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tredmyth · 11 minutes ago
Hand gondolin Armor
Designed with the intent of age
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awkwardpaws · an hour ago
Tumblr media
This is Gabe the fae!! As some of you may know, when you eat a fae's food, they'll keep you trapped. Their food is delicious, even more so than other foods made from other species. This is in part due to their magic and their innate ability to cook. Those who eat a fae's food cannot wander too far from the fae, else they get locked in place. It is the fae's job to release those who eat their food. Those who eat regular food after eating a fae's food find that it tastes bland or different. Some fae choose not to release those who eat their food, keeping them captive. Gabe is one of many fae who don't keep those who eat his food captive!! Gabe is very careful about what he makes/who he cooks for. He rarely makes food, but when he does, it's too good to escape. He's good about releasing, but he cant always help what creatures eat the scraps/stick around. He finds that people tend to want to stick around, even w/out the food. Guess that's just the fae charm ✨
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mothrasperiodblood · an hour ago
Keep reading if you dare.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I present to you...
Another unusual creation...
Actually kinda cursed...
But it's...
takis girl kong yuh
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Who’s joining my live tonight? 9PM EST 🍆💦💋
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aypnds9261 · an hour ago
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GOD BLESS ALL ♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞MOTHERS. ALL MOTHERS ARE ♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞CREATIONS FROM ♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️CHRIST LORD. GOD BLESS AMERICA FOREVER AND EVER AMEN AND AMEN.
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pearbody-squareheads · an hour ago
9/05/21 (602 words)
114.711 words, 383 pages
Chest pains and short breaths, headache, ears hurting. My body has started to crumble like my brain
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faultyparagonfiction · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 7/13 Rating: Teen. Check AO3 for more comprehensive tags/warnings.
Summary: Qrow has lost too many people in his life. Just once, he wants to be able to save someone who could make his life- no, everyone’s lives- better.
With a deal from the Brothers and the Relics themselves, he might just be able to accomplish that.
-set in V7/V8, canon-divergent in V8.
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bythieves · 2 hours ago
today we think only of vic getting tugged down by the collar so his mom can reach to kiss his forehead, and of him still calling her ‘mama’, and of them curled up on the couch peacefully after vic has had a bad day
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valentinesparda · 3 hours ago
code vein deluxe edition on sale........but i can't convince myself to actually purchase it........
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thehottestmess · 3 hours ago
-Michelangelo, 1508
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dadilisto · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sýningin mín í Hannesarholti stendur til; 16. maí.….@hannesarholt_grundarstig10……Vinnustofan er opin á ýmsum tímum. The studio is open at various times just call GSM: 8977434……………👠 ☯🌀🇮🇸  @art__trend #dotpainting #IndieArtBlast #indigenousart #kunst #arts #fineart #finearts #art #kunst #abstract #arts #fineart #beauxarts #inspiration #artist #artwork #arte #iceland #creation #creativity #oilpanting #aqarelle #clacier
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chameleon777-me · 4 hours ago
Hello! Here is an awesome announcement about this Sunday's educational video! #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #comefollowme #hearhim #love #inspiration #motivation #mindfulness #meditation #joy #worthit #selfit #worthit #creation #divine #divinewisdom #educationispower #educateyourself #selflove #selfcare #higherpower #humanity #ponderings #selfawareness #selfawareness #
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abrosexualityy · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Abrosexual when you flunctuate between asexual, lesbian, pansexual
Flag creator: ChaoticLizzard on Reddit (February, 2020)
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leaflingsystem · 5 hours ago
how do qiuogenic systems exist??
you mean to tell me you dont know how your system formed? it formed from trauma, whether you remember said trauma or not. if you do not have trauma you cannot be a system
"there's nothing saying a system is formed only by trauma" there absolutely is, my friend. Yes, there are cases of systems existing when people don't remember their trauma, but they still have that trauma
a system is formed only before your brain has created a sense of wholeness or self. That can be at any age before the ages of 3-11. Those ages, especially when younger, may not be able to recall trauma, but it still had to have happened for a system to have even been formed
just because you don't remember your trauma doesnt mean you cant be a system, but claiming to not know how your system was created, to me, just seems like a way for endos to worm into real system safe spaces.
not remembering trauma is not the same as not knowing what happened. i knew i endured trauma of some kind long before i remembered what that trauma was. my brain couldnt handle not knowing and created alters to deal with everything for me
the point of alters is to deal with trauma. sometimes that means having alters made from media to cope or having alters based on your abuser to help you remember and cope. i have introject alters inspired by my abuser; yes that means these alters are abusive but i cant help it
i didnt make my alters by will; they were made for me. i have fictive alters based on characters from media i consumed when i was young to help me feel better about who i was and help me cope, i have little alters who are the age i was when i endured my trauma, etc.
youll notice these alters were all formed to help me cope and help me remember; that is the point of alters.
alters dont just form randomly unless trauma is brought back up; for instance, more alters of mine were formed during therapy for my trauma and in the cases of me remembering my trauma. This goes for othee systems with many alters as well
i feel like endos want to only roleplay these scenarios of having truama or friends and think its a fun thing to have- it isnt. my slters are not my friends and there is a scarce amount of them that i actually like. i only try to acknowledge those ones but i still have many
i also dont believe people who claim to have 100s of alters but dont remember their trauma; why did they form if you had scarce reason for them to?? anyway rant over i just absolutely despise people who want to have what i and many others have suffered with
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