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#Bucky x female reader
multi-stann · 58 minutes ago
i whole heartedly believe that bucky would get the covid-19 vaccine- even though he can’t get covid, and he knows that- just because of his girlfriend(and wanting to protect other ppl)
uhhhh i mean 18+ bc my whole account is, this is just kinda cute, no warnings or anything except talking about the vaccine
let’s say…..his gf has already discussed getting the shot. she’s going to get it, she’s just had a very busy schedule, but she’s going to within the next couple of weeks, but for now she’s still taking extreme precautions n shit
bucky realizes, “wait…i can still be a carrier and can give it to her even if she has the shot because there’s still that few percent that she can get it. SOOOOO just INCASE, I’m going to get it before she does.”
because bucky didn’t really think about being a transmitter/carrier for covid before then, but then it kinda dawned on him that “i can get my girl sick and i don’t want that. i could also get others sick as well and i’m a hero. i can’t have that.”
so he goes that very day and gets his first dose.
he doesn’t tell her that, but he gets it
then the four weeks come around, and he gets the second dose while she’s gotten the first one(a little over two weeks before that)
then he waits two weeks and he’s fully vax’d….she also gets the second dose, and has to wait two more weeks
so the two weeks fly by pretty quickly, and they’re both fully vax’d
bucky and her still wear their masks in huge areas of people/busy places, and bucky finally breaks it to her, that he got the vax
she asks him why and he tells her “because i could still be a carrier to others and i thought about it. what if it’s that rare chance that i give it to you??! i don’t think i could live with myself if i gave it to you like that!” and that is one of the sweetest things she’s ever heard
the fact that bucky knows he can’t get covid but he also chose to protect others and her- his gf- is so sweet, and such the right thing to do. the fact that bucky is such a good citizen when he’s not fighting crime just warms her heart, knowing that he’s such a good man
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multi-stann · an hour ago
Scaredy cat- B.B.
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m currently taking requests(for sds and main fics), and i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Bucky and you are having one of your regular movie nights, and it’s your night to pick out a movie. But it turns out the Bucky isn’t a big fan of horror movies, he just won’t admit it though.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, some fluff, arguing, reader is younger than bucky(due to the dialect they use, but still of age!), i kinda feel like this would be roommate!bucky, mentions of a knife, this is gender neutral!!(please let me know if there are any mistakes as i briefly read over this:) )
“Bro…..this isn’t even that scary!” You toss a piece of popcorn into your mouth as you watch the screen where a lady is getting chased around her house. She’s holding a knife as she rounds a corner and then she slips. You wince as the knife gets stuck into her thigh. “That’s gotta hurt.” You shake your head as you toss a few more pieces of popcorn into your mouth, then you munch on it.
“What you think about this movie, Buck?” You ask him, but before he can reply, a loud thud comes from the tv and it makes him jump a bit. You manage to catch it and you stifle a laugh. “Oh… you’re like scared of horror movies?” “What?! No i’m not…” he crosses his arms over his chest as he buries himself deeper into the couch and blanket and you laugh this time. “You definitely are, dude. This isn’t even that scary!! Wait until you watch “Us”, that movie is top tier horror in my opinion and it’s really good. Some pretty good scares as well.”
You hear Bucky huff, “i’m not gonna watch that.” “So you ARE a scaredy cat!” You laugh a bit, but Bucky glares over at you. “I’m NOT!” “You flinched Buck, c’mon you’re scared. Admit it!” You sit the popcorn bowl down onto the coffee table in front of the both of you, and then you pause the movie. “Did not. There’s nothing to admit if it didn’t happen.” You roll your eyes at his stubbornness, he’s legit acting like you didn’t actually see him jump. “Okay, Buck….whatever.” You give him a teasing smile and he rolls his eyes this time. “You’re a pain.” He states before he reaches for the popcorn and takes a handful- then he shoves it into his mouth. “Yeah, yeah…but you love me.”
He glares at you again, and you notice that he’s about to get up, but before he can, you plop your head into his lap. “Nope, you’re not leaving me.” You wrap your hand around his wrist and place his arm down onto your chest near your neck. He blushes, but thankfully you don’t notice because you’re too busy staring at his vibranium arm. “Just admit it….then i promise i’ll leave you alone.” You beg and he finally caves in. “Okay, okay, fine. I flinched, i jumped. Are you happy?”
A wide smile appears on your face and your hand comes up to his cheek and gives it a few small pats. “Yes, now i can tell Sam that James Buchanan Barnes is a scaredy cat when watching horror movies!” You giggle and jump up before Bucky can reach you. “Hey! That’s not fair! Please don’t tell Sam!!! He’ll never let me live it down!!” He yells as he runs for you throughout your apartment.
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happyunniewrites · 3 hours ago
The difference between a man and a man
Tumblr media
All the pretty girls like Bucky - Steve Masterlist - Full Masterlist
Summary: Continuation of All the pretty girls like Bucky. Steve and Y/n move in together. When Steve can’t carry the couch but Y/n can, he starts to feel insecure.
Pairing: 40s Skinny Steve x Fem!Reader
Word count: 1020
Based on THIS ask. If you have any requests for this au/promt/series, let me know.
Tumblr media
‘What’s that picture?’ Wanda points at a picture of Steve sulking on the steps of an apartment building while Y/n and Bucky carry the couch inside in the background. Bucky laughs. ‘That was the day they moved in together.’ ‘So why does Steve look angry?’ ‘That was also the day he found out his girlfriend was stronger than him.’
You lay against Steve’s chest on the couch of the tiny, tiny apartment Bucky and Steve live in while he’s reading the paper. It’s not much better than where you live but lately, you’ve had this thought. ‘How do you feel about moving in together?’ ‘Great idea, here,’ he says and hands you the paper. You take a look at what he’s pointing at, a bit shocked he took to it this easily. ‘That’s just a block away,’ you say in awe. A smile appears on your face as you look up at Steve and press a kiss to the underside of his jaw. ‘You’ve been thinking about this too, haven’t you?’ ‘Honey, I’ve been thinking of it since the first night I stayed the night at your place.’ You chuckle at the memory. Where you live right now, you can’t really bring a guy home. You live in a house with two widows and five cats. They don’t allow you to bring anyone home, so when they found out you had snuck in your boyfriend all hell broke loose. ‘Ain’t that sweet,’ you tease as you pinch his cheek. He points at the advert again. ‘So, what do you think?’
‘It’s perfect,’ you say with a smile as you twirl through the empty apartment. It had taken a while but you and Steve are now the proud owners of a nice apartment in the shabby part of Brooklyn. It’s a fair size for the price. You have a fairly sized bedroom, a fairly sized living room, but a fairly tiny kitchen. Not that either of you mind. You’re just happy to live together. Steve leans against the wall in the hallway that had gotten a fresh coat of paint a day or two ago. The last week had been painting days, today is move-in day. ‘Ready to get everything upstairs?’ ‘Let’s do it,’ you say with a determined look on your face. Steve holds the door for you like he always does and walks with you down the three flights of stairs all while he holds your hand. Downstairs you meet Bucky and the three of you start hauling things inside. You start with some boxes while the boys begin with furniture. First all the pieces of the bed, then the diner table, coffee table, diner chairs, but then- ‘Just lift it,’ Bucky snaps at Steve as you walk outside to get another box. ‘I can’t. It’s too heavy,’ Steve snaps back. You look at the men on either side of the couch. ‘Y/n, want to have a try?’ You look at Steve who steps away, hoping to prove a point. He forgets you lived on a farm for a damn long time and had to carry a lot of heavy things around. You stand on his side of the couch and lift it with ease. ‘See, it ain’t heavy,’ Bucky tells Steve to rub it in a little more. You giggle but you don’t speak. You’re not going to jab at your boyfriend’s insecurities. That’s what Bucky’s for.
That does not mean he won’t continue to sulk. As you’re both having a drink on the evening after the move, you on your comfy chair and him on the couch, you catch him staring into his glass like it’ll give him solace. You chuckle and slide out of your chair onto the floor next to him as you lay your hand on his leg to catch his attention. Away from the glass on his right knee to your hand on his left. He looks at you with a bit of a frown. ‘Talk to me,’ you ask sweetly. Your eyes watch him hopefully as he takes a deep breath. He can’t look at you but he wants to. You can tell. ‘I feel like I’m not man enough to have a woman like you,’ he tells you. His words are laced with self-doubt and sound like torture to his own mind. You take his glass from his hand and put it on the crate that acts as a coffee table. His eyes are on the floor beside you as you get up and straddle his lap. You gently hold his face between your hands and rub your fingers over his cheeks. ‘Steve, honey, listen to me,’ you ask him desperately. His eyes dart over to yours but he still tries to look away. ‘I don’t care if you can’t carry a couch.’ Now he looks at you with wide eyes. ‘You don’t?’ You shake your head with a loving smile on your lips. ‘I love you for you. All that you are.’ ‘But why? There are so many men out on the street so much better than me and they try to get you on their arm each and every time. Why don’t you want a man like that? A man that can protect you.’ ‘Because those men don’t care for me. All they want is arm candy. You hear what they call me when we’re out together,’ you explain to him. Ever so gently, his hands move to your hips. ‘You treat me like a human being and you look at me like I’m the only woman who has ever existed. You respect me and you love me. You are more of a man than any of them are and I am honored I get to be the woman on your arm. I love you.’ You watch as tears spring into his eyes. His arms wrap around your waist and he pulls you into his chest. You embrace him and rub his back while his shoulders shake. How long you sat there, you don’t know but you’ll sit there forever if you get to be with Steve.
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mischievoushiddleston · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Plot: Loki and Bucky spend a night of passion with a woman. It was supposed to be just one night, but the three don't know yet that one night wouldn't be enough for Bucky, Loki and Y/N...
WaF Masterlist here!
My Beta-Reader: @fa-me
"Y/N? Are you okay?" She turned to look at the two men standing in the doorway. Y/N nodded briefly before turning her gaze back to the city below the balcony. "You disappeared quickly after the news, we were worried." Loki approached her.
"I...I just needed a moment alone. I didn't want you guys to be worried." Y/N explained softly.
"We'll always be worried about you." Bucky said, smiling slightly. He leaned against the railing and crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"What now? One of you is going to be a father of twins and the other..." Y/N stopped in mid-sentence and took a deep breath. "It wouldn't be fair to force one of you to raise another man's children." Bucky and Loki raised their eyebrows and looked at each other.
"We promised you that we don't care who the father is, Y/N. We love you and our children, who the biological father is makes no difference to us." Loki explained lovingly. Y/N looked at him with a smile and wiped the tears from her eyes.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin our day." Y/N said and looked at the floor. Loki lifted her chin and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.
"You didn't Y/N." Bucky stood behind Y/N and gently rubbed her arms. She turned to him and began kissing him. The kiss heated up quickly and Bucky slipped his tongue into her mouth.
"That's pretty unfair, you'd already have all the fun first thing this morning." Y/N broke away from the kiss and laughed. She turned to Loki and kissed him as well, her fingers running through his hair.
"How do you feel about being a little naughty in public and celebrating the good news of the twins?"
He moved her backward until her back was against the wall next to the door and stroked her cheek. His body rubbed against hers and she felt his cock harden. Y/N broke away from the kiss and looked over at Bucky. She stuck out her hand and silently asked him to come closer to them. Loki's mouth traveled down her neck and began kissing him. Bucky took her hand and placed it on his crotch. Y/N moaned as she felt his hard erection. His hand moved to her breasts and started kneading them. He rolled her nipple between his fingers.
Loki's hand pushed up her dress and his hand wandered under her dress. He let his fingers gently slide over the fabric of her panties. Y/N opened her legs a little more to allow his fingers access. Loki pushed her panties to the side and let his finger slide over her already wet pussy. Meanwhile, Bucky had unzipped his pants and let his big cock pop out. Y/N started to stroke it, but would be quickly stopped by him.
"I don't want to cum in your hand." Bucky quickly stated. Loki also opened his pants and pulled out his cock. He lifted it up by her waist with ease and Y/N wrapped her legs around his waist. Loki guided his cock to her wet pussy. Quickly and hard he filled her pussy. He thrust into her slowly, but his thrusts filled her completely. Bucky moved closer to the couple. "Turn her over." His hand grabbed her chin and turned her head toward him, and he began kissing her passionately. Suddenly, he grabbed his cock with one hand, which was pressed against her ass from behind, lifted her dress and pulled her panties away with the other. She felt the head of his cock slide between her butt cheeks. He pushed it in a little and repeated before thrusting his cock into her ass.
Y/N moaned loudly from the overwhelming feeling of both cocks inside her. Both men began to slowly move together. Loki kissed her while Bucky bit and sucked on her neck. Soon their movements sped up, she managed to move her hips to get enough friction on her clit. Finally, Y/N felt her climax overwhelm her and moaned loudly. While her body was still shaking from her orgasm, she felt the men, still pounding into her pussy, tense and spasm almost in sync, finally filling Y/N with their hot cum. The three of them gasped and tried to calm their breathing.
"That was definitely a way to party that I really like." Y/N laughed as the two cocks slid out of her and then she was back on the floor. Their cum flowed out of her while the two men zipped up their pants.
"Well, it's not every day we find out we're going to be fathers." Bucky smiled and Loki looked like he was lost in thought. "Are you all right, Loki?"
"Yeah...Y/N, I didn't just want to go to Asgard so we could go to the healing chamber. I asked Idunn for an apple."
"An apple?" Bucky and Y/N asked at the same moment.
"It gives immortality for both of you." Loki opened his hands and a golden apple appeared in each of their hands. Bucky took one of the apples Loki gave him. Y/N also took it after a moment's hesitation and examined it.
"For me too?" Bucky asked Loki in confusion.
"The three of us are family and we belong together. You're my best friend, Bucky." Loki nodded and smiled at him. It was clear that Bucky had chosen the apple, so the two men looked at Y/N questioningly.
"Why are you guys staring at me? Of course I'm going to eat the apple." Y/N smiled at Bucky and Loki. It was visible that both were relieved.
"Good, there's something else you should know now that you've made up your mind. I didn't want your decision to depend on it." Y/N furrowed her brow questioningly. "Your apple has another effect than Bucky's. I asked Idunn for a spell to combine Bucky's DNA and mine, changing the babies' DNA as well." Loki explained. "There would no longer be any question as to who the father is, both Bucky and I would be the biological father of the children."
Y/N hugged Loki happily and he wrapped his arms around her waist. She looked behind her and beckoned Bucky closer. Bucky was pulled into her arms. "We were going to ask you this later, but we think now is a good time."
The two men broke away from the embrace and sank to their knees in front of her.
"Will you do us the honor..." began Bucky.
"And will become our wife?" finished Loki.
Y/N nodded excitedly. "Yes. I will be your wife." Loki and Bucky stood up and pulled her into their arms together. They shared a moment together as the two men rested their hands on her stomach and all three wondered how they’d gotten so lucky..
Taglist is open! @smoke-and-sunsets @everybitch @coco-puffses
A/N Last Chapter of the short FF, I hope you had like it💚
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teebarnes · 5 hours ago
✨ | A Bad Day
Tumblr media
Click [100 Followers Fic] for the rest of the 100 follower fics :)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!reader
Summary: You had a bad day at work and Bucky knows that, so takes this chance to brighten your bad day.
Word Count: 2k
Warning(s): Fluff, crying... I think that's about it.
A/N: Thank you for 100 followers! Plus, I mean, who wouldn't want Bucky to comfort them after a bad day? (GIF isn't mine)
⤑ Click here for my taglist to be notified when I post my future fics.
Any Likes, Comments & Reblogs are super duper appreciated :))
Locking the door behind you, you lean yourself against your door, sliding to the floor. Tears flowing down your face, you pike your knees up you to the chest, wrapping your arms around them. It was another one of those awful days at work, your face hidden in the nook you made. You slowly sobbed to yourself, trying to express the bad day you had quietly into your house as if it could listen.
The quietness of your rural home thickened the sound of your tears; you sigh deeply into your knees, attempting to catch the breath you longed for. Then, calming yourself, you wipe the tears with the end of your jumper before hearing your phone ring. A few sniffs holding the fact you were crying, you check your phone to see it was your best friend calling.
"Yellop", you softly chime to your best friend on the end of the other line. You can hear an audible laugh. "Yellop doll, how was your day?" The voice you always long to hear at the end of your days. "U-usual", you softly chocked out before continuing ", how about you, old man? How was your day?" You giggle slightly at your remark.
A long pause extended your conversation with him before he broke the silence with a soft laugh through his nose, "usual, same since we last spoke", you smile, getting up, taking the conversation to your couch. Hearing his voice had taken away any sadness you had before you even picked up the phone. "Hey, I'm coming over. I need your help," he says, which piques your interest.
"What does a 107-year-old man need my help for? I'm sure you have all the life experience you need," you joked; Bucky gasps ", ouch, my feelings… they're hurting because of you", he laughs, causing the two of you to roll your eyes at each end of the line. "May I ask what you need help with?" You sat up from the couch, eagerly waiting for his reply.
A steady silence homed their conversation for a few seconds "a date y/n… there is this beautiful woman I want to ask on a date." He sighs.
Your face drops slightly, tears rushing down your face again like the ones before. Quickly wiping the tears, you answer, so Bucky doesn't worry "a date, huh? Since when do you socialise" you half-laughed to yourself sadly. "well… doll. You see, I don't if I'm honest," you both laugh, waiting for him to continue. "But… she is amazing, beautiful, the most incredible person I've met", he boasts to you over the phone.
You couldn't help but wallow in your thoughts for a bit, wishing that it were you he was talking about. But you knew that you two were just made to be the best of friends; despite how you felt towards him, you knew he could never feel the same. It took you a while to collect yourself when Bucky spoke again, breaking your train of thought. "Doll?" Your eyes focus again on your surroundings, coming back o the reality that you wanted to run away from right then and there. "Doll, are you there?" He asks again; you clear your throat "yes! yes… sorry, yes I am." You coughed.
"I am happy for you, Buck! She will be so lucky to have you." You stand up from the couch walking into your kitchen. "I am the lucky one, actually…" he replies softly. You smile at his reply only to realise the context of the conversation before answering back to him, "Well… are you sure you need my help? I feel you have all of that covered. I don't think I could be of much help to you, Buck." You held the phone between your shoulder and your ear as you opened the fridge up to check what was for dinner tonight. "I most certainly do doll. You are a vital part to getting this right," he excitedly says; you could never turn him down.
Even after being his friend for over ten years, you still couldn't say no to him. "Geez, Bucky, you really are serious… I'll have you know, though. I haven't had a boyfriend since I met you, so I'll only be able to give you basic pointers," you laugh to yourself. "Doll, don't worry about it… as long as you're there, that's all I need." He swoons. You couldn't help but laugh, "see, buck, with that attitude, I think she will say yes." You lightly say, "plus, have you asked Steve? I'm sure he has better advice to give," you question. "Yeah, I did… no help there", he laughs.
"Okey dokes, well I'm going to take my shower n stuff… you've got a key so you can let yourself in, alright?" You say, continuing to push through the built-up tears and emotions that halted at your throat. "Okay, doll! See you shortly," he says "see ya, Buck" you smile, hanging up.
Not knowing it, but your world fell before you; you didn't want to lose Bucky to a woman he hasn't even told you about. Then again, you cared for his happiness, that is what he needed after all the trauma he had been put through. You shook off the tears sucking up the pain into your stomach, heading to take a shower.
Bucky’s POV
"How do I tell her, Steve?" Bucky groans, pacing around the living room, "I love her so goddam much, but I am afraid to lose her. What if she doesn't like me and only sees me as a friend-"Bucky is cut off by Nat, who is sitting on the other side of the couch reading a book. "Bucky, I am going to slap some sense into you soon. She is head over heels for you." She sighs, getting up to leave the room. Bucky continues to pace again, with Steve closely watching.
"Ask her on a date Buck. Go from there," Steve lightly says, leaning back into his seat. "Hey doll, I know we've been best friends for ten years now, but I just wanted to let you know that I've fallen in love with you since the day we met", he frustrates into the palm of his hands. Steve chuckles a bit, "sounds about right", he snorts. Bucky wide-eyed to his oldest friend. "Ahaha, so funn-" he is cut off with a buzzing in his left pocket.
Reaching in, he picks it up "oh, it's just Sam" he rolls his eyes, answering, "what's up, Sam?" Sam sighs "have you talked to y/n recently?" He asks, which immediately makes Bucky furrow his eyebrows "no, why? Has something happened?" A pause before Sam speaks, "Can you check on her, please. She had a rough day at work. I have a feeling she is not at her best at the moment." Bucky's eyes dull hearing that the woman he's in love with is sad "okay, on it. That's for letting me know, Sam", he let out a sigh. "I've given her the week off, but please check." He sternly asks. "You have my word Sam" Bucky hangs up, turning to Steve.
"She had a bad day at work…" he frowns before plopping himself on the couch. "Well, buck, this may be a good opportunity to take her out on a date? Or even have a sneaky film night?" He stands up, patting his friend's shoulder. Bucky gives a slight grin, nodding, "Thanks, pal".
Steve walks out of the room, leaving Bucky alone with his thoughts, "okay okay okay, I can do this, I can do this." He hypes himself up, taking his phone pressing your contact that he had on speed dial.
"Yellop" Bucky hears on the other end of the phone; he couldn't help but melt to the sweetness of your voice. It was one he loved so much. It wasn't unusual to call each other; it was a religious routine for the both of you. If one didn't call, the other would. But this time, it was different; Bucky was nervous; it has taken him ten years to work up the courage to ask you out. But he still couldn't, not without seeing your face, not without being able to hold you as he said he loved you and not without comforting you first. He knew you didn't want to burden him with your troubles, so he took it upon himself to make up an excuse just to see you.
After the call, Bucky knew that you'd been hiding your emotions just to have your usual conversation with him. He felt even guiltier when he went on and on about you but never had the guts to tell you that he was talking about you.
Bucky packed a night bag from his room, packing it onto his motorbike before making his way to the local supermarket that was on the way to your house.
He picked up some of your favourite snacks and a bunch of your favourite flowers, securing them on his bike before riding to your house. Then, turning his bike off, he left it parked in your garage, heading inside. He closed the door behind him, walking into the kitchen laying the snacks on the table before heading down the hall into your room. He could hear the shower running and knew you were still in there.
He could hear you singing a soft melody of your favourite song; Bucky smiled, took his shoes off, and set them at the door in the hallway. Bucky flopped onto your soft bed with the flowers he had for you hidden on the bedside away from the bathroom door so you wouldn't be able to see them when you'd come out.
Finishing your shower a few minutes later, you wrapped your hair in a towel. Drying yourself and popping on your oversized henley, the same one Bucky had given you all those years ago when you had nothing to wear the first time you slept at his. You put some undies on and Van's socks. Using the dryer to dry your hair, you fitted your thick hair into a messy bun with your black scrunchy. "Alright", you took a deep breath before heading out to see Bucky lying on your bed.
"Oh, Buck! Hey," you smiled at him. His head was comfy on the bedsheets; he turned to see you, a bright smile upon his face. "Hey, doll," he noticed straight away that you weren't wearing any pants, something he was used to but not used to at the same time. You'd always make a fuss over going to bed with pants on; you hated wearing pants to bed. So you just opted for socks. "So", you sigh, flopping on the bed next to him. "Who is the girl?" You asked, turning your body to the side facing him. He chuckled, rolling over the edge of the bed, coming back to meet you, your favourite flowers in his hand; you both were face to face.
You look at him, jerking your face back a bit in surprise but totally melting seeing the flowers. "M-me?" You reply; Bucky smiles, brushing the hair from your face nodding, "It's always been you y/n." His arm caressed your cheek, and you couldn't help but rest yours on his. You kissed the inner of his hand before taking the flowers leaving them on the bedside table.
"You know how long I've wanted to tell you that I love you" you smiled almost in tears; wrapping his metal arm around your waist, Bucky pulled your body close to his "And you know how long I've wanted to say the exact same thing" he rested his head against yours "I am in love with you y/n, I've loved you ever since I met you". You sniffled, cupping his cheek before leaning in, kissing his chapped lips; he leaned into him, kissing back "and just when I thought I was going to have to let you go, you prove me wrong," you chuckled through your tears.
He chuckles with you. "I couldn't tell you on the phone. I had to be here. Plus, Sam told me you had a bad day, so I wanted to be with you." You smiled, giving him the biggest hug. "Thank you, Buck. Thank you for doing this" he kissed the top of your head.
"You're welcome, love", he smiled.
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| June 2021 recs Masterlist |
Hey babies, thought I’d combine all the fics I enjoyed. PLEASE support the writers as they put a lot of work into their fics! Reblog and like their posts please! I’ll update this at-least monthly and will divide the recs by month they were added to the list for easier browsing. Comment any recs for me to check out and add! Thank you, happy reading :) [ any mistakes/problems lmk ]
[ * = nswf minors DNI]
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Sebastian Stan x Reader
Lost in your eyes
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captaingravity55 · 11 hours ago
Come Back
Character: James Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes / Fem!Reader (OC)
Inspired By (Song): Tu fotografía - Gloria Estefan
Warnings: Fluff. So much Angst. Insecurities. Post Snap. Post Avengers Endgame. Pre TFATWS.
Author's Note: Hello. Hello. Hello. I hope everyone's ok.
This fic is a second part of "Dust". When I wrote Dust, automatically thought on a second part, and maybe It would be so so long posted in one post.
(If you don't know, I write in the night) so... This is the final part of this fic. As always say, it's a pleasure write with Bucky and maybe, just maybe, write a novel with him just to pull out of off my head.
He's other of my movie's crush with Poe Dameron.
Again, thanks u for the likes, comments and reblogs. Always made me smile to know that my stories makes you fun a little.
So I hope you like this one. XOXO 💋
I'm driving on the highway at a considerable speed trying to get to my destination quickly. The letter that Steve sent me through those FBI mens is on the passenger seat unopened but I know it contains something important.
His messages were always important.
I barely see out of the window that the great building of Avengers Headquarters appears in my vision, and I feel my heart race. Although I had never been there, something made me even more nervous.
I get out of the car quickly and before even crossing the doors of the building, I see that many people leave, some crying, others hugging others and some running quickly towards taxis that are stopped in the streets near it. The destinations were very different: Some went to the center, others that went to the different government offices and others directly to the airport.
What's happening?
A police officer stops me and asks for my identification. The only thing I have with me is my little blue backpack and Steve's letter in my hand.
I think about whether to show him the letter, but I open it and take out from inside it, a folded sheet of paper and a small card, as if it were a driver's license, and I give it to the officer who steps away only when he sees it, indicating that I should enter through another of the doors that were empty. From a distance I can barely see the different sheets of paper stuck to the side of one of the doors where many people were reading and walking towards the taxis. The officer guides me until I enter through a door that could be for a giant and I sneak past what appear to be luxury cars totally covered by blue tarps.
- We were waiting for you, Miss Porter - The artificial voice makes me jump with fright and I turn towards the void, looking for the source where it comes from; but I can't see a speaker, far from it, someone nearby - I'm sorry to scare you, my name is FRIDAY, I'm one of Mr. Stark's technological assistants.
Stark. How long since I heard anything about that last name.
- Nothing. You just took me by surprise - I deny as I walk through that empty corridor and I see through the tinted windows how people are hugging, as if they had not seen each other a long time ago - What am I doing here? Why don't the others come in this way?
- I'm sorry it was like that. Let me ask you a question: Did you read Captain Rogers' letter? It was his exclusive request that you enter through here.
- No ... - I answer lost in my thoughts and squeeze the letter in my hands, as if it were some kind of stress reliever that I had learned to use over the years, while I pay attention to the couple that is a few meters from me , who seems to be eager to touch, as if they have not been together a long time - I'll do it at home.
- You must do it now before entering the main room.
I suddenly look at the threshold where I see silhouettes of people walking quickly from one side to the other. My breath catches in my throat as I feel fear invade me. What am I afraid of? Steve is on the other side waiting for me to give me another bad news? Tell me that he was gone forever like that time five years ago?
- Let me assure you that the content of that letter will not make you suffer more than you have suffered in these five years, Miss Porter.
I look at the letter and curse while I mentally complain about the ease I have to express my emotions, even more so when the opinion comes, from what I suppose, it is an AI.
- And how do you know that? How do you know that I suffered?
- Because Captain Rogers specially asked me to remind you if you didn't get to read it - I laugh as I remember the many calls during my last two weeks of school, and the times I preferred to press the end button in order not to listen to Steve ask me if I was okay when we were both fully aware that neither he or I were - I know it was very hard for both you, and Captain Rogers, the loss of Sergeant Barnes.
Hearing his last name was as if someone had hit the pit of my stomach and the air suddenly escaped, without giving me the possibility of recovering it.
I try to take a deep breath but barely manage to take in a small breath of air before I feel a tear fall down my cheek.
It hadn't been long since the snap when I realized how much I missed Bucky.
- It was not necessary to remember something that I'm still trying to forget.
I mumble as I walk to the door and hear children's laughter, whispers about whether they were okay or how long they were out - What is out there?
- You must see it by yourself, miss. Let me tell you something: Captain Rogers was very sorry that he couldn't say goodbye to you as he would have liked, but he wants you to know that he appreciates you in ways you can't imagine.
- Thanks FRIDAY. He went on a trip?
- To live his life, miss. And he hopes that he can give it back some of yours.
I frown at her words and feel a breeze of fresh air come through the door and as soon as I cross the threshold, I hear Friday say the words that nail me to the place.
- Sergeant Barnes is waiting for you. He will be eager to see you again.
Bucky? Was this a joke? I try to open the note quickly but my fingers seem not to want to collaborate between the tremors and the nerves. How likely was the AI ​​to be wrong?
As soon as I open the note I see some scribbles that I understand as the date, which is from a few days ago, and I read it quickly looking for those words that tell me that what FRIDAY said is true.
"I'm sorry I can't say goodbye to you, Emma. I wish I could tell you this in person, but the circumstances of my trip make it impossible. What I can tell you is that I'll be fine and that I'm coming home. It was a pleasure. meet you and I want you to do me a favor: Take care of him. He always looked after me, now it's time for someone to take care of him. That idiot won the lottery with you, Emma. And you must make him notice it every day of his life. This is my gift to you, I know I couldn't promise anything five years ago, but we did it, we won and James is here for you. I hope that's enough. "
I put my hands to my mouth, suppressing a sob, without finishing reading the letter and when I start looking for it with my eyes among so many people. Suddenly reality hits me: The people who were here, running, hugging, crying were those who had disappeared with the snap.
My God ... He was here.
I walk towards one of the men who is dressed in red, with the Médecins Sans Frontières insignia and the words are stuck in my throat.
- Are you looking for someone special? Could you give me the details?
- Barnes. He's here ... Or so they told me - I keep looking with my eyes but I can't make out anyone I usually know. There was no sign of either Natasha or Sam - Sam Wilson? He's his partner.
The man looks at me as if horns have come out of my head and he approaches another young woman in black, who sees me and only nods to him. I show her the credential without waiting for an answer and she simply indicates the door that is a few meters from us.
- Porter, right? - I nod as if he were a robot and indicates the door to me again - Main hall. Gate 6.
- Thank you - I run while avoiding people, children who run into the arms of their parents and push others, but no one complains. As soon as I get to the door and let people in, I see Sam in the distance that he's talking to someone I can't recognize. Something inside me ignites and I feel my heart beating again. I can handle the urge to cry as much as I can but I can't, as I feel the heat invade my cheeks.
He diverts attention from who's talking to him, he sees me and starts laughing. That complicit and funny laugh that I haven't seen in someone for a long time. Everything had become so sad that it seemed to be in a black and white movie. I can barely get Bucky's name off my lips when Sam nods in my direction and slaps the arm of the man in front of him. He shakes his head, visibly annoyed, but Sam indicates where I am, making the stranger turn around.
I hold back a sigh as soon as I see him turn and look in Sam's direction but he doesn't seem to see me. People who cross between the two prevent it. His long hair was gone and a new haircut made him look more confident. Even more attractive. His eyes were still sad but in a way that he couldn't quite interpret.
Good God, the need to touch him was such that it seemed to me that he was in a dream and that none of it was real.
I try to scream his name through the murmur but nothing comes out of my mouth and when I try again, the tears prevent me from speaking.
I walk quickly, closing the distance between us, but before I even reach the middle, fear takes hold of me again.
What if he doesn't remember me in the same way that I remember him?
I see Sam roll his eyes as he grabs his shoulders, turns him around, and points him right in my direction: once our gazes meet, I can't hold back the tears.
The only answer I get is a smile.
We both rush towards each other and I hardly feel the air getting heavy, I wrap my arms around him, as if he might disappear at any moment.
- You're here. You don't know how much I cried for you - I hear his laugh while I feel his lips leave kisses on my hair, as his hands try to touch any part of me that is within reach and as soon as he takes me by the arms he pulls me away, observing me from above down - I thought you were just another illusion in my head.
- Is it really you, Emma? - He hugged me again and I hear Sam mutter as he passed something about how "cheesy" we looked - You look different.
-You were gone for a long time, James - he murmured against his chest while I enjoy the heat that his body gives off as well as the accelerated beats of his heart that are coupled with mine - When Steve told me that you had gone ...
- Shh ... don't remember. I'm here, doll. I will never leave again.
He pulls away just to look at me for a few moments, I don't know if he was looking for something or trying to remember something, but he just raised his hand to wipe the tears that were falling down my cheek.
- I have to catch you up on things here. - I try to get Steve's letter out of my pocket but Bucky makes me look at him again.
- Before that....
The last thing my brain analyzes is the softness of his lips against mine. A gentle pressure and I feel like the floor disappears under me. I try to get up on tiptoe to get up to him and run my hands on his shoulders trying to bring him closer, but all I can do is wrap his arms around me and get even closer to him. He let my fingers play with his short hair and I love that feeling.
Hell, I missed his presence so much that it was hard for me to think about never having him around again.
He pulled me for air and I can tell his cheeks are just as red as mine - Bucky I ...
-You don't know how long I wanted to do that.
- For 6 years? - I joke as I approach again and take him by the hand.
- How old are you, Emma? The first time I met you, you were 25.
- I will turn 31 next week - I admit as he shakes his head and looks for someone with his eyes, when he does not find him, he lets out a growl - Who are you looking for?
- Sam. I'll tell him we're leaving - Answer my mental question and gently pull me towards one of the secluded rooms of the building where I hear murmurs from other people - I'll catch up with you, doll.
I feel my cheeks heat up as I brake, causing Bucky to tense up - What do you mean?
- We will catch up on all aspects and I swear to you that you will hardly leave my department - I try to laugh but all I get is that a gasp escapes my lips causing me to give me a playful smile - In that aspect too, doll .
- Before you two go to do the things that are you going to do - I hear Sam's voice in the distance and as soon as it enters our field of vision, I see him snorting - You know you must be with Raynor on Monday at 9 o'clock. Truth?
- And you had to remind me now?
- Yes, because I know you will not answer my messages and she will be the one who will remind you when you want to forget about it. Your head depends on it, Buck.
- Do not call me that way.
- Come on old man, go enjoy your life and stop getting mad at the world. You're back and with your girl, and will you still be upset because I call you like Steve did?
I shift my gaze from one to the other and Bucky just extends his hand to Sam, who shakes it without hesitation.
- Take care of yourself, Wilson.
- You too Barnes. If you need me, you know where to find me.
I pulled me away from Bucky as I walk to the door and I feel like some of the pain is gone even though I still can't assimilate that that's true.
- Let's go, doll?
- Let's go.
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happygowriting · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Title: Hold Me Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Rating: Teen Word Count: 841 Warnings: anxiety, hurt/comfort, anxiety attacks, angst Author’s Note: I know it's really late to be posting a fic but I've had anxiety all day and I sat down and just started writing and this fic took form. I wasn't going to post it at first but then I thought about everyone else who suffers from anxiety and how this fic might help them to find some peace tonight. I hope this brings you some comfort it you read it. Reader is written in a way it could be any gender or any race.
Nobody has permission to repost, translate, or copy my works anywhere. I only post on AO3 and tumblr. If you see my work anywhere but on these two sites please let me know.
You wake up and you feel it. Anxiety. A weight on your chest. It makes breathing hard. Tears are already in your eyes and you haven't even been awake a minute. Breaths coming in short gasps. You sit up, clutching your blanket to your chest and you wonder when it'll be over.
Thoughts about if you're good enough cloud your mind. The what ifs questions you hide from. What if I'm not a good friend? What if I'm not as nice as I think I am. Over and over again these thoughts slide through your mind while the tears slip down your cheeks.
The anxiety never goes away, not even when the tears stop and you catch your breath. All day you feel it. Bringing up your messages. Typing out thoughts. Questions. Needs for reassurance. But you delete them. Because you don't feel like you deserve them.
Your mind is twisted. Self doubt. Restless thoughts. More messages typed out. Using your notes app on your phone to type out messages that you’ll never send. A smile plastered on your face. You’re okay, you say. Coffee made. Anxiety increases. Spending all day curled up in bed wondering why you were this way.
You desperately want the anxiety to go away but try as you might it stays all day. In every thought. In every look. In every part of your day. It’s there. Taunting you. Telling you you’ll never be good enough and all of the relationships you’ll ever have will fade away. You don’t deserve friends. You don’t deserve love. You don’t deserve anything.
So all day you lay in your bed, phone cradled close as if it can give you the answers, the comfort that you need.
That’s how Bucky finds you. Hidden under the covers, half drunk water bottles scattering your night stand, face tear stained, still trying to fight out of the hole that your mind has dug for you to lay in. He knows just from looking at your form hidden under covers how your day was and he hates that for you. He knows how you feel, he’s been there many times himself, so without a word he toes off his shoes and climbs into the bed with you.
He slips under the covers and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his chest and holding you tightly. Your back is to his chest, every inch of him touching you and holding your body against him. A soft kiss to the back of your head, but not a word is said.
You feel yourself start to relax, his touch always brings you a peace that you can’t ever find the words to describe. He rubs your side, pressing his lips to your ear to whisper that you’re okay.
“It doesn’t matter what caused it, I don’t need the details. We can lay here all night sweetheart.” His words are soft, wrapping you in a blanket of love and care. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here earlier but I’m here now.”
“You’re okay sweetheart. Let it out. It’s okay to cry.” He says when you start to cry again, but this time the crying is different. It’s relief that pushes tears from your eyes. It’s knowing that you can fall apart and you’re not going to be alone.
Your body sags against his, the tension slowly melting from your bones as you relax slowly. He helps you turn in his arms so you can bury your face in his chest and you can wrap yourself around him. He doesn’t stop holding you tightly. He keeps his arms around you, his hand rubbing your back in soothing circles.
It’s what you need in this moment and it reminds you once more how grateful you are to have someone like Bucky in your life. He understands you in ways that nobody else has ever understood you.
He holds you as you cry, making sure to tell you over and over again that he loves you. Even when the tears dry up and you lay there exhausted by your mind in his arms, he keeps telling you that he loves you and keeps holding you close.
“There’s my pretty sweetheart.” Bucky says softly, his thumb brushing away some stray tears. “Tomorrow we’ll give your therapist a call but tonight we’ve got each other, okay?”
You nod, no arguments about calling your therapist because you know you need the talk.
“Have you eaten today?”
You shake your head. You had barely moved from your bed.
“I’m going to order us food.” Bucky says as he pulls his phone out. He knows in times like these what you need and what foods bring you comfort.
When the food comes he turns on a movie that you like and you lay there, eating and watching it in the comfort of his arms. The anxiety you felt isn’t gone, but it’s a little easier to handle now. Sometimes you just needed a shoulder to lean on.
Sometimes you just needed Bucky to hold you.
friend tag: @eurynome827 @steveng-rogers @nix-akimbo @uncafeavecbarnes @daddyandybarber
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themarvelbunch · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
welcome to my wips page! this just gives you an idea of works i have in progress or what’s in the works! you may also fill out my tag list form here! 
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x reader 
° falling slowly | you have suffered enough and warred with yourself, it’s time that you’ve won 
° C H R O M A T I C | two soldiers, one soulmate
We only see in black and white until we meet our soulmate- only then do we see life in living color. Y/N Y/L/N and Steve Rogers are to be married, despite both of them still seeing in black and white. That is until Y/N finally meets Steve’s best friend on their wedding day. | a soulmate au directly inspired by the video series by tiktok creator serenaivory. i’ve been given permission to expand on this concept and write my version of this story. 
Tumblr media
loki laufeyson x reader
° i don’t know how to love him | if he said he loved me, i’d be lost, i’d be frightened 
° orpheus | don’t stop trying to find me here amidst the chaos 
Tumblr media
steve rogers/bucky barnes/sam wilson (no reader insert) 
° F U L L  H O U S E | a light is waiting to carry you home
Steve Rogers is a newly widowed father of three girls, Margaret, Emilia, and seven month old Grace. Outnumbered by his daughters, Steve enlists the help of his best friends Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Sam and Bucky are in for a wakeup call when they realize what life is like living with three girls under the age of 10. The adjustment to life without Peggy is difficult, but Steve wouldn’t be anywhere near the father he is without Sam and Bucky.
want to be tagged when these projects come out? please fill out this form!! 
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tweedlydumbtweedlydoo · 13 hours ago
Nightmare | Bucky Barnes x reader
Requested by anon / Summary: Bucky has a nightmare.
A/N: short little blurb. hope you like it xx 
Tag list is at the end. Let me know if you want to be added xx
Go follow my fic rec blog! ---> @imaginationgonewild0912
Requests: {OPEN} CLOSED
** Rules for Requesting **
** Who I Write For **
********************************************************************************************NOT MY GIF, CREDIT TO OWNERS
Tumblr media
“Let her go!” Bucky yells. The dark, hooded figure keeps a grip on you. The hooded figure was standing near the edge of a large skyscraper and one step, Bucky could lose you. 
“you don’t deserve her.” The man says, his voice sounds familiar.  
“Please,” Bucky begs, “just let her go. don’t hurt her.” 
“You’re only going to get her killed.” The hooded figure turns toward Bucky, the moonlight finally showing his face. It was him, it was the Winter Soldier. 
“Bucky.” Your frail voice is begging Bucky to save you. 
And that’s when he as the winter soldier, throws your body off the skyscraper. Your screams fill the air. “You killed her.” 
“No!” Bucky screams, leaping off the edge to save you. 
You shake him harder this time, “Bucky!” Your voice brings him from his nightmare. 
His eyes are wide and frantic as he stares up at you. Then relief fills them seeing it was only a nightmare and that you were safe, right here next to him. His chest heaved. 
“It was only a nightmare..” Your hands are on his face and his hand covers yours, trying to calm himself. 
His breathing slows, “It was so real..” His lips kiss your hand, bringing him back to a calming state. 
“Only a nightmare.” You slip back to his side, your head laying comfortably on his chest. “You scared me. You were thrashing around and.. you wouldn’t wake up.” 
His large arms swallow you, holding you tightly against his chest, “I’m sorry, doll.”
“Do you want to talk about it?” You whisper, drawing circles on his chest. 
He shakes his head, kissing the top of yours, “just stay, right here. Lay with me.” 
“I’m not going anywhere, buck.” 
comments, reblogs and likes always appreciated xx 
All my works tag list:  @blossomreed​ , @mggstyles  , @simonsbluee​ , @thewolf-and-thesheep , @obxrafejjwhore​ , @abbiesthings​ , @itstaskeen​ , @reniescarlett​ , @liliannna​ 
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sebastianstansqueen · 14 hours ago
Home Coming Prologue
A/N: Here's the Prologue I hope you like it, feedback is always appreciated if you want to be Tagged, either send an ask or comment on this or click on Taglist open.
Wordcount: 946
Warnings: Angst and that's it I think
Masterlist //  Taglist open // Series Masterlist
Tags: @cherryblossomskye - @babylooneytoonz - @wonderlandfandomkingdom - @miraclesoflove - @amelia-song-pond - @leyannrae - @avengerlex -
Tumblr media
You lived in the small town of Kithope since you’d been born and not many people-they usually wouldn’t come back-but now you were nineteen-as of that day- and got the best college to offer you a scholarship. You rubbed your face in anxiety, now you’d have to tell your boyfriend for the past few years that you were leaving, you were going to celebrate your birthday that night at that’s where you were going to tell him. After you did your hair and make up you put on your light pink off the shoulder dress for the night. You walked down stairs where you found him outside.
“Hello gorgeous.” Bucky sat on his bike waiting for you, he held out your helmet.
You sighed. “You really should put yours on if you make me wear mine.” You told him as you clipped the straps under your chin.
He shrugged. “Don’t have mine, I have you wear yours because that beautiful brain of yours needs to be protected.”
You scoffed. “Bull shit.” You got on behind him and you raped your arms around his waist then he started the motorcycle.
He pulled up to the gurage/club house which didn’t look like the same building you hung out in yesterday. “We cleaned it up for tonight.” He smiled down at you.
“Wow, I’ve never seen it this clean.” You said, he laughed at that. All your friends and family were there. The music was loud, there was a huge cake, and lots of chattering, as you and Bucky walked by your friends wished you a happy birthday. You and Bucky danced for a little while, then it was time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake, after everyone sang and you cut the cake.
Bucky led you outside to talk to you in private. “I wanna give you my birthday present to you out here.”
“I wanted to talk to you about something.” You told him.
“Can I give you my present first?” He asked.
You nodded. “Yeah of course.” He smiled, then kneels down, your eyes widened knowing what he was about to do. “Bucky, I'm gonna go to college.”
His eyebrows furrowed.“Alright but why can't I-”
“Because I’m gonna be going to college out of town like in another state.” You told him. “And we can’t.” you told him, the air around you turns awkward.
You knew Bucky would never hurt you but you also know he had a temper. “Come on Y/n stay, there's a college in the next town over, you can go there, and we can still-”
“I’ve got a scholarship to Berkeley, for the journalism program, and you know what that means to me.” You told him.
“Y/n Please.” He asked.
You shook your head. “I’m gonna go home.”
“At least let me give you a ride.” He offered.
“I can walk, I'll be fine.” You told him, as you headed to the road.
He ran after you. “Let Steve take you home.”
“Would it make you feel better?” You asked, he nodded. “Fine, I'll go with Steve.”
Bucky decided to call Steve instead of going to look for the blond man. “Come out, I need you to take Y/n home.”
Steve soon came out of the gauge, and picked out his bike out of the butch, and he rolled it up to roade. “I’m fine with taking you home but why can’t Bucky?” He asked.
“I’ll explain when I get to my house.” You told him as you got on the back, he started the engine and rode off.
Once you got to your house, you got off and invited Steve in for a drink, you sat at the kitchen table, you gave Steve a beer. “I’m gonna go to college.” You told him.
“That’s great, is it in the town over?” He asked.
You shook your head. “It’s in California.”
“Across the country? What does Bucky think about it?” He asked.
You sighed. “He obviously doesn't want me to go, but I've got a scholarship, and it’s the best school in America for journalism.”
“I’m gonna go, you should think about it before you leave, I mean really think about it.” He told you as he’d gotten up and when your front door you heard as he drove off.
For the next few weeks you packed for college, Bucky occasionally, stopping by to try and convince you not to go. Your dad came and knocked on your door. “You gotta go get him to leave, Y/n he’s practically screaming at the top of his lungs.”
You sighed and went down stairs. “Stop!” You yelled.
“Not until you decide to stay.” He told you. “I can’t lose you.”
“Bucky, I’ve got to go. It'll get me a good job, and eventually I’ll get to be an actual journalist.” You told him. “All you’ve ever wanted was for me to fulfill my dreams of that, and I want you to fulfill your dreams, but sometimes to fulfill dreams you gotta let go of some people.”
“I don’t wanna let go of you and I know you don’t wanna let go of me.” Bucky told you.
You sighed. “I’m going to college, you need to go, my dad might call the cops if you keep screaming now go to your house, or to your mom’s.” You went back inside and went to your room, your phone bling on with a text from Bucky, you rolled your eyes.
A couple of days later you were all packed up, and were ready to go to school, you were shipping out your stuff then next week you’d fly out.
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ohdolans · 14 hours ago
father day blurb for daddy buck🥺
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling your husband's body pressed tightly against yours, his arm wrapped around you, and his face was nuzzled into your neck. It always seemed that Bucky slept best when he was wrapped around you. A small smile turned up the corners of your lips before you turned around in his arms. Bucky let out a small gruff from deep within his chest before relaxing back into you. You moved forward to kiss his lips softly, your hand reaching up to caress his cheek gently.
Slowly you moved out of the bed, his grip loosening around you enough for you to get out, before leaving the room. You walked towards the bedroom that was right down the hall. The morning sun barely peeked through the windows as you headed down the hallway.
As you opened the door the sight of your two small boys sleeping caught your sight. They were just a year old and already smiling towards you when you walked through the door.
"Mumma!" Carter babbled as he smiled towards you, his blue eyes shining just like his twin's. Just like his fathers.
You moved towards the bed and held him tightly in your arms, kissing his chubby cheeks making him giggle happily in your arms.
"Let's go and wake, daddy huh?" You kissed his cheek again before moving to pick up Chase and place him on your other hip. Since having the twin you'd come accustomed to holding both in your arms.
Both boys babbled in gibberish as you walked down the hallways back towards your bedroom. When you walked back through the door you saw Bucky till laying in the sheets, his arm stretched out towards your side of the bed. A smile came to your face as you thought of the family that you two have.
"Dada!" Carter nearly screamed, moving to lean towards the bed and his father. Bucky began to stir awake at the sound of his son's voice.
You first placed down Carter, the little boy crawling up the bed quickly and smiling as he stared down towards his dad. Bucky woke up slowly from his dreamless stage, his arms wrapping around the boy and holding him. Chase did the same the moment you placed him down on the bed.
"What is this?" Bucky laughed as the two crawled over him, grabbing at his face and his dog tags as they continued to babble and say 'dada'.
You moved back to your side of the bed and sat beside Bucky, smiling and watching the three that you loved most in the world.  Bucky turned his eyes towards you and reached up to caressed your cheek softly, you melted and leaned into his touch.
"Good morning, doll," Bucky spoke with a thickness to his voice that was usually there in the morning.
"Morning," You leaned down and pressed your lips to his in a soft, but loving, kiss.  "Happy father's day."
Bucky's smile widened as he looked up towards you, his eyes sparkling in a way that had you feeling the love and happiness coming from him.
"Thank you," He spoke, looking down towards his boys that sat in front of you both, now entertaining each other. "For everything, for our family. For marrying me."
"You don't have to thank me," You brushed back the long dark hair that started to hang in his face, "I couldn't have picked a better father for our boys."
You reached down and grabbed his hand, before placing it on your stomach.
"And you'll be an amazing father to this one too."
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angrythingstarlight · 15 hours ago
Baker Bucky would go all out for your birthday!!! What are you asking him to bake for you?
Pairing: Chubby Baker Bucky x reader
Tumblr media
You didn’t have to ask him to make you anything. You already knew that he was going to go all out.
Bucky’s bad at keeping secrets, plus you kinda guessed what he was going to make when he snuck into the house with bags and bags of groceries.
He banned you from the kitchen so you wouldn’t snoop. Although you think part of the reason is so that he would have an excuse to bring you breakfast in bed each morning.
You awoke one morning to the sounds of him singing in the kitchen, pans clattering and a loud, boisterous conversation coming from your living room.
You tiptoe down the stairs, one of his soft oversized t-shirts draped over your body.
Your living room is awash in an explosion of colorful decorations.
Peering over the banister, you see Steve and Scott surround by floating balloons.
Steve's inhaling helium from one bright blue balloon, he throws his head back and laughing hysterically at his high pitch voice. Scott chattering away in an equally squeaky voice.
Natasha’s balancing delicately on her toes as she tapes up the end of a streamer above the fireplace. Sam’s singing along with Bucky, scattering handfuls of red and pink rose petals across your couch and rug.
Holding your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter, you inch your way to the kitchen, not wanting to disturb the chaotic foursome in your living room.
Bucky is crooning into a large wooden spoon, his hips rocking back and forth. He’s covered in batter and frosting. Your eyes widen at all the many cakes, pies, scones, and other treats you can’t even name on the counters and tables.
Bucky spins to a stop, his socked feet sliding across the tiled floor when he sees you. “Good morning Peach.” He sings, his voice full of mirth. His happiness is contagious and you can’t help but laugh when he swings you into his arms, his soft belly pushing into you as he shimmies. “Happy Birthday.”
He kisses you, a breathtaking kiss that has you melting into him. He breaks away, slightly flustered, flour floating around you as he shakes his head, his chestnut locks dusted with a fine layer of it.
“Oh, no you don’t, you can’t come in here looking all pretty and distract me,” he chides softly.
You both know you can easily distract him. Last night’s burned toffee cake is proof of that.
“You promised to wait upstairs until I brought you your special birthday breakfast.” He taps your ass with the spoon. “Now go.”
You lick the chocolate off his cheek, smirking when he moans. His eyes warning you to behave. “I’m going, I’m going.”
You spin around and stroll out of the kitchen, stopping when he calls out your name. You glance over your shoulder and he grins. “Walk a little slower, Peach.”
Damn, you love this man.
You settle back in bed and you’re rewarded with the best breakfast you ever had, followed by the best three orgasms you ever had.
Bucky popped his head up from between your thighs. “Wait until you find out what I have planned for lunch. I learned a few new things for you.”
He winks when you raise your brows. “Peach, by the time I’m done, you might not make it dinner.”
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chxrrysangel · 15 hours ago
Friends & a Show
Tumblr media
Part Three | Masterlist | Part Five (coming soon)
Summary || Bucky drags you to a party against your will, and you find new friends amongst ones you thought were gone forever.
Pairing || Fakeboyfriend!bucky x reader
Word count : 2,336
Warnings || kissing, angst, pet/nicknames [angel, love, darling, doll face], language, fluff
It’s been over a week since Bucky took me to the diner and I still can’t stop thinking about it. How did he remember my order? We haven’t hung out in like four months. It’s not even like I’m the one that broke off our friendship without so much of a call, he did. At least I think it was a friendship…whatever I don’t have time for this. I have an essay due next week that I’ve barely started on. And if I don’t write at least two pages by today, I’ll never finish on time.
A few hours pass by as I spend my time clicking away at the keyboard, trying my best to sound like I know what I’m talking about. I mean I do, but research papers are still hard to write. When I reach just a little over halfway, a knock at the door interrupts my thoughts. Ugh, not someone interrupting me.
“Whoever you are, it better be a damn good reas—oh Bucky! Hi, what’s up?”
Bucky stands in front of me, towering slightly over me. I can tell he looks really good, but I will myself not to glance down his figure, no matter how badly I want to. It doesn’t matter if he looks like he was crafted by the gods themselves. It definitely doesn’t. My eyes betray me, however, when I make a quick glance at his broad chest. Then, they travel slowly down his body, taking in the glory. He wears a plain black t-shirt, slightly tight of course, plain black ripped jeans, and biker boots. His wavy hair hangs loosely, sitting just barely on his shoulders. Just the way I like it. Damn, if he doesn’t look good. Just because this relationship is fake doesn’t mean I don’t have eyes.
“You done staring Angel?”
My face heats up, realizing I was staring too long and too hard.
“I was not. What are you here for?”
“I’m here to take you to a party.”
“Uh uh. I have a paper to do. Sorry bud.” I begin to try and close the door but his metal arm comes up between us, blocking me. Damn it.
“I’ll wait, we’ve got time. Party doesn’t go into full swing for at least another 3 hours so it’s fine. How much more you got left?”
“It’s like 15 pages, but I’m only doing two at a time. I already started the second one.”
“Alright. Now get cracking, we’ve got a place to be.”
Bucky sidesteps me, taking off his shoes and jacket at the doorway. Then, he makes himself comfortable in my bed, all the while I stand at the door dumbfound. He realizes I’m still standing there, causing him to look at me and motion towards my desk. Right, essay writing.
“James, I’m done.”
“Awesome, look at my little scholar. Now, go get dressed. We’ve got like an hour and I half before we might as well not go at all.”
I look at him like he’s a moron, knowing he just said something incredibly stupid.
“James, it’s a college party. You’re never too late for those.”
“Whatever. Now go get dressed. Don’t got all day.
“Fine.” Standing in front of my closet, I stare at the clothing items with absolutely nothing in mind.
“Do you think it’d be ridiculous if I decided to match with you?”
“Not at all actually. I mean, we’d look pretty hot together. Don’t you think so?” He’s kinda right actually.
“Plus, imagine how jealous we could make Diana and get Steve to believe us if we became that couple who matched each other?,” I add.
“Right…sounds like a plan.”
Idea in mind, I search through the hangers to find a short sleeve mock neck and a pair of ripped jeans. Then, I reach for the shelves, grabbing my pair of platform, heeled ankle boots. I begin to peel off my shirt before I remember that there’s a whole other person in the room. I turn around, thinking of how to ask him to step out.
“Don’t worry love, I’m not looking. Now get dressed.”
Alrighty then.
Bucky waits quite patiently while I get ready and do my makeup and hair. At some point he started playing music, dancing around the room and singing like a crazy man. I’m learning that he really like the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. He’s a complete idiot. .
“Okay, come on. I’m ready.”
“Somebody’s watching doll face,” Bucky whispers in my ear, his warm breath ticking me.
It takes a moment to register what he’s saying, considering the fact that we’re sitting in a virtually empty corner of the house. Bucky’s olive branch for dragging me to this party was finding a quiet place where we can just talk. If I’m gonna be dragged somewhere, I wanna be at least a little bit comfortable. My eyebrows scrunch with confusion and he subtly moves his head in the direction in front of us. My eyes flicker over, finding Steve not-so-subtly staring right at us, more specifically Bucky’s hands rubbing my thighs it seems.
Guess someone’s not too happy. His knuckles are white, holding onto a bottle of Heineken so hard that I’m scared it might break under the pressure. His lips are etched into a grimace, eyes burning with…anger? Why though?
“I don’t get it. We were cool before all of this happened and then the minute I start dating you, he gives me the silent treatment and starts stalking me like an FBI agent. And then he has the absolute nerve to be angry with me. What, because I’m not at your beck and call every minute? Men are unbelievable.”
It then occurs to me that I’m sitting with Bucky while I’m talking shit about the male population.
“Shit! Definitely not you James. Well sometimes, but you make up for it.” He doesn’t say anything in response, just shakes his head and smiles at me.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” The smile doesn’t budge, still.
“You’re weird, you know that?”
My eyes scan the house again from our corner, finding Steve once more. This time, he’s caught into a conversation with Nat and Diana. Ooh interesting. I nudge Bucky’s arm, flicking my head in the direction a certain trio. His eyes glimmer with mischief when he sees them, a smirk making its way to his features.
“Angel, how do you feel about putting on a little show?”
Bucky doesn’t answer my question, just grabs the drink from my hand and sets both of our cups on the floor. He doesn’t give me any warning before he’s pulling me into his lap, my legs straddling his. His fingers dance along my thighs, before one hand makes it’s way around my waist and the other up to my cheek. His fingers are cold, causing me to shiver slightly.
“Do you trust me?”
“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?”
“Good, because we’re gonna give them a show now. M’kay, darling?”
“What do you mean by sh—”
Bucky doesn’t give me even a second to register his words before his lips are on mine. They’re soft, so incredibly soft. The kiss is gentle, nothing too nsfw. But the way his hands roam are a completely different story. His fingers wander along my body, scalding in comparison to the warmth I feel from the alcohol coursing through my veins. My hands tug at the roots of his hair, earning a small moan in response. His tongue prods my lips, begging for entrance, which I allow. He’s actually a really good kisser, but still considerate enough not go past the boundaries of the fact that we’re in public. He pulls my body even closer to his, and I almost feel—
Bucky breaks the kiss, both of us gasping for air as we try to catch our breaths. His hands go up to my face, pushing my hair out of my eyes. We’re both smiling like idiots for some reason. Bucky doesn’t immediately let go of me, so I’m just left straddling his thighs while we gather ourselves.
“Good job doll face. I think we’ve just made three people jealous in a matter of 2 minutes. You’re pretty good at this whole faking-it thing.”
It’s gonna take me some time to remember that critical detail.
“Right, of course. Speaking of which, how do I know you’re not gonna fall in love with me by doing this for the next couple months?” He laughs at my question.
“Doll face, don’t worry about me being the one to catch feelings. Worry about yourself.” The air between us immediately becomes more friendly, us completely forgetting about the fact that we made out not even two minutes before.
“Uh cocky much, Barnes? I’m not worried about me, I’m worried about you. I mean, have you met me? It’s a surprise half the school population isn’t into me.”
There’s a strange shift in the energy at my words, I can feel it.
“James, did I say something wrong?”
“No, not at all. Ha ha. You wanna get out of here? Maybe get some ice cream?”
“Okay. Sure.” Bucky holds onto me so my legs are wrapped around his torso, only allowing our bodies to separate when I need to jump from his arms. Like I said, weird.
“You and Barnes seem quite cuddly.”
The sound of Steve’s voice makes me jump, sending the sandwich I was holding to the ground. Fucking hell! I turn around, annoyed with him for scaring me and ruining my lunch(which is technically breakfast).
“What the fuck Steve! You can’t just come behind people like that. Now I have no lunch, thanks by the way.”
“There’s always more. Anyways, you and Barnes. What’s up with that?” He stands there all entitled, expecting an answer from me.
“What do you mean?” Am I completely sure he’s not an FBI agent?
“Don’t act dumb with me, y/n? When did that happen?”
“It just did. I don’t know what to tell you Steve. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a boyfriend’s friend group for go sit with. Bye.”
I sidestep Steve’s large figure, heading over to the baseball field. One courtesy of being Bucky’s fake girlfriend is that I’ll always have a place to sit at lunch. Ever since Nat started dating Steve, she’s been virtually m.i.a during our overlapping lunch break. That means I have nowhere to sit and a best friend I only see during our shared seminars or after class. But since this arrangement, no more will I be searching for random spots around campus that aren’t littered with loud people. At least for a little while. I make the trek up the stairs, meeting them around the middle of the bleachers.
“Hey guys.” Sam, Storm, Logan, Jean, Thor, and Loki wave at me, smiles and all. I missed them, I honestly do. When I started tutoring Bucky in the Spring, I had the opportunity to become decently close with them. But after the year ended, Bucky fell off the face the earth and I lost good friendships.
“Hey doll face.” Bucky reaches out towards me with grabby hands, pulling me towards him and onto his lap.
“What’s up, y/n? You look upset.”
“Steve.” Concern begins to overtake Bucky’s features, giving me his undivided attention.
“What about Rogers?,” Sam interrupts.
“The prick confronted me in the dining hall, interrogating me about Bucky and I. That’s not even the worst part though. He came up to me like a creep, scaring me and making me drop my fucking lunch.”
“Damn, sorry ‘bout that y/n. Rogers can be quite the dick sometimes.”
“Storm, trust me I know. Technically, I’m friends with him. But ever since I’ve started dating Bucky, he’s such an asshole. What the hell is his problem?”
The six of my new friends exchange glances in the circle, looking at one another with knowing looks.
“What? What did I say?”
“Nothing y/n. You’re gonna have to figure it out by yourself. But in the meantime, get yourself something to eat.”
“And how am I gonna do that? I have no money. That was the last of it before I can go to the bank on Saturday.” I can’t tell if I’m more upset about the sandwich or the fact that Steve is basically stalking me. Probably the sandwich if I’m honest.
Bucky shuffles through his bag before pulling out a foiled package and placing it in my hands. I look at him with a lost expression, silently begging for an answer. But all he does is shrug nonchalantly. Great. I peel back the aluminum layers slowly, and find myself to be quite surprised to meet a deli sandwich. But not just any kind of sandwich, a turkey, lettuce, and cheese to be exact. My favorite. I look over to Bucky, who just watches me quietly with a small smile.
“James, I can’t. No matter what happened, I’m not gonna take your lunch.” He frowns at my rejection.
“You’re not taking my lunch, I’m giving it to you. Besides, I’m not that hungry. I had a huge breakfast. Now eat, please. Can’t let people think I’m letting my girlfriend starve. Now what kinda guy would that make me look like, hm?”
I pause, staring at him for a few moments longer. I want to see if he’ll take back his words, but he doesn’t. He does have a good point, I will admit.
“Alright. But, you have to let me buy your food the next time we go to Sandy’s. I owe you one.”
Bucky pulls me closer to him on his lap, and leans over to whisper something in my ear. His breath is warm and his lips tickle as they brush along my skin, causing me to giggle.
“Doll I promise, you don’t owe me a thing. If anything, it’s me that owes you.”
As quickly as he came close, he widens some of the distance between us. But he never goes too far, his warm hand wrapped around my waist and fingers rubbing small circles into my hip. I’ve noticed he’s quite touchy, and I’m willing to guess that’s his love language. I remind myself to ask him later.
Bucky resumes whatever conversation he was having with Loki before I came, a string of curses flying and hands waving around as they talk animatedly. Although this deal between Bucky and I is rather complicated, this is easy. It’s nice too. I just hope no one gets too attached. It’ll make our “breakup” that much harder.
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mollysolo · 16 hours ago
Dark Paradise - Chapter (ten / ?)
Pairing: bodyguard!Bucky Barnes X fem!Reader
Series Summary: Through out your life you’ve been able to easily get used to many things. Sudden wealth, new cities, affairs, new step-parents, drugs, etc. All of these things were normal for you, your life was pretty normal to you at least. That was until a certain man flipped your world upside down.
Chapter Summary: You finally sleep with Bucky and unfortunately, it doesn’t end the way you hoped it would.
Warnings: Sort of brief smut + some swearing and arguing
Word count: 1.4k
a/n: WOOHOO THE TENTH CHAPTER! also sorry that this is kinda short lol.
Previous Chapter
Tumblr media
The second you two walked back into your apartment, your hands were all over each other and Bucky’s lips never left your own.
He softly groaned into your mouth while you bit his bottom lip between your teeth and gently tugged on it. His lips were already incredibly red and swollen, which you liked more than you would ever admit.
Once you both reached your room, he set you down onto your bed and began to hungrily undress you.
You giggled in his ear and fumbled with the buttons on his shirt while he bit several spots on your neck and lightly sucked on the skin.
Your eyes widened as you looked down and saw his cock that had just sprung out of his boxers.
He was so big, huge even.
“Oh, Bucky. You’re so big.” you said with pure shock, winking at him with a grin on your face as you stopped speaking.
After you both became fully naked, you scooted slightly over to your bedside table and pulled out a condom from one of the drawers.
He watched you with dark eyes as you ripped it open with your teeth and then slowly slid it onto his throbbing hard cock.
“C’mon baby, I can’t wait any longer either. I need to be inside of you.” he pleaded.
You smirked at him and looked up and met his piercing blue eyes while you finished putting the condom on him. You tapped his leg to let him know that it was now fully on.
He stared down at your wet folds with admiration for a brief moment before he then pushed his cock past your folds and entered your cunt.
You dug your nails into his back as he roughly fucked you, the mattress below moving in sync with your two bodies.
You harshly arched your back as you attempted to become used to his length and girth. And the fact the you could feel him throbbing inside your cunt, wasn’t helping you at all.
“Oh, Bucky! Right there! That feel’s so good!” you exclaimed as he bent down and popped one of your tits into his mouth.
You continued to moan as he kept swirling his tongue around your nipple. Massaging your other tit in his cold metal hand, causing that nipple to pebble.
“Just like that baby, keep going.” you quietly said in between moans.
A few minutes later, he flipped over and you were now sitting on top of him. His hands shot up to your tits once more as you bounced up and down on his still throbbing cock.
A few minutes later, his hands then slid down to your ass and he began to roughly smack it. Over and over again. You were sure that his handprints would most likely remain there for the rest of the night.
You quickly smiled at the thought of the marks he created staying on your body for anyone to see.
“Fuck you feel so good, don’t stop baby.” Bucky groaned.
Everything you did just made him feel so fuckin’ good and he never wanted it to end, ever.
“I don’t plan on it.” you cheekily said as you panted, trying to bite back yet another moan.
While you continued to ride him, you felt that coil in your stomach was becoming ready to burst. You hoped that Bucky was close as well.
And just to your marvelous luck, he was.
“Baby, you ready? I want us to cum together.” Bucky told you.
“Mhm.” you replied, setting your hands on his sweaty chest to regain your balance.
As you came, you dug your nails into his hot skin and he gripped your ass in his hands as firmly as he possibly could.
He loved the way your cunt felt clenched around him.
And right then and there he swore that if he could feel you around him all the time, then he would be in his own little paradise.
No one had ever made you cum this hard and you never wanted anyone who wasn’t Bucky to please you ever again.
Only he could make you feel this way.
As he pulled out of you, you cuddled up to him and he chuckled in your ear while he reached over you to throw the used condom away.
You traced shapes into his chest as he lovingly stared down at you. But something felt so wrong to him now that you two had finally fucked.
“Wait, we shouldn’t have done that. What would your father think?” he nervously said, sitting up in your bed.
You let out a loud but dramatic scoff and rolled your eyes at him as you were swiftly pushed off of his body and back onto the mattress.
You later sat up too a quick moment later and looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows as well as a confused look in your eyes.
“Why does it even matter what he would think? He’s dead and even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be able to control the fact that I’m in love with you.” you said, angrily crossing your arms over your bare chest as you spoke.
He couldn’t believe what you were saying. You loved him, of all people. You could’ve fallen in love with anyone else under the sun, but you didn’t.
You loved him and only him. He was the only person your heart truly belonged to.
You roughly swallowed as you searched his face for some sort of comfort or even reassurance. But there was none of that, he just looked conflicted, upset and confused.
He looked as if millions and millions of thoughts were flowing through his head, all at once.
“I’m sorry (y/n), but this isn’t to going work out. I’ll be out of your hair by the morning.” he said, standing up from your bed.
He then quickly scampered back to his room, quickly peering at you over his shoulder as he left.
Tears welled up in your eyes as you watched him grow farther and farther away.
You promised Wanda that you wouldn’t let him break your heart, yet here you were newly heartbroken, naked and crying on your bed.
You shakily wiped your tears away while you got up to go use the bathroom.
As you sat down on the toilet seat, you rested your head in your tear soaked hands.
You stared at the ground for what felt like hours before you even had the motivation to go back to bed.
Once you finished going to the bathroom, you slowly stood up and stared at your reflection in the mirror.
You already looked so sad and your neck was practically covered in brutal hickeys. You looked over your shoulder to see red marks spread out across both of your butt cheeks.
You didn’t know who this broken woman standing in front of you was. And you feared that you would begin to loose yourself in the midst of this heartbreak, as that had happened to you before.
You knew that you shouldn’t have let him in, but you did and you knew that you couldn’t go back in time to change that.
Though, you genuinely wished that you could.
You blankly stared at your bed as you slipped on a big t-shirt and a pair of panties from your dresser.
You then softly closed the door to your room and plopped back onto your bed.
You held your pillow tightly in your arms while you cried yourself to sleep, your tears soaking the pillowcase that protected this specific pillow in the process.
One moment you felt like you were on top of the world, the luckiest woman on earth and now the next moment you felt like you were finally hitting rock bottom.
You thought that he loved you too, but judging by his actions you were very wrong. But nonetheless, you were glad that he wouldn’t end up wasting more of your time.
And now you would have to prepare yourself for the loneliness and sadness you were going to endure for a little while.
The only thing you were confident in was that you needed to get out of town for a few weeks.
As of right now, you didn’t want to be within a space that reminded you of him. You couldn’t bare to be reminded all of the now bittersweet memories you two once shared together.
You desperately felt the need to clear your head for once in your entire life.
Previous Chapter
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constantwriter85 · 16 hours ago
Burn Bright
Chapter Eight
Tumblr media
Pairing: CEO!Bucky Barnes x CEO!Fem!Reader (AU)
Word Count: 3536
Chapter Warnings: **18+** NSFW, Language, Derogatory Language to Women, Age Gap, Angst, Mention of Past Spouse Death, Mention of Past Domestic Verbal Abuse, Smut, Fluff
Series Warnings: *18+*, Heavy Smut (see individual chapters for specifics), Age Gap (Reader is 40, Bucky is 25), Language, Heavy Angst, Fluff
Series Summary: You’re not looking for love, just a good time. Something casual. You know Bucky is not who he’s pretending to be, but neither are you. What starts off as a sinful game of cat and mouse slowly devolves into a battle of hearts, and someone’s bound to get hurt. But when the truth is aired and he says those three little words, is it enough to make you take a chance on love again, or will you run?
A/N: It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I updated this one, but I had a really hard time with this chapter for some reason. I ended up cutting it into two, because feelings.
A/N/N: Just a reminder, this fic is **18+** ONLY, and NSFW. If you’re not 18, you shouldn’t be reading this. Title based on the song, Burn Bright by the Heavy. Dividers by @firefly-graphics.
Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
Rumlow was having a terrible night. He supposed he should have expected it, after the day he’d had. A full dressing-down by Pierce, after Barnes had weaseled the contract out from under him and that she-bitch had insulted him.
Somehow, Pierce seemed to think that it was all his fault.  
He signaled to the bartender for another round, leaning back against the bar and eyeing the dance floor with barely restrained irritation. Brock had struck out with every woman so far tonight, so it didn’t look like a piece of ass was in his future unless he intended on paying for it. It was like all the planets had aligned just to make him miserable, and Brock was seriously regretting ever getting out of bed that morning.
He downed his whiskey and signaled for another. If nothing else, at least he’d get good and shitfaced on Pierce’s dime before finding some strange.
Just as the bartender set his drink in front of him, he saw her enter. The she-bitch. Brock glared at her hatefully before downing half the contents of his glass in one gulp, letting his eyes linger over her curves.  At least she cleaned up nice.
I’d like to bend her over a conference table and show her a thing or two. That’d take a bit of wind out of her sails…shut Miss Fussypants up good and proper.
His glare deepened when he saw Barnes enter behind her, placing his hand at the small of her back and murmuring something in her ear. She smiled back at him. It was an innocent gesture, but to Brock it seemed a bit too familiar for two people who had supposedly just met.
He watched them as they danced together. One dance turned into two. By the end of the third dance, Brock was convinced something was going on between the two of them. Maybe it was the whiskey talking, maybe it was just the bitterness he was feeling towards them both.  
Or maybe, Daddy Barnes never taught Junior you don’t shit where you eat.
Brock had seen it before. Of course, it never bothered him before—after all, quite a few notches on his bedpost belonged to secretaries and low level interns. He’d never bagged himself anyone quite as high up as her, but then again, Brock usually liked them young and dumb.
To be honest, Brock could care less about where Barnes stuck his dick. No—what bothered him was the way the little shit seemed to have suddenly grown a backbone. Maybe it had always been there, but more likely it was due to the she-devil on his shoulder, whispering in his ear.
Brock started to order another round, but paused, turning back to the dance floor. They were standing a ways apart now, but another man had her by the elbow and she didn’t look very happy. In fact, she looked furious…and maybe a little scared.
Brock looked over to Barnes. He was staring at Y/N and the stranger, and the look on his face could’ve peeled the paint right off the walls.
Very interesting.
Brock pushed away from the bar. There was something going on here, all right, and there was a chance to redeem himself in Pierce’s eyes if he played his cards right. To get rid of that little shit Barnes once and for all, to put Miss Fussypants in her place, and cement his status in the company.
But first, he needed to find out who that man was, and what exactly he had on her to make her look that afraid.
Tumblr media
  You closed your eyes wearily after hanging up with Bucky. Curled against the door, you drew your knees up and made yourself as small as you could, allowing the wave of humiliation and anger to wash over you. Allowing yourself a moment of vulnerability behind the closed driver’s partition, because you knew you couldn’t afford to let Bucky see you like this.
Of course. Of course, Mark had decided to show up. You had been having such a wonderful time, but his cruel words had dealt your ego a serious blow. It seemed like he had been able to give weight to each and every one of your fears over your relationship with Bucky, all while making you feel just as low and used as the day he left you.
And of course, Bucky had seen it all.
You hadn’t mentioned either of your previous husbands to Bucky. To you, the subject was like pandora’s box, and if you wanted to keep the relationship between you and Bucky light and attachment-free, it was a box you would’ve preferred to keep tightly locked.
God, you were such a fucking mess.
All too soon, the car was pulling up in front of your building. You hastily checked your makeup, wiping the smeared mascara underneath your eyes and reapplying your lipstick—you hadn’t even realized you had been crying.
When you stepped out of the car, you looked flawless again. You smiled at the doorman as you entered, a well-practiced facade that never seemed to fail. Taking the elevator up to your apartment, you convinced yourself you were feeling better with each floor you passed.
What you weren’t prepared for was the look on Bucky’s face when he knocked on your door. He just looked so concerned. Borderline frantic, really, although he was trying unsuccessfully to reign it in. Bucky immediately swept you up in a hug, and as he pulled you close you could feel his body thrumming like a live wire. He was scared for you, you realized, and he was angry. His fingers brushed along your upper arm where Mark had grabbed you, like was checking for bruises.
You pulled back slightly, trying to pretend that the smile on your face wasn’t quite as patronizing as it felt. “Bucky, really. I’m fine. It was just—”
“I know who that man was, Y/N, and I saw the look on your face. I saw him—he put his hands on you.”
“Don’t lie to me.” This time his voice held a bit of an edge. “Don’t treat me like I’m a child, Y/N. You were upset. He hurt you and you…you looked scared. I know you’re not okay right now.”
You didn’t say anything. Once again, despite his youth, Bucky had managed to see right through your façade.
“Please. Talk to me, I can handle it.”
You sat down heavily on the couch. Suddenly, you felt very silly sitting there in your designer dress and heels. Bucky seemed to sense your discomfort, and he pulled a blanket over your shoulders as you kicked the heels off and curled your legs underneath you. His own jacket and tie he tossed over the arm of the sofa, never once taking his eyes off of you.
There was really no great way to start this conversation, so you just started talking.
“I’ve been married before,” you said. “Twice, in fact. Mark, the man you saw at the gala tonight, was my second husband.” You waited for that to sink in. Bucky was so young—only twenty-five—and he had to be reeling over that last revelation.
But to your surprise, he wasn’t. He just nodded and brushed his fingers lightly over your knee, indicating you should continue.
“I…I guess if I had been in my right mind I never would have ended up with someone like Mark. But after my first husband, I wasn’t in a very good place mentally,” you laughed bitterly. “They say hindsight is twenty-twenty, and boy, are they right. But I made that decision, for whatever it’s worth, and I paid the price. And now I have to live with it.”
Bucky’s lips tightened. You could tell he had a million questions, but he wasn’t sure what was safe to ask or where he could start. The look on his face—so open and honest and worried—you sighed heavily and dove into your story.
“I met my first husband, John, while we were still in college. We married a year later,” you smiled, faint and bittersweet. “We were young, but we were in love. And that love lasted for fifteen wonderful years, right up until he was…”
You clenched your jaw. Even now, it was almost too painful to talk about. “He was killed in a car accident, on the freeway coming home from work.”
Bucky’s face fell. Instinctively, you had inched closer to him and you hated yourself for that show of weakness. But although you stiffened initially when he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, you couldn’t help but melt into the comfort of his embrace.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he whispered into your hair.
And you felt it. You felt his empathy, you saw it in his eyes. You felt his heartbreak, and somehow that made it cut even deeper. You closed your eyes, even as he held you.
Your face remained dry by sheer force of will. Your chest was cracking open, more of your heart on display for him than had ever been before, but you refused to surrender that last little bit. You refused to let him see you cry. You’d given yourself—heart and soul—before, and you weren’t ready to jeopardize that again.
You weren’t sure if you could survive it this time.
A couple deep breaths, and you were ready to continue. Bucky wanted—and deserved—an explanation.
“I threw myself in my work. John and I had built a solid company, and it was staring to gain ground. It was easy to just…push things aside. I mourned him. I missed him—I still do—but I thought I could just be content with the ghosts of my past and my business. I thought that would be enough, and for years it was, but it was a lonely existence.
“I started dating casually. Not really expecting much other than companionship, but then I met Mark.” Your lips thinned. “Mark was a charmer. He said just the right thing and just the right time, and I fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. Six months later we were married.”
Bucky had gone very still. He hadn’t said a word—hadn’t even taken his eyes off of you the entire time, but you could read the expression on his face all too well.
“We had…a few good months I guess. Before I really woke up and realized what was happening. Even then, it was nearly six more months before I was able to admit it to myself, and by then he was screwing his secretary.”
Bucky’s hand was resting on your shoulder. Up until that point, he’d been softly stroking the back of your neck, but now you could feel it trembling against your skin. One look at his face told you what emotion was currently coursing through his veins.
“Did he—” his jaw clenched. “Did he put his hands on you? Did he hurt you?”
“No. He—not physically, at least,” you said quickly, which was the truth. “Mark got rather nasty at the end, especially once the accusations started flying, but he never touched me.”
You took a deep breath. “What he did do was walk away from the divorce with one half of the company John and I had built, liquidated, of course. Ever since then I’ve been trying to keep Vanaheim afloat.”
“All by yourself.”
You smiled faintly. “Until you.”
Bucky was quiet for a long time. Frowning into the fire, restless energy apparent despite the stillness of his body. Finally, he spoke. “That woman with him, was it—”
“Yes. The secretary he cheated on me with. They’re getting married in a couple months.” You laughed bitterly. “He sent me an invitation a few weeks ago.”
“Are you fucking serious?”
“It’s the game he likes to play.” You shrugged. “I just know the rules now. It doesn’t bother me.”
Bucky’s face hardened, and once again he looked at you as if he could see right through the lie. “What happened tonight—and don’t you say nothing. I know it wasn’t nothing.”
You exhaled sharply. Bucky was so tenacious when he wanted to be. “He wanted to fuck with my head. Honestly, I think it’s his favorite pastime—”
“What did he say, Y/N?”
You replayed the conversation in your head. Mark’s smirking face, pointing out the now-so-obvious spectacle of you and Bucky dancing together for half the evening. A man—a boy, as he so scornfully noted—that was almost half your age.
“My, how the mighty have fallen. What is that kid, like—twenty?”
You’d turned, but he’d grabbed your arm. Mark’s fiancé snickered.
“Let me go.”
“You always were a haughty bitch. Look at you now—can’t hold onto a real man, and you have to go slumming. Or is it just that Vanaheim is so hard up for cash that the big boss lady has to prostitute herself to keep the business afloat—”
You wrenched your arm out of his hand. “You don’t know anything.”
“Really? I know that stupid, doe-eyed look you get when you think you’re in love. Pathetic. Don’t think I don’t know who that is—”
“What do you want from me?”
“Nothing. I just like seeing you squirm, darlin’. I like knowing those silk designer panties are getting’ all twisted up over the thought that I—”
You reared up, and it took everything you had not to slap him. Creating a scene here certainly wouldn’t do you any favors.  Still it was a consolation that Mark took a half-step back as his fiancé looked at you like you were some rabid pit bull.
You looked at her. Barley even twenty, and you knew Mark was well over forty. Dripping in jewelry, a designer dress hugging her voluptuous frame, but even as she started sniggering at you, all you could feel was a cold condescension.
“Laugh all you want, Rachel—it’s only a few more years before he trades you in for the newer model.”
Bucky was calling your name. You looked at him dazedly, knowing as you did that you couldn’t tell him the truth. Mark’s words had bored a hole through your defenses, and suddenly felt the weight of the years between you and Bucky. You felt the laughter, the contempt for relationships like yours, but you couldn’t find it in you to voice it right now.
You look down at your lap to avoid Bucky’s stare. “It was just the same old shit—both of them rubbing their relationship in my face. Pointing out how lonely and pathetic I am.”
Bucky frowned, but you cut him off before he could say anything. “I know it’s not true. Trust me. It’s just—I was having such a wonderful evening, and seeing that asshole again was like being doused with a bucket of cold water.”
“I’m sorry, Y/N.”
“Don’t be. I’m over it.”
Bucky looked at you, and you could tell he only half-believed your story. His teeth worried at his lip as if he were debating on saying something, but then he relented. “I just hate that you had to deal with that. I hate the thought of anyone saying those things to you, much less what he did to you.”
“Mark’s an asshole. We’ve all got a few people we regret ever dating, I guess I just met my quota in one go.”
He snorted. “I still want to punch him.”
“As much as I would love to see that, Bucky, I think that would be a terrible idea.”
“You don’t deserve to be treated like that. I would never treat you like that. If you were m—” Bucky clamped his lips tightly, exhaling sharply.
If I was what? If I was what, Bucky?
Part of you really wanted him to finish that sentence, but there was also a gnawing unease in the pit of your stomach at the thought of it.
But he didn’t. Instead, Bucky just smiled crookedly at you before pulling you into his arms.
“Wait here,” he said, lightly kissing your lips. You frowned, about to say something but he was already on his feet and halfway down the hall.
You heard the sound of running water, but it didn’t really register. Your eyes had drifted shut, the events and stress of the evening wearing on you.
The soft touch of his lips on your bare shoulder roused you. Murmuring your name against your skin as he slipped one hand behind your back and the other beneath your legs, carrying you effortlessly to the bathroom. The warm, humid scent of your favorite bath salt woke you further, and you opened your eyes the rest of the way.
Bucky had drawn you a bath.
You sighed in appreciation. A long, hot bath was your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day, and Bucky knew it. He hummed as he set you down, lips curling against your temple in a gentle smile.
“Just let me take care of you tonight, sweetheart. I want to treat you like you deserve to be treated.”
Slowly, he undressed you. Fingers pulling at the zipper of your dress, peeling it away from your body with the same wonder as if he were unwrapping a precious gift. Each touch, each caress was gentle and calculated, his strong hands working delicately at the knots in your shoulders and down your spine, lips soothing over the spots and kissing the pain away.
Your breathing grew shaky, and you closed your eyes against the tears that threatened. It wasn’t sexual, the way he was touching you. It was…it was worship. It was love. It was everything you suspected he held for you in his heart, communicated tacitly as words failed him.
As he moved you towards the bathtub you pulled him with you, and soon his clothes were pooled on the floor next to yours. Your head fell back against him as he lowered you both into the water, held securely in his strong embrace.
“I’ve got you,” he whispered. “Just relax.”
Your eyes fell shut again as Bucky bathed you. Tenderly, he washed away the ugliness of the evening, peppering chaste kisses to your temple as he worked. You’d never felt so safe. So cherished—so loved. Tonight was about you. You felt him pouring every unspoken emotion into each touch, but instead of making you uncomfortable, tonight, you welcomed them openly.
His kisses were steadfast and true, the heat smoldering but never igniting. The tension you held finally eased though, and you felt yourself growing impatient. Needy.
“Bucky…” you arched up against him, rewarded with a soft gasp.
Already you could feel him hardening against you. The quiet reserve he’d displayed earlier was dissolving away, and his breath quickened as his heart started to pound, beating wildly against your back.
“Y/N…sweetheart, I…I’m not…I wasn’t trying to…” His words faded off into a stifled gasp as you ground back against him, guiding his hand down between your legs.
“I need you, Bucky. I want this—please.”
Bucky groaned, his fingers slipping past your folds and arching into you as his other hand settled at the base of your throat. Not possessive, but protective. Cradling you against his body, kisses that had once been innocent now sloppy and passionate as he pumped his fingers inside of you, his thumb brushing against your clit and drawing sinful moans from you.
You needed more. You needed him.
You spun in his arms, throwing a leg over his hips and guiding him into position before you sank down on him. Bucky’s head fell back against the tub’s edge with a thud, and he swore viciously as he gasped for breath.
He was looking at you now. It was the same look as before, the same adoration there, but now his eyes were blown completely black with a visceral need that you could almost feel.
“Fuck. Fuck, Y/N, you…god…you don’t even know, do you?”
"Know what?"
"How incredible you are."
Bucky kissed you. It was hard and bruising, teeth gnashing together as you started to move together, panting into each other’s mouths and sloshing water over the edge onto the floor. He never closed his eyes and neither did you, watching every micro expression cross his face as you both sped quickly towards the edge.
Bucky’s hand tightened against the back of your head as your own fingers dug into his shoulders, foreheads pressed painfully together as you gasped and shuddered through your orgasm together. Only then did your eyes flutter shut, delicate kisses pressed against your lips as he shifted and tucked you into his side.
The two of you lay there, curled together long after the bathwater had turned tepid and your skin pruned. You both giggled, comparing your wrinkled fingers as you toweled each other off. Bucky swept you up in his arms, carrying you to bed despite your protests with a wild grin on his face.
It was only after you had both laid there, whispering long into the night as eyelids grew heavy, that you realized that you were in love with Bucky Barnes.
Chapter Nine
Tumblr media
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Wait... Rogers?! ~ Part 10 (Bucky Barnes)
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If you want to be tagged in any of my work let me know :) xx
This is a Bucky Barnes x Rogers!Reader/Female!Reader. May contain spoilers for the MCU. Thank you for reading… I hope you enjoy! :)
This is a shorter part ~ Part 11 will be slightly longer I believe!
Previous Part // Next Part
I wake up in, what looks to be, an old Hydra base.
“Hello.” A familiar voice calls, I look around to find the man from earlier sitting in front of me.
“Who are you?” my voice is weak, I cringe while the man chuckles,
“To tell you the whole truth – I am Helmet Zemo, my home was once a place called Sokovia. The Avengers destroyed it…” my eyes went wide; I remember seeing the aftermath of that fight on the tv by the news stand - all those deaths…
“I’m sorry for what happened there, I understand why you would be angry.” The sokovian looked surprised for a moment before quickly covering it up,
“Thank you, but your sympathy is not needed, Miss Rogers. I know that you were never a part of that fight and that if you were you would do everything to help those in need afterwards unlike the so called ‘heroes’ who never seemed to care for those who lost their homes, their family, their lives. You are simply a means to an end right now. I will not harm you, but I cannot say the same about your brother or James.”
“Sir, please, I cannot let you do that!” the man just chuckles at me before standing up – that was when I saw pools of blood on the floor behind him. Five bodies lay lifeless on the ground…
“What have you done to them?” I scream, but before my capture could answer a loud bang distracted us.
Steve and Bucky stood there, anger evident on their faces which wasn’t a sight I particularly enjoyed, they both rushed forwards only to falter when they spot that I am the hostage,
“y/n?” Bucky’s voice was harsh as his eyes darkened at the sight of me,
“I’m okay he didn’t hurt me. Well, I mean he did knock me out and now I have a headache but other then that I am okay.” The three men looked at me exasperated, I smile sheepishly,
“Why did you do it? Why hurt us?” Steve’s question was directed at Zemo,
“You people destroyed my home. You killed my family. You ‘heroes’ are murders. I was avenging them, my people. I’m not sure you understand what that means Mr Rogers.” At the end of his reply Tony wanders into the base.
“What a great story… can’t say I believe in your motives, but I haven’t had that happen to me.” I roll my eyes at the mans arrogance before wiggling my hands against my restraints as quietly as I could.
“You won’t be saying that when I show you this.” Zemo pressed play on a video, we watch a car driving down a barren road before being attacked by a figure.
“Why are you showing me this?” Tony questions, I look at Zemo for an answer,
“James here is the Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier is the man who killed those people to steal the very serum that created those five dead soldiers behind you… those people being your parents, Mr Stark. Oh, and your friend over there,” pointing at Steve, “knew.” Tony looked at Steve with such a ferocity that I had frozen. Thoughts running around my head – “bucky killed Howard”, “he killed Tony’s parents”, “but he didn’t know”, “it was never him.”, “he had no choice!” – Tony’s voice knocked me out of my thoughts,
“Did you know?” he was looking at Steve.
“I didn’t know it was him.”
“Bullshit!” Steve sighed at Tony’s outburst,
“I’m sorry.” Zemo claps…
“How does that make you feel, Stark?” he taunts,
“Like I know where you’re coming from.” And then a fight broke out.
 Eventually Tony ended up on his back as Steve stands above him – shield held up high – Bucky’s arm was off. That’s when I managed to get my hands free.
“Steve, no!” I run towards my brother, not thinking about the consequences. I threw myself at the man knocking him off balance. We hit the floor with an ‘oof’ as my head knocks against the ground, and everything went black.
 I woke up again, in a clean room this time.
“Ah, you’re awake.” A young girl spoke to me,
“Uh, yeah, hi.” I wave slightly, the girl laughed,
“My names Shuri, do you remember anything?” I nod, which was a mistake as a sharp pain shot through my head,
“I remember them fighting and me pushing Steve off of Tony.” She nodded,
“You knocked yourself out after throwing yourself at your brother.” I sigh before my hands shot up to touch my stomach,
“Your baby is fine.” I let out another sigh, this time in relief.
“You should know that your partner has voluntarily gone into cytogenesis for a while, this is so we can make sure everything is needed for his treatment. In the meanwhile, you will be housed and looked after here.” I nod struggling to process the information given to me, she continued, “You’ll be safe here, don’t worry.”
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Beefy!Bucky is a godsend and I could listen to you talk about him alll day cause you've write him so well. 🤤🤤🤤💕
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Bucky x reader
A/N: as always don't repost, copy, rewrite, use or translate my drabbles
You hobble out of his room for the first time in days.
You're still a little dazed so you have to hold on to the wall to keep from stumbling. You're covered in his marks, his dog tags clicking softly between the valley of your breasts with each slow step to the kitchen.
You barely notice the red head walking towards you. But she notices you.
"Are you okay?" Natasha asks, her tone dripping with concern.
You pause, setting your foot back down. The deep ache in your core says you are. The small aftershocks of your umpteenth orgasm agree..
You flash her the biggest, slightly dopey, cockdrunk grin. "Yeah."
Bucky saunters out behind you. His neck and bare chest littered with claw marks, bites and bruises. He chuckles. "Damn right you are."
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bucksdolll · 16 hours ago
Good Clingy - [ Bucky Barnes x F Reader ]
Tumblr media
Summary - Headcanon about Bucky being the good kinda of clingy.
Word Count - 274
!WARNINGS! - tinny bit of implied smut, sliver of angst (if you squint, tilt your head and use a magnifying glass), this fic could be considered for gender neutral reader except for bucky calling the reader pretty girl one time, but other than that basically just Bucky being cute and protective
Notes - if you have any requests for headcanons and/or oneshots please send them in - [ also @metalbuckaroo i think you might like this ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky, he would be dominant in bed, and protective of you in every aspect of life, practically a tough guy with a staring problem. But if it was just the two of you or if it was you and him and people he felt comfortable around, he would follow you like a little puppy.
If you got out of bed to get a snack from the kitchen, he would follow and wrap his arms around your waist as you look for one. If you went out to the grocery store or do any kinda shopping, he would be right next to you holding your hand. If y’all went to some kind of a party or gathering, he’d either be right next to you or behind you with one or both arms wrapped around you.
Plus he is the biggest cuddle bear of all time, not that you mind of course. He is like a personal heater so especially in the winter, it’s nice. He is a good kinda clingy but so are you.
If you ever ask him why he always follows you he would just respond with, “I just wanna be close to you sweetheart. To know you here with me, I’ve lost so much I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. To protect you if someone tries to hurt you or hell if they look at you the wrong way. I know you can handle yourself but I just want you to know I’m always here for you. I love you pretty girl.” “Aw, Buck I love you too. You’ll never lose me, I promise.” You respond as you give him a kiss then snuggle back into his side.
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 17 hours ago
Beefy! Bucky is always gentle and caring and gives forehead kisses, that's my daydream
Beefy Bucky x petite Reader
Tumblr media
Can we discuss Beefy Bucky for my birthday? I'm tipsy so excuse spelling errors (lmao like i don't do that daily) As always dont' copy, translate, rewrite or use m drabbles.
Bucky has a size kink.
He can't get enough of how big he is compared to you. Your hands are so small compared to his and he loves how his large hands curve around your soft thighs when he pulls them apart.
He'll wait until you're reaching for something and come up behind you and press his large body into yours, caging you between the counter and his firm, chiseled chest.
Pink lips drop to your ear and he slides his hand up your arm and past your hand. "I got you Peaches."
His deep voice rumbles against your sensitive skin and you shiver. Oh, he feels it, the way your tiny body shudders. He likes that so he devises more and more ways to get you pressed against him. Each time, he tells you. "I got you, let me take care of you."
When you're good, he'll stand behind you, one large hand on your waist, his other trails up your neck, his calloused fingerpads tracing designs over your skin until he reaches your chin. He pushes it up with one finger so you have to look up at him. And he brushes his lips over your forehead, murmuring softly that "you're a sweet little thing, he can't wait to ruin you, bet you're small and tight everywhere aren't you Peach?"
And when you're bad. Oof. He's hoisting you in the air so you have no choice but to grasp his soft, silky chestnut locks between your fingers. His mischievous blue eyes glancing up at you when your back hits the wall, a small gasp catches in your throat.
You can't take the way his lips and tongue are sucking and gliding through you. Those desperate needy noises drive him crazy and he goes feral until you're pleading and begging that you can't come again. You can't. It's too much. Oh please Bucky you can't.
"Oh Peach if you can't handle my tongue, how are you going to handle my cock?"
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