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#Delightful as usual
magnus-and-the-dragon · 6 hours ago
We’ve been doing a weekly produce box with a local farm, and I used some of this week’s produce to do a big veggie dinner.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Top is garden salad with romaine, carrots, cucumbers, blueberries, pecans, and a creamy poppyseed dressing.
Bottom is garlic toast, country-style green beans and potatoes, and sauteed beets, greens, and squash.
Everything was just so fresh and flavorful— one of my favorite ways to eat.
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mouisorange · a day ago
not an ask but , i love your giorno headcanons so much ( as you can see , i simp way too much for him ) , you seem so cool <<
Tumblr media
Thank you! I actually struggled a bit with them haha, the thoughts weren’t really translating onto words yknow? And don’t worry, he’s definitely one of my rotating favorites too— Though I do wanna mention that I am 17 (I put my age in my info/rules!), while I am perfectly okay with older folks interacting, I noticed that your rules say that you don’t want minors interacting with your content so I wanted to make sure you’re aware of my age just in case it makes you uncomfortable! 
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in-superbloom · 4 days ago
i just spent some good hours deleting some old social media accounts (and other stuff) that i don't use anymore, but that i used a lot back in the day and like. idk i'm just thinking about how there are certain things that can mean so much to us at some point, that you can't imagine your life without – and then some time later, deleting/excluding those things from your life actually feels quite liberating.
i'm not really going anywhere with this, i'm very sleep deprived right now so i'm sorry if you're reading this 🥴 i just wanted to express my happiness especially for deleting my facebook after postponing it for so long. bc for a period in my life, it was where i would spend most of time, and i made some great memories back then. but it was also the place where some bad things happened to me and i just wish i could delete those memories from my mind. guess deleting the account is the next best thing lmao
anyways. feel like some things are changing inside of me lately and i'm pretty stoked about it. doing a physical thing to get rid of an abstract thing feels like another step into the right direction. going to sleep feeling a bit lighter today 🌟
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rosefem · 13 days ago
a lot of the appeal, like most of what i talk about, of roman and tabitha's relationship is that like... it's very moving and poignant and is an excellent proper catalyst for parts of roman's character arc (whereas grace mentioned it like once and then was written off). but also it's extremely good on account of them both being horrible. it really is excellent rat bastard/terrible woman content
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teddybearsunflower · 17 days ago
eventually im gonna have a sdv playthru romancing most of the women i care about but until then i guess ill romance leah again
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spin-in-time · 18 days ago
Happy pride month everyone!! :D
So now during pride month, I'll be taking requests the whole month for pride icons!! Any lego show/franchises (and playmobil technically) is up! So if you're interested, feel free to send an ask or message me :)
(Sending a pic would be great but it's not necessary, flags can be multiple obviously :))
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theseerasures · 23 days ago
what’s most frustrating to me re: depictions of morally dubious characters who have been Hurt in some way, in discourse and fanfiction, is that the prevalent opinion is always that they need to realize EITHER that they’re not the worst people in the world and deserve love and comfort and care, OR that they need to get over themselves and start caring about the people they’ve hurt, when imo the two aren’t mutually exclusive. the overlap--and the conflict that results from said overlap--is where the most interesting character work is often done
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technothefruit · 27 days ago
wait holdup you got blocked for THAT? for your dilfza pride flag? god i wanna go on twitter just to mass post my entire dilfza legacy then dip and see how many people i can make block me if thats all it fuckin takes over there
EHELEVE IM ASSUMIN JUS DILFZA STUFF IN GENERAL???? i have barely tweeted it for so long cuz its Twitter n like. I cant think of anythin else usoshisdh. Cuz if they blocked me for the Other most likely thing a bein a techno fan then......... wellllll lets say its dilfza hsosbdjdbdd
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prydon · a month ago
Reading your 'Separate but Syncopated' fic:
Tumblr media
accurate depiction of me writing it too t b h. thank you sm for reading it, i'm glad you.... like (?) it haha. i know it's a lot of pain and ngl there's plenty more pain to come but i promise it'll all be worth it in the end!!!
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hwilcox · a month ago
When the first thunk against the shell comes, Nerd almost screams, shrinking back against the other side of it—or as far as they can get, at least—and glancing around the shell because the next one could come from any direction. And it does, not a second later, come from just behind their back. Another strike against the shell, another thing to make Nerd’s stomach jump into their throat, another thing to make them curl up and make themselves as small as possible.
They’re pretty sure they know what’s happening, is the thing. It’s just that it wasn’t supposed to happen. Birds. Another crack, and another, and then—
Light. A thin golden stripe on the opposite wall of the shell, let in by a barely-visible crack.
And suddenly they’re more terrified than they thought they were capable of anymore, because sound is starting to filter in, and it’s so loud, and they can’t make out anything in particular other than the fans roaring and the crows shrieking and—well. There’s some irony in the fact that the second Nerd knows they’re getting out, they’d rather do anything else but that, isn’t there? They’re not so far gone that they can’t appreciate that, are they?
Another strike. Another. And then the shell is breaking apart above them, one solid crack running down the center, and the birds stop, like they’re expecting Nerd to rip the shell up and take it from there. The crowd gets louder.
Inhale. Exhale.
They get to their feet, still crouching, and peer through the crack in the shell. Teal jerseys—are the Beams playing the Pies?—all at a safe distance still, no one approaching to help. Which is fair, Nerd supposes, even if it makes them want to sink into the field.
One. They get their hands in the big crack, trying to control their breathing.
Two. They push the two sides apart, squinting against the sudden light, and the shell crumbles like paper.
The fans are shouting as loud as they possibly can, but no one on the field says anything, doesn’t move or take a step toward them, like they’re not sure they’re allowed. Nerd turns, sees themself mirrored on the Jumbotron; they squint—they look so okay, from the outside—and turn back to the others.
“Can I—” Their voice breaks, raspy from literal years of silence, and just like that, the tension over the field breaks. Someone in a Pies jersey ambles over, offering a hand.
“C’mon, man,” it says, grinning easily. Nerd doesn’t know how genuine it is, but they appreciate it anyway. “Name’s Henry, but that makes me sound like a dick, so Hank’s good. Let’s get you cleaned up.”
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tj-crochets · a month ago
My job can basically be boiled down to data entry but one of the jobs I took over (because my boss didn’t like to do it) is updating the progress of every contractor that works with him on every job they are doing every day in our system. About a third of them will just email me updates when they start their day so I don’t bug them, another third will respond to the automated text I send out, but the other third ignore me. I now get to be as politely annoying as possible to get them to update me. Every day. This past week I’ve progressed from text to text + email to text + email + followup email and the next step is text + email + call + another email.  The ultimate step in being politely, professionally annoying is going to be texting, waiting an hour, emailing, waiting an hour, and then calling every hour after that until they respond. I did this a few months ago but we got a new batch of contractors since then and they haven’t learned. The old contractors are the ones that email me first thing in the morning so I don’t bug them, and we are all happy with that system lol
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seraphpng · a month ago
god, one good meal and my brain lights up like i'm remy the rat
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forcearama · 2 months ago
Kinda sad that the Obi-Wan show isn't set in between Obi-Wan's death and Anakin's death, because I would pay 3x more for Disney+ to get a series that's just Obi-Wan haunting the fuck out of Vader and making snotty commentary at him while he's trying to work and saucily prancing around looking 20 years younger (and possibly scantily clad) while Anakin does everything he possibly can to not react. Like, that's the entire show.
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