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#Cassandra clare
thetimetraveler24 · 2 hours ago
30 Day Book Challenge
Day 06 - A book that makes you sad
Oooh. I don’t usually get emotional with books or anything but there are a few that manage to hit me.
Sadness in terms of “oh my god this is horrible that this happened and holy crap I can’t even imagine going through this; this actually happened to people” I would say Between Shades of Gray which is about the Lithuanian genocide. I had never even heard about this before reading the book.
Sadness in terms of “I may just start crying because this is beautifully sad” would be Clockwork Princess. You know that scene with Will when he realizes that the Parabatai bond is broken. Yeah. That’s the one. Just in general you want to cry the whole time because Jem freaking Carstairs.
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spectraflicker · 5 hours ago
Malec crisis!
Sometimes I get really sad because there isnt nothing new to read about the Lightwood-Bane family so I go through all the malec moments from TMI to TDA and TEC and it makes me even more sad. 
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cordeliasblackthorn · 5 hours ago
Guess who’s getting a fearless rune tattoo tomorrow 🥳
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spotsandclawsthings · 5 hours ago
I was looking that previous post i made and I had a thought and update about it
Tumblr media
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darkxlya · 6 hours ago
Any post ever: "Magnus"
Me: ok, before we continue, are we talking MagnusxAlec or MagnusxAlex?
Cause I need to adjust the settings in my brain before imagining your HC
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lordelovelace · 7 hours ago
christopher and grace scene in the lab is something that can be so personal to me, the way both of them understood and saw each other clearly, how christopher didn't feel like he had to filter the things he said and how grace remembered how he talked to her as an equal when he gave her a ride home in chog <3
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tscclace · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
He bent to kiss her, cupping her face with his free hand. Their lips touched, lightly at first, and then with a stronger pressure. It was at precisely that moment that Simon threw open the bedroom door and stepped out into the hall. He was blinking and tousle-haired and without his glasses, but he could see well enough.
“What the hell?” he demanded, so loudly that Clary leaped away from Jace as if his touch burned her.
-City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
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queenungraceful · 11 hours ago
Do you think that Cassie ever went on Tumblr and saw one of our headcanons or something like that and went “hmmm that’s a good idea lemme use that”
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thatfantasynerd10 · 14 hours ago
Thinking about how Will Herondale scorned A Tale of Two Cities, but started loving it because of Tessa. HE ENVIED SYDNEY CARTON???? BECAUSE HE COULD TELL LUCIE OF HIS LOVE FOR HER??? EVEN IF THE ONLY THING HE COULD DO TO PROVE HIS LOVE WAS TO DIE???
and how Will would have died for a chance to tell Tessa that he loved her. HE THOUGHT SYDNEY WAS FREE, AND HE WISHED FOR THAT SORT OF FREEDOM.
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carolinegillespieart · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can't help but make comics about Alastair, there's so much material 😂 He is, of course, from The Last Hours series by @cassandraclare
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the-dark-artifices-tree · 15 hours ago
*Cassie when making jules*
Cassie: let’s add a little ✨SPICE✨
*tips entire bottle*
Cassie: oh well
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paperbacktomes · 15 hours ago
It was always strange to be surrounded by a humanity that did not see you.
Cassandra Clare, Chain of Gold
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queen-freya · 16 hours ago
To Cassandra Clare fans...
Okay, so I want to read the Dark Artifices. I have read the Mortal Instruments but about seven years ago, so I remember bits but not all the details of the series. If I read the Dark Artifices will it make sense or do I have to re-read TMI first?
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