. His time in the lab slowly turns him jaded, and when he found out his brothers left without him (except Sora) it broke him. When he can walk and function again, the lab ofc, locks him up because “oops. Fire elementals are dangerous. Where he doesn’t get to talk or interact with anyone for years. Until. They want him to breed. So they send him to Kalos, where a couple of things happen, including him being forced to breed with Sora. Who he accidentally burns. This causes Sol to go haywire on him, almost killing him. And from then on, Bolt just. Breaks.
Flame: Basically, Have Sora escape with them. And no agency. So Flame is depressed, resentful, jealous of Dusk, and hates himself. He’ll slowly deteriorate himself due to being a literal waste of space with nothing to do and no one to turn to.
Daisy: I honestly cant say much without spoiling her story. But, at a pivotal moment, when she is alone and hiding, have someone find her, and make her actually watch what’s happening. This will break her to the max. Wow. I cant say a LOT about Daisy. rip.
Dawn: the trainer loved and trained her, then literally abandon her. No wonder trade, no PC, but full on release. That will shatter her. From that point on, Dawn will be a walking shell, because she puts all of her self worth on the trainer’s affection towards her, ant the trainer just threw her out like trash. As she lives in the wild, bad things keep happening to her, Pokémon go after her, her lack of survival instincts show, and no one helps her. One day, she sees Scull, looking for her. She runs up to him, but- “BANG” he goes down. Pokémon poachers killed him for his pelt. “BANG” another shot, aimed at her. She runs, tears streaming down her face. And there, hiding from the poachers, in a dark cave/burrow with small chance of escape. She feels despair.
Miku: That moment in the agency, when Ford came to her. Just, take that out. He never comes to her. She gets lost in her head, and loses all hope. There, it honestly just down hill. She’ll retreat into herself, not really listening to anyone. And then, when events happen and Sol gets his hands on her, she’ll just go along with him, and become his mate. Which sadly, isssss not really a good thing for her. Like... at all. She’ll become more and more unhappy, and lost. Sol does spoiler things with her by his side, and. Miku sees Sol literally kill Dusk right before her eyes, somehow. This. Causes her. To absolutely loose it.
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Okay so. This like a shamelessly obsession fueled side blog where I reblog fics I like and hope others will too. I haven't posted much original content here but I feel like @something-tofightfor and @its-my-little-dumpster-fire deserve special thanks right now because
I've been watching a lot of older ben stuff recently and his characters all have such ??? sad ??? endings?
Spoilerly stuff below ----
Character by Character
John: abandoned and divorced by father and wife and about to potentially lose the family estate
Dorian: led astray by someone he thought was a friend, he reclaims his soul i guess but he burns alive doing it. I've never read the book so I don't know if that last scene is really supposed to convey a measure of redemption or not
Caspian: becomes a king at a very young age, loses his father, then Peter and Susan then Edmund and Lucy after becoming like family with them. He is literally confronted with the choice to cross the boundary of death at the end of dawn treader
Ryan: the movie assumes he starts to settle down or finds another person to call home at the end but that song, well, it doesn't come from a place that has never known some really hard and alone times
Josh: the trailer is so bad I'm never going to watch locked in but the premise seems to be he caused an accident that put his daughter in a coma and then he thinks he might he going crazy hearing her voice. So again. Sad and distressing
Sam adams: reckless and angry and careless and ready to tear the world down but comes to the realization his talent for oration can help the revolution as much as his fists. Although he's still not steady this is arguably one of the happier endings. The scene where he stands like a dare on the deck of that ship puts my heart in my throat and has "standing point blank in front of a pistol with full knowledge of my own mortality" energy even if the range isn't point blank
Nic: literally dead by the end, loses his father and his girlfriend. his brother enters the one world nic didn't want him to have anything to do with. Also he's so deluded with the idea of belonging to something fraternal and powerful throughout the film. The scene where he burns the card in his hand makes my heart hurt too because hand burns are painful and cruel
Benjamin: this is also supposed to be a happy ending but the show leaves so many loose ends it makes me worry the environment of julia's family is going to just let him keep lying and manipulating without being sure of love as a moderating force for that part of his personality. And also he went to jail off screen as a younger man for something he didn't do. Also he has a panic attack on the bedroom floor that's never addressed. He just feels fragile and that just makes me feel defensive and protective.
Logan: one of the worst fates by far even though the "poor little rich boy" thing makes Logan hard to empathize with at the beginning I'm starting to think Ben could play almost anyone and I'd empathize with them. Anyways Logan ends up dehydrated for days in the desert, abandoned by father and sister, gaslighted by william, and ultimately succumbs to drug addiction. Then the (big spoiler) Forge takes on his face and voice and some weird echo of his personality in what would have been a personal hell for Logan - always trying to figure out if there was another path or lifetime in which his father didn't abandon him. And guess what, turns out everything "always ends up here" at the point where Logan is drowning and his father turns away anyways
Billy: selfish and greedy though he is, the glimpses we get of his past makes those character traits make sense and also read like defensive mechanisms as much as anything else. And those traits would be forgivable except his fatal flaw is? I'd say pride except he's bowed down to a man like Rawlins. He can't bend long enough to explain to Frank what his part in the carousel murders was. He supposedly didn't think that the ambush would kill the rest of the Castles, so he feels guilty and the part he did play hurts him enough he avoids thinking about it beyond the mantra that it wasn't him behind the guns. I get the sense that Billy is mad at Frank because Frank knows Billy's capable of terrible things but neither of them thought he'd ever be complicit in Maria and the kids' death. Billy doesn't want Frank to believe he's that kind of bad but he also isn't willing to reach back and make amends. They know one another too well to be anything less than infuriated at the others' pretenses. Punisher s1 feels like a little like if King Lear's Edmund and Edgar got a betrayal tragedy all to themselves; and then punisher 2 is painful because the score should be settled except the last fight shattered all Billy's already crooked pieces and the picture he puts back together from them is somehow both younger and more solidified and committed to following a betrayal to its logical conclusion than even s1. He's more wicked in s2 but also somehow raw for it. No more polish no more of anyone except himself. Except he doesn't know who he is so that's a fun acid trip
And the newest ben guy, Aleksander. He's just so Lonely. He's nearly immortal and finally running out of resources at one of the peaks of a war hundreds of years long. He's also manipulative and sort of casually dismissive and cold but this also makes sense in context. But he's also sweet and has this really bent righteous streak that's oddly on brand
They both have an amazing grasp of character and know how to write slow burn like pros. They also both really nice. Go check out their stuff and leave some likes!!
As much as I love ben's complicated characters, I think he's right. It may be time for a sweeter palate cleanser. Something that's not going to leave me feeling like my heart is cracked. Again. It doesn't have to be a romance or anything and honestly I'm a little romanced-out as far as movies go. Id just like One Thing without a romantic subplot. And just something with a little gentler of a resolution possibly. Although I'm going to he grateful whatever new content we end up getting from him 🙏🏼
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I still believe Anne is alive.
The evidence that she is dead is as vague as I thought would be. Red's back peddling on the 'had' a daughter versus 'has' a daughter, Demby's very low-key reaction of 'you have to put that behind you.' And Red's very quick recovery in all other scenes except the one with Anne's daughter. He was his normal self in most of the episode.
As for telling Anne's daughter that she's dead... He's done it before. See episode Isabella Stone from season 4. Isabella Stone became a criminal intent on destroying Red because she believed her husband had died serving him. But Reddington had hidden the husband despite the grief it cost her.
So I believe Anne is out there somewhere.. and Red's grief is likely due to her injury or their seperation.
She may possibly be in a coma. Dear god, I hope not. We've already had Dom, Liz, and Samar in comas. And Red lost a girlfriend, Josephine, to a head injury. Red's own illness seems to be based in the head as well. And let's not forget Cooper's own fake brain tumor.
I like my idea that Paula Carter/Mama Jelly Bean is being hired as a caretaker for Anne while she recouperates.
Reddington's conversation with Ann's daughter was a tour de force of acting. That little quiver in his jaw after she talks about how her mother was in love with the fugitive. Like he's about to cry. We haven't seen him cry since Sam died.
During that conversation with Anne's daughter I had a little 'huh?' moment when he reacted to hearing That Anne loved him. I realized afterwards that Anne would have said this to her daughter after knowing who Reddington really was. He previously only heard her say it before she knew who he really was. My shipper heart!!!
I was disappointed about Liz though. When I heard about the spoiler for the Anne's daughter scene, I thought it might be Liz going to give money to Anne's daughter. That's something I would hope she had learned from Reddington, to financially take care of people when she had taken their family from them.
But no, we got nothing from Liz about what happened to Anne. And Liz appeared back to normal, brain-wise, in this episode. So I'm thinking maybe the mental collapse at the end of episode 14 was not to ultimately excuse her for all of her terrible actions.. but just for that one moment. If she was zoned out during that one moment, perhaps she hasn't processed exactly what happened yet. And won't until later on when there's a more emotional reaction in store. Perhaps after she's realized she was wrong and wants to make amends.
I'm also sad that we're unlikely to see Anne again until possibly the very last episode, when Reddington joins her and they sail off into the sunset together. I really would love to see more of this romance... But at least it gives me hope that Reddington will ultimately survive the end of the series. I really had a lot of doubt about that. I'm sure Elizabeth will be fine, but I've been 50/50 on whether or not they were likely to kill Reddington off in the end or not. I don't think they will if Anne is out there.
I'll be keeping my eye on Red for any signs of remembrance of Anne.
Tumblr media
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Underwing Challenge - Day 3
Previous Posts: Day 1 | Day 2
Who is your main cast? Describe as many of your OCs as you can cram into one post.
Yesterday I introduced my WIP How to Break Every Rule in the Caretaker’s Handbook, now it’s time for the characters. I already talked a bit about the main two characters, but let’s get into detail now!
Dewdrop - they/them - approx. 2000 years old/Seasoned
All Dewdrop wants to do is protect the people close to them, which shouldn’t be much of an issue, except it’s Dewdrop and they don’t know when to quit. Dewdrop is protective to the extreme and selfish, because when everything has been taken away from them, isn’t it only natural for them to be possessive over whatever they have left? Their resilience is the only reason they haven’t gone insane during their centuries in exile.
Jonah - he/him - 17 years old
Jonah lets his emotions guide him most of the time. This makes him a thoughtful and sensitive soul. When his grandma dies and his best friend moves out of town, however, Jonah's emotions are all over the place and he sinks deep into sadness. Even when help eventually comes, Jonah might prefer to ignore his issues rather than resolve them.
Time for some side-characters:
Suzy - she/her - Jonah’s mum & Dewdrop’s human - 44 years old
Suzy’s stubborn and straightforward. She won’t waste time with pleasantries and doesn’t shy away from difficult situations or conversations. She’s fiercely protective of her kids and will call Dewdrop out on their bullshit.
Stormcloud - she/her - a negligent caretaker - Less than a century old/Sapling
Pretty sure you can figure out whose caretaker this is. Stormcloud is a troubled individual with some severe personal and mental issues, which prevent her from properly caring for her current human. She’s highly compassionate, but she doubts whether she can be of any use at all.
More under the cut:
During Dewdrop’s years of exile, they have accidentally acquired a couple of caretakers and taken them under their wing.
Fifi: the oldest of the five. She’s mute and loves gardening. She’s normally calm and serene, but when someone pisses her off, she doesn’t hesitate to shove them against a wall.
Echo: Oh boy... his relationship with Dewdrop is... complicated. Echo holds a 500 year old (give or take a few decades) grudge against Dewdrop and there’s no way to fix it (I’ve tried).
Helia: She’s like a little Dewdrop when it comes to sticking her nose in other people’s business. Dewdrop finds her endearing and sees a lot of themself in her. Helia is cheerful and outgoing and a little ball of fun chaos.
Plume: Plume’s perpetually busy and spends a lot of time with their human. They can come across as rather cold and callous, but they’re just tired 24/7
Violet: the youngest and baby of the group. She’s a sweetheart, she’s as curious as Helia, but has the courtesy not to push.
And then there’s him.
Sunflare: What can I say about him other than, to Dewdrop, Sunflare is the sun’s incarnate in a world without light. Dewdrop needs him, but they can’t have him and it’s excruciating. Or it would be if Dewdrop allowed themself to think about him. (I wish I could tell more about Sunflare’s personality, but spoilers)
On Jonah’s side of the story:
Ramiro: Jonah’s dad, he’s supportive, caring and the voice of reason in a world full of stubborn, emotional people.
Dominic: a charmer who’s at the same time full of life and also dead inside. He becomes Jonah’s ally (and maybe more?) in saying ‘fuck you’ to the world and ignoring emotional issues.
Polina: Jonah’s classmate. A girl with a socialist ideology and grandma clothes. She’s fascinated by caretakers and swears that she’ll meet hers properly one day. Not that she’d purposefully run into danger to do so, but still...
Hasim: Jonah’s study buddy, not by choice of course. While Hasim is a dork and way into D&D and history movies, he’s not that bad? But people need to stop telling Jonah that he’s the perfect guy for him, because Hasim’s totally not his type. Totally not.
Okay, this turned out way too long, my apologies, but I wanted to introduce as many of the relevant characters as possible.
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gdragonsideburns · 2 days ago
Unfortunately I never liked Seungri so I didn’t feel a thing when he left or got in trouble. It just felt like it was bound to happen for him. I always had a gut feeling Seungri would become involved in a serious scandal... and here we are now. I always enjoyed bigbang as a group and I consider myself in the fandom . I just had to always put up with him and I could never fully get myself to like him. He’s always been creepy and shady plus he’s annoying and always talked too much never giving the members time to say anything. I just feel so bad for the other boys and what he dragged them into. It’s not their fault but since he was associated so long as a member it had to effect all of them.
Oh boy. Welcome to my can of worms, have a seat they only wiggle slightly.
Disclaimer !!! These are all MY feelings and I'm not blaming them on Anyone or Anything, just trying to explain them :) . This is long so
See i started liking bigbang and kpop when I was 10ish so like 2010-14 mainly, then I stuck around for made bc I love bigbang but I didn't really care about any other groups (except 2ne1 I will always love them). Like this was before stan twitter existed. So when I was a seungri fan I was a, a tween, and b, an adhd autism child who found his overly loud personality comforting due to my own excitable nature. bigbang were my sole comfort during high school (which was hell) and I felt so very deeply for them. Not to mention all my mental illnesses and the abuse. Bigbang were my safe haven.
Idk the thing is I was a gd fan originally, and a nyongtori shipper (I was 13 don't judge). They were my "otp" (one true pairing ?) which p much boils down to character you identify as/character you're attracted to. Seungri was my id, he made me feel normal (*again I was 13*)
so I had a lot of emotions attached to both of them. Then I stopped listening to kpop, didnt keep up with the news or nothing until start of 2020, so when i came home to the vips there was this big divide and all these things to catch up on and understand.
Like I totally get not liking seungri from the start that's a valid point, especially towards the end when he became mr "business money man look at me im not the maknae I'm a sex machine".
But the reason I get so upset when I see him is because I was gone so long (2015-16ish-2020) amd wasnt there when the news broke and everyone was shocked (Or Not Shocked) and all this shit started. Vips all processed and grieved the loss of a member while it was happening yk?. I just came back and it was done. And it's legit just my own messed up feelings about it. My personap feelings have no bearing on the reality of the situation which is why im ot4.
but then there's all these ot5 people who are, yes entitled to their opinion, but also a little batshit ? I engaged with one once on YouTube (very politely mind you) and then got 16 different accounts trying to fight me, some just telling me they wished my mum was dead, no other comment, nothing, like ???? It's insane. They're cultish.
I just feel so affronted yk? I was one of them, I almost became one when I came back because the divide was so aggressive and I didn't want to believe it. Then they have the fucking cheek to talk like I'm not a real fan like it's so fucking rude and I feel like im denied my grief no matter what yk? I'm not allowed to be sad bc I'm ot4 and the ot5's hate me so in not a real fan and the ot4's are so OVER it and i don't want to be misinterpreted as pitying him or thinking he's a good person and I certainly don't want to be forcing people to think about this shit again when they're done with it yk ??
But im not done, I still have big sad about it sometimes and idk what to do with that. I just wish bigbang would either quit or come back already I can't stand this limbo. I'm gonna support them no matter what they chose because I want them to be happy and do whats best for them. Whether that's new music or retiring or making things separately like whatever. I just wish they'd do it NOW. yk?
I just don't know if this feeling is ever going to go away. How do I reconcile two halves of my heart ?
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wintersoldierwhore · 2 days ago
𝔩𝔬𝔰𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔶𝔬𝔲 - 𝔟𝔲𝔠𝔨𝔶 𝔟𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔢𝔰
summary: you knew you didn’t have long, so did bucky, but all you needed together was one more night.
warning/notes: death, me being a sad bitch and needing to write some sad shit
it’s a short one, because i needed to get some angst out before dealing with requests :))
Tumblr media
Bucky stepped through to the med bay area of the compound, searching for door 5. Steve, after being guilt-tripped, had given him the room number and an appropriate time to visit. He’d seen the metal plaque on the door, ‘room 5’, and opened it slowly.
Nothing in his head or heart prepared him for this. No matter how many dead bodies he’d seen, how many pairs of hopeless eyes he’s stared into as the Winter Soldier; you were different. Seeing your body lay in the medical bed, it made his heart constrict. You were covered in cuts and bruises, an abundance of stitches lining your neck and collarbone. But they were the least of your injuries. The battering your body had taken during the fight yesterday had caused your body to slowly give out, everyone was aware these would be your last moments.
Steve had said goodbye, Nat had said goodbye, everyone had said goodbye except Bucky. He didn’t want to, he didn’t want these to be your last moments, suffering in pain as you said goodbye to your family.
“Hey, doll.” He greeted, sitting beside you and linking your hands together. You turned your head slowly, pushing the corners of your mouth up at the sight of him. With grazed features, he was still so undeniably handsome. “How you holding up?” He knew it was a stupid question, he just didn’t want to admit to himself that you were dying.
“I’m hurting, sweetheart.” You croaked, squeezing his hand for a short moment, releasing all of the energy you’d built up for the past hour. Every part of your body ached, and as much as you hated the thought, you wanted to hurry up and die. Seeing Bucky try to be strong for you, wiping his tears when you closed your eyes in pain; it was unbearable.
Bucky sighed deeply, his heart still constricting tightly as if a snake were wrapped around it, “you did good, doll, I won’t let your forget that.” You both smiled at each other, sharing a look of agony.
“I don’t want you to go, doll. Really. I wish we had longer together.” He admitted, leaning forward and using his metal arm to lightly brush the hair from your head. He used his flesh arm to hold your hand, so he could feel you.
“Neither do I, honey.” You replied, it getting harder to produce words. Bucky refused to take his eyes off of you, he wanted to soak up every bit of time with you. He could see it was getting harder to hold on. He wanted to be selfish and tell you to stay here with him as long as you could, but it was getting increasingly harder to keep fighting. You’d done enough fighting in your lifetime — it was time to let go.
“I won’t forget you, Y/N.” He rarely used your name, but he was serious, he needed you to know this. “As much as I could try, I won’t. You’re the light of my life, doll. You’re the only one who made me feel like I wasn’t a monster. You weren’t scared of me, you kept me sane. All you’ve done is take care of me and I couldn’t do it for you. I’m so sorry.”
You giggled weakly, “I’m a big girl, Buck. I can take care of myself.” He smiled through the tears in his eyes, feeling them dribble down his face. He was completely and utterly himself around you, and losing you was losing a part of himself.
“Let go, doll. You don’t have to hurt anymore.” He spoke softly, whimpering almost, you closed your eyes and sighed. You could finally rest, but you’d always be in Bucky’s memory.
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hhawkeye · 3 days ago
would love to hear more abt your trans hawkeye thots if you’re in the mood to share...
OH BOY AM I im always in the mood to share trans hawkeye thoughts lmao ok SO. so.
he was born in like the 20s? in smalltown maine and his dad is The town doctor so. it would probably have been easy(ish) for daniel to change hawkeyes records?
testosterone injections were first used in the 30s in europe and i mean. it probably involves a little hand waving but i dont think its completely out of the bounds of possibility to be like. well hawkeye got it. like he stays up to date on medicine! his dad’s a doctor! a doctor who probably, when hawkeye came out, started to gain a vested interest in this and was keeping an eye out specifically for anything that would help his kid! in the same vein, the first known top surgery was performed around the same time (again in europe) and again while handwaving is needed i dont think it would be that far fetched for hawkeye to know someone who knows someone who was willing to do him a favour, esp if he himself is a doctor by this point?
(medical info mainly from this dude’s life: who was one of if not the first trans man to go through all this medical stuff, i haven’t read too much about him yet but i do want to read his book)
ANYWAY. so anyway this being established, that he was able to get his legal records changed and could have been on testosterone and had top surgery and possibly bottom surgery (although that interferes with my evil fucked up au so in my world he does not get bottom surgery. hawkeye pussy indulgence) hes like living his best life yknow whatever THENNNNN he gets drafted :( and its like. im pretty sure you have to have a physical before ur allowed in the army but they Needed doctors and i mean, fucking look at hawkeye he’s basically pre-serum steve rogers theres no way he’d pass a physical even if he was cis so i think they were just like youre in :) and he has this like. extremely horrible realisation that he could so easily get out of this if he just Told them he was trans. but also it would ruin his life completely. so he’s stuck between ruining his life by going to korea or ruining his life by not being A Man anymore. haha. fun
anyway he ends up in korea and i think everything there is the same except he doesnt shower with other people i guess. and ok Canonically he is “very thorough” when he sleeps w nurses so i can def see that as like, yknow, he gives the women what they want and maybe he has a strap on i guess but maybe not. who knows.
ANYWAY. ALL THAT BEING SAID here are some fun trans hawkeye things :)
hawkeye has been his nickname even before he came out, and that has always been his Name. one time when hes still figuring shit out he asks his dad what he’d have been called if he was Born A Boy and his dad says benjamin franklin as a joke and hawkeyes like. well alright then. and then later when he comes out and his dad says he’ll change his paperwork etc hawkeyes like ok my names benjamin franklin now :) and daniels like. what the fuck is wrong with you.
his mom died before he came out :( sad. he has a lot of weird complicated dead parent feelings about it but daniel assures him she would have accepted him and been proud of him no matter what
sometimes when he and margaret have arguments about 1. misogyny and 2. being who everyone expects you to be, not being able to be anyone except your authentically true self, etc, hawkeye desperately wants to Tell Her but he knows he cant because hello. but i think eventually he does tell her? and also she is a little 😨 about it, not because she doesnt accept him (though i think it would take a while bc hello. the fifties) but because she Understands in a way that she absolutely does not want to examine
oh he cant get testosterone in korea and thats a whole ass thing. evil hormones </3
evil fucked up au takes place in the trans hawkeye cinematic universe and it is bad but also very good
ummmmmmm what else. idk. i think a lot of the uh less great moments of misogyny and skirt chasing etc are genuine but i also think he plays them up a little just because well. it keeps people from asking too many questions yknow.
i think possibly post war he keeps up with the latest in trans medicine and does develop a reputation for being the doctor you go to who either can provide you with the meds you need or knows someone who will do so but i think he would be extremely careful about it since obviously he has more to risk by doing that than cis doctors would? but also he Gets It and will do what he can to help people (UNRELATED but i def think he provides Illegal abortions for ppl like. come on. he has to right.)
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ayu-shiridara · 3 days ago
Fall pt. 6
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Tag/s: @lilypad-55449
Sorry took me so long to update
Tumblr media
You stayed in America for years. Draco visits you and the children once a month giving you updates about George. Your son and daughter are already 5 years old. And you planned going back to England. Maybe it's time to meet their grandparents and their father. You're certain that Molly and Arthur would be delighted if they meet your children.
"Levi, Fred, time to leave, Draco is waiting for you outside, " you said.
You named them after Fred and Levi. Your son's name was Frederick Fabian Weasley Frederick from Fred's name Fabian from George's second name. He looked like his father except for his eyes. He has your eyes. While your daughter's name was Levi Georgia Weasley, Levi from Levi Georgia from George again. Your daughter was like George's girl version. Both of them really looked like a Weasley.
"Are you ready to go to England?" You asked your children.
"Are we going to meet dad?" Fred asked.
"Mama I want to see what dad looks like, " Levi said.
The twins love asking about their dad. But all you can say is they will meet him soon. Finally, you arrive in England. You will stay at Levi's home. The kids are playing in the forest while you and Draco are watching them.
"Are you sure about introducing them?" Draco asked.
"Yeah, they have the rights to meet their grandchildren, the kids have the rights to meet their father, " you said.
"You're ready to see George again?" Draco asked.
"No, but I'm certain that tomorrow is the right time to meet Molly and Arthur, " you sighed.
"Mrs Weasley's birthday?" Draco said.
"Yeah the kids will be a perfect present for them, but I will go to Diagon alley to buy something, " you said.
"I can't come with you to the Burrow but I can come with you to the Diagon Alley, " Draco said and smiled at you.
"Daddy Draco look what I found, " Levi said running towards you and Draco.
She's holding a puffskein and Fred is running behind her. They called Draco Daddy because that's what Draco wanted the kids to address him. You find it cute but kinda sad because it's not George whom they call Daddy. Of course, you still love him he always owned your heart. Because he's the first person who made you feel special.
The following day you arrive at the Diagon Alley. The streets are busy and crowded.
"Stay close to mama okay?" You whispered to your children.
"I will stay close to daddy Draco, " Levi said.
You let out a soft laugh and started to stroll around. However, the kids let go of you and Draco's hand and ran away.
"I will look for them, meet us at the Leaky Cauldron," Draco said and run after them.
Today is just an ordinary day for George. The difference is that it's his mother's birthday. He will go to the Burrow tonight and come back tomorrow morning. He was walking to the Leaky Cauldron to have his breakfast. Suddenly something hit his legs. He saw a little girl on the road wailing. A red-haired girl with freckles on his face. 'She looked like a Weasley' George thought. Then a boy was running after her, red-haired and freckled face but when he looked at the child's eyes it reminded him of (Y/N). He knelt down and helped the kid to stand up.
"Are you okay?" George asked the kid softly.
The kid didn't say a word and his twin brother run to her. The girl has wounds on her leg. George pointed his wand on the girl's wound.
"Episkey, " George said and the wound healed.
The children looked amazed.
"Can you teach me how to do that?" The boy said to George.
George let out a soft laugh. It's the first time he laughs again after (Y/N) left.
"I can but first tell me your name, " George said.
"I'm Fred, " the boy said.
"My name is Levi, " the girl said shyly.
George was shocked by hearing the name of his dead brother and friend. This is just a coincidence or maybe not.
"Fred, Levi!" Someone called.
"Daddy Draco, " the children said happily.
George stared at Draco, the children run at him.
"Mama is looking for you why did you run away like that, " Draco said.
George stood up and just stared at the kids who were asking Draco to carry them. George sighed and carried Fred.
"I'll help you I'm heading to the Leaky Cauldron what about you?" George asked.
"The Leaky Cauldron, thanks Weasley, " Draco said.
Fred was staring at George the whole time. And George felt like he is carrying his own son.
"Your children?" George asked.
"No, I'm just their godfather, a friend's children, " Draco explained.
"What's your name mister?" Fred asked.
"I'm George Fabian Weasley, " George replied.
"Really? We have the same surname Mr George, " Fred said.
"What's your name then?" George asked.
"My name is Fred Weasley, my twin sister is Levi Weasley, " Fred said.
"You're a Weasley?" George asked.
"We are, but we haven't met our dada yet, mama said we will meet him soon, " Fred said.
George became more confused. How come there's an unknown Weasley? He's sure that he doesn't have a niece or nephew that was named after his twin brother and friend. And he doesn't hear anything about (Y/N) for years. 'I must consult mum about this' George thought.
After looking for presents you stopped by the ice cream shop to treat your children and Draco. On your way out someone called your name.
"(Y/N)?" Someone called.
You turned to see who it is. It's Ron with Hermione, Harry and Ginny.
"Hi, " that's the word that escaped from your mouth.
"When did you arrive?" Hermione asked.
"Yesterday, " you replied.
"It's nice to see you again, " Harry said.
"You too, " You smiled at them.
"(Y/N) we're sorry about George, " Ron said.
"I already moved on, " you said.
"No, it's a misunderstanding, " Ginny said.
"I'm okay now, I'm living my life it doesn't bother me anymore, " you said.
"Can you please talk to him? He didn't know that you're here right?" Ron said.
"I will when I'm ready, I have to go the children are waiting for me, " you said.
"Children?" Ginny asked.
"You have kids? You're married to another man?" Harry asked.
"No, I'm not married to another man, I'll explain soon I really have to go, " you said.
"We'll see you around, " Hermione said and waved at you.
You exited the ice cream shop and went straight to the Leaky Cauldron.
"What took you so long?" Draco asked.
"Nothing, here I bought this for you, " You said and handed them the ice cream.
"Mama we've met an amazing man, " Levi said.
"Really who is he?" You asked.
"He just left, " Draco said.
"Mama we want to meet Mr George again, " Fred said.
You're shocked hearing his name from your children. Did they really encounter their father?
"We have to leave now, we're heading to grandma and grandpa, " you said.
The children cheered and all of you excited the Leaky Cauldron.
"(Y/N) I have to go now, I'll see you later, " Draco said.
You nodded and the kids wave goodbye at Draco. Finally, you arrive at the Burrow. No one was outside. You're anxious because for the last 5 years it's your first time showing yourself to Molly again. She might be angry at you she might unwelcome you.
"(Y/N)!" Someone called at the back.
"Charlie?" You asked.
"It's nice seeing you again!" He said.
He hugged you and you did the same.
"We haven't seen you for ages, how have you been?" Charlie asked.
"Everything is well, " you said.
"And who might these children be?" Charlie asked and knelt down.
"Are you my grandpa?" Fred asked enthusiastically.
"Do I look like a grandpa to you?" Charlie asked and laugh.
"He's not your grandpa, he's your uncle, " you said.
"Grandpa is inside the house, " Charlie said.
"I want to meet grandpa and grandma and uncles and aunties, " Levi said.
"And Dada, " Fred finished her sentence.
"Well come on let's go and meet grandma and grandpa and uncles and aunties, " Charlie said.
The children take Charlie's hand and all of you walked inside the Burrow.
"(Y/N)!" Molly exclaimed.
You're expecting her to be mad but she just hugged you. And Arthur did the same.
"Happy birthday Mrs Weasley, " you said.
"Happy birthday Grandma, " you twins said and handed her the present.
"Are they?" Arthur said.
You nodded with a smile.
"Mama, are they grandma," Levi asked.
"And grandpa?" Fred asked finishing Levi's question.
"Yes darling, " you said with a smile.
"Levi and I are so excited to meet, " Fred said.
"Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles, Aunties and Dada, " Levi said finishing Fred's sentence.
"They are like Fred and George when they were younger, " Charlie said.
"Come to grandma and grandpa, " Molly said opening her arms.
The kids run to Molly and Arthur and gave them a hug.
"What should grandpa call you?" Arthur asked Fred.
"My name is Fred, Mama said she named me after a wise and brave uncle, " Fred said proudly.
"I memorized my whole name for grandma and grandpa, I'm Levi Georgia Weasley, " Levi said proudly.
The kids are so delighted being with George's family. But it's already nightfall and you have to go.
"We have to go we will come back tomorrow, " you said.
"Can't you stay for dinner? Ron, Ginny, George and Bill are coming, " Molly said.
"I'm sorry Mrs Weasley, I'm afraid that the situation might be awkward for me and George, " you said.
"Don't be sorry dear, we understand and stop calling me Mrs Weasley you're still my favourite daughter-in-law, " Molly said.
"Before you go, uncle Charlie has a gift for Freddie and Levi, " Charlie said giving them a dragon stuff toy.
You thanked them before you leave and when you walk outside the house you can see that Draco is waiting at the nearest tree.
"When did you arrive?" You asked.
"Just now, " he replied.
"Well then let's go home, " you said.
It's finally evening and the Burrow was busy. One by one the Weasleys arrive having their gift for their mother. In the middle of the dinner, George asked his mother about the kids he met this morning.
"Mum I meet two kids this morning. They said they're a Weasley and they look like one. You have only one grandchild, right?" George asked.
"Where did you meet them?" Ron asked.
"At the Diagon Alley, they're with Malfoy, " George said.
"We met (Y/N) at the ice cream shop, " Ginny said.
"She just left, " Charlie said.
"She went here?" George asked.
"Yea and I have seen her adorable ki-" before Charlie could finish her sentence, Molly kicked his leg making him wince in pain.
"Are hiding something from me?" George asked.
"Best if you directly ask her, " Arthur said.
"That's enough, let's not ruin mum's day, " Bill said.
George sighed and after dinner, he walked to his room. It's the million time he wished that Fred was still here. Because he knew that he would feel much better if he's twin is here because he's the only one who understands him the most. Every second without his brother or his wife is a torture to him. Suffering in this kind of sadness for years. No one knows how many time he cried silently. Every night, every time when he's alone. All he wanted is to be happy.
Today you're going to Diagon Alley to buy something. Your children are not coming with you, Draco is taking care of them. You're walking towards somewhere you don't know where your feet is dragging you because you're looking at the parchment on you're holding. After a few steps, your head hit something making you look where you're going.
"I'm sorry, " you apologised.
A familiar man was standing in front of you. He was tall and you can smell the scent you've been longing for.
"It's okay miss, " he said.
But he looked at you his eyes widened as well as yours.
"George!?" You said.
"(Y/N)?" He said.
He's happy seeing you again. You too but you still can't forget what he did years ago.
"Ron was right, you're here, " George said.
"Yea. I arrive before Mrs Weasley's birthday, " you said.
"(Y/N) about what happened years ago, I'm sorry if I could just turn back the time, " he said.
"It's okay I moved on from you anyway, " you lied.
'Does that mean you don't love me anymore, ' George thought. His heart again shattered into pieces.
"I have to go, " you said and walked away.
When you arrive at your home Draco said that Ron is here to talk to you.
"Ron, what brings you here?" You asked.
"I just want to tell you that night was a misunderstanding he was under a love potion, it's not his fault it's Angelina's, please give him another chance, I can't stand seeing George like that anymore, he's been suffering for years, please (Y/N), " Ron said.
You keep thinking about George. You can't even focus on your children. You don't even know what Draco is talking about while having dinner.
"(Y/N) are you listening to me?" Draco asked.
"Mama is not listening to Daddy Draco, " Fred said while playing with his food.
"I'm sorry what did you said?" You asked.
"Nothing, I'll take the kids to bed, " Draco said.
Draco and the kids went to bed and you cleaned the dining table. After cleaning the dining table you sat on the couch in front of the fireplace and read a book.
"(Y/N), " someone called.
You look around to see who's calling you and you saw Fred and Levi.
"Freddie, Levi?" You said.
Both of them are smiling at you.
"He loves you so much, " Levi said.
"Talk to him before it's too late," Fred said.
"Too late what do you mean?" You asked.
But they disappeared.
"(Y/N) wake up, " Draco said shaking you.
You fell asleep while reading a book.
"Where's Levi and Fred?" You asked.
"They're asleep, " Draco replied.
"No, not the kids, George's twin and your cousin, " You said.
"They're dead, " Draco said.
"But they just talked to me, " You replied.
"You're tired you should go to bed, " Draco said.
You immediately stand up ran outside.
The following days your dream kept bothering you.
"Maybe you should have him back, for you, for the children, I know you still love him, you still need him, you haven't moved on you just keep on telling yourself that you did but the truth is you haven't, " Draco said.
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bumbleklee · 3 days ago
Could you make a fic based on the song Moondust By Jaymes Young? With Xiao or Zhongli? It’s fine if you decline, I enjoyed your Lonestar fic a lot! Also, thank you in advance if you do this! ^^
after this, i decided im a monster. this is so sad, like so so sad. i don't know if this is what you had in mind but since the song is basically about learning how to live/love without someone, i went down a death route. i also went w xiao. pls enjoy (and grab a tissue)
before reading: ANGST!!! you literally die and are a ghost the entire time. mentions of injury and blood as well as self-harm and suicidal thoughts. word count is around 2.1k (under cut for length)
I'm building this house, on the moon Like a lost, astronaut Lookin' at you, like a star From a place, the world forgot And there's nothing, that I can do Except bury my love for you
Death was quick.
You know instantly that you’re dead the second you open your eyes. You can still remember the feeling of the Fatui pyro agent slicing his knife across your throat and if you think about it enough, your neck tingles. You remember falling to your knees, being laughed at, and then you saw nothing.
Well, you saw blackness.
And then when you came to, you were standing in the middle of Liyue Harbor. The world seemed duller but it was real. No one paid any mind to you, so you assumed you were a ghost.
It’s nice to still be able to watch the sun rise high above your hometown.
There’s no panic, no rush to find out what’s going on, you don’t need to. Your hands travel to your throat and the horrific wound is gone. In fact, all of the scrapes and bruises and imperfections on your body were gone. Death brings solace, you humor.
Your peaceful moment was interrupted by two frantic voices. They catch the attention of everyone in the area, including you, and you spin around quickly.
“Break the contract, please, Zhongli-” His voice is frazzled, filled with a sadness the living can’t understand. “I can’t live without them.”
You looked down at your left hand, heart shattering at the absence of the jade ring. Right. You were going to marry Xiao later that year. Not anymore.
A hundred thousand memories of sweet kisses and long nights flooded into your mind. They caused you to hold your breath, too many emotions crashing through your tired form. You felt like crying but couldn’t (ghosts didn’t have tears, you guessed).
You’re standing right in front of the love of your life and he can’t see you.
Maybe it’s a good thing he can’t see you because Xiao already looked wrecked. His eyes were puffy and red and his hair was disheveled. Unhealed scratches wound his arms like ribbon. You had been with Xiao for years, through the good and the bad, and never once had you ever seen him in this state.
He’s pleading still and Zhongli has an indescribable expression on his face. “I can’t,” His voice is barely a whisper, “You know I can’t.”
Xiao wails, falling to his knees. Zhongli feels his pain, you know he does, yet he won’t put him out of misery. You watch as Zhongli bends down and lifts the adeptus into his arms, swiftly walking away from the crowd. You follow ensuite and Xiao’s eyes are hazy, staring through you over Zhongli’s shoulder.
“I’m right here.”
But he doesn’t hear you.
The brightness of the sun, will give me just enough To bury my love, in the Moondust I long to hear your voice, but still I make the choice To bury my love, in the moondust
You begin to follow Xiao around. Not that he goes anywhere, too heartbroken to move, but you keep watch of him like he once did for you.
He resorts to staying in Zhongli’s apartment. The consultant isn’t around most of the day and Xiao rarely leaves his bed. His tears stain the satin pillowcase and he curls upon himself. Sometimes you stand in the doorway and stare, other times you muster up enough courage to go and sit on the unoccupied side of the bed.
The first time you touch Xiao again is at night. He’s crying and without thinking, you wrap your body around his. His chest is pressed against yours and you press your lips to his shoulder.
It’s not warm anymore. In fact, it feels like nothing.
But still, you hold Xiao until he’s asleep. You don’t let go all night, opting to watch your beloved finally get some rest. You wonder if this is how it’s going to be for the rest of eternity? Would you follow Xiao around aimlessly for centuries more?
Or maybe you’re just stuck here. You recall a saying from an elder in Liyue years ago, “Spirits with unfinished business can’t move.”
You decided then that you were going to help him move on, help Xiao bury his love for you.
Nothing can breath, in the space Colder than, the darkest sea I have dreams about the days, driving through your sunset breeze But the first thing, that I will do Is bury my love for you
There’s no book about being a ghost. You have to figure it out on your own and you’ve never been more grateful no one can see you go straight through the wall for the third time that hour. Over time, you create your own handbook in your mind, jotting down anything you discover as your time as a dead person entails.
Within the first week, you understand that no one can see you, hear you, or feel you. And while you can vaguely touch objects and people, the sensation is different than when you were alive. Every human trait was thrown out the window - you don’t need to sleep, breathe or eat and drink anything.
You attend your funeral exactly a week after your body was discovered and someone propped your sword against your casket. You try to grasp it, to pick it up, but you only manage to push it over with a gust of nonexistent wind. It clambers to the floor, the funeral parlor growing silent, and you take this as your cue to leave.
You wondered if Xiao, or anyone of that matter, could sense you at least. Even if Xiao couldn’t see you, just him knowing you were there would ascend you to the afterlife (right?).
You also find out you can’t leave Liyue. There’s an invisible border keeping you trapped in the country and, frankly, you don’t mind. Xiao won’t leave Liyue so you don’t need to leave Liyue. But sometimes you get anxious that one day Xiao will leave Liyue and never return. And if you haven’t accomplished your goal yet, would you truly be stuck as a monster among men?
The brightness of the sun, will give me just enough To bury my love, in the Moondust I long to hear your voice, but still I make the choice To bury my love, in the moondust
On particularly good days, Xiao talks to you. Zhongli was gone early one morning and Xiao pulled himself out of bed and to the living room, opting to open the blinds and see sunlight for the first time in weeks.
You sit on the coffee table with your legs criss-crossed as Xiao mumbles desolate words.
“I keep just wishing I would wake up dead. I miss you so much.”
You frown. “I’m here, I’m right here.”
But he can’t hear you. “You aren’t here to make me laugh at your stupid jokes anymore. And I just...I should have been there! I should have-”
His voice cracks and you move off the coffee table, wrapping your arms around his quivering body. You try to press yourself against him, squeeze your arms so tight that he’ll feel you, but you can’t. You can’t kiss his chapped lips and move your bodies so he’s curled into the crook of your neck.
Sometimes, you watch Xiao hurt himself. He digs his nails into his arms or thighs until he draws blood, only to push it all away and scream into the ground. You want to snap him out of him, tell him to stop doing that to himself, but you can only sit and stare.
You were nothing to Liyue - a common human who added nothing of importance to society. Yes, your death was sad for many people but the world kept turning. Xiao, on the other hand, was so special. He was the Vigilant Yaksha - the people of Liyue needed him forever.
“I miss you. I love you. I miss you.”
I'm a cast away, and men reap what they sow And I say what I know, to be true Yeah I'm living far away, on the face of the moon I've buried my love to give the world to you
Xiao goes out sometimes. It’s either to patrol the city or on a walk with Zhongli. It’s not much but it's an improvement. Like always, you follow him.
He’s started to have nightmares, waking up in a rush. He used to comfort you when you had nightmares and it pains you that you can’t return the favor. You try, by God, you try. You run your hands down his back comfortingly but Xiao only cries harder.
When Xiao sees Ganyu for the first time in months and she gives him homemade almond tofu, he smiles. It’s small and quick but you see it.
Growing up, you had thought that the living mourned the dead. When your grandmother died, you felt broken for a while, but that pain was minimal compared to this. Having to live endless days as an invisible soul while the living grieved was unbearable.
When no one is around, Xiao breaks down. He hurts himself, insults himself and wishes for you endlessly. When Xiao tries to jump off the roof of the apartment complex in the middle of the night and survives with only an injured arm, you realize he’s pushing his body. He’s trying to kill himself.
So, you scream.
Every waking hour of the day you scream.
“I’m right here, Xiao! I love you and I’m right here! I’m sorry for being careless and getting killed but you aren’t ready to join me yet!”
You know he doesn’t hear you, he can’t hear you, and yet Xiao slowly stops hurting himself.
The brightness of the sun, will give me just enough To bury my love, in the Moondust I long to hear your voice, but still I make the choice To bury my love, in the moondust
It takes a year for Xiao to finally begin to cope with your death and you know your journey will be coming to end soon.
He still talks to you except now it’s hopeful and filled with acceptance. On the anniversary of your death, he travels to the Dragon-Queller early in the morning. He sits down in the spot he used to take you to and rubs the grass softly, as if motioning for you to sit down next to him.
You do.
“I’m leaving Liyue next week.”
A million feelings run through your veins. You want to throw up, scream, cry. Is a week enough time to get Xiao to move on from you? Had he already moved on? There were too many questions you couldn’t fucking ask.
You can’t bear to listen to the rest. Your feet travel on their own, taking you far away from Xiao and back into the heart of Liyue Harbor. You didn’t know where you were until you heard a voice call out for you.
“Hey, you!”
You were imagining voices now. You felt sick to your stomach.
A short, young woman came into your view and you finally looked up. You had walked right into the Wanmin Funeral Parlor. Hu Tao was staring at you, not through you.
“I knew you were still here.”
Hu Tao could see you.
It didn’t make sense but you didn’t have time to make it make sense. Without thinking, you cried out to Hu Tao and begged her to help you save Xiao, save yourself.
“I want to go with him,” You say.
“But you can’t.”
“Then he’s going to forget about me.”
Hu Tao chuckled softly, “You think Xiao would forget about you?”
You don’t answer. Maybe it was you that didn’t want to forget about Xiao. Either way, it hurts. “He’s going to fall in love with someone new and-”
“Isn’t that what you want?”
It was. You wanted Xiao to be happy without you, to learn to love again. You wanted him to bury his love for you so you could both be free.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” Hu Tao says, “Xiao will find you again one day.”
She clasps her hands together and reaches them out to you. You look down and see a moving image of Xiao. He’s still talking softly, this time with a small smile on his lips. You close your eyes suddenly, not wanting to see anymore. You step outside of the funeral parlor and whisper “I love you” into the wind.
The sun is shining high in the sky when Teyvat begins to disappear from your vision.
Maybe in another life you and Xiao will spend forever together. You’ll have a grand wedding, start a family, and grow old together like you should have. But for now, you’ll see him from the moon.
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