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#Charles Blackwood
buppybucky · 11 hours ago
PAIRINGS! ex!dilf!bucky barnes x reader
SUMMARY! “then why do i still love you?” he asked, kissing you slowly.
WARNINGS! unprotected sex, 18+ minors dni, public sex kinda, oral (m rec), face-fucking, slight degrading, breeding kink, mentions of alcohol, reader almost passed out.
A/N! celebrate 600 followers with me and ex dilf bucky!
Tumblr media
bucky was on his way over to collect your daughter as it was his week to spend time with her. he told you he was taking her away to disney, you wanted to go but you didn’t want to impose and be rude.
you had your daughters bag packed with all her disney stuff and you had her dressed up beautifully. “mommy hurry oh my god!” your daughter, harlow, whined. “harry, calm down.” you giggled.
she whined louder and stomped her feet. “you act like this around daddy?” you stood up, taking her hand. she nodded and walked downstairs with you. “oh yeah? and daddy lets you?”
she nodded again and sat up on the couch. “and he gets me what i want, he says he’s a sucker for me.” she swung her legs around. you chuckled and grabbed her bag.
“well, daddy’s a sucker for anyone.” you joked as you handed her the backpack and put the small suitcase on the floor. “sometimes i hear daddy say he misses you.” harlow smiled up at you.
you froze before moving slightly and smiling down at her. “well, we all miss what we can’t have, darling.” you said, handing her a donald duck teddy bear. your daughter nodded and sighed.
“but daddy can have you, you always see him!” she protested, getting off the couch. you smiled at her and shook your head. you heard a knock on the door, making you smile.
you opened the door and invited bucky inside. “hey harry! how are you, my petal?” bucky bent down in front of his daughter, hugging her tightly. “i have coffee ready, if you want some?” you offered.
bucky smiled and nodded walking with you. “hey! mommy can come with us to disneyland, right?” harlow ran over to you two. you looked down at her and shook your head slightly.
you poured bucky a cup of coffee and handed it to him. “that’s a great idea harlow.” bucky looked at you with a smirk. you sighed before looking at bucky with a smile. “yeah, no i have work.” you said.
bucky frowned and grabbed your phone. “i’ll call your boss, give you a week off?” he smiled, opening your phone. you hated yourself for setting such an obvious password.
“fine! god i’ll go pack my bags.” you walked off in a huff as you went to your room. you grabbed another suitcase and threw your clothes in it quickly, walking downstairs.
harlow squealed as she hugged you tightly. “you owe me.” you said through gritted teeth as you lifted harlow up. bucky smiled and nodded, grabbing both of the suitcases and bringing them to the car.
if you had to be honest, you didn’t like bucky. you two had ended on good terms but you couldn’t stand being around him. he was so overly affectionate and touchy.
he didn’t make you uncomfortable in anyway, he was just too much sometimes. you were all in the car, harlow was asleep and you were clearly annoyed as you rested your head on the window.
“i know y’don’t like me anymore, but i still wanna try again, y’know, f’harlow.” bucky said, giving you a quick glance. “we already tried, four times, we aren’t right for each other.” you said plainly.
bucky sighed and stopped at a stoplight. “every time, y’left me because of some stupid reason like leaving the toilet seat up, you’re over agitated.” he said.
you chuckled to yourself, realising that he was completely right. “sure, whatever, but we aren’t dating, just friends.” you said, looking over at him. bucky smiled and nodded, starting to drive again.
you all quickly arrived at the disney princess hotel that bucky had booked. you walked into the reception with harlow on your waist and bucky taking the suitcases.
bucky checked in and brought you all up to the room. “i think i should tell you that there’s only two beds so.” bucky smirked as he opened the door. you didn’t care at this moment, you had a cinderella themed bedroom.
it’s like bucky planned it out, because he knew cinderella was your favourite princess. “it’s beautiful.” you whispered as you looked around. “good, y’here for a week.” he said as he dragged the bags inside.
you sat down on the bed and put harlow down. “i think we should sleep and then explore tomorrow?” bucky said as he started putting the clothes away. you nodded and lifted harlow.
“c’mon, doll, it’s time for bed.” you said as you took off her outfit, slightly disappointed that it wouldn’t be shown off. she whined and ran at bucky. “fine, dad can dress you.” you said.
you grabbed a pair of silk shorts and a tank top before walking into the bathroom. you walked back in and got into bed almost immediately. “night love.” bucky kissed your daughters head.
“mommy!” your daughter screamed. you groaned and got up, kissing her head. “goodnight princess.” you said, turning to see bucky in the same spot. you sighed and walked around the bed.
once you got in, you turned away from bucky and cuddled against the pillow. “friends cuddle, y’know.” bucky whispered, tapping your waist. as much as you didn’t want to, your body betrayed you and turned over.
bucky smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist. you put your head on his chest and took in his scent. bucky rubbed your head and kissed your forehead.
the next morning moved quickly, you were all in a rush, trying to get to breakfast, then drive to disney. you were now currently standing in line for the magic tea cups.
bucky bought you too many things that you swore you would pay him back. bucky held you close for the entire time, almost as if you were married again. you felt happy again.
you all came back after a long day of walking, harlow was dead asleep and you and bucky were tired. “how about we get some drinks?” he smirked as he cocked his head towards the door.
you looked down at harlow, there was no waking her up at all. you bit your lip before nodding and walking out with him. “do you have the room key?” you asked before the door closed. “yeah.” he answered quickly.
you two walked down to the bar, where you slung back too many drinks. you were sat at the bar, laughing at an old memory brought up. “i still can’t believe you fell down my stairs in front of my dad!” you choked out.
bucky threw his head back and he erupted in a loud laughter. “i was drunk and your father was up my ass!” he complained, leaning forward. you fell onto his lap in laughter at his stupid you were when you were teenagers.
“we were so good together.” bucky shook his head as he wiped the small tears under his eyes. you nodded and took another sip of your wine. “we were, it’s a shame we had to grow up.”
bucky sighed and looked at you in awe. “i don’t think growing up was our problem.” he whispered, putting the glass of whiskey down. you shook your head and put your wine down.
“it definitely was, bucky, we started dating at sixteen, we were young and didn’t know anything.” you said, shaking the wine slowly. bucky took the glass from your hands, putting it down.
you looked at him and sighed, watching him closely. “age wasn’t ever a problem, doll.” he stood up, standing between your legs. “we outgrew each other, buck.” you whispered.
bucky shook his head and put his hands on your face. “then why do i still love you?” he asked, kissing you slowly. you sighed and pushed him back. “buck, we’re friends.” you shook your head, standing up.
bucky whined and gripped your waist, pulling you in and kissing you again. you gripped his face and pulled him in closer. “bucky.” you mumbled, pulling away.
you looked into his blue eyes and placed your forehead on his. “let me take care of you, please.” he whispered. you licked your lips and nodded, kissing him again.
bucky put his hands on your ass and started walking forwards, while you were walking backwards. bucky gripped your ass, making you gasp. bucky took this chance to slide his tongue into your mouth.
bucky pushed you up against the wall and gripped your ass tightly. “if you two could like.. not.” a preppy teenager spoke from the reception desk. you pushed bucky away and finally took your breath.
“yep, yeah.” bucky spoke as he wiped the side of his mouth, smirking at you. you two walked to the elevators, immediately falling together as if you were both magnets. “fuck i love you so much.” bucky moaned.
your hands found his hair, which you gripped tightly, pulling on the roots. bucky’s hands travelled from your ass to your thighs, lifting one of your legs up to his hip.
the elevator came down and the doors opened, a ding telling you both to pull away and get in. you both walked in and sighed. “wait— shit.” you said, pushing bucky away, who was trying to jump your bones.
“what about harlow?” you asked as you whispered. bucky bit his lip before hitting the highest floor. you got a few floors up before bucky stopped the elevator between floors.
you shook your head and bit your lip. “now i can fuck you.” bucky smirked as he peeled off his shirt, throwing it up. you watched it as it landed on the camera.
bucky pulled off your clothes, following by him and pulled you in close. “you’re still as beautiful as i remember you.” he whispered as he kissed your shoulder.
you moaned softly and gripped his back. “get on your knees, pet.” he whispered, watching you get down immediately. you grabbed bucky’s tight boxers and pulled them down, letting him kick them off.
you wrapped your hand around the base of his cock before jerking him off slowly. “please don’t tease.” he begged, a loud whine leaving his throat. you smirked and kitten licked his tip.
you sucked on it softly before moving your head down. you felt him start to thrust slowly, his tip hitting off the back of your throat and making you gag. tears started to form in your eyes.
you moaned as you gripped his hips, allowing him to thrust into you freely. “fuck baby, i missed your little mouth.” he whispered, throwing his head back with a groan.
you hallowed your cheeks and rolled your eyes to the back of your head, loving the feeling of bucky using you to pleasure himself. “gotta be inside you.” he lifted you up.
you whined and fell back against the wall. bucky pulled down your pants and panties before lifting you up. you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck.
bucky positioned himself before sliding inside you. you arched your back and moaned out loud, wrapping your legs around his waist tightly. “fuck bucky.” you moaned.
bucky smiled and slowly thrusted into you, moaning out at your tightness. buckys hands found your ass and gripped it tightly. “y’feel so fucking perfect.” bucky slid his head in the crook of your neck.
your hands gripped on his t-shirt, pulling on it roughly. “fuck yes! oh you feel so good.” you moaned. bucky lifted your leg higher, sinking in deeper and bottoming out completely.
you cried out as he hit a certain spot you forgot existed. “bucky!” you yelled as you ripped the flimsy fabric of his t-shirt. bucky smirked at you and kissed you roughly.
you felt a small knot appear in your stomach, making you pull away and throw your head back. “that’s it, you’re so fuckin’ close i can feel ya.” bucky smirked.
you sighed and rolled your eyes to the back of your head, your mind going dizzy. your vision was blurry and you felt useless in your own body. “got ya all fucked out? hm? my dumb little baby looks so good.”
“fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” you moaned, clenching against bucky’s cock. the knot in your stomach continued to tighten. “gonna cum!” you screamed as you felt yourself let loose.
bucky threw his head back and moaned. “fuck, you’re milkin’ my cock, baby, so fuckin’ good.” bucky groaned. you bit your lip and watched him fuck your almost unconscious self.
bucky released inside of you, fucking his seed deep inside of you. “gonna make you a mommy again, a sexy mommy.” bucky whispered, leaving his cock inside you.
“i love you so fucking much.” bucky whispered, kissing you again. you smiled into the kiss and looked down at him. “c’mon, we need to check on harry.” you pulled away.
bucky nodded and pulled out, pulling up your panties and your pants. you felt bucky’s cum pool in your panties. bucky pressed the floor button again, pulling up his boxers and pants.
you smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “got ya dick whipped, hm?” he joked as he wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you in. you squeaked and put your head on his ribs as he walked.
you both entered the bedroom and checked on harry, who was still asleep. “hm, well, shower sex?” bucky asked as he walked into the bathroom. you smiled and walked in with him.
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The morning was the perfect time to be out in the garden. The sun was just coming up, droplets of dew still clung to the petals and leaves of the flowers, blooms slowly starting to open up. There was a peace in it that calmed Charles and allowed him to think and clear his mind. 
He walks through the garden with his cup of coffee, enjoying the soft breeze that ruffled his hair and made his flowers sway. In the distance he could hear the sounds of calls, people calling out to neighbors, but Charles ignores them. He prefered his quiet mornings with coffee and his flowers. People and the world could be so tiresome at times.
He walks over to the swing and takes a seat, looking out at the flowers that he tended to carefully and helped grow. Summer mornings, he loved them, he enjoyed them. 
He lifts his coffee cup to his lips, taking a drink as he sits and thinks. As he plots.
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simplybombshell · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Seb Insta  pt 2
all gifs made from scratch by me. Please like/reblog if using or find helpful.
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hereforstan · a day ago
Tumblr media
made some quick sketches of our amazing sebastian stan ,i feel so lucky to live in the same time as him and witness his incredible talent on screen
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uncafeavecbarnes · 2 days ago
Masterlist : Charles Blackwood
Tumblr media
|| One Shots ||
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sunsetbarnes · 2 days ago
something I admire about sebastian stan so much is that he really listens when someone is talking to him whether that be a friend, an interviewer, a fan, whoever it is he always sort of leans forward or tilts his head, holds eye contact, properly listens to what they’re saying and he always takes his time with his answers and understands the question. And anytime he’s not understood the question or not been listening properly he always apologises so politely and makes sure he understands it and answers it for them properly. also knowing that he is quite a shy person & can get uncomfortable in those types of settings makes this even more wholesome and important to note because that is HARD lemme tell you!! he’s such a special human being we are so blessed to have him🥺
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happygowriting · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can't fit all of them on here so I'll reblog with the rest but I really loved making all these! Jo is such a doll and commissioned me to make her new dividers for her masterlist!
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simplybombshell · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Seb Insta  pt 1
all gifs made from scratch by me. Please like/reblog if using or find helpful.
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the-iceni-bitch · 4 days ago
Oh lord, the wheels of fortune are
1. Impact Play
2. Charles Blackwood
3. Lie down and shut...
Tumblr media
Oh shit! My first one and this is so good! This is gonna be filthy! Especially since I'm gonna make this stepdad!Charles
No minors!!
Tumblr media
Maybe you shouldn't have been such a massive tease, but fuck if you didn't love tormenting your stepfather when you got stuck at these stupid society events.
You'd spent the entire garden party giving him little peeks of an extra few inches of skin. Bending over your croquet mallet nice and slow until he could catch a hint of the lacy thong you were wearing. Reaching across the table to grab a pastry and giving a view right down the front of your blouse.
But the thing that pushed him over the edge was when you started flirting with that trust fund moron who had been fawning after you for weeks. Hearing that lilting laugh when the idiot started mouthing at your ear and curled his hand around the small of your back made his vision turn red, shoving your drunk mother off him and storming towards you with a scowl on his face.
He knocked his shoulder into yours on purpose and smirked when the jackass spilled his drink all over you.
"Oh no, sweetheart, we don't want that to stain." You didn't get a chance to respond before he was dragging you inside with purpose.
Before you knew it he had you pressed against the kitchen counter, one hand shoved inside your bra and tugging on your nipple harshly while the other pressed against the sodden lace that covered your core.
"Soaked like a fucking whore." He growled, rolling your earlobe between his teeth as he continued rubbing his fingers over your swollen cunt through your panties. "That pretty boy get you all worked up?"
"Yeah, he offered to take me to his family's private island." You purred when he skimmed his teeth over the curve of your neck. "Just think, two full months of sex that doesn't involve having to sneak around. What do you have to offer, daddy?"
"You fucking brat." He moved a hand to curl around the back of your neck and slammed your face into the counter. "Teasing me all fucking afternoon like I'm not gonna do anything about it. Lie down and shut up."
Your sassy retort was muffled when he ripped your panties off and shoved them into your mouth, yanking your skirt up around your waist and groaning when he finally caught sight of your dripping cunt. He had your head bent at an angle that made it impossible to see what exactly he was doing, but you clenched around nothing when you heard him rifling through one of the drawers.
The first smack of the wooden spoon against your ass made you jump. He was brutal, bringing the utensil down on your flesh at a vicious pace that was making you sob around your panties. Normally he'd make you count them out, but the thought of you letting that rich idiot put his hands on you made him furious.
He'd lost count, but he must have smacked that spoon against your ass at least 25 times. You had to stretch your hands over the counter and grip the opposite edge, your snot and tears pooling on the chilly marble and smearing over your face when you rested your cheek on the countertop when he finally finished.
There was only a moment of relief for you before you heard the clink of his belt and then he was splitting you open on his thick cock, taking absolutely no care for the tender flesh of your ass.
"That's it, fuck." The tiny whimpers that were escaping around your panties were just making him even more feral. "Christ, love when you turn into a stupid cockdrunk bitch. Where's that smart mouth now, princess?"
He plucked your panties out of your mouth and grinned when your only reply was a wanton moan. You arched back into him when he wrapped his fingers in your hair and started yanking you down on his cock until he felt you start to flutter around him.
"Aww, you gonna come like a good little slut for your daddy?" He mocked, curling over and running his tongue over your cheek. "C'mon, sweetheart, cream all over my cock."
As soon as he gave you permission your entire body seized with pleasure. Charles covered your mouth with his and swallowed your harsh cry, moaning while your pussy fluttered wildly around his cock as he kept fucking you through it. It only took another stuttered jerk of his hips and he was pulling out of you with a grunt, jerking his fist over his length until he was shooting thick ropes of cum all over your swollen pussy.
"Just look at that pretty cunt." He ran his fingers through your folds to smear his cum over your sensitive skin, chuckling at the gasp you let out when he teased them over your clit. "You tease me like that again and I won't let you come for a week. You're mine."
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the-iceni-bitch · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
✨You guys!!!!! ✨
It is still so weird to me that so many of you have followed my freaky blog. I cannot believe that 3000 of you are into the nasty shit I churn out!
To celebrate, I’ve decided to do a little drabble request extravaganza.
Here’s some rules for those of you who want to play:
First spin the kink wheel! You can pick up to two kinks per request
Then spin the character wheel! If your kinks lend themselves to more than one character you can obvs pick more than one 😉
Last, the prompt wheel! There’s a butt load so you can pick three dialogue prompts per request!
Once you’ve got your results, send me an ask (anon or not) and I’ll churn out a drabble with them! (Or as close to a drabble as my no chill ass can do) and if you want me to write for one of my established couples just let me know 😉
I’m not gonna give a definitive timetable for how fast I’ll churn these out, but I promise I’ll get to all of them as fast as I can! I will also post when I’m closing the requests.
Love and appreciate all of you babes!!! 💖💖💖
Tagging some lovelies who may be interested:
@starlightcrystalline @stargazingfangirl18 @msmarvelwrites @sweeterthanthis @afriendlyblackhottie @gotnofucks @wayward-blonde @cockslut-padalecki @chrissquares @drabblewithfrannybarnes @donutloverxo @ghotifishreads @ozarkthedog @labella420 @babyboibucky @babiiface95 @chubbybuckydumpling @slothspaghettiwrites @jack-skellingtons-stuff @anthonyjanthony666 @captain-asguard @angrythingstarlight @navybrat817 @diaryofabeautyfiend @kristopbishta @hevans-angel @bonkywobble @a-little-counter-esperanto @angrybirdcr @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @thedarkplume @saint-bvcky @addikted-2-dopamine @januarystears @foxgloveprincess
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klmurr · 4 days ago
Can I request with Charles Blackwood where reader and him are laying in bed and charles is taking to someone on the phone and reader starts to teasing him. Then Charles starts fucking her hard once he is off the phone.
i actually don't take requests, but i do have some wips percolating in my onedrive, so more content is on the way!
He Comes To You When He Wants You (Charles Blackwood x Reader)
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stargirl25 · 6 days ago
Photos taken from @yawchannel instagram account. Go check them out for amazing posts of Sebastian.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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