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kingjasnah · 2 hours ago
im ngl i was not expecting to be this obsessed with MeLaan during this reread but i mean that's what i get for never rereading this in the four years it's been since i cast unrepress on myself
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cosmicrhetoric · 2 hours ago
imagine being delusionial enough to throw pro cop shit in the discworld/vimes tag like what a way of telling the whole world you have no reading comprehension lol. and for what? for a one note post? go off i guess
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bookstand · 3 hours ago
Not My Review: Discworld (Book 1) - The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett
Not My Review: Discworld (Book 1) – The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett
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cosmicrhetoric · 4 hours ago
the vetinari reveal in night watch is so. wow. refusing to call him by name for the whole passage racks up so much unnecessary drama cause we KNOW. we all know. we've all done the time travel math and he was wearing the lilac in the present and we know he's gotta be in the assassins guild somewhere and come on, this happened:
Tumblr media
it could literally be NO ONE ELSE and yet we still have to wait until the end of the passage for downey to call him by name it's infuriating god this book is so good.
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And Sergeant Colon looked up and into a growing, greenish, expanding-
The melon exploded, and so did the audience, but both their laughter and the humor was slightly lost on Colon as he scraped over-ripe pith out of his ears.
The survival instinct cut in again. Stagger around backward, it said. So he staggered around backward, waving his legs in the air. Fall down heavily, it said. So he sat down, and almost squashed a chicken. Lose your dignity, it said; of all the things you’ve got, it’s the one you can most afford to lose.
Lord Vetinari helped him up. “Our very lives depend on your appearing to be a stupid fat idiot,” he hissed, putting Colon's fez back on his head.
“I ain't very good at acting, sir–”
-Jingo, Terry Pratchett
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r3negade-x · 4 hours ago
In response to ACAB, I would like to present to you: His Grace, His Excellency, The 1st Duke of Ankh; Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, and his subordinate, Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson.
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skyriderwednesday · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Carrot I drew for my uni project is just... the goodest boy.
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Welcome to all the more history minded blogs that followed me today -
Heads up I tend to do rotating fixations and right now it’s 90% Grima Wormtongue and LOTR. Napoleonic France will swing back round at some point - and it will always make appearances no matter what is happening. And you can always ask stuff and I’ll try and answer (but no promises - I’m mediocre at answering asks. I do try though!).
Other history topics I can natter on about: Salem; early medieval Scandinavian culture and society (ie Vikings); folklore and ghosts (relevant, I promise); early modern Italy and England; 17th century Mexico
I also post stuff about writing and such.
Just as an FYI
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burnsopale · 5 hours ago
 I am deeply intrigued by Sir Terry Pratchett’s master/pet kink. I choked on my cereal when Gaspode told Angua that Carrot was now her “master”, and if he called her she’d have to choice but to go to him. Didn’t expect Pratchett to be horny on main. It’s ballsy. Mad respect.
And he didn’t just repeat it in Jingo, having her say the same thing plainly to Vimes, but by using dog-imagery with Vimes as well (Everyone is somebody’s dog, Vetinari’s terrier etc), he links the concepts, and so Vimes’ relationship with the Patrician becomes kinky as well. The coming and going on command also has a parallel; Vimes thinks twice (once in Feet of Clay when Vetinari dismisses him from his bedside, and once in the Prince’s tent in Jingo) that Vetinari can turn him on and off like a switch.
There is also, a little more tenuously, the characterisation of the guild dogs as dogs who are always afraid that they are “bad dogs” deep inside, and Vimes’ similar feeling that he’s just a “collection of bad habits”. But I’ll have to read Fifth Elephant and beyond to see if that connection gets stronger or weaker.
Didn’t expect you to go there, Sir Terry, but I’m into it.
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absurdbread · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Imagine Sam Vimes didn’t follow the Night Watch way.
Imagine a young assassin approached lance-constable Vimes when he was standing by the dead body of John Keel, mourning.
Imagine lance-constable Vimes played a significant part in coup d'état that brought lord Vetinari to Oblong Office.
Imagine Sam Vimes became the Commander of the Guard before he turned 30 and married Lady Ramkin the same year.
This Sam Vimes’s never had drinking issues, but he’s still an angry, stubborn man who values the Law above everything. His black doublet looks like armour. He proudly wears his new coat of arms granted to him by the Patrician – a barking dog. Not many can make out that above the dog there’s a black crown barely visible on black background. There’s a rumour that he feeds his hound dragons with perpetrators. No one stands in his way.
Darker times – darker Vimes.
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cosmicrhetoric · 7 hours ago
read a bit of night watch today cause you know, that time of year, and even just 40 pages in this book is like. unfairly good. i don't even count it when people ask for my fave watch (or even discworld as a whole) book cause there's no point! it's on a completely different level! it's legitimately unfair that this is the most sophisticated and emotionally poignant time loop/people's right to revolution story ive ever read and last book the inciting incident was a murder in a condom factory like damn give us some warning
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espanolbot2 · 8 hours ago
Oh hey, I think this was the second time he’s been in a version fo this story, he was also in a BBC radio play based on it as well (it changed the ending, didn’t like it).
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skyriderwednesday · 8 hours ago
I'm shy and I'd literally have to do everything from scratch, but the urge to make Llamedos important is.... strong AF.
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noirandchocolate · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
This picture is accompanied by the phrase ‘LEARN THE WORDS’ printed upside down on the preceding page.  Ah, Vetinari and his interesting little quirks.
(illustration by Paul Kidby, taken from Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs, “The Ankh-Morpork Archives”)
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knife-dad · 12 hours ago
I'm almost halfway through Monstrous Regiment. This book is so good!! Immaculate tropes. Incredible characters. I'm having so much fun reading this
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