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#EXCEPT for the star wars pun day
aion-rsa · a month ago
Invincible: What That Big Episode 1 Twist Means for the Show
This article contains spoilers for the Invincible comic and Amazon Prime series.
Thanks to more than a decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, post-credit scenes are a matter of course in superhero film and TV properties. They’ve become so pervasive and routine that, at this point, it would take something truly revelatory to shock viewers. Well…here comes Amazon Prime’s Invincible and a certain Nolan Grayson a.k.a. Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons).
This animated series, adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same name, opts to not only include a post-credit scene at the end of its first episode…it includes damn near a whole new post-credit episode! “It’s About Time” concludes with Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) suiting up and announcing his new “Invincible” monniker to some villains, sending the show to its end credits around the 37-minute mark. But there still remains a staggering 10 minutes to the episode’s run time.
In those 10 minutes, Invincible reveals one of the series’ biggest twists: Mark’s dad Nolan a.k.a. Omni-Man is a real asshole. Remember that exciting casting announcement surrounding Invincible’s Justice League parody superhero team, the Guardians of the Globe? Well, they’re all dead now. 
The whole crew is summoned to a remote superhero location by Nolan and then violently…and we mean violently murdered by the Viltrumite “hero”. The superheroes we lose in this sudden, stunning carnage include: Darkwing (Lennie James), War Woman (Lauren Cohan), Red Rush (Michael Cudlitz), Martian Man (Chad L. Coleman), Green Ghost (Sonequa Martin-Green), Aquarus (Ross Marquand), and The Immortal (also Marquand).
The Walking Dead star power at play in voicing these characters along with the novelty of them being closely aligned to DC Justice Leaguers (Darkwing is Batman, War Woman is Wonder Woman, and so on), provide solid cover for the length of the post-credit sequence. A viewer could be forgiven for assuming that the 10-minute running time means that every Invincible episode will end with another chapter in the whimsical adventures of the Guardians of the Globe.
Read more
Invincible Review (Spoiler-Free)
By Bernard Boo
Why Amazon Prime’s Invincible Had to Be Animated
By Alec Bojalad
Welp, it obviously won’t because they’re all dead now. This raises some obvious questions, of course. Why would Mark’s dad go on such an unrepentant killing spree of heroes, including an Oberyn Martell style eye-bursting for Red Rush? According to Kirkman, it’s partly about keeping the genre fresh. 
“I think that moment at the end of the pilot is meant to be a little eye-opening and…oh, I even made it to a pun there. But it definitely sets the stage for the show,” Kirkman tells Den of Geek and several other outlets during the show’s press day.
In Kirkman’s original comic series, the Omni-Man reveal doesn’t take place until issue #7. Still, that is quite early in the series’ lengthy 144-issue run. Positioning the violent, unexpected moment so soon sets an unnerving tone for what’s to come. Kirkman (who remains on as a producer and writer) wants to capture that same momentum for Amazon’s adaptation. 
“At the end of the episode, you really know what you’re in for. You know what kind of show we are,” Kirkman says. “I’m really happy with how that sequence turned out. I have a version of it on my phone and I watch it over and over on a loop.”
The post-credit scene twist in episode 1 is so enormous and unsettling that it seems impossible for any show to continue on after it. And yet, we know Invincible does just that since the show premiered its first three episodes on March 26 and is set to release the remaining five in the weeks to come. 
The two episodes immediately after the evil Omni-Man twist don’t fully reveal Nolan’s motivations. In fact, Mark’s dad proves to be an exceptional actor, comforting those around him (save for Mark one noticeable heartless slipup) and even delivering a sermon at the Guardians’ funeral. The voice behind Nolan, J.K. Simmons, theorizes that it’s easy for the ultra task-oriented Viltrumite to keep his mind off of what he’s done. 
“Whatever is going on subtextually, I think it’s important to (Nolan) to be able to continue with his mission in life and to focus on the task at hand. Especially because, let’s face it, dudes can’t multitask anyway,” Simmons says.
But what is going on with Nolan subtextually? Is he the big bad he appears to be? Or was it somehow the Guardians who were compromised and Nolan who had the unenviable task of taking them down? The answer will likely come shortly. It does so in the Invincible comics in issue #11. If you’d like to know it, read on, but be forewarned that the following paragraphs will contain extreme spoilers for what’s to come in the Amazon series. In fact, let’s go ahead and throw up another spoiler tag.
The following contains major comic spoilers for Invincible.
Remember the story that Nolan told Mark about his Viltrumite race and the planet Viltrum they hail from? According to Nolan, the all-powerful Viltrumites travel the galaxy looking for new alien races to help survive and thrive in a big, scary universe. 
Well, Nolan’s story is kind of true. The Viltrumites are prolific travelers of the cosmos. Only they don’t visit new civilizations to help them, they do so to conquer them and incorporate them into the Viltrum Empire. The Viltrumites are warrior culture singularly obsessed with strength and dominance. They have subjugated and colonized countless civilizations across the galaxy. 
For Nolan’s mission on Earth, however, the Viltrumites are experimenting with a new form of conquering. Nolan has 500-some years to incorporate himself into human society and slowly weaken it over time, making it ripe for the incoming Viltrumite invasion. In this mission, Nolan soon discovered that Earth was particularly susceptible to intergalactic threats. It seemed as though some big alien monster or interdimensional terror was rampaging across the planet. So Nolan picked up the role of a superhero to ensure that no enemy could destroy the human race before the Viltrumites had their chance to come and subjugate them. 
Viltrumite lifespans are so long and their abilities so powerful, that the human beings around Nolan are little more than ants…up to and including his wife and Mark’s mother, Deborah. The only other creature on Earth that matters to Nolan is Mark. He is to be an ally for Viltrum and a partner in his father’s takeover of Earth.
That’s right: Mark Grayson has a Darth Vader pitch to rule the galaxy incoming soon from his father. It will certainly sound impressive coming from J.K. Simmons, but Mark will be devastated all the same. 
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Invincible continues to stream weekly episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime.
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captainelliecomb · a month ago
Tagged by @zetaaa, and because I loved their post, and the others I’ve seen, here’s mine. Except that I don’t have 20 stories to list, even including a few WIPs, and I don’t tag people. Consider yourself tagged if you haven’t been tagged before but have thought about doing this. I want to read them!
(In doing this, I realised I’ve posted 16 stories and have several WIPs, so I do have 20! And I’ve never posted a story that wasn’t written as an exchange gift. How odd.)
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favourite opening line. Then tag 10 authors!
Complete and Posted (AO3 Archive Warnings Noted)
“The corn maze is the best!” Betty’s ponytail bobs as she bounces down the hall, books clasped to her chest. (Does the Wolf Apologize, Riverdale (TV 2017), Betty/Veronica, M, No Archive Warnings Apply, Trick or Treat 2018)
“Still the little cinder girl.” (Little Cinder Girl, Cinderella (1950), Cinderella/Stepmother, M, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Trick or Treat 2018)
Red smells the Wolf long before she sees him. (Find Me in the Stars, Avengers Grimm, Cinderella/Red Riding Hood, T, No Archive Warnings Apply, Yuletide 2018)
Dawn broke before they finished getting people settled. (Not a Lick of Sense, Avengers Grimm, Cinderella/Red Riding Hood, M, No Archive Warnings Apply, Yuletide 2018)
“Well looky here.” Dahl sat at the top of the ramp, legs folded together, hands loose on her knees. (Bad Company, Riddick series, Dahl & Riddick, T, No Archive Warnings Apply, Chocolate Box 2019)
Kase gets fucked slow most times. (Pretty Little Pussy, Trials in Tainted Space, Kase/Steele, E, No Archive Warnings Apply, Shipoween 2019) (The pun in the title is terrible and makes me laugh every time I see it.)
Stupid. (Plant Specimen: Unknown, OW, Tentacle Monster/Xenobotanist, M, Rape/Non-Con, Trick or Treat 2019)
Jack Steele would never visit New Texas as a lowly tourist. (Public Use, Trials in Tainted Space, Jack Steele/Steele, M, No Archive Warnings Apply, Trick or Treat 2019)
The statue was so realistic that, in the flickering light, he seemed to breathe. (Breath and Blood, OW, Minotaur/Curious Female Historian Who’s Surprisingly Into That, E, No Archive Warnings Apply, Chocolate Box 2020)
Flynn Rider sagged sideways against the wall, nearly falling out of the chair they’d propped him in. (Golden Girl, Tangled, Pub Thugs/Rapunzel, E, Rape/Non-Con, Chocolate Box 2020)
Every step was agony, but she ran. (Desperation, OW, Feral Female Alpha Werewolf/Male Omega Living Alone in an Idyllic Woodland Cottage, M, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Chocolate Box 2020)
“It’s a shame,” the guard said as he stripped her, methodical. (Punished, OW, Male Dungeon Monsters/Servant Girl Thrown Into Dungeon as Punishment, E, Rape/Non-Con, Smut 4 Smut 2020)
Run, little Red, run, run away. (Run, Red, Run Away, Little Red Riding Hood (fairy tale), Big Bad Wolf/Red, Wolf Pack/Red, E, Rape/Non-Con, Smut 4 Smut 2020)
Lah trembled as Steele eyed him, but his chin stayed high and he burned with anger. (Broken Promises Made, Trials in Tainted Space, RK Lah/Steele, Able/Steele, E, No Archive Warnings Apply, Shipoween 2020)
Caine is a lot, sometimes. (Breathe Me In, Jupiter Ascending, Jupiter/Caine, M, No Archive Warnings Apply, Yuletide 2020)
“On a scale of accidentally burning down my shop to going to prison because you tried to steal a cow, how bad is this plan of yours?” Trish asks. (Lynette’s Worst Christmas Pageant Ever, Lynette- SouthernASMR Sounds webseries, G, No Archive Warnings Apply, Yuletide 2020)
Brienne of Tarth still pissed blood the day she found the war hammer. (Mjolnir AU, 60% GOT 40% ASOIAF (for now, it started as 95% to 5% and keeps leaning more toward book canon), Jaime/Brienne (with possibly others to be added), probably M)
Brienne Tarth’s clearest memory of her childhood included her older brother, Galladon. (Brienne’s Mother is from Dorne and Brienne is Elia’s sworn shield canon divergence, ASOIAF, Jaime/Brienne, probably M)
After the Great Council, Brienne avoided personal conversation with Lord Tyrion for as long as she could. (post-GOT Brienne and Jon are sent to hunt down a dragon, Brienne/Addam with other pairings to come, probably M)
Selwyn Tarth did not know what to do with his only surviving child, his warrior daughter with her ugly, strong body and her maiden heart. (Brienne is sent to be a ward of Ned Stark because of Robert’s obsession with Lyanna Stark canon divergence, ASOIAF, Jaime/Brienne, probably T, may also include things like Mormonts literally turning into direbears and Starks into direwolves)
Oh, right, analysis! I tend to open with dialog, and I’m surprised so many of these don’t. Most of the first lines are not about the main character, at least until we get to the WIPs in which case Brienne of Tarth is clearly my go to girl, my world, my focus of everything.
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danger-noodle · a month ago
𝗸𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗼 𝘁𝗲𝘁𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗼𝘂 x reader
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: you and kuroo and put into an arranged marriage between your two families
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: mafia!au, arranged marriage, she/her,
Tumblr media
you stood in front of a man who you were meant to despise with all of your heart, but instead is expected to love him with all of you heart. your two families had decided for the both of you that to settle this feud between them that there only children would be wedded to each other.
two complete strangers, to meet on the same day as their wedding. it is absurd to you, you had dreamed ever since you were a little girl to marry someone who you had admired, and loved just like your parents stories. but they were shattered by this fateful news.
you walked down the isle, not a happy bride, but as a peace treaty. looking into the eyes of a man you were destined to spend eternity with, the eyes of a stranger. yet it was comforting to know that he was also starring into a strangers eyes.
after the reception, fake guests who had no idea of the real reason behind your marriage offered congratulations. and when asked questions you made them up in the fly. occasionally you caught eyes wandering offer to the tall, lean man. who was know your husband.
and so did he, in some regard he was enlightened that it had been you he was married off to. he had seen you on social media at times, and in person (which you hadn't noticed him). he was enchanted by you, a complete stranger. he could now relate to the poor Romeo and how he felt, the emotions of love at first sight and realizing that his admired love was of their enemies house.
enemies the two houses are not anymore, and thus his love is no longer forbidden.
after the night had ended you two were shipped off to your honeymoon. although it wasn't nearly a honeymoon and more like a first date.
"i think it'd be a great time to introduce myself, i'm kuroo tersurou pleasure to meet you."
"likewise, kuroo (y/n)."
kuroo was left flustered for a moment, almost forgetting that he was sitting next to his wife. And that she was so able to pick up on the name.
"geez, i almost forgot we just got married."
"not how i imagined getting married."
peeking kuroo interesting, he raised his eyebrows. "oh? how did you imagine it then?"
you go on to describe the perfect wedding to him, the conversation even continuing into the hotel room. kuroo watched with admiration as your eye shined when you spoke about your original plans of marriage.
"but is suppose that wedding will never happen," you just went straight to bathroom when you entered the room, the dress you wore was like a thousand pounds.
kuroo decided to change into sleep clothes as well, and finished before you. kuroo poured both of you a glass of fine wine and sat on the couch waiting for you.
you finally finished and joined him on the couch talking about your childhoods. your eyes always somehow wondered over to the tall man.
your first impression of him that he was a playboy, which was down right wrong. when you heard his first science pun of many you bursted out laughing. he was actually a lovable, adorable nerd. who chose to watch star wars: the new hope instead of some sports channel.
you found yourself actually falling in love with him, even though you told yourself you couldn't love someone you were forced to married. kuroo must of been the exception.
"we should go to bed, i'll take the couch-"
"no!" you yelled at him a little to quickly, he rose his eyebrows in question. "um- well we're married now! and we should try to get used to sleeping in the… same bed together."
kuroo chuckled finding your flustered form cute. "alright then, let's head off to bed darling."
both of you went to the mansion sized bed and crawled under the covers (which was a task of itself). kuroo was the one to turn the lights off and scurry into the covers with you.
it was definitely awkward at first since kuroo didn't want to invade your privacy but also wanted to hold you as he slept. you gathered enough courage to snuggle into his side and close your eyes.
"i think i can find myself falling in love with you."
"me too," kuroo left out the part where he already is in love with.
this was one of many loving embraces during your sleep and countless beautiful nights.
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smileyjily · 2 months ago
A Series of (In)Decent Proposals
Chapter 12: The One with the Strawberry Cake
Summary: Throughout the course of their lives, James would ask Lily to marry him many times. A 14-part series, consisting of 13 no’s and 1 very jubilant yes.
Set in The Bet universe, but works as a canon piece as well.
Word count: 1,515
May 1, 1979
There was nothing extraordinary about the safehouse in Ipswich. Having sought safety in seven since the start of her career as an anti-revolutionary, Lily could attest that there was nothing remarkable in regards to its size – a three bedroom structure with an unfinished basement that let in the brisk night air – or its history – a pre-war structure that had survived the air raids unscathed. Nothing at all to distinguish it from the three dozen refuges the Order employed.
Except the inoffensive, even unassuming house remained Lily’s least favorite safehouse by far.
Conveniently located between London and Thetford Forest, where the North Suffolk werewolves collected, the Ipswich safehouse saw more traffic, and frantic, often screaming traffic at that, than any other. In the six days since Lily and James had taken up residence in the East-facing bedroom, Lily had not known a moment’s peace.
For the dozenth time that night, Lily rolled over in a bid to get comfortable. She deliberately mashed her ear into a pillow in the hopes to lessen the impact of the next, inevitable disruption. Beside her, James snored. Years of rooming with Sirius and his screaming nightmares had inoculated James against noise in the night. He would spring up in the morning, put on his glasses, and face the day as energetic as a kindergartner returning to school after Christmas Hols. Meanwhile, Lily wondered if there was a point at which dark circles became permanent.
Peck. Peck. Peck.
That would be an owl with no doubt urgent correspondence. Lily guessed it was outside the kitchen window. No need for her to react.
Eliza Clarke was on call that night, the only other semi-permanent resident of the safehouse. In the Order, it was common to stay at a safehouse for only a matter of nights before moving on, always some new emergency to circumvent. Jones had been settled in the house for a practically unheard of three months. Clarke was one of the best healers in the Order, and the third bedroom was essentially a sickroom for whoever had been cursed most recently. Lily and James would need to leave soon to make room for the next felled soldier. The full moon was around the corner, and Lily suspected it would be Remus.
Lily heard the creak of a bedroom door. As she expected, Clarke crept to the kitchen to answer the persistent owl. Slippers cloaked most of her footfalls, but there was no stopping the squeal of the bottom step.
Almost silence lingered in the room. Nothing to hear but James’ little breathy snores. Lily and James had shared a bed nearly a thousand times, so James’ sleep sounds made up the melody of Lily’s favorite lullaby. She drifted into a dose, no thought staying long enough at the front of her brain to fully formulate. It all just slipped away, and Lily was happy to follow.
“Anyone there? Present yourself?”
The floo. Mad-Eye.
Lily’s brain supplied the answers before her mind had finished asking the question. They were expecting Mad-Eye in the morning. He was to deliver their next assignment. If history served, it would be either to take advantage of Lily’s potioneering or James’ reckless disregard for his own life and limb. He made an unsettlingly good soldier.
With her sleep already out of reach, Lily sat up. Better to get it out of the way. With any luck, Mad-Eye’s orders would take her and James far from Ipswich.
Lily deftly ignored the bright panic that always accompanied new orders. They hadn’t separated James from her yet.
As suddenly as the voices downstairs had started up, they stopped. The floo roared and fell silent. If Lily strained, she could make out the familiar crackle of a hearth fire, nothing magical about it.
Lily flopped back onto her stack of pillows. Maybe Mad-Eye had stopped by to relay something unrelated to them, for Clarke’s ears only. Maybe he’d been pulled away by something innocent but pressing…a drunken colleague or a scandalous love confession. Alright, most likely someone was dead or maimed or cursed or about to be dead or maimed or cursed. Wasn’t that always the case?
Lily hadn’t heard word from Marlene in two months.
Any downstairs disturbance would have been preferable to where Lily’s mind went then. Staring up at the ceiling, Lily couldn’t see anything to distract her in the dark. The war had her yearning for a nightlight, those childhood promises of protection from monsters that turned out to be very very real.
“Soon. Soon.”
The words were spoken into her shoulder, half-slurred with sleep.
“What’s soon, James?”
Lily rolled onto her side to look at him. His eyes stayed shut, breathing even.
“I’ll take you home soon.”
“Where is home?”
Whispering the words broke her heart. She’d called Cokeworth home for eleven years, Hogwarts for another seven. The Potter Estate had been a home the first time she visited, but since the funeral, it had become a museum to the dead, a container for all of James’ grief that he couldn’t carry with him into the war if he didn’t want to end up joining his parents in death. Truthfully, when the parade of safehouses came to an end, Lily didn’t know where they would go.
“Home is…with you,” James murmured.
He then snored so loudly that he choked on it.
Honestly, the whole Order could have apparated into the room and James would have kept on dreaming. It wasn’t the first time he’d spoken in his sleep. At times, James was capable of complex conversation, like coaching a pretend Quidditch match or firing off one of his prized puns. Normally, he just mumbled about the symbols that made up his dreamscape, something to the tune of, “Fish on bicycles grooming the manticores,” followed by more snoring.
Lily thought it was somehow sweeter that James was dreaming of a home with her, rather than actively trying to deliver reassurances. Her anxiety didn’t soften, but her heart did.
“My home is with you, too,” Lily said, even if he wouldn’t process the words in his sleep.
James smiled like maybe he did.
Lily took a moment to trace the lines of his face with her eyes. The shadows couldn’t conceal from her what she could recall so well from memory: the scar at his temple from a nasty fall down a moving staircase, the encroaching laugh lines earned early from a lifetime of hilarity, the supple lower lip that swelled when she sucked on it.
That very lip quivered as James started speaking again, “Going to marry you. Marry you in a wedding. There will be cake.”
Lily’s face broke into a smile. “Cake, huh? Let’s reach for the stars and have ice cream, too.”
He wouldn’t remember a minute of it come morning, one nondescript night of good sleep fading into the next. But she would. Most days, Lily felt like she had nothing left to give. But, like she was a wet rag, James could always wring just one last drop out of her. With a smile, a joke, a word of encouragement, somehow James would make her feel like the girl she once was, and that was all she needed to keep fighting. He was her safehouse.
“James, next time you ask me to marry you, I’m going to say yes. I’ll say yes and kiss you until we both can’t breathe. Until we both forget everything about this year from hell. Until it’s just me and you. Because it will always be me and you,” Lily murmured. “I honestly can’t wait.”
“Hmm, sounds nice,” James agreed.
Lily placed a kiss on the smooth skin of his brow, marveling at how little tension lay there when he slept. Where did he keep his worries? He was the most beautiful man she’d ever known.
“Yes, love?”
“Can it be a strawberry cake?”
A bang from downstairs – the front door – was followed by a cacophony of shouting voices. From the din, Lily caught something about a raid on a Death Eater hold out in Colchester. Lily immediately flung off the duvet and prepared to race downstairs. The floor was cold beneath her bare feet, but she wouldn’t have time to hunt down a pair of slippers. She always slept in something decent now, too afraid of nighttime interruptions, so no need to throw on a robe.
Wondrously, a smatter of laughter rose from their new guests. That meant there’d be wounded – there were always wounded – but no dead. A good day.
Hand on the doorknob, Lily turned back to James, still sleeping on his side like nothing had changed. Lily wanted to give him every comfort that had been denied them the last year, including a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep.
“Yes, James. You’ll feast on strawberry cake,” Lily promised before slipping out the door.
And the next day, even though Lily had stayed up all night helping Clarke tend to the wounded, she still found time to bake one perfect strawberry cake.
She was James’ refuge, too.
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theonceoverthinker · 2 months ago
474. Tonight’s Fair Game HC is just the GAME old story that you’re quite used to by now!
Tonight, as I foreshadowed in my previous HC, i’m gonna do some Fair Game family game night HCs!
Family game night happens roughly four times a year. Tai, Qrow, Ruby, and Yang did them until the girls went off to Beacon, and then the girls kept the tradition going by adding Weiss and Blake to the mix.
The guest list for family game night by the end of the series includes Tai, Qrow, Clover, Ruby, Yang, Blake, and Weiss (and if Ruby has a love interest (Who isn’t Weiss because she’ll already be there), than they’re there as well).
The first game night that Clover is a part of is three months after the end of the war, held at Tai’s place in Patch. Qrow and Clover have been going out for a few months by this point, so he’s obviously invited.
However, Clover, while typically cool under pressure, can’t quite dismiss the butterflies in his stomach that come when he thinks of his first family game night. Despite having traveled with the majority of them for some time, Clover admits that he’s just a little nervous for his first family game night. Clover feels like this is the first time he’s doing a thing with them that’s specifically a family thing. 
Qrow thinks he’s being silly. The girls and Tai like him and he’s spent a nice chunk of time with all of them. After a bit of teasing, Qrow kisses his temple and assures him that he has nothing to worry about (”Just don’t beat Yang at Twister -- the little firecracker does NOT like to lose at that one.”).
More under the cut!
Family game night is made up of five games: Stratego, Twister, Uno, Charades, and Apples to Apples (Which soon becomes Cards Against Humanity when Yang buys the game, brings it to game night, and Ruby “accidentally” loses the Apples to Apples box).
Except for Apples to Apples, teams of two for each of the games are more or less formed on the spot (Ex. Ruby: “I call Uncle Qrow!” Weiss: “Yang, up to show these soon-to-be losers who is in charge.” Qrow: “Clover, you’re with me.”) and shift with every game. 
I think for the first time, Qrow is able to nab Clover for his team for at least most of the games. Clover promises to quell his semblance as much as he can to keep things fair. But even still, he’s pretty good at the games and before long, everyone tries to steal him for themselves (Sometimes physically by grabbing Clover’s arm).
Gonna do another family game night episode, probably tomorrow! Stay tuned!
Tagging @skybird13 @whipped4qrow @mooksie01 @luck-of-the-caw @xwildangel @solitude-of-stars @vastnessofthespiral @o0nashipear0o @unfairgamey @doctorrwby @clover-and-co @megan-atthedisco @wash-my-brain @bisexualdisasterqrow @thursdayseraph @doubledexterity @rwby-things-i-guess @atlas-heartthrob @the-answer-was-bi-klance @compoterie @thuskindlyiboop @oceansquid @transdemion @deltastream21 @mimiori @xya-hunter @delta-altair @dinosaurs-last-day @roman-torchtwink @subatomictealeaves​ @drbtinglecannon @saphiralunaris @pretentiouskneecaps​ @amxngsthxmans​ @ayomez13​ @carbonated-table-spices​ @darkestsiren​ @chaosgameingkoi​ @collectingsparechangemadeeasy​ @michaels-daughter2005​ @youmaywanttoduck​ @lovethewitchofendor​ @victorious1956​ @spence0112​ @madamoisellesica​ @ju-ka-mc-24​
Want to be tagged in future Fair Game HC’s (Or untagged, I understand) and be the first to catch all of the romance, fluff, drama, and puns (Sometimes all at the same time)? Send me a reply, PM, or ask, and it shall be done!
Would you also like to check out my old Fair Game HC’s? Who wouldn’t? Well, here’s a link to my Fair Game HC archives!!!!
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theonceoverthinker · 2 months ago
469. Congratulations! You’ve PokeWON a new Fair Game HC!
Before we begin tonight’s HC, I’m gonna plug a Fair Game Infinity Wars AU I created earlier tonight! It’s not exactly a fic as much as it is a concept, but if you like the Avengers, feel like it could use a little Fair Game, and are up for something a little dark, you might enjoy it!
Okay! On to the HC, which, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is another Pokemon HC! Turns out I’ve got more HCs for this franchise that is now old enough to rent a car!
-Clover absolutely has a shiny Pokemon on his team or as one of his favorites. But which shiny? Well, I got curious earlier today about what a shiny Corviknight would look like...and wouldn’t you know -- it just happens to be a very Qrow-like shade of gray! He gets lucky and catches a shiny Corvisquire that he adds to his team just before its ready to evolve! Clover loves having not just his boyfriend’s favorite Pokemon, but a shiny version that reminds him even more of Qrow because of the colors. And you KNOW he’s gonna give that Corviknight a nickname -- he names it “Crow,” and the name leaves Qrow basically speechless (As well as rubbing a quickly-growing migraine on his forehead).
-Qrow was never overly fond of grass types, with maybe one or two exceptions. However, he runs into a Breloom during one of his Pokemon runs post-meeting Clover and notices that its tail looks like a clover (Plus, its grass/fighting typing reminds him of Clover, too). He ends up deciding to add it to his team, nicknaming it either “charm” or “shamrock.” The Pokemon takes time for Qrow to get used to because he has to get used to its style, but it endears itself to him and becomes a mainstay of his team for that run.
-Qrow and Clover sometimes talk about what they’d do if they were in the Pokemon universe. Clover thinks Qrow would be the champion of the region, unassumingly secretly hiding behind the Elite Four and putting up the best challenge of the young trainers’ lives. Qrow thinks Clover would be one of the Elite Four right under him, and they’d sort of be rivals, constantly trying to usurp the title from each other. Every few years, they’d swap. They’d vacation in the Alola region and adventure in the wilds of the Galar region during their off time.
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dmb-fngrl · 2 months ago
A/N: Awkward sex moments with the BNHA bois! I got this idea from several posts, including one by the lovely @zukump3. Thanks!
Includes: Sero, Kirishima, Bakugou, Shinsou, Mirio, Iida, Kaminari, Midoriya, Todoroki, Tamaki, Monoma
TW: Smut, 18+, accidental period sex, accidental threesome, Star Wars refrences, spicy vajayjay, wrong hole, passing out, kicking, someone walks in, minty oral, lost condoms, queefing
Sero Hanta
Tumblr media
so you guys had been going for a while
he had you taped up to the ceiling in sort of a sex swing/shibari situation
kinda off topic but this guy definitely has a bondage kink fr
you’re a moaning, whining mess
at this point, you’re pretty far gone
but you’re super confused when he instantly pulls out
like, he had a condom on
what’s the matter?
he’s mumbling curse words, and just staring at your vajayjay
“Hanta, is everything okay?”
“Yeah, yeah I just lost the condom no big deal.”
you really didn’t want to think you heard what you did.
“I lost the condom. Like, inside you.”
“Then get it out!” :O
the new condoms you’d decided to try were a little bit too big, and slipped off when you were getting freaky
he eventually got the condom out, and by then you had both decided to throw the box away
Kirishima Eijirou
Tumblr media
so you’re riding him real nice and slow
just making the most of his day off
the lights were still off because you’d just woken up, and neither of you wanted to get up yet
he’s telling you that you feel so wet today
and you’re like yeah
got that WAP all for you baby
Worship And Prayer
and you look down
and it looks a little...darker than normal...
so you flip on the light
you’re like freaking out
because did you break something??
is he hurt???
you just jump off of him and run to the bathroom
turns out you got your period in the middle of sex
he’s super chill about it though
“Babe, it looks like my d*ck got attacked by a shark!”
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
it was your birthday, so Bakugou had made you favorite curry for dinner
he even agreed to watch a chick flick with you 
you chose 50 shades
things started getting steamy onscreen
and your hands started wandering
soon enough, neither of you are paying attention to the movie
he slips a hand down below your waistband
and he starts fingering you
it starts out nice, but 
then it gets kinda...tingly?
no, no it’s not tingly, it’s...
you yowl and jump off the couch, pulling your pants off and attempting to fan away the burning pain in your crotch
and he’s just looking at you with this expression
it’s like half concern, half confusion
it takes so long for it to go away
you sat in a cold bath for two hours
eventually, it comes up that he forgot to wash his hands after dinner
you didn’t let him have sex with you for a week
you would feel bad about it, but...
it f*cking hurt
Shinsou Hitoshi
Tumblr media
you’re doing it missionary
Shinsou’s pounding you super hard
whispering so many downright sinful things into your ear
and then he just...stops
goes ramrod straight, freezing up while he’s still inside 
and then you see it
your newly adopted cat, Muffin, had clambered up his leg and onto his back, and was mewling like she’d climbed Mt. Everest
you started giggling, muffling the sound with your hand
but soon you were just laughing out loud, unable to hold yourself back
and Shinsou pulls out slowly, trying not to laugh too much so Muffin doesn’t fall 
you grab the cat off his back setting her down outside the bedroom and locking the door
you tried to get back into it, but every time you did, you’d make eye contact and start dying
needless to say, neither of you finished that night
Togata Mirio
Tumblr media
so I don’t really know what this position is called
but like the one that’s kinda like missionary
except your legs are over his shoulders
that one
so you’re in that position
and this is the first time you’re trying it
it feels really good, he’s at just the right angle to hit that nice spongey spot inside
grinds against your clit too
gang gang
but something down there just doesn’t feel right
there’s like, pressure??? building up??
and not like, an orgasm either
and it starts feeling, like, really uncomfortable
of course, Mirio notices
“Are you okay, Sunshine?”
“Not really, there’s just, like, pressure? I don’t know how to explain it.”
You don’t have to explain it, boy’s already pulling out.
he presses down on your lower stomach, and...
you let out the loudest, longest queef ever
ofc, you’re super embarrassed
you’ve heard about queefing, but it never happened to you, except during yoga class
what if he thinks it’s gross?
your thoughts are quickly nullified when he starts laughing
and then you start laughing
soon you’re both just dying laughing, rolling around on the bed
you get back into it, but that sensual, romantic sex you were having?
yeah, no
you’re both super giggly, laughing in between kissing
lowkey some of the best sex you’ve had with each other tho so...
👉 👉
Iida Tenya
Tumblr media
so you guys are getting down and dirty
you’re being real sexy, taking his clothes off for him
he decides to return the favor
it’s going really well
until he gets to your pants
he decides to pull down your panties with your pants
kissing down your thighs and licking teasingly at your mound
but when you try and move your legs to help him out...
you kick him
just, like, right in the face
there’s a gash on his forehead, and he’s bleeding pretty badly
you knew you should’ve clipped your toenails
you put a bandaid on his head
and you’re apologizing profusely
he’s fine, he reassures you
but it’s safe to say that killed the mood
you spend the rest of the night watching a movie he picked out and cuddling, interspersed with you apologizing again 
Kaminari Denki
Tumblr media
so it was Denki’s turn to get condoms
you took turns going to the store to get then
he got some that he was really excited about
nearly jumped you as soon as he got home
so you’re about to get one out, and he tells you to wait and then turns the light off
you’re like ?????
I’ve seen your d*ck before, but okay
so he’s facing away from you, rolling it on, and he turns around...
and begins making lightsaber noises?
swinging his wang around like a sword
he got glow-in-the-dark condoms
now, dating Denki Kaminari means that you probably have a decent sense of humor
so naturally, you just bust out laughing
he’s laughing too
fun, giggly sex is a regular thing with Denki, so it doesn’t screw up the mood at all
still, you make him promise not to do the “zhoo, zhoo” everytime
Midoriya Izuku
Tumblr media
now, you can’t convince me this boy doesn’t spend at least a moderate amount of time on foreplay
he did plenty of research before his first time with you
he knows that a woman needs to be properly prepped
he is perfectly willing to provide that for you
so you’re making out on his bed
and hands start to wander
his hand slips down your pants
and you think he’s going to finger you
but you let out a little yelp when his hand goes a little too far back
he jumps away, apologizing abundantly
“Y-y/N, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to--”
on and on and on and...
you have to calm him down
it shakes him up good
he makes it up to you by pounding you into the mattress <3
Todoroki Shouto
Tumblr media
lemme just say upfront
this boy hardly ever has any sex fails
he’s just so smooth without meaning to be
so hot
pun intended
so one night
he came back from a late shift
and he found you, still awake, f*cking yourself silly on a dildo
“I know what’s better than that small thing, baby.”
so he’s railing you, right?
going so hard
this boy has incredible stamina
one of the only things you can thank Endeavor for
you’ve already cum at least three times
he’s still going strong
and he reaches down and starts rubbing your clit
you see white
and then...nothing
you wake to an extremely cold hand checking your pulse
you passed out while Shouto was f*cking you
he thought you died
what a wonderful way to go
he tried to act unaffected, but you could tell it shook him
his left side is so hot
and his right side is practically covered in frost
you didn’t even know if he came, but he wouldn’t hear of it
Shouto’s so scared of losing you
you just cuddled until you fell asleep that night
Amajiki Tamaki
Tumblr media
Tamaki is very vocal during sex
this boy 100% has a praise kink
giving and receiving
he needs to hear how good he makes you feel
and he loves to tell you how good you’re making him feel
so you’re having sex in his room
and he’s being a little louder than usual
talking about how you feels so good, and he loves you so much
you’re reciprocating tenfold, telling him how big he is and how much you need him
...and then a familiar head pops through the door
“Hey, Tamaki, I was wondering if--oh, I’m so sorry!”
it’s not Mirio’s fault, by any count
but Tamaki is embarrassed beyond comfort
he locks himself in the bathroom
he’s whimpering
you have to console him
he can’t look at you or Mirio for a day or two
poor baby
Monoma Neito
Tumblr media
Monoma loves to please
he likes giving more than receiving
it’s a thin line, but he does love seeing you squirming as you come undone under the works of his mouth
so you snuck over to his room one night
and he starts to go down on you
and it feels really good, as always
but Monoma’s been looking up tips on how to be better at oral
he read something about sensation play, y’know, drinking a hot cup of tea or something before going down on someone
and he knew you were coming over tonight
he didn’t have mint tea, like the article suggested, but he had a few tic-tacs...
yeah, you know where this is going
it feels tingly at first
actually not a bad feeling
but it quickly moves from tingly to throbbing
and not, like, a good throbbing
very bad throbbing
you push his head away, but that just makes him try harder, ‘cause he’s a brat who loves overstimulating you and he thinks you’re pushing him away because you’ve cum
but you definitely haven’t, and now it’s getting actually painful
you start kicking at his back, and that’s when he lets up
“Aw, did it feel that good, baby?”
you run off to the bathroom, nearly in tears because of the burning that’s going on
and now he knows he messed something up, because you’re crying
still doesn’t tie it to the mints, though
thinks he bit you or something
so you’ve locked yourself in the bathroom, grabbing a towel you normally use after your sexual escapades and wet it and try wiping yourself down
he’s knocking on the door, trying to console you over whatever he did wrong because he still, honestly, has no clue
then, thank god, something finally clicks in his head and he remembers the tic-tacs
you’re going to kill him
he tells you what he did through the door
and you’re so mad
like, at least give me a heads up before you pull some sh*t like that
you get a little pouty about it, and go back to your dorm immediately
you don’t let him touch you for a few days
you’re not mad because it hurt, you’re mad because he didn’t talk to you about it beforehand
don’t worry, when you do let him touch you again, he more than makes up for it ;)
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steph-is-asleep · 3 months ago
Uh ive been dead for 11 years but heres my extremely specific tattoo headcanons for the Betas
June: i think she'd be into the idea of tattoos kinda but not really for her i guess? She'd have some movie quotes and maybe a small funny flash or something but is mostly un-inked
Dave: meme tattoos. Meme tattoos everywhere. He's got big chungus, gangster spongebob one or two trololol faces from when he was like 14 and MOST IMPORTANTLY, he has an inner lip tattoo that says "slut"
Rose: i think she has plans for big tattoos, like a huge octopus back piece that goes all up and down her neck and arms and shit, but hasnt found the right person to do it. She does however have a Venus flytrap, pinup girl or two and maybe some lesbian imagery like scissors or something idk
Jade: definitely some basic stuff like dog paws on her hip and you KNOW she has a Bec tattoo on her bicep. She also probably has some extra nerdy pieces like some math and science visual pun or something and probably a galaxy on her thigh lets be real. She'd def have some like field guide illustrations of plants and insects on her inner biceps and forearms too
Aradia: @syblatortue made that really old drawing of aradia with the ram skull on her back and i think thats genius but also have a bunch of bones and general all over. And i have this idea in my head of a mummified chameleon with dried snapdragons in my brain that i think shes have too. I bet she'd have maybe one or two hozier lyrics on her somewhere. I'm thinking collarbones. Oh and her matching one with sollux
Tavros: okay so you KNOW he's got a video game nostalgia sleeve. Pokemon, mario, LOZ, megaman, starfox the gangs all here. He's also got some smaller tattoos of harry potter and some ATLA pieces but theyre pretty small in comparison. Also gamzee tattoo one of his feet while he was sleeping and its a very very shitty eye and thats why tavros wears sock and sandals cause he hates it so much.
Sollux: okay okay okay OKAY so ive been racking my brain for months thinking of what the hell kinda tattoos would sollux have and I cant think of any that are genuine enough? I simply think hed be against the idea of picture tattoos on him. That being said, he absolutely has an entire arm of blackout and gradients into little hexigons on his wrist and shoulder, cause thats cool. And a thick black strip going down his back that ends in a point jUST before his ass cause hes crazy but hes not avatar aang crazy. Also his matching tattoo with aradia. And after people found out about that, everyone started wanting to get one on him. Just to name a few, feferi has a little seashell and karkat probably has a shitty K or maybe just an angry face idk. He doesn't LIKE these stick and pokes, but he loves having them. And if were talking humanstuck, MAYBE tattooed eyes, but when hes older.
Karkat: to him, tattoos are extremely meaningful and sacred and need to be thought out thoroughly. So he has a lot of plans for tattoos but hes gonna make sure he REALLY wants it cause ya know its on there forever!! He does have one rose tattoo on either his inner forearm or bicep that represents himself as a mutant ya know 😔 cause the stem is the hate and ridicule and pain he faces and the flower is who he is and its so wonderful. And its not colored in cause HES the flower, yo. It's very deep. Idk about all that for sure but you get the gist. Im not saying he would have an infinity sign on his wrist or a butterfly on his foot, but he would respect the bitches who do have them. Also he doesnt have a sollux tattoo even though sollux has a karkat tattoo, cause he needs to "think about it more" and sollux doesnt care that much.
Nepeta: she has a nyan cat tattoo on like her elbow or something. And also some tiger strips on her biceps to look extra cool when she flexes. She also definitely has ~lioness~ somewhere, wrist or ribs or something. Maybe a little pony for equius sure why not.
Kanaya: permanent make up for sure. If were talking humans, black lips, and a basic cateye that she can build onto with eyeliner if she wanted but usually doesnt. I bet shed have a highly detailed portrait of rose with a black gothic frame and black vines on her arm, back, or thigh as well.
Terezi: i think its really funny to think of terezi THINKING she has some tattoos, but actually has something different cause vriska took her and thought it would be funny. So she THINKS she has sick claw mark on her back, but it's actually something stupid like a skull with pool ball eyes and a cigar. She does have dragons on a part of her body she can verify (arm or leg) is what she asked for cause now she has trust issues. And they're all blindly bright colored obviously.
Vriska: she has no respect for the tattoo industry, all her tattoos are shitty and diy as fuck. She googled "gang tattoo" and just did the first result and still wants to keep it. She has a few culturally appropriation ones, like the romani woman, and maybe a white woman in a war headdress but stands by it as art. She also googled "prison tats" and did like of those and still has never gone to prison.
Equius: hed either view his body as an utmost piece of art that must not but sullied by ink and needles. Or he has a beautifully composed mural of horses in a field with angelic clouds taking up his entire back. And he takes tattooing EXTREMELY seriously. Hates when people get tattoos for vanity or with no meaning or purpose. Joke tattoos are the WORST offenders, why would you get something so beautiful and important as a JOKE, why i outta...
Gamzee: a mess. Its a mess. He's got Damn near a whole body suit, except some parts of half his limbs and the collarbone up. Not a single day of thought went into any of them. He said "i want the green M&M with a whip" and he just. Goes. And gets it done by a random artist. Hes never made an appointment in his life, always comes in high. He never follows tattoo manners, hes banned by half the shops in his state. The ones hes NOT banned in though, are his family cause he tips fantastically. They do anything he asks. He's got shaky lines, patchy colors, unfinished pieces that he needed another session for and just forgot to go. Coverups upon cover ups, some tattoos are just overlapping cause he thought it looked cool. He got a palm tattoo of Karkat's face where he didnt bring a picture and just described his face. Karkat was pissed and didnt speak to him for a real long time. All the ink fell out and youd never even know it was there. He also has like 6 ICP logo tattoos cause he kept forgetting he already had one. The best tattoos he has by far are the two dudes from ICP, detail black and gray portraits on each asscheek. He has not gotten laid since.
Eridan: obviously hes gonna have some cool nautical tattoos. Probably a big shipwreck on his back, some nautical stars placed tastefully by his hairline, classy. He also does have an infinity sign on his wrist. It wasnt a stick and poke though, he bought a machine and did it poorly so now its ugly but the lines are too thick to really cover-up properly. Seahorses and maybe some sexy pirate pinups. Probably a lowblood hate symbol too maybe lmao. He regrets it.
Feferi: even tho enby feferi has my heart, she gives me straight girl energy. She probably invented a couple of the really basic ones, so their appropriating her. She has a beaded Anklette tattoo, and a dreamcatcher on the back of her neck before she knew better. Idk if she would just not show it off or get a cover-up tho, cause its gorgeous its just also unfortunate. Tons of seashell tattoo, one of those big ones. Theyre the super fine line ones tho, she doesnt like the idea of having a lot of big tattoos
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indecisive-snitch · 4 months ago
Request: Hi. Can u so corpse x f reader who is actress and they are playing among us together and everyone in the game talks about new movie trailer where reader is. Maybe star wars? :3
Pairing/s: corpse husband x fem! reader
Warning/s: A LOT OF SWEARING!!! & fluff
Summary: You and Rae go way back. Now, Rae is a famous streamer and you are a famous actress starring in the new movie Chaos Walking. Rae texts you and invites you to play Proximity Among Us with her friends, some of which you haven’t met yet. So to meet the artist behind the music you have always played during breakdowns was a delight. Corpse Husband watches the movie trailer of Chaos Walking and haves a wholesome conversation with you that led to a lot of cursing and a lot of flirting.
Word count: 2,100 words
Note: Sorry i took too long! Anyway, here u go! Hope u like it. In all honesty, though, I have NEVER watched a star wars movie in my whole life (pls don’t attack me). So I decided to opt for the Chaos Walking trailer starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. In this case, the reader (you!) is Daisy Ridley’s character!
Reblog, reblog, reblog!
Tiny lil Rachell: HAIIIII. We need a fill and i think it’s time i introduce you to some new friends. Proximity Among Us?
Rachell had texted you just after you brushed your teeth. You had consumed a large cup of coffee just a while ago and it seems that the caffeine was sinking in 4 hours before your appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Thinking about whether to text back and agree to play with Rachell’s friends, you thought it would be a good way to calm your nerves.
You and Rae know each other from high school. Both of you hit it off after you sat with her, having lunch on the football field and making fun of all the buff boys that never really had serious relationships. Of course, years after, Rae had continued being a streamer so you have met some of her friends. You barely communicated but when you did, it’s like nothing has really changed except for the fact that you’re an actress and she’s a YouTube streamer now. You have also streamed on Twitch, but only rarely because of the countless projects being thrown at you, so it's really nice to hear from your best friend again.
Me: Bitch gonna message me after 3 months of no communication. smh. but ok. AM I ALLOWED TO CURSE? Reply in 3 seconds or you will lose your dog.
You replied, putting away the stack of documents and scripts on your desk to clear your mind and prepare to play.
Tiny lil Rachell: DON’T BRING MIKA INTO THIS YOU BITCH. Anyways, i miss u lots i’ll send u the code. And you can curse BUT only occasionally.
Me: what does occasionally even mean?!?!?!?
Rachell sent you the code soon after and you entered their lobby, feeling giddy and shy.
“Hey Y/N!”
“Hi Y/N!”
They greeted in chorus. You had seen familiar names and heard familiar voices like Toast, Sykkuno, Leslie, and Lily.
“Hey motherf*ckers!” You loudly greeted back, chuckling.
“I like her already.”
“Guys, this is Y/N L/N, a friend of mine. We go wayyyy back,” Rae explained in a cheerful voice as she introduced you to those she knew were unfamiliar to you.
“We have Jacksepticeye in lime,” She started.
“Okay what the fuck. Jacksepticeye is here? Rae, did you kidnap him and force him to play?” You joked, earning a few laughs from the others.
“There’s Sykkuno in green, Lily in pink, Toast in cyan, Leslie in orange,” Rae continued, her Among Us character running in circles.
“Hi Y/N!”
“There’s Tina in yellow, Poki in brown.”
“Hello, Tina and Poki!” You giggled, your character also running around in circles, following Rae’s.
“That’s Corpse in black and I’m red!”
“Hello, Corpse!” You greeted.
“Waddup, baby,” Corpse replied.
His voice surprised you for a second, sounding familiar.
“Wait, you’re Corpse Husband? The I SPILLED WINE ALL ON MY WHITE TEE guy?” You asked, singing the lyrics in the deepest voice you could handle, surprised that you’ve been listening to this guy's music whenever you wanted to cry because his songs never make your tears fall. They just make you feel invincible. And that’s a good thing, you thought.
“Yeah,” He giggles.
“We call him choke me but I guess you can call him the I SPILLED WINE ALL ON MY WHITE TEE guy if you want,” Poki spoke, chuckling.
Everyone else laughed with Poki, sharing puns and jokes all around.
“Fuck you guys,” Corpse giggled.
“For real, though, I listen to your music! They make me feel invincible,” You proudly stated.
“Glad to know that the result of my depression makes you feel invincible,” He laughs.
“Oh, I didn’t mean it that way! I just meant your music is f*cking great,” You apologized quickly, making sure you didn’t hurt his feelings.
As the SHHH! animation appeared on everyone’s screen, you heard Corpse say, “Thank you.”
“Y/N, what did I say about the swearing?” Rae warned jokingly.
“You said occasionally and this is the best I can do, Rachell.” Everyone laughed at that, you weren’t sure why.
Proximity Among Us was fun, at least from what you’d seen in Rachell’s videos. Your character was on it’s way to Specimen when you heard that deep velvety voice again.
“Hey, Y/N.”
“Oh hey, Corpse! You got some tasks here?” You asked, seeing Lily, Sykkuno, and Tina come from top Specimen.
“Hey, Y/N!” Sykkuno greeted, his green character walking towards you.
“I-uhh- I saw the new trailer yesterday. It was pretty good, actually,” He added.
“Wait, what trailer?” Corpse asked, clearly confused.
“Y/N is in the new Chaos Walking movie,” Lily explained.
“The graphics were really cool! And Y/N looked very pretty in platinum blonde hair,” Tina added.
“Yeah and- uhh- you guys know that part when she was riding that motorcycle? Y-yeah her face was so fierce it looked like she was gonna kill someone. Jesus!” Sykkuno added as well, chuckling to himself.
You remained silent as you did the Simon Says task.
“You’re an actress?” Corpse asked without you hearing. You were so focused on the Simon Says that you failed to notice anything else.
“Uhh, Y/N?” Tina spoke.
“F*cking Simon Says, man. Ruining my life,” You mumbled as you failed to remember the next button. “Sorry, what?” You exited the Simon Says task tab and wrote a mental note that you would try to do it again later on.
“You’re an actress?” Corpse asked once more as Tina, Lily, and Sykkuno leave you two while uttering their goodbyes and continuing their bickering.
“Yeah! Have you seen any of the movies I’m in?” You ask politely.
“I don’t know, maybe I have,” Corpse spoke. You could picture him smirking.
“What, right now? Are you trying to intimidate me, Corpse?”
“I will watch the Chaos Walking trailer right now, though,” He added.
Having no reply, you thought he had already started watching the trailer so you decided to wait until he was done.
After two minutes or more, a body was reported.
“WHO WAS THAT?!” You heard Lily shout.
“THE AUDACITY!” Rae added, making you assume that the impostors had done bold kills while the lights were off because now Sykkuno and Spedicey are dead.
“What happened?” Tina asked.
“Double kill?” Toast suggested.
“I don’t think so. Rae and I just saw Spedicey on the way to fix lights and the lights were still off when I saw the report button so I don’t know where Sykkuno’s body is,” Lily explained in her cute uwu voice.
Everyone shared information and threw out their susses, hoping to figure out who were the impostors or if it was a double kill.
“Did no one check vitals?” Toast asked the lobby.
“I did! I did!” Tina answered, adding, “When I checked, no one was dead. And immediately after, the lights were called. So it is a double kill.”
“Corpse? What about you? Where are you right now?” Rachell asked, having no reply from Corpse.
“Is he AFK?”
“We’re both in Specimen. I can definitely hard clear Corpse,” You decided to speak on behalf of him because he had not responded.
“Oh, sorry, I was- ummm- watching the Chaos Walking trailer...” He spoke after you did.
“Ooooh, in-game? Curious, eh?” Leslie joked.
Everyone voted to skip since no one had sufficient information to vote a specific person yet. But, they were certain these two kills were a double kill.
“So what do you think, Corpse?” Rachell asked as the game resumed. The others went on separate ways to go do their tasks leaving you, Rae, and Corpse behind in Office.
“Stop pressuring him, Rachell. He’s only f*cking met me.”
“I meant what did he think of the trailer!” Rae defended.
“Oh yeah. What did you think of it?” You asked, actually quite curious yourself.
“Rae, your friend is cool,” He spoke, making the hairs on your arms stand up.
“Why don’t you tell her that yourself?” You could hear her smirking as her character then skipped out of Office leaving you two behind.
“Rachell you f*cking bitch! Always having to make a dramatic exit! I hate you!” You screamed as loud as you could, hearing Rae laugh as her voice slowly grew quieter.
“Just kidding, I love her,” You say to Corpse.
“Yeah, the trailer was f*cking sick. I can’t wait to watch it soon,” Corpse said.
“Aww, thanks. I’m actually really shitting myself right now because I have an interview later and I’m playing Among Us with you guys to calm my nerves,” You explained, your palms sweating from the thought of the interview.
“I’m sure you’ll do great, Y/N.”
“Thanks, Corpse.”
“You’re so loud, Y/N,” Rae jokingly said.
“Oh yeah, wanna fight me?” You joked back.
“Okay, okay! Poki’s body is in storage! And Lily’s dead but I don’t know where her body is!” Tina yelled, silencing your bickering.
“Rachell, didn’t you just pass storage a while ago? When you left me and Corpse in Office?” You spoke in an accusing tone.
“I trust Y/N in this one,” Corpse spoke, the ‘I voted’ sticker appearing above his character as well as the others’.
“SUS!” You added, Toast and the others following you to troll Rachell but also to acknowledge the possibility that she could be the impostor.
“I passed by storage to O2 but I didn’t see a report button! I swear!” Rae defended herself.
At this point, the people left are you, Corpse, Toast, Rae, Tina, and Leslie. You were sure Corpse was innocent because he voted for Rae early as everyone else followed, believing that Rae was one of the impostors because there were too many evidences that led to her.
“The lights are off, so we have another shot at shooting the next impostor,” Toast explains, instructing specific people to fix the lights and press the button.
Your character was fixing lights as another person was messing with it when the DEFEAT screen showed up, revealing Corpse and Toast as the impostors.
“WHAT THE F*CK, CORPSE?” You yelled, clearly shocked.
“YOU MOTHERF*CKER! YOU MARINATED ME!” You added, Corpse giggling at you.
“I had to do it!” He laughed, Toast following as well.
“That was intense! Toast just sliced me in half when I was about to report Sykkuno’s body so everyone thought it was a double kill,” Jack explained, chuckling to himself.
“At least we died together. Right, Jack?” Sykkuno said.
“You bet, best friend Sykkunie!”
“I can’t f*cking believe this! And Rachell was innocent?!” You raged jokingly, Rae laughing with you.
“I had to kill everyone and throw sus at Rae because I knew Corpse would push for Rae and back you up!” Toast cackled while explaining.
You played a few more games with them, spending most of your time following Corpse around as he flirts with you and you flirt back.
“Okay, who f*cking did it?” He had said when he reported your dead body. Tina had killed you.
“We were having a wholesome conversation about cats in medbay and the heartless impostor kills her in front of me while the lights are off,” He explained, distressed.
“Oh no, he’s mad. The impostor better confess!” Leslie joked, a smirk evident in her voice.
A few games later, you had gotten impostor and you killed Sykkuno in coms when Corpse enters and catches you in the act.
“Corpse? Who’s body was it?”
“Do you have any information?” Poki had asked.
Praying he won’t snitch on you, he replied, “No, I don’t know shit.”
After you and Leslie won that specific game, Jack had yelled, “Corpse really didn’t tell on Y/N when she killed Sykkuno!”
“Oh y-yeah. Not gonna lie, I was kinda hurt by that, Corpse,” Sykkuno spoke, laughing at the end and adding, “Nah, I'm just trolling!”
Overall, you would say that the games calmed you. At least a specific person did. You missed Rachell and the others and you were glad to have met such amazing people.
After bidding your goodbyes, Rae had texted you before your interview started that night.
Tiny lil Rachell: I’ll be watching!!! Have fun!!!! Thanks for playing btw. missed u lots.
And there was also one particular DM that caught your attention five minutes prior to the interview.
Corpse_Husband: You’ll do great baby.
Him calling you baby gave you chills. You weren’t offended nor weirded out, you had told him that a few games after the first one. He had asked you if you were bothered and you told him you weren’t at all. But no matter how many times he’s called you baby  in a day, you were bound to pass out from all the butterflies.
Me: I sure hope so. TTYL mf !!! x
Note: i would love writing advice! rebloggg!!! sorry for any inaccuracies and grammatical errors! my first language is not english. :D
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newphonenotes · 4 months ago
Clex Quotes
"I'm not going to hurt you." Lex extended his empty hands, turned his pockets inside out. "See? Nothing."
"You always hurt me, Lex." (The Truth About Icarus, by Thamiris)
He takes your chin in his hand and gently cleans your face with his handkerchief.
The linen runs red, and in that moment you are inviolably connected, the way you always are when there's blood between you. You think of Roger Nixon and Morgan Edge. You think of Lex crawling through his own blood at Belle Reve, calling your name, trying to get to you. Your heart starts to hammer in your chest when you catch the look in Lex's eyes and realize he's thinking of the same things.
He remembers. Maybe he always has. (The Colour of Accord, by Lenore)
Any excuse to go see Lex, his dad had complained. What do you do all day, anyway? It's not like you have anything in common. His mother had given him a gentle lecture on the fleeting nature of puppy love. It's not meant to last. Much better to wait until real love came along. He thought she'd been talking about Lana; he knows better now.
But it hadn't been puppy love with Lex and it’s never gone away. It's been buried, sublimated, reformatted as mutual obsession – but it's also lasted, longer than any other love in Clark's life. (The Olive Branch, by tasabian)
"Lex, I'm an alien."
Alien. Like ET. Except not little and brown and ugly, but beautiful beyond anything Earth had to offer. Really, Lex should have known. No human being looked this good. No one from Earth could look like Clark. It didn't matter—Lex had never been conventional anyway. If Clark was an alien, then that would suit him just fine, so long as he was still Clark. (Something Like Love, by Hope Roy)
Clark and Lex have had very few moments of stillness in recent years. Arguments and interactions always seem to happen at lightning speed. Clark moves fast, Lex thinks fast. Theirs is a quicksilver relationship, half enmity, half... something else. (The Throwback, by tasabian)
Clark was so beautiful. There was no escaping it. It filled every corner of the room, expanding like air until Lex was breathing it. Until he thought he might suffocate from the lack of it. Lex remembered this feeling, this craving, dependence... obsession. The abject terror that hands so powerful and careless should never be allowed to hold anything as fragile as Lex's heart. (Le Dormeur du Val, by Pun)
"Did you ever—did you love me?"
It wasn't a painful truth any more. It wasn't a secret from anyone but Clark. "Every moment of my life."
From the look on Clark's face, it would have been easier on him if Lex had lied. And Lex understood—it was one thing to be unloved, and quite another not to be loved enough. (Useful Arts, by rivkat)
"All is fair in love and war."
"Are we at war, Clark?
"Are we in love?" (Parity, by Aklani)
“We weren’t written in the stars, then?” Clark asked, cupping Lex’s cheek with one broad palm.
Lex leaned into it, eyes closing. “The stars don’t have a clue.” (earth-167 (and a half), by ORiley42)
How could he really describe Lex? Clark had been fourteen, Lex twenty-one. Lex was rich and had cool toys. Lex was handsome and had hot girls. Lex listened to Clark, really listened, and he told him things in return. Lex respected Clark. Lex had looked at Clark and made Clark believe that he really was special and not just because of his abilities. The way Lex had looked at Clark…
He'd given Clark everything, and Clark had given him lies. (Not A Villain, by Tallihensia)
"You're lying again," Clark said, tight-lipped.
"I'd do anything to keep you. That will never be a lie." (Your Next Bold Move (Or How to Seduce the World’s Greatest Superhero in Just Three Weeks), by svmadelyn)
"I hit you, and you bled. But I had shot you and you didn't. I was rescued so many times, so mysteriously. But you've got the survival skills of a gnat, despite your powers and okay, you're looking for surveillance cameras now — but they were always there. I have blurs on tape at the museum. I have crumpled bullets. I have melted ones. I have a octagonal metal piece that keeps appearing and disappearing. I have..." Lex stopped and stood still. "I have a friend who tells me none of it ever happened." (Making Things Right, by Tallihensia)
Lex has shared a bed with Clark once before; he'd gone to stay with the Kents when Lucas tossed him out of the castle. Martha had told Clark to loan Lex some pajamas and brought out a spare pillow from the linen cupboard. When Lex had realized where he would actually be sleeping, his eyes had involuntarily traveled to Jonathan: Are you going to allow this? While Jonathan hadn't looked happy, he hadn't intervened either.
It had been agony and ecstasy at once. To be under the same blanket with Clark; to feel the warmth radiating from his limbs, smell his skin, his hair. Clark had said "goodnight" to Lex with a sleepy smile and accompanied this with a gentle punch on the arm, which Lex can still somehow feel, all these years later. Clark had fallen asleep but Lex stayed awake, tired but happy, afraid of being cast out of paradise.
And then, of course, he had been. (Circe’s Gift, by tasabian)
"Why does there always have to be a curse? How come there's never a happy ending?"
"Because love is chaos."
"Only if you fight it," Clark said. (Of Sun, War and Cicadas, by Thamiris)
"I can't change you," Clark continued. "I wanted to. I really thought I wanted to."
"Clark," Lex said, his voice low in warning.
"We were growing apart. I couldn't stop it. Every time I saw you, it was like you were farther away. Mountains between us." He let go of Lex's arm. Stepped back. "And now you touch me like your father touches you. Like you hate that you love me. Like one day you'll try to kill me." (Dreams of Dying, by elandrialore)
The thing Lex most wanted from Clark had never been his secrets. (Alexander and the Mirror, by CJAndre)
Lex had a sudden and very realistic memory of the weight of his pistol in his hand and the force of the recoil when he'd shot Nixon. Clark could make him do it again.
He wondered if his friend knew. (Alexander and the Mirror, by CJAndre)
Clark's face was in partial eclipse, half-moonlit, half-shadowed. Lex studied his profile, wondering sadly if he really knew how to love someone as beautiful as the moon. Did a jaded, messed up person like him really know how to love an innocent like Clark? Lex reached out, inspired to pass his fingertips across a muscled shoulder.
Is this the way to love him, Lex wondered, or this? Is this the way? (The Moon on Some Swings, by tmelange)
He can’t let anyone hurt Clark, Clark is his. Several years ago, when that thought first popped up in his head, it scared Lex. But now he’s used to it. He doesn’t understand it, but he’s used to it.
Clark is his, and the only one who is allowed to hurt him is Lex. (Brokenhearted, by SeptemberCrypt)
He had done everything. For Clark. To Clark. (Sunburn, by Penelope_Z)
You want to see him break. You want to see him fall apart. No, more than that - you want to make him fall apart, just to prove that you can. To show that you know him well enough, to show that you mean that much to him.
You want to see him hurt, so that for once, you're not the only one. You want him to be there, with you. Maybe it's because misery loves company, and maybe it's because you know that Clark has a way of making everything bearable just by being there. You want him to have to deal with something like heartbreak, or heart ache, just because your life hurts. It moves too fast, and it doesn't let you have any softness, and when you see how vulnerable Clark is you just can't help resenting it.
As much as you want to bleed him dry and slam the door behind you as you go, you never want him to hurt. You want him to let you hold him. You want to press his cheek against your shoulder, and tuck his hair away from his face, and protect him with everything you have. You want to keep the small, gentle half-smile on his face. You want his eyes soft and happy, and you want to know that it's because of you. You want to be the only thing between him and the world - you want to save him, every day.
You don't want him to have anybody else. You begrudge his mother, his father, his friends, because Clark is yours. He should know this. They should all know this. (Caliban, by Nifra Idril)
He looked in Clark's direction frequently, nothing blatantly odd about his gaze, but Clark felt claimed. (Imago, by velvetglove)
"I can't love you more, but I could have loved you better." (Triptych, by Aklani)
"Do you still love me?"
"I will always love you," Clark whispered. (Triptych, by Aklani)
You know that Lex can hate nothing more than hating something he loves. And he does love you. (Beginnings, by elandrialore)
If this is merely infatuation grown into hatred, obsession, then it's for life. Clark should recognize commitment when he has it.
(What’s Yours Is Mine, by Romany)
“What’s the world to me without you in it?” He asks softly. (World Without, by Romany)
Clark had been many things to Lex over the years, but he had never been an alien. (Red Tulips, by TheWhiteLily)
Lex coughed, moved, not the violence of his nightmares before but a calmer awakening. In the angle of lamplight on the floor, his eyes were the gray-blue of a muddy river, glassy yet intent. He raised one hand to Clark's face, and for an instant Clark was six years in the past.
“I could've sworn I hit you."
Instead, Lex said, "God," so hushed and dazed it could have been a prayer, "you're always so beautiful." (Contingencies, by Xparrot)
"For me, Lex. Please?"
Lex looked at Clark with an amused smile on his face. "For you," Lex repeated. "Don't you understand yet, Clark? I'm doing this all for you. It's all been for you. Everything I've ever done since that day." (But for Love, by Jade)
He no longer knows if it's the boy's secrets he wants or just the boy, but he gets the feeling the boy is his secrets, which means when Lex gets one he'll have the other. (Curator of the Life & Death Museum, by Punk)
This is the way things have always been.
You know that is a lie, even as you think it, because once upon a time you were both normal. You were a billionaire’s son and he was a farmboy. That is the truth.
But the truth is boring, and common, and you are neither. He is neither. So you have always been Lex Luthor, conqueror and killer, and he has always been Superman, savior and alien menace. Because the world is easier that way. (Those Things That Go Unsaid, by Shiny_n_new)
Love is supposed to hurt, anyway. (Some Kind Of Truth, by suzvoy)
I guess I just wanted you to know that I loved you before you left. ((Don’t Let Go) Until We Say Goodbye, by Nicnac)
Clark exhausted him. Clark took his purpose and shredded it, made him question himself and things he damned well knew to be right and necessary and just made him crazy trying to figure out exactly what it was that Clark wanted of him. As if Clark knew. As if Clark operated on anything other that gut instinct and his own personal code of ethics, brighter and shinier than the rest of the world. Unfaltering. Unreasonable.
Lex had tried to hate him for that indefatigable sense of righteousness time and again, but it never stuck. He couldn't hate Clark anymore for those qualities than he could hate him for being more than human. So much more than human. A young god with so much vitality and so much fucking blind hope. Welcoming, warm, generous - - critical, demanding, indignant when the world wasn't fairy tale bright.
Beautiful, beautiful eyes, glances from which could be addictive when they gleamed with affection and humor and passion. And when they flashed reproach, they could wound to the core.
(Reciprocation, by P. L. Nunn)
"I missed you," he said. His throat felt raw.
Lex didn't say anything, just looked at him, the old look: not that awful, remote expression, the one that put labels on him: alien, liar, enemy; not even the guarded caution of the last few weeks, but the way Lex used to look at him, like he was El Dorado and the Holy Grail all wrapped up together.
He'd never known what to do when Lex looked at him that way; he hadn't known what it meant, just that he liked it and that it scared him at the same time. It had always made him feel awkward and stupid and young, and he remembered how he'd shuffle a little, underneath that gaze, and then Lex would smile and turn it aside, put a veil over it, and they'd just be pals again, hanging out. Brothers under the skin, two different kinds of aliens alone against the world.
(Reconcilable Differences, by astolat)
Clark glared at him. "Go to hell."
"Don't you wish," Lex whispered, reaching up to gently cup Clark's cheek.
(Yesterday’s Tomorrow, by Hope Roy)
You want to crawl inside of his skin and watch him from the inside. You want everything he is and has ever been.
You do not know how to love lightly.
(I’ll make the whole world shine for you, by mostlikelydefinentlymad)
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tellercrown6 · 5 months ago
Prostitution has been called "the world's oldest profession". The the fact is dependent holding a power imbalance which derives from the physical nature of human bodies. The bottom line is, women have an opening in the bodies of theirs that men need permission to jump into and when permission is required for something important, the individual that gets to give permission has power over the individual who has to ask for permission. Furthermore, females have a number of other physical features that males strongly desire, while men really only have one major feature that girls truly need. The result of that power imbalance is that ladies can frequently get some sex type when they want it and men can't do exactly the same thing. If a lady walks into a bar or even club and beckons "come here" with the very first finger of her, every man who can still stand up will jump at the opportunity. If a male were to do the exact same thing, the female yawn would be deafening.
In ancient Greece, a classic play was written called "The Trojan Women". It took place in the City of Troy, and also at that time, all the males were warriors who were constantly leaving the wives of theirs to go off to fight in different battles in foreign lands. The Greek wives in those days didn't even contemplate cheating on their husbands and like all girls, they'd powerful sexual needs but the needs of theirs could not be met since their husbands weren't there to do it for them. As their sexual frustration increased to an intolerable level, they became a lot more unhappy about the situation. One day the wives called a city meeting to discuss the problem of theirs and they almost all agreed on an incredibly easy answer. They chose to withhold all sexual favors from their husbands until every one of the men agreed to stop going off to war as soon as and for all. When the husbands came home to their wives and wanted to have sex with them, they couldn't believe the situation they had been confronted with. Of course they got very angry and even violent about it. But every single one of the wives stuck to the agreement they had made with each other and not any of them surrendered to their violent husbands. The eventual result was that the husbands caved in to the will of their wives and they all agreed to stop the wars. Too bad American girls are certainly not prepared to do the same thing. Lots of people believe that men have the power in this world simply as they're bigger compared to female and physically stronger than females. Of course, males have always been willing to make use of their strong physical strength to dominate and control females. But while it's usually true that men are actually stronger compared to ladies, there's an even more powerful truth behind that truth which was dramatized by "The Trojan Women". Have you ever heard the old saying, "Behind every powerful man, there's a woman"? Hitler had Eva Braun, and even Mickey Mouse had Minnie. Exceptions to that rule are male homosexuals who achieve positions of power and a very few strong males who never marry or have long lasting relationships. After the beginning of recorded human history, males have found two solutions which are simple to their problem of intolerable sexual frustration. I do not include happily married men that are in a position to keep their marriages without ever cheating, but I am including the married men who do cheat. The great majority of divorces are directly related to infidelity, and virtually all of it is committed by men. One solution males found before recorded history began is rape, which they don't need permission for, and male anger over the power imbalance is unquestionably one of the reasons behind rape. Please don't mistake me - I believe rape is an inexcusable violation of women's natural human rights. The other option for men is prostitution and it's incredibly common for men to make use of prostitutes so that they are able to live out fantasies which they cannot or perhaps won't love with the wives of theirs. Women discovered that they could utilize the power imbalance to address a huge problem for themselves, and it's not a sexual problem. Throughout history, women were simply not allowed by men to earn money by working at a job but they could make money secretly by being prostitutes. An unspoken agreement was formed which worked for both sides and that is the reason why prostitution has flourished in all societies even though it's almost always against the law. Today ladies are able to make money by using their non sexual talents and abilities, most women still choose to do it by renting the bodies of theirs and that is self evident because of the great amount of very intelligent prostitutes. I'm not saying that prostitution is a fairly easy job, but historically it was the only money making job offered to women. where to buy sex toys online Pornography is a relatively new development in human history as it genuinely began to flourish after the development of the Kodak camera. Before the creation of photographs, all that existed were drawings created by horny males who were not very good artists. Many girls think that pornography is all about degradation of girls by males that are exploiting them. Betty Page, the initial photographed "pin up girl", would have disputed that theory from her own personal experience. Betty discovered that she was extremely turned on by being photographed in sexy poses. Men quickly discovered a nearly universal desire to look at photographs of nude girls. Almost right after Betty's photos were published, several other ladies discovered the same desire in themselves and began to fantasize about being in a position to carry out the exact same thing that Betty did. Hugh Hefner was in the right place at the appropriate time with the right concept, and he accumulated a big fortune by publishing the very first mass magazine that featured beautiful nude girls. Do you remember exactly who the first centerfold was? It was Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was already being a movie star and she certainly did not have to put herself out to the public that way. Within a very short length of time, various other pornographic magazines sprung into existence because a lot of males were jealous of Hefner and were trying to perform the exact same thing. There was never a shortage of willing female models as well as it's absurd to believe that many of them allowed themselves to be degraded. By the late 1970's, video production exploded and pornography moved into the new medium as it's so much more expressive compared to photographs can possibly be. Lots of female pornographic superstars were put together by the new medium. Just ask Annie Sprinkes, Candy Samples, or perhaps Ushi Digart why they participated in so many of the first classic porno videos. The answers of theirs will be similar, and Annie is in fact a philosopher on the topic. Annie believes that it is all about female self expression that results in freedom and independence from male domination. One big deal for prostitutes has traditionally been how to get paying clients without the risk of physical danger. Probably The newest solution to that problem will be the internet. The amount of girls who have posted pornographic images to the web is beyond calculation and there are a prodigious number of prostitutes who have discovered its safe marketing power. By utilizing the internet, many prostitutes are able to make well over $100,000 per year and they don't even need to recognize a client that does not physically attract them. Talk about sexual power! You will find countless personal web sites where women are collecting clients like Japanese fishermen who drag mile long nets through the ocean picking up every single fish who're caught by online (net pun intended).
I rest my case. (in case I actually get some rest about all this)
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adstars-blog · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
At AD STARS 2020, The One Centre’s John Ford showcased a selection of brands that were incredibly quick to pivot, mobilize, publicise and rise in the war against COVID-19 and its attack on our health, economy and way of life.
In a special ONEtalks presentation for AD STARS 2020, John Ford, CEO and Founder of The One Centre in Sydney, revealed how brands like Archie Rose, Dyson, Land Rover, Neolix and Louis Vuitton quickly leveraged their resources to help people stay safe and healthy when the COVID pandemic began to spread around the world. Here’s a selection of some of the brands he showcased.
Tumblr media
Archie Rose’s pivot from gin to zesty hand sanitiser
In January, as the coronavirus began to spread, it triggered a rush on hand sanitiser around the world. Distilleries were quick to respond, including Sydney’s Archie Rose Distilling Co, which launched its first batch of hand sanitizer bottles on 23 March – the same day the Australian government closed all non-essential services.
Fifteen bar staff who would otherwise have lost their jobs were redeployed to the new hand sanitizer bottling line. When the first batch sold out in two hours, another 12 workers were hired to keep up with demand with over 100,000 bottles sold in one month. The venture has been so popular, Archie Rose is now selling 20-litre hand sanitizer cubes for $599.
Why does it matter? With its beautiful branding and natural botanic ingredients, Archie Rose hand sanitiser is wonderfully ‘on brand’. This means it sells at the premium price of $20 per bottle, helping to keep more people employed. Archie Rose gin sales have also increased throughout the pandemic, a spokesperson told ONEtalks.
Each batch features unique ingredients like grapefruit, cassia and finger lime, highlighting the company’s culture of experimentation (it once launched a Vegemite-on-toast flavoured gin). According to the AFR, which featured Archie Rose on its ‘Most Innovative’ list in 2019, innovation drivers are “baked into its DNA”. Archie Rose is now using smoke-tainted grapes damaged in Australia’s recent bushfires to make brandy and other spirits, supporting wine growers.
Tumblr media
Tushy is saving us from toilet paper hoarders
When news of the coronavirus first hit, people crammed their shopping trollies full of toilet paper, creating a tenfold surge in demand for bidet company Tushy.
Founded in 2015 by Miki Agrawal, Tushy is on a mission to replace toilet paper with bidets. Its team of crusaders are fighting for “clean bums and reduced global wastefulness” given that 15 million trees and gallons of water are used to make toilet paper every year.
On 9 March, Tushy sales began to ramp up to 10 times its normal figures, hitting its first $1 million in sales per day. Tushy was forced to move its entire product line to pre-orders while scaling up production to meet demand, prompting this observation from Fortune: “Might the legacy of the coronavirus crash be… bidets?” A mission that once seemed impossible – convincing Americans to use bidets over toilet paper – now seems conceivable.
Tushy is one of many brands who are suddenly rising as a result of the coronavirus. As TechCrunch says: “Tushy, Zoom, Blue Apron .. these companies all have something in common – they offer solutions to problems that, until recently, were not all that urgent.”
Tushy’s success is helped by its poop-puns and playful tone of voice, by the simplicity and affordability of its products, and its commitment to giving back: a portion of each sale provides toilet facilities for Indian slums. Tushy has raised $2.9 million since its founding, but has always been focused on its own sustainability by not over-hiring or spending too much of its capital. So it was perfectly poised to scale up – and publicise – its success.
Tumblr media
Zwift offers ‘gamified fitness’ for housebound athletes
Before the coronavirus hit, Zwift had already accrued over 1 million subscribers, and a peak of 13,000 simultaneous users in December 2019. This year, Zwift hit a new high of 35,000 concurrent users, a spokesperson told ONEtalks, while activities played per day on Zwift is up 313% over the same period in 2019.
Part social media platform, part computer game, part personal trainer, Zwift ‘gamifies’ fitness by rewarding users with new levels, virtual kit and ‘power ups’.
Restrictive lockdowns have triggered a boom in physical bike sales – and a boom in demand for indoor sports platforms like Zwift, which “gamify” fitness. As The Guardian reported: “Bicycles are the new toilet paper: bike sales boom as coronavirus lockdown residents crave exercise.”
Zwift’s spokesperson says the company has had to adapt to surging demand by offering new workouts, more in-game content and more route variety: “There have of course been challenges faced, but this is something felt by companies the world over. We’ve coped well with the increase in demand and changes to plans.”
Tumblr media
Land Rover sends the world’s toughest car in to battle
Jaguar Land Rover has a storied history of responding to crises thanks to a 65-year partnership with the Red Cross. When the novel coronavirus began to spread in Europe, Jaguar and Land Rover immediately deployed a fleet of 160+ cars including the new Land Rover Defender. The Defender its most durable, rugged model of all, so it seems only right that it supported emergency responses to the coronavirus crisis in the UK, Spain, France, South Africa and Australia. In April, Land Rover also began donating hundreds of protective visors made on its 3D printers to frontline NHS staff.
In Australia, new car sales plunged a record 48.5% in April – the biggest fall recorded in almost 30 years of tracking car sales. Jaguar Land Rover is one of many automotive brands that’s hurting: it stood down half its 40,000-strong global workforce in April, with sales dropping 31% in Q1 2020 (from 158,916 last year to 109,869).
Despite a glut in car sales, the company was quick to offer its cars, research and engineering expertise to emergency response efforts, building long-term brand equity in the process.
Tumblr media
Neolix delivers food and medicines in China
Neolix’s adorable self-driving vans are suddenly in demand with orders doubling in the past two months. They’ve been used to deliver food and medical supplies to hard-hit areas in China, to disinfect streets or replace quarantined workers – and best of all, they never get sick.
After producing only 125 units since May 2019, Neolix received over 300 orders in Q1 2020, a spokesperson told ONEtalks: “In Q2, we are still seeing growth not only in the production market, but also through technological cooperation.”
Before COVID-19, public perception of autonomous vehicles has been mixed: 50% of people surveyed by Deloitte still worry that autonomous vehicles are unsafe, especially on highways.
Self-driving car companies like Neolix stand to benefit from the coronavirus – not only from a spike in sales, but from regulatory barriers being eased during the outbreak, and a shift in public opinion. As Yu Enyuan, founder of Neolix, told SCMP: “Demand has been surging since the outbreak and more importantly, people’s perception toward driverless delivery had a complete 180-degree shift.”
As Mashable observes: “What used to be considered a scary, uncertain technology for many Americans looks more like an effective tool to protect ourselves from a fast-spreading, infectious disease.”
ONEtalks is The One Centre’s innovation talks series featuring the brands that are disrupting the world with radical new product ideas, purpose-driven positioning and exceptional customer experience. The One Centre is hosting its next ONEtalks series in February 2021 - choose from live, video and online talks. Sign up for more information here.
* John Ford spoke at AD STARS 2020, which premiered on 22-23 October. All talks are now available to watch free online. Watch his talk here.
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nessataleweaver · 6 months ago
I was tagged by @god-of-dramatic-death-scenes​
List 5 tv shows that make you feel good, and tag five people to do the same
I hope anime counts? Both anime I list are available for free screening on crunchyroll, if anyone’s interested.
In no particular order, then.
1. BOFURI: I don’t like getting hurt, so I’ll max out my defense
This is just so much fun. Lots of jokes (including puns and sight gags), and lead character Maple constantly wandering around the game, accidentally doing things that make the devs tear out their hair in frustration. Equal parts heartwarming, funny and awesome. Based on a simple but enchanting premise: playing video games is fun! And it’s even more fun with friends!
2. Full Metal Panic!
Still my fave anime of all time. If I’m in the mood for serious action and drama I watch season 1, second raid, or invisible victory. If I’m in the mood to fall out of my chair laughing, I’ll watch Fumoffu? And now the original books are finally ALL being published in english hopefully they’ll release the short story collections as well, which is where the comedy’s concentrated.
3. Leverage
Now becoming relevant again with the new global financial crisis due to the plague... so relevant they’re doing a revival. I’m full of hope for it as it not only has the original show runners returning, but 90% of the original cast (even if Aldiss Hodge is only recurring because of his other job). I have a not-so-secret love for heist movies, and this has a new one every week. A whole crew of Robin Hoods, taking down rich people who have escaped justice, getting payback and some cash for the people they screwed over (plus a healthy commission for themselves). Plus everyone they go after is so richly deserving of getting taken down. If you manage to get it with the commentary, I highly recommend it, it’s stuffed full of interesting behind the scenes tales, and even some very scary ones on how they came up with the Ripped From The Headlines 
4. Forever Knight
Ah, the tv show I set the VCR for every week, because it only played at 4am when originally broadcast. Thanks to my viewing this show, at one point I could rattle off the names, if not the actual phone numbers, of six phone sex hotlines, four ‘introductions for single’ hotlines, and three fortune teller hotlines (one psychic, two tarot), due to how frequently they showed up in the commercials. Anyway, take a wonderfully angsty vampire with several centuries of been there shaped history who happens to work as a police detective, his wacky/oddly wholesome partner (depending on the season) his ex and still found family, his equally found family vampire father who happens to be unabashedly evil and immensely charismatic (honestly, Lacroix was what early Damon Salvatore wanted to be when he grew up), the lovely and brainy best friend who he had buckets of Unresolved Sexual Tension with... during it’s short run, FK covered almost every genre in tv - crime, horror, high fantasy, low sci fi (if only once or twice), romance, history, several different types of ethical dilemma and family dramas. I think the only ones they didn’t hit were outright comedy (though there were plenty of funny moments and lines) high concept scifi ala Trek and the musical episode.
5. Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries / Poirot
Cheating here, yes - but basically I love both these shows equally, and for pretty much the same reasons. They’re both mysteries, in which the detective wins and everything is solved, always reassuring. The mystery genre is one of my absolute faves, both watching and reading.  They’re both period pieces, meaning gorgeous retro sets and costumes. MFMM has the edge in costumes -  they’re so fabulous three travelling exhibitions have come out of the show - and a wonderful UST filled partnership with Phryne and Jack. AND it’s 100% true blue Australian! However, Poirot has David Suchet in one of the greatest performances in audio-visual history; not just in talent but in dedication - it took him twenty four years, but he filmed every single appearance of Hercule Poirot as written by Dame Christie. Speaking of, yes, Agatha Christie, my favourite authour of possibly all time.
Actually, you know what? I’m going to cheat some more.
6. The Whedonverse - Buffy, Angel, and Firefly
I know that Joss might be controversial these days - though I have certain opinions on that, (ie at least 90% of this seems to be people who believe he’s not ‘woke’ enough to be deserving of success anymore) let’s leave it for another argument. I believe time will nonetheless prove him to be one of the greatest storytellers in tv history.  His rich, fully rounded characters, (that were allowed to be flawed, as well as awesome!) and intricate storylines that allowed a whole ensemble cast to grow and change and brought up all sorts of issues in ways that not only resonated but made you think.
7. Farscape
The show that did Muppets in Space before anyone even thought of The Mandolorian. The puppets and makeup still hold up strong, even compared to anything on Disney+ and Star Wars. Farscape made me laugh, sigh, bite my nails, anguish in sympathy, and when a certain writer/director combination showed up I sought out my old teddy bear in advance because I knew I’d fucking need it. Funny note: even though it was filmed in Sydney, I had to import the first two seasons on video tape from fucking UK!!!  It was worth it. The DVDs on the other hand were much easier.
8. Highlander: the series
Yes, I know pretty much every movie except the first one sucked - except the second, which outright Does Not Exist. But the concept really hit it’s stride as a tv show. Which has all the been there shaped history moments of Forever Knight, and in some places has outfits as fabulous as MFMM. Plus, my other not-so-secret-love... sword fights! Honestly, every single season had at least two or three sword fights that Inigo Montoya would have been proud to fight.
9. My Babysitter is a Vampire
A beautifully sweet lead couple, one of the most endearing nerd crews around, a love of the ridiculous, (at least three times, cosplay turned out to be the answer!) and running gag about an awesome Twilight parody.
10. Star Trek: Lower Decks
Just as a note, while I never got around to watching TOS for some reason, the first three sequels - TNG, DS9, and VOY - will always hold a special place in my tv watching heart. Which, oddly enough, might be why I love LD so much. Mel Brooks once said that you can only make a true parody of something you really love. The creators of LD must adore Star Trek. Not just rampantly funny but stuffed to bursting with mythology gags and shout outs.
Hmmm... how about I tag @vivilove-jonsa; @riahchan; @chocolateghost; @yourtommyginger; and @woodswit.  All in your own time, ladies and gents.
Now I’m feeling the need for some extended re-watching...
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M*A*S*H: A Product of the Times
At first, it doesn’t really seem all that obvious like M*A*S*H was a show of the 1970s.
Being set in the 1950s in a military hospital gave some leeway when it came to hairstyles and clothing (Mostly military uniforms).  Even the discussion of the news and pop culture (although occasionally inaccurate for individual years) that happened around camp placed the show firmly in a period past, another in a string of television shows and films made in the 1970s that were set in the 1950s.  Even some things, like attitudes towards women and the minority of non-white cast members seems to place the show so firmly in the 1950s, it might be hard to pick out that this is a ‘70s show.
Tumblr media
But in reality, M*A*S*H might not have been made if not for the 1970s.
Coming on the heels of the 1960s, the ‘70s were quite a period of change.  Following the Civil Rights movement, American culture was beginning to be more integrated.  Disco was big on the scene, and styles were quickly becoming…a lot.  The digital revolution began as video games and personal computers began to become a little more prevalent, and thanks to movie directors like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, the blockbuster became a staple of every movie season.  As for television, edutainment shows like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street took off while Star Trek experienced its first reruns, gaining the audience it’d never had during it’s runtime.  Game-shows experienced a comeback, and cop shows replaced the westerns as the most-watched action shows of the decade, and family dramas took up another chunk of the airwaves, while variety shows and increasingly daring sketch comedy filled up the rest.
Tumblr media
Throughout all this, sitcoms like Happy Days enjoyed incredible success, along with more ‘issue based’ sitcoms like All in the Family, Good Times, and even The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  And it is here that M*A*S*H sits, filling in a slot as one of the ‘issue’ based sitcoms…but why here?  Why in the 1970s, could this show work the best?
As wild and crazy as American culture was becoming after the unrest of the 1960s, one thing held over that had not yet been resolved: America’s involvement in the Vietnam war.
Tumblr media
Starting in November of 1955, and ending in April of 1975, the Vietnam conflict was one that occupied much of the world, and much of the American population’s minds.  Between the protestors and people who genuinely supported the effort, the country was torn in two by people who thought we shouldn’t have gotten involved, and people who thought the opposite.
Why does this matter?
Because when the characters on M*A*S*H talk about war, they aren’t just talking about Korea.  Indeed, they aren’t even just talking about Vietnam.  They’re talking about all wars.
Tumblr media
But it was very important that this was a show made during Vietnam, rather than before.
Before shows like The A-Team and Magnum P.I. began using the Vietnam conflict as part of backstories of characters, shows like M*A*S*H were still processing the American attitude during the war.  Much like Korea, Vietnam was never officially declared ‘a war’, and was regarded as a ‘police action’.  Much like Korea, a draft recruited soldiers, some just out of high school, into a conflict that blew up into a political struggle.
Tumblr media
The difference was, in 1951, Americans were all for Korea.  In 1972, the enthusiasm had waned.  America turned against the war effort, and there lies exactly why M*A*S*H could not have been anything but a ‘70s ‘topical’ sitcom.
When you watch M*A*S*H and listen to the characters speak about the war, the attitude isn’t hard to pick out: anti-war, anti-US involvement, anti-military.  They shouldn’t be here.  They want to go home.  They tried to duck the draft.  One character spends almost all of his time on the show attempting to get discharged due to insanity.  The only characters who are for this war are treated as antagonists.
Tumblr media
This wasn’t the attitude of the Korean war.  This was an attitude that could only have existed after Vietnam, if not specifically about Vietnam.
So, the show isn’t dated from a 1950s sense…but that does leave the question of whether or not it’s dated in a 1970s sense.
Tumblr media
Ironically, being set in a decade not your own can actually help a series (or film) in the long run.  By not showing contemporary life and creating a world that had already ‘disappeared’, these shows were able to not become relics of the time they were made.  However, in the case of M*A*S*H, some might argue that the show, while groundbreaking and revolutionary in the 1970s, may not hold up so well today.
While not having the traditional troubles of hairstyles, technology and pop culture dating it, M*A*S*H does have a few different, more important issues that might render it a little uncomfortable to modern audiences.  Let’s start with the women.
Tumblr media
At first, it may seem almost impossible from a modern standpoint to approach a show where the only major female character is nicknamed Hot Lips, and even if you get past that enough to start the show from the beginning, it doesn’t get much better.
In early seasons of the show, Margaret Houlihan existed primarily as a woman defined by the men she had been with, her attractiveness to her male coworkers, and her stickler army attitude.  Mostly serving as a partner-in-crime to her lover, Frank Burns (who was married), Margaret’s past involvements with many members of high-ranking army brass was a bit of a running joke, as was her level of desirability to her coworkers.
Tumblr media
Thankfully, as the show matured, so did the writing for Margaret’s character.  As time went on, Margaret ended up losing not only the nickname, but her intimate relationship with Frank Burns, and even the jokes about her previous relationships disappeared.  After her marriage to Donald Penobscott, and subsequent divorce, Margaret remained unattached for the remainder of the series, as well as the only major female character in the show.  (Pun intended.)
The other female characters appeared in small doses, most notably Nurse Kealani Kellye, a relatively prominent Japanese-Hawaiian nurse.  Most of the nurses tended to be interchangeable, with small parts that (in early seasons especially) tended to rely on the men of the episode.  While there were exceptions (notably “The Nurses”), especially as the show went on, for the most part, the focus of the show tended to be on the male characters.
Tumblr media
And it was even worse for characters of color.
Of the main cast, only Klinger (Lebonese) and the aforementioned Nurse Kelleye were not Caucasian.  Early on in the show, a black character by the name of Spearchucker Jones was omitted by the end of the second season (due to writers mistakenly believing that there were no black doctors in the Korean war.
There are other things that date the show: Klinger’s cross-dressing as a gag would likely be looked upon more unfavorably today, as would a few instances of sexual harassment looked over for comedy’s sake.  Korean characters were often portrayed (especially in early season) in rather stereotypical fashions, and were never played by actors of actual Korean descent (though admittedly, there were not many Korean actors in Hollywood at the time).  
Tumblr media
In other words, the show wasn’t perfect.  And it certainly was a product of the 1970s.
But, the good news is, it’s not all bad.
M*A*S*H was, overall, a fairly progressive show for its day.  Despite its problems writing women, by the end of the show, Margaret Houlihan was one of the best-developed female characters on television.  The writing for Korean characters improved drastically by the eleventh season, and Klinger’s ‘crossdressing’ gag was never played at his own expense.
Tumblr media
And, more importantly?  The characters, attitudes, and interactions, for the most part, ring just as truly now as they did then.
M*A*S*H was definitely fair for its day.  For the 1970s, it was up-to-date, discussing attitudes and problems that were prevalent for the time, and slowly improving in the areas it was somewhat lacking in.  It’s not really a surprise that the show still has a fanbase (and a young one, at that) to this day, full of fans who can recognize the problematic elements of the show, appreciate it’s growth, and enjoy its characters and situations to this day.  These characters still captivate people just as well as they did in 1972, a primary reason that this show, despite its occasional differences from modern ideas, remains so beloved even today.
Thank you guys so much for reading!  If you have a thought, suggestion, or question, don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.  Please join us next time as we look at the facets of M*A*S*H.  I hope to see you there!
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tonystarkbingo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Presenting, for your entertainment and amusement, a Titles Game from the TSB Discord!
Aim of the game: a title is suggested, and everyone pitches in their idea of what kind of fic they would write for that title.
“Hot Chocolate Kisses” - suggested by @rebelmeg
@lbibliophile-mcu - Tony and Bruce are undertaking a very serious series of experiments to determine the optimal ratio of hershey kisses to milk in hot chocolate. And taste-testing the results. (actually, that would be fun to do as Tony and Morgan)
@summerpipedream - Natasha/Pepper - Natasha hates hot chocolate. It's always been too sweet, too sticky and if she could drink any other winter holiday drink, she would. Figuring out how to tell her girlfriend Pepper that, the biggest chocoholic in the world (Tony literally bought her a chocolate fountain for her birthday one year), was a problem.
@rebelmeg - Iron Family winter tradition that comes about the first day they get a big snow. everyone wears their coziest sweaters, fuzziest socks, and wooliest winter hats, and they all drink hot chocolate out on the porch swing as they watch snow fall
@somesortofitalianroast - Hot chocolate kisses: Bucky teaches Russian History at Appalachian State University. Steve Rogers is the new World War II teacher. It always amuses Bucky that the UNC System decided that they needed an entire 3-credit hour class on World War II, and why AppState was chosen as the university, since Fayetteville is, like, right next to Fort Bragg. Or something. At least Steve’s easy on the eyes. Even if he’s not into guys. Except he is. Into guys that is. They’ve just started dating, Steve’s coming over to Bucky’s house for the first time, and a snowstorm hits. Featuring hot chocolate, declarations of love, only one bed, and enough pining to repopulate the pine barrens.
@darthbloodorange - Captain America is meant to be the paragon of virtue, the pinnacle of perfection. Or so Tony thought until catches Steve stuffing his face full of chocolate in the middle of the night. He demands Steve share the chocolate, but he's eaten it all ready. The only way Tony's get some, it seems it, is to kiss it from Steve's hot, chocolate covered lips.
(Keep reading for more amazing ideas!)
“to love and only love” - suggested by @somesortofitalianroast
@rebelmeg - giving me tony and maria vibes for some reason. can't decide if it's angsty, about how maria loves her son more from a distance, or if it's fluffy, and she loves him more than enough to make up for the ways howard doesn't.
@summerpipedream - Tony/Bucky - "To love and only love" is what the world always said about soulmates. His mother always said that when he'd meet his soulmate, he'd know. But what did that say about him when his soulmate kept running away?
@somesortofitalianroast - To love and only love: Cap!Steve/oblivious mechanic, Tony. Snarky identity porn. (changed it because, now that i think about it, it's tony/steve, that fic. lol)
@jamesbuckystark - to love and only love - Angst - Tony falls in love way too easily and quickly. Even when the ones he loves hurt him time and time again, he cannot find it in his heart to hate them
@jacarandabanyan - To love and only love: Tony hates soulmates and destiny deciding who he’s supposed to love and all the cultural adoration around the whole concept of soulmate marks. But nothing beats how much he hates that he loves his soulmate, despite himself. Steve clearly hasn’t seen their matching marks, and even more clearly doesn’t like, let alone love Tony. Tony can’t stop himself from living Steve- another thing to add to the list of things he hates, his stupid, insuppressible love for Steve- but he can avoid letting Steve know about their matching marks. He can love Steve and do nothing about it.
@lbibliophile-mcu - The vibe I'm getting from this title is subverted love triangle. The set-up is all there for angst and jealousy, but the characters all decide to focus on the positives instead. Whether this is one character deciding that (close) friendship is enough, or some degree of poly. Just everyone deciding that the important thing is that everyone is happy and together.
@trashcanakin - I get arranged marriage, enemies to real lovers vibes from it. Winteriron of course if I wrote it xD
To love and only love: Why does Tony have to marry him of all people. It's bad enough he's being forced into marriage because it's what the "kingdom" needs, what about what he needs? Or wants for that matter. And Bucky doesn't even like him, always silently glaring at him. It will never work, they just can't pretend to love each other when it takes all their strength just to like each other. But things change with the seasons. Could one terrible accident move the tide and show the true feelings hidden below?
@darthbloodorange - To love and only love (Stony): It's been years since anyone one has come by Tony's lair, leaving the dragon alone to tinker and work with his tech hoard. That's how he likes it: no knights, no paladins, no trouble. Just him and his bots. One day a werewolf (Steve) makes his way into his lair. He does everything he can to get rid of him, but the werewolf always returns. Before long Tony realises he likes having Steve around, likes how happy Steve is when he returns to Tony. Before long any frustration Tony feels for the werewolf is worn away, and all there is left is for him to love him. But would it ever work out between a dragon and a werewolf?
“Falling off the edge of the world with you” - @summerpipedream
@rebelmeg - pepperony, tony is teaching pepper how to work the rescue armor. they've been at it long enough that she's got the hang of it, and they celebrate by taking a thrilling flight together, far enough up that there's nothing but them, the edge of the world, and the stars
@summerpipedream - Tony & Rhodey - Whenever he got angry or tired at the world, Rhodey always used to drive him to their favourite lookout. Told him to yell and scream when things got too much and the world would fade away. Through the years, this never changed.
@jamesbuckystark - falling off the edge of the world with you - Rhodey knows it's unhealthy, following Tony to the ends of the earth. He also knows that Tony would understand if he said no. But there's something about the rush he gets when he's with Tony
@lronhusbands - falling off the edge of the world with you - ironhusbands. Idk like soft and fluffy boys who are just flying in their suits just to fly and playing games with each other and like total au where Rhodey doesn’t fall like he does so like they’re total idiots who cut their jets and plummet to earth and laugh bc they think they're invincible
@somesortofitalianroast - Falling off the edge of the world with you: 70 years ago, Steve Fell. Capital “F” Fell. There’s only one term for it, anyway. He might have survived, barely, yes, but he survived. But the thing about a Fall is that you never fly again. Even if you recover. Steve had resigned himself to never see the world from the air again. Until Tony.
@lbibliophile-mcu - Something different: Extremis!Tony (technopath version). Jarvis has been helping him get used to his new skills and senses. Because as much as Tony prefers to run rather than walk, he can also feel the very real risk of losing himself in this world of information and connections. The climax has Jarvis 'standing' beside him (acting as his guide and tether) as he takes his first dive into the internet.
@darthbloodorange - Falling off the edge of the world with you (Stony): Tony thought he would be the last person Steve would turn to for flying lessons. He didn't even have real wings anymore, not since Afghanistan. He doesn't fly like he used to. He didn't even think that Steve wouldn't know how to fly. With the broad, strong wings the serum had given him, Steve should be the best flier out. But as Steve stands before him, shyly stammering out his request for help, Tony could only find in him to say "yes" Tony schedules in time every week to help teach Steve how to fly. It soon becomes their thing.
@jacarandabanyan - Falling off the edge of the world with you: Space AU- Tony has always dreamed of exploring out beyond the edge of the known universe, and Rhodey has always known that he would follow Tony anywhere, no matter where. Even if current mathematical models of the edges of the known universe indicate that the two of them are more likely to end up falling into the void of nothingness than discover another universe or whatever it is Tony thinks he’s going to find.
“My heart beets for you (Mint to be)” - @darthbloodorange
@rebelmeg - the avengers have transformed the roof of the tower into a garden. and it's going pretty well. they've all got their own spots for their own stuff, and a section they do together, it's a good team bonding activity. at least... it is until tony's mint ("it's peppermint, get it?!") starts taking over clint's beets ("they're purple!"). then it's all-out war, and the one with the greenest thumb wins (pun not intended, hulk.)
@trashcanakin - My Heart Beets For You (Mint to Be): (No powers AU) Bucky runs a little cafe in a nice quiet town. They specialize in pastries, some say that their mint pies are the best around. Then some loud, rowdy, asshole buys the lot across the street and puts in a music store. Oh, it is on! This Tony guy wants a war, he's got one. And toss in soulmate AU on top because it would be funny xD
@jamesbuckystark - My heart beets for you (Mint to be) - Bucky is a garden sprite. No one sees him, and he bestows his loving touch to those who deserve it. Tony tries to be a plant dad... but fails miserably, due to the lack of sun and his forgetting to tend to his plants. Bucky takes one look at the man and falls in love. Imagine Tony's surprise when his dead plants are now alive and blooming!
(addition by @trashcanakin ) Tony's apartment is full of plants, flowers, and greenery because every time Bucky looks at him and blushes it makes more plants grow xD
And he's like "IDK WHAT'S HAPPENING!"
@summerpipedream - My heart beets for you (Mint to be) - Tony/Sam - Maria's last instructions in her will to Tony, along with the keys to her old family manor, were "Be Happy". It didn't take long for Tony to decide to quit his job, pack up his things and move out in the middle of nowhere to turn his mother's old home into a bed and breakfast. Of course, he never expected to run into Farmer Sam, who insists on sharing his extra fresh produce with him, dropping by 'just to see him smile'.
@darthbloodorange - My heart beets for you (Mint to be) (Stony) Steve and Tony retire from saving the world after the defeat of Thanos. Steve takes up gardening, wanting somewhere calming to do his art, somewhere he can relax. He needed something sedate, something peaceful that he could manage. He starts small, only a handful of flower beds, and learns as he goes. Slowly he starts expanding his garden, growing new sorts of flowers, and food. Herbs for Bruce. Flowers for Nat. A mediation/sensory garden for Sam. Pumpkins for Clint and his kids. A coffee tree for Tony. Soon he has a huge garden at the Compound with something for all of the Avengers. With a little work he manages to convince Tony to help him out in his garden (even if it is mainly to ogle Steve).
“If You Only Knew” - @jamesbuckystark
@rebelmeg - welp. okay. angst. tony ruminating about all the ways the people he loves don't understand the way he loves them. the way he shows them, tells them with different words. all he wants is to be loved back, and he can't understand why he's so unlovable.
@trashcanakin - Bucky would do anything for Tony, anything. Tony's the reason he's free, has a roof over his head, food, has his life back... Tony and Shuri even gave him his mind back, too. But Tony thinks Bucky hates him... Of course, why wouldn't he. Bucky keeps tryin' to show Tony how much he actually cares, but things keep gettin' in the damn way! A story full of misunderstandings, hurt/comfort, and eventual romance. Ayye. Could easily turn that into humor and crack as well, 'cause it's my brand xD
@summerpipedream - If You Only Knew - Steve/Tony "Do you know how long it took me to get home?" scowled Tony, "Every werewolf I ran into on the street told me congratulations, or took him long enough. Did you have something to tell me Steve?" Werewolf Steve is a little too enthusiastic with scenting his human mate. Whoops.
@jamesbuckystark - If You Only Knew - Tony talks in his sleep... a lot. Rhodey has experienced hearing some weird-ass stuff that he's said ever since college. Now Bucky gets woken up by Tony shaking him then saying something like "I farted by a hairy man yesterday" or "who grabbed my cheese in the ocean?" before zonking back out. Tony knows he talks in his sleep and often asks what he said when he wakes up. Bucky can't tell him due to laughing so hard so he ends up wheezing out "oh if you only knew what you said."
@jacarandabanyan - If only you knew: Tony loses his memories after a magical head injury. Nothing should be more important than getting his memories back so he can get back into the field and fight the good fight with these hero-types that claim to be his teammates. But one teammate in particular keeps distracting him from this vital work. For some reason, Bucky Barnes is both eager to help him in any way he can and totally unwilling to be alone with him. If only Tony knew why.
@celtic7irish - It would be a story of one-upmanship of the craziest stunts the Avengers have ever pulled. "If Only You Knew" the TRUE story behind some of those missions. If Only You Knew what really happened in Budapest. If Only You Knew what really happened during that one summer at MIT. Lol.
@jamesbuckystark - Also, angst version. If You Only Knew: Tony Stark, the control freak. Tony Stark, who thinks he knows best and screws stuff up. Tony Stark, the creator of Ultron. All these things, Tony has heard and will agree with. Rhodey does not. The others don't know what he does to keep shady government agencies off their backs. They don't realize what Tony sees at night. He wants to tell them, but Tony won't let him
@darthbloodorange - If You Only Knew: (Stony) Steve locks himself away in his room as Tony brings back another Omega to the tower, not wanting the Alpha to see the tears it brings to his eyes. It wasn't fair, he had no right to be hurt or jealous, Tony wasn't his Alpha. Tony would never be interested in him. Tony was only interested in soft, pretty Omegas. As far as the world cared he was an Alpha. But he wasn't. He was an Omega. If only Tony knew... maybe he would pick him. ...Maybe he would love him.
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