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fantasmavoid · a day ago
Sekiro or DS3
New horror or old familar
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tulakhord · 2 days ago
What gaming setup do you use?
hi anon! well, a lot of my recent gaming has been on my nintendo switch tbh. (breath of the wild, fire emblem 3 houses, hades, spiritfarer, stardew valley, etc.)
other than that, you should absolutely not do what i do, which is to have installed most of yr video games on either a 2013-era windows bootcamp’d imac (needed for a job i no longer work at, and now a very poor gaming machine) or your mac laptop. (macos = not good for gaming and $$$, do not do this.) 
i desperately need to update my gaming desktop to a proper custom build, but the fact of the matter is that there has not been an AAA game to force the issue yet. (mass effect legendary edition may tempt me into it eventually but it’s not gonna be a day one purchase for me, so... also i played the first two entirely on a laptop with a trackpad so my standards, they are low.) 
imo you can generally just start with what you have and then only worry about having a proper setup when yours stops working, but i’m sure others would disagree. most of the games i’ve been playing recently that aren’t on switch run perfectly well on my laptop so, that’s where i’ve been recently. (the sims, baldur’s gate, stardew valley again, crusader kings, frostpunk, divinity original sin, pillars of eternity, etc.) 
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theplaystationbrahs · 2 days ago
Corsair CEO Confirms SCUF Controllers Will Come to PS5
Corsair CEO Confirms SCUF Controllers Will Come to PS5
There’s not doubt about it: Sony is damn proud of the DualSense controller. Their next-gen controller is easily the best they have ever offered since joining the gaming market. They’re so proud of the DualSense controller that it’s the only way you can play PS5 games. So that means all those extra DualShock 4 controllers and expensive 3rd party controllers you invested in will only work with PS4…
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platformdecentral · 2 days ago
Buy the new Xbox Wireless Controller in Daystrike Camo here
Buy the new Xbox Wireless Controller in Daystrike Camo here
Microsoft has announced a new Xbox Wireless Controller, adding to the five existing colors below. What is the new color? Daystrike Camo and we have provided links to all six new Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controllers (compatible with Xbox One/S/X). Pre-order you Daystrike Camo Xbox Wireless Controller today to get yours before anyone else. Visit the De.Central Gaming Hub All six new Xbox Wireless…
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roguetoo · 3 days ago
History of Game Controllers
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blackmotionsoup · 5 days ago
I am suddenly overcome by a burning desire to play The Wind Waker, if I don't get to sail that talking boat around the ocean soon I may actually perish
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bezdddakota · 5 days ago
My ps4 controllers wouldn’t sync up and I had already went through the 5 stages of grit before I realized I just needed to unplug the console for 3 minutes.
I was so ready to fully hate The Last Of Us 2 and work on my letter to Naughty Dog because ever since I bought that game, my ps4 hasn’t been acting right. 
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carmenpeach · 5 days ago
i always forget about games im in the middle of or almost done with and then have to completely relearn the controls like. just make every control tbe same its not that hard
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cosmic-connor · 6 days ago
ive never played battle for bikini bottom actually but ive heard great things about it and ive got my laptop back... so....
#connor talks#im gonna finally get a usb so i can actually use my fuckening controllers lol#gamecube mechanics with a keyboard is ass#i played that one playstation one game when i was a kid... and maybe actually that one too at a cousins house like ONCE?#i cant remember i know it was spongebob and 3D tho#the 2d playstation 1 game was hard as fuck i remember not getting ANYWHERE#GOD what was it that my cousins had... man i miss that. going into someones basement and finding a PS2#game consoles dont hit like they used to#i miss wired controllers and i SHOULDNT!!!! they suck and theyre a pain in the ass but theres something so lovely about them...#remember all the uncomfortable positions at the end of the couch trying to reach??? remember falling off the edge of your bed???#the pain of a sibling walking in front of you and detaching fucking ALL of it???#literally im going to kill my brother if he ever throws out the ps2 i dont think he will but like#my siblings do this thing where theyre like. no you dont have claim over this communal thing from our childhood#but also i dont want it so im gonna give it away without asking you if you want it#i almost strangled my dad when he said oh yeah we had an n64 but i got rid of it when you were like 4#W H Y????????????????#my sister almost tossed a dozen wii games moving into her new place like NO!#im gonna hide the gamecube... we dont have a memory card and like only have one game rn#because all the stuff we had was at my moms and well yknow#but if someone gets rid of it ill scream my head off
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touhoutunes · 6 days ago
Title: Soul of Chaos
Arrangement: 徒桜
Album: Soul of Chaos
Circle: Reset All Controllers
Original: Heian Alien
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joker711sblog · 7 days ago
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safyresky · 7 days ago
Which of the Legates, or even Council members, is most likely to own a Nintendo Switch? (Finally broke down and bought one, and I'm loving Luigi's Mansion 3!)
I bet Mother Nature owns one, you know she unwinds with some animal crossing and terraforms the CRAP out of her island! Makes it look like one giant garden! And I bet she designs the BEST things. Like, everything. Clothes, fans, pathways, that’s right up her ally!
Jacqueline definitely has one! She’s a fiend for smash bros >:) Myles probably has one, too, and Olivia! But she has a lite, not the full on switch lol.
I could see Charlie owning a switch, too! Dite’s more of a ps4 person and uses Jacqueline's switch when there’s switch games she wants to play. And Xander probably is all about pc gaming and I bet he has a bitching gaming PC that Myles probably built with him!
I haven’t played Luigi’s mansion 3 yet!! My sister has it and if I ever get to see her at all sometime soon, I may steal it from her. Smash is a LOT of fun with friends. It’s my favourite time waster to play with pals! Pre-pandemic, of course. Man, I’m tired.
hbu? any legends you see owning a switch? >:) Also, hi!! lovely to hear from you!!!!! :D can I add u as a pal on my switch????????
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gloomypuppeteer · 8 days ago
I like fidget cubes but only the parts that feel like video game controller buttons
Thanks for coming to my ted talk
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strangedreamerprince · 8 days ago
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MIA Ventilation HVAC Systems Controller Board PM2.5 CO2 TVOC Humidity Temperature Tuya Smart Wifi Remote Controller
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