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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
whoopsidaises · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
“butterflies” by odilon redon (c. 1910)
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robinrobertis · 3 hours ago
Just relax my friend . . . #relax#yogateacher#shotoniphone#creativephotography#motiongraphics#theappwhisperermovies#yogaeverydamnday#meditation#butterflies
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gogynist · 4 hours ago
tubbo should be the official tour guide of the dsmp. he has been a part of every single major event on the server and knows all the details, his character and story is so important to what the server is today.
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purpleadorableps4friend · 10 hours ago
The waterpark was pretty nice so far. The archway Rival was walking through with the rest of his group had plants and flower bushes lining the walls and entrances off to the sides as they headed to one of the food courts. Orange-ish light lit up the place prettily, and Rival saw some butterflies flying in.
Protagonist suddenly stepped closer to him, grabbing his hand tightly. "What was that?" he asked quietly, eyes flitting up to catch the movement of the insects.
"Uhm," Rival drawled out, "it's... obvious?"
Protagonist let out a tiny squeal as one of the butterflies flew closer to him. His other hand fisted Rival's shirt. Then it clicked.
Rival pursed his lips to hide a smile. "Are you scared? Of butterflies?" he teased.
Protagonist didn't try to glare, looking to the side as they walked through the archway. The others didn't seem to notice, more focused on the butterflies. One person was already taking pictures. "Shut up," he mumbled.
"Mmhm, pretty brave thing to say to your boss, Protagonist," Rival pushed. Protagonist's grip on his damp shirt tightened.
A butterfly flew closer to Protagonist's face. He squealed louder, burying his face into Rival's chest.
"Is there a butterfly on me?" Protagonist's voice was a little muffled.
Rival blinked once. He felt a little warm despite his damp clothes. "What?"
"Is there a butterfly on me, Rival," Protagonist repeated, voice a little louder. His hands were on Rival's back now, but he could feel them shaking.
"Uhm." Rival watched a blue butterfly fly and land on Protagonist's hair. It looked pretty. "There is now."
He saw Protagonist's body tremble, arms pulling them closer. "Take it off. Please."
Oh. Rival disentangled one of Protagonist's arms, gently entwining their hands together. "Hold still, okay?" he asked. Protagonist nodded, squeezing his hand just for good measure. Rival picked up the butterfly on his finger and flicked it, letting the insect fly away. "It's gone now," he said.
"Are you sure?" Protagonist asked quietly, but his grip on Rival's shirt loosened a tiny bit.
"Yeah, you can let go now," Rival said. Protagonist let out a deep breath, moving his face away from his chest. "The butterflies are probably from the garden. You won't see them again."
"Okay." Protagonist nodded, squeezing Rival's hand. "Thanks."
Rival still made sure to not let go of Protagonist's hand until they reached the food court.
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cleanbed · 18 hours ago
charis my darling friend how has ur day been ::) today i went out a lot and got some rlly pretty wild flowers<3 n what is ur favorite wilf flower wild were on the topic ::) im pretty keen on buttercups and sweet peas myself 🌼🌼
awe!!! butterfly weeds are my absolute fav i love them sm for so long <333 i didn’t even know they had such a pretty name till now!! i’ve just been callin them mini bouquets bc they look like mini bouquets in bunches 💐💐
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yeszirr · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
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eclipse42logo · 22 hours ago
Butterfly logo. Butterfly logo for sale. Logo is created with lines forming a butterfly that has a heart incorporated into design. Color is red gradient.
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original-paintings · a day ago
Tumblr media
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original-paintings · a day ago
Tumblr media
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nej79 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Watercolor Butterflies
About the Product
A Set of 27 individual hand painted watercolor cliparts, ready to use for any designproject you need: logo design, stationery, art prints, textiles prints, overall patterns, packaging designs, DIY projects and more. 
All artworks were originally hand painted, scanned and converted into digital files. The White paper background was removed carefully.
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