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liridi · 4 hours ago
part of the paper im writing is about showing how Aragorn really does care about Eowyn albeit platonically and i didn’t expect to be in my feelings about it but :/// them :////
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My Immortal!Bones Headcanons
Part I: Life in Middle-earth
So I just finished watching Lord of the Rings: Return of The King with my family, and I thought about this post I did a while back. I already have loads of ideas for this.
Note that I have inserted some canonical facts from J.R.R. Tolkien’s books (
Middle-earth is a continent on a flat Earth cosmology planet known as Arda (
Arda is a pre-warp planet that Bones has been transferred to by the Secret Society of Supernatural and Inhuman Studies (SSSIS) with his new identity as Éomer.
The humans on Arda are not ones from Earth.
With his new identity, Bones went to live in Rohan.
Bones becomes a soldier under the command of Éomund, the Chief Marshalof the Mark of Rohan under King Théoden in the years leading up to the War of the Ring (
Bones becomes close friends with Éomund, therefore leading up to him and his wife, Théodwyn, welcoming him into their home.
For fourteen years Bones had been on Arda, and he is considered as part of Éomund’s family.
Their daughter of seven years of age, Éowyn, he has come to consider her as his little sister.
Bones is close with the family and he knows that they will start asking questions at some point.
When that time does come, they ask him about why he doesn’t seem to be aging much.
He was about to answer when suddenly he and Éomund were called to fight a band of Orcs near Emyn Muil. There, Éomund was killed (
After, Éomer goes back to the family and tells them of the sad news.
It wasn’t long after that Théodwyn died of grief (
For a short while Éomer looked after Éowyn. It made him think of his daughter back on Earth—how was she doing, he wondered.
It was at one point that Bones told Éowyn of who he really was and where he came from. She didn’t know what to think at first.
Very soon after she accepts him for who he is because “it doesn’t matter where he came from.” She loved him as a brother nonetheless.
When Bones realized he couldn’t do nothing more to support himself and Éowyn, they went to Théodwyn’s brother Théoden, the King and Lord of the Mark of Rohan.
Théoden took them in, and considered them both as if they were his own children (
Éomer later becomes the third Marshal of the Mark, becoming a strong leader of Men (
At that time Éomer meets Théoden’s son, Théodred. They too grow close and become like brothers (
The events of the Lord of the Rings take place.
After the death of Théoden, Éomer is formally crowned as King of Rohan.
Éomer renewals the Oath of Eorl with Aragorn after the latter had been crowned King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdoms, swearing everlasting friendship between Rohan and Gondor (
He became known as Éomer Éadig, or “the Blessed” (
When it became suitable for the SSSIS to intervene and bring Bones back to Earth, they helped to fake his death, and take him without a trace.
As Bones was leaving the planet, he reminisced on all the things he witnessed and experienced while on the planet: he made friends; he fought; he even became a king!
This life was quite an adventure for him—like a story out of a book, brought to life.
Well, that’s the end of this post! I hope you liked these headcanons!
If you have a movie with Karl Urban in mind that I should do next, I’d love to hear it!
Thank you for your time in reading this post!
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khaleesisexual · 13 hours ago
arwen: what’s this? a ranger caught off his guard?
7 year old me:
Tumblr media
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paragonrobits · 16 hours ago
i was watching some reactions to Lord of the Rings and I was struck how, in Return of the King, Eowyn’s victory over the Witch-King is not framed as heroic but fundamentally tragic; it doesn’t end with her standing over his broken armor or the body of his slain mount, but weeping as she holds the dead body of her father-figure, surrounded by the corpses of her countrymen, and the toll of war plain to see all around her
it well fits the notion that LotR stresses of warfare not being glorious; at times, a necessity, but in the end she gets her battle and glory and it costs her her family and she can’t see past that. Her following conversation with Faramir can be interpreted as her losing the will for war, having lost so much, but until her discussion with Faramir she’s at a loss of what to do with herself until the point of healing being no shameful thing inspired her to lead her nation.
Essentially, I think this makes a point that people who think Eowyn got a poor second place by not going straight back into warfare overlooked that it was definitely not a great thing for her. She did a momentous thing, certainly, killing the undefeatable with Merry at her side, but the cost was so great that it ought to make the glory seem completely hollow.
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simbxlmyne · 16 hours ago
exhaustion (eomer x reader)
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
requested by: @morriganwarrior (it won't tag?)
summary: the reader falls asleep whilst writing letters
a.n: okay lmao i promise i will be writing for characters other than eomer but i just had to write this one now because it was such a good premise :) i hope i understood it correctly - also going to tag @linasofia cus i think you requested a tag for eomer stuff(?)
You weren't entirely sure quite how it had happened.
Wanting nothing more than to aid your city, you had - perhaps foolishly - volunteered to be a printer for the King, writing copies of the letters that were to be sent to neighbouring settlements. Seen as how most of the men of Rohan were unable to read or write, your many years of schooling were finally of help to you: or so you had thought.
You awoke early in the morning, and, upon glancing over at your dressing room table, a large pile of parchment met your gaze, along with a slightly smaller stack. The latter was covered with some of the worst handwriting you had ever come across, and was barely intelligible. Rubbing the mountains of sleep from your eyes, you picked up the scrawled out message, and tried your best to make out its meaning.
The king's personal scribe was one of the only men in the city who had training in writing, though he clearly wasn't as experienced as yourself. Nevertheless, you got the general idea, though a few corrections were made, a changing of tenses and some additional grammar alterations. The first few seemed to go by fairly swiftly, as you had always been rather skilled with the quill; you were proud of your penmanship, and held each one up toward the light to admire it.
This carried on for the first ten or so, until eventually, you knew the message off by heart, and no longer needed to refer to the original copy. Words seemed to blur into one long line, and as the hours passed, you found your eyes slowly beginning to shut. Every now and again, a sudden noise from outside your room would awake you, and almost immediately you would be straight back at your job, picking up as if you hadn't had a single notion of sleep.
However, despite your best efforts, there was a long lull in disruption, and the only sounds you heard was the sweet twittering of the birds outside your window; and your arms crossed upon the table just looked so comfortable that you really couldn't help yourself when you finally began to drift off.
Shortly after, Eomer accompanied by Eowyn entered your chamber, coming to check up on your progress for their communications. Eomer was just about to call out your name when his sister placed her hand onto his chest, stopping him. Gently she placed a finger to her lips as a signal for him to wait.
"The poor thing, she must be exhausted. Let her have some rest," Eowyn whispered, observing your sleeping form.
"She should not sleep in such an awkward position," your husband grumbled, lowing his sister's hand. "Perhaps I should move her."
"Whatever you do, try not to wake her up," Eowyn cautioned with a slight chuckle. She exited the room without making a sound, and Eomer pondered for a moment before slowly approaching you. He hesitated, observing you for a moment; you seemed so gentle in the moment, eyes twitching ever so slightly in your dreaming state.
Eventually, he carefully moved down, and had barely gotten his arm around your back when you woke up with a start.
"I'm awake, I'm awake!" you shouted, eyes darting about the room in confusion.
Your husband gave a low laugh, kneeling down to be at eye-level in your seat. "It's alright, my love, you were asleep."
"Oh no," you sighed. "I should have finished more letters than this by now. This is nowhere near enough-"
Eomer cut you off with a soft kiss, reaching to cup your jaw. "Shh," he muttered, glancing over at all of the ones you had completed. Truly he was impressed: there was a great deal done, yet only half of blank stack of paper had been completed. "I think that's enough work for today. Let's get you off to bed."
"It can't be that late. How long have I been asleep for?" you panicked. Despite this, you didn't put up much of a fight when he proceeded to lift you from your seat, carrying you over to your shared bed.
"It is nearly nightfall, (Y/N): you worked for hours. Get some rest."
"But there are things to be done, Eomer," you began, but you could already feel your eyes growing heavier, and heavier.
Your husband gave a slight shake of his head, reaching down to place a coarse hand across your forehead. You knew he was the one who had likely been the busiest all day, aiding his army and helping to rebuild Rohan's forces. There was little show of tiredness in his face, though you knew even if there had been, it is unlikely he would have shown it to you.
"The only thing that needs to be done is sleep, now close those eyes of yours - that's an order," he murmured with a smile. Where his hand had been, he pressed his lips, and the freshness that he had brought in from the courtyard with him enveloped you.
"Yes, sir," you mumbled, already drifting off. The colours of his crimson tunic became a blur, and the last thing you felt was he gentle brush of his hair against your cheek.
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game-ofthe-company · 20 hours ago
Watching LOTR Fellowship extended edition for the first time and loving it!!!
But I’ve realized something
Frodo and Sam are close to Aragorn and also Gandalf
Merry and Pip are close to Boromir which leads Pip to grow close with Faramir
Thus saving Faramir
Aragorn and Legolas were already close friends and Legolas grows close to Gimli leading Gimli to grow close to Aragorn
Merry being mistreated in Rohan leads him to be close with Eowyn and end up saving her
Which in turn Eowyn and Faramir meet because of Merry and Pippin
My thinking honestly just 🤯
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arofili · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
men of middle-earth ♞ house of éorl ♞ headcanon disclaimer
          Théodwyn was the youngest daughter of King Thengel of Rohan. She was close to her brother Théoden and aided him in raising his son Théodred after the death of his wife. Théodwyn was a gentle woman but a great rider of horses, and took one of the mearas as her steed. She married Éomund, First Marshal of the Mark and a descendant of Éofor of Aldburg. Their love was great, but it was cut short too soon when Éomund was slain in pursuit of a band of orc-raiders. Already weakened by grief, Théodwyn soon grew ill and died, leaving her children Éomer and Éowyn parentless.           Théoden King, her brother, took her children under his wing, where they were raised with their cousin Théodred. Éomer grew strong and tall, eventually becoming the Third Marshal of the Mark and inheriting his father’s command of the East-mark, defending Rohan from the orcs of Mordor. Éowyn grew in grace and pride, remaining in Edoras while her brother was granted a position in the king’s armies, though she was nearly as capable a warrior as he and chafed to be relegated to her uncle’s minder as Théoden was slowly overcome by the spell of Saruman.           Nonetheless, Éowyn was loyal to her king, remaining by his side and doing what she could to combat the ill counsels of Gríma Wormtongue, who had sold his services to the White Wizard. She was glad when Gandalf lifted the spell upon her uncle, but frustrated to be turned from battle once more when Théoden rode to Helm’s Deep. Instead she was given the responsibility of tending to Edoras in his absence.           Éowyn attempted to follow Aragorn into the Paths of the Dead, but was turned aside despite her pleading and her hopeless love for him. She was denied once more the chance for glory in battle when Théoden ordered her to remain behind upon his ride from Dunharrow to Minas Tirith, but this time she had taken enough. Éowyn disguised herself as a man, taking the alias Dernhelm, and rode with the Riders of Rohan to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields with the halfling Meriadoc Brandybuck, likewise barred from combat by the king but unwilling to accept such a dismissal.           Upon the battlefield, Dernhelm fought bravely to defend the King, and when he was felled by the Lord of the Nazgûl she stood between the Witch-king and her uncle. The Nazgûl boasted that “no living man may hinder me,” echoing the prophecy of Glorfindel a thousand years earlier, but Dernhelm was not deterred. She removed her helmet, letting her long golden hair fly free and declaring, “No living man am I! You look upon a woman.”           This revelation shocked her foe greatly, giving Meriadoc—a hobbit, not a Man—the opportunity to stab him from behind with a Barrow-blade, forged long ago by the Dúnedain of Arnor to fight the Witch-king and dispel the evil magic rendering him invincible. Then Éowyn slew the Nazgûl Lord, a feat which not even King Eärnur of old could accomplish, though her shield-arm was broken and she was bitterly wounded by the Nazgûl’s Black Breath.           As the Rohirrim marched away with the body of Théoden, Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth recognized that Éowyn still drew breath, and took her to the Houses of Healing. There she was healed from death by Aragorn, though she did not recover in time to join Éomer in the assault on the Black Gate of Mordor. While she recovered, anxiously waiting for news of that battle, she met Faramir, the last Steward of Gondor, and found love with him.           At last the War of the Ring came to a close, and Éowyn discovered that she had wearied of battle and yearned now to become a healer, loving all things that grow and are not barren. She accompanied her brother back to Rohan and saw the burial of Théoden and Éomer’s coronation, then left for Ithilien where she wed Faramir. Éowyn kept her friendship with Meriadoc for the rest of their lives, sending him great gifts when he became the Master of Buckland, and lived the rest of her days in happiness with Faramir and their children.
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inkversed · a day ago
everyone from the lord of the rings is bisexual and in love with one another and because of this bisexual power no one dies! no, i do not accept constructive criticism because i'm right :)
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tolkien-fantasy · 2 days ago
Based on this post I made, I couldn’t decide who to ship myself with, so I just did a bunch of different characters I liked, haha. Hope y’all enjoy, and special shout-out to @cryptichobbit and @lady-latte for inspiring me!
Tumblr media
Well, Aragorn is 6’ 6” and I’m 4’ 11” so that’ll be interesting
I have very messy long brown hair. It’s practically a mane at this point, it’s wild and unkempt at all times. Just picturing him trying to brush and wash it is kinda funny, but also very heartfelt. I just imagine him trying to be gentle, but running into knot after knot and getting frustrated
The bulk of our relationship would be telling stories. I could tell him all about Thor and the other deities I know, and he’d probably just eat that up. He might even want to make an offering to them with me, which would be so much fun!
We’d spend a lot of time talking about our family lines and connections, for sure.
I have a burning need to get stronger, both physically and mentally, which I think he would admire. I do worry about becoming obsessed with my weight and strength, so he’d probably be really good at getting me out of that cycle if needed
I’m very focused on self-improvement, but that can lead to me stretching myself too thin and trying to do a hundred things at once. He’d be very good at helping with this, I’m sure
But I think he’d also admire that, in a way
We both love getting messy, so we could wrestle and race in the mud and rain and not be bothered. That’d be great
We’d probably be a very supportive couple, constantly having one another's best interest at heart
Tumblr media
I think our relationship would be very sentimental and soft
I know I’d try my best to comfort him, make him feel safe and loved, and I’d like to think that’d make him get attached quickly
He’d probably get very protective
I have a lot of family issues myself, so we could bond over that
Comfort and protect one another
And I’ve been told that I’m “wise beyond my years” so he’d probably appreciate that too
We could spend hours in the Gondor Library, telling stories and sharing legends
I think we’re both deep and philosophical sort of people, so that’d mesh well I think
He’d be very curious about Thor and all the other spirits, I’m sure
And he could give me piggy-back rides and cuddling with him would be so lovely!!
Just two sorta broken people helping one another back on their feet
I have this thing where I just.. giggle for no reason. I think of something funny in my head, and laugh out loud, and startle everyone around me. I feel like Faramir would find that very cute and endearing
I can totally see me wearing his clothes, and him just melting seeing how big they are on me.
Tumblr media
On one hand, I could see us as being a slow-burn kinda relationship
We’re both very aloof and I can get nervous and back out of things, so it may take us awhile to get together
But on the other hand, I CANNOT resist a pretty girl
And Eowyn might appreciate a tomboyish kinda person in her life, so it may go quicker than I think
We could do workouts together
I could make clothes, armor and weapons for her
Care for horses with one another
And I’d definitely tell her all the stories I know about powerful women from my world
Can you imagine showing her Mulan? I love her
I can see Eowyn being very protective over me as we grow close
Which is a good thing, I can be really scared of confrontation, so I need a protector in my life
I would still do the cooking in the relationship, though 🤣
I’d call her “My Athena” or “My Freya” after telling her about the powerful goddesses she reminds me of
I think we’d make a very lovely couple 😍
Tumblr media
Merry Brandybuck
I’m a little taller than him, especially before the entdraught when he was still 3’ 6”
And I can see Merry being very happy about having a tall girlfriend
Since I’m working to build muscle, I imagine him asking me to pick him up a lot and carry him
Which I’d do happily, tbh
God he’s cute
I’d tell him all sorts of stories about my life and connection to deities
And he’d talk about his and Pippin’s adventures right back!
Though, I can see him getting a little jealous when he hears that Thor flirts with me a lot
Good luck squaring up with the god of Thunder, Merry, really hope that goes well for ya (LOL)
I’d embroider some waistcoats for us to wear
Though I get the sense he’s be just as happy wearing one of my T-shirts too
He’d look so cute in them 💕
We’re both very protective of one another, obviously
Constantly looking out for one another
Though, he’d probably have to tell off bullies for me more often. I’ll fight if it’s a life or death situation, but I can be very nervous about such things when they’re not
Thanks, past trauma
We both have messy hair, his is curly while mine is wavy, so we can exchange tips and take baths together!! 😍
And he’d probably love my Rock and Roll playlist almost as much as I love it! I can see him binging Queen and AC/DC songs
I also have this vow where, if I ever get married, I’m wearing a kilt to the wedding. Because if the person I’m to marry doesn’t want that, I shouldn’t be marrying them. I feel like Merry would be very on-board with that
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The Witch-King of Numenor
I've been thinking about Tar-Miriel as the Witch-King. I don’t know if the timeline lines up, but. Just. Mmhhhn. Lots of thoughts and female rage. Like, any way you slice it it's just so bitter? Whether it's sad or angry or triumphant depends on your interpretation, but her story never ends well, per say. It's a satisfying ending at best.
It's taking this faithful queen, this good, pure queen of a slowly corrupting people, who does her best but is ultimately powerless, falling under greater shadows, culminating in her martyrdom at the hand of God, and turning her bitter.
Maybe she takes the ring because she's faithful, still good, because she thinks she can do good with it. She doesn't trust this advisor in a too-fair form, but she can do this, break out of her husband's shadow and fix things, make them good again- only to fall under a greater shadow than before, because you can be good and still be tempted and still fall. And it’s a history doomed to repeat itself, when Boromir thinks the same things about the One Ring and falls just the same, but he was never given the ring freely by it’s maker. He still gets a chance, while she gets nothing but ash and sodden ruins.
Maybe she takes it because she’s faithful, she’s been faithful, but she’s so sick of being powerless, because faith doesn’t get you anything but a pretty place in storybooks. Because she’s just too angry to keep up this facade of an obedient wife and pure queen and this token from a monster is a way out. Because she knows that it’s a bad idea, but it’s the only way she has to get some measure of revenge at the gods who have repaid her faith with nothing but eagles in storm-clouds, warnings that she’d already seen coming from miles away. Because her hands bleed where her nails bite into them and she can’t take it anymore- anything is better than this.
Maybe she takes it because she’s faithful, but only when she needs to be, because she lost her faith long ago, and now there’s a demon who hates her husband almost as much as she does, and who has the power to do something about it, and is offering it to her, and that’s the only faith she needs. She wishes she could care about her people, but most of them are the Kings Men and the rest do nothing but pray to gods who won’t listen and tell her to “have patience, stay faithful, stay good, stay pure” and the demon is telling her she doesn’t have to care, and whispering doomed plans in her husband’s ear for no reason but the sake of it, and cackling as the streets run red with blood he says will bring his master back though it is only his own shadow that grows. And it’s horrific, but at this point so is she, and she wants a shadow like that, big enough to cover others in like she was always covered up. So she says “Let’s make a deal...” and he gives her a ring and her freedom and she gives him a bloody kiss and her oath of service and then they play their parts. So they say that Tar-Miriel ran to Meneltarma, faithful to the last, and that it was Sauron who urged Ar-Pharazôn to seek immortality in the holy land, and no one ever knows that it was Tar-Mairon and the Witch-King who sat in a temple built for both their former masters and laughed and laughed and laughed even as the island was taken and their bodies were destroyed and their spirits twisted, because in the end only the rightful ruler of Anadûnê becomes immortal.
And it was Glorfindel who prophesied, but it was the demon who promised that no man would kill her. And millennia later, what little is left of Tar-Miriel the faithful, the good, the pure, can’t help but smile at the woman shining proudly in the sunlight, under no shadow but the Witch-King’s own.
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icterid-rubus · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My cross country road trip project, the Eowyn Blouse by Fabel Knitwear. Cast off on the night we hit Montana, so now I only have to weave in ends and seam some bits together. I think it’s so stinking cute, I wish I could block it was wear it right now!
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gamgeesgarden · 3 days ago
Theoden: Someday, you’ll have feelings for boys.
6-year-old Eowyn: I already have feelings for them.
Theoden: Really?
6-year-old Eowyn: They make me mad.
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dimdiamond · 3 days ago
Pass the happy! 🌻 When you receive this, list five things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications. 💛💛💛
Well this time I will share my top 5 otps because I want to -bait- bring together more mutuals
Bilbo Baggins x Thorin Oakenshield
I mean duh Bagginshield! What's something not to love with these two?! I can't even explain in a few words why this ship is the otp of the otps, I need a whole essay about its magnificence! I'm already tearing up with all the emotions overflowing me!
Tumblr media
I mean look at these dorks
Tumblr media
Frodo x Sam (x Rosie)
Samfro is such a pure ship, full of devotion and true love! It's not only Sam that follows and supports Frodo all the way, but also Frodo who cares and relies on him! Sam does that with all his heart and Frodo has already given what remains from his heart to him! Where are the tissues when you need them?!
Tumblr media
I put Rosie too because she's nice and all three of them living together in the Bag End IS in the book and I want to imagine them being happy and loved together!
Merry x Eowyn x Faramir x Pippin
Ok I may cheated here a bit but come on! Every combination of these four is amazing and if they're all together even better! All four of them deserve a life full of love and happiness! The parallel stories of Merry with Eowyn and Pippin with Faramir were so touching and showed how much chemistry these pairs have and their dynamics (I can go on and on with those two pairs)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Faramir x Eowyn is also cute and Merry x Pippin are enjoyable too
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So yeah all of them together I think it's a fine solution, if not seperate!
Gimli x Legolas
Oh yes, Gigolas, the classic trope enemies to besties to husbands! Those two are what Romeo and Juliet should have been! They're loyalty to their kingdoms is what seperates them at first but later on is what brings them together! Both admire each other's loyalty to their kin and want to share their knowledge of their culture and history putting aside their differences! In the end they're more or less married, change my mind!
Tumblr media
Kili x Tauriel
Kiliel is such an underrated pair (and maybe because of their somewhat poor handling by the movies but at least there are fics) but you can't deny that for an original character of the trilogy is amazing how much endearing they are! They realize soon enough how their similarities are more than their differences but they're still too loyal to their kin to give up everything for a life together! Tauriel makes a step, not necessarily for romance but for what she believes is the right thing to do and Kili shows the same resolve when declares to his uncle that he's going to fight! Their resolve to try for whatever they might have is what really moves me with those two and that's not for sure a small thing!
Tumblr media
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suavecomoelpeligro · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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lesbiansforboromir · 3 days ago
Wait, Eowyn is Denethor's most pertinent narrative parallel? Please you must explain this!
How dare you read my secret tags those are private URR... MM alright you get a sneak peak of a longer essay- DENETHOR AND EOWYN'S NARRATIVES... are literally the same up until the very end... They are both in a position of suffocating responsibility and gendered demands, tied to duties that force them to watch on, agonised, as loved ones die around them (Boromir and Theodred). Duties, by the way, of care and 'stewardship' to things that they both love and yet also feel caged by (Minas Tirith and Theoden though you could argue Eowyn is also caring for Rohan as a whole). But they are also angry with some family members, misunderstood, frustrated with their attitudes towards both their relationship AND the war (Faramir and Eomer). Yet at the same time they still hold to their duties, bitterly, but nobly and dauntlessly, until they believe all hope is lost and only then they make a defiant act of gender AND responsibility rebellion that they intend to be the end of their lives. Denethor- DENETHOR IS LITERALLY 'BURNED WITH THE HOUSE' but he does it before he has leave to do so. Aragorn still had need of it! And self immolation to protect yourself from 'defilement' is a common feminine narrative in many cultures. And that's only one of MANY of Denethor's very feminine traits but THAT is for a trans denethor post that I still haven't written which will just be @illegalstargender 's literal thesis. Anyway I'll leave you with this;
"All your words are but to say: you are a woman, and your part is in the house. But when the men have died in battle and honour, you have leave to be burned in the house, for the men will need it no more. But I am of the House of Eorl and not a serving-woman. I can ride and wield blade, and I do not fear either pain or death."
"Or why should I sit here in my tower and think, and watch, and wait, spending even my sons? For I can still wield a brand."
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mercurygray · 3 days ago
Rewatching ROTK to finish off my LOTR marathon and honestly, Eowyn stabbing the Witch king in the face still slaps.
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lesbiansforboromir · 3 days ago
I was thinking about Faramir and his whole attitude towards "lesser men." I find your writing on that topic so interesting and different from most stuff I see about Faramir! (I still love him but...well). And I was thinking about how he later marries Eowyn, the rustic illiterate of those very "lesser" folk, and what, if anything, that implies about his character arc. I wondered if you have thoughts about that? I tried searching your blog but the search function has been wonky lately. Thank you!
Well firstly thanks very much :) glad you find it interesting. 
SO. I've tended to avoid talking too deeply about farawyn because I am aware I am not precisely... UNBIASED... when it comes to this ship. I've said this before but Eowyn's marrying a man was the first #lesbianidentifyingBETRAYAL I ever experienced and it has emotionally stuck with me. So I restrain myself from throwing my numerous thoughts onto the dash because I can't be sure they come from a COMPLETELY honest place and also like... I dO try to not yuck anybody's yum and people seem so attached to Farawyn... BUT if you come to ask me directly-
It's a quite common thing with characters in LoTR that they dont really HAVE arcs in the books. Many characters do not change in any big or definable way throughout the course of the tale and what you actually feel is that like... the book's tale and it's eventual ending with Sauron's defeat essentially releases them TOO grow. Character growth often feels like it happens offscreen. Faramir is one of these characters.
I think Faramir justified his attraction and growing feelings for Eowyn as due to her 'uniqueness'. He placed her on a pedastal above her people because of her own dunadain heritage and royal status. The rohirrim are not usually tall like Eowyn or grey-eyed but, due to her amrothian grandmother, Eowyn does have those features. And, more than that, it's known that the household of Rohan's Kings often don't know how to speak Rohirric but can speak Sindarin (because Thengel lived most of his life in Gondor rather than Rohan and only returned upon his father’s death). So even Theoden's behaviour reinforces the idea that the royal line of the rohirrim 'aren't like the rest'.
So not only does Faramir internally say 'she's not like those OTHER girls rohirrim', he also entirely believes that's what Eowyn thinks of herself too. He thinks she would agree with him! “Yes, the Rohirrim are men of the twilight but I am of a different and higher state.” And I'm afraid Eowyn likes the way he treats her because of this! Faramir's attention and admiration is quite heady and Eowyn's at the end of five years of muting her own personhood, having someone treat her as special and unique is very soothing and gratifying.
LIKE... god I could talk a lot about how much her epilogue frustrates me, how much this whole ‘she learned to live in peace’ doesn’t WORK when she’s immediately married off to the Steward of a land that is not her own BUT... to keep my mind on task... This state of affairs couldn’t have held up long term, obviously. Eventually Eowyn would realise that Faramir’s view of her people was not the fair-minded criticism that she hoped it was. 
And they would have a fight! And... this is where I lose my general ability to predict endings and possible threads. Because in canon they have a loving marriage that lasts their whole lives, so this fight must have an end that includes Faramir’s growth and realisation that he has been wrong about the ‘men of the twilight’. And one would hope so since Aragorn reclaims all of Harondor so the people there are now Faramir’s closest neighbours! 
BUT I JUST... I do not know how this happens. I expect it’s a combination of Eowyn’s impressive ability to form a point into incredibly cutting metaphors, plus the general fear Faramir must have of losing Eowyn’s favour. BUT... BUT... I just wish he could have come to that decision by himself, and without that his ‘growth’ feels quite hollow to me. Like Boromir was there his whole life verbally and passionately advocating for the Rohirrim, Denethor speaks to Theoden through letter as not just an equal but with a tone that’s respectful and thoughtful. And then there’s his “let all who fight the Enemy in their fashion be at one” line too. Imrahil weeps open tears at the sight of Theoden’s body! Imrahil!! Lord of Elf Fuckers City Central!! Like... why was Faramir the only one out of this family who went SO blood purist and faux traditionalist? What about Eowyn convinced Faramir finally? That he loves her? Did he not love his family? IF IT WAS INSPIRED BY HORNINESS IT DOESN’T COUNT. There I said it. 
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headcanonsandmore · 3 days ago
Eowyn: *literally just existing in the Lord of The Rings films* 
Tumblr media
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 3 days ago
SNEAK PEEK ALERT!!!!! “Eowyn - Daughter of Kings”
I’ve FINALLY found the right song for an Eowyn edit. I’ve been wanting to do a tribute for her, but nothing ever seemed to work - I came across this gorgeous song recently and instantly wanted to edit it for Eowyn. 
This is just a little first draft preview of a small part of the song! You folks know how this goes - it will probably be very different by the time I’m done with it. Also the colouring is too bright, but I’ll hopefully get that fixed. 
I’D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK!EOWYN QUOTES!!!!! I have this idea in my head to try and get some of her book quotes into my edit, so I’d love to know what your favourite Book!Eowyn lines are!!!
What do we think of it so far? & Take Care All!
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