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stalkerkyoko · a day ago
“the whole train is my body you’ll never guess where my real head is!
the front of the train/ engine room
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tsuiho · a day ago
Enmu feels so blessed- ✨
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theredsuzuran · a day ago
enmu x reader cuddling fluff? 🥺👉👈
Hey🥺 Thank you for requesting this, I was wondering in what format I should make it so I end up making a headcanon I hope you don't mind and I apologize if this is what you were not expecting. Anyways enjoy 💖
Tumblr media
Enmu x reader ~ fluff ❥︎
He is clingy af and would stick to you whenever or wherever.
Generally you are the small spoon and he's the large one, but he will gladly switch when it's your turn or he wants you to embrace him.
Loves to hug you from behind which would probably last for a minutes or sometimes even hours until you say its beginning to hurt.
He would honestly do all the lovey dovey things a couple would do and would kiss you out of the blue just to make you blush, he thoroughly enjoys seeing you getting flustered.
He would make sure that you sleep well and avoid having nightmares. He will the ensure the fact that you have a pleasant dream. Enmu holds you securely within his arms as you drift in the world of sleep.
He handles you with lots of care as he views humans to be fragile and glass like. Since you are his beloved darling he would never bare to harm you even in your sleep.
It melts his heart everytime you praise him while running your fingure through his hair and won't let you go if you don't headpat him when you two cuddle because he is a hoe̶ for headpats. So basically it has become your daily routine to pat him every once or twice a day or more.
Your cuddle routine involves : kissing softly, hugging, nuzzling on each other, holding hands, caressing and ofcourse lots of patting.
Another one of his favorite thing to do is to lay his head on your lap which includes headpats and playing with hair, He loves playing with your hair as well.
Teases you whenever he gets the chance only to hug you later. Yk it's just an excuse to be closer to you.
Treats you like an angel who have descended from the heavens. ( Lady Muzan being the goddess, jk but seriously tho think )
He is very careful when you guys are being intimate making sure he doesn't hurt you.
He is very expressive of his emotions openly shows his affection infront of everyone.
He needs lot of attention so give this baby tons.
Well basically he's a sweet cinnamon roll only to you.
You might pass away someday unable to bear with his cuteness.
You guys would likely cuddle inside his train.
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demonslayedher · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Enmu, just wondering, what was the rest of your plan...?
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lemongogo · 7 days ago
just saw an edit of mugen train w thomas the tank engine music and im laughing as i type this out
i blame this bitch
Tumblr media
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stalkerkyoko · 9 days ago
Enmu- Freddy kreuger
“AAHHH Your screams are  exquiste
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reality-phantom · 27 days ago
Enmu + Saihara Shuichi X Female Reader Drabbles
Tumblr media
⤷ Enmu and Saihara (separately) giving you a gift in return after you gave them one on Valentine’s Day!
—Event Info // DAY 6
Tumblr media
—Modern AU.
ENMU was absolutely astounded when he saw a mini train set on his bed for Valentine’s Day.
His girlfriend, (L/N) (Y/N), knew he wasn’t too into chocolates, so it was so thoughtful of her to get him something like this! She even stuffed little pieces of his favorite hard candies into the box containing the set. Enmu loved trains, but he loved little sets even more since he got to build them. He always had fun putting them together, and this set looked incredibly expensive, even. But, he wondered: what would he get for (L/N) in return?
“(Y/N)-chan?” he sang out. “What do you want for White Day?”
“Do you really have to ask?” she called back to him with a slightly teasing tone. “Surprise me.”
Chocolate train time? Chocolate train time. Honestly — if he got the privilege to make any kind and shape of chocolate he wanted, then why not make it look like a train? Plus, it only meant that he could make an entire train set that was purely made out of chocolate for (L/N).
So with this plan in mind, he searched far and wide on the internet for various candy molds, and then got set to making a chocolate-train-wonderland. And being the perfectionist he was — or at least tried to be — he made sure that all the pieces were perfect. This was honestly a treat for himself on its own, for he got the chance to build and get a gift for his girlfriend at the same time!
(L/N) was practically shellshocked when she saw what he had made. Across the the entire dining table at their apartment sat a gigantic train set fully made out of chocolate and hard candies. What made things more amazing, was that the candy train could actually move on the chocolate tracks. It was so cool, that (L/N) want to eat it. Was her boyfriend a wizard, or something?
She looked over to Enmu, and he had the happiest, most childish and proud grin on his face.
Tumblr media
—Saihara and (L/N) are both classmates in the 79th Class of Hope’s Peak Academy.
SAIHARA SHUICHI was a nervous, stuttering, and flustered wreck when his classmate, (L/N) (Y/N), handed him a Valentine’s Day gift after class.
He had a crush on her for the longest time, and the only person that knew about it was his best friend, Akamatsu Kaede, who teased him for the rest of that day. There was no way he wasn’t going to give something sweet back to her — especially since Akamatsu was already pestering him about it. She insisted that he get her something that would “confess his romantic feelings towards her without words;” whatever that meant.
Saihara was honestly going to go down the simple route, until Akamatsu made it seem like such a big deal. She made him handcraft a part of the gift, and even hand-make and entire box of sweets for her until it was all stuffed in a large, heavy, and flashy box that drew immense attention towards him at school.
Out of embarrassment, he just left it on her desk, and then hurriedly rushed to sit down at his seat.
“That’s a rather large gift you got her, Saihara-kun!” Oma Kokichi loudly teased for the rest of the class to hear. Saihara’s cheeks burned with embarrassment as he hid his face in his hat, the rest of the class turning to see his gift. Giggles surfaced through the classroom, and they all meant well, but Saihara nevertheless felt immensely embarrassed by them.
And when (L/N) finally arrived at her seat before class started, she was clearly taken aback by the gigantic gift sitting atop her desk. She opened her mouth to speak, but then was quickly cut off.
“(L/N)-san!” Oma called. “Do you like the White Day gift Saihara-kun got you?” The Ultimate Detective really thought things couldn’t get any worse, but they just did. He shoved his face down on his desk in his arms, hoping she wouldn’t look over to him.
But with his head down in shame, he failed to see the look of gratitude (L/N) threw his way.
Tumblr media
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bloodydrawz · a month ago
Tumblr media
The boy again👉👈
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addsugar0731 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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bloodydrawz · a month ago
Tumblr media
My new obsession? Who knows
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kny-aizetsu-muse · 7 days ago
✨Neck kisses hcs✨ ft. Regular demons
— Gotta keep smuts down since im the only one using the smut tags in the mean time and i mean im basically spamming them,, but also my way of doing sth for the reg m.list aaAA AND for purging my diabolical side purposes
Tw; fluff, gn s/o, love bites, light teases, slight nsfwish
Tumblr media
Concept; kissing their neck, and their reactions (maybe)
Tumblr media
//sort of 2nd view
He knows his job of keeping ya his bottom, s/o doesn't really get the chance. so, either a wise man knows he's quite the best at initiating neck bites or just that he wants to be right at the top like he's always been arrogant with.
Like how a dog's leg will start kicking when you rub its belly in the right spot? Kissing his neck is just like that. And have no shame of asking them to do it.
Quite upset he actually likes it, he knows he is alot more capable and more efficient if it were him to do it instead
Definitely an erogenous zone for him. As in, there's a decent chance he'll just start to shiver from pure excitement. But doesn't know how to take it more seriously with s/o
Always thought it made no sense that his s/o would even like anything risky such as his razor ass teeth near their sensitive spot until s/o bites him instead. he had a puzzled look before realizing it actually stung for a split second, boy did he like it
He gets all pissy and ruffled after figuring out he likes it, and annoys him so damn much because he's the "dominant one" alright,, He's supposed to be biting your neck until it bleeds OR he thinks you'll take advantage of that and use it on him
Do not kiss and bite her sweet neck if you are not removing your undergarment. And a legitimate sucker for neck bites, she'd get all needy for more biting actions and be a brat about it
She may like getting bitten, bruised and licked, but veeeryy subtle about it. No person can kiss her neck until she, asks. Or they ask.
Another sucker for neck bites, but her skin could get pretty much bruised just from slow, but rough nibbling. and isn't that interested. You're ruining her beauty 👁️👁️.
Would really like to have his neck kissed or bitten as well but s/o wouldnt initiate so, his stacked up cold facade just says yikes for s/o. just that thought alone of kissing his neck.
I'd say he doesn't mind, but likes it and has a deadpan expression while getting licked from the neck. Even asks how your day was
Could s/o even get the chance to kiss him if he rocks too much on top of them? Rather likes having his turn on them than his, because he's just a huge rapey perv
You know how he'd be in his wolf form and he'd be wagging his tail if you get that right spot ? (haha get it) but in all seriousness, he doesn't give a fuck unless your goal is to tease him, ,you're up for a challenge
He gets tickled right in, and quick enough to notice ANY other touch that will curl him up instantly. Makes him uncomfy tho he's a quiet type.
Bites back, with all the giddy up energy the neck kissing gave her.
Says you are one very naughty gremlin and disgusting
6:05am and writing this thinking my whole blog is finally cleansed
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