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#But that's because I was really sick throwing up
flowers-inthepieshop · 50 minutes ago
Havana 5
“So what do you have in the way of drinks here?”
Marya’s kitchen was huge. The floor was checkered black and white, little flowers grew in the window, and it smelled like sugar. There had to be something, somewhere. Hélène was parched after the long walk she took with Natasha.
“You don’t mean alcohol, do you? Because I don’t keep that in the house.”
“Not what I meant, although it’d be nice,” she said, eyes meeting Marya’s in a little smirk.
“Well, you can throw away those hopes and dreams. All I have is leftover tea.”
Hélène’s shoulders slumped in disappointment. Tea was okay, but it wasn’t fun. It wasn’t fizzy, it wasn’t minty, it didn’t particularly taste like anything. Walking with Natasha had made her expect something... a little more exciting. And Hélène didn’t know why, but she really wanted to do something exciting with Marya in particular.
“Tea is fine,” she said, attempting indifference.
“Good. Meet me out on the patio, I’ll ice some up.” There was no smile on her lips, but Marya’s eyes seemed to glint with some kind of anticipation, though Hélène couldn’t say for the life of her what it was. They’d barely spent two days together, but she could already sense a kindred spirit, an Alma Gemela, who knew all too well the game that they had to play, and who was sick of games. But tea and serious talk didn’t seem so bad on the patio.
Sunset was falling. The sky was hazy, blurring a tangerine glow that Hélène had seen so clearly the night before. Dragonflies flitted near the little bluebells that Sonya had planted that spring. Was every night in Atlanta this uniquely romantic, this sweet and orange-tinted and warm? The cloying heat Hélène was so used to was nowhere to be found.
Marya’s face appeared in the doorway. Apparently Hélène had taken more time than she had thought.
“Here, have a sip,” Marya said, sitting down in the chair right next to her. Two icy-cold glasses sat on the table, a slice of lemon in each one. “It didn’t take too long to make. I hope you like it.”
One sip was enough for Hélène’s tastebuds to explode in a burst of unexpected sweetness. A little sugar in tea was expected, but this was something else entirely. Before she knew it, Marya’s face and dress were covered in cold tea.
“I am so sorry-”
Hélène’s shocked pause only gave way for her to see Marya’s bemused smile.
“Not used to sweet tea, are we? Natasha introduced me to it, and there was a bit of that shock, but you’ll like it just as I did...”
“Did you... trick me? Into drinking tea?”
The dimple on Marya’s cheek grew as she smiled even wider. How long had that been there? It served only to make her look even more beautiful.
“And what if I did?”
“Well, I would say,” said Hélène with a laugh, “That you are some kind of lady, Mrs. Marya Akhrosimov.”
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melancholy-pal · an hour ago
Are my issues worth looking into?
Hi, I'm 19F. I live in the UK. I have what seems to be touch aversion, struggle with eye contact, and sometimes can't read the room very well. I also talk to myself a lot, I really can't help it - I need it to organize my thoughts. I am very accustomed to my own company, only socializing when needed. I've always struggled making friends but I've kind of accepted it now.
Even trying to be in a romantic relationship is just sensory overload. The only relationship I was in ended because I cried every time we met up and touching was so hard. His parents even wanted him to break up with me at one point because I couldn't maintain eye contact. Even when liking someone I am in a state of cognitive dissonance - I like you but the thought of touching you makes me want to throw up. It makes me a bit sad sometimes but I've kinda learnt to deal with it.
However, my mother has expressed concern about my behavior. She sat me down a few weeks ago complaining about me talking to myself a lot, especially at night. She says it freaks out my dad (who has started living with us again recently). She has even now started trying to get me to look at her in conversation. She says my father gets upset when I recoil when he tries to touch me. I just feel sick. She say her friends think I behave strangely towards them. My mother is not the first person to bring this up. Countless school reports over the years have complained but I was so depressed in school that I focused more on my work to cope.
I just don't really know who to talk to about it. Even my primary school, when I was about 7, tried to investigate these things when I was young but my dad was reluctant.
I don't want my mum to worry about me anymore or feel frustrated at my own behavior.
I don't really know who to talk to or where to go or whether this is worth investigating.
submitted by /u/olluie [link] [comments] from Mental Health
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enchantechante · 4 hours ago
I'm going to chime in about the previous anonymous person who's ex measured their worth based on if their credit is high or low...WHAT SANE PERSON DOES THAT????Omg.I get it,having good credit can help in a lot of ways but how in the flying fuck can somebody just throw someone away like they're a piece of trash because their credit isn't high like a giraffe's ass?
Dude totally lost his marbles.Lately I see so much about that online plus more like...If your credit not good or you don't have your own business/multiple side hustles,own real estate/properties,rocking the latest expensive trends and going out the country every other week and posting each move you make on the internet then you're just a pathetic person with a shitty life.LIKE,WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?
It takes time to do ALL of that.Good credit doesn't happen over night etc.
Their ex is a douche.I get so sick and tired of people who make other people feel bad especially for dumb shit.Not cool at all yo.He did her a major favor by hauling ass.Watch,his next chick gonna use him and probably be with him for materialistic reasons and he'll be thinking about the amazing anon he did
no lies detected! lol
i love how my anons support one another! it's really sisterhood oriented up in this inbox 😂😍
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lawliette · 5 hours ago
satosugu + spooning at night and feeling for each other in the dark please, if you're still taking requests
satosugu + spooning at night + feeling for each other in the dark
His eyes hurt. The vacant, unblinking stare fixed on the ceiling is a reservoir for the days upon days worth of lost sleep and paranoia and figures at the corner of his eye catching up to him. It’s not real, Satoru knows it isn’t. (He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s fucking dead. You made sure of that. He’s not coming to hurt you or anyone you love ever ag—) Even so, that doesn’t really seem to make a difference when he’s waking up for the umpteenth time, screaming and unable to breathe. 
So, Satoru figures that, naturally, the solution to that is to just not sleep for as long as possible. He hasn’t voluntarily allowed himself to sleep in about three weeks, ever since the Amanai incident, but the physical limits of his body catch up to him sometimes—he’s still working on that. His eyes burn with every blink and there is a dull ache permeating outwards from behind his eyes, like dark vines spreading out, each of their spindly extremities branching and multiplying. 
The door to his dorm room creaks open. There’s moonlight streaming in through the blinds on the window but it doesn’t do much to illuminate the room, so all Satoru sees is the vague outline of a figure. He doesn’t need to see more than that, however—he’d know Suguru deaf and blind.
Suguru stands there a while, stance unsure, shoulders curling into himself, before he finally moves forward and sits at the edge of Satoru’s bed. There’s space on it for him already, because even if Satoru isn’t sure quite when, somewhere along the lines, one side of his bed had become ‘Suguru’s side’. There will always be space on it for him.
Suguru pulls up one leg at a time. Then he crashes straight down by Satoru’s side. Satoru moves then, turns over on his side to face Suguru’s back, snakes an arm over him even if he can’t see anything, feels Suguru folding into himself further.
Neither of them speak. It’s past midnight and the wind outside the windows is shrieking and rattling the window frames, and the silence doesn’t break until Satoru feels Suguru shudder a little underneath his arm.
“Bad day?” he murmurs. The correct question to ask here would be ‘worse than usual day?’, actually, seeing how both of them had been having a series of bad days lately, but oh, well.
Suguru tries to laugh but it turns into a sniff halfway through. “I guess you could say that.”
“You had to leave for a mission today,” says Satoru, more as a statement than a question. “How'd it go?”
Suguru sighs. “It went good, Satoru. It always goes fucking good.”
Ah, Satoru thinks, a frown growing on his face, so that’s how it is. Suguru’s voice is hoarse, like there’s sandpaper in his throat, and his hair is wet on his shoulders, testament to how long he had probably been standing under the shower.
Good in Suguru’s case is go in, exorcise the curse, ingest it, and get out, preferably without any casualties. There is a part that comes afterwards too, however, a part most people don’t know about—the one where Suguru spends hours in the bathroom throwing up, retching and heaving until there’s nothing left in him but the vile aftertaste of the curse. It never leaves, no matter how much he throws up or makes himself sick or how long he stands under the scalding hot water of the showers.
Satoru snakes his arm further up Suguru’s torso, pulling him closer. “I’m sorry.”
“Hah. For what?”
He shakes his head, planting a soft kiss right at the nape of Suguru’s neck. “I’m sorry.”
Sorry you have to do this. Sorry I can’t protect you. Sorry about what happened to Amanai. Sorry about what happened to you. Sorry I wasn’t strong enough to stop it. 
Suguru shudders a little, curling in closer against Satoru’s body. He smells of soap and dereliction, like clothes left in the closet for a few years too long, and of a bone-deep kind of exhaustion that doesn’t leave no matter how many naps you take.
Sorry that the world is the way it is. Sorry there’s no kind place in it for the likes of me and you and Amanai. Sorry I’m not strong enough to do anything about it. I wish I could do something about it, Suguru. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so— 
Suguru shifts in his arms, turning around to face him, and stares for a second or two, bloodshot eyes to bloodshot eyes. Then he leans forward to plant a kiss on Satoru’s forehead. When he smiles, it's a fragile, watery thing, chipping at the edges. 
“... I’m sorry, too.”
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starduststevie · 7 hours ago
heir t w o //ceo bucky barnes x reader
Warnings: more angst
Words: 2k
Summary: as much as you loved him, you couldn't tell bucky about your son. he left you for his empire and now he's looking for an heir. not that he knows that he already has one
Chapter Summary: he's a smart man. he wouldn't have been a CEO without being so. but bucky has put two and two together...
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Speeding away from Luca’s school, you make your way to work, trying to get the image of Bucky out of your mind. The last thing you want to think about is the ramifications of what Bucky saw. Especially since Luca is practically a mirror image of Bucky when he was younger: dark hair and blue eyes that can see through souls.
You try not to cry, not wanting to ruin your makeup or raise any suspicions about your feelings. At least, that’s the plan. Only you’re not able to hide the fact that your smile won’t reach your eyes or how you’ve been nervously twitching. In all fairness, you were never the best at hiding your emotions.
But you push it all aside, hoping to avoid all thoughts about Bucky. But the memories flood your mind. Earlier, you noted that he no longer hid the prosthetic limb, instead, living and accepting that it is a part of him. A little pride swells within you; you’re not sure why but it does. Maybe it’s because you can see that he has grown to love himself a little.
Maybe he could learn to love you, again, too. It’s wishful thinking, and you’re not even sure if you want that anymore. You’ve never really been sure about what you want from Bucky other than for him to love you. But that may not even happen; he will have an interest in you because of Luca, though.
All of the years that you have tried to shield your son from the truth of his father may be unravelled by a school day. When Luca complained about being sick, you should have just let him stay at home. That would have saved you everything. Seeing Bucky has ripped you back to a life for yearned to forget.
And yet he finds a way to cling on. You don’t think much when your boss gives you a new brief. It’ simple enough: conduct market research and then help create a new advertisement and media strategy. Amanda tells you that it’s a big job. Apparently, they are the biggest company to have ever signed a contract with the firm.
‘It’s brand new, unexpected, and important,’ she states, handing you a file. ‘The CEO’s PA made an emergency meeting and signed within the hour. Crazy.’ She throws her hands in the air in wonder and confusion. There is a lot of excitement in your office: there is a chance of a really good bonus if everything goes well. As long as the client is happy, you’ll be really happy too.
It helps you forget about Bucky for a few brief moments. That is until you open up the file and see the name of the company: “Buchanan Bionics.” Bucky’s company. You remember helping him think of the name and being so relieved when the trademark came through. Now, all the name does is make you feel sick.
‘Can you do a full file on the company, please,’ Amanda looks at you a little worried. ‘They’ve created a new bionic arm that is able to replicate the feeling of touch. I’m not really sure how but I need a full brief before we can start doing anything else.’ Amanda then walks out of the office giving you the privacy to cry.
It’s the first time in a long while that you’ve let yourself be upset by Bucky. His mere existence has the ability to render you a little useless. The tears wrack your body as you let everything out. All of the fear of him finding out about Luca, and now the fear of what he may do now that he does.
It’s too much for Bucky to have hired your company for it to simply be a coincidence. Bucky knows about where you work; that is the only explanation all things considered. Did Luca tell him? You have no idea just how much Bucky knows but it’s more than you’re comfortable with.
Dread fills your stomach as you drive to Luca’s school. Every turn you make, and every traffic light you pass, there’s a fear that Bucky will be there. It’s like he’s haunting you but you can’t shake him off. It’s deeply unsettling and you find yourself gripping onto the steering wheel so hard that you start to lose the feeling in your fingers.
But the feeling of impending doom only increases the close that you get to the school gates. Would Bucky still be there? The question runs over and over in your mind. You let out a sigh of relief when his car is nowhere to be seen. It gives you a little hope that the rest of your day will not be haunted by him. And to try to stop that from happening, you decide that you will take Luca straight home.
‘Mommy!’ Luca screams, running towards you, arms outstretched. ‘I’m so glad I didn’t stay at home today, We met this really cool man called Bucky. He has a metal arm, mommy. It’s made of all metal!’ Your son continues to babble on and on about how Bucky’s arm.
‘I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, sweetheart,’ you smile, putting on a faux pleased voice. In reality, your stomach is sinking and it feels as if the world has been pulled from underneath you. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. You’ve tried to protect Luca from this world for so long. And look at where it has gotten you.
‘Mommy! Bucky said that one day I could work for him!’ Luca gives you a toothy grin as he continues on about how much he admires Bucky. A part of your heart swells knowing that Luca would accept Bucky as his father. But then it sinks again once you remember why Luca has had no father.
If anything, Bucky was merely a sperm donor. An involuntary one, in some respects, but you remember just how willing he was… ‘Luca, baby, did you tell Bucky about yourself?’ your tentative with your questioning. Maybe it would help you understand how Bucky found your place of work. Or if he really did have no idea.
‘I told him all about you, mommy. I told him about how you made the billboard and he asked me how old I am and he asked me about you. A lot about you!’ Luca’s face lights up with glee as he recounts the day. You have never seen him leave school wanting to go back. ‘And he kept asking questions about you.’
As reality dawns on you, you know that it won’t be long before you are forced to speak with Bucky. He will find a way. He always finds a way. The company, itself, is a testament to his tenacity and his ability to make things go his way. But that is what scares you: he can take Luca away from you. And you would not have the means to fight him.
‘I’m glad you enjoyed yourself today,’ you smile, pinching his cheek. ‘Did you tell Bucky about where I work?’ Luca nods his head enthusiastically and you sigh. ‘Luca, what did mommy tell you about stranger danger?’ You ask, pointedly, grabbing his hand.
‘Mom! I’m a big boy! I don’t need to hold your hand anymore,’ he whines as you both cross the road towards your vehicle. Biting your tongue, you unlock the car and decide to have a conversation with him once you’re on the road. The pair of you get in and Luca slumps in his seat.
‘What did I tell you about stranger danger, Luca?’ your tone is a little more clipped now. ‘And if you continue to act like a child, I will have no choice but to treat you like one. Do you understand that?’ Luca nods and reluctantly apologises before turning away from you and crossing his arms in a huff.
‘I’m not telling you off because I think it’s fun,’ you sigh, checking your mirror before turning. ‘I love you and I want you to be safe and stay safe. I know that you didn’t know that you shouldn’t tell Bucky but it’s dangerous.’ You feel a little guilty for not telling Luca the truth about Bucky and why you’re really upset with him. But you reason with yourself that there is no harm in reiterating safety.
‘I know,’ he sulks, turning to look at you with remorse. ‘I’m sorry.’ Tear well in his eyes and you pat Luca’s leg, letting him know that you’re not mad at him. You never really can stay mad at him. Especially when you look into his eyes. But they make you feel sad, sometimes, when you remember just how much they look like Bucky’s.
Clicking your tongue, you pass your house, ‘how about ice-cream?’ Luca’s face lights up at the idea and you feel a little bit of the guilt dissipate. Slowly but surely, you know that you wlll get over the situation. But you refuse to hold Luca back. If he wants to work in bionics, you will help him every step of the way.
But what you can’t do is give him a relationship with Bucky. You may never be able to give him that.
The little ice-cream shop is your favourite: it opened when you and Bucky started dating. The pair of you wandered aimlessly around the city until you stopped at this little parlour. Since then, you have always come back. Not even the negative memories of Bucky has been able to stop you from coming back.
You and Luca sit by the window as you listen to him speak about bionics and what he learnt at school. You’re not really able to focus but when Luca stops talking, you’re dragged back to the moment. Luca looks over your head, face filled with awe and before you’re able to turn around and inspect the cause of your son’s change in demeanour, it’s answered for you.
‘Bucky! Mommy, it’s Bucky!’ Luca all but squeals, catching the attention of everybody in the tiny shop. You’re mortified but the embarrassment makes way for horror when Bucky approaches you. You can tell that he’s mad; probably because you hid his son from him. ‘Bucky! Hi, Bucky!
‘Luca, stop it,’ you hiss, pulling his hand down from the air. He pouts, not liking being told to be quiet. But his face lights up when Bucky walks over to your table. Keeping your head down, you’re unable to look him in the eye.
‘Bucky! It’s Luca from school. I met you earlier,’ his voice is filled with awe and enthusiasm and it’s one that you can’t resist. And it seems as if Bucky is not invincible to it, either. ‘This is my mom, I told you about her earlier.’ You don’t even doubt that Luca is beaming at the sighting of his new hero.
‘Hi buddy, it’s good to see you again!’ you see Bucky’s face light up, mirroring Luca’s. His smile reaches his eye; something you thought that he lost the ability to do. ‘Is it okay if I talk to your mom for a bit?’ Bucky looks at you and you feel yourself burn up underneath his gaze, It is intense and intentional.
‘Sweetheart, can you go to the playpen for a little?’ you ask, voice shaking a little. Luca looks at you with hesitation before you nod once more, prompting him to go and play in the ball pit. ‘Why are you here?’ Your voice is barely above a whisper and you are still unable to look Bucky in the eye.
‘He’s mine. Isn’t he?’ Bucky asks in a low, even voice. It makes you nervous; he’s dangerous. Like a predator stalking his prey. He’s waiting for you to slip up so he can take Luca away from you. You wouldn’t put that past him. You know what he is capable of and you will never underestimate him.
Not after how badly he hurt you before.
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wolken-himmel · 14 hours ago
In which (Y/n) swallows a black stone with the hopes of gaining magic in this world where a magicless existence is a hassle.
Yet, the stone corrupts her and, much to everyone's surprise, causes her to overblot.
Request by @ilovefanficstoomuch and anon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Should I really—?"
You eyed the black stone in your hand with a torn gaze, your lip bit as your mind had a hard time deciding whether you should ingest the curious stone or not. This one, you had managed to grab from the last overblotted student before Grim could munch it right up, and you had intended to destroy it — but curiosity and greed were the only thing stopping you.
You wanted to possess magic, too.
And maybe — just maybe, this stone would allow you to gain an affinity for magic and cast powerful spells, too, like most of your other friends. You had always been the odd one out, a human without magic having to rely on her monster cat companion to do her magical bidding. Seriously, you felt jealous over your friends possessing magic and casting spells like it took no effort at all.
Sighing, you closed your eyes and let all possible up- and downsides come to your mind again. You began to tremble as you muttered to yourself, "Come on, (Y/n)... These can't be that bad, can they? Grim eats them all the time..." Hesitant, you forced one eye open again to look at the ominous-looking stone sitting in the palm of your hand. "Besides, possessing magic would be a tremendous help, no?"
You nodded, having made your final decision. "Fine. I've made up my mind..." With closed eyes, you parted your lips and quickly threw the stone into your mouth. You expected the rock to be hard and solid, but it quickly melted into a viscous liquid that ran down your throat like oil. Your eyes immediately shot open, and your hands curled around your throat in utter disgust at the vulgar taste of the stone. "Ew! These are yucky for real!"
The taste was so horrible that you doubled over and tried to throw the stone up again, but you strangely had great trouble doing so. Your eyes widened in horror when you heard footsteps approaching your location, along with carefree banter and chattering; oh no, what horrible timing.
"(Y/n), there you!" Ace exclaimed loudly as you snapped around to find him, Deuce, and Grim approaching you with smiles on their faces. Panic seeped into your mind, and you hid the lower part of your face behind your hands. "We've been searching for—" Ace stopped when he noticed how pale you had gotten. "Hey, are you alright?"
Deuce, too, looked worried as he put a hand on your shoulder. "Are you sick or something like that?" he asked while putting a hand to your forehead, allowing him to feel how cold you truly were despite the thin layer of sweat coating your skin.
You shook your head in an attempt to get them off your hide. "No no..." you croaked out, your voice quiet and hoarse.
"(Y/n)!" Grim had grabbed onto your hips and was now violently jerking you back and forth, like a child worried for its mother. You felt that nauseous feeling returning because of that, causing you to faint and fall into Deuce's arms. Your three friends looked at you, worried out of their minds. Grim's paw were clinging onto your shirt. "What happened?! Tell us now, henchman. It's an order."
Embarrassed, your eyes never were able to meet their gazes. "I... I ate one of those black stones Grim likes to eat," you admitted eventually, the silence and their intense stares having become too much for you to endure.
"What?!" Grim screames, enraged. The cat reeled back with a furious glare directed towards you, making you wince in embarrassment. "You ate a black stone that could have been mine?!" Your cat companion let out a shriek, looking like he was about to pounce on you and tear your throat out.
Deuce, too, looked angered by your confession. Gritting his teeth, he chided, "(Y/n), are you stupid or stupid." You lowered your gaze and tried to wind your way out of his arms, but his grip only tightened the more you thrashed around. The blue-haired student's eyes were darkening, and a scary aura surrounded him. "I thought Ace and I were the idiots here!"
Ace hummed along and rolled his eyes. "Right, how come you're being so careless and stupid enough to eat one of those disgusting stones."
You stayed silent while gritting your teeth. Your hands were turning into fists, and your knuckles grew white with how much force you pressed your fingers together with. None of them understood what you had gone though, and they had the gall to chide you as if your reason for eating one of those black stones had been an unfounded one. Just as your three friends thought you had calmed down and accepted their scolding, your head shot up with your eyes filled with blazing fury.
"You don't understand!" you screamed at the top of your lungs, suddenly able to push Deuce away with inhuman strength. The black liquid you had swallowed earlier seeped out from the corners of your mouth, causing your three friends to freeze at how unhinged and frightening you looked. Heartwrenching sobs escaping your lips, you continued screaming your soul out. "You all— You all possess magic... and I'm the only one who does not! Do you know how much of an impact this has on me?!"
"You have brains and we have magic," Ace said in an attempt to save the mood with a distasteful joke. "It's the perfect combination, no?"
His joke made you laugh, but your laughter was so booming and insane that you appeared like a lunatic. Convulsing as if you were in severe pain, you didn't realise that, as you gave into the negative feelings pent up inside of you, thick black smoke surrounded you. "But I want to have magic, too!" you exclaimed between sobs and cries. "I see you guys do all these funny things in class while I am forced to sit next to you and watch you have the fun of your lives..."
Deuce waved his hands around in an attempt to get to you, but the black smoke burnt his lungs too much to make him continue his attempts. So, eventually, he shot his fellow friends a look, and they all decided to try their luck verbally. Deuce was the first one to go with: "(Y/n), we didn't know that it took such a toll on you—"
Your hands latched onto the sides of your head as you tried to get those horrible whispers further fuelling your anger out of your ears; yet, they were unrelenting in their attempts to make you succumb to the darkness enveloping you like thick ink. "It doesn't matter anymore—" you bellowed as the smoke disappeared to reveal your pale form covered in nothing but torn rags, a large shadow looming behind you. An unhinged grin on your lips, you flashed your teeth at your friends. "Because now, I possess magic, too! I'll be the most powerful wizard, ever!"
"Oh, by the Great Seven..." Ace exhaled, frightened out of his mind yet still finding the courage to make jokes. "She's become Grim."
"Hey!" Grim hissed out and turned away from you to instead glare at Ace, his hands on his hips. "I'm not that power-hungry!" The cat flashed his fangs at Ace, but the latter only laughed at how his provocation had been successful.
Deuce had his magical pen readied, already having diverted your first attack. You were laughing proudly at having cast your first spell, the first time you had cast powerful magic! The power got to your head that was already scrambled. You continuously threw spell after spell at the trio, and Deuce was the only one defending them with a warding spell.
Deuce finally had enough, his chest heaving up and down, and turned to his fellow friends to bark, "Could you two please stop bickering?! I think (Y/n) is..." Ace and Grim quieted down when Deuce paused ominously, gulping at the thought of you... "—overblotting."
A shriek escaped Grim's lips when he finally laid eyes upon you for the first time, frightened out of his mind — to him, this was the scariest overblot yet. To see someone so close to him be in so much pain... it brought him immense pain, too. "The magic from the black stone must have been too much for her— it looks like it corrupted her soul!" he cried out, close to tears, a much different sight from the usually so boisterous cat monster. "We have to save her!"
Ace rubbed his eyes, wondering if that shadow looming behind you was real or just a figment of his imagination. Panicking, he pointed at it and cried out, "That shadow behind her... is that a mouse?"
The silhouette behind you truly looked like a mouse, with its two large gloved hands menacingly raised into the air. Two circles made up the ears of the mouse-like creature, but not much could be seen otherwise. Yet, the shadow managed to make dread pool in the depths of their stomachs.
"Who cares!" Grim hissed as he dodged another attack by jumping to the side just in time. "We need to save her!"
"(Y/n)! It's us! Your friends—" Deuce cried out, for once losing his usual calm. The three students had all set out into different directions in an attempt to distract you and your immense fire-power. Deuce waved his hands around wildly to hopefully get your attention off of Grim, who was about to be caught by a powerful blast. Glaring at Deuce, you aimed your next attack at him. "Don't you remember? We're friends!"
You shook your head, laughing loudly. "You've done nothing but drag me into trouble," you seethed through clenched teeth while whimsically throwing spell after spell at him, your endless magic causing a giant grin to appear on your lips. Exasperated, you shook your head. "You definitely are not my friends."
Ace winced. "Ouch..."
"Well, but we had a lot of fun together, didn't we?" Deuce tried again, trying his best to not show how much your words had hurt him. Throwing a counter-attack back, he managed to hit your left arm, temporarily stunning you. He ventured closer in an attempt to show you that he meant you no harm. "We always stick together, even through hard times such as these!"
You merely shook your head, ignoring his words as best as you could. Yet, you had to admit that the light that had died down suddenly flamed up again: hope returned.
"I never say it out-loud, henchman," Grim said, adding onto Deuce's words. "But I really appreciate you! You were always there when no one supported me... You were always there to protect me from the other students bullying me..."
"Grim, you surely are becoming sentimental—" Ace snickered, only to be cut off by Grim.
"You better become sentimental, too!" Grim screamed at the top of his lungs while busy with throwing a fire blast at you. Once you were distracted, leaving him time to recover, the cat monster turned to Ace and glared at him angrily, his eyes full of passion and determination. "This is my henchman's life that's on the line!"
"Fine..." Ace sighed and rolled his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he jumped up and down and waved his arms around in an attempt to get your attention. Success — your head snapped towards the next nuisance, now aiming your attacks at him. Ace exhaled before awkwardly yelling out, "So, I really appreciate you being there to keep us out of trouble, alright? I know that I can be mean sometimes, but none of my insults are ever really meant... So, please, come back!"
"I really appreciate you, too, (Y/n)," Deuce whispered, finally close enough to grab onto your arm that was terribly cold and pale. "And I'm not the best with words, like you may know, but you're really kind and always so patient with me... and sometimes I wonder why you're still sticking around when all I do is mistakes over and over again."
"You idiots!" Your eyes were ripped wide open in horror when Grim threw himself at your leg and remained there, clutching onto the torn parts of your pants tightly. Desperate sobs escaped your lips, and your posture slouched forward. Ace grabbing onto your shoulder was the last impulse that made you sink to the floor, not wanting to hurt them any longer. Crying, you pitifully lay on the floor. "You idiots are— my... my friends..."
Deuce gasped when the shadow behind you let out one last pitiful shriek before it disappeared completely. "She's returning to normal!" Deuce cried out in relief when your ragged clothes returned to their original appearance, clean and orderly.
Ace helped you sit up once you had regained consciousness. "Next time..." you croaked out weakly while coughing like you had cold, trying your best to get the remnants of that black stone out of your system. "Stop me before I do something stupid like that again..."
"Of course— Of course!" Grim chanted eagerly as he jumped into your lap and pulled you into a tight hug that left you yapping for air. "We'll be there for you, (Y/n), if something like this should happen again... Just don't ever scare me like this again!"
"Isn't keeping us out of trouble usually your job?" Ace asked with a playful smile on his face.
"Shut up, Ace—" Grim growled, "before she overblots again..."
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melancholy-pal · 15 hours ago
I hate the way I look
I got a rude comment about my weight. Was told to eat less and exercise more and I wouldn't be so fat. I wish it was that simple. I don't eat enough to be healthy. I am unable to eat most foods because I cant digest it properly and it hurts to eat. I have to force it to stay down or throw it up. And I walk to and from work every single day and walk a bunch there and lift a bunch of stuff. I feel like shit constantly and like I am sick cuz I am putting my body through so much work and I don't eat enough to keep up with it. I am just as confused as to why im so god damn fat as you are. I explained that to them and they were cool but honestly it still stings. I hate myself not just the way I look but how I feel constantly because of it. I feel gross any time I look at myself and I rarely ever feel good in my own body. I feel sick. I wanna pretend those kinda comments don't effect me but they really really do.
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purplestrawberrywerewolf · 16 hours ago
Hi! Raya and her older brother one shots that no one asked for.
Hi! So, I made a one shot story with Raya and her OC brother, and i really hope y’all like it! 
Here’s the link, and you can read it here too
They’re kids here btw
“Awww, look at my baby sister, now she’s a guardian of the dragon gem”
“Okay, first of all, I’m not a baby, second, yes! I am! And I passed my test on the first try, unlike you”  
The princess teased. The older boy rolled his eyes. “Whatever, Ba went easy on you because you’re younger” he responded, not letting the girl ruin his ego. Raya snorted. “Okay sure.” She said as she, her brother and their ba walked through the halls of Heart.  
Benja chuckled. “Okay, that’s enough you two, it doesn’t matter who was better. All that matters is that both of you are the guardians of the dragon gem. Which means, both of you have to work together” he explained as he looked down at his two children.  
Quan nodded. “Here that Raya? We’ll have to work, together”
“Last one to the kitchen is a rotten egg”
Raya began to run, leaving the boy behind. “Hey! You cheated!” He yelled as he ran after his younger sister. Benja watched with amusement. “Don’t run to fast Quan! You’ll fall!” He called out.  
Quan and Raya were siblings, well half siblings, but that didn’t matter to them. Quan was from a previous relationship Benja had two years prior to meeting Raya’s mother. However, Quan’s mother ended up leaving Heart after she and Benja split up, and Raya’s mother passed from a long sickness when she was only 3. However, since then, Raya and Quan have always been there together. Even if it meant causing mischief.  
Raya reached the entrance first, laughing while Quan groaned. “You cheated” he pointed out. Raya giggled. “No, just better than you” she mocked. He rolled his eyes before making the dragon gem symbol above his head to the servants as his sister did the same.  
“So, now that you’re both guardian, there is something I have to tell you” the two looked up at their father in confusion. “What?” Raya asked. “The lands, are on their way here as we speak” he revealed. Both siblings panicked for a moment before glancing at each other. “Okay, no we can do this, let’s do cross bows, catapults” Quan began listing.  
“No, how about flaming catapults!” Raya threw in and Quan nodded. “Good one sister. We’ll fight every last one!” They both jumped in glee. Benja only chuckled at their ideas. “Or, how about, bamboo shutes from Spine, shrimp paste from Tail, lemon grass from Talon, chillies from Fang, and palm sugar, from Heart.”  
The siblings looked at the pot in confusion as their father listed the ingredients, he was throwing in. “We’ll poison them?” Raya asked hopefully. Benja chuckled. “No. We’re not going to poison them, nor are we going to fight them. We’re going to share a meal with them” he explained as he poured to bowls for them before pouring his own.  
Quan looked at his bowl in shock. “Wait, what?”  
“But they’re our enemies” Raya pointed out, looking just as shocked as her brother. Benja began walking over to the open window. “They assume the dragon gem brings us prosperity. Just like we assume things about them” he explained as baby Tuk Tuk ran off of Raya’s shoulder and onto her brothers, who patted his head affectionately.  
“That’s ridiculous, it doesn’t do that” Quan said. Benja nodded. “And you’re right. If you see it, all of our tribes are named after a part of the dragon, because there was a time where we were all unified” he explained. Raya looked up at her father. “That’s ancient history Ba” she said softly, Quan nodding in agreement.  
“I know. Listen you two. I believe we can be Kumandra again, and trust each other enough before we tear each other apart” he said. Raya and Quan glanced at each other before looking up at their father in doubt. He noticed their expressions.  
“Trust me” he said.  
It was finally time for the other tribes to come as Raya and Quan stood next to their father in front of every land. Raya grimaced. “It looks a little tense ba” she whispered. “Don’t worry, I’ll open up with a joke” he responded.  
Quan groaned. “Please don’t” he said. Benja laughed. “I’m kidding.” He stepped forward. “People of Spine, Tail, Talon, and Fang” he continued. “I have brought us all here today because for far too long, we have been at war. I believe we can be Kumandra, again” he finished.  
A clap came from Tail. “Nice speech chief Benja. But why did you really bring us here, are you gonna rob us?” She asked. “Why? The land of Heart already has everything”
“And the most poweful weapon in all of Kumandra”
“It isn’t a weapon! It’s a sacred-”
Voices just piled up together an argument began. Raya looked at the crowd worriedly when her eyes met another girl’s. She was about her age and had an undercut while wearing Fang formal wear. She smiled at her before stepping down to go down the stairs when a hand grabbed her arm. Quan was holding her arm. He shook his head. “Don’t” he whispered. She pulled her arm out of his grasp. “I have to” she responded before walking down the stairs.  
She held up the gem symbol and people’s voices calmed down. “I have something to say!” She announced. They were quiet. “Who’s hungry?” She asked. A man’s hand raised before he dropped it when he noticed Spine’s glare.  
The other girl giggled at the scene before looking up at her mother. The chief glanced down at her daughter before gesturing to the other princess. “Go on. It’s alright” she reassured as her daughter walked towards the Heart Princess. “I’m Namaari, of Fang” she introduced herself shyly. Raya smiled. “Hi, Namaari. I’m Raya” she gasped. “Is that Sisu?” She asked. Namaari nodded excitedly. “Yeah, I may be a little bit of a dragon nerd” she laughed.  
“I’m the one wearing the Sisu fan necklace” she pointed out. “Come on.” She grabbed Namaari’s hand as she ran up the stairs. “Have you eaten yet?” She passed her brother who looked at the Fang princess suspiciously.  
“No way, your mom said that? Awkward. Okay, next question” Raya gave the food to Namaari. “Hand to hand, or swords?” She asked. Namaari grabbed the stick before moving her hands to gesture sword fighting. “Blades all day” “Right?”
Quan watched the sight with suspicious eyes. He really didn’t care who Raya was friends with –as long as they weren’t boys- but this Fang girl has been rubbing him the wrong way all day. Maybe it was because she stole his sister from him, or because she was up to something.  
He felt Benja nudge him. “Stop staring” he whispered. Quan groaned. “Ba, I don’t like that Fang girl. She rubs me the wrong way. Should we let her be near Raya?” He asked. Benja sighed before ruffling his son’s man bun who glared.  
“That’s enough Quan” he walked away. Quan sighed before noticing Raya and Namaari running out the ballroom. He watched in suspicion before following.  
When entered Quan entered the dragon gem ground, he saw Raya on the ground and Namaari hovering over her. “Hey!” He yelled making the other princess turn in surprise. He ran at her with full speed before she kicked him in the chest, reeling him backwards. He fell to the ground but quickly moved his foot so it would hit her ankle, making her fall to the ground. Raya stood up and so did Quan, they both went in front of the gem and hovered in front of Namaari.  
“Two against one Namaari. Might as well give up” Raya growled. Namaari quickly grabbed the firework from her pocket and lit it up in the sky, making Quan pull Raya behind him.  
Soon, the cave was filled with all the people from the lands. “What’s going on?”   “Fang is making a play for the gem”
“No, it’s Spines!”  
People argued. Benja lifted his hands up in surrendur, making the people go quiet. “No! There is still hope. We can stop fighting, and work together, and build a better world” he began. The two siblings watched in suspense when an arrow shot out and hit Benja in the leg. “Ba!” Raya exclaimed before running to him.  
The chiefs of the land ran toward the dragon gem and began to grab at it and fight. “Give me the gem, it’s Spines!”
“No! It's Tails”
The gem hit the floor before breaking. Gasps lit up the room when they felt the ground shake. Soon, a dark purple mist appeared and began to swallow people up. “Druun” Benja whispered. People began to run from the cave when he noticed it repelled from water. “It’s repelled by water. Quick, get to the river”
They ended up on the bridge, Raya holding up one side of her father and Quan on the other. Benja groaned in pain before falling, making the siblings panic. Quan glanced up and noticed the Druun were getting closer.  
“Ba! Get up! Now!” Raya commanded as she pulled her father. Benja looked back before looking at his oldest. Quan already knew what he was thinking and gently pulled Raya to him as she fought back.  
“W-what are you doing? We need to help ba!” She exclaimed. “Raya, we don’t have time. We need to-” the younger pulled from her brother’s grasp. “No! Ba please” she begged as she went to her father. Benja handed her the shard. “There’s still magic in this. There’s still hope. Go with your brother. You’ll be okay” he reassured. Raya felt tears and her heart shatter in a million pieces. “No, please ba” she begged as her voice cracked.  
She felt Quan wrap an arm around her. “Come on. W-we need to go” he said to her. “What?” Benja grabbed his youngest and quickly threw her over the edge. Raya watched as her father and brother were getting farther. Benja quickly turned to his son who nodded.  
“I love you, ba”  
“I love you my dewdrops”
Quan quickly jumped over the edge and fell into the water. He swam up and noticed Raya who was screaming for their father. “Ba! Ba!” She screamed. Quan swam to her and quickly wrap an arm around her waist to keep her close as she cried.  
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rotten-little-bunny · 20 hours ago
▶︎ More Personal Vent.
Sorry that this a little off of what I usually do, but honestly... I am so upset with myself when I look back at everything. I ruined my own childhood in a way, but I cannot really tell anyone that because it has always been considered whining. Even now I am waiting for someone to appear and just go "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK OF SOMETHING SO INSIGNIFICANT GO BACK TO YOUR NORMALITY!" I so badly want to just apologize to the fucker I messed up in 6th grade, then I wanna see the person that I fucked up recently and just sob at their feet. (I will never apologize to my first ex though, he deserved all the hate I could muster.) I hate looking back and being stuck here. I want to just take all of the stuff I did when I was younger and pile it onto myself so that they can all forget how shitty I was. I was too blind with my mess to see the fact that there were other people around me, and the fact they were hurting because of my actions. I remember drinking until I got sick and then coming back and fucking up people's lives daily. I never did anything physical, but it doesn't have to be physical to be fucking awful. I just hung shit over people's heads constantly and had no filter at all. Staring back at myself i just want to rip my past me's hair out so bad. I became everything I didn't want to be, and now i can't even fucking apologize to the people around me. Do I even deserve my girlfriend either? Do I deserve to be where I am? I was fucking blinded by my own trauma and trying to figure everything out to the point I fucked people over. People are scared of me or think I am insane because of my actions. No wonder.
I have become my father in so many ways and it makes me want to throw up.
And now i don't even have the chance to say I'm sorry and it makes me want to scream.
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kessicasrps · 22 hours ago
I nod at you when hearing what you said, taking your hand in mine and squeezing it gently. I was secretly feeling nervous myself but it was only because I wanted to look good next to you. I wanted everyone to know how proud that I was of you. I was a pretty private person even after all these years of being in the band with you. So, public events had me a little nervous at times but I was just looking forward to being there to support you. I squeeze your hand gently before shaking my head at you. “Just breathe, Princess. You don’t need to thank me at all. Just speak from your heart and it will be perfect,” I say, pecking your lips gently. “Remember to breathe in and out. You’re going to be amazing and I know you will nail the speech,” I say, holding your hand and leading you downstairs with me to go meet the girls. “Alright, girls. It’s time to get going,” I say, walking over to the television and turning their cartoon off.
“But I should thank you! I haven’t done anything on my own here! You’re not just a side piece that’s meant to stand next to me to look good. That’s not what you are! And you’re not just someone who helps my brother write songs for me to sing. You are my partner in marriage and in work. You are my everything! You are more than what you think you are. We’re in this together! We’ve always been in this together from the moment we meant. It’s like what Dad always said, my success is your success. We’re always in this together!” I smiled at you as I held onto your hand and we went downstairs to get the girls and we got in the car, making our way to the boutique. I felt incredibly nervous, holding onto your hand tightly and lacing my fingers with yours. I felt my heart racing in my chest and I felt myself getting even more nervous than I already was, feeling like I was going to choke or throw up. I still had morning sickness as well and whenever I got really nervous I ended up throwing up. “Louis,” I say as I tried to hold myself together. “Stop the car!” I say. “I’m going to throw up! Stop the car!” I panicked. 
I smile when watching you feed him his milk, sighing happily to myself. “I know you do, babe. And I have to say that seeing you as a Daddy has just made you like ten times more sexier to me,” I smirk slightly at you. “I just love watching you with him. I don’t know how it’s possible for me to fall deeper in love with you but I do.” I run my finger over James’ foot, smiling fondly at him. “Your Daddy is perfect, right? I know you know it, too,” I giggle softly when he kicked his foot a bit. “See? Told you,” I laugh softly.
I smiled at you and then at James as I watched him drink from his bottle. “Oh has it? My sex level has gone up.” I grinned as I looked at him happily. “And I love being with him, and I love watching you with him,” I grinned as I kissed his forehead happily. I smiled when hearing what you said to him as you sat besides us. 
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choptop-sawyer · 22 hours ago
Can I please ask for some headcanons on Choppy Top trying to comfort his SO while they’re super nauseous? I’m having a really bad night over here 😢
I'm sorry anon, hope it passed!
Vomit tw
Chop Top Comforting a Nauseous S/O
If you look a little out of it, he'll probably think that you just had too many slushies down at the 7/11. (He's projecting).
So he's like "Aw d-don't worry it'll pass :)"
But hey, you are looking a bit nauseous. Scratch that, very nauseous. Hm. He's concerned now. But he's not going to coo over you, no sir! You can handle it, he has ultimate faith in you!
Okay okay, stop throwing up, please. Oh fuck, now he's not going to leave your side. Puke be damned. Chop's not grossed out easily.
He plops you right into bed and pulls the covers over you tight. No matter what. He doesn't want you up and around while you're feeling bad! Chop's expressions vacillate between concern and confusion. He's trying to figure out what to do.
He's not well versed in taking care of sick people. That was always Grandma's job, then Drayton's (although his definition of "care" is loose), then Bubba's. So he probably brings Bubba in to hover around the bedside with him, the two brothers staring down at you with wide eyes.
"Um, hey, Bubba. What do ya do?"
Bubba says something back, and Chop nods his head along, frowning while looking at your nauseous form. "Okay, okay. Wait... THEY NEED MY L-LOVE TO HEAL THEM. HOLD ON BABE."
Bubba looks a bit like "huh" but Chop is already shimmying next to you on the bed, putting his face right next to yours. "Well, heh heh, hi!" He says. He looks immensely pleased with his idea on how he's going to cure you. Bubba just wrings his hands and leaves. Chores to do.
He barely leaves you. It seems like every other minute he's asking you, "How do ya feel?" You can't get rid of him unless you send him away for something. He'll rush to bring you a wet cloth, some water, a bucket, that one specific VERY important item that you know for certain is buried in a mountain of junk. (You love him to death but dear lord).
It might work out for the better. You're up and at em and it's a relief because now Chop deems it okay to leave you alone. But wow.
He means the best, he really does.
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atlafan · a day ago
Hi! I’m the anon who sent the message to Ezra about what Zionism is/isn’t. I’m not Jewish myself, but have studied genocide and mass violence in university and part of that obviously covered the history of anti-Judaism, antisemitism, and the Holocaust. If I’m correct, you are Jewish yourself? I hope that what I said was correct and wasn’t overstepping, I am just sick of seeing uneducated people throw around the term and use it against Harry without even knowing it’s very real and harmful implications. None of this Twitter crusade seems genuine, cause last I checked he has never openly supported the Israeli government and it’s endeavors.
I am Jewish, and everything you said was right! I haven’t spoken up much on here about everything because I’m deathly afraid of getting antisemetic comments/people in my inbox. Zionism has turned into a radical movement, but it wasn’t always that way, and there’s been different factions for it over the years. I went to Hebrew school for years when I was growing up, we talked about all of this stuff openly and honestly. There are a lot of uneducated people worrying about the wrong things. So what if a celebrity said something or didnt???? They’re probably just as uneducated! Thank you for what you said, I really appreciate it!
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abimess · a day ago
The weight of guilt
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: After a mission goes wrong, you and Wanda have a huge fight and you both say things you shouldn't. Future events may prevent you from telling each other how you really feel.
Word count: 2.779
Warnings: angst; violence; torture; brainwashing; fluff
REQUEST || Read on AO3
"I can't believe you ruined the mission, (Y/n)!" Wanda couldn't care less about the mission. But you ruined it and almost killed yourself in the process.
To admit that all the anger she’s feeling was over the fact that you almost got yourself killed would be letting the feelings she has for you show. And she wasn't going to do that, so it was easier to pretend that her blood was boiling because the mission was a failure.
"I did what had to be done, Wanda!" You say, following the witch and completely ignoring the way every inch of your body hurts. "What did you want me to do?"
"Not throwing yourself in the middle of a collapsing building, that’s for sure." She retorts turning to you and glaring at you, her eyes charged with irritation. "It was our only chance to get the microchip, if I didn't ha-"
"Oh yeah and where's the microchip now, (Y/n)?" Wanda asks in an annoyed sarcasm, raising her eyebrows and crossing her arms and you laugh dryly.
"You’re so full of yourself, aren't you, Wanda?" You say through clenched teeth but soon assume a posture of debauchery. "Wanda and her magical energy, moving things and getting inside people's minds. Why didn’t you solve the damn problem then?"
You ask, anger evident in your voice, but Wanda laughs dryly, shaking her head in disbelief. "My god, when they injected the serum in you, your muscles grew but your brain clearly shrank." She retorts and your blood boils.
Soon both of you are yelling and saying things you shouldn't. Things you know very well that will hurt because nobody knows each other better than you do.
But the anger boils in your blood, burning away any remnants of empathy and regret that you’d surely have with each other. All that arguing is making both of your heads hurt, but you're both too stubborn to stop, so you keep yelling and accusing. Until you can't take it anymore.
"You know what, that's enough!" You say, running your fingers nervously through your hair and storming out of the room.
"Where are you going?" Wanda yells angrily, watching you walk away, but you don't stop when you yell back.
"I’m gonna fix this."
It was a dumb idea. A very, very dumb idea. In fact, probably the worst idea you've ever had in your life.
But you were furious and that always makes you more stubborn and reckless than usual. So you decided to return to the Hydra base by yourself and retrieve the microchip on your own.
To say it didn't work is an understatement.
"Well, well, well, look who decided to come back home." The scientist says with a sick smile approaching the gurney on which you’re strapped and you try to respond, but the piece of leather between your teeth turns your words into unintelligible, angry noises.
"Oh, don't worry, my dear, soon you will be able to speak again." He says, patting your shoulder lightly and you feel all the revulsion at the scientist's touch consume you. "You will only need... this." He says, holding up a book in front of you and you widen your eyes in terror. You move your body violently trying to break free, but all your movements are in vain.
No. No. Anything but that. Not again. Not after you have recovered.
The man opens the book and begins to read the words written in it, and you immediately feel their effect on your brain, consuming your sanity and consciousness at an alarming rate.
You keep moving. The tightness of the leather straps bruising your arms and legs but you don't stop. You can't stop. You have to get out of there.
And all of a sudden, blackout.
Wanda walks around her room, apprehension consuming her every trace.
She tried to look for you but you were nowhere to be found, so all she could do was wait for you to return. And hope that you hadn't done anything stupid.
But a bad feeling was growing in Wanda's chest, even though she tried to ignore it, so she could only wish that the feeling wasn't an intuition.
The redhead repeats the discussion you had a few hours ago, her heart consumed with sorrow for the words you said to her, but mostly for the words she said to you. She knows they were low blows, but she was too hot in the head at the time to think before she spoke. Now she would have to take the consequences for what she said.
But even worse was to take the consequences for what she didn't say. Wanda fell in love with you a few months after you became friends. But she was sure that you didn't feel the same way, so she always kept her feelings to herself.
Wanda lost count of how many times she scratched her head to keep from reading your mind. It would be so much easier to know whether you like her or not. But it would be a gigantic invasion of privacy and you would never forgive her for it. She wouldn't forgive herself for that either.
Maybe if she had given in and read your mind she would know that you love her just the same, from the first time you saw her. But she doesn't. So Wanda was left with nothing but agony.
But the suffering was abruptly interrupted by the sirens of the compound going off. Without a second thought, Wanda ran to the entrance of the complex.
The closer to the gates, the louder the noises of gunshots and fighting became, and Wanda's heart began to beat alarmingly in her chest.
But then the scene before her makes her hit the brakes. It's you. But at the same time, it’s not.
You walk with confident strides toward the compound, a pistol in your hand and your face deformed in hatred and determination in a way Wanda has never seen before. So unfamiliar that it doesn't even look like you.
She sees Sam lying on the ground just behind you, an expression of pain on his face as he holds the side of his body. Wanda's breath hitches as she sees blood around him.
Steve approaches you, trying to restrain you, but with a single punch to his chin, the man is thrown upward, spinning before falling to the ground.
Bucky gets to you next and manages to disarm you, the pistol being thrown somewhere far from you and you step forward to punch the man, but he manages to hold your fist.
"(Y/n)! Look at me!" He says, his eyes locked on yours and your jaw clenches even tighter. "That's not you, (Y/n)! That's not you!" Bucky's words come out in a mixture of reassurance and pleading.
You watch him for a few seconds and Wanda feels a twinge of hope that perhaps you might be regaining consciousness. But that hope dies when you headbutt Bucky, who falls unconscious to the floor.
"Wanda! Do something!" Steve shouts, and the redhead wakes up from her trance. You walk toward her and your posture does not waver. Then Wanda moves her hands on the side of her body, the red energy wrapping itself around her fingers. But then she stops. She wouldn't hurt you. Never.
"(Y/n)." She begins, her voice firm. "Stop it. That's not you." Her words fall on deaf ears as you continue to advance against her.
"(Y/n/n), stop this, please, you-" Wanda's desperate speech is interrupted by your hands being placed around her neck. As you squeeze her throat firmly and lift her off the ground, Wanda chokes, feeling the pressure in her head increase.
She hears the others approaching her, but she holds out her hand warning them to stop, her eyes locked on yours. "(Y/n), that's not you. You need to listen to me."
On the other side of the unyielding, impassive wall that is your face, your consciousness struggles to break free. A tiny spark that screams uncontrollably at the sight of Wanda being hurt by your own hands. But the spark goes out again.
Seeing no result in her words, Wanda realizes that the only way is to do what she swore she would never do. "I'm sorry." She murmurs, the words coming out broken by the tightness of your hands around her neck. Wanda places her hands on the side of your head, her thumbs on your temples, the redhead's vision beginning to be obscured by tiny black dots.
Just as her eyes glow red, she sees your eyes gradually turning red as well before her vision is transported into your mind.
Wanda's breath hitches as she sees that there’s nothing there. A complete void. But she’s determined. And from the way her head hurts and it gets harder and harder to breathe, she knows she doesn't have much time. So she keeps looking.
And then she finds it. By accessing your memories she also accesses your feelings. With the revelation that you felt the same way she did, tears flow from Wanda's eyes. Tears of happiness mixed with the tears from the choking.
As Wanda ventured into your mind, you yourself relived all those memories and feelings. All of that brought back at once as if the floodgates of your mind had been opened, flooding it all with memories and feelings, bringing your consciousness along with them.
The tightness in Wanda's neck loosens and she smiles with relief as she realizes that it’s working. "You see, (Y/n/n)? That's you. Not this here."
The words, the sound of your favorite voice in the world and the memories act as the boost your consciousness needs, gaining strength and breaking free of the brainwashing.
Wanda moves her hands to the side of your face, caressing your cheeks. Even with her vision blurred by tears and several black spots she can see your features gradually softening. "You are loving, and caring, and funny. And I love you, (Y/n)."
With the last words you wake up at once. You widen your eyes, letting go of Wanda’ neck immediately, and the redhead holds your shoulders to keep from falling to the ground. You open your mouth to answer her, but a blow on the side of your body catches your attention and, less than a second later, an intense shockwave comes out of the place and spreads throughout your entire body.
And suddenly, another blackout.
You wake up feeling dizzy and it's hard to open your eyes.
But you do, and soon you realize that you’re in one of the infirmary rooms in the complex. As you look to the side, you see Wanda sitting in the chair. Her head is buried in her arm that’s propped up on your bed, and the other hand is holding yours, your fingers intertwined with hers.
The sight of the redhead brings back all the memories of the afternoon at once, and the guilt and anguish that consume you are overwhelming. You lift your free hand and bring it toward your face in an attempt to hide it in shame, but you stop it with a grunt. Your whole body aches and moving is the worst thing you can do right now.
With your noise, Wanda wakes up. The expression of sleepiness being immediately replaced by one of concern when she sees you’re not sleeping anymore.
"(Y/n)!" She exclaims, wrapping both hands around yours and stroking your skin with her thumbs. "How are you?" she asks sincerely, and you watch her caress your hand with a smile on your face. But as you lift your gaze to her face, you notice the bruises on her neck and your heart squeezes in your chest.
You gasp as tears immediately form in your eyes. The pain of guilt is unbearable, and looking at Wanda is even more unbearable. So you look away.
"Like the worst person alive." You reply, clenching your jaw so hard that your face hurts. Wanda frowns in concern and assumes a tender posture. "It's not your fault, (Y/n/n)."
"You should check your neck." You reply harshly. You close your eyes, but the image of Wanda's intense, dark bruises return immediately so you open thems right away, and decide that you will blink as little as possible from now on.
"(Y/n/n)..." Wanda calls to you, her voice softer than ever. The most serene sound you've ever heard calling out to you, and you don't have the strength to resist it. So you turn your face to her once more. And Wanda frowns in sadness as she sees the pain on your face and the tears streaming down your cheeks.
"It's not your fault." She repeats and by her eyes she seems to believe it. But you snort, shaking your head afterwards. "If I hadn't gone back to that place, none of this would have happened."
"If I hadn't said the things I said, you wouldn't have gone back to that place." Wanda replies, guilt visible in her eyes too, and you frown in disbelief.
"I said a lot of things I shouldn't have as well. And if I hadn't screwed up the mission, you wouldn't have said the things you said."
"I don't give a damn about that stupid mission." Wanda says angrily at once and you frown. "I was angry because you were reckless. You almost died and-"
"But I was fine, Wanda." You interrupt her, your eyes heavy with sadness at seeing her like that. But Wanda looks at you suddenly, her eyes wide with anguish and fear.
"Yeah, but I could have lost you!" She says, tears falling from her eyes and her chin trembling slightly. "I could have lost you, and I could never bear that." She admits and you feel your heart heavy in a different way. The memories from just before you blacked out return to your mind all at once, and you blink a few times.
"Did you mean it?" you ask and Wanda looks up at you, her eyes tear-laden and a confused expression on her face. "When you said you love me, did you mean it?" Wanda nods several times without hesitation. "Yes. I love you with all my heart."
"I love you too." You confess breathlessly and Wanda smiles happily, tears streaming from her eyes as her cheeks rise.
Without thinking, you move toward her, but your whole body aches immediately and you groan in pain and lie down again. Wanda's eyes widen in surprise and concern, but then she giggles softly.
"That wasn't very clever, you know." She scoffs and you laugh. "Oh yeah? Well, maybe you could help me then." You retort and she smiles again.
Wanda gets up from her chair and approaches you. When your faces are within inches of each other, Wanda smiles and strokes your cheek with her thumb. You sigh under the loving, caring gaze of the woman in front of you.
You are absolutely certain that your eyes have never witnessed a more beautiful sight than this, and with each detail of Wanda that your vision takes in, the more certain you become.
"Your thoughts are very loud." Wanda whispers against your lips and you smile as you feel her breath against them. "They are all thoughts of you."
You reply in the same tone and Wanda smiles, biting her lip before moving closer and connecting her lips to yours.
You sigh at the redhead's oh-so-soft touch. The touch that you’ve dreamed of for so long. The kiss lasts for a while, your mouths leisurely getting to know each other, but the room door opens and Wanda pulls away from you and sits on the bed, her hand never leaving yours.
Looking at the door, you see Nat and Clint approaching. "We didn't mean to get in the way of the lovebirds." Nat says and you and Wanda immediately blush. Nat and Clint chuckles softly and the man completes Nat's sentence. "Yeah, but we wanted to check on you, (Y/n)."
"Weren't you the one who hit me with an electric arrow?" You ask with a raised eyebrow and the man giggles. "Yeah, I guess that was me." He says and you chuckle.
"We'll work it out later, archer." You try to put on a serious face, but it’s impossible not to smile with Wanda holding your hand like that and looking at you with those big green loving eyes.
As long as she is by your side, there is nothing capable of unsettling you.
Taglist: @yuhloversxx @madamevirgo @an-evergreen-rose @helloalycia @wandas1mp @cantcontroltheirfear @diaryoflife @ironscarletwidowsoilder @cristin-rjd @ensorcellme @aimezvousbrahms @natasha-danvers @purplemeetsblue @randomshyperson @thegayw1tch @peggycarter-steverogers @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo @b0mbdotc0m @yourtaletotell @ethereal-pxradise @stephanieromanoff @tomy5girls @justagaypanicking @gingerbreadcookieforlife @imapotatao @musicinourlips @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @tsmukanii @likefirenrain @allfiguredout @olsensnpm @magicallymaximoff @am-just-a-cosmic-joke-to-me @ima-gi–na-tion @moon-faun @nothing-isimpossible @mionemymind @itsmionet @xastrydx @sxfwap @nicole-rayleigh-hot (let me know if you wanna be tagged)
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arluna-rp-hub · a day ago
Tumblr media
venting about the genshin rp fandom, so read at your own risk? I think this needed to happen cause I was keeping my feelings bottle up and it was starting to spill over  so warning cause I do cuss a lot, I’m not the most...graceful person. 
You know what? After talking to a few people who where worried for my mental health, just venting (I needed a good venting session) I’m to the point that running away from this isn’t a good idea. It would solve nothing 
I’m also to the point that if you all have a problem with Kaeluc, despite unfollowing/blocking or the fact I do the pollite thing and tag my ships. then bye, there is the door. I’m too old to deal with childish tantrums because these younger rpers ( the fact most of the people hating on Kaeluc are young and don’t seem to understand the Chinese translations / culture ect) are throwing fits over a FICTIONAL ADULT SHIP, then they can just go to the corner and be mad. 
I’m here to let my createity fly through writing and art, it’s a vent/comfort thing for me after dealing with alot of stressful bullshit in my life. I’m tired of being made to feel like I’m a horrible person when I’m not that bad. Annoying? Yes, sometimes; a rapid fangirl, yes? but I know I’m not a bad person! I shouldn’t have to be made that way. 
I AM NOT RESPONSABILE FOR YOUR EMOTIONS OR DISLIKES. You don’t like the ship, fine, please do what you must to make yourself feel comfortable but slandering people, harassing them, telling other people someone is a bad person, completely awful for shipping KAELUC ( TWO ADULTS NOT RELATED BY BLOOD, for god’s sake) then that says more about you being an awful and pathetic person than the kaeluc shippers
As my mother said; god rest her soul; if you don’t like it: well there’s the door, don’t let it hit ya where the good lord split ya. 
I’m sick and tired of being a people pleaser, it’s a bad habit of mine, i’m tired of walking on eggshells in this fandom, I’m frustrated I’m made to be some sort of problematic bitch because how I like two hot video games dudes with history being shipped together. 
I may seem really immature by just venting here but I just can’t take it anymore. 
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lacednleathered · a day ago
It’s Not So Bad
Bucky Barnes x Male reader
Tags - Angst, tw: depressive episode, tw: mental breakdown Break-Up, Rainy nights alone, Missed phone calls, Reconnection, taking it slow...
You Bucky end things after being distant with one another for months...but it hurts more now, can it be resolved?
A/N - Okay so it’s kinda based off the start of “stan” by Eminem cause it’s addictive and it’s giving me thoughts of a rough breakup with Bucky, and going through tough shit and picking yourself up...which is what I’m really trying to do right now
(I guess you could class this as gender neutral too! But it’s aimed for Male readers!)
Tumblr media
“It can’t end like this...i know you still love me”
You shake your head, he’s clearly not getting it, getting the point your trying to make...anything.
“Bucky...i-i don’t think i do anymore, every morning i wake alone and y-you really expect me to go about my day I’m happy?”
Bucky stands still, mouth now still, eyes glaring into your own, soft but you shiver, feeling the coldness within them, like a rainy day you wanted it to stop, you wanted to wither away.
“So what are you saying...this is it?”
You hear the monotone voice fill your ears, bouncing on the walls of your this point you just wanted him to go, you wanted to stop feeling like this, like shit.
You could only nod, feeling the emotion bubble up in your chest, tears pricked your eyes as you span on your heel, you wanted out, you wanted to get away.
“This isn’t like you...i know something is w-“
You fell your legs give way, you fall to the floor, tears streaming down your numb cheeks, everything felt numb now, even your cloudy.
You hear the distant calls of Bucky but don’t move, or even answer. His hands sooth over your back, thumbs swiping away your tears.
“Please go...”
He left 10 minutes later, only after knowing you were okay...
The events six months prior had you tossing and turning in your bed, sheets crinkled, pulling away from the corners as you move.
You find yourself staring at the cascading droplets on the window next to your own bed, the space next to you left unoccupied for the past several however many months he left.
Each day you would have a missed wasn’t Bucky being obsessive, you knew he was calling because he was worried.
But you never answered.
You waited every morning till your tea gold cold so you had an excuse to pour it down the sink and go back to bed.
You wondered why you even got out of all. What was the point, even thinking about Bucky had your stomach churning...what was it, why did this happen?
Even you couldn’t answer, you just knew the world was a very dark, dark place.
Bucky still doesn’t understand, he never will about what happened that night...
He watched the coffee still swirl after stirring it for a few seconds, trying to focus on anything but you. For months now it’s been the only thought on his mind, even Sam has noticed.
He nods. He knows he has duties, and a life with or without you, but even thinking about you sends waves of...nausea, nervousness, butterflies throughout his stomach.
“I-I know, Just...”
He paused as he looked up, watching you walk through the doors to the cafè. He didn’t bother to stare.
“BUCKY” sam shouted, not even realising you were there.
Running to the bathroom to throw up, shocked even at his own reaction at seeing you...was it really this bad.
It’s been seven months, no texts, no calls back...and here you were, looking perfect.
You cough, making your presence known. Bucky fell back against the stall walls, swiping away the spec of sick on his chin with his steel hands, cold as the days breeze.
Even you couldn’t explain what happened all those months ago, but you could tell he needed closure, he needed it more then he needed you.
“H-How are y-“
“What are you doing here?”
You could sense some hurt behind his voice, even by looking into his eyes. He looked like a lost puppy, kicked to the kirb and forgotten about.
“I-I’m not well...and-“
He shook his head, standing up he walked towards you on slightly heavy feet. You could feel your heart bang in your chest, thumping away as you watched him get closer.
“You broke me Doll...a-all those months ago i-“
His broke into a sob, nuzzling into your neck as you yourself tried keeping your tears back...holding him and him holding you felt like home, felt safe.
“W-Why did you l-leave me?”
You had no had no idea, but even know in your time of reconnection, you had a long path to travel, but it always much easier with Bucky by your side, he understands you in many ways others don’t.
“I’m not well Buck...i-i need help with the way i feel...the thoughts i’s dark”
He squeezed you tighter, this time he had you and he was never letting you go, this wasn’t necessarily getting back together, but it was a start.
Your just really happy to be in his arms once more, even after everything you did to him, after shattering his heart into millions of pieces, after he neglected you for months here you were to piece eachother back together again.
You’ve never felt more alive, even if all you feel is numbness.
(I’m trying so hard to explain how i feel and how i hope that one day i get that person back into my life who made me feel again, i just wanted to write something about how i feel as of now and how the people on my life are represented by Bucky because they are really helping right now)
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emma-likes-to-write · a day ago
Surprise! (Moldova Sick Fic)
A/N: Hey y'all! So I decided to write this lil piece because 1) I fucking love Moldova, he is my child, and I need to see more fluff with him period; and 2) I really like sick fics for some reason?? Idk why lol. I think I just really enjoy the hurt/comfort genre, which is what most sick fics fall into. Most sick fics also turn into fluff, and if you know me, then you know I live for fluff.
Slight tw for mentions of vomit.
AU: None
Moldova woke up to the view of bright sunlight pouring in from his window. Usually, this would make him happy, and ready to start the day, but today it made his head ache, and he groaned. His small fists rubbed against his eyes as he tried to adjust himself to the sunlight, yet he couldn't. The more awake he became the more he realized that his head wasn't just aching, it was pounding. Also, his stomach felt twisted in knots, and he could barely breathe through his nose. "Ohhh..." he moaned.
The little boy was forced to look toward the door, however, when he heard a sweet voice he recognized instantly. "Good morning, Moldova!" It was Ukraine. She smiled and came over to his bed, though she must've seen something on Moldova's face that made her frown. "Are you feeling okay?" She sat on the edge of his bed, her brows scrunched together in worry.
"No," Moldova replied, his tone uncharacteristically whiney. "My head hurts, and my stomach feels...twisted up," he tried to explain.
Ukraine reached over to place a hand on his forehead—it was burning up. "Oh dear," she said. "You feel feverish."
Hearing Ukraine say that made him feel even sicker, for some reason. He whined again. "I want my big brother..." he said quietly, his lips quivering.
"Russia? He's—" Ukraine started to say, before she was interrupted.
"No," Moldova said. "M-My other big brother."
Ukraine pursed her lips; she knew exactly who the boy was talking about and she couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness. "I'm sorry—Romania's not here."
Moldova paused for a few moments, processing this information, before he let out a wail. "I want my big brother!" he whined again, beating his small fists against his bed (as best as he could for how sick he was).
Ukraine pulled back, a bit startled; she'd never seen Moldova throw a tantrum before, and she didn't know whether to tell him to stop, or just let him be because he was sick. However, her internal decision-making was put to a screeching halt when she heard Moldova gag roughly and then vomit all over the bed. Ukraine's maternal instincts instantly kicked in; she leaned over and began to rub his back as he did a mix of crying and puking.
Once he was completely done, he held onto Ukraine's arm and cried harder, rubbing his eye. That's when what he'd done began to sink in. "I just ruined my bed." He sniffled, loudly, and started to whimper. "And you have to clean it all up now..." he moaned, feeling like the worst kid in the world.
Ukraine frowned; she couldn't believe he literally just puked, and that was what he was worried about. "Darling, don't feel bad," she told him. "I know you couldn't help it. It's okay; all I have to do is put new sheets on, that's all."
This did little to comfort Moldova. He whimpered again, his face plastered with such a guilty look, as if he'd just broken something. "I'm sorry..."
"Don't be," she reassured him. She then picked him up from his now puke-stained bed, slowly; being released from his warm bed made Moldova realize just how chilly he was, which caused him to shake and clutch to Ukraine tighter. She set him down on a small rocking chair in the corner of his room and, probably sensing how cold he was, she placed a wool blanket on top of him, making sure to wrap it around him tightly.
When Ukraine came back with the clean sheets, and also a glass of water and a puke bucket for Moldova, he watched her closely as she changed his bed. She'd said it wouldn't be a hard job, but every so often she seemed to clutch her hips, and her back, as if they hurt her. Moldova wanted to jump up from the chair and help her, as he felt it was his duty, but he was too fatigued to do so, and he couldn't help but be upset at that.
"Okay, I'm all done now," Ukraine said. "Easy cleanup, see?"
Moldova didn't respond, just stared off into space, feeling exhausted out of his mind.
"Do you want to go back in?"
He nodded weakly and held his arms up to be carried again. Soon, he was snuggled up back into his bed, barely conscious. Just when he was about to fall asleep completely, however, that awful feeling returned to his stomach, and he leaned over and puked into his bucket, which was now at his bedside.
Ukraine, who was still in the room, wiped him up again and told him to use the water to rinse his mouth out, and then drink a little of it, which he did. He flopped his head back onto his pillow. "I want my brother..." he said quietly.
"I know, dear."
However, he didn't have too much time to complain about this, as the tired quickly returned and he finally fell asleep.
The rest of the morning and afternoon was all but a blur for Moldova, as he slept through most of it, only waking up periodically to vomit into his bucket or take some medicine. Occasionally he would rise from his slumber seemingly out of nowhere, barely conscious, and ask any adult that happened to be in his room at the time—usually Ukraine or Lithuania, or sometimes Russia—if Romania was there. The answer was always the same—"no," usually followed by a sympathetic "I'm sorry." Moldova would grumble in response and flop his head back down into the pillow to sleep again.
Moldova didn't wake up for a longer interval until it was nearly evening. He'd started to feel just a little better, at least to where he wasn't just perpetually tired the whole day; however, he still felt icky, and he didn't really have anything much to pass his time, so he resorted to just staring up at the ceiling, waiting for someone to walk in and give him some type of company.
Eventually, Moldova's wishes were answered when he heard a knock on his door. "Oh, you're awake! Good morning, little Moldova," the person greeted happily. "Or should I say, good evening." Moldova recognized the voice, and the high-pitched chuckle that followed, instantly—Russia. He lifted his head up just a bit and saw that Russia was carrying a large tray with something on it.
"Sestra made some soup for you," Russia said as he walked closer to Moldova's bed. He sat down at the edge. "She wants to see if you can hold something down. You haven't even eaten all day."
Moldova looked down at the steaming bowl of soup in distaste. The smell, which probably would've been wonderful in normal circumstances, only managed to make his stomach churn. He pouted his lower lip. "I 'on't want it," he complained. "I want sweets."
Russia's smile fell a bit. "Moldova, you are sick. You can't eat sweets—they will make your stomach hurt. You don't want that, do you?"
Moldova whined. He didn't really care if sweets would make his stomach hurt—it was the only thing he felt like eating at the moment. "But I want 'em!" He began to throw a bit of a tantrum then; he threw his stuffed animals off of his bed and curled his blanket around his head so he didn't have to look at Russia nor the soup.
It didn't take long for Moldova to wear himself out, though; just a few minutes later, he flopped his head onto his pillow exhaustedly, huffing and puffing, the blanket still over his face.
Russia leaned over and pulled the blanket down, revealing Moldova's sweaty, reddened face. "Ah, there you are, Moldova!" the man exclaimed jokingly. "Now you're gonna be a good boy and eat your soup, da?"
Moldova pulled the blanket back over his face. "No," he said defiantly. "I want sweets first."
Russia sighed a little as Moldova turned to face the wall entirely. He looked down at the tray, and that's when he thought of something. "You know, Moldova...this isn't just normal soup."
Moldova had no reaction, just stayed in the position he was. Russia continued. "It's actually magic soup," he explained, trying to make his voice as cheery as possible.
That's when Moldova slowly poked his face out of the blanket and turned to face Russia just a little bit, his eyes now wide with curiosity. "...Magic soup?"
"Da!" Russia confirmed.
Moldova got up fully, rubbing at his eye. "What does it do?"
Russia put a finger on his chin, thinking for a minute. "Well...first it helps you get better, but all soup does that," he began. "But also, I heard that if you wish hard enough for something before eating the soup, and then if you eat all the soup...your wish will come true."
The man honestly had just come up with that off the top of his head, and after saying it, he thought it sounded a bit silly, but Moldova gasped in delight. "Really?"
Despite his fever, Moldova beamed and sat straight up, now eager to eat the magic soup. Russia spooned up a generous serving and held it up. "Okay, now make a wish!" he instructed the little boy. "Say it in your head—don't tell anybody," he added.
Moldova closed his eyes tightly. I wish Big Brother would come. He opened his eyes back up and took a big bite out of the soup, swallowing it down. Russia continued to spoonfeed him, and Moldova ate all of the soup—he wanted his wish to come true, after all.
"There," Russia declared happily, "all done." He got up with the tray and started to walk out the door.
However, there was still one thing that lingered on Moldova's mind. "Can I have some sweets now?" he asked, just a little hopeful.
Russia, who had his hand on the door handle, turned back around briefly. "Oh, it seems I also forgot to add that little boys who eat sweets when they're sick don't get their wishes granted..."
Moldova gasped, suddenly frightened. "Never mind!" He fell back down onto the bed and wrapped the blanket around himself. "I-I'm actually gonna go to sleep right now!"
Russia chuckled under his breath as he walked out the door.
Moldova woke up a few hours later, in the early hours of the night, to a soft rub on his shoulder. He fluttered his eyelashes weakly, expecting to see teal or violet eyes, or perhaps blue or green ones, but instead, he saw familiar red eyes. When Moldova opened his eyes more, he saw the person's entire frame come into view—shoulder-length strawberry blond hair, and a cheerful smile framed by fang-like teeth. Romania! Moldova flung his arms around him tightly. "Big brother!" he cried in delight.
"Surprise!" Romania replied happily, returning his little brother's hug. "I take it you're glad to see me?" he teased.
Moldova didn't respond, but the way he was bouncing up and down and holding onto Romania's neck like a vice spoke for itself. It seemed this was too big of an adrenaline rush for his sick body, though, as he started to cough roughly, his face turning a brighter shade of red.
Romania patted his back lightly. "Calm down, buddy," he said, his tone now a bit serious. "I don't want you getting sick from excitement." A part of him was just joking, while the other part was honestly concerned that Moldova might actually vomit from too much exertion all at once.
Moldova stopped coughing and buried his face into Romania's chest. Suddenly, he gasped. "My wish! It came true!"
"Your wish?" Romania asked.
"Yes!" Moldova said. "The magic soup! I made a wish and it came true!"
Romania let out a chuckle and turned back to look at Ukraine and Belarus, who were standing behind him, in front of the door. As Moldova continued to babble on, he shook his head and whirled his finger around his ear in a crazy motion.
Ukraine chuckled too while Belarus just stood there with her arms folded like she couldn't really care less. For Ukraine, however, it was so sweet to see Moldova with his brother, whom he'd been begging for all day. It had gotten to where she couldn't really take it any longer and called Romania sometime during the morning, telling him that Moldova was sick and that he was crying for him. Romania had said that he'd be there as soon as he could and told Ukraine not to let Moldova know, as he wanted it to be a surprise. She kept on telling herself that maybe she should've called earlier, so Romania could've arrived at a bit of an earlier hour, but it seemed neither of the brothers really cared about that, so she let it be. Her smile dissipated, however, when she saw Romania pull a huge red lollipop from one of his pockets and hand it to Moldova, who clapped and took it immediately.
It seemed Belarus must've seen this too, because she scoffed and mumbled to Ukraine, "So much for not letting him eat sweets."
Even though Ukraine had just been thinking the same thing, she felt the need to defend Romania for some reason. "Oh, it's okay—Moldova hasn't vomited in a long time anyway, and his fever's going down."
"Mm," Belarus replied flatly as she moved away from Ukraine.
However, for Moldova, not having been allowed sweets earlier was the last thing on his mind as he sat in his big brother's cozy lap, sucking on the sweet cherry lollipop. Romania was rambling on about something, but Moldova didn't really pay that much attention. He just loved hearing Romania's voice. His head still ached a bit near his sinuses, and his nose was beginning to run again, but for perhaps the first time that day, he barely even registered the pain.
Once Romania had stopped speaking, he just sat there and started to rub Moldova's back comfortingly. The little boy finished the lollipop, handing the stick back to his brother; then, he yawned and slumped against Romania's chest. "Big brother, I'm getting sleepy again," he said. "Can you tell me a bedtime story?"
Romania tossed the stick into a nearby trashcan. He then looked down at Moldova and smiled. "Sure! What kind of story do you want to hear?"
Moldova didn't hesitate. "A scary one!" he exclaimed, his brown eyes glistening.
Romania chuckled. His little brother was probably the only kid on the planet who liked to hear scary stories before going to bed. "Okay. What about a vampire story?"
Romania began telling the story; the further he got into it, the more Moldova's large, fatigued eyes drooped until they were fully closed. Once realizing his little brother was asleep, Romania smiled, picked Moldova up, and tucked him into bed, making sure to plant a light kiss on his forehead. "Mm—his head feels a lot better," he commented out loud. He cocked a brow when he got no response, and turned his head around to see if Ukraine and Belarus were still in the room—they weren't. Huh, he thought. He hadn't even noticed they were gone. Maybe they just wanted to give Moldova and me some privacy, Romania mused.
Then he looked up at the grandfather clock in his brother's room—almost eleven. Geez—or maybe they went to bed. It's gotten really late. Had all that time seriously passed?
Romania sat on the edge of his brother's bed, feeling a bit awkward for a minute. He thought about what he should do. He really did not feel like catching a plane at this late of an hour. The idea of just getting a hotel for the night crossed his mind, but looking down at his sleeping brother made him rethink that. Mm...maybe I should crash here for the night? he asked himself. He looked over at the large chair in the corner of his brother's room. Yeah, I will. I think it'll really cheer up Moldova to wake up and see I'm still here. Maybe his fever will even be gone by then.
Romania decided that his decision was final; he walked over to the wall and turned off the light switch, as well as his brother's bedside lamp. He then walked over to the chair, threw one of the draping blankets over himself, and snuggled into a more comfortable position. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep, and he did so quite peacefully, though his neck was drooped over in a rather cramped position, and the blanket barely covered his body.
Still, he managed to feel at ease as he slept, with Moldova feeling just the same—with his fever quickly dissipating from there.
A/N: Holy shit, that was way longer than I expected—almost 3,000 words (mega oof). But hell, I really liked writing that so yeah. Kudos to you if you read all the way through XD
Tbh I didn't even plan that ending, it just kinda happened. Also didn't plan the Russia/magic soup part—that also just happened. Was it cute tho? Yes. So did I keep it? Yes.
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magiaesabiduria · a day ago
Gray hues flicked up to the taller male and Sirius couldn’t stop the surprise flashing over his features as those five little words blindsided him. Doubt immediately made a home in the back of his mind and he didn’t think that this could be right. Was he being serious or was this some sick version of banter that he hadn’t picked up on yet? However, judging the situation and how Severus held himself, how utterly honest he looked, Sirius felt his heart tighten. He didn’t know what to say, this wasn’t like the old days when girls would flock around him and tell him the same five words without real meaning, other than for the purposes of some silly crush. This was Severus, the man who had somehow pushed past every layer of bullshit Sirius had ever dealt out and miraculously made a home in his heart.
The feeling wasn’t one-sided either, Merlin, it was the complete opposite in fact. Sirius had fallen for him some time ago as their relationship changed from enemies to...well whatever this was. He might not have been completely conscious of it at first, but the more he lingered around him, the more he broke past the heavily guarded walls the other kept up, the more he couldn’t get him out of his head. In the mornings his first thought was usually about Severus and the man was also his last one at the end of the night. Sirius loved him...and as confusing it was at times, he knew deep down that the feeling wasn’t going anywhere.
Sirius tilted his head as he composed himself after the brief pause and a brow rose while the corners of his lips pulled into a smile, “...Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not smart to fall in love with the arrogant prat type?” He hummed gently, teasing of course. He couldn’t help it, that was his comfort zone and he hoped Severus knew by now that he wasn’t pushing him away. He took a quick breath, his tongue darting out across his bottom lip as his motorcycle keys jingled between his fingers, “And if they didn’t, that’s okay, ‘cuz nobody warned me about falling in love with the calculating stubborn type, but here I am...” He breathed, looking up at him while his smile only widened. “So...what are we supposed to do with this developing information now?”
There was a split second, right after Severus’ confession, where Severus thought he had done this the wrong way -- either too soon or not soon enough; he’d caught the flash of doubt in Sirius’ gaze. Sirius really was terrible at hiding his emotions and either that said a lot about how little Sirius cared about having his intentions read or it said more about how much Sirius let his guard down around Severus. Either way, Severus was grateful for it -- he truly didn’t know if this, if the thing they had created between them, could survive both of them being guarded and so withholding on their emotions. As it was, Severus was opening up much more than he ever thought he would but the reason he did so was because he understood how.. unfair it was that he could so easily read Sirius most days and Sirius was left guessing. 
For a while, at the beginning, he told himself he didn’t truly care what Sirius was feeling nor did he care whether Sirius was suffering due to Severus’ lack of emotionality. Why should he care, after all? All the pain and hate between them wasn’t exactly a secret. --- but, for some fucked up reason, Severus did care. A few weeks in he found himself loosening the iron grip he had over his own emotions, giving Sirius a glimpse of his feelings -- throwing him a bone, so to speak -- when he could stomach doing so. And soon enough, he felt those moments coming more and more often. Felt himself letting the barrier down in his mind without even hesitating especially when he knew Sirius would be around often. Sirius wasn’t a legilimens by any means so most of that was done so Severus could allow himself to show emotion with him. 
The momentary panic was gone soon enough, Sirius’ emotions darting from one to the next and practically screaming at Severus’ through Sirius’ steely eyes. He let himself relax further, keeping silent though until the comment was made. There was a press of his lips together, fighting to hold back the grin threatening to form on his face, and a slight roll of his eyes before he met Sirius’ gaze. “Trust me, Black, they told me. It wasn’t as if I had much of a choice in the matter,” he confessed, yet again, voice a little quieter than normal but no less precise. There was a hint of color on his cheeks but it and the slightly chagrined look on his face were gone by the time he started speaking again. “And, for your information, Black, it is calculating, precise, and dedicated,” he did grin then, gaze falling to Sirius’ lips when the smaller male’s smile widened, the wetness causing the twin flesh to glisten in a way that called to him, made his gut twist with desire and his heart leap in his chest at the same time. Before he knew it, he was a mere step away from Sirius, fingers itching to touch him. He managed to refrain. 
Slowly, he lifted his gaze and met Sirius’ bright eyes once more. He let out a soft breath, truthfully, he hadn’t the slightest idea. All he knew was that particular bit of information had to come to light or it would eat him alive. Head tilted a bit as he held Sirius’ gaze, “what else is there to do, Black? You already practically live here. I spend more nights with you in my bed than without. Even mundane tasks are done together the past few weeks,” he hummed, “what else is there?” he asked again. 
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Tumblr media
Very often outside of my home if I am alone somewhere I am more capable of feeling things. Once I get home, or I’m in the vicinity of other people, a cloud covers my mind. It’s hard to touch or be touched by anything.
All I know is lately an increasing disgust has been coming over me for a group. It’s not much really new for me but it’s just been increasing more, and more, and today the feeling’s gotten suffocating. I’m not even sure if it’s disgust, just moreso a sense of sickness and despair. I do not feel at home with people as a group, with society as an institution and so many of its aspects. There are probably a lot of people who agree with me but I can’t help but feel that my perspective is cast with a certain sort of shadow. I feel the energy and vibe of places seep into me and invade me until I can’t see anything else anymore and it spiritually makes me want to throw up. I am tired of living in these places and being near these people. I’m tired of doing the sort of things I need to. I am tied to it somehow and I think I don’t want to be. It’s a source of conflict though because here I am delving directly into academia. Maybe that will help me find a place where going about my life isn’t so soul sickness inducing? I don’t know.
I don’t feel like I’m communicating this right. What I’m trying to say is, I really really really just want to disappear into the woods. Genuinely. I just want things to be simple and I want space to think and be away from others. I want to exist in a place that doesn’t keep me feeling sick and lost and make me feel like I’m being held captive. I don’t really want material things beyond what I need to live- aside from books and means to make art and mentally engage myself and create. I do like internet to some extent for resources and knowledge. I like having access to art and some peoples’ thoughts. I want to be able to publish things that people see and read as well but that is about it. I would like to venture somewhere to be around people sometimes but not have it be an obligation or something that is unavoidable. I always wonder maybe it is just me, or maybe there is a problem with how I have viewed things, but no matter how I have tried to re-frame my mind it has not abolished the extreme cognitive dissonance and exhaustion of existing in this “world” that I am constantly aware of. I love this world but I do not think I like the aspects of it that are constructed by our current society. I am a very young person but I already feel so old and done with it. I just want to rest and have peace. Things continue to feel unreal save in very few circumstances. I do not feel present where I am at populated/inhabited places or like I am even in my body at those times. I feel like my soul is just recoiling and hiding somewhere. I have to keep reminding myself, “Oh yes, I am here, and this is my life.” The only places where I do not have to constantly hold that in my mind to function are out in the woods or somewhere vacant of people and signs and advertisements and agendas money and politics and people expecting and doing and being things. The closest solution I can come up with to all of this is to continue to try and make as much peace with where I am at right now as I can- and keep bending my mind and being towards the things that I know matter to me and where I feel the most at home within my means- going into the woods and reading and writing and thinking and creating. I need to write. I think if I really did consistently delve back into my writing it would assuage some of my soul sickness. I do not do well without it and now it’s been so so so long since I reconnected with it. I hope maybe one day I could find a plot of land in the forest and work remotely or something...publish something...just sit and observe the world.
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Hi!! Luv your writing! i was wondering if we could have how dabi and hawks would propose? Ty <3
Dabi/hawks proposing to you
Tumblr media
Hi honey! Yess I love this request thank you! Also just because im extra i made a little moodboard to go with it! Hope you dont mind and hope you enjoy this.
A/n english is not my first language so im sorry for any mistakes <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is so nervous about the whole thing
Not because he thinks you're going to say no
You made it very clear that he's the love of your life and you love him so much
He's more worried about it not being good enough for you
Everything has to be perfect for his sweet doll
But he does have everything planned out very quickly
Mostly because mans has been thinking about marrying you for atleast half of your relationship.
It will probably be at home
I mean he's a villain he can't really go out
And he wants it to be private and special between the two of you
First he will make sure you're out of the house
So dumbass will probably pretend he's sick and needs you to buy this Very very specific medicine on the other side of town
*coughs extremely loud like the dramatic dumbass he is* " DOll can you come here for a sec"
"Jesus what happend to you, are you okay?
"Im feeling very sick any chance you can buy some medicine for me?
"Yeah ofcourse baby, which one?
" *random medicine name cause idk*
" oh and can you also buy some chickensoup
"And an ice pack"
"Okay su-"
"And some candy
" is that all?
"Yeah :)
"Okay il be back in an hour at most you gonna be okay?
"Yup but you should get going before they close. *chucks your wallet at you* here you go doll be safe *pushes you out the door*
Man has never worked so fast in his entire life
First he cleans up the appartment a bit
Lights some of your favorite candles
Tries his best to set up a really cute dining table near the windows
Im sure dabi can cook a bit but since he doesn't want to mess up he'll just order from your favorite restaurant
With money that he definitely stole
Puts on nice soft music
Its turning page by sleeping at last because that song is amazing and if i dont get married with that song im not getting married
Throws around some rose petals because☆ romance☆
Has probably watched some proposal videos on youtube to see what he has to do.
Hey baby im on my way home should he there in about 10 min. See you soon xx. Send 7:45
His heart started beating out of his chest
You're almost home
Out of nervousness he starts pacing around
Did he forget something?
Is everything in place
When is he going to propose?
Should he do it over dinner?
While watching a movie?
Do you wanna dance?
Baby was so distracted that he didn't even notice you opening the door
*gasp* "baby whats this all about :)!?"
"Doll! Jesus didn't even hear you come in. I just wanted a romantic night with you ;)"
":') baby thats so cute"
"You're not actually sick are you?"
"Nope just needed some time to set this up"
He grabs all of the stuff you bought out of your hands and just dumps them somewere out of sight.
"Sit down il bring out the food"
He didn't cook it but he put it very nicely on a plate
After enjoying your very nice dinner he stood up and offerd you his hand
"?? Yeah?"
"Come on were going to dance"
" dance? YOU know how to dance?"
" No but it can't be that hard come on"
It was hard lol
stepping on your toes multiple times
But you two had fun!
He decided that he would propose after the song ended
Eventually you two got the hang of it
It was still a bit clumsy but atleast your toes were safe now
And the way you were looking at him
So full of love
If he was able to cry he would
Yeah, I wanna spend the rest of my life with this sweetheart
Song ends and poof
Boy is down on one knee
Very clumsily grabs the ring from his pockets
You're just standing there like
" Y/n Y/l, you are the love of my life. Everyday I fall a bit more in love with you and truly I can't imagine life without you anymore. You make me feel loved and safe and happy, these emotions i haven't felt in years just came back to me a hundred times stronger since ive met you. Would you do me the honor to make me your husband and marry me? :D
You didn't even say anything just jumped in his arms and showerd his face with kisses and ending on his lips
"Il take that as a yes"
"Ofcourse its a yes dumbass. Give me the ring."
When he put the ring on
my god you are beautiful
swears he's the happiest man alive knowing you will always be by his side
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keigo is more excited than nervous
He always wanted to get married and now he's about to propose to the love of his life!
He knew very quickly that he wanted to give you his last name
That means he's also been planning this for a super long time
Definitely has a special notebook for this
Full of ideas on proposing and weddings
Boy has a pinterest board full of wedding aesthetics
He cannot contain his joy when he buys the ring
It's all getting so real
He has definitely accidentally spilled that he was going to propose to you to other heroes.
He's so excited he has to share it with someone!
Hawks will also want to do it in private.
He will propose ontop of the highest roof top for a few reasons
1. He does not need to make an excuse for you to get out of the house 2. The view is absolutely amazing. 3 its private and 4 you two can have a fun little flying trip.
He probably just tells you he needs to do a few extra patrol rounds and that he will be home late
"Hey sweet dove, I have to do a few more rounds so I will be home late :( I know I usually say don't wait up but will you please wait up? :3 send 9:55
"Hey baby yes ofcourse don't worry about it. Should i make some food for when you get back? Send 9:59
No il bring some with me! Thank you babybird see you soon!! Send 10:03
It doesn't take him long at all to set everything up
He just uses his feathers to help him put everything in place
A romantic candle lit dinner under the stars
Your favorite food
String of lights all around the roofstop
Flowers and plants everywhere
Soft music playing in the background
Everything is set up within 30 minutes
Time to get his dove!
You always leave the balcony door open for him
And for a while he just stares at you
My god he is actually about to propose :D
Eventually he flies up to the balcony and enters the house
Giving you a super tight hug
"Hey baby! That was actually pretty fast how did it go?"
"Hey dove, everything was pretty calm today dont know why they needed me BUT I did find a really cool view from a rooftop come on I wanna show you."
You didn't really get the chance to say anything because man was already pulling you outside and flew off with you without warning
You don't mind tho. You actually like flying with him. You know that even being this high up he will never drop you.
Eventually you reach the rooftop
"Keigo baby are you sure we can be here? I dont think this is for the public
"Babybird this is for us XD"
" thats so nice :') thank you"
" come on lets eat I got your favorite food :D"
Birdman will definitely propose through your favorite dessert.
You know when they write "will you marry me" in a dessert sauce
Thats exactly what he does
AND he wrote it himself :')
"I also got your favorite dessert dove but first I need you to close your eyes
"Hmm okay :)"
Now he has time to put the ring on the plate nicely
Now that the moment is so close hes
Shaking omg
Keeps telling himself that it will be fine, you will say yes and both of you will be incredibly happy.
He puts the dessert down infront of you and sits down on the opposite side
Probably counts to 10 in his head to calm down
"Okay you can open your eyes now
:| ?
:'D 💞
"Y/n y/l my sweet dove, the love and light of my life, the one person I completely trust and completely feel safe with. You make me so incredibly happy honestly everytime I look at you I feel like my heart is going to burst with love. Will you please marry me? :')"
"Yes ofcourse baby!!!!"
Both love, happiness and relief flows through his body
Stands up and picks you up as well twirling you around before bringing you into a super tight hug
He's crying
You're crying
But both of you are incredibly happy.
Now its time to plan the wedding
Mans has an entire notebook for it so it probably wont take long
Tumblr media
This was longgg if there are any annoying mistakes do tell haha but i really enjoyed writing this. I hope you all like it as well.
(Also my phone kept messing up the punctuation so it may be off honestly its not like i was good at punctuation to begin with lol
Edit: not to be a big sensitive dumbass but if you guys reblog my fics and also reblog a lot of hardcore nsfw fics (downgrading etc) will you please put a lil # with a random emoji or smth like that in the tags so i know not to look when not in the right mindset ty!!<33
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