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#Bultar swan
penguinkiwi-writes · an hour ago
I dont choose when I post my wips, the frog in my brain does
Master Shaak Ti was a very kind, understanding, and patient Master. She always had been when training him, and he was glad that she hadn’t changed at all since he had been her Padawan.
She hadn’t changed that much since his first mission with her as a Knight, and she wasn’t different in how she treated him now. It was easy for her to pick up on his weariness.
The mission had been long and grueling, nothing that he and Master Shaak Ti couldn’t handle on their own, but still, rescuing a duo of baby Night Brothers— his brothers— from Dathomir had been… nerve wracking. It had taken all of Shaak Ti’s patience and wit, and everything that Maul had begrudgingly learned from his Clanmates, to come to an agreement with the Nightmother. 
The Village that Maul’s brothers had come from would be removed from any Nightsister activity, the head of the Village given a com directly to the temple in the case that the Nightsisters didn’t hold up their end of the deal, and Maul would take his two brothers to Coruscant. In return, the Jedi would find a way to break Ventress from Dooku’s hold— something that Maul very much looked forwards to in the upcoming battles between them.
Still, he sighed as he trudged wearily through the temple, holding one brother in each arm— they were so small still, just babies, really— and heading back towards his shared quarters. By all means, a Knight should have had their own Quarters, unlike when they were a Padawan living with their Master or when they were  initiates living with their dorm-mates and clan-mates.
But Maul was an interesting case.
Zabrak were solitary beings, yet Maul prefered to know that there was a second member of his created clan nearby when possible.
That reminded him, though, he’d have to introduce the rest of his self-made clan to the two. Savage and Feral, he had been told. His brothers— His.
If anything, the only protest would be from the Council because he wasn’t supposed to keep children out of the Crèche.
Either way, he decided as the doors to his quarters opened, he’d keep the two as close as he could. The whole Attachment rule was stupid anyways, obviously the Council didn’t see how his Clan was still “light” and firmly connected to one another. 
Maul made a face as he stepped in, seeing his Clan-Siblings sprawled across the floor. 
“What the hell happened with you all?” he asked as Bultar rolled to her feet, pulling Lissarkh and Bant up with her. Agen sat up as well, brushing his hair back. 
“The usual,” Bant sighed as Sha simply shifted from where she was sitting on the Sofa. 
Maul nodded to her before he fixed his Clan-Brother with a pointed look. “I thought you were in Huttspace, Kolar.”
The other Zabrak snorted, arms crossing. “For that long? Who am I, Vos? I get my work done quickly and easily.”
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penguinkiwi · 6 hours ago
Hi im here to ruin your evening:
Had Order 66 not been enacted, had the war ended with Republic victory, had everything gone right, Plo Koon would’ve taken on Gungi as a padawan. Gungi, who was a Wookiee like his own Master had been.
He would have taught him the same things that his Master had taught him about being a Jedi, and about Wookiee culture, he would have taken him to Kashyyyk and celebrated Life Day with him, with Sha, and with Plo’s Uncle.
Gungi would’ve been accepted into the Wolffepack by the boys, and would’ve learned the ins and outs of the rest of the Jedi world though Bultar, Lissarkh, and Ahsoka. He would’ve been able to bypass the Trandoshan vs Wookiee stigma.
But that never happened, because Order 66 did hit, and Gungi was one of the children killed in the temple, Plo and Lissarkh werw killed by their own men, Bultar was killed by another Jedi, Sha was killed by Vader, Ahsoka went into hiding, and the unnamed Uncle’s fate is unknown.
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penguinkiwi-writes · a day ago
another six sentences but from something different
“Knight Sawn, Knight Koon, Knight Lissarkh,” Yoda greeted, “To hear from you suddenly, a surprise this is.”
“Perhaps,” Sha said, “But I recently got a feeling that something was wrong.”
Palpatine only looked confused at that, as did Skywalker and Ahsoka but the other Jedi just nodded. 
“Yes, we recently lost all contact with Master Plo Koon and his men,” Mace Windu said and Bultar glanced to her crèchemate and cousin-through-lineage who was silent and still. “We have... assumed the worst.”
“Pardon my bluntness,” Lissarkh spoke up, arms crossing, “But masters did it not occur to you to ask the other Kel Dor among the Order?”
Yes I’m still sad that they missed the chance to have three more badass ladies in Canon for TCW because they needed the t e n s i o n for Ahsoka and Anakin. No I wont let this go
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Voolvif: Hm, dirt. Tasty.
Bultar: The D in dirt stands for do not eat this please!
Voolvif: And the I stands for I will anyway because I'm hungry and we're in the middle of nowhere.
Lissarkh: The R stands for rat, which is what I would give you to stop eating dirt.
Sha: And the T stands for trans rights!
Agen: There's no more letters left but don't eat dirt.
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Nahdar: Why is everyone so obsessed with top or bottom? Honestly, I’d just be excited to have a bunk bed.
Anakin: I’m gonna tell them.
Bultar: Don’t you dare.
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penguinkiwi · 5 days ago
I have an incessant need for fistfights and hand to hand combat between the Jedi. 
Where’s my Bultar Swan series, Felony?
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penguinkiwi-writes · 6 days ago
Hello and Goodnight
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Rating: K
Summery: Ahsoka wanted to see the meteor shower, and unexpected visitor shows up at the docs but he's not an unwelcome one. || AU of an AU— Wolffepack against Child Abuse x MerMay AU
Pairing(s): PloKit, Micah/Plo (Past)
Part 2/3 of the May the 4th fics I have planned. Is this the cursed one? Probably not.
It's also my MerMay bit, though It might not be the only one I do for MerMay, we shall see
Children, Plo Koon knew, were precious. From the moment he had held his baby sister— he had been six years old then— to his career as a teacher, and then as part of the Child Protective Services, to when he held his niece for the first time, to when he first started acting alone outside of the Protective Services…
Yes, children were very precious.
The first children that he had adopted had been when his best friend and first partner had still been alive and with them. They were the same age, though one had been eight when she had been brought into the family, the other seven.
Lissarkh had been the eight-year-old, and had survived in back alleyways, eating scraps from the ground and dumpsters, and had bitten him when he had lifted her up out of the one behind his and Micah’s apartment building. Now she was just older than Wolffe, her hair dyed green and working with Mace to uncover smuggling rings with the Courscant Police.
Or she would be, had she not decided to go back to school. And Plo was fine with covering the costs for both her and her sister.
Bultar Swan had been Plo’s— and Micah’s— very first child. She had been taken in a year before Plo rather unceremoniously found Lissarkh behind their apartment building.
Taken from abusive parents in the city of Kuat, Plo hadn’t the heart to allow the child to enter the Forster System and appealed to Micah then for help.
Ah, but that had been such a long time ago.
Micah had been shot and killed close to fifteen years ago. Bultar and Lissarkh had been twelve, and Lissarkh had only managed to have four years' worth of rather fuzzy memories with him.
Still, in grief and death, he didn’t stop his care of other children. When Bultar and Lissarkh were twelve, he had found Wolffe and his brothers.
And life continued from there.
Plo loved all his children. It was as simple as that.
And as the night continued on, and the embers of the fire began to die, he knew that. Children were precious, and he loved his children.
Plo gazed over the sleeping forms of Boost and Sinker, tangled with Nex and Nox, and Comet. Warthog, Ghost, and Wildfire sprawled in the grass nearby, and Ahsoka wedged between Wolffe and Tracer, with Bultar and Lissarkh nearby and a number of their other brothers and sisters laying in the grass around the once blazing bonfire.
Ahsoka wanted to watch the meteor shower that was due overhead rather soon. Somehow that had translated into inviting as many of the ‘Plo's bros’ from across Coruscant as possible and everyone having a cookout and bonfire in the fields by the docs. 
Plo didn’t mind.
It was lively and rather amusing to watch Ahsoka and Maul gang up on Anakin and Obi-Wan. To meet Bultar and Lissarkh’s friends again, to see Sha again— though she didn’t live too far from Dorin, just on the edge of the city and no more than a three-hour ride to her apartment building.
It had been a good evening. 
But now the children were all settled down to rest until they woke back up due to the numerous alarms set on various phones.
A splash down at the docks made him perk up a bit, folding his glasses back into their case and setting them on the picnic table. He stood, picking his way through the sleeping bodies and walking down to the docks.
Data and Cable (And Plo would never question the boys on the names they wished to choose for themselves) had a small boat that was docked there for when Data needed silence from the noise of the house, but that wasn’t what had alerted him and that's not what had splashed down there.
It didn’t take long to get there, nor did it require much effort to find the switch that turned on the lone lantern at the end of the dock, and a familiar form was leaning on the planks.
Had the figure been a normal human, Plo might’ve been concerned about why they were on the end of his dock, but they weren’t— he wasn’t. 
Not with green skin, large, dark eyes, and tentacle-like tresses instead of hair. No, this one was not human, though he did walk around in a human skin sometimes. He was a Mer, simple as that, though very different in appearance than the mermaids so commonly seen in movies and fiction. Most all of them were.
Nonetheless, Plo chuckled as he walked down the dock towards the figure. 
“Hello, Kit,” he greeted, sitting down and crossing his legs upon reaching the end. A grin full of razor-sharp teeth was flashed his way before melting into a quizzical look.
“No glasses tonight?”
He chuckled. “No,” he told the other, “The light isn’t as bright at night, so my eyes aren’t bothered.”
Kit seemed to ponder on it for a moment before accepting it, something Plo assumed he would, considering how he knew a number of other Mer from the depths of the sea who were also sensitive to light.
Kit had been showing up at Dorin’s docks for a few months now, ever since Wolffe had accidentally fished him up, really. And then, of course, Plo had connected the dots a few weeks later and had met Kit Fisto the Mer-Rights activist, Kit’s human guise.
It had been a good few months of friendship, and, later, a rather interesting romantic partnership.
And Plo rather enjoyed the time spent talking with Kit.
“So what brings you by here?” he asked and the green Mer just flicked his tail, a few drops of water splashing onto his cheek where the medical mask wasn’t covering it.
“Heard some noise when I was on my way back from Aayla’s bar and decided to pop in,” Kit hummed loftily, before be paused. “Foul's still missing, by the way, so if you hear anything make sure to pass it on to her so she can get it to us.”
Plo nodded slowly at the mention of the other two— while Aayla herself wasn’t a Mer, nor was Foul, the two were still targets for the Creatures Trade. A faerie and a yeti, far from their homes, and now Foul was missing.
“I will,” he assured the green-skinned Mer, who just grinned again. “So, why are all of you and yours out this late?” he asked, leaning on his elbows as his tresses curled, flicking drops of water.
Plo hummed, glancing back at his sleeping children. “Ahsoka wanted to watch the Meteor Shower,” he told him simply.
The Mer clicked softly, chuckling before nodding. “Yes, a rather wonderful sight, even for us. If the waters are clear enough out in the open ocean, many of us head to the surface to watch when astronomical events such as this happen.”
“I think humans and non-humans can agree on that at least,” Plo chuckled softly as well, “I studied space in school a long time ago, and once wished to go, but ended up on a different path.” Kit hummed, tail and tresses flicking as he listened. “You humans are so interesting, thinking about duties you want to do for the future, even if they don’t come to pass.”
“While you Mer live in the moment.”
The said Mer just laughed, head tossed back. “Of course,” he agreed. “Why worry over something that is uncertain, and fret over what is not there yet? The future might not come, so live as you do now and enjoy it. If you look too far to the future, you lose sight of what’s around you.”
Plo couldn’t help but smile under his mask. “Perhaps,” he agreed before the sharp sound of phone alarms going off rang out in the night. Kit made a face, shaking his head as grumbles and groans came from Plo’s children, most still half asleep in the grass.
He glanced back at them, seeing Wolffe shake the sleep from his head before lightly punching Boost and Sinker so they woke up. 
Kit whistled to get his attention again and Plo turned back around as the green-skinned Mer pointed upwards. He tilted his head back, smiling again under his mask as Ahsoka let out a whoop behind him. The first of many silver streaks crossed the sky, bright and beautiful and Plo reached over to the lantern, clicking it off without a word.
“Quite a sight, isn’t it?” Kit mused, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one at the surface. I was down near Muunilinst last time, all the way across the ocean. It’s rather bleak there, so I’m glad I’m down over here for this one.”
Plo hummed, watching the sky still as he nodded. “It is rather beautiful. I missed the last one. Feral had been extremely ill and the Nightbrothers were staying with us until he got better.”
There was silence for a moment before another splash sounded and Plo let out a slightly disgruntled noise as he was splashed, Kit hauling himself onto the dock.
He turned to gaze at the Mer, raising a brow, and Kit just grinned before leaning forwards. A single, clawed finger hooked on the edge of his mask, pulling it down and before Plo could say anything, Kit closed the distance between them.
It wasn’t a deep kiss, not like the first time Kit had kissed him out of nowhere, but it also wasn’t playful like the quick and teasing pecks the Mer had peppered across his face while he had been slightly tipsy at Aayla’s bar. 
It was nice, either way though, as Kit pulled back. “Cute.”
Plo reached up, touching his cheeks before huffing a bit and pulling his mask back up to hide his flush.
“Hush, you,” he huffed again, smacking the Mer on the arm as he laughed. That just made Kit laugh harder, tresses curling and moving in that happy way they did when he was delighted.
Plo rolled his eyes, turning his head back up to the sky as more and more meteors crossed the wide expanse. Behind him, he could hear his children talking, words of awe and wonder drifting down to the docks. 
“It really is beautiful,” he murmured as Kit rested his chin on his shoulder, tresses curling and draping across the other one.
“Just like you,” the Mer teased, an equally teasing croon leaving him, and Plo bit back a laugh. The compliment was sincere, but nonetheless.
“I will push you off this dock, Kit.”
And Kit just laughed, wrapping his arms around him as the stars continued on their paths over head.
Dorin is the name that belongs to Plo's farmhouse, Data and Cable show up briefly in some of my other work and Nex and Nox showed up in the previous WPACA installment. Ghost shows up like all the time in my works hagjkfjghd. Anyways, was this the cursed one? That's for you to decide. Happy May the 4th!
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penguinkiwi-writes · 6 days ago
What Was Written Only To Be Undone
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars (03), Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Rating: K
Summery: Voolvif Monn survived Order 66 when few others did. He didn’t expect to go to sleep in a far off planet only to wake again in the Temple.
Happy May 4th!
This is one of three fics I plan on getting out sometime today ( or like at like 2 am may 5th but yk time is weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) so yeah. Happy Star Wars Day and one of them is very cursed.
He had been in the Outer Rim, alone, when it hit. Order 66 that was.
Voolvif Monn knew that his solitary nature was the real reason why he had survived— there were no Clones to turn on him, and he was certain that they would have if any survived from the massacre that was the 146th near the beginning of the war. 
And as the Empire rose, Voolvif remained one step ahead of it.
For years he moved through the Galaxy. Never keeping the same ship longer than he needed, never staying longer than he needed. Always one step ahead.
Ahead of Vader, ahead of the Inquisitors, ahead of the Purge, Dark, and Storm Troopers.
Eight years of running, of taking out Troopers if possible. He didn’t kill any of the Inquisitors, couldn't kill any of them— they attacked in packs with Troopers and at that point, it was more important to heed Master Kenobi’s words and get away in order to live and fight. He just wasn't strong enough anymore.
The Inquisitors were strong, they were former Jedi, after all. And he might have been a Master once, but he was being run ragged, exhausted and running, but still, but still...
But still, he escaped them— at the cost of his eye and most of his hearing once. And still, he had survived. He had fallen back on his more animalistic side, slipped in and out of Bounty Hunter Dens, and making sure to sleep in a safe yet secluded spot when he could risk rest— be it an abandoned warehouse or even among the highest branches and cliff-sides of trees and mountains.
He hadn’t expected to wake to sunlight on his face and a hard but comfortable floor under him.
He was almost instantly on high alert, rolling to his feet before he startled upon realizing that both his eyes were working. 
Hesitantly (and he was always hesitant nowadays) he reached up and placed a hand over his eye, feeling for a scar— only there was none.
A pounding at his door made his ears shoot up and he called his lightsaber to his hand without a second thought. He moved from his sleeping quarters and to his door.
He opened it and almost cried upon seeing the familiar faces of his agemates, even though they hadn’t been close friends of his.
The faces of Lissarkh, who had been shot in the chest by her own men.
Of Agen Kolar who had been felled at the hands of the Sith. 
Of Bultar Swan who had been killed by a fellow Jedi.
Of Sha Koon who was killed by Vader—
“Slept in late, Monn?” Agen drawled, though there was no heat to his words. Amused. And Voolvif’s mind flew backward through memories. 
In the past, he would’ve taken that as an insult, his ears would’ve pinned back and teeth barely restrained from being bared in a growl. In the past, he hadn’t known what to do with these Jedi who insisted on socializing with him after they were all Knighted— Sha had been the last to be Knighted of them, him first, on the field right before his Master was killed, then Agen and Bultar. Lissarkh would follow plus one more he couldn’t quite remember, and then Sha. 
Still, he wanted to cry at the familiar faces, to reach out and grasp onto them and never let go because this couldn’t be real— either he was dead as well, or this was some torturous trick from the sith.
And he wasn’t sure which one he wanted more.
Bultar reached out, pausing for a moment, allowing him the time to pull away— he had been so touch-adverse back then, he remembered— but he didn’t and she placed a hand on his arm.
“We were going to go and congratulate Aalya on getting Knighted,” she told him and he forced down another swell of emotions. “You want to come with? We were going to go down to Dex’s too.”
Aayla, who was always kind to him when he had snapped at her, when he had bared his teeth at her kindness, and pulled away from her hands when she tried to treat his injuries from Geonosis. Aayla, who was kind and had been shot over and over and over by those men who she had loved and cared for.
He swallowed. 
They were expecting an answer from him.
“Yeah,” he rasped, hooking his lightsaber onto his belt. “Yeah, that’d— that’d be nice.”
And if this was a dream, if this was his afterlife, if this was some hellish trick of the Sith… He didn’t know.
But for now, he was back, back before it all fell to hell— before the Clones, before the Fall, before the endless nights and days of being on the run, of being hunted down.
And he wanted to bask in this warmth, with these people who he had become friends with a bit too late in his life.
A gentle whisper made him turn and look over his shoulder as he followed the rest of his agemates down the hall— a slight tug on his mind and for a second he thought he saw something, heard something.
If this was a dream, he wanted to sleep a bit more.
If this was a sith trick, he wanted to be at their mercy for a bit longer.
If this was his death and afterlife, he would gladly accept it.
But on the off chance— the off chance that he was here, back in the Temple, back in time to change something…
He would gladly do it.
But for now, he wanted to rest.
So Voolvif Monn turned upon hearing Sha call for him, and followed his agemates down the hall.
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kanaima · 7 days ago
I love the headcanon that Aayla is like an older sister to Anakin, it warms my heart and is the wholesome content this fandom need. Also, their first meeting should be the cutest thing because newly knighted Obi-Wan Kenobi would ask his worst friend Quinlan Vos to look after his Padawan, but Quinlan is also busy at the time, so he calls his own Padawan for help and ask young Aayla if she can take care of little Anakin for a while and she is like:
Aayla: Are you giving me a ❤ Baby ❤ ?
Quinlan: No, not really.
Aayla: I have only had Anakin for a second and a half but if anything happen to him I would kill everyone in this galaxy and then myself.
Quinlan: Ok, as you wish, kid.
And then they become best friends, later Aayla introduces him to Bultar Swan and now Anakin has two older sisters and friends.  Anyway, it is also sad because Aayla tried to help Anakin when Palpatine was trying to manipulate him, ands she tried to keep contact and talk with him all along the war, when he was becoming more and more angry and distant.
At least, Aayla died without knowing what become of the little boy she used to look after when they were children.
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Bant: We’ve been conducting an ongoing study to see what Voolvif will and will not eat.
Sha: Grass? Yes!
Lissarkh: Moss? Yes!!
Serra: Leaves? Ohh, yes!
Agen: Shoelaces? Strange but true!
Anakin: Worms? Sometimes!
Bene: Rocks? Usually nah.
Ahsoka: Twigs? Usually!
Nahdar: My cooking? Inconclusive!
Aayla: How did you… test this?
Agen: You just hand him stuff and say ‘eat this’ and if he eats it, he eats it.
Aayla: ... I don’t know how to feel about this.
Voolvif, in the back with a mouthful of leaves: Yes...
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Voolvif: What do I even bring to the table?
Lissarkh: That’s easy. You’re the cute one.
Voolvif: What?
Lissarkh: I’m the hot one, Sha's the cool one, Agen's the chaotic one, Bultar's the responsible one, and you’re the cute one.
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penguinkiwi-writes · 10 days ago
Thinkin’ about Houseki no Kuni and Star Wars and rewrote some panels to fit :’)
Every character is subject to change ofc, these are just ideas and I’m not wholly satisfied with them aside from Cin as Bortz, Plo as Yellow, Mace as Jade, and Anakin as Phos. The OG Morga and Goshe were Agen and Eeth, but Motwo and Gotwo are Feral and Savage because Zabraks I guess
“Kit really admires you,” Shaak mused and Plo scoffed softly, catching the scalpel and began applying the glue in order to piece the green colored gem back together.
“I’m the one whose let everyone around me die. Master Tyvokka, Micah, Lilit, Qui-Gon... there’s nothing admirable about me. All I have are the quick reflexes that let me get away faster than anyone else. And yet here I am, the eldest of all of us. I’ll be three hundred and ninety-three this year.”
He pauses, gazing down at the green agate of the younger gem, the closed eyes and the tresses that spilt down the sides of the table.
“I can’t even remember… why I’m fighting anymore.”
It was heartbreaking but a very real realization that came upon them. Cin was shattered, broken to pieces by their own sibling and the both of them laying in pieces in the fields.
And now Sha was before them. She had changed, they all knew this side of her, but she had since locked it away— but now? She was freely using it. Behind her was Aayla.
Bultar and Serra didn't even have time to move before Sha's blade pierced them both through the middle, lifting them off their feet and then she swung. The two were shattered in half, and Bultar's knee slammed into Bene's face, shattering her as well.
"Sha! Stop!" Obi-Wan's cry fell on deaf ears, and four others struck. Brave, brave souls— Lissarkh, Feral, Kit, and Adi.
Sha, though, she made such quick work of them and Obi-Wan knew that Shaak Ti would not move from her spot by Saesee's body. Both Scout and Whie didn't even have time to move, both begging the elder gem to stop only to get severed in half as well as Aayla grabbed onto the chain that was attached to the collar around Sha's neck.
And then it was just him and Voolvif. Voolvif with his blade ready, eyes unreadable and—
"I never..." Aayla was gazing at Voolvif. "Told you this but! I never liked how I never knew what you were thinking! It's like you were looking down on me!"
Sha was still relentless, destroying a pillar for no real reason.
"But!" Aayla tugged, feet planted as cracks began to appear on Sha's neck. "You need to get out of here!"
And with another sharp tug, she broke through the other's neck, but still, it was for naught. Sha's sword was still in mid swing, and Voolvif as bisected from the shoulders up. Her head flew back, slamming into Aayla, and Obi-wan watched as Aayla's shattered as well.
And then it was only Obi-Wan.
Anakin— no, Obi-Wan supposed he would be Vader now— gazed down at him. He could feel the burning gaze on him as he bowed, hands braced on the stone, head bowed.
"Please make the arrangements, I'm certain if you take me to [the Sith] we can come to an agreement. No one but you can do it."
There was silence. "You need me?"
Vader's voice was rough, low, and Obi-Wan lifted his head.
Vader gazed down at him for a moment. two. three.
Then, the last sensation Obi-Wan felt was the feeling of Vader's blade cleaving his neck from his shoulders— no, that wasn't quite it.
The last thing he felt before darkness took over was the feeling of his head breaking apart as he hit the ground.
"I dont need," Vader hissed. "Anyone at all."
Perhaps it was only fair, karma, for how he had been. Mace realized this easily, as Vader held him by the throat up against a pillar. His body had been shattered, violet shards of sapphire decorating the hall.
"I'm sorry that..." he murmured, gazing down at the once bright child. "I was never able to understand you."
Vader's grip on his neck tightened before a crack split across Mace's face and he felt his neck break from the rest of his body before Vader let him go.
"Huh?" he heard Vader mutter as darkness consumed him. "What are you even talking about?"
idk if you have questions for whatever this is just ask
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Anakin: I'm just laying out a little sugar to catch a snake
Aayla: Flies. Sugar catches Flies.
Serra: What catches snakes?
Bultar: Gotta use a snake trap.
Lissarkh: No you gotta use one of those metal sticks with a grabber at the end
Sha: My uncle uses those to get cereal down from the cupboard
Nahdar: Why are there snakes in Master Plo's cereal?
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Bultar: The Negotiator had a lot of ups and downs. May he rest in peace.
Lissarkh: Master Kenobi died?
Bultar: Not yet.
Bultar: But he ruined another one of Madame Nu's books. We all know how that's going to end.
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Anakin: Okay, maybe playing ‘whose lineage is the most disastrous’ wasn’t the greatest idea we’ve had so far.
Anakin: I mean sure, we won but there were consequences we didn’t account for. Not our greatest idea.
Obi-Wan: Anakin, that's an understatement! Plo's been crying in the 'fresher for an hour! We can’t get him out, Bultar and Lissarkh aren't even trying to help us get him out!
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Bultar: Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out?
Agen: Say no more. Here’s a bunch of detonators, Bultar.
Bultar: Ah, nope. Different thing.
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