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bemuditaa · 38 minutes ago
Appreciation - Self realization
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Let me share you a story to give you the context.
Once GOD ( Grand overall design) the creator of the Universe started contemplating of making a Unique place. However, he was not getting enough idea. He called 2 of his greatest painters and asked them to create some unique paintings on the two walls of his hall facing each other so that looking at them he gets inspiration. There was only one condition. Both the painters could not speak or see each other’s work till it was over.
GOD declared that any items required by these painters should be made available and to ensure that they do not see each other’s creation , a thick curtain where a speck of light could not pass was placed along with guards who would ensure that there is no communication in any form by them.
The first painter requested for finest brushes, exquisite colours, crystal clear water, rubies and diamonds for decorations.
The second painter ordered for Sandpapers, bucket, water and extremely fine quality of silk and cotton clothes white in colours.
GOD wondered, two painters with so distinct materials what could they create.
The work started; time passed by. One day, both the painter declared that they work is done.
GOD was summoned. All the Angels, Masters and other beings arrived to see the painting along with GOD.
The curtain was removed, and everyone’s jaw dropped. Two exact paintings were revealed. GOD immediately sorted for the guards, who confirmed that there is absolutely no communication that was there between these painters. GOD called the first painter and asked which wall he had created. He showed the right wall. It was a great, a masterpiece, intricate work was done with detailing.
GOD looked at the second painter and asked him, you never took any material of paint then how did you create this? The painter bowed. He said, I never painted my lord. I only polished the wall and converted it into a mirror.
GOD smiled and thanked the second painter for the uniqueness. Earth was created soon after this inspiration. Human were given the key to their own lock, however hidden like these two walls of painting in the mirror.
“What you see in others, is your own reflection?”; “As above, so below”. These are quotes, statement which we have heard and read multiple times. However, many do not know it in reality. Read ahead to understand how does this works and tastes.
We all know, Human the most intelligent animal on this planet. They found to bypass this too.
We started sugar quoting our words, most of our praises were to project their image and not a real praise. It is like Corporate year end appraisal. You would be initially told about the good/great/excellent work and most likely it would be followed with feedback!!! They feed you back with their own projections, in the name of your scope of improvements, for your progression etc. As human do you remember those good words or the Feedback that would linger in the days/month and even years if this is cruel.
If this was restricted to only professional life this could have been in only in one environment. However, knowingly or unknowingly people transformed and imbibed this nature in all aspect of life.
I am giving you my own account on the same.
Not so long ago, I was attending a weeklong session with my teacher and at the end of each session we were given assignments. One of the assignments was just to collect from 10 friends whom we consider close to ask them – “What do you think is my good quality?”. Simple straight forward question on the face value. We had to just copy paste every word shared by the friends and collate it in one document and submit it within the given date.
This is not an easy task for a person like me who has many followers in Instagram and Facebook and handful to be called friends in real term. The most time invested by me was to make the list of 10 people (since these were not random people). Then I sent them message informing that as a part of my assignment to the course I am doing, request you to share “What do you think is my good quality?”; Informed them on my deadline too.
Thankfully, all 10 friends responded. 8 told me so many good things which I too failed to see in myself. 2 of them after mentioning my good qualities added my area of improvements. This rattled my inner world. I submitted by assignment exactly it was mentioned.
Next day, during the session, my assignment was picked up by my teacher. It was only my submission which had comments which were nowhere close to good quality. I was not sure where was I wrong. Why it happened with me, out of 21 participants who had friends who showered them with good qualities only. Here I am, considering them my close friends and in a forum my work being picked that shadow loomed than the shine around. I had my memories of year-end appraisal coming out !! This could happen in personal life too. Do these friends really appreciate or they looked for an opportunity to tell you the things they do not like about me. If at all they had to share, in spite of knowing it is for assignment, they choose to share it now ? Million questions started making rounds in my head as I was pinned on the screen.
My teacher first reconfirmed if these comments came from people whom I considered close. I affirmed with a gentle nod. I looked sad and being pinned on the camera exposed it a lot more. Then, he asked for the one person who mentioned “you become hassled at times, do not take stress” and few more words, if I see them ever hassled, stressed etc. I mentioned that yes, I have seen them breaking down due to various reasons and circumstances however I never thought that is something a quality which needs improvement or even mentioned. It is human nature and nothing wrong about it. I reflected again that I had never made it a point to even give a thought up until my teacher asked.
For the next friend of mine who wrote “I do not understand you, I feel that you belong to different Universe”. Teacher wanted me to read it and see if I understand that person. I reflected and mentioned, when I am understanding myself daily and my understanding of self is ever changing how can I ever comment on anyone. If I am not able to understand, I shall attempt to probe and find out if possible. If I still do not understand, anyway I am not giving any examination where the marks matter, I am okay to be incorrect and open to be corrected.
There was a deep silence after what I shared. I had spoken from my heart space rather than my head space.
He then spoke to all mentioning how things we say, do and action is our own reflection. This exercise was to gather about our good qualities however remember when winds blows it brings fragrance and sometimes dust too comes, sweep your house clean. We were asked to give a note of thanks to all our friends who shared appreciation, also mention that these are their own qualities.
This lesson was significant in my life, I continue to speak and express with authenticity and ensure I express what is asked, not more or less. This awareness bought a shift within. The moment I am judging in my mind or even by saying, I become aware of the pixel within me that needs cleaning.
Dust will come, just do not allow it to settle within my being anymore.
Stay bless, stay in love.
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Preparing for a seafood lunch in a cold winter 🤔😌 #jizo #bodhisattva #kanmangufuchiabyss #abyss #foresttrail #trail #nikko #japan #riverside #riversidewalk #buddhism #red #redisthewarmestcolor #nature #inarow #travelohotography #explore #wanderer #travelmoments #buddhist #traveljunkie #travelinstyle #travelingram #traveling #bestvacations #withgalaxy #raw_historic #raw_japan #explorejpn #visitjapanjp (em Kanmangafuchi Abyss)
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abiding-in-peace · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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abiding-in-peace · 3 hours ago
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spiritualityquotes · 3 hours ago
This perfection of wisdom is the practice of all dharmas, it bestows uninterrupted flashes of insight and illumination.
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abiding-in-peace · 3 hours ago
When I drink tea, there is only me and the tea. The rest of the world dissolves.
Thich Nhat Hanh
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southeastasianists · 4 hours ago
Myanmar’s Buddhist monkhood led an earlier struggle against military rule but is split on the coup that ended the country’s nascent democracy, with some prominent religious leaders defending the new junta.
Three months of turmoil have followed the February pre-dawn raids in which soldiers arrested civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her top allies, sparking furious and widespread opposition.
Protesters have mobilized on the streets daily ever since, defying threats of lethal violence from security forces who have shot dead hundreds in an effort to bring the public to heel.
Joining their ranks are a number of largely young, crimson-robed monks who have defied religious edicts against political activity to proclaim their condemnation of the generals.
“I am willing to give up my precious monkhood and take part in the revolution together with the people,” said Shwe Ohh Sayardaw, 44, who is currently moving between different monasteries in an effort to evade arrest.
The struggle against the military regime has drawn broad and vocal support from across Myanmar society and, with Buddhist worship a cornerstone of public life for most of the country, the monkhood is no exception.
Security forces are closely watching monasteries for anti-coup activism, and about a dozen monks have been arrested, according to a local monitoring group.
But a hardline, pro-military faction within the clergy has also defended the new junta as a protector of a majority-Buddhist identity against the purported threat of a slow Islamic takeover.
Among that group is Parmaukkha, an ultra-nationalist monk with a large following who was once arrested for inciting hatred against Myanmar’s stateless Rohingya Muslim minority.
Keeping Suu Kyi at the helm would see “an extinction of our religion, ethnicity and the entire country”, he said.
‘Many have been killed’
The ideological divide is a far cry from Myanmar’s last nationwide uprising in 2007, when monks led huge demonstrations against an earlier military junta, first sparked by a sudden hike in fuel prices.
Members of the clergy walked the streets with their alms bowls turned upside-down to show their refusal to accept donations from soldiers — a bold gesture of condemnation.
The “Saffron Revolution” posed a severe legitimacy crisis for the dictatorship, which responded with brutal crackdowns that killed at least 31 people and saw hundreds of monks defrocked and arrested.
Among those arrested was Gambira, a prominent leader sentenced to 68 years in prison for his activism.
When he was released in a mass amnesty in 2012, he found a fractured clergy.
“Many have been killed or are missing, others imprisoned for years are in poor physical condition. Many have fled abroad,” said the 41-year-old, who today lives in Australia as a refugee.
At the same time, a nationalist movement named Ma Ba Tha emerged within the clergy alongside the growing prominence of a charismatic extremist monk named Wirathu — once dubbed “the Buddhist bin Laden” by Time magazine.
His rhetoric and his followers’ hostility towards the Rohingya helped whip up public support for a brutal 2017 military crackdown, branded a “genocide” by UN investigators.
Ma Ba Tha was banned in 2017 by Suu Kyi’s government in an effort to curb its influence but the group continued to receive patronage and cash donations from military figures.
‘On the side of justice’
The movement believes that the military is the only force capable of staving off what they claim is a growing “Islamization” of Myanmar — despite Muslims making up less than five percent of the country’s population.
“People who can think ahead about that future will not protest the current government,” says Parmaukkha in defending the military’s power grab.
Security forces have killed at least 780 civilians, according to a local monitoring group, in a series of brutal crackdowns aimed at quelling opposition to the coup.
But Parmaukkha blames the growing death toll on the streets on the media for inciting opposition to military rule.
Shwe Ohh Sayardaw disagrees, blaming it instead on a military that has “unjustly seized power”.
“The current crisis is the result of peaceful demonstrations, a normal process in a democracy,” the monk says.
“We must stand on the side of justice.”
The code of monastic life prohibits some 300,000 monks from voting or taking part in political demonstrations.
But from exile in Australia, Gambira says those rules only apply “in an ideal world”.
“Our country has fallen into chaos. We cannot close our eyes.”
Even after renouncing the monkhood, Gambira fundraises for the protest movement.
“The Buddha taught us that, no matter where or how, we must always stay on the path of truth,” he says.
“We have only one motto now: never surrender.”
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acalmpeacefulmind · 5 hours ago
You suffer because you think of yourself.
But what benefit does a chair receive when you sit in it? What's in it for the table when you set your cup on it.
Does a tree stand more proud when someone sits in it's shade?
The sun is not here to warm itself, the clouds don't water themselves and the flowers don't notice how pretty they are.
They just silently, selflessly go about their business, doing what they do. No questions asked.
- a calm peaceful mind
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mauswohn · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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bugatsu · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jokhang (大昭寺)
#jokhang #buddhism #temple #lhasa #tibet #travelphotography (Jokhang)

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kagrenacs · 6 hours ago
The one thing I feel i’ve missed out during this pandemic (besides being able to openly date gay people) is like actually going to the local temple to talk to someone about buddhism in a meaningful way and take the three refuges
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acalmpeacefulmind · 7 hours ago
If you're depressed because your life feels empty, meaningless or without purpose, I'm here to reassure you: You're on the right road! Don't be depressed or afraid.
The road to emptiness,
The road to meaninglessness,
The road to purposelessness,
All these roads lead to the fulfillment, meaning and purpose you're searching for.
They also lead to the inner peace, inner contentment and the inner joy you want to feel.
To gain everything, become nothing, become nobody. Let go!
Let go of all the ideas you have about how things should be in order for you to be happy.
Then, GO ALL IN down the road to no-self, WITH INTENTION.
- a calm peaceful mind
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bhantedevananda · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Vesak Meditation Retreat. The abbot, Bhante Devananda will lead the Vesak meditation retreat. We open an opportunity to offer Asu Maha Svaraka Puja (Offering to the 80 Great Disciples of the Buddha). There will be 5 monks participating in the event. The recommended amount is $50 per offering. We will organize a Sangika Dana for the Sangha. Asu Maha Svaraka Puja: • For one – Bruce Allen • For three – Elly Hernawati • For one – Hemachandra Perera • For one - Gamini & Mala Kuruppu • For one - Dulanji Kuruppu • For one – Sisira Ranasinghe Family – transfer merits to departed parents • For one – Kishan Ranasinghe – transfer merits to departed grandparents • For one – Tania Ranasinghe – transfer merits to departed grandparents • For three - Amanda Dimantha Family – blessings for family • For six - Kim Ton Family – blessings for family • For one - Sewwandi Rathnayake - transfer merits to departed relatives and blessings for family • For one - Claudia Antonika - transfer merits to departed relatives and blessings for family • For one - Sauliana Lie - transfer merits to departed relatives and blessings for family We welcome cash, check, Venmo or PayPal: Venmo ID is @Indiana-BuddhistTemple Facebook Link: PayPal: Indonesia: BCA: 389 056 9128 Elly Hernawati. #vesak #buddha #buddhism #buddhist #sanghadana #dharma #bhantedevananda #indianabuddhisttemple #mettadharmashop #metta #lankaramabuddhisttemple #buddhisttemple #meditation #meditationretreat #sabbesattabhavantusukhitatta (at Indiana Buddhist Temple)
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spiritualityquotes · 11 hours ago
All the disciples of the past, present and future Buddhas and Lords will win Nirvana after they have trained in this perfection of wisdom.
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omw2happiness · 12 hours ago
THE LEGACY OF THE MASTERS 【 種敦巴尊者傳 】EP.27放逐邊境的王子-祖師傳 15.05.2021
Ready to accumulate merits by just listening and rejoicing the legacy of our lineage masters? Yes! It is that simple. 父命難為不起瞋 念父聲譽自遣去 異母兄弟共休戚 雁序之情誓不離 英明一世的國王,也難免糊塗一時,決定將義成王子放逐邊境… 面對這樣的處境,義成王子會有怎樣撼動人心的行動呢?弟弟不空又將做出什麼驚人之舉呢? 生死交關之際,我們通常會現起什麼念頭?今天絕不能錯過,兩位菩薩為我們示現,令人動容的這一幕幕… SOURCE 来源 :【RELYING ON THE TEACHER】- A MAHAYANA TEACHER14B 15’50” Vol 2 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P209 L2English Lamrim…
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thankubuddha · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Seven Ways to Practice - Awareness of The Body. From Awakening of The Heart by Thich Nhat Hanh
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