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onlytwdfanficstories · an hour ago
Friends and enemies part 35
Carol said nothing, she just kept walking and Daryl was still walking next to him.
Daryl "You know you can't run away from a problem, don't you?"
Carol "I don't have any damn problems! Except you!"
Daryl "Am I your problem?"
Carol "Yeah, you are."
Daryl "And how the hell am I your damn problem?"
Carol "You are."
Daryl "Can you explain why."
Carol "I guess I don't have to explain anything."
Daryl "Well, then I'm not your problem. If you're not going to explain it."
Carol "Just leave me alone!"
It was then that Nabila and Jerry walked past them.
Nabila "Good afternoon."
Carol "Afternoon."
Jerry "Is everything all right?"
Daryl "Everything's fine."
Nabila "How's Rick?"
Carol "He's okay."
Jerry "He's okay even though her daughter is dead?"
Carol "Well, Judith isn't dead."
Nabila “Sorry what?"
Daryl "It turned out that Judith had staged her own suicide and she's pretty much alive."
Jerry "But why did Judith do it?"
Carol "She wanted attention."
Nabila "Well, there are other ways to get attention than to stage your own suicide."
Carol "Well, Judith wasn't thinking about it."
Jerry "So she didn't even think about sanctions?"
Carol "No, she didn't think about them either."
Nabila "Did she even care about them?"
Carol "Either she cared or she didn't want to care about them."
Nabila "This is crazy."
Carol "You're not saying that. But I have to go now."
Then Carol continued her journey and Jerry looked at Daryl.
Jerry "Is everything really good between the two of you?"
Daryl "I don't even know myself."
Nabila "Well, it looks like you two have some sort of disagreement."
Daryl said nothing, he just went to walk after Carol.
Jerry "They probably have a relationship crisis going on or something."
Nabila "Do you think they're a couple?"
Jerry "Well, at least it looked like that."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Merle "I'm going to get some beer."
Belle "Again?"
Merle "Yeah, again."
Then Merle looked at Abraham.
Merle "See you later, dude."
Abraham "Yeah, see you."
Then Merle walked away.
Rosita "Does Gabriel know you're in love with him?"
Belle "No, he doesn't know."
Abraham "And why not?"
Belle "I haven't told him."
Rosita "Are you going?"
Belle "Tell him?"
Rosita "Yeah."
Belle "No ..... yes ..... maybe .... I don't know."
Abraham "And should we choose the right damn answer from those?"
Belle "It wasn't a question. I just don't know if I should or not."
Rosita "I think you should."
That's when Gabriel was walking towards them.
Rosita "That's evil where mentioned."
Gabriel stopped at them.
Gabriel "Good afternoon, God's blessing."
Rosita "The same thing. Where are you going?"
Gabriel "I'm going to church."
Rosita "Right, Judith's funerals are about to begin."
Gabriel "There are no funerals. They have been canceled."
Abraham "What the hell are you talking about?"
Gabriel "Judith isn't dead after all."
Rosita "What?"
Gabriel "Judith staged her own death and she's pretty much alive."
Abraham "Why the hell did she stage his own death?"
Gabriel "She wanted attention."
Belle "Well, that was a shitty way to get it."
Gabriel "Yeah it was."
Rosita "And Judith didn't think about sanctions, did she?"
Gabriel "Looks like she didn't."
Abraham "Damn it."
Gabriel "Well, I'm going now. See you."
Rosita "Yeah, see you."
Gabriel then continued his journey toward the church.
Rosita "And you didn't tell him then?"
Belle "How the hell am I supposed to tell him? Should I say to him, 'Hey, Gabriel, I'm in love with you.' Or what the hell should I say?"
Rosita "Yeah something like that."
Belle "I'm not going to say that to him."
Rosita "If it were you, I would say."
Belle "Well, you're not me."
Rosita "Well, anyway, you have to talk to him."
Belle "Yeah, I'm not going to do that."
Rosita "What's stopping you?"
Belle "He's a priest."
Rosita "And that's the reason you can't talk to him because he's a priest, huh?"
That's when Abraham started laughing.
Belle "Why the hell are you laughing?"
Abraham "I'm sorry but that was the most ridiculous reason I've ever heard."
Belle "That's true. I can't talk to him because he's a priest."
Rosita "Well, I don't see any problem with that if he's a priest."
Belle "Well, that's the problem."
Rosita "And what is the problem?"
Belle "Well, I'm not a believer. I'm an atheist."
Rosita "I'm sure Gabriel doesn't care even if you're not a believer."
Belle "You can't know that."
Rosita "Yeah, you're right I don't know."
Belle "And shit about this shit. I'm going to talk to him."
Rosita "Good luck."
Belle "I might need it."
Then Belle went for a walk towards the church.
Abraham "Damn, I can't believe Judith isn't really dead."
Rosita "Neither do I."
Meanwhile, Belle had arrived at the church and Liam was guarding the church door.
Liam "Hey, Belle. I didn't think I could see you here."
Belle "Well, I didn't think I was coming here. Because I'm not a believer, I'm an atheist."
Liam "I can identify with that."
Belle "You're an atheist too, aren't you?"
Liam "Well, sort of I am."
Belle "What do you mean?"
Liam "I usually believe in God and kind of I don't."
Belle "So you believe in faith."
Liam "Something like that."
Belle "What about your political position?"
Liam "I'm non-aligned."
Belle "Same."
Liam "Why did you come here, anyway?"
Belle "I have to go talk to Gabriel."
Liam "Well, don't let me stop you."
Then Belle opened the door and she stepped inside the church and Liam closed the door behind her.
Belle "Hey!"
No reply.
Belle "Gabriel are you here?"
No answer, so Belle walked toward the altar.
Belle "I didn't remember the church looking like this from inside."
Gabriel "You haven't been to church before?"
Belle noticed Gabriel sitting on the bench.
Belle "I've been to it, but it's been a long time and then something happened and I became an atheist."
Gabriel "Come sit down."
Belle walked over to the bench and she went to sit behind Gabriel on the second row of benches.
Gabriel "Why did you become an atheist? If I may ask."
Belle "I don't know, it just kind of happened."
Gabriel "Are you a negative atheist or a positive atheist?"
Belle "What the hell is the difference between the two?"
Gabriel "Positive atheism, or strong atheism, is the information theory that there is strong evidence against the existence of gods and no evidence for it. Negative atheism, or weak atheism, is the notion that there is no general or specific basis or evidence for the existence of gods, in which case gods are not shall not be presumed to exist. "
Belle "I guess I'm a Positive Atheist then."
Gabriel "Why did you come?"
Belle "Well, I had to come tell you something."
Gabriel "I'm listening."
Belle "Uh, I didn't come here to cleanse my sins, though."
Gabriel "Well, whatever you want to say, I'm not judging you. It's God's job."
Belle "Uh, I don't know how to say this ..... I ..... I .... I'm in love with you .... I understand if you don't feel the same way about me and I don't blame you for it ..... I mean you are a priest and a believer .... and I am an atheist ..... so I understand if this relationship would not work. "
Gabriel said nothing, he just turned to look at Belle.
Belle "I have to go."
Then Belle got up.
Belle "See you later or not."
Belle walked towards the front door and Gabriel ran after him.
Gabriel "Stop!"
Belle stopped and she turned to look at Gabriel.
Belle "Well, what?"
Gabriel "Maybe our relationship wouldn't work, but I'm willing to give it a try."
Belle "Even though I'm an atheist?"
Gabriel "I don't care what your religious beliefs are."
to be continued....
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orlandoespinosa · 16 hours ago
Decide To Follow
You are you, individualistic in every way and form, without the need to follow the crowd! If you decide to follow others, make sure they are going in the same direction you are headed in!
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orlandoespinosa · 17 hours ago
Get There
Some journeys must be taken alone, forged and batted with no one to stand beside you! It’s your journey and you decide where it takes you and how long it takes you to get there.
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orlandoespinosa · 18 hours ago
Learning Experience
Life is a continuous learning experience. Our struggles and hardship, along with our achievements and blessings, have a way of teaching us life’s lessons! Once these lessons are learned.
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eenvanzovelen · a day ago
Tumblr media
telemaco ( 1977 )
door / by / von manuel espinosa
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orlandoespinosa · a day ago
Other People's Opinions
Other People’s Opinions
Everyone has an opinion, even people who should keep their opinions to themselves. Don’t live your life based on the opinions of others!
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orlandoespinosa · a day ago
Enjoy the Trip
Life is an adventure waiting to happen! The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Life is a journey, make sure you enjoy the trip.
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orlandoespinosa · a day ago
When You Let Go
When You Let Go
We fight to hold on & we fight to let go. Sometimes we complicate easy decisions! There are moments when you simplify your life when you let go of certain people!
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orlandoespinosa · 2 days ago
Greater Appreciation
Be kind, be honest, be compassionate in order to live a more meaningful life. It will bring you to a greater appreciation, greater joy and a greater appreciation of your own existence.
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orlandoespinosa · 2 days ago
One Good Reason
Forget about the reason why things don’t work. You only need to find the one good reason why something will work. Then you can create your own reason to succeed.
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orlandoespinosa · 2 days ago
See Value
Honesty really matters to those who see great value in everything. Make sure you start to see the value of who you are and what you have to offer.
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wwprice1 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Synch’s Generation X friends celebrate his induction into the X-Men! Love it!
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fuckyeahmeganhilty · 2 days ago
Megan Hilty singing For Good featuring Eden Espinosa and Shoshana Bean
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orlandoespinosa · 3 days ago
Goal To Be Happy
Goal To Be Happy
My goal is to be happy. Genuinely, intensely and consistently happy, regardless of what I face daily! Set a goal to be happy!
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