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the-blind-geisha · 2 minutes ago
What do you think Demi’s reaction would be if  He walked in on the mc dressed up in his clothes, (shirt jacket glasses)?
You were actually surprised that Demiurge's glasses didn't exactly have... real lenses. They were just a fake lenses for the sake of being glasses. Well, then again, what did you expect? They were an aesthetic back in the gaming world.
“The temple piece hurts a little,” you commented, finding them to be uncomfortable, but you'd wear it anyways for fun. They hardly fit on your features since his were more elongated than yours.
His shirt and jacket? Same. They were so baggy you might as well have been a child pretending to play dress up in an adult's clothes. But it was fun. You were having fun.
However, the door opened and at that moment, Demiurge had walked in to notice what were wearing. It wasn't like he had an extra pair of any of these things lying around... he was actually trying to bathe when you 'stole' his items.
He was going to (on reflex) push his glasses up his nose, but realizing they weren't there, he refrained from doing so and merely curled his fingers about his chin. “Wearing my clothing, are we?”
You paused from your posing in the mirror, biting at your lower lip when you heard such a thing. Turning to look over your shoulder, you noticed the demon standing in the doorway. “Oh, umm... I didn't think you'd mind at all.”
He didn't, because now your scent would be all over the items in question, but he didn't anticipate such a move on your behalf. “Hardly upset by the notion, my dear, was just curious what spurred you onward.”
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apocalypticromantic666 · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Curiously, you pull back the curtain shading the window of the carriage.
The cottage hunkers low into the grassy embankment as though it were trying to hide, but the misshapen slate roof is too large to go unnoticed beneath the low-hanging branches of shaggy white willows. But with the thin silver trail curling from the crooked stone chimney, it is cozy and welcoming.
In the dying light, you can see the pitted, unevenly sized grey stones that compose its walls. As the carriage draws closer, the occasional flash of color - some steel blues, others olive or umber- emerge from the grey stones that look like eyes trying to steal a glimpse of the world.
The grasses of the surrounding rye fields wave and crest as an ocean may on some bright, windswept day. You watch the green hues as they deepen and lighten in the sun's rays.
Something about the land here... it makes your heart feel uplifted with what you can only describe as a sort of nostalgia, the same sort you felt when you had met Demiurge's predecessor.
It is admittedly uncomfortable, being unable to place this alien déjà vu.
"This is where you will be staying for the next week, until you have learned to prepare skins."
"Skins?" You echo, letting the curtain fall in place as you turn to face your Master.
"Indeed. You will be learning how to deflesh and stretch Abelion sheep hides which will then be processed for manufacturing low-tier scrolls." Demiurge clarifies.
Well, that sounds...kinda gross, and not very fun.
A deep bark rings out, and you eagerly sweep back the curtain of the carriage once more to see a large black dog bounding from the field to run alongside the carriage.
"A dog!" You squeal, and decide then that maybe your time here won't be so bad.
"Azazel," He corrects you. "He keeps the sheep in line and ensures none escape or become violent."
Did he seriously just say the sheep can become violent? From what you understand, sheep are one of the most docile farm animals one can have.
"The sheep are violent?"
"Potentially, yes. As are most animals unwillingly kept in captivity."
Unsure of how to even respond to his assessment of sheep, you are relieved when the carriage finally rolls to a halt. Demiurge is the first to step out, and you hear him mutter a command in a foreign language to the canine. You exit shortly afterwards, and Azazel steps forward from the demon's side to nudge his narrow muzzle beneath your hand.
"Can I pet him?" You ask.
"You may." Your Master gives you permission.
You scratch his head and kneel down to his level, and then he licks your face.
He stands on long, powerful legs and has a compact but substantial body. His coat is short, sleek, and glistening black like a raven's wing but marked with rust red. His ears stand tall and erect and his tail is shortly cropped into a wagging nub.
"I've never seen a dog like this. He's so pretty!" You gush.
"I am not surprised- he is not a commonly kept breed. He is a Doberman, bred to guard and protect. They are employed mainly as attack dogs."
Oh, shit.
"He's an attack dog?"
"When he needs to be." Demiurge says simply. "Come. I will show you your room and where you will be performing your duties.
The Devil utters another command to Azazel, who sits by the front door while he guides you into the cottage, which smells dusty and ancient. The furniture is minimal and well-worn, and the walls mostly bare, save for an old grandfather clock stationed between the den and kitchen.
You can read chapter 1-32 here:
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the-blind-geisha · 15 hours ago
Oof. Kitten mc and owner demiurge is something I never knew I needed until now XD
A lot of fun to be had. ;P
He can even tie a leash to her collar and pull it to guide her where he needs/wants her to go. Demiurge would no doubt demand 'licks' in certain places.
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the-blind-geisha · 17 hours ago
"his wingspan might be a way to impress certain mates" So if you compliment his wings he will take it as a good sign or invitation maybe?
Both, depending the situation. ;)
A good sign is if he's doing the 'mating dance' but an invitation is when he thinks he has her already.
His wings, I have a high fixation on already. I see them as being insanely strong to the point he'd wrap his loved ones in his wings to protect and shelter them. Also, being someone who wants to marshal the skies, he needs strong wings that he can give to his babies so they can join him in flight too.
He wants his mate to be impressed with them and know that their babies will possibly get his strong and impressive wings.
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the-blind-geisha · 17 hours ago
The thing with Demiurge curling his tail around a part of the Mc is cute. Do you think he can feel it being touched?
I'd like to believe he can feel intense sensations through his tail. I even like to imagine the underside is super sensitive to the point it's easy to get him aroused if you touch him there. Of course, he's not going to say this... the MC would just have to figure that out by accident if she happened to rub him there.
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the-blind-geisha · 17 hours ago
What do you think Demiurges reaction would be towards a SB mc if she asked him to use her as a chair (like the Shallchair scene)
To be honest, he wasn't certain how to feel.
Requested to sit on the back of a Supreme Being? It wasn't something he expected to hear from your mouth. But you requested it of him... should he say no?
Demiurge fixed his glasses, trying to regain his composure. “M-My Lady, I... to sit on you... I-I'm uncertain—!”
“Don't be so shy, Demi,” you whisper, taking his hands into your own. “I am askingyou to. It isn't like you're doing it against my orders.”
For him, as much of an honor as it was, it was also something he couldn't imagine doing. He didn't want to hurt you. He again, regained his composure. “Will you be all right? With my weight, I mean.”
You smiled, nodding. Your strength stats were high enough to handle his weight. Hardly did you feel frightened in the thought. “I wouldn't ask if I didn't know.” Turning on your heels, you moved to your hands and knees to prepare yourself just a few feet away from where he stood. “Go ahead. I'll be delighted to be your chair for a moment.”
Demiurge could hear how much you were enjoying this, making him swing his tail between his legs to hide any obvious signs of excitement. “A-At once, my Lady.” He hastened to where you had yourself presented, positioning himself just a bit and slowly lowering onto the middle of your back.
A moan and a gasp pressed from your lips making him hitch in breath, worry he had harmed you. “Are you all right, my Lady!” he exclaimed more than asked.
“O-Ooh.. n-never better,” you answered, enjoying feeling as he shifted ever slightly on your spine.
Demiurge moved his lower lip inward, a warm heat rising on his cheeks that signaled it was a blush. It was a warmth he was hardly used to unless in instances as these. They were very rare situations ever brought upon himself, but around you, he was beginning to recognize the foreign warmth.
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dabblingco · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“See, I'm the child of a witch and an android. I'm their wish come true. Bigger than magic, living information, retro-reincarnated in human form.”
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hotdemonspls · 22 hours ago
I feel like demiurge and the rest of the floor Guardian don’t know how to react to physical affection like they all seem to take small gifts and praise with a bit of a flustered overreaction.
So imagine the first time demiurge got hugged by his lady , I feel like he wouldn’t know what to do and he’s sit there with his arms hovering over there body but not actually touching them , he latter then brags about it to albedo and shalltear .
Tumblr media
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bunngygoblin · 22 hours ago
Could you tell us more about your OC’s personality and any headcannons you have about her and Dems relationship?
I have so many things in my head but nothing good comes out when i want it to so here is a few random things.
She’s morally neutral and her personality may be a bit different depending on who she’s around.
She enjoys sewing and uses her fur to make special wool for things, maxed out her cooking ability as soon as possible in the game and enjoys baking, loves gardening and has “special” plants in her garden that may or may not use people as food.
Typically anxious and fidgety around strangers and usually has Ainz or one of the others speak for her.
Like most rabbits she typically has an instant like or dislike towards a person she meets.
At times can also be a bit hypocritical and impulsive.
To those she sees as friends or even has a liking for, she will be very patient, kind and supportive and often gift them with personally made trinkets or treats.
Her rabbit instincts can cause her to be territorial and she will often scent what she sees of belonging to her, be it an item or a person. Because of this she will usually be physically affectionate with the gardiens and others and will make sure to rub them with the scent gland under her chin when hugging one of them as to mark her territory.
To those she believes is deserving of it, she can become very cruel and sadistic, a thing which Demiurge often encourages and enjoys to witness.
Demiurge is more dominant and is the one taking charge in the relationship and sees to it that things progress as he desires.
Because of their difference in personality and how they act towards each other, outside often assumed she Demiurge pet or servant.
The fact that she doesn't care and is fine with mixed bathing is something that Demiurge often takes advantage of.
Gifts are often exchanged between the two. Him often enjoying gifts of sweets and baked goods and her enjoying his morbid crafts of bone and skin.
With Demiurge being touched starved and Bun being physically affectionate, the two are often touching one another in some way.
She often steals his shirts.
Demiurge often insists on feeding her.
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
How do you think Demiurge would act with a more mentally unstable/unhinged Mc?
(Sorry for bombarding you with the asks recently!)
You're totally fine. xD I need it to take my mind off of things, so it's appreciated!
Demiurge would possibly do his best to calm her emotions and use them to his advantage.
If she wasn't part of his ranks or even in Nazarick but was super powerful, he would find a way to get her to be apart of Nazarick and use her as someone he could 'unleash' at random.
When it came to torture methods, he would encourage her to join him. However, he would have to make certain she didn't go too far depending the circumstances.
Demons delight in the pain and misery of others, so if he finds someone who is unabashed about all of this? Oh yeah, he's going to love it with every fiber of his being. ♥ He won't encourage them to get better, but get even worse.
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
Sorry the last ask was incomplete! I meant to say do you have any head-cannons on how Demiurge would act with the mc on her period?
Kind of random lol sorry
Tumblr media
To be honest, I don't have a list, but I know how he'd respond.
If it's a virgin female? He would have to really hide the fact he could smell it. Blood from a pure virgin (to show my fantasy occultism knowledge) is used to always summon demons because it entices them. Demiurge would no doubt be using his pocket handkerchief a lot around these times to try and not act on impulses.
If she's not a virgin? Doesn't matter, it'll have the same effect but not as severe. Blood of a woman in some occults is believed to be the strongest in using to summon demons regardless if they're a virgin or not in some cases. Their blood is considered holy to demons.
To avoid drawing attention to himself, he would probably fake cough and or look the other way to avoid being obvious. Possibly even quickly walking away from her or keeping at a distance to be respectful.
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sublimesummertime · a day ago
The fact that scratching something makes it itch more is a vehement monument to the fact that the Demiurge exists
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
Mc getting all blushy and embarrassed during the dom thing is probably just going to make Demiurge want to ravage her more. Being all cute and shit.
You know he would. After she's had her fun and he's had his, he'll turn the tables on her. Pin her down on the bed and go all feral. ♥♥
Her being cute trying to take on the dom role? No doubt it's his own secret fetish. Granted, he does just love seeing her being very exposed, weakened. ;)
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
That kink/fetish post you made inferring that Demi could be the master or the pet got me thinking of a really shy and nervous mc trying to be the dominant mistress because Demiurge wants to experiment by trying to submit to her for a change and her stuttering commands, avoiding eye contact, and getting all blushy while Demis is looking up at her From the floor, in a position of submission, smirking at how adorable she is 🤣
You had never taken on the dominatrix role before, but Demiurge was more than excited to see you try it. What could you say or even do? Trying to be forceful was hardly something you could do in-character let alone out of it.
He was enjoying it. Watching you squirm in such a new position was as enjoyable as it was adorable. Demiurge lowered himself further to the floor, trying to encourage you one way or another. “What is it you'd wish of me, my Lady? I am but a servant for you to command.”
Try to be mean. Try to be tough... Yeah... That's what he said. “I-umm...” You slapped the whip in your gloved palm, wondering how to really say or do this. Your eyes shifted away for a moment until you bit at your lower lip while forcing yourself to continue, “I-I want you to be my footrest!”
Demiurge lowered his head, stifling his small chuckle of amusement at you trying your best. He could easily admire that. “At once, my Lady.” It was there he took to his hands and knees, leveling his back so it would be easy for you to step on it if you so wished.
Moving your lower lip inward, you did what you could to raise one foot and step on the upper area of his back. With the heel you had on, you gently nudged it in between his shoulder blades.
“You can do it a little harder, Lady y/n,” Demiurge whispered, showing he was breaking character for the time being. “It won't hurt me. I promise.”
“O-Oh... y-yes, of course!” you stammered, nudging into his skin a bit harder to hear him moan and umph at the sensation.
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
Does Fem Dem also want lots of demonic spawn?
You know she would.
And I've made this no secret of mine, but given how Demiurge runs experiments, she would be able to take what she needs from the MC and herself to create their own babies with their conjoined DNA.
A lot of test tube babies. She'd be happy.
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
Lady Dems seems so cute to me because if her and mc are both women, I’d imagine she’d use that as an excuse to have lots of “girls nights” and to maybe justify some inappropriate behavior towards mc since they’re both females
Seeing you heading her way, she did her best to still her tail wagging but... it was a challenge. Demiurge crossed her hand upon her chest, bowing as she curled her obvious delight about her leg just a bit to still herself. “My Lady, I was curious if you would humor me for a moment?”
You paused, wondering what she could so want at this hour. It was a bit late and you were just trying to head off to eat dinner. “What is it, Demiurge?”
“I was wondering... I read up on something called a 'lady's night' in one of the books in the library.” Again, Demiurge tried to still her tail from wagging, merely wrapping it a bit tighter about her leg. “To my understanding, it is a time where ladies get together and enjoy in one another's company, am I correct?”
Yes, that was the gist of it. It wasn't something you did often when you were in the real world as you were a bit antisocial but it was something you liked to imagine doing with friends. “Well, yes, it's kind of like a sleepover too,” you explained.
“Sleepovers?” Demiurge's ears perked a bit.
“Oh, umm.. you basically spend the time talking about things, watching movies, eating snacks, and then you both go to bed in the same room.”
“Really?” The devil did her best to hide her smirk of showing this was coming together all too well. “Well, seems you've had a 'lady's nights' before, correct?”
You looked away, rubbing your upper arm in a fit of embarrassment. “N-Not really.”
That made the demon even more delighted. How wonderful. She could be the first. “Oh, well why don't we have such a time together?” She tried to hide the plotting grin a bit better, motioning down the hall where your room was. “How about it, Lady y/n? I will grab some food and get in my nightwear while you just go back to your bedroom, and we'll enjoy in this time there...” She paused, opening her jeweled eyes slowly. “...together.”
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
What do you think Co and Dems do/talk about when they hangout? I’d like to think they do other stuff together besides just hitting the bar.
I really think that whatever Cocytus likes to do, Demiurge will always support it. With Cocytus, it does depend as he has a more good nature moral whereas Demiurge doesn't.
I'd like to think they watch some stuff in the theater together if there are ever plays going on. They probably eat together and the like.
If Cocytus wants to spar, Demiurge will be happy to fight against him.
You know they talk about things they like and dislike together. Maybe even talk about people they have crushes on. (Though this probably happens at the bar).
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
You think Female Demiurge would be on the taller side like Regular Demiurge? If so....boobies in the face for the shorter MC's...
You know she would be--besides, she's got them heels. So she'd be maybe 6'1 with the heels if they be sharp and deadly. ;)
She'll gladly kneel down to pick up the MC to hug her right to the boobies too.
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bunngygoblin · a day ago
I wonna know how Dems tail functions. The way it moves reminds me of a cat at times but also a possum and the way it looks reminds me of a scorpion. Is that metal a type of plating or is it an exoskeleton? If its an exoskeleton does it shed like with scorpions? Does he have poison glands on the inside of the tail? Can his tail rust?
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the-blind-geisha · a day ago
Any headcanons about Demiurge's tail?
I have a few!
I assume that Demiurge's tail is actually an imp tail.
Because of this, his tail is poisonous. I said before that I like to think he keeps it off of the ground to avoid spreading poison everywhere as you'll notice he rarely keeps it on the floor. There are some scenes where it's on the ground but not many.
However, I was made aware that the tail is possibly armor plated (and not just a metal appendage)—thus, his real tail is underneath the metal. The armor might be what's containing the poison.
But, the spikes makes me think they could have poison on them to make it further deadly.
He wraps his tail about the tail of those he cares for as a means to be comforted or to comfort them.
If his lover doesn't have a tail, he wraps it about her leg or hips.
He uses it for a few fun NSFW things such as rubbing the MC between the legs to hint he can tell she's in heat or he's needy.
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