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#Erron black
betsyworthingtons · 4 hours ago
Overheard at the Black Dragon...
Kano: I miss me mum.
Erron: I hated my ma. The bitch can burn in Hell.
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drongohourmofos · a day ago
Erron calling you sweetheart.
Erron calling you sweetie.
Erron calling you bumblebee.
Erron calling you sugar.
Erron calling you sunshine.
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betsyworthingtons · a day ago
If Skarlet were in Earthrealm, she would definitely listen to Lana Del Rey. This is not up for debate. Skarlet is a Lana Girl™, it is law. Possibly also Paramore. And maybe Nicole Dollanganger as well, or someone else in the Creepy Girl™ genre. (Btw, Lana & Nicole are my absolute faves, my #1 role models as an artist, and I also like Paramore, so this is not a drag AT ALL!)
I’m not sure about Erron, but I’m getting Johnny Cash vibes from him.
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drongohourmofos · a day ago
The Black Dragon Boys if they saw you crying in the bathroom at a party (idk)
Tumblr media
Well this wasn’t what he planned for when he had come to the bathroom at all
Erron isn’t one for big parties either, so he knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed.
He’d get down on his knees and ask you what was wrong, making sure his voice is calm so you’re not even more overwhelmed.
He wouldn’t speak until you were finished with your story, just nodding his head along to make sure you knew you had his attention.
If a person was involved in making you cry, that person is going to have a wanted poster with their face on it the next day.
And you better believe it comes with a nice pay
If something else was the cause, Erron would try his best to make you feel comfortable.
Would give you his scarf so you could cover your ears/hide your face
Would give you a gun if you asked for it (You didn’t.)
At the end of the day, you’ve found someone that has your back
Tumblr media
Unlike Erron, Kabal is the kind of guy that goes to bars in his free time. He’s used to seeing people on the floor an absolute mess. But something about seeing you just look so... sad, didn’t feel right.
Would plop himself down next to you and ask if you were okay.
Instead of being silent, Kabal would try and make you smile. He’d throw in something snarky while you were speaking to hopefully ease the pain a little more.
If someone was involved, he’d go out there, hook them closer, and tell them very nicely to go fuck themselves.
If something else was the cause, he’d be willing to stay there with you and bring you food, drinks, etc. Just because you can’t leave the room doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have fun.
If he could, he’d let you wear his mask to hide your face
Bet your ass you two are going on a joy run when you’re ready for it.
You’ve found someone loyal. Keep him.
Tumblr media
Kano’s basically the one that runs these parties, so of course he wants to make sure that everyone is at least having a good time. And last he checked, no one considers crying on a bathroom floor being a good time.
Though he wouldn’t have found you had he not gone to pee (Damn alcohol consumption.)
He knows he’s not very approachable, so he’d do his best to calm himself down. Last thing you probably want is a drunk Black Dragon.
If someone was involved in this, he’d make sure that they’re dead by the end of the night (And then he’d piss on their grave)
If something else was involved, then he’d come up with a way to make sure you at least have a good time.
He’d take you to a quiet place in the location, saying that if you need anything, to not hesitate to say anything to him
And he’d bring you everything personally because he doesn’t trust anyone trying to take advantage of you.
Congrats, you turned the leader of the Black Dragon into a softie. Wizard.
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betsyworthingtons · 2 days ago
Erron Black would eat a Carolina Reaper pepper whole, just for the thrill of it.
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cuico-citialin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
cozy dudes that is all
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drongohourmofos · 2 days ago
Kano: Oi have a plan.
Kabal: You've got a plan?
Kano: ...yes.
Erron: I don't even believe you have a plan
Kano: Oi have... PART of a plan.
Kabal: What percentage?
Kano: Oi don't know... 12 percent.
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drongohourmofos · 2 days ago
Me and my friends came up with the idea of Kano’s eye being like Tony Starks heart where someone reaches in and fixes it up so now I imagine Erron or Kabal just reaching into his face and fucking something up and Kano just going “Oh it’s fine I’m just going blind.” and them just going “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE GOING BLIND?”
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eeriemoonsofsaturn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
More of the Black Dragon Trio goofing off in their base.
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axelwolf8109 · 2 days ago
If they add Erron Black to the Mortal Kombat films, who should portray him???
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Part two of How to be me is up tw/cw applied in the beginning notes of the chapter
@maddenedroses @dontunderestimatemypoison @doodlewagonbug @deepinthefog @toomanyf4ndoms7 @toomanyf4ndoms8 @feistyfandomthings @yuvononik @yuvon
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zombbean · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The second one is NSFW. Both are commissions for @sleepybrokenboi on twitter! AKA: My girlfriend <3
NSFW full version of the second pic here:
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erron-black-dragon · 3 days ago
Mortal Kombatants (mainly the Void Bois) as the Rapunzel Kast Part 2 ☀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The most strenuous part of this was going through all of the Aftermath cutscenes to get some good pictures 😵
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dollzlux · 4 days ago
I live my the saying “save a horse, ride a cowboy (or cowgirl)”
Cowboys and gunslingers are cool and hot and you can’t change my mind
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salamanderdr · 4 days ago
Hmmmm more childhood video game brain rot bc I was playing mortal kombat:
-Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was my favorite bc Cat women
-Where's D'Vorah been all my life, thank you Mortal Kombat X for my bug wife🙏
-Besides D'Vorah I freaking love Jade, Mileena, Rain, Skarlet, Erron Black(I like cowboys)
-Jonnhy Cage was the worst and I hated him
-Those games are the reason I have a appreciation for gore in art
-An other game I have good memories of playing with brother:]
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god-is-read · 4 days ago
Yandere Erron Black
Erron Black, other than other yanderes, would totally kill other people in the name of his love without a second thought. He'd be basically like 'I'd kill for you... but then again, I like killing'. He would never lay a hand on you, but instead take it out on other people, as a way of emotionally manipulating you. It's like, of course he's not going to hurt you if you misbehave, he's not abusive, but you better be a good dear and do as he tells you, or there will be .... casualties. He's pretty much a stone cold killer, and a practical man too, so as soon as he had his feelings for you figured out, he decided that he was going to have you. You're his weakness, and the one thing he lets himself be soft for, so there's no way in hell he's going to risk anything happening to you. To him, you're a necessity, something almost like his infamous hat or his revolver, a precious possession that's kept close to him all the time because he needs it to keep functioning. I think he'd fall for someone who is mature enough to not annoy him, but also bubbly enough to warm his heart. He'd want you to see the world as a dark and hostile place in which only he can protect you. He'd have a thousand nicknames for you, doll, dear, sugar, sweetheart, literally anything of that kind. While I can see him totally loving the power dynamic between you two, I don't think that he'd lock you up somewhere. Nah, his life is far too unstable for such things, he's going to take you with him on all of his crazy adventures, never knowing what the next day will bring you, which is just the way he likes it. And he absolutely doesn't have a problem with dragging you behind him, should you be a little more unwilling. He's still pretty much a thrill seeker, and the life he's dragged you into is demanding, probably scary and definitely dangerous; it's awfully clear to you that you couldn't survive without him, that you need to lay your life in his hands... You'll also quickly be far too exhausted to fight him, like, you can barely stand straight, so him holding you close and supporting you is actually welcome, and how can you think of escaping, when you don't even know what hostile place he's brought you to now. Erron will be surprisingly lenient. He won't get angry, just annoyed and a bit exhausted, the most you'll be getting out of him is a tired sigh, like, come on, he's a mercenary, so your screaming, crying, arguing and insulting won't phase him that much, he's pretty used to doing things with people which are clearly against their wills. He also will, like, give you the chance to wander around on your own in a foreign city, while he's handling business, he's not really concerned about you running away; you've tried, of course, many times, but he's always found you easily, if need be, killed anyone who's been trying to help you, and, as if nothing happened, brought you back with him. He's not mad at you because of it, hell naw. Why should he? He knows he'll find his darling everytime. On a more lighter side, he'll definitely bring you to a lot of pretty amazing places which you'll greatly enjoy, and with him, you'll definitely see a few things you wouldn't have gotten the chance to see otherwise. He'll also kinda spoil you, not in an over-the-top Johnny Cage kind of way though, and he also couldn't care less about what kind of clothes you wear (unless it's something of his, that's his total weakness, but psst). No, Erron will actually buy you stuff that you enjoy. You enjoy drawing or painting? He'll get you art supplies. Love reading? Infinite access to books. Always wanted to go to the sea? He'll take you there. You name it, he gets it. It's quite painful to admit to yourself how easily he's wrapped you around his finger, through fulfilling your wishes, even though he's kidnapped you and killed people in your name.
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mortal-mun-dee · 4 days ago
Erron: 🎵Apple bottom jeans, boots with the spurs🎵
Tumblr media
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