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#Double Cream
askwhatsforlunch4 days ago
Cheesy Barbecue Sweet Potatoes (Vegetarian)
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It doesn鈥檛 take much to make these beautifully Cheesy Barbecue Sweet Potatoes on a warm evening. But the result is a tasty, hearty dinner, to be enjoyed in the garden as the light very slowly dims. So fire up the barbie tonight!聽Happy Thursday!
Ingredients (serves 2):
2 medium sweet potatoes
1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon good quality soft goat鈥檚 cheese
1 tablespoon double cream
1/4 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
Mature English Cheddar
1 small spring onion
Arrange a layer of coals in the barbecue. Top with a few small branches of wood (applewood gives good taste), and light.
Thoroughly scrub sweet potatoes under cold water. Pat them dry with paper towels. Lay two large sheets of foil onto kitchen counter and place one sweet potato onto each. Prick them all over with a knife. Sprinkle sweet potatoes with coarse sea salt, and drizzle with olive oil. Rub them thoroughly with oil and salt. Wrap each of them tightly with foil. Then, wrap each in a secon sheet of foil. Set aside.
Once the flames are low and embers glowing red, carefully place wrapped sweet potatoes, directly onto the embers, and cook, about 15 minutes. Then, using tongs, turn them on the other side, and cook, a further 15 minutes.
In a small bowl, combine goat鈥檚 cheese and double cream. Stir until well-blended. Stir in black pepper. Set aside. Grate about 1/3 cup Mature English Cheddar; set aside. Finely chop green part of the Spring onion; set aside.
Carefully remove the sweet potatoes from the embers, and place them onto serving plates. Unwrap foil, and slit each sweet potato聽lengthwise in the middle. Open up their skin, and press the flesh slightly with a spoon. Drizzle each generously with goat鈥檚 cgoheese cream and sprinkle with Cheddar and chopped Spring onion.
Serve Cheesy Barbecue Sweet Potatoes immediately.
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appalachianapologies5 days ago
You know what time it is!!! Fucking creamed corn time!!!! That鈥檚 right friends- I鈥檓 bringing you a 2k words in snip from chapter four of Mac 卤 MacGyver 鈮 鈭(Obligation)! only one more chapter until 5x05 hehehehehehsfjfdjdfjfkdskaew
鈥淲e all kinda heard about what happened to Angus MacGyver,鈥 Parker admits, looking rather guilty at the thought. 鈥淚 mean, I know the government tried to keep Codex on the down low, but it didn鈥檛 really work. There were rumors that some agent had gone rouge, but we didn鈥檛 know who it was until after you died. Or, I guess, didn鈥檛 actually die.鈥
Mac can feel his heart drop out of his chest even before his double begins taunting him. 鈥淗ear that, Mac? The world knows. Everyone knows that Angus MacGyver went crazy.鈥
鈥淎nyway, when I was snooping around, I came across a handful of documents in one of the downstairs file rooms- not that that means anything to you,鈥 Parker adds with a grin. 鈥淏ut there I found your name. And I was only going to look through it to give closure to Leanna. She was鈥 It kinda tore her up, you know?鈥
Shaking his head, Mac replies, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 realize that she cared that much about me.鈥
Parker doesn鈥檛 miss a beat. 鈥淪he totally does. But what I found wasn鈥檛 about your death. It was about the Fairbanks blacksite. About, uh, you know. What happened.鈥
MacGyver dramatically sucks in a breath. 鈥淕uess it doesn鈥檛 just stay between us anymore, does it?鈥
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stillneedsmorekissing6 days ago
As I'm writing the earlier bits, I'm realizing I'll need to make some heavy revisions to With Cream, not the least of which is bumping it at least two years into the future.
Which necessitates a bunch of rewrites all on its own.
I'm a bit worried I'm going to end up having to rewrite the entire damn thing and port the old version to dreamwidth or something 馃檭
I knew this might happen but I'd been hoping it wouldn't, sob
i'm also thinking that set of companion fics re breakups from the POVs of the shoulder being cried on may also require the POV of the person crying, and I am definitely going to rewrite that 4k of exposition into action, and why do I do this to myself
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bullhornpodcast8 days ago
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Recipe by Shawna Lemay
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grant20harder12 days ago
Frosted Lemon Wedges- An Asian Make-Up Blog: July 2021
etude house dr mascara fixer completed the set of those blushes someday last yr, and it's taken me a couple of months to photograph and evaluation these blushes as a result of I had a very arduous time capturing how these blushes look on the cheeks which is tremendous irritating. Strawberry Mousse is an excellent gentle child pink. It's actually arduous to store 12 spherical, dome topped blushes with out them just rolling around in all places, ugh! Today I'll be speaking in regards to the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers! Usually, these blushes all have incredible pigmentation, apply simply and don't make pores seem any larger. These blushes have super cute, but tremendous impractical packaging. They have a incredible shade range with some unusual colours thrown in, and for around $5-8USD they're fantastically effectively priced. This is sort of a lengthly put up with fifty eight photos (RIP page loading time) so seize a cup of espresso and get settled in!
Tumblr media
I feel the reasons for these blankets is to cowl your shoulders if you end up finding out. You possibly can shut it with two drawstrings. School is essential in Korea, they research onerous. The hood is 30cm and the blanket itself is 100cm by 75 identical to the opposite blanket. D As you possibly can see all these Etude House products slot in right here. I've additionally examined the Dear my Blooming lip discuss, however they do not fit. I figured that that other one was for the shoulders because this one is and it has the identical measurements. A candy pink fleece blanket with a hood to keep you warm. I assume all other lip merchandise do match. I actually like this holder, so pretty! I could not pose with this blanket on and look all cool & serious on the time, so I've caught a bear and put it on him! The Fresh Cherry tints do fit solely in the lowers holes.
I just acquired the possibility to try it now, because at first i used to be so in love with Skin seventy nine bb creams, and then move to Etude House BB Creams. It has greyish undertone that tends to look whitish at first and then it's going to adapt to your pure pores and skin tone. Mine is quantity 2, pure beige. Actually at house, i ussually just use the bb cream alone and it appears good, not greasy or something. The packaging is green tube with vintage style sticker on the highest. Many has raving about this BB Cream since two years in the past when i simply started this weblog. It is straightforward to unfold and to blend. This is a basic bb cream, famous in keeping with Missha BB Cream and its sister, Skinfood mushroom bb cream. Maybe because the tube hole is just too massive, or i am too sturdy? The draw back of the bbcream is oxidation. With the squeezy tube, i at all times find yourself squeeze more than sufficient amount for one utility. The end is dewy and it isn't as sticky as basis or different bb creams i have before.
Glow Lock Complex strengthens the sleekness of skin and prevents the moisture from being evaporated by forming clear layers on the pores and skin. This case has that fairly pearly glow to it and the colour is barely beige-greenish I think. UV Blocking). 26.7 % of Baobab water are contained. Their Ebay store got here first they usually extended to a fabulous webpage of their own, where I've been shopping for 2 years now! A while in the past I've discovered that iamlove-shop and Jolse are the identical store. Actually right after I've bougth the essential any cushion which I've reviewed here yesterday, I've bougth the Moist model directly after it. It is a High Moisturizing cream cushion. Cushion powder takes care of pores and skin texture evenly and completes comfortable & sleek pores and skin by being adhesive to the pores and skin tightly. In this haul & overview are once more only Etude House products. Has 4 times extra Hyaluronic Acid 4 instances greater than earlier any cushions have. Jolse has also an Ebay Shop! Without figuring out if I'd like my first any cushion.
In contrast, Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam, which I've been utilizing on a regular basis since I first stumbled upon it, positively improves my dull skin tone and rough texture. Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam, which I'm utilizing everyday in the morning, was much better on this regard. I didn't see it bettering my unhealthy yellow and dull pores and skin tone nor my rough texture. Even when it contained a chemical peel part inside, the foam was so diluted, it would not be very concentrated. It was a very mild cleanser and it didn't trigger any irritation on my face, however I feel it was a bit mild for me. etude house vs 3ce offers you quite a little bit of foam, and I do not suppose I even push all the way down. After washing, I didn't feel like my face bought cleansed. This is not stunning because it doesn't even have any exfoliating beads. I did not get the same visible outcomes with this cleanser although it said it's supposed to remove impurities inside pores. I tried putting on extra foam on my face, but there was only a lot I might put on until it starts foaming over my nostrils and eye lids and I can't see or breathe. But even then, still, I didn't feel like my face was being cleansed very nicely. I also did not find that it cleansed my pores that nicely. I felt like I just splashed my face with water. When i used Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam Moist, I may see that my pores have been smaller and they seemed like "empty" little holes cleared of impurities if I put my face actually near the mirror. I pump until I get enough to spread throughout my face.
Also I accidentally broke the pump when i dropped it on the floor in the future. I require translucent powder set this in place. The model modifications bottle design time to time so there is a high probability that the primer bottle is going to look completely different when you're going to buy it . May be very basic and simple as you can see. A standard vacuum pump bottle with a pale peach cap. You can wear this on its own for a no makeup look but since I've oily pores and skin . I bought this 2 years in the past and I've been using this on and off all this time. This is designed as a multipurpose product to blur pores, brighten pores and skin and even out pores and skin tone with it pinkish tone. This might be one of the crucial iconic primer from Etude House that we all can recall from our highschool days.
I nonetheless have lots to go, for i'm aiming for 500 corespondences, so for you women 18 to 40 years previous, please assist me with my analysis and win CC Cream from Etude House. I have a bunch of stories to inform, but i think it would be nice to start with this one. In two days, i received 50 questionaires stuffed! Woooo hooo.. Hug you one after the other! It was a terrific experience for me i think it could be nice to share for you. For a starter, i went to Pagoda Watugong. Thanks very a lot for all of you who has help my analysis. The air was clear and you can see the pagoda mightily stand, overpowering one other constructing. I received the chance to explore Semarang for a day, and this was where i went. I just obtained back from Semarang, the capital city of Central Java.
I have fair skin so I used to be told the opposite shade (there are only 2) could be too dark for me. I really don't like this BB cream! First of all, it makes my pores and skin look too light and washed out. Due to no oil management and its dewy end, I always use a pact as a ending contact and for oil control after using this BB cream. It does not even cowl up the lightest of my sun spots. The oil management and protection isn't pretty much as good as the Face Shop, but better than Etude House. I reviewed Etude House and Missha more extensively, however have but to review The Face Shop so I'll publish a overview someday soon. This cream has low coverage although. Well, this one is too mild for me! Otherwise, it is just mediocre. However, that is my preference due to its straightforward mixing and that i just like the natural color. Hope this has been useful to someone on the market! The shade I purchased is no. 21 Light Pink Beige.
I noticed this face cream in an Etude House store and grabbed it whereas it was in a cute reward packet. However, I used to be fairly intrigued to learn that this face cream acts sort of like a make-up primer or "make-up booster"! Today I will be talking a couple of semi-attention-grabbing face cream - the Etude House Face Conditioning Cream! Would etude in house Purchase This Product? It appears to work very well for me while in Taipei, but I will have to make an up to date overview once I'm again in New Zealand with a distinct climate! Yes, I have already got! But when I exploit juuust enough, it makes my pores and skin feel and appear moisturized, and helps my basis look tremendous wholesome! This cream is tremendous thick, you solely need a tiny pea sized amount to cowl the face absolutely, but it is absorbed relatively quick due to the small amount that needs to be applied! I have been utilizing this cream for the past week excessive of my regular skincare (facial oil, serum, moisturizer) and i've discovered that if I take advantage of too much, the cream flakes off in little balls. The cream does give a really slight blurring impact to my pores and fantastic traces, but you must look fairly near see that effect! In all honestly, I do not find face creams notably fascinating and this one seems just about just like the rest. What Does It Do? Since I'm presently in Taipei and absolutely all the things is air conditioned (although it's winter) my skin has been tremendous dry.
I reviewed both colours of the TonyMoly CC Cream as properly as the Missha CC BB Cream, and compared all of the CC Cream colours here on each my extra pale pores and skin and my sisters tanned skin and the Etude House CC Creams are the lightest of the CC Creams that I swatched. Today I'm going to be reviewing the highly requested Etude House CC Cream in Silky and Glow! As traditional, I swatched both of the colours of the Etude House CC Creams on my further pale pores and skin, and my youthful sisters tan pores and skin. As you rub the cream into your pores and skin, the beads burst and supposedly change to match your pores and skin, and in some sense they do an Ok job at matching, however for either sides of the "regular" coloured skin, it in all probability will not match nicely. You cannot please everybody, together with me. Both of the CC Cream colours start off completely white with little beads inside the cream.
Creamy and matte textures can be utilized as eyeshadow, shadow base, concealer and eyebrow colors. There's quite a lot of diversity in this line of pencils, with cream, matte, glossy, glitter and shimmery finishes to choose from. This month I was lucky enough to strive Etude's new line of pencils - Etude House Play one hundred and one Pencils. For this line, Etude House has collaborated with Pony, one in all the most popular Korean make-up artists and wonder bloggers, to promote the virtually infinite ways to make use of their new Play a hundred and one Pencils. With 50 colors and 5 completely different textures/finishes to select from, you possibly can pretty much create any makeup look you want with these unhealthy boys. These pencils are a few of the most diverse that I've seen from this model and boast their numerous makes use of as eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlighter, lip liners and cheek colors. That's some pretty legit inspector gadget-esque makes use of occurring there.
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combscombs112 days ago
Etude House Sun Prise All Proof Moisturiser SPF 50 Review
Tumblr media
However, oily skin beauties should use it first on a trial foundation and dry pores and skin women want not worry about something. Outdoors, the t-zone stays oil free for 2-3 hours (could vary from person to person). It is not at all sticky, very gentle and surprisingly matte end for SPF 50. I have mixture pores and skin and it doesn鈥檛 clog my pores. Would I like to recommend/Repurchase Etude House Sun Prise All Proof Moisturiser SPF 50? Dusky pores and skin tones would possibly observe slight whitish cast on utility. I worry oily and acne-prone skin sorts would possibly break out with this in summers. After using it for 2 weeks, I am utterly satisfied with its effectiveness. Absorbs shortly with matte end. Best for dry and combination pores and skin types. Can be used on any part of the body. Doesn鈥檛 make pores and skin excessively oily. A very good moisturiser for dry and chilly weather. Doesn't control oil to an awesome extent. Claims to be paraben free. Keeps t-zone shine free for 4-6 hours (when you're indoors). Yes, I will keep utilizing this and i surely recommend this to anyone who needs a superb sunscreen at an reasonably priced value. Non-greasy, non-sticky and lightweight on skin. The score speaks for itself.
Tumblr media
I don't notice a lot of a odor coming from it, possibly somebody with a sensitive nose would notice a really slight minty/alcohol smell? Their pores and skin all the time looks so flawless and clean. I'll probably proceed utilizing this especially through the summer when my face will get too oily in the course of the day. The consistency of it is basically watery and it does not go away any residue. However, I do like how this actually wipes away all the surplus oil on my face, making my face really feel really clear and fresh. So I have been fairly into Korean skincare currently. So this product almost all the time pops up in my google research of Korean skincare so I determined to strive it out! I do not see a lot of a difference in the size of my pores. I mean, simply look at all those Korean actors and actresses on the current Korean Dramas. That's why if you have got sensitive skin, I recommend not making an attempt this product and go for a milder product. Looking at the components, alcohol is the second most concentrated ingredient in the list which, each skincare-lover would know. It comes in an enormous plastic bottle, and the best way you get the product out of the bottle is completely adorable (possibly it's because I by no means got here across something like this before). Basically, you get a cotton pad, press it down and the liquid comes out from the top. Yes, it is spelled freshner and never freshener (the right spelling), do not ask me why! I've been using it for a couple of months now.
Then, the remaining contents in your skin is ready to be absorbed by patting (""Toktok""). 1. This cream is robust for the lasting impact of moisture. What's the difference between moistfull collagen cream and moistfull collagen deep cream? Within the skincare final step, apply the suitable quantity of cream to your skin and gently therapeutic massage from inside to outside. The super collagen water 49% comes out of elastic replenishing moisture jelly. Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream is mushy, its contact in your skin is agency and hydrates your pores and skin all day, leaving your skin wholesome. 2. Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream is nice to care the lasting and recharging of moisture impact. Moistfull Collagen Cream all the time retains your skin hydrated and leave your skin feeling like jelly. But just opened it in May. The variations between Moistfull Collagen Cream and the Moistfull Collagen deep Cream are primarily the texture of them. 4. Over time, this cream is able to make a healthy pores and skin and the moisture of skin doesn't evaporate. Actually purchased this in December together with Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge.
The second advantage of this sheet is, that I can wear my glasses throughout I wait the 10-15 min and i can watch some videos, do my homework or read a ebook. Thank you for studying my assessment. The texture isn麓t all over your hair when you employ it, so it is nice and straightforward for eveyone. When I exploit regular masks (not sheets) I may hardly do something, because I can麓t see something, so I actually like these masks because of this. If you like you can write a comment and tell me, which masks are your favourites and which of them did you not like. In the end I need to say that I really like these masks, because they麓re very simple to use and it is also easy to take away the sheet. This is really my favourite scent of all masks. A disadvantage of the sheet is that the dimensions couldn麓t match to your face, like in my case the sheet reaches almost until underneath the chin, however I think that it麓s additionally essential that a mask is not only on the face, but in addition include the throat and the neckline. Which mask is good on your face depends in your skin, so I could tell you solely my experiences with these products. I really like to hear what you think.
In case you have oily pores and skin and large pores, I will recommend Wonder Pore. I acknowledge that, however I believe this vary is meant for mixture oily/normal and very oily skin sorts in order that helps manage expectations; but there are some Wonder Pore merchandise that have little to no oil in the listing such as the Freshner, Facial Wash, and Clay Mask so you possibly can strive those if you have enlarged pores, however dry skin. I will certainly purchase this once more as a result of this line gave me clean- wanting skin and a lot of good skin days! TIP: Cover the merchandise right away most especially the creams and essence as a result of their watery, gel texture makes them more prone to evaporation. One query that may arise from my readers is the merchandise, given their consistency and effect, primarily have alcohol within the respective components lists, due to this fact they might not be suitable for dry skin.
And this pink can get brighter too after a few purposes. But value the price. But for me, it isn't. I selected blue-ish tone possibly as a result of they're appropriate for my pores and skin. It's more vivid and bold than the opposite shade, and brighter. This is definitely not a MLBB shade. But really, it have RD306, Shark Red because the darker color. Some folks will really feel it is dry. Stays for long. Though the glossy finish will disappear after 30 mins? Watermelon Red turns to be a clear & shiny pink crimson. Bright, pure, and cheerful. But after all PK004 shade is new for me. I believe the Watermelon Red is cute in its own. It is going to get dry after around half-hour too. Now, which colour is my favourite? I can use it sheer or bold in keeping with my mood. Meanwhile, the least I like is surprisingly PK004. Size may be very small. I like the way it makes my skin brighter and contemporary. PK005 is a brilliant pink shade with blue undertone. Brush is simple to use. It doesn't actually swimsuit my face. My favourite shade amongst the three. That is the darkest Ice Cream Tint I bought. Maybe, at a time once i want a mature look. Yes, you possibly can guess I like PK005. A fruity sweet scent lip tint. Just is etude house on yesstyle as different lip tints. They're the same as Etude or my The Face Shop lip tint anyway. Very gentle on lips. Overall, I believe this is identical lip tint, in water-based. Cute bottle, a popsicle-like shape. At first, I learn many critiques said it's sheer. Me too, of course since my lips could be very dry.
Etude House's Sunprise line additionally includes a more mattifying "All Proof" sunscreen for oily skin however I passed on it because it has more acne triggers according to CosDNA and i truly do not thoughts a dewy end. I still rely on actives to whiten my scars, but a day by day sunscreen is now an essential a part of my skincare routine because each little bit helps when you've got received stubborn breakouts/pigmentation. In my childhood photos my skin at all times seems toasty tan. My necessities for a sun product include decent SPF, minimal pale/white forged, easy utility & absorption plus compatibility with different merchandise that layer before & after it. Until I grew to become an acne-prone adult I never consistently used solar protection. The anti-aging facet can be a plus however since I'm not too wrinkly but I'm presently more targeted on the pores and skin lightening benefits. However, I'm glad I took an opportunity on this "gel type sun lotion" because it has definitely delivered on all of my criteria! However, once I began growing breakouts and inevitable hyperpigmentation I discovered the significance of UV-blockage and its function in decreasing melanin manufacturing.
My sister tryes some hairstyles which are revealed by korean manufacturers. These are excellent if you'd like no shiny pores and skin. I will certainly repurchise it. I don麓t know if it is only due to this product (because I exploit a view products with SPF), however I just wished you to know. I hope you find this review usefull. We even have a new category we麓re writing about. Please observe us on facebook, too. We submit every new evaluation there! All in all I must say that product does what they promisse and I'm really happy with it. During the whole summer, I didn麓t get a sunburn. Please verify this out. We call it "hairlekin". My sister and me bought the product during an event, when you can get 2 of them for the worth of one. Thank you for studying. It goes actually great with the Etude House "Zero Sebum Drying Powder" or with the Holika Holika "Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Powder" to forestall sebum and an oily pores and skin.
I used to be utterly new to the thought and thought it is a great product for everybody to personal. Just because I've heard tons of people rave about this product claiming that it is their favourite dry shampoo, it is purported to be gentle on the scalp, feel mild, absorb oil effectively and depart no residue. Just recently, I found out that Etude House and Tony Moly both have their very own variations of dry shampoo, and that Digital Traincase distributes the Klorane Dry Shampoo! I first heard of dry shampoos from "magnificence gurus" on YouTube a couple of yr in the past. During etude house one utama to Canada at first of 2012, I got myself the Lush No Drought dry shampoo which comes in powder form and is packaged in a bottle which was a trouble until I eventually stopped using it. My first alternative from those three dry shampoos must be Klorane. Some of the popular manufacturers that I got here across are Batiste, Klorane, Psssssst, and more; which all weren't available in the Philippines but.
Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion could've been good if solely it didn't break me out. Even with my oily pores and skin, I nonetheless like some dewiness to peek by means of, so I top this off with powder (to nix the shine), however skip powdering the cheeks for that added glow. You'll be able to wash and reuse it. However, I find that I can not use this everyday, because it causes my pores and skin to breakout when I use it consecutively, say for every week. Maybe it's the sturdy powdery fragrance that could possibly be causing the response, or my laziness in completely eradicating my make-up at the top of the day. For a deeper, extra thorough clean, you may use a cleansing oil prior to Step 1 (above). Don't throw out your air puff! It is best to try this one out first earlier than buying, and if it suits your pores and skin, then good for you! But then, what doesn't work for me may give you the results you want, and vice versa.
Unfortunately it was sold out in Digital Traincase and i did not know if they would restock, so I bought the Etude House OMG! It comes in an aerosol spray which makes the application lots easier than dry shampoos in powder kind. This may increasingly trouble some individuals so I like to recommend you get a whiff from the tester before purchasing, as for me, I really like the floral and fruity scent of this. Would I repurchase this? Another factor I like about this is that it would not leave any residue and doesn't make my hair grey, which is important for someone with black hair like me. When hair will get greasy it tends to weigh down the roots and make the hair lay flat, this product actually helped in including again quantity to my hair. Keep in mind that dry shampoos aren't meant to replace your regular shampoo, it's job is to simply absorb excess oil and even add a bit of volume. It does not fully look or really feel like how it might if I washed my hair with shampoo, however it definitely did a reasonably good job in absorbing the oil on my scalp and roots for a dry shampoo and in comparison with Lush's No Drought. The very first thing I observed about this product is that it has a pretty strong candy and girly scent that sticks to the hair. It's also small enough to carry round in a bag or for traveling. The only downside is that it would not final very long, only lasting up to about five to 10 makes use of, depending on how much you employ. I discovered final night that Digital Traincase restocked and I'm planning to pay them a visit tomorrow to get my arms on it earlier than it runs out again! I believe it's an excellent dry shampoo and does the job, although I'm nonetheless inquisitive about all of the hype on the Klorane Dry Shampoo.
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mccall15mccall12 days ago
Herman Miller Soars 34% Because It Rejoins Dividend Club
S&P Dow Jones Indices estimated that S&P 500 companies would see solely a 2% decline in general 2020 dividend payments, not almost as dire as analyst projections earlier this 12 months of round a 10% drop. Sept 17 (Reuters) - You might have to sit down for this. Companies lately reinstating dividends embody Guess , on Sept. Evercore ISI strategist Dennis DeBusschere wrote in a current client notice. Shares of Steelcase, an workplace furnishings competitor that reports its quarterly results on Sept. S&P 500 corporations slashed or suspended over $40 billion in dividends in the second quarter, the deepest quarterly drop since 2009, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices. Shares of Herman Miller soared 34% on Thursday after the office chair seller posted blowout quarterly results and joined an increasing checklist of corporations reinstating their dividends as they turn into extra assured about recovering from the coronavirus. Herman Miller late on Wednesday reported revenue and earnings far above analysts' expectations, with gross sales from its retail section surging 40% due to sturdy demand from folks kitting out their dwelling workplaces due to the pandemic. 2, and Estee Lauder on Aug. 20. Foot Locker also resumed its dividend in August, even because the shoe retailer declined to reinstate its full-12 months 2020 steerage because of ongoing uncertainty related to COVID-19. As coronavirus lockdowns ease and companies reopen, several U.S. Pointing to "our confidence in the strategic route of the enterprise, robust liquidity place and operating performance this quarter," the Zeeland, Michigan firm also re-established its quarterly cash dividend, which it suspended in early April, one in all several steps it took then to cut prices as a result of coronavirus menace. But after cuts tapered off mid-year because the U.S.
Tumblr media
For those with pigmentation or uneven pores and skin tone issues, look no further than Clique Even Better. With a light to medium coverage, you can build up to match your desire, whereas eliminating the infamous 鈥榗akey鈥 make-up look. Talk about killing two birds with one stone - flawless foundation and improved complexion. Say goodbye to estee lauder malaysia and skin spots with this creamy, matte finish, and with SPF15 safety to prime all of it off. As the name suggests, this clever makeup not solely acts as a foundation but in simply 4-6 weeks, it'll scale back the appearance of age spots and even your pores and skin tone. So full protection, it is designed to cowl all sorts of considerations akin to birthmarks, tattoos, and even varicose veins. To complete, Clinique鈥檚 Even Better is gentle protection, that means you may build it to your liking. Some considerations with full protection foundations are that they may clog your pores, but this one is non-acnegenic. There's a lot to love about this product.
Includes two active components to lock in hydration, as well as chestnut extract to strengthen the pores and skin's lipid barrier, helping to retain water deep inside its layers. A new protecting ingredient - examined on research expeditions to Antarctica - helps to scale back redness caused by the chilly, and protect palms in even the most freezing circumstances. English Rose Oleo, Rosa Damascena and rosehip seed oil for suppleness. The Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask (拢28, SpaceNK) stored it shiny with loads of motion. CAN STRAIGHTENER Damage HAIR? Straighteners may even singe your hair. Pure rose geranium, jojoba and candy almond oils, plus seaweed extract to counter environ-mental injury. They can simply weaken strands to the point of breakage. Contains finely milled pearls to provide pores and skin a luminous glow, whereas macadamia and kukui seed oils boost hydration. Hair straighteners can turn into as scorching because the temperature sugar caramelises at,' she says. Virtue inventive director Adir Abergel minimize Charlize's hair into a symmetrical bowl above the ears with a slight V within the back. Can be used on the face, hair and physique. With camellia seed (wealthy in vitamins A, B, D and E), grapeseed, sunflower and sweet almond oils. Daily use of straighteners shouldn't be good for the condition of your hair, warns trichologist Anabel Kingsley. The cream also works on the well being and condition of nails, so palms look more youthful proper to the information of your fingers.
QVC supply: The BeautyBio Super-Size R45 The Reversal 3-Phase Retinol Booster System will be the TSV on Tuesday, March 2, however you'll be able to shop this set early. Valid as we speak only. Plus rewards members (it's free to enroll) get 200 rewards points with any $75 buy. Enter code TWO5 at checkout. REN Skincare coupon: With any $75 buy receive free transport and select a free full measurement product. No code wanted. Ends March eight or whereas provides last. Pureology coupon: $5 off any two full measurement products. This set has a retail worth of $300 and usually sells for $200 however via Tuesday solely you should purchase it for simply $129.Ninety five plus $3.50 for transport (and you may decide to pay in 5 payments). No code needed. Ends March 2 or while provides last. Enter code VIPBOGO at checkout. Philosophy coupon: Early entry! Today solely buy one product, get another at no cost (some exclusions apply).
Because the penetration of pores and skin care, the penetration of beauty in these -- for pores and skin care in Asia may be very, very excessive. So sooner or later, the home travel acceleration inside China will continue however the international travel will be reinstated. In TR, think about that the TR development today, the TR results are primarily pushed by Asia and significantly by the domestic travel acceleration inside China. The other driver is China and the potential of China, as we explained very nicely in our Investor Day is for the long run. The Chinese I think -- the demographics are right. And the energy of Asia and significantly China is, in time period of combine, one of the largest builder of pores and skin care. The potential of the smaller cities, tier three and tier 4 cities will proceed to grow, the ability of on-line and the online distribution will continue to be very strong. So we assume the pores and skin care power will proceed after COVID. We have now an amazing pipeline of innovation for the long run years.
It鈥檚 marking the anniversary with a new Hollywood assortment which celebrates its cinematic roots. It鈥檚 arduous to consider that OPI turns forty this year. A do-it-all concealer that covers darkish shadows and blemishes, highlights and primes is a good different to a full face of make-up in lockdown. For puffy eyes, strive Giorgio Armani鈥檚 Luminous Silk Concealer. The vary options 12 shades together with the fuchsia 15 minutes of Flame; green Rated Pea-G; and the vivid yellow Bee-hind The Scenes. The brand new Ordinary Concealer is one other good finances purchase for a pure, barely there look. In the event you don鈥檛 need to bother with a base, strive the bareMinerals Original Liquid Mineral Concealer, which smooths and brightens pores and skin and won鈥檛 crease. It was the primary nail model to collaborate with films, making its display debut in Legally Blonde. To disguise blemishes, try e.l.f 16hr Hydrating Camo Concealer, which incorporates soothing rose flower water. It incorporates caffeine, which is known to ease darkish circles.
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So it is on the category that is especially challenged from this margin standpoint in this specific setting. Thanks. And Fabrizio, if I might follow that, you've got seen some actually robust growth, and Hainan has come up a bit within the final two calls. We've seen some new rules even as not too long ago as this week. Makeup actually is the category that has the biggest penetration of freestanding shops and brick-and-mortar. So it looks as if there's increasingly more friction popping out of that course of, and loads of square footage is going to be additionally added there. The government is going to permit consumers to ship to residence versus bodily pickup in the past. It's again, you mentioned over the very long run. So all of our -- once more, given the tailwinds by way of channel progress and category development would possibly change, obviously makeup would possibly, and we believe, makeup will really get better, and we're definitely going to assist it to get well. So, look, I might say that definitely, that is something that we're targeting. And the margins will enhance on make-up as well.
I can't reply that. It is a typical Lauder gala, with a microsurgeon's consideration to element. But, ironically, or, perhaps, predictably, it is his spouse, Evelyn, who is gaining more of the highlight. She's better looking than I am. THE TOUR OF THE LOS Angeles shops is over, and Evelyn and Leonard Lauder are reigning over a dinner for Bullock's department retailer staff at the Hotel Bel-Air. The candles on the tables have been flown in by the company. At every water goblet there is a gift, a sterling silver Cartier image body, just considered one of several souvenirs of the night. When the British Broadcasting Company requested an interview for a program on scientific breakthroughs in pores and skin care, as an illustration, Leonard sent Evelyn. Why Evelyn and never Estee? Guests' names are written on both sides of the placecards so that nobody needs to stroll across the desk to search out his seat. They sit low on the table in order that the sunshine reflects up, minimizing wrinkles. She is growing remarkably effectively into an exquisite image for the company,'' her husband says. Why Evelyn and not Leonard?
And our focus remains, at first, on the well being and safety of our workers, their families, and our consumers. Thank you, Rainey, and hiya, everybody. You can find reconciliations between GAAP and non-GAAP measures in our press release and on the Investors part of our web site. In December, the company made an extra donation to the employees' fund, and we proceed to make progress on our citizenship and social influence commitments. To our employees, you've lifted us up from caring for the physical and emotional properly-being of our colleagues to creating hand sanitizer, looking for opportunities to help charities world wide, generously contributing to the ELC Cares Employee Relief Fund and so much more. Our hearts proceed to be with these impacted by COVID-19. And now I'll turn the decision over to Fabrizio. Let me first wish that each of you might be in good health and that your households are effectively. It additionally includes estimated gross sales of our merchandise through our retailers' websites.
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I want to get a piercing done but the pain 馃槙馃槚 do you think numbing cream will help?
i honestly wouldn鈥檛 bother with numbing cream seeing as piercings don鈥檛 take long but if u do want to use it i鈥檇 check in with the piercer just in case
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"Can...can someone tell me what a childhood is..?"
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